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Riding Lessons

by Andrew Todd

Chapter 25

Six tired boys, six exhausted horses, and two dogs with an abundance of extra energy emerged from the woods and headed towards the barnyard of the Triple J Ranch.

Although only four of them had to leave, Zak and Dusty had decided to come back for a while. Dusty wanted to give Zak one more driving lesson before his driver's test tomorrow.

As they came around the corner, they saw Steve, Nick's older brother, waiting for them.

Zak turned to Nick and Noah. "Hey, I know you guys have a long trip ahead of you. Dusty and I can take care of Whisper and Apollo, so you can get going."

Dusty nodded his agreement.

"Thanks, guys," Nick said.

All six boys dismounted. Nick and Noah hugged each of the other boys.

"Dusty, thanks for inviting us," Noah said.

"Yeah, and for having us on the camping trip," Nick added.

"Hey, you're welcome here anytime, guys," Dusty answered. "Hopefully, we can get together soon."

All the boys nodded their agreement and Nick and Noah climbed into Steve's truck and he drove off.

Spin and Mattie took Ash and Revanche to the barn to get their tack off and get them taken care of quickly. Mattie's parents would be there momentarily to take him to Mass and Spin's mom would be there about the same time.

Dusty and Zak took their time taking care of their charges. They were in no hurry. Dusty wanted Zak to get some driving practice in and then they would head back to the lake for a night to themselves. As much as they both loved Mattie and Spin and were growing to love Nick and Noah, six in a tent was not conducive to romance. They knew that the other pairs had snuck away to get off several times during the weekend, but between watching Maxie and just enjoying themselves, Zak and Dusty had not managed any alone time.

They heard a couple of car horns and saw Mattie and Spin run out of the barn and into their respective parents' cars. They all waved to each other as the two cars pulled out of the barnyard.

Dusty turned from grooming Whisper and looked over at Zak who was standing at Apollo's side, brush in hand, staring at Dusty.

Dusty grinned. "Alone at last," he said as he reached over and pulled Zak to him.

They stood between the two horses and kissed and caressed like it was their last chance ever.

Finally, Dusty pulled away.

"If we get started now, you're never going to get your driving lesson in," Dusty declared.

Zak sighed. "I know. I just want to be with you so bad."

"Me, too. But you have your test tomorrow and we need to make sure you pass."

Zak nodded and went back to finish grooming Apollo, while Dusty led Whisper off to his stall.

Zak heard a car drive up. He was curious who would be there this morning as there were no lessons or trail rides scheduled and most of the boarders would not be out this early.

Zak was just finishing Apollo and getting ready to bring him into the barn when he heard a familiar high-pitched voice.

"Zaky!! Where is you??"

Zak grinned to himself. "I'm over here, Maxie," he called back.

Max came scrambling around the corner. He was beaming. "I found you," he exclaimed as he ran at Zak and hugged him around the legs.

"Maxie!! You need to be careful around the horses. Ok?"

Max frowned. "I sorry, Zaky."

Zak bent down and picked up Max and hugged him tight. "It's ok, Maxie, I just don't want my best bud to get hurt, " he said as he gently kissed Max's cheek.

Max threw his arms around Zak's neck and squeezed till Zak saw stars. "I wuv you, Zaky…so…so…much!!" he exclaimed, squeezing Zak's neck tighter with each word.

"**cough**, **cough**. Maxie, ease up a little, buddy," Zak choked out.

Max released his hold on Zak's neck and placed his hands on Zak's cheeks. "I sorry, Zaky. You okey?"

Zak grinned. "I'm fine, Maxie. I love your hugs, but you're strong for a little guy."

Max was indignant. "I a big boy," he said.

"Ok, ok, you're a big boy," Zak confirmed. "Now, Max, where is your daddy?"

Max looked around the barnyard. "Ummm…ummm…he went to find Dussy."

"Well, do you want to help me put Apollo in his stall and then we can go find Dusty and Daddy?"

Max nodded his head. "Down," he ordered.

Zak put Max down and the toddler went over to where Apollo was standing. Zak had him ground tied, so that his lead was just hanging loose.

Zak watched carefully as Max took hold of Apollo's lead. He knew that Apollo was a sweetheart, but he did not know how much contact with small kids the Arabian had had and he wanted to be on top of any issues.

Apollo stood quietly while Max took hold of his lead. The horse dropped his head down to Max's level and Max patted his neck.

