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Poll: Writing Masterclass

Writing Masterclass
Authors, How Useful | Readers, How Interesting is this Masterclass?
Vote for every answer you find appropriate
You may vote more than once
[55 votes total]

I'm an author - Very Useful (31)  56%
I'm an author - I learned some things (10)  18%
I'm an author - Interesting, but not useful for my work (1)  1%
I'm an author - I will contribute to this (7)  12%
As a reader - Wow, there's a lot to it (9)  16%
As a reader - I picked up a few things (15)  27%
As a reader - I am now thinking of writing (3)  5%
As a reader - a bit of a yawn, really (1)  1%
As a reader - I will contribute to this (2)  3%


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