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What Else Is There?

by Al Norris

Chapter 4

I had taken my shirt off in the bathroom and walked back into the bedroom to put another one on. I noticed that Mitch was openly staring at me. Something he never did in the locker room. I could see the lust in his eyes, as he licked his lips. OK, I'm guessing about the 'lust' bit. Except for my brothers, there's never been anyone in my bedroom watching me get dressed before. I don't have anything to compare this with. I don't know what Mitch was thinking, but his eyes said it was intense, and that little smile said that whatever else it might be, it was a happy thought.

I went to my closet and found a decent polo shirt and a good pair of cargo shorts. I took off the sweatpants I was wearing, watching Mitch as I redressed. Hey! I'm kinda proud of my fourteen-year-old body. I'm lean but muscular. I have a developing six-pack. I'm a jock, nothing like your stereotypical gay boy. Does that make me an exhibitionist?

And if I wasn't careful, I was going to spring a boner… Just like the one I could see tenting Mitch's sweatpants. HAH! Maybe it is lust after all!

"So what all did you tell your folks when you called, and what did they say?"

"I started by asking to stay for dinner, which was OK with them. Then when I asked to stay over, mom wanted to know why. I didn't want to get into a long drawn-out conversation and have you walk back in. I won't lie to my folks either. So I quickly asked George if he would talk to my folks and then gave them the number of your house phone. I don't know what George told them, but dad called me back after only a couple of minutes and told me it was OK."

"So we get to sleep together tonight?"

"It would seem so, Pete. Um… Are we going to do anything tonight? Er, um… Do you want to do anything tonight?"

Not only did I start blushing, but so much for not springing a boner! "First you gotta quit making me blush!" Then, with what I hoped was an evil grin, "We could always play with the Xbox."

With a nervous giggle, Mitch came back with, "I'll work on that making you blush thing. Maybe." His giggle became a gentle snicker suggesting that the rest of that thought was a mischievous 'but probably not'.

"Um… What do you normally sleep in? I usually just sleep in my boxer briefs."

"Me too. I should probably go home and get some clothes for tomorrow." Mitch thought out loud. "I have another question, Pete. How do you turn off those moods and feelings you have, so fast? It's like one second they're there, and then they're not."

"Not really sure. Maybe it's because I have kept all of this stuff inside for so long, I just rage a bit and then shove it all into a compartment, up here." I pointed to my head. "The last time I can remember getting like this was at my dad's funeral. My mom forced me to look in the coffin and say goodbye to him."

"I can see where a six-year-old might find that troubling, but why would that be a problem?"

"A fifteen-ton boulder dropped from the roof of the mine shaft right onto my dad's head. Morticians are not miracle workers and that thing, in the coffin, looked nothing like my dad. Anyway, I broke away from the grip she had on my shoulder and started screaming. Uncle George was there for me and calmed me down."

"Shit. I'm sorry to say this, Pete. But the more you talk about your mom, the more I don't like her."

"Hah! Welcome to the club."

"Anyway, you know that's not healthy to keep this all inside, don't you? You need to learn to let it out… to, um, express the emotions when they happen. Then you won't get caught up in things… and well… have a meltdown."

"Sorry, Mitch. Can we just drop this for now?" I wasn't comfortable talking more about these things.

Before Mitch could say anything else, Uncle George called for us. "Peter? Mitch, our guests have arrived."

Uncle George looked closely at me as Mitch and I entered the living room. "Peter, I'm sure you remember Patrolman Stoner. He needs to get a statement from you about what happened yesterday afternoon in the locker room."

I nodded to the Patrolman in recognition and got a smile in return.

"This other gentleman is Larry Lundquist, one of my attorneys. Larry, this is my nephew and ward, Peter Williams." Then George turned his attention to Mitch. "This young man is Mitch Thomas, who is staying with us this weekend. He is one of Pete's teammates. By the way, both boys made the Varsity team this morning!"

Stoner was the first to speak. "Hi, Pete. It's good to see you again, and congratulations!" Then he turned to Uncle George. "Mr. Williams, I don't think you need to have an attorney present. However, it's your call."

"Perhaps not Officer. But since your department decided to release Carl Turner, without charging him with enhanced felony battery, or anything else, I would feel much better if Mr. Lundquist was here."

"George, if I may?" Larry spoke up and Uncle George nodded to him. "Patrolman Stoner, George called me last night with his concerns about this situation. I'm here primarily to get up to speed with what happened. I'm certainly not here to monitor Peter's statement. However, with your permission, should I have a question about the event, I would like to listen to what Peter has to say, rather than wait. I believe that time may be of the essence here."

"That sounds reasonable," Stoner said with a nod of his head.

