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Tales of Terror

I haven't designed this set of pages to be "nice", nor have I tried, nor will I try to lessen the shock here. It is unvarnished reality.

I haven't enclosed email adresses for you to pester the people who have sent in their stories, and I have ONLY included the address where they signed their message WITH an address. If YOUR email address is here, and you want me to delete it, just ASK. It will be done. As a priority.

Over time people are realising that events have less power over them if they write them out and post them on the net. Others who have suffered or have the fear o having suffered also see what is written and part of the power that their events or fears had over them goes, too.

To start to understand other people's experiences the left hand margin has a small number of stories written by their own hands of their survival

One purpose of this set of pages is to capture from those of you who have HAD similar experiences the truth of them. Not to expose the guilty. Not to sue, but to do two things:

Email me, and I'll post your story. Or enter it into the forum. You will need to register there first.

Previous folk have told their tales in a special guestbook, Dreamhost, the provoder, ceased the service in 2015, so what they have posted is here.