"C'mon, 'pollo," Max said as he started to lead Apollo. "Time for 'night, 'night."

Zak walked beside Max, amazed at how well Apollo was behaving with him. He shook his head, figuring that the Triple J had another horse boy in the making.

Max led Apollo to his stall. Zak stepped ahead to open the stall door and Max walked the big Arabian into the stall. Zak stepped in behind them to take off Apollo's halter.

The horse dropped his head down and Max took it in his little hands. The boy bent forward and kissed the horse on his nose and hugged his head. Then he turned and walked out of the stall, waiting for Zak.

"Bye, 'Pollo," Max said as he waved to the horse. "Have a nice nap."

Zak double-checked to make sure that Apollo's water bucket was full and then he left the stall and bolted the door.

He took Max by the hand and the two boys went in search of Dusty and Joe.

They found Dusty and Joe talking outside Phoenix's stall.

"Hey, guys," Dusty greeted the two as they walked up.

Max launched himself at Dusty who picked him up and hugged him.

"Hi, Dussy!!" greeted Max.

"Hey, Maxie," Dusty answered, and looked over at Zak. "Hey, Babe. Joe was just telling me about some changes going on."

Zak looked between Joe and Dusty. "What changes?" he asked nervously.

Joe smiled. "Nothing bad, Zak. I spoke to Mr. Jones yesterday and I wanted to tell you guys myself. I'm leaving the ranch."


"Well, as much as I love working here, I need a job with more of a future and more benefits, especially with two little boys. Megan's brother-in-law and I are going to start a construction business and work for ourselves."

"That sounds like a lot of work, but if it's what you want then I'm happy for you, Joe," said Zak. "But, we'll miss you around here."

"I'll miss you guys, too. I told Mr. Jones he could call me in a pinch."

"I'm sure we'll be fine; starting a new business is going to take up lots of your time."

Joe nodded. "And that leads me to the favor I need to ask of you guys."

"What favor?" Dusty asked.

"Well, it looks like Megan's mother is going to have to move in with us. She's not in the best of health. She can help Megan with Tyler, but the little Energizer Bunny here is going to be too much for her to deal with. So, I was wondering if you guys would mind watching him a couple of afternoons a week."

Zak and Dusty looked at each other and grinned.

"Oh, yeah," said Zak. "We'd love to."

"Well, just an afternoon or two to give Megan and her mother a break."

Zak shook his head. "Joe, why don't we just take him every day after school? Mattie and Spin will be here too and between the four of us, he'll be in good hands. If Dusty or Spin are doing classes then he can hang with me and Mattie, or if we have trail rides, he can come along or hang with Dusty or Spin. It will be fine."

Joe laughed. "Are you guys sure? He can be a handful."

Dusty nodded. "Not any more than Spin," he laughed. "Joe, we all love Max and it would be great to have him here with us."

"Ok, thanks, guys; now how much do you think would be good?"

"How much what?" Zak asked.

"How much do you want me to pay you guys for sitting?"

Zak and Dusty both shook their heads.

"Joe, we don't want your money," Dusty protested. "We love hanging with Max and the fact that you are letting us makes us both very happy."

Joe had a confused look. "Let you? Why wouldn't I let you guys hang with Max?"

"Well, some people would have a problem with us hanging with a little kid, cuz we're…ahh…"

"Because you're boyfriends?" Joe asked.

"Well, yeah."

"Guys, listen to me. I've watched you together all summer. I've watched the work you've done, the way you've taken in Spin and Mattie and helped them. I watch Max light up with excitement every time I even mention coming here. Now, yes, he loves the horses and being outdoors, but he lights up because he gets to see 'Dussy' and 'Zaky'. I don't care if you're gay, straight or confused. That doesn't change the fact that you are both great guys and I couldn't think of any better role models for my son."

Dusty and Zak both had a few tears in their eyes. Each walked over to hug Joe and thank him for his support and trust.

"So, what are you doing with Max during the day?" Zak asked.

"Well, he'll be in daycare right around the corner from the high school."

"Perfect. I'm Mattie and Spin's ride until Mattie gets a license, which is about another six months or so. So we can pick him up after school and bring him here and then I can drop him off when I bring Spin and Mattie home. I just need a car seat for him."

"I have an extra one in my truck. I'll leave it here for you and you can put it in your SUV," Joe said. "I can't thank you guys enough. You're taking such a load off my mind helping me with this."