Larry turned to Pete. "Peter, may I call you Pete?" The lawyer didn't wait for an answer and kept on speaking, "As you heard, I would like to sit in on your statement this afternoon and get a better idea about what happened to you. Do I have your permission?"

'Umm, sure, Uncle George is a smart guy. He invited you, so he must have a good reason." What else could I say, other than to add, "I want Mitch to be with me too. He was there. Can we all just sit down and I can tell you what I remember about what happened?"

Uncle George used his hand to point, "Let's all go into the dining room and sit at the table. I think we will all be more comfortable there. Would anyone care for refreshments? Coffee? Iced tea, perhaps? We also have bottled water if you'd prefer."

After everyone had gotten what they wanted, Officer Stoner began. "Pete, what I'd like you to do, is tell us what happened in the locker room yesterday. Take your time, and include every detail you remember, even if it doesn't seem relevant. I…" He glanced at the lawyer, "umm… we, will be taking notes. We may have a question or two about something if we don't understand, but we will save those for when you've finished. OK?"

Everyone was looking at me expectantly. I nodded my head, took a healthy swig of my iced tea, closed my eyes, and took a couple of deep breaths before I started to describe what I could see in my mind's eye.

"Yesterday, after our next to last tryout and practice for the baseball teams, we were all in the locker room taking showers and dressing to go home. I was talking to Mitch about which positions we wanted when suddenly I was shoved hard, which pushed me into the lockers. As I hit my open locker door, I saw Carl Turner walking away, saying 'faggots don't play on our team,' or something like that. I don't remember thinking about what I did next. I just reacted to his attack by jumping on him and taking him to the floor. I told him to stay down. But he didn't. He started to get up so I punched him in the jaw as hard as I could. He dropped back down. Things started to get a bit fuzzy after that. I believe a couple of our senior players were holding Carl down. It was then that I realized I was bleeding. Things got a bit hazy for a few minutes. I remember Coach Anderson trying to do some kind of first aid on my arm. The next thing I was aware of, is that Carl was being handcuffed by some Elko policemen. He was hollering all sorts of homophobic sh… Um, insults. Some EMTs were checking my wounds, then they took me to the hospital. I think you have the medical reports and stuff about my injuries?"

Stoner replied, "Yes, we have those." He flipped some pages in his notebook and turned to Mitch, he asked, "You're Mitch Thomas?"

"Yes sir."

"We have your statement. Anything you want to add?"

"Has anyone told you that this harassment by Carl has been going on since almost the start of the semester? This wasn't the first time, but it was definitely the worst."

"Yes. Several people have made statements to that effect. Peter, this all seems to revolve around you being gay. Are you?"

Before I could say anything, Uncle George spoke up. "Peter, you do not have to answer that question if you don't want to… Does he Larry"?

Mr. Lundquist shook his head. "No. This is not a deposition or a trial. You do not have to answer any questions unless you choose to do so." I nodded my understanding and started to speak.

"Officer Stoner, the second week of school, after I transferred here from San Bernardino in January, I went to see what the Diversity Club was about. I had some gay friends at my old school, and I went to the GSA…"

"GSA? What's that?" Stoner asked.

"Umm, the Gay Straight Alliance. It's a nationwide school club for both straights and gays in support of each other. They try to show people that a person's sexuality doesn't have to make them different from anyone else, and things they can do to get along better." Stoner nodded his understanding. "Anyway, I thought this Diversity Club was something similar. It wasn't. But it seems either Carl saw me at the club meeting or was told by someone I was there. He jumped to the conclusion that I must be gay and has been verbally harassing me ever since."

"Hmm, I heard that you and Turner had a confrontation after school the Monday after you went to this club."

"Really? Rumors abound, it seems." I smirked.

Stoner just smiled. "Yes, rumor has it that you put him down that day, too. Regardless, go on, Peter."

"Up until a few days ago, no one had bothered to ask me if I was gay. I won't lie. Not even about that. Until this morning, I have never gone around broadcasting my sexuality. It's pointless and can lead to extreme violence. Which, I guess, is where we are today. All based on a supposition without any proof."

Mr. Lundquist cleared his throat. "Peter, you said, 'until this morning'. What happened this morning?"

"I was wondering about that too," Stoner added.

"Um… That requires a bit of background, to understand what I did. Just before we had our conditioning and tryouts, Coach Anderson called me into his office. He had heard the rumors that Carl and his three followers were spreading about my being gay and asked me about the rumors. I suppose you could say I deflected my answer since the coach didn't directly ask me if I was gay. Instead, I asked him what he would do if he found out he had a gay player on his team. He told me that unless it directly affected the performance of his team, he didn't care.

"So, because of the crap that happened yesterday, after practice this morning, I told the coach and the whole team that I was gay. I asked everyone if that was going to cause a problem or if they would all rather I just quit.

