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Inspired by a Picture: I'm Better Than You and I Know It - A Writing Challenge

This challenge is to write a story based on the picture below.
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2024 Inspired by a Picture Challenge - I'm Better Than You and I Know It [AI Generated picture]

The stories have been uploaded, and are here for you to read and enjoy. When you have enjoyed them please come back here before the closing date for voting and mark up as many stories as apply in the overall survey.

Runners and riders

The stories are as follows. The order changes each time the page is refreshed, to try to get folk to read and rate all the tales:

Until polls open this is just a list. Once they open the titles link to the tales.

Cast your vote

There are two ways. Each story has a survey at the foot which relates to how well you judge that it met your needs as a reader. That's probably the most useful for the authors. After that, once you have read them all, please come here and rate them.

I'm Better Than You and I Know It

Did you enjoy the tale?

All the World's a Stage - (King Dick III)
The Sport of Kings
A Prince and His Pauper
Maybe You're not Better After all
Ebrich Full
The Play's The Thing

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Voting period

Voting lasts for three weeks only. Polls open on 7 June 2024 at noon, and close at noon on 28 June 2024, all times in UTC. Poll opening and closing is programmatic


The basic rules are simple:


An overall results page shows all the results gathered in one place. Obviously polls have to be open for the results to show! Until polls are open it is pretty obviously a work in progress.

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