"Joe, it's gonna be so much fun for us to have Maxie around," Zak said, beaming. "We should be paying you."

Joe laughed, "I'll remind you that you said that after a few days with him."

Zak just shook his head and took Max from Dusty.

"Maxie, you wanna come out and play with me and Dusty after school?" he asked the toddler.

Max got so excited he started nodding his head and shaking. "Yes, Zaky. I come play with you and Dussy and 'Pin and Mattie and Oxy and Herky and 'Oki and Ash and Phinx and 'Pollo."

Dusty, Zak and Joe laughed as the excited Max ran through the list of all his two-legged and four-legged friends.

"Ok, Max," Joe said as he took his son from Zak. "We need to get home so Zak and Dusty can get back to their day."

Max pouted. "Daddy, I wanna stay."

Zak stepped up and stroked Max's cheek. "Maxie, Dusty and I have things to do today before we go back to school. But next week when school starts you can come and play with us every day after school, ok?"

The little boy nodded. "Ok, Zaky." He leaned over and kissed Zak's cheek and waved at Dusty to bend down so he could kiss him as well.

"I'll see you guys later," Joe said. "And thanks again."

Zak and Dusty waved goodbye to Max and Joe and watched as they left the barn.

Zak looked at Dusty with a mischievous glint in his blue eyes.

"Oh, no," Dusty groaned. "What are you thinking?"

"I'm thinking I need to give Nick a call."

"And why would you need to give Nick a call?"

"To see if they or anyone they know has a pony for adoption."

Dusty laughed. "I wondered how long that was going to take."

"Well, it's never too soon to start him. He already loves riding with us, so the next step is to teach him to ride on his own."

"You know who would be perfect for him?" Dusty asked.

Both boys looked at each other. "Marty," they both said together and then laughed.

Zak said, "I thought of Marty and he's great with kids and God knows with Spin around he's used to having a ball of energy riding him, but Spin's got him giving lessons and he went through everything to be able to keep him. If we had thought of this before, then I could see it as a reason to keep Marty, but I think we should keep that idea in the back of our heads and try to see if Nick has a pony or knows anyone who does. That way we are getting Maxie his pony and we are rescuing another animal and giving it a new boy."

Dusty nodded. He couldn't fault Zak's logic. He knew that while they all loved Max, he was closest to Zak. Zak had told Dusty once that all he ever wanted as a small boy was a big brother--unfortunately, once you are there, it's kind of hard for Mom and Dad to go back and make a big brother for you. So he knew that Zak saw himself as Max's big brother and he would always be there to take care of him.

Once they had finished up in the barn, they loaded into Zak's new Escape. Dusty made a quick stop at his house to drop Herc and Loki off with his mother and grandmother. They had had fun with the dogs this weekend, but tonight was for boyfriends only.

Dusty then drove Zak's new Escape to a local shopping mall. Since it was Sunday morning they wouldn't open until noon. That gave them about ninety minutes for Zak to practice.

Dusty had Zak drive around the lot in circles. He had him practice parallel parking, which he advised Zak you never actually had to do after the driving test. After ninety minutes Dusty felt confident that Zak would have no problem passing his test.

They switched places so that Dusty could drive back to the ranch. Dusty stopped at a small market on the way to stock up on cold cuts and other snacks. He had plans for Zak once they got to the lake and they didn't involve cooking.

By the time the boys arrived at the lake it was almost dinnertime. They decided to take a quick swim with Phoenix and Onyx and then have a quick dinner and spend their evening by the fire.

A few hours later, the boys were sitting next to the fire. Dusty was seated on the ground, his back against the log they usually used as a bench. Zak was seated between Dusty's legs leaning against Dusty's torso. Dusty had his arms wrapped around Zak and was kissing and nibbling on his neck.

They hadn't spoken in almost an hour. Words were not necessary; they were just enjoying their closeness and quiet of the evening.

As more time passed, the fire died down to a few glowing embers. Dusty released his hold on Zak and stood up. He reached down to Zak and helped him to his feet.

Dusty, without a word, led Zak into the tent.

Once the tent flaps were zipped and they were in for the night, Dusty reached over and pulled Zak to him. He leaned down and pressed his lips to Zak's and kissed him passionately. Zak felt Dusty's tongue licking at his lips and opened his mouth to allow Dusty access. The two kissed and caressed for a while, until Dusty pulled back and led Zak over to their combined sleeping bags.