"Of the almost 50 guys that were trying out for varsity and JVs, all but five stepped forward and supported me. Coach Anderson immediately cut those five from the prospective teams. To be fair, he had already decided to cut four of them from the team anyway. The fifth guy had a really legitimate reason that kept him from stepping forward, so he was cut too.

"Just to be sure that I understand, this was entirely your decision, and that no one forced you to do this?" Mr. Lundquist asked.

"Yes sir, that is correct," I replied. "I am also aware that there will probably be consequences. I know how fast the rumor mill works in school. By Monday morning, the entire school will know. I hope that with the support of my teammates, it won't be that big of a deal."

"Well, I have what I need for my incident report. My report, and those the other patrolmen took, will be available to you, and Mr. Lundquist, should he need them."

"Speaking along those lines Officer Stoner, if what Peter has just said, and the other reports all appear to say the same, why was Carl Turner released and not charged?" Mr. Lundquist asked.

"I honestly don't know. What Peter has told us is pretty much the way everyone else has said things happened. Considering the serious injuries inflicted by Turner, he should have been booked. I don't know who released Turner before the investigation was completed." Stoner stood up. "Gentlemen, I have all I need here. Thank you Peter for your cooperation. He reached into his pocket and pulled something out. "If you think of something else, or if I can be of help, in any way, here is my card. Please feel free to call me anytime, day or night."

Taking the offered card, "Thank you. Uncle, I'll see the Officer to the door." I said.

I walked him to the door. "What position will you be playing?" Somehow the question, or maybe it was the friendly tone in his voice, caught me a bit off guard.

"Umm, second base." I stammered.

"Cool!" was all he said as he stuck out his hand. I know I must have had a silly grin on my face as I shook his hand. "Thanks again Pete, and don't forget to call if I can help." After he was gone, I went back to the dining room.

"George, I think we need to find out why Carl is free to roam the streets. Didn't you tell me that Peter said he wasn't at the practice this morning? I have a bad feeling if he should show up to school on Monday."

Mitch spoke up, "No, he wasn't at practice this morning", he confirmed. "Depending upon who was in the office, I would think he was suspended. Which would explain why he wasn't at practice this morning. I'm pretty sure the coach would have demanded it, but the Coach may not have known when he posted the team list."

"What do you mean?"

"Carl was listed as starting pitcher for the JVs."

"Well, we're not gonna find anything out until Monday. I'll call you Larry when I hear anything."

"George, how about I call you? I might find out a few things before then. It's what you pay me for! Speaking of which, there's going to be some overtime on your next bill." I couldn't help but notice the wry grin when he said it. "I plan on keeping most of it in the family. I'll call Margo at home. She and I will be at the office the rest of today and part of tomorrow. At least we'll be able to spend the weekend together! I'll have her stop at the hospital on the way in, for a few things, and I'll stop by the police station to see what I can find out. Come Monday, we should have a few things in place and ready to go should we need them. I'm also planning on being at the school as soon as I can break away from my office. I think we might need a little chat with the principal. After that, perhaps I'll drop by the prosecuting attorney's office for a visit."

Larry locked eyes with me. "Peter, you watch yourself. Stay away from that kid. Don't let yourself be caught alone anywhere you can't run away from. My advice is that you stay away if possible. Ignore him if he says anything. If he threatens you with physical harm, run. Do not try to confront him."

"Um, Mr. Lunquist, I can't do anything else… At least for the moment. If I try to hit him, I'll end up hurting the docs' pretty needlework!" I smirked.

"Do you have a cell phone? You need to be sure you have one with you at all times, at least until we get things sorted out." Larry stated rather flatly.

"Yes, I do. Uncle George bought one for me a couple of years ago."

"Peter? What do you think about me taking you and Mitch out for a bit of shopping? I suspect you two might find a game or two you'd like. I was thinking about updating your phone anyway, and now is as good of a time as any." George suggested.

Uncle George and Mr. Lundquist both just shook their heads. The attorney left shortly thereafter and, with Mitch in tow, I went to take a pain pill. My arm was really throbbing now. The directions said to take two for pain, but I discovered last night that taking two made my head sorta foggy, so I just took one. With Mitch being here tonight, the very last thing I wanted was a foggy brain!

Uncle George took us to JCPenny's where we were going to pick up some summer clothes since all I had was mostly heavier winter stuff. Before we got to the store I tried to argue that I might have another growth spurt, but my uncle simply said that if that happened, we'll get more clothes.

"Geez! I've still got plenty of money to buy my own clothes, ya know!"

