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Riding Lessons II: Lessons Learned

by Andrew Todd

Part 17

Chapter 14

"Tanner!!" Dylan yelled in surprise. "What are you doing here?"

Tanner just grinned and ran to Dylan. He grabbed Dylan in a bear hug and lifted his friend off the ground.

"I missed you," Tanner said, his voice choking with emotion.

"Put me down," Dylan laughed.

Tanner complied and Dylan hugged him hard.

"I've missed you, too," Dylan said. "It's great to see you, but who…how…?"

Dylan looked around, his eyes landing on Zak, who nodded.

"Well, I knew how much you missed Tanner, so I called your mom and she gave me his number, so I called him and…" Zak started.

"He invited me for the weekend," Tanner continued. "Dusty drove over to pick me up and here I am."

Dylan turned to Zak and hugged him. "Thank you," he whispered in Zak's ear.

As Dylan was making the introductions, Mattie's mastiff, Cesar, came trotting out from the barn.

"Holy, shit!!" Tanner exclaimed. "That's one big dog!!"

The boys laughed.

"That's my dog, Cesar," said Mattie. "He's a mastiff. He's big, but very gentle."

Spin rolled his eyes. "What Mattie means is he's very gentle as long as Mattie's around. Even CJ's nervous around this one."

"No, he's better around Cesar now," Mattie protested.

All the boys held their tongues not wanting to start in on Mattie's delusion, but they knew that CJ was very nervous around Cesar and that the dog was very protective of Mattie. He wasn't mean or vicious in any way, but he did make his presence known if he felt that Mattie was being threatened. Mattie's total control over the big dog was the only reason that CJ allowed him to stay at the ranch.

Cesar walked over and stood next to Mattie. Mattie absentmindedly stroked the dog's head.

Dylan turned his attention back to Tanner. "So, how long are you here for?" he asked.

"Just the weekend," Tanner replied. "I have to be back Sunday afternoon."

"Well, that doesn't give us a lot of time to catch up, so let's get going," Dylan laughed as he grabbed Tanner's arm and pulled him towards the barn.

The other boys watched Dylan and Tanner walk off. Mattie and Spin took Cesar and went into the ranch house to finish their homework, so they'd be free the rest of the weekend

"That's the happiest I've seen Dylan since we met him," Dusty said as he turned to Zak. "You did good, Babe."

Zak blushed. "It was a joint effort. And it will be one all weekend. But I think this is just the medicine that Dylan needed. I know he was missing Tanner. So, hopefully, reconnecting with him will keep him heading in the right direction."

"I know you and Danny have done a lot to help him. And even though what happened with Dodger started all this, I think Dylan working with him as been a help for him as well."

Zak thought for a moment. "I think they are healing each other and hopefully, Tanner can help speed the process," he said, while thinking, 'And hopefully, Dylan can help Tanner with a little healing as well.'

Dylan was quickly giving Tanner a cursory tour of the barn.

Finally, Tanner planted his feet and refused to move. "What is your hurry?" he laughed. "You are giving me the one-cent tour here."

Dylan stopped and looked at Tanner. "Sorry, I know I'm rushing, but I need you to see something. I have plenty of time to go back and show you everything, but this you need to see NOW!"

"Ok," Tanner nodded. "Lead on, MacDuff."

Dylan took hold of Tanner's hand and ran to the barn where Dodger was waiting for him.

Dylan stopped in front of Dodger's stall. The Arabian had his head hanging over the stall door waiting for his boy. When the horse saw Tanner, he whinnied in recognition of his 'other' boy.

Tanner looked at the horse in shock. "Dodger?!? Where did you find him? How did he get here?" He shook his head and reached forward to stroke the horse's cheek. The only horse that Tanner loved more than Dodger was his thoroughbred, Keystone. He and Tanner had ridden together for years and they had switched horses so often that they often thought of Keystone and Dodger as 'ours' not 'mine and yours'.

Tears came to both boys' eyes as Dylan related the story of how he and Zak came to find Dodger and the resulting breakdown he had suffered.

Tanner looked at Dylan. "You told them everything?" he asked. "Even about me?"

Dylan nodded. "Only Danny and Zak. Dusty knows about my depression, but not about Cody."

"Zak could have told him."