Dusty reached for the hem of Zak's t-shirt and pulled it over his head. He looked down at Zak's chest. Pale like porcelain and just as beautiful, Zak's chest was perfectly proportioned with gorgeous pecs made strong from swimming. Dusty gazed into Zak's eyes while his thumbs rubbed across Zak's small tight nipples.

Never taking his eyes from Zak's, Dusty reached down and started to unbuckle Zak's belt. He unzipped Zak's shorts and let them fall to the ground. Dusty looked down to see Zak standing in front of him wearing nothing but his bikini briefs.

Dusty swooped in and pressed his lips to Zak's. While the two kissed, Dusty ran his hands down Zak's body and slipped them inside his briefs. He pushed them away from Zak's hips and slid them down Zak's smooth legs.

As Dusty pushed Zak's briefs down, he slid down Zak's body running his tongue from Zak's bottom lip down his throat, the middle of his chest and his navel. He stopped right at the base of Zak's now achingly hard cock.

Dusty kneeled in front of Zak and took Zak's rigid member between his fingers. Dusty grinned; Zak's hard dick always made him think of a Tootsie Pop--a thin shaft and oversized angry red head. Dusty had been waiting to suck on the lollipop long enough.

Dusty ran his hands along Zak's thin hips and around to his hard bubble butt. He leaned forward and kissed Zak's navel and brushed his lips through his pubes. He kissed the head of Zak's penis and Zak inhaled sharply.

Dusty grinned and took the whole head of Zak's dick in his mouth.

Zak thought he was ready for this, but when it finally happened his knees turned to Jell-O and he went down.

Dusty laughed as he looked at his boyfriend lying next to him.

"That good, huh?" Dusty laughed.

"Oh, my God," Zak panted. "If that happens when you just lick the head, I better stay horizontal."

"Suits me," Dusty said as he slipped his arms under Zak's back and lifted him up, turned and laid him down on the sleeping bags. "Just lay back and relax," Dusty instructed. "It's still your birthday weekend and I've been waiting to give you this one last present."

Zak laid back and closed his eyes. He could feel Dusty's light butterfly kisses all over his abdomen and down his hips. He felt Dusty's fingers lightly take hold of his straining organ.

Dusty stroked Zak's cock lovingly and watched as a pearly drop of pre-cum oozed out of the slit. His tongue darted out and he licked the small drop off the head of Zak's dick.

Dusty returned to his earlier duties and took about half of Zak's cock in his mouth on the first try. He worked his lips up and down over Zak's turgid member and ran his tongue down every inch of flesh it could reach.

Since this was the first time for both of them, Dusty knew that Zak would not last long. This first time, duration was not an issue, (it was) just being able to express their love for each other in this intimate matter.

"D-D-Dus-TEE!!" Zak moaned. "Gon—nah…CUM!!"

Dusty locked his lips around the glans and sucked for all he was worth. Zak came harder than he ever had. Stream after stream of sweet salty jizz shot into Dusty's mouth and he swallowed every last drop.

When Zak was finished, Dusty crawled up to lay beside him. Zak strained to bring his lips to Dusty's. Dusty stroked Zak's hair and kissed his cheek.

"Oh, God," sighed Zak. "Every time I think I couldn't love you anymore."

"I know; me too," replied Dusty.

Zak turned towards Dusty and ran his hands up under Dusty's t-shirt. He kissed and licked at Dusty's neck as his hands roamed over Dusty's chest.

Dusty reached down and pulled off his shirt to give Zak better access. Zak loved Dusty's warm, deeply tanned skin. Zak loved feeling the hard muscles wrapped in soft skin. Zak continued to kiss Dusty's neck and moved his way lower on Dusty's torso. He licked and bit at Dusty's dark hard nipples.

While he licked his way across Dusty's upper half, his fingers were working on Dusty's belt and pants to give him access to Dusty's lower half.

Zak backed his way down Dusty's body, taking his shorts and underwear with him. He pulled Dusty's pants down and past his feet and threw them in the corner of the tent.

Dusty lay back on the sleeping bag with his hands behind his head. Zak just sat and stared at the Native God that lay in front of him.

Something wasn't exactly right for him.

"Dusty," Zak whispered.