"Yes, I do know. But that's your money to do with any way you want. As your legal guardian, part of my job is to make sure you have enough of the proper clothing you need. It simply won't do to have you running the streets naked!" he said with a laugh, while Mitch coughed and cleared his throat. "After I do that, you can buy whatever else you think you might like. But I get to supply your everyday needs. That's my job, not yours."

Once inside the store, we went to the electronics section where Mitch and I spent about 15 minutes picking out two games that looked interesting. Then Uncle George shepherded us over to the clothing section. That's where things got weird, not a bad weird, but an interesting weird… Well, ya know what I mean.

We were at a shirt rack, with all three of us pawing through whatever was closest. Uncle George would hold something up and say something like, "What do you think about this one?"

Before I could do more than nod my head, Mitch would chime in with, "That would look great with your Varsity Jacket on Color Day, and this one just looks cool." In the end, both shirts went into the cart.

Mom never asked anything. She just sailed down the aisle grabbing something and muttering, "This will make do," or something similar. Is this what it's like to have a Dad? I've been thinking about that a lot since I got here. I was beginning to wish I could call Uncle George, Dad.

And today Mitch is there too. He was acting more like a big brother helping to outfit his little brother for life as a high school jock. No, scratch that! I'm thinking of Mitch in an entirely different way… and 'brother' ain't it! That would just be something awful… like incest or something… ewuuuu!!!

In the underwear area, I grabbed a package of boxer briefs just like I always did. Just as we were leaving that aisle, Mitch grabbed a bag of low-rise briefs, then with a grin and a wiggle of his eyebrows, he tossed them into the cart. If there had been a power outage just then, that aisle at JCPenny's would have been bright enough to read a book! No doubt about it. He was definitely not brother material!

Out in the parking lot, we were making our way to Uncle George's Chrysler Pacifica. "Uncle, you've been more of a parent to me these last 3 months than my mom was for the last 8 years. You gotta know I love you." I'm taking a small risk here, telling him how I feel. But, dang it! My heart's so full right now that I've got to let some of it out.

"Peter, I've always loved you. Especially after Richard died." YES! I knew it! Maybe the idea that's been lurking in my brain isn't so wild.

Our next stop was the AT&T store, where after looking at several phones and reading about what features they have, we agreed on one. The salesperson opened up my old phone and inserted a card into his computer, did a few things and pulled out a new card that he put into my new phone, and told me that all my old contacts, photos, and other data were now on the new phone.

Now I've got a new smartphone! No more of those dinky flip phones!

Right after that, we went to Mitch's house where he got some clothes. Of course, Uncle George had to come in too so he could meet Glenn and Dorothy Thomas, Mitch's parents. Mitch and I could have been in and out in ten minutes flat. Naturally, that did not happen because the adults had to do their good parents' thing… Old people can be sooo slow sometimes. Mercifully we were on our way half an hour later.

By this time all three of us had worked up an appetite. I was starving!

Uncle George took us to Luciano's. Man, they have some great Italian food! Not only was it good tasting, but they served a whole lot of it. I didn't have room for any kind of dessert after I finished the main meal.

When we got home, Mitch asked if he could take a shower. So I showed him where everything was and went to sit with Uncle George, in the living room while he cleaned up. Now was maybe the time to broach the idea that was bugging me…

"Uncle George, I think you know that I have always looked up to you. When I needed someone to really talk to, you have always been here for me. Unlike my mother. You have never lied to me. You have never pulled your punches when talking to me. When I came out as being gay, to you, you didn't turn your back on me. You told me that it was OK. You made me realize that being gay didn't have to define me. That it was only one part of who I was. Your attitude is so different and much better than what I've seen in most other people. And when I was at the end of my rope, you opened your arms and your house to me. You took me in. I felt like no one wanted me. You've shown and given me love… More than my mother ever did.

"I know I haven't been here all that long, just a few months, but it's been long enough to realize that I love you. I'm comfortable being here. This has become my home. Something I lost a long time ago, living with her. I…" I was rambling and knew it, but I had to get this last little bit out into the open. "I would like you to consider adopting me. Would you? Consider that? … I want to call you Dad!…"

"What about your real dad, Peter? What about Richard, my brother?"

"While I remember a few good times, mostly what I remember is that thing that was in the casket. Whenever I try to remember what it used to be like, the good times… That casket, and what was in it, always comes to the front of my memories."

I must still be on some kind of emotional jag, and now that I'd said it out loud, I was a bit scared of what the answer might be. I found my eyes were leaking tears as I sat there watching him… Waiting for his answer.

I could see that his eyes were beginning to glisten, as he looked directly at me. "I would be proud to have you as my son. But I think we need to give it a little more time, Peter." He reached over, pulled me into his arms, and tightly hugged me. For a moment, I thought he was going to break my ribs!

