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Stories by AB


AB has decided to retire, certainly for the present, from authorship. His writing career here has been excellent, the more so since he writes in a language which is not his mother tongue. Long ago we forgave some unusual spellings and phrasings, none of which have affected the enjoyment of his imagination and his tales.

His two remaining tales will run to conclusion, one after the other

His personal circumstances are his property, but his retirement has been caused by joy and happiness. He may tell you more if you email him, but he has the right not to.

As owner and editor of this site I think I speak for all readers in wishing him well for the future. I also thank him for telling me at the start of January 2018 rather than just fading away. I would have worried about him otherwise as I worry about many other authors who have simply gone dark.

12 January 2018

Short Stories

Brave Lake Manor

[All chapters complete]

Four Brothers, now orphans, find themselves making a fresh start in a new place. What will life throw their way? Friendship, love, sorrow, all and much more is in store for them in Brave Lake Manor.

An interview and review of this story appears here.

The Chronicles of Valana

A three volume saga

Catch Me If I Fall

[A story in 11 chapters]

Young Andronicus had trusted the wrong person, when young. Romanos was betrayed by the townsfolk and his nephew Vasilis wants to help both. their stories wait for someone to listen to them as their fates converge.

Star Wars: Darklight

[A story in 27 chapters]

The New Republic has stood for three thousand years but now the Sith Order launch a new attack under the command of Darth Solus, apprentice to Darth Incendius, The Republic falls after losing fight after fight, lost in their bureaucracy. When Tython is attacked young Padawan Tern Amargo has to escape the temple and find a way to survive in a galaxy full of treachery, deceit and conflict. Tern must find new friends, make alliances, unite the Republic remnant Factions and finish his training in the ways of the Force or the Sith onslaught will bring about a new age of darkness and despair upon the Galaxy.


[A story in 16 chapters]

When Triton sees the hooded boy for a second time he decides to follow him, something about the boy intrigues him, his mysteriousness, his weird messenger's bag, his shy yet confident pose. Triton follows him off the tram and into an event that changes both their lives.