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Alex's Guardian Angel

by Anthony Lane

Chapter 30


This story contains scenes of love and a sexual nature involving males with other males. If the reading or possessing of such material as this is illegal in your country, state, province, county, municipality, etc., please leave this site immediately and do not proceed further. If you are under the legal age to read this, please do not do so.

It is not my intention to offend anyone or to get you in trouble.

The author retains all rights to this original story. Please do not publish without my explicit authorisation.


Most of the places mentioned, and none of the characters exist in real life. Whilst there are references to celebrities in places, no inference should be taken as to their sexual orientation in real life. This story is completely fictional.

This is my first attempt at writing fiction. I was inspired to pick up the pen after reading several stories by David Lee which can be found in the prolific authors section on Nifty.

I would like to send out thanks to both David and Tom who have both helped to edit the errors out. If you would like to send me an email about this story please put Alex's guardian angel in the main title. Thanks for reading.

All four had a good time bowling. Alex surprised Justin when he was the first to get a strike. There were laughs all round as Alan sent his first four straight into the gutter. While they were in between games Rick and Alan went to get some snacks and drinks.

"Can I ask you something?" asked Alex.

"You can ask me anything you want."

"Well I know we got up to a bit of fun this morning in the shower, but listening to Rick and Alan tell their story has me wanting to try something out, would that be alright with you?"

"I know what you mean. When Alan and Rick were talking about having sex with Thom and Rory all I could think about was doing the same with you. What did you want to try?"

"We've already wanked each other off and I've even fingered you but I was thinking that giving each other a blowjob could be the next step."

"As long as you're happy with it then it's fine with me, I can't wait to get my lips around that cock of yours. I really want to kiss you right now but it's a little too public so I guess it'll have to wait till later."

Just as Justin finished Alan and Rick turned up with the snacks.

"Ok boys, you now just about all there is to know about Alan and me; is there anything else you want to talk about?"

"I have a few questions but we'd be better off talking about them at home." said Justin.

"Well that's definitely got my attention. So what else do we talk about?" asked Alan.

"Other than football there's not a lot we all have in common. I don't know much about a lot of subjects because my father was concerned about the corruption of my soul so he restricted me with a lot of things. They stopped watching a lot of things on telly because of the effects it could have on me or Jerry," answered Alex.

"I take it Jerry is your brother?" asked Rick.

"Yeah, he's three years younger than me. If you see the two of us together you can tell we are brothers, we look so much alike. Jerry loves rugby and can't stand football. He thinks it's full of overpaid bad actors. To a point he is right, when you think how some of the players throw themselves around when they pretend to be injured."

"You got that right, I can think of a few players who are guilty of that. Do you and your brother get along? Do you have any idea how he is going to react when you see him in school on Tuesday?" said Alan.

"Until my birthday, we did get along. We'd spend time together all the time. Well, when your father dictates who you can be friendly with it narrows down who you can spend time with. Having spent time with Sarah and Simon, I wish I could get Jerry away from my parents. I don't know how much of my dad's hatred is going to sink into Jerry. I would like to think that he won't let my sexuality get between us. I suppose I will find out on Tuesday just how much he has listened to my father."

"You know I'll be there for you whatever happens, and mom is going to go with you Tuesday morning to explain things to the Head." said Justin.

"I know. I wish I knew before I got there what to expect so I could prepare myself for it."

"Unfortunately, only time can answer that one for you. Let's get our last game in and then we can head home where Justin can ask those questions he has." said Rick.

"Sounds good to me.Why don't we make it a little interesting; we'll play in pairs and the winners get a prize to be decided at home?" asked Justin.

Alex was a little nervous about what Justin might consider as a prize, or what Rick and Alan would for that matter. While he found Rick and Alan attractive, he wasn't sure if having sex with them was something he wanted right now or ever.

"Wait a minute," said Rick, "what does Alex think, after all you two could lose, would Alex be prepared to do what you are getting yourselves into? After all you don't know what we could ask of you. How about we work out the prize before we play? If Alan and I win, you two can save us a fortune over the summer by looking after the gardens and washing the cars."

"Sounds like a lot of work, so we need to think of something around the same value........ I've got it. Alex hasn't been to a live football game, how about if we win you take us to the Man U Chelsea game at Old Trafford in May?"

"I would guess all the tickets for that were sold out months ago. I promise if you guys win we'll try to get tickets, if that is what Alex wants, but if not we promise we'll get tickets for one of the really big games before the season is over. Is that ok with you two?" said Rick

"Sounds like a good deal to me, what do you think Alex?" asked Justin.

"I'll only agree if you guys are sure you can afford it, four tickets for the game and travel isn't going to be cheap."

"I wouldn't have agreed if I thought we couldn't afford it, besides if you lose we'll be saving a load in gardening and car washes. So are we going to get this game going then?" asked Rick.

"How will we work it?" asked Alan.

"Why don't we use a coin to determine which couple goes first, then each person will get five frames each going in rotation, so for example I'd go first then Rick, then Justin and finally you Alan. Does that sound ok with everyone? We don't have to go in that order but you get the idea."

"I think that will work, ok Alex you call, heads or tails?" asked Rick.

"Heads, please."

Heads it is.

"You know that could sound oh so dodgy." said Justin giggling.

"Trust you to have your mind in the gutter again." said Rick.

"Well it does and I can't help it, it's spending time around you two that's corrupted me." Justin said as he broke into more giggles.

"I think you've managed to corrupt yourself without any help from us." said Alan.

"Ok, so Alex you called it, which one of you is going to go first?" asked Rick.

"Justin can go first."

After they had bowled eight of the ten frames, Alan and Rick were in front by five and Justin started to sweat a little. It wasn't because he was bothered about losing the bet. He just wanted to win for Alex. The next frame saw Rick score just four pins while Alex got eight down. In Justin's last frame he put his first bowl into the gutter and only managed to get three pins with his second. Alan took out seven