"What's going on here? Is there something I should know?" Mitch asked as he entered the room, still drying his hair with his towel while sporting an obvious smirk.

I jumped up, grabbed him, and put a lip lock on him for a few moments.

"Peter, you really don't have any filters, do you?" George came off the couch and hugged us both. Then he turned us around and pointed to the couch. "Sit! Stay!" Then laughing, he added, "I'll be back!" He turned and headed down the hall, towards his bedroom, laughing at his own joke, and very bad impersonation.

A little bit confused by all of this, we could faintly hear some drawers being opened and shut, then a moment later he came back to the living room, with a small bag, and sat in one of the recliners facing us.

"OK guys, this is not how I thought this night would go… Regardless, we need to talk about this stuff. I know that Peter has not had sexual contact with anyone. How about you, Mitch? Have you been with any other guys? Or gals?"

"Um, no sir. I'm… I'm still a virgin." Mitch blushed. "Peter is the first person I have ever kissed." Mitch's blush deepened, "Um… I've never, ever thought of girls that way."

"What!… You mean to tell me that there are still virgins running around loose at your age? You're what, seventeen? And still a virgin?" George rolled his eyes. "What's this world coming to!"

"I… um… I won't be seventeen until the end of summer." Mitch stammered.

"Close enough.

"You're spending the night with Peter. I'm gonna assume you will both be 'sleeping' in the same bed. I'm also gonna assume that there will be some sexual contact between the both of you." Both Mitch and I began to sputter and stammer and deny what George had just said. "Stuff it you two! I'm not exactly dumb. You're both horny little bastards and you're gonna be in the same bed." This was a side of my uncle I had never seen. He reached into the bag he had and tossed each of us a foil-wrapped condom. "One thing you both should get into the habit of doing is put a sock on that damned worm, each and every time."

"Uncle!… We ain't gonna screw each other, right off the bat!"

"Well, if'n it ain't tonight, shame though to waste a night in bed," (George had muttered this part), "it will be some time, I reckon. I would feel better if it was here than someplace where either of you might be caught. For two gay boys, that is a part of safe sex that rarely gets mentioned." He reached back into that bag and in his hand, he had a package. "This is another part."

"What's that?"

"It's an enema, a douche. It cleans out your colon… You do know what comes out of there, don't you? That shit is gonna get all over your dick. As you move in and out of the anus, that shit is going to come out and cover the asshole, both your groins and even legs and thighs of both you and your partner. Guaranteed that the resulting smell is gonna put a damper on your mood. Using this will clean you out. Mostly. Always wash up as best you can, or take a shower when you are done."

He reaches into the bag and pulls out a bottle. "Now this is a water-based lubricant. You will need that. Never use an oil-based lube with condoms, as it will eat the vinyl. Now, the anus does not produce a lubricant to make things slide easier, unlike a woman's vagina, which does produce a natural lube." He laughed at the looks we were giving him. "You can never use too much lube, guys. You can use too little, though."

I bowed my head and covered my face with my hands. I could tell my face was red enough to light up the room! "This is sooo not the birds and bees talk I am used to hearing!" I could see that Mitch was doing the same thing.

"Oh, this is only the introductory lesson. You ready to hear more?" he snickered. "The first few times you guys have anal sex, you'll need to know how to loosen your partner's anus up, to get it ready to receive the worm. Want to know how to do that? Fact is, you should do that each time, as it's usually very pleasurable. Part of the foreplay, you might call it.

"Oh, and it is gonna hurt the first few times. Can't be helped. Your butt isn't used to receiving. Remember, your snake is at least as big as a large turd, and you know that sometimes hurts when trying to expel that thing."

"Stop!" I almost yelled. "I doubt if we are gonna go straight to fucking each other. All we've done, so far, is kiss and rub each other, through our jeans, while kissing. But how the hell do you know all of this, Uncle George?"

George stood up while laughing. He placed the items he had out back into the bag, walked over to me, and handed the bag to me. "OK, guys. It's late enough for me. I've got to get in touch with our attorney in the morning. You guys do what you want, I'm gonna go crash.

"We can continue this some other time. Just remember that you can talk to me about anything. Nothing you say or ask is gonna shock me. OK?" With that being said, he turned to leave us alone. "One more thing guys… Try to keep the noise down!" You could hear the snickers up until he shut his bedroom door.

I looked at Mitch, got up, and grabbed his hand. "Come on, let's go to my room." Mitch chuckled a bit, stood up, and turned off the only light in the room. We walked to my room and Mitch shut the door.

Mitch turned to me, pulled me into a firm hug, and began kissing me.

After a minute or so, he drew back and said, "I think we are both overdressed. Let me take care of that problem." He took off my t-shirt and pulled my shorts down, then pushed back until I hit the bed. Once I had sat down, Mitch got on his knees and pulled off my shoes and socks, and pulled my shorts off of my ankles, where they had fallen. I was straining my boxer briefs by this time.