Dylan shook his head furiously. "No. I trust Zak and Danny one hundred percent. Tanner, they've been so good to me and helped me so much. I mean, everyone here--Dusty, Mattie, Spin--all of them are so great, but Danny and especially, Zak, have helped me so much. CJ, as soon as he knew about Dodger, made sure we brought him back here and didn't leave him behind. I was a wreck when I first saw him, but Danny helped me realize that it wasn't my fault and that all I could do was work to help Dodger get back to where he was."

"Well, he looks pretty good now," Tanner said. "Still a little skinny."

"Yeah, he's still gaining weight. We had a little scare when he got here--he started to colic; but we got him fixed up."

"What he means is he got Dodger fixed up," Zak said as he approached the two boys. "I figured you'd be showing off your star patient." Dylan blushed. "Don't you start blushing on me, Dylan," Zak laughed. "Tanner, if you had seen Dodger when he got here, you'd be absolutely amazed at how he's come along. And it's all due to Dylan."

Tanner grinned at Zak, then looked around nervously. "Is Dusty with you?"

"No, he had some work to take care of in the office and Mattie and Spin are in the house trying to get their homework finished so they can play this weekend."

"Umm, uhh, Zak, I, ah..." Tanner stuttered.

Dylan stepped in. "Zak, I just told Tanner about everything that you and Danny had done for me and that I had told you everything."

"Oh, and you're afraid that we might tell others?" Zak asked Tanner gently.

Tanner nodded. He looked up at Zak, his tear-filled eyes pleading.

Zak walked over to Tanner and embraced the younger boy. He whispered to him, "Don't worry, Tanner. Neither Danny or I have said anything to anyone about Cody or what happened to you guys. And we won't--those are your secrets to share. But, we're here if you need us or if you want to talk."

Like a dam had broken, Tanner grabbed Zak tight and began to sob. He had held in everything for so long that he couldn't fight it anymore.

Zak just held Tanner and rubbed his back while the younger boy released over a year's worth of pent-up frustration and pain.

Dylan just watched Zak comfort his oldest friend--he was paralyzed. He wanted to help Tanner in the worst way, but he knew first hand that you could only be helped if you wanted that help.

After a few minutes, Tanner started to collect himself. He released Zak from the death grip he had on the smaller boy and stepped away. He furiously wiped his arms across his tear-streaked face.

"I'm sorry," Tanner blurted.

"Tanner, you have nothing to be sorry about," Zak said gently. "You've been through a lot--both of you have. Whether you want to talk about it or not, is completely up to you. I just want you to know that we're all here for you--me, Danny, Dylan, all of us. The only ones who know everything are Dylan, Danny, you and me and unless one of you wants to change that, it's the way it will stay."

Tanner looked over at Dylan who was still frozen in the same spot. He walked over to Dylan and gently hugged him.

"It's ok, Dyl," Tanner spoke softly. "I know what holding it in was doing to you. It's been eating away at me, too. I understand you telling Zak and Danny. I haven't met Danny yet, but I can see how you'd trust Zak and let him in. I'm glad they were there for you like I never was."

Dylan hugged Tanner fiercely. "Don't say that. I shut everyone out. You didn't abandon me--I wouldn't let you in; you tried and tried but I was too far gone. Then when you told me that Cody had done it to you, it was too much and I lost it completely. Danny and Zak were able to help me cuz I was finally able to accept that help. I wasn't ready before."

Tanner looked from Dylan to Zak. "I think I'm ready now, too."

Zak walked over to the two boys and embraced them both; the three stood in the middle of the barn in a three-way hug. Tanner's request for help was like a wave of peace rolling over the three.

When they broke the embrace, Zak looked at the two younger boys.

"Why don't we go for a ride?" Zak suggested. "We can go to the lake--it's quiet and private and we can talk without being interrupted."

Dylan and Tanner both nodded their agreement.

"Ok, Dylan, why don't you show Tanner where he can change and I'll let Dusty know what we're doing and he can keep Mattie and Spin busy while we're gone." Tanner raised his eyebrow. "Mattie will leave us be, but sometimes Spin's curiosity gets the better of him," Zak laughed. "So Dusty will make sure he doesn't come looking for us."

"Who are we taking?" Dylan asked.