Dusty's eyes opened and he saw Zak motion behind his head. Dusty grinned; he knew what Zak wanted. He sat up and reached behind and took the band that held his ponytail out of his hair. He ran his fingers through his inky-black hair so that it fell loose around his shoulders. He then lay back again and resumed his original position.

Zak looked down on Dusty again. Now he was a perfect vision: the long hair framed his beautiful face; his strong arms, muscular chest and slender hips; the dark hair in his exposed armpits and the thin black line that ran from his navel to the thick black bush that led to his big uncut cock.

Zak lay next to Dusty and nuzzled the older boy's neck. He ran his tongue all the way down Dusty's body as Dusty had done for him.

He stopped with his head resting on Dusty's belly and watched as Dusty's penis grew and stretched and strained to its full length. Zak took his index finger and lightly ran it along Dusty's love muscle. Like the rest of his body it was a tight hard muscle sheathed in dark, warm soft skin.

Zak kept lightly stroking Dusty with just the one finger. Every few seconds, Dusty would shiver from the feeling. Zak giggled and moved closer to the object of his desires.

Zak wrapped his hand around Dusty's pulsing organ and lowered his mouth over the head. He closed his lips and licked at the head of Dusty's penis.

Dusty moaned. He had been serviced before, but that was what the experience was like, that someone was 'returning the favor'. This was a whole different experience. The thrill of not only being given head, but the fact that it was Zak, the love of his life giving him this pleasure, was thrilling him and bringing him closer to the edge.

Zak kept going lower and lower, so low that his nose was almost buried in Dusty's bush. Dusty moaned and writhed on the sleeping bag. He couldn't hold it any more.

"Zak…" he called. "Zak, I'm gonna… Arrghhh," he exhaled as he blew his load down Zak's gulping throat.

Zak thought it was entirely possible that he might drown. He had seen Dusty cum many times, but never this forcefully and he had never seen him shoot this much. But he was determined to take every drop.

After Dusty's orgasm ended, Zak crawled up Dusty's body and snuggled into him. Dusty wrapped his arms tight around Zak and the two spooned together like they were trying to merge their two bodies into one.

Dusty leaned close to Zak and whispered in his ear, "I love you more than I ever thought possible."

Zak smiled and whispered back, "I love you that much more."

And the two drifted off to sleep.

Sometime in the middle of the night, Dusty was awakened by a hand on his shoulder shaking him.

He rolled over and saw Zak kneeling over him. He started to say something, but Zak put his finger over Dusty's lips and shook his head. He motioned for Dusty to get up and led him out of the tent.

Zak and Dusty emerged from the tent bare-ass naked. Dusty grinned when he saw Onyx standing in front of the tent patiently waiting for them.

Zak walked over to Onyx and tapped his knee. Onyx folded his knees and lay down next to the tent.

Zak put his hand out for Dusty and Dusty took it. Zak motioned for Dusty to take his seat on Onyx. After Dusty had mounted, Zak followed suit behind Dusty.

Zak took hold of the reins and kissed at Onyx. The big horse gently rose to his feet.

Dusty remembered the first time they had done this at the beginning of the summer. It seemed a fitting way to end the summer.

The sensations were overwhelming. To be together alone, feeling the soft hairs of Onyx's back and side tickling their thighs and buttocks was amazing.

As Zak encouraged Onyx into a canter, both boys had out of control erections. Zak wrapped his arms around Dusty's waist and took hold of his rampant penis. Dusty leaned back feeling Zak's hard cock wedged between his asscheeks.

The rhythm of Onyx's canter along with the physical stimulation each were providing the other were too much. They both came at exactly the same time. Zak shot his load all over Dusty's back and butt, while Dusty shot all over Onyx's neck and shoulders. They both laughed as Zak looked over Dusty's shoulder and saw the six thin streams of white jism that almost glowed in the dark against Onyx' black coat.

Zak directed Onyx to the lake where the boys took a moonlight swim to rinse themselves and Onyx off.

Zak took Onyx's bridle off and let him return to grazing with Phoenix. The boys walked silently hand in hand back to the tent.

As Zak drifted off to sleep he thought back to the first day he arrived at the ranch. He was so sure that he was going to hate this job and this place and that he would be miserable. Instead he had found friendship, acceptance and most importantly, love.

He knew that his life would never be the same. Mattie and Spin were his friends for life. Onyx and Apollo belonged to him and he to them. And most of all, he knew that Dusty would be with him forever.

The End

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