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Alex's Guardian Angel

Chapter 8

By and © Anthony Lane

When Alex went into Justin's room, Justin knew that the news was good, it was written all over Alex's face. "I take it Martha's said you can stay?"

"Yep, your mom and dad have to sign some papers and then it's official. Martha is going to get my stuff this afternoon as well so hopefully I won't have to keep borrowing your clothes."

"That's cool, I meant what I said earlier, you can help yourself to anything in here." Justin meant it literally and was including himself in the statement but didn't think Alex would catch it.

"So what time are we going for this run?"

"Whenever you are ready to go. Sound ok to you?"

"Sure. I'll have to take it easy though, I'm still not completely up to scratch after yesterday."

"Don't worry, I wasn't planning on doing the London Marathon and I can match your speed so you are not running on your own." Justin was planning on staying slightly behind Alex to get a really good look at his butt when they were out.

"Where were you planning on going?"

"There's a cool park nearby, it's big enough so we won't have to run too many laps, and still get a good run in."

"I know the one you mean, I haven't been in there for years, my father read something in the papers once about how the police had found a lot of gay men having sex in there, he stopped my brother and me from going there after that." Justin knew all about the reputation the park had, it was one of the reasons he liked going there, not that he had worked up the courage to actually do anything there, although he did catch an occasional view that made him rock hard.

"We can go somewhere else if it makes you uncomfortable, but honestly I use the park a lot and I've never had any trouble there."

"I think it'll be ok, it's not like there's going to be that much going on there, not at this time of day, I'd guess they don't start doing anything till late at night when it's darker." Justin didn't bother to correct Alex's assumption.

"I keep all my sports stuff in that cupboard over there, help yourself to something you feel comfortable with." Justin had a variety of clothes in there, from long sleeve football shirts to vest tops, shorts like the basketball players wore which came down to the knees to shorts that only just covered his arse. Alex picked out one of the long sleeve tops and a pair of the longer shorts.

"Do you have a spare pair of runners? My trainers are not really made for a long run?"

"Sure, if you look there should be a pair in the bottom of the cupboard."

"Got them, I suppose I'm lucky we're similar in size. Thanks for letting me borrow this stuff."

"No probs. Now if you want, you can change in here or the bathroom's through that door." Justin pointed to the door Alex had assumed led to the en suite when he was here yesterday.

"I'll change in the bathroom."

"Whatever you feel comfortable with." Justin was disappointed, he really wanted to see what Alex was hiding under those clothes. As Alex was going into the bathroom he thought that Justin seemed to have a disappointed look on his face, but when he took a second look it was gone, he started to wonder if he'd imagined it. He quickly went into the bathroom and got changed before going back into the bedroom.

"Here take over for me while I get changed" He passed the controller to Alex and pulled his top off. Justin thought his arse was his third best feature, next to his face and his cock, he planned on giving Alex a show to see if he could get a reaction that would indicate whether he had a chance of getting anywhere with him. Whilst Alex had always tried to deny his attraction to other boys, his body had never got the message. His body reacted the instant Justin had started to take his top off. As Alex was looking at Justin's back he noticed that Justin had dimples near the base of his back just above the waistband of his jeans and either side of his spine, as Alex noticed them his cock went hard instantly. He wanted to turn away so Justin wouldn't catch him staring, but he was hooked. As Justin bent down to take his jeans off, he gave Alex a really good look at his arse. Alex had thought he couldn't get any harder until he saw Justin start to take his jeans off.

Alex had lost all interest in what was going on with Burnout, he had nothing in mind but Justin. He was hoping that Justin wouldn't stop there, he was almost begging for Justin to take his boxers off, he had never been this turned on. Part of his mind was screaming at him to stop looking, this was queer and queer stuff is wrong, but the urges throughout the rest of his body was overpowering that little voice. He knew what he wanted and was disappointed when Justin started putting on a pair of shorts. With that disappointment came the realisation of what he had just been wishing for, which brought on a guilt trip the likes of which he had never experienced before.

Alex wanted to cut up so badly that he almost ran out of the room to do it. Then he thought about how he could explain the fresh cuts to Sarah later, he was too ashamed to tell her that he cut up over what had just happened. What would she think, he knew what Sarah thought of him being gay, but did that mean she would be just the same knowing that he was attracted to her son, what if Justin found out, would he be so happy to have him as a little brother now? They had only just agreed to take him in. If they knew about this would they throw him out as well? What was he going to do? He quickly got up and ran out of the bedroom while Justin was putting a top on.

When Alex got into the room he had slept in last night, he closed the door and broke down in tears. He was so confused. He had Sarah and Simon telling him it was ok to fancy boys, his father and priest telling him he would burn in hell and then there was his body's reaction upstairs. He hadn't asked for this, why couldn't he be normal. Why did he have these feelings. He had tried for years to change, what would happen if he stopped trying? It would only lead to one thing. How could he go on living knowing that with every breath, he was getting closer to the fires of hell. He decided that he would talk to Sarah, but only to see about setting up a time to go to church, where he could ask a priest what he should do. After all they had to know what to do when this type of thing came up.