"Well, since my dear brother is away for the weekend, I'll take Angel. You can take Apollo and we'll put Tanner on Zephyr."

"An Arabian trio," Dylan laughed.

Zak grinned and nodded.

Dylan took Tanner to show him where to change and Zak went in search of Dusty.

Meanwhile, Mattie and Spin's 'study' session had denigrated from the math they were supposed to be studying to anatomy--namely Spin was closely studying Mattie's rock-hard penis.

Both boys were stripped naked. Mattie was lying on the bed, eyes closed as Spin treated his large uncut erection like a tootsie pop. Spin would lick up and down the shaft and then swirl his tongue around the glans before closing his lips around the head. The energetic redhead was teasing his boyfriend mercilessly. Mattie groaned and writhed on the bed. He had two handfuls of sheets that he pulled and ripped at as Spin continued his oral explorations.

Finally, Mattie could take no more. He released the sheets and grabbed Spin's head with both hands.

"Here I come, Red!!" Mattie exclaimed as his orgasm overtook him. He shot rope after rope of jism straight down Spin's throat. Spin was swallowing as fast as he could; Mattie was stronger than him and had a death grip on his head, so if Spin stopped swallowing he was afraid he would drown before Mattie came down from his climax.

Finally, Mattie released his hold on Spin and lay there panting.

Spin crawled up alongside Mattie and kissed him passionately sharing the leftover remnants of Mattie's orgasm with Mattie.

"Oh…God…Red…" Mattie panted in between kisses. "You are getting so good at that."

Spin grinned. "Thanks, but it's only cuz you are so damn beautiful and make me want to take care of you."

Mattie blushed at Spin's compliment. He took his finger and started tracing Spin's rosy-red nipples that were erect against his alabaster-white skin.

"Spin?" Mattie asked hesitantly.


"You know what we did out at the lake?"

"You mean when you fucked me?"

"No, when I made love to you," Mattie corrected forcefully. "I'll never 'fuck' you; only make love to you."

Spin giggled. "Yes, I remember."

"I want to do it."

"You want to be in me again? Sure."

Mattie shook his head. "No, I want you to make love to me."

Spin didn't know what to say, which was beyond unusual for him. He had always assumed that Mattie would be the top and he would be the bottom in this relationship. Mattie was big and strong and in spite of his gentle nature, he was all man. Spin was smaller and younger and nowhere near as masculine as Mattie.

Mattie sensed Spin's hesitation.

"What's the matter?" Mattie asked.

Spin looked up into Mattie's soft hazel eyes. "You really want me to do that to you?" he whispered.

"Yes." Mattie looked at him seriously. "Why wouldn't I?"

"Well, it's just that you're so…and I'm not so…and you're…"

Mattie laughed; Spin never had had a problem verbalizing his thoughts until now.

"I'm sorry," Mattie said as Spin blushed. "I'm not laughing at you, it's just I've never seen you nervous and at a loss for words. As far as one of us being more 'manly' or 'masculine' than the other, that's bullshit. We're both guys and we're in love. You gave yourself to me and I want to give myself to you."


"Red, listen to me," Mattie was trying to be as gentle as possible. "I know everyone thinks I'm nuts for being with you. They only see the 'Energizer Bunny' whose mouth never stops. They don't see the tender, compassionate beautiful soul that I see whenever I look at you. When we thought my dad was going to disown me and CJ, you stepped up and came out to your parents. You took that risk for me. When we were in my father's office and we didn't know which way things were going, you didn't turn and run; you stood there with me, supported me when I needed you most. I don't care what anyone else says. I love you and I always will. And now I want the man I love to make love to me."

Spin lay on the bed in stunned silence. His heart swelled hearing Mattie's words of adoration.

"Matt, I love you so much it hurts," Spin sighed. "I know I drive everyone crazy. I can't help it most days. But the last few months, meeting Zak and getting to know him and Dusty and then meeting you--I know it was rough in the beginning, but I love you so much. I would do anything for you."

"I know, Red, I know." Mattie smiled warmly. "And what I want you to do now, is put that red rocket in my ass," he giggled.

"Your wish is my command," said Spin as he leaned in and kissed Mattie gently.

"Ooops, hold that thought," Mattie said as he jumped from the bed and ran into the hallway.