Mitch stood up and undressed himself down to his boxer briefs. I could see that his erection was trying to be free. I reached out to touch him and he moaned. He felt so hard and hot to my hand as I caressed him through his briefs. I used both hands to take his briefs and pull them down. I just looked at him. He was leaking and I wanted it.

I had always dreamed of being able to do this with someone. So I leaned forward and licked him, tasting his juice. Flicking my tongue around his crown. Before I could do anything else, Mitch pulled me back up, took my head in his hands, and began kissing me. His tongue forced its way into my mouth, not that I resisted too much, mind you.

He pushed me onto my back and climbed onto me. His cock was now forcefully grinding into my midsection. His hands reached down and tried to pull off my briefs. I helped a bit, by lifting my hips, so he could get them off. He used a knee to get between my legs, spreading them. When both of his legs were between mine, he used his hands to grab my legs and wrap them around his hips. I pulled him tight against me as he began humping into me, rubbing both of us roughly together.

The sensation was nothing like I had ever experienced before. It was wild. Animal. Passionate. And his kisses never stopped. I could feel my climax coming on much faster than I wanted it to. I couldn't stop it as it erupted from me. I cried out and Mitch cried at almost the same time. I could vaguely feel the combined wetness. Hot. Slippery. More than I had ever cum before. Maybe because half of it was Mitch? I don't know. I just know I must have squeezed us together harder than I had ever thought I could. I felt Mitch holding me in his arms. He was squeezing me back, just as hard as I was squeezing him with my legs.

We slowed down, but neither of us went soft, not even close, nor did we stop the rocking between us. I wanted more and it felt like Mitch wanted more as much as I did.

I pulled my mouth from him, but not without a bit of a struggle. He didn't want to stop kissing. "Mitch, I want to taste you. I have to. Please, let me!" I was almost whining. Mitch rolled us on the bed until I was on my left side. He let go and flipped himself, head to tail, and devoured me. It only took me half a second to do the same to him.

I've tasted my own cum before and this was similar but different. I'm guessing that it was because it was a mixture of both of our ejaculations. I licked it all up, swallowing everything before I went about really fellating him. Trying out all those things I had read about. He was big enough that I could feel him at the back of my throat. It made me want to gag, but I just swallowed and I could feel him in there. It closed off my airway, but I didn't need to breathe for a bit. I just kept swallowing.

It must have been the right thing to do, just judging from the sounds that Mitch made. Without any warning, Mitch exploded in my throat. I pulled off enough to swirl my tongue and catch his fluids. It was salty and bitter. Not a bad kind of bitter, just different from mine. I swallowed everything he gave me… Just like coffee, I figured I could get used to the taste over time.

Mitch never stopped sucking on me. While he didn't get me all the way inside, the things he was doing with his tongue were thrilling! He left me and started playing with my ballsack. Then he moved down and attacked my anus. I had never really thought that this would be erogenous, despite the things I'd read. After less than a minute, it was happening. "Oh, Mitch! I'm gonna…"

He was back on me in a flash. I started and thought I was never gonna stop. It just seemed to go on and on. The next thing I was aware of was Mitch kissing me some more.

These weren't the passionate kisses we had shared earlier. Just gentle and fulfilling. I noticed we were both soft. Well semi-soft. Finally, we just lay on our sides, looking at each other.

"Oh, man. In my wildest fantasies, I never thought it could be that good. Even when I dreamed of being with you, Pete, I never imagined it could be this good."

"I think I'm beginning to understand why everyone rates sex so highly. This has felt so good. I've never felt about anyone like I feel about you." I caressed his face. "I know it's probably too soon to say it… But I think I'm falling in love with you Mitch."

"I don't know if this is lust, infatuation, or love. I just know you made me feel so wonderful." He was returning the caresses. His light touch was igniting something inside of me. Again.

"Since that first day that we kissed, I've wanted so much to know, touching you, how it would feel. How it would feel to have you touch me…"

We began kissing again and I slowly rolled on top of him. Soon we were humping each other like before, only with me on top this time. We were much slower this time. And it lasted a whole lot longer.

Afterward, I don't remember falling asleep.

Damn. It hurt. It was burning. I opened my eyes and realized my arm hurt. Last night's events returned to my consciousness. This morning… Was it still morning? I'd missed my morning run! And then my stomach growled.

I found myself spooned against Mitch's chest. Laying on my left side, Mitch had me firmly anchored in place. He had his arm across me and a leg was thrown across mine. I could feel a hardness poking my backside. I've never woken up like this before. It may not have been so bad to wake up this way, except for the flash summary my brain shoved at me. My arm hurts. My stomach is empty. I'd missed my morning run, and my bladder is full!

Two items were on the urgent list. My own hardness demanded that I get up right now and empty my bladder… And my right arm hurt like a bitch.

I tried to wiggle out of Mitch's grasp, in order to get to the bathroom. Mitch just tightened his grip on me. "Mitch! Let go, man, I gotta pee."

It was like a switch had been thrown. In a flash, Mitch let go of me and hopped out of bed. He was out of the door before I could get to my feet.

In the bathroom, Mitch muttered "Mornin' Pete" and moved over a bit, so I could use the toilet at the same time. "Yeah, g'mornin' Mitch." Lordy! What a relief that was. As the need to pee subsided, my arm began to hurt more. Is this what the morning after is supposed to be like? Except for my arm hurting, I could really get used to this!

Standing at the sink washing our hands, Mitch looked at me through the mirror. "Oh hell, Pete. Your bandage is all bloody. I think we overdid it last night." I looked in the mirror, not only was the bandage bloody, it was still wet.

"Crap! Uncle George is not gonna be happy about this. He's gonna tease us both to no end!"

"Where's the stuff to rebandage your arm? We might as well see what damage we did."

"It's all in the kitchen." We went back to the bedroom and pulled on some shorts and then wandered down the hallway toward the kitchen.

"Good morning, boys. Did you sleep well…" The glint in his eyes and the smirk on his face said it all. We were doomed to a lifetime of razzing. His voice trailed off and his eyes focussed on my arm, "Um, did you sleep at all? Doesn't look like it from here! While I'm thinking about it, I'm docking your allowance for a pair of earplugs, or the next time you're together I'll never get any sleep at all."

Mitch whined for both of us. "Ahh, man…"

My blush went up a notch. "Yes, Uncle George, we slept. But I think I hurt myself. Sometime, uh, during the night… Umm, I'm getting an allowance now?" Can I ever stop blushing?

"Yeah well, we'll talk about that later. So, Mitch and you were having a wrestling match, yes?" Mitch turned a shade redder and George chuckled.

George set his coffee cup down and went into one of the cupboards to retrieve the bandages. "OK, let's get this off of you and see what you did." He grabbed the pill bottle, "Mitch, get Pete a cup of coffee, please. The cups are right above the coffee maker. Pete likes it black. Get yourself a cup too, if you drink this rotten stuff."

Mitch grabbed a couple of cups and filled them. We were at the breakfast bar, so he put a cup down by me, as George handed me a pill. "One enough, or do you want two of these?"

I took the one he handed me and popped it into my mouth, followed by a sip of coffee to wash it down. "One should be fine."

Uncle George had taken the bandage off and poured some alcohol on a cotton swab. "This is gonna sting a little, but I have to wipe off the blood to see what you did." He was still smirking.

Sting? A little? "SHIT! That burns… Oops, sorry for cussing."

"That's OK. If you're going to play adult games all night, you can use a little adult language from time to time, but don't let it get out of hand." OK, I give up! I couldn't tell if this was praise or hazing.

With most of the blood wiped away, I could see that four stitches had pulled out, at the top and bottom of the cut. George used another swab and used a tweezer to pull the now useless stitches up, cut them with some scissors, and pulled the stitches out. To me it looked like a professional job, but what do I know? I guess you can't be a miner most of your life and not learn stuff like this.

George then applied a small line of petroleum jelly from a tube, along the entire line of the cut. He removed the backing of some steri-strips and applied them to my wound. He placed a 4 by 4 bandage over the wound and wrapped it with an Ace bandage.

"There ya go, Pete. Good as new!" He chuckled. "I would strongly suggest that you avoid all physical exertion for at least the next couple of days." More chuckles. "Give your arm a chance to heal." He sat down, trying to hide his chuckles by drinking his coffee.

Mitch had his head down, sipping his coffee. But his ears were burning, just like mine were. "Uncle, you're enjoying this way too much."

He spewed his coffee onto the breakfast bar, sat his cup down, then broke into loud laughter. He soon recovered and looking at the both of us, said, "Teenage hormones! Sure glad I don't have to go through that again. OK, It's ten in the morning. There's eggs and bacon in the fridge. You guys get your breakfast, then clean up your mess. And for God's sake, clean up yourselves. You stink!" He got up, refilled his coffee, and went into his study. Still chuckling.

After he was out of earshot, Mitch quietly said, "I don't think I've ever been so embarrassed, or so happy. Your Uncle has to be one of the coolest people I've ever met."

We had cleaned things and ourselves up and had just finished getting dressed when the doorbell rang. "I'll get that Uncle George!" I hollered.