Justin couldn't help but notice the sudden departure of Alex. The bulge in his shorts had told Justin he had gotten the type of reaction he had only dreamed of. Then Justin started to think about what had happened. 'Why did he run out, was it because he was ashamed of getting a stiffy? Did he think I'd turn against him for it? Maybe I shouldn't have been so quick to put on a show?' All these thoughts started going through his mind at once, he was also wondering if he had done something that would cause Alex to want to leave. How could he talk to him about it without upsetting him even more? He finished getting dressed; he had to let Alex know that as far as he was concerned he didn't see a problem with what had just happened.

Just before he knocked on the door to Alex's room, he could hear the sobs coming from within, this made him even more determined to sort this out and sorrier for what he had done. "Alex, can I come in? I think we need to talk." He heard Alex stifle a sob and get up from behind the door before opening it. As Justin went into the room Alex was just sitting down on the bed and wiping tears from his face. "I think I know why you got upset and I know it's embarrassing but will you tell me please?"

"You tell me what you think it is." Alex wasn't sure what Justin was thinking so he didn't want to go first just in case he said the wrong thing.

"I think you're upset because you sprung a woody, please don't get upset about it, I get them all the time. I was in the locker room at school just after we had won a game against the Newtown boys, we were all covered in mud before we jumped in the shower. Half way through cleaning up, I got a boner, I tried to hide it from the other guys, but they caught me. I have never been so embarrassed, they all teased me about it, I just wanted the ground to open up and swallow me. I had been so focused on trying to get it to go down that I had missed the fact that two others had begun to sprout wood as well. By the end of the shower half the team was on their way to showing off their third leg. I've even sprung one in the middle of math class once, at our age it's natural."

"I thought you only got them at certain times?" He was going to say when you are attracted to someone but that would only tell Justin his body felt an attraction to him.

"It can be, I mean we all want them when we are with someone in particular, but then you can also get them when thinking about chicken salad. At our age they happen at all times of the day or night. Usually I find that I'll wake up in the morning with one, but you can also find that they will pop up at anytime in the day. Some people say the best way of controlling it is to wank off regularly, that way your balls are not so full."

"I never knew that about an erection." Alex was beginning to calm down a little because he thought Justin hadn't realised what he had been thinking upstairs.

"You should have been told that in sex ed? Who took you for those classes?"

"My father wrote to the school and got me excused from them, he told the school he would tell me all I needed to know about sex, when he was ready."

"OK, well if it's not going to weird you out or anything, dad's already done the talk with me as well as the ones in school, I could go through some of it with you?"

"You wouldn't feel awkward or embarrassed? Don't you find talking about sex embarrassing?"

"Nope, I enjoy talking about it, everyone I know does, it's not something to be embarrassed by. We all get attracted to somebody, our bodies react automatically. We don't control it, I would actually say more often than not, Junior controls me."

"Who's jun.....wait, you call your willy Junior?"

"Yep, Justin Junior, I find it's a more polite way of talking about him in public." Alex smiled at Justin's answer, he had to admit it did make sense. "I'll tell you what, why don't we go for that run like we planned, when we get back, we can grab a quick shower and then we can chat about some of the questions you have about sex. If I don't know the answer we can always try and find the answer online. Sound ok with you?"

"Yeah. I'm sorry about running down here and getting upset." Alex was glad that it appeared Justin hadn't worked out the real reason. While it didn't take away the guilt, he was curious enough to want to know more.

"Don't be, you didn't know there wasn't anything to get upset about. Remember what I said though you can talk to me about anything, I won't get embarrassed. Before we go though, you might want to wash your face?"

"Ok, give me a second then." Alex quickly went to the bathroom, gave his face a quick splash of water and dried off. "Let's go then." The boys went downstairs and out the front door, before they started the run they warmed up in the front garden. When they started Justin set the pace to the park, it was only half a mile away and the sun wasn't too strong so it was fairly easy going. When they reached the park, Justin had to wait a few seconds for Alex to catch up, so he told Alex to set the pace that was comfortable for him when they started off in the park. This had the benefit of allowing Justin to stay back a little eyeing Alex's arse. It was a pretty quiet day in the park, there was only a handful of people in there. When they got half way through their run, they stopped at a small caf� where Justin bought a couple of bottles of water, handing one to Alex.

"You didn't have to buy one for me as well."

"Of course I did, it's no big deal anyways. So what do you think of this park, is it as scary as your dad made out?"

"I don't see anything to be scared of, we've only seen half a dozen people since we came in, and most of them were old women with their knitting."

"We haven't gotten to the part of the park where the guys go looking for sex."

"You mean you actually know where they go? Have you ever gone there? Of course you haven't, why would you, you're straight." Justin wasn't sure whether it was safe to correct Alex's assumption yet. He was almost sure that Alex wouldn't try to hurt him, besides he could handle himself when it came to one on one. No, what Justin was afraid of was everyone else finding out and turning on him, he still wasn't quite ready for that.

"You ready for the trip home? Do you mind if we pick the pace up a little?" The boys started back off and Alex was surprised by how he well he managed to keep up with Justin at the faster pace. When they got back both boys went to their bedrooms to get changed and shower.

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