A few moments later he was back and shutting the door. Spin laughed as Mattie turned around, his erect penis waving in the air.

"What if someone had seen you?" Spin laughed.

"Oh, please; other than Tanner, who hasn't seen it already?" Mattie laughed in reply. "'Sides, they're all out in the barn or hanging out. We have the house to ourselves, but not forever, so let's get down to business." He tossed a small tube to Spin.

"What's this?"


"For what?"

Mattie rolled his eyes. "You put some on your dick and you put some in my ass and it makes things all slippery. I don't know how in the hell you managed to do it without some."

Spin laughed. "Where's there's a will there's a way. Besides, it just felt right."


"It's like that big Spanish cock was made to fit right into my little Irish ass. It was so perfect and hit the spot just right."

"Well, now we need to get that hard Irish cock up my Spanish ass."

"Well, get over here and I'll see what I can do to accommodate you."

Mattie leapt onto the bed, landing right next to Spin. He grabbed Spin in a tight embrace and their lips met. They kissed passionately, their tongues probing each other's mouth.

Mattie broke the kiss and licked and nibbled his way down Spin's tight body. He kissed Spin's hard nipples and ran his tongue around Spin's navel.

He stopped to admire Spin's erection, surrounded by a tight ring of curly red hair.

Mattie took Spin's hard member in his mouth and worshiped it.

After a few minutes of Mattie's orally worshiping his dick, Spin grabbed Mattie's head. "Better hold up, Matt or we're not gonna make it to the main show."

Mattie looked up at his lover and grinned. He slid back up Spin's body and nuzzled Spin's neck.

Spin took his turn to kiss his way down Mattie's body. He loved Mattie's muscular build, hard pecs and tight six-pack. He worshiped Mattie's torso.

When he got to Mattie's nether regions, he decided to go for broke.

He pushed Mattie's legs up so that he was almost bent in half. He looked lovingly at Mattie's dark, smooth bubble butt. Mattie had very hairy legs, but the hair stopped just at the crease of his ass.

Spin inhaled deeply. He loved the spicy sweet smell of his Latin lover. He pried Mattie's butt cheeks apart and gazed at the tight brown hole that almost winked at him.

Spin leaned forward and tentatively licked at Mattie's hole. It tasted like Mattie--spicy, sweet and so delicious. He plunged his tongue as far into Mattie's ass as he could.

Mattie groaned as Spin ate his ass out. He had never experienced anything like this--he was in heaven.

Spin reached over and grabbed the tube of lube. He squirted a little on his finger and worked the finger into Mattie's ass. Mattie groaned louder the deeper Spin went.

"Shhh," Spin giggled. "Someone will hear you."

Mattie moaned even louder as Spin pushed a second finger into his ass. "I don't fuckin' care," he gasped. "Just keep going."

Spin grinned and slid a third finger in and gently stretched Mattie's hole. As much as he had loved having Mattie in him, it had hurt a lot at first and he wanted to make sure that Mattie didn't hurt that way.

Spin pulled his fingers out of Mattie's clutch and sat back on his haunches. As he rubbed the lube onto his achingly hard dick he drank in the sight of his beautiful boyfriend. Spin was overcome with a rare sense of peace. He really did love Mattie and would do anything to protect him and make sure he knew how much he was loved.

Mattie started to turn over on his stomach, but Spin reached out to stop him.

"No, don't," Spin said.

"What? You don't want to?" Mattie was confused.

Spin grinned. "Oh, you couldn't stop me now, but I want to look into your eyes."

Mattie smiled back. "Whatever you want, hot stuff. Just do it."

Spin crawled back between Mattie's legs. He pushed Mattie's knees back up and Mattie grabbed them to hold them out of Spin's way.

Spin's cock was so hard, he thought it would burst. He leaned forwards and pressed the head against Mattie's hole. He hesitated for a moment and then pushed forwards gently. The head of his dick slipped off of Mattie's hole.

"You gotta be a little more forceful, Red. You won't hurt me," Mattie assured Spin.

Knowing that Mattie was right, Spin aimed for his second try. This time he applied more pressure and slowly and steadily pushed the head of his cock through Mattie's tight ring.

Mattie gasped as Spin penetrated him.

Spin stopped and started to pull back.

