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Poll: Please rate Glenn with the impressions it left you with

Please rate Glenn with the impressions it left you with
Either while reading this story, or afterwards, I found it to be/had/made me (Tick all that apply) [47 votes total]

Romantic (4)  8%
Erotic (1)  2%
Sweet (17)  36%
Gentle (26)  55%
Surprising (17)  36%
Realistic (27)  57%
Inspiring (25)  53%
An emotional read (13)  27%
Written with rhythm and pace (16)  34%
Thought provoking (32)  68%
Well laid out (paragraphs etc) (22)  46%
Technically well written (20)  42%
Written with good use of grammar and syntax (this does not mean pedantic use) (18)  38%
Easy to read (33)  70%
It invited me in (18)  38%
I could not put it down (14)  29%
Cheering (made me happy) (10)  21%
Uplifting (20)  42%
I identified with at least one of the characters (11)  23%
It felt like it was about me. I know it wasn't, but it felt like it (2)  4%
The plot was tough to read. (a tough [good] experience, not hard to read) (1)  2%
Not just prose, but almost a 'tone poem' (0)  0%
There could be spelling/grammar/punctuation improvements (19)  40%
Interpreted the picture well (26)  55%


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