Mitch was with me when I opened the door. "Bobby! What are you doing here?"

"Hey Pete," He extended his fist to bump mine. "Hey Mitch," they bumped fists. "I went to your house and the rents told me where you were."

"So, wazzup?"

"Jesse heard some stuff and wanted me to tell you, so you could warn Pete. Guess I can just tell Pete…"

"OK… Warn me about what, Bobby?"

"Carl is out for blood. Him and his butt-buddies say they are gonna take you out, the next time they see you. Jesse said they were talking about making sure you never played any sports ever again."

"Kee-rist! I can't take him with my arm like this and he probably knows it. The slimy bastard! Not sure if I could take all three of them at once, if'n it came to it. Shit… Shit, Shit!"

"Young man, I'm Peter's uncle, George Williams." We hadn't heard him come up behind us. "Who are you? And who told you about this threat?"

"Glad to meetcha, Mr. Williams." He held out his hand to shake with George. "I'm Bobby Smith, a good friend of Mitch's. My brother, Jesse, said he overheard Carl talking to his goons, right after church this morning. Jesse thought I should warn Mitch so he could warn Pete… I, uh, didn't know where Pete lived, so I went to Mitch's house and his parents told me where Mitch had spent the night. They gave me your address…

"Mitch, I knew you liked Pete, but I didn't expect you to make your move so dang fast! Sleepover? Is that like an extended playdate? Do people still do that?" Bobby's smile lit up his whole face, and he giggled. Mitch turned red, again. OK, so did I.

At that statement, George went into a deep belly laugh. This set Bobby off. His giggles turned into laughing so hard that he could barely stand.

"I don't need my balls busted by them. They already hurt…" I thought I had just whispered this to Mitch, but I guess Bobby heard it as he just fell to the floor, laughing even louder. Hell! Uncle George must have also heard. He was supporting himself by holding onto the wall.

"Did you two get any sleep last night?" Bobby sputtered.

"No! And neither did I!" Stated Uncle George, who almost keeled over in gales of laughter. "Well… Peter did pull some stitches last night and didn't feel it until this morning. Make of that what you will, Bobby!"

"TMI, man! TMI!"

Uncle George gained control of himself enough to ask, "Did I mention that while I rebandaged Peters' arm, I didn't see any hickeys?"

I hid my face in my hands. "Oh god, you guys! Stop it. Please?"

"OK, when you two are finished laughing at us, we need to figure out what we're gonna do. Pete could be in serious trouble if Carl ambushes him, worse if his buddies are there too." Mitch said seriously, even though he was still red-faced. He grabbed my hand, pulled me into the living room and we sat on the couch. A few moments later, we were joined by George and Bobby, both of whom had almost quit laughing.

"I'm almost sorry, boys. But if you think this is bad, wait until you get to school tomorrow. Mitch, you have to know that if you hang out with Peter, you will have outed yourself and will get the same treatment. Maybe worse. People may just accuse you of robbing the cradle!… Among other things." Both George and Bobby started cracking up again.

A minute or so later, George got serious. "Bobby, do you think anyone knows that Mitch has a thing for Peter? Or that he spent the night here?"

"Outside of Mitch's parents, I'm the only one who knows that Mitch had a. uh… 'sleepover.' My brother Jesse is the only other person that knows Mitch is gay and has a crush on Pete. He only thinks Pete likes Mitch, he doesn't know for sure."

"Oh, I think it went beyond a crush last night." Bobby began snickering, again, when my uncle said that.

"OK, then maybe we can go into damage control mode. The first and most important thing is to protect both of you. Mitch, your best bet is to isolate yourself from Peter…" Mitch started to protest. "Look, I know you want to protect Peter, but one of the best things you can do is to not let others know what your involvement might be. This way, you protect both Peter and yourself, especially if you're not ready to come out.

"I want you to stand off to the sidelines and just watch and listen. You can be ready to jump in if you see that it is really needed. Just remember, if you do jump in, by yourself, you will be effectively outed.

"Peter, start calling your friends on the team, since they seem to be OK with you being gay, and let them all know what might start happening with Carl and his groupies."

"Mr. Williams, I think Jesse has thought of that. He was busy on his cell when he sent me to warn Mitch."

"That sounds good, Bobby. Pete, you make your calls anyway. Just tell your teammates what you've heard and that with your arm, you don't know if you can take Carl down a third time. Don't say who you heard this from, only that someone heard them talking and told you.

"I'm gonna call Larry and let him know about this. I'll need to call Patrolman Stoner and see what he has to say. Before I do that though, I'll call Coach Anderson and give him a heads-up.

"Mitch, it's best if you go home with Bobby. The two of you can bring your parents up to speed on the situation. I hate to say it, but right now, the less you are seen with Peter, the better."

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