Mattie released his legs and grabbed Spin's ass. He held Spin in place. "Don't you dare pull out," he ordered. "Keep going."

Spin's little head was listening to Mattie even if the big one wasn't sure. He kept pushing his way into Mattie until there was nowhere left to go.

Mattie's eyes rolled back in his head as the head of Spin's dick rubbed the magic button deep in his ass.

Spin's hormones took over and he pumped in and out of Mattie's ass on autopilot. Spin looked down at Mattie writhing on the bed. Seeing his beautiful boyfriend laid out in front of him, knowing he was the cause of Mattie's ecstasy, pushed Spin right over the edge.

Spin reached down and started stroking Mattie's hard cock. The one thought that broke through his euphoria was that he wanted them to climax together.

Spin's hand flew over Mattie's member faster and faster. He couldn't hold out much longer.

Spin felt Mattie's ass clamp on his cock as his stomach muscles tightened. Finally.

Both boys let loose at the same time, Spin shooting his load into Mattie's ass, while Mattie painted both boys with his white love juice.

Spin collapsed onto Mattie. Mattie wrapped his arms around Spin and the two kissed.

"God, I love you," Spin sighed. "I never thought I could feel this way."

"Me, too," Mattie answered, kissing Spin's forehead. "Now, we need to catch a shower and go see what everyone is up to."

CJ lay back on the bed, Danny resting his head against CJ's chest.

They had arrived at the bed and breakfast place about an hour before and once they had reached the room they had immediately torn each other's clothes off and made wild love.

Now, sated, they were just lazily enjoying each other's company.

CJ had been unusually quiet throughout the whole ride up and Danny was concerned.

"Is something bothering you, Ceej?" Danny asked.

"Huh? No... well... I'm not sure."

"Talk to me," Danny said. "I know; I'm the last person who should make someone else reveal their secrets, but I am here for you."

"I know," CJ sighed. "Don't put yourself down, love; I understand what you were going through and why you left. I know the depression was bad for you. I guess sometimes I just feel a little guilty."

"Guilty?" Danny sat up and looked at CJ. "Why would you feel guilty? I left you."

"But, I knew where your mom lived. I could have tried to find you. But I was just so hurt and angry. At first, I thought that you just needed some time, but after you came back to Florida and took your stuff, I was pissed. I could have found you; I could have tried and then I could have helped you through."

"No, you couldn't," Danny whispered. "You could have tried, but in the end we probably would have ended up in a worse place."

"How can you…" CJ started before Danny put his finger on CJ's lips.

"I only got better when I wanted to help myself--when I stopped wallowing and looked for help. If you had found me I probably would have relied too heavily on you," Danny sighed. "I'm glad that you were at Zak's when I got there--I don't know if I would have had the courage to find you if you hadn't been."


"I had already hurt you so much, I couldn't take the chance I would do it again. And if you had found someone else it would have killed me."

Danny was cuddled up against CJ's chest as he spoke and did not notice the brief look of panic in CJ's hazel eyes.

Zak, Dylan and Tanner emerged from the trail and rode towards the boys usual camping spot by the lake.

"Hey, this place is awesome," Tanner said as he looked around.

"You should see it in the summer," Zak responded. "We leave a tent up and we made a little camp site. Dusty has a canoe he keeps here for the summer. He just brought it back to his friend's across the lake to put up for the winter."

The boys dismounted and led the horses to the fenced-in area. They each took the tack off their horse and released them into the paddock.

Zak led them to the small sitting area that Dusty had set up in the spring. They had taken the tent down, but the fire pit and log benches remained.

Zak foraged for some kindling and started a fire in the pit. While he worked to build the fire up as Dusty had shown him, Dylan and Tanner made small talk and caught up on what each other had been up to.

When the fire was going good enough to give off some heat, Zak sat down on the log opposite the other boys.

"Tanner," Zak started. "Like I said, the only ones who know what Dylan went through are Danny and I and the only one who can change that is Dylan. I understand from Dylan that you haven't spoken to anyone about what happened to you. I just want you to know that I'm here or Danny or both of us, if you want to talk."

Tanner was quiet for a moment. He looked at Dylan and then at Zak. His eyes glistened from the tears that were starting to form.

"I think I want…" he started. "No, I know I need to tell someone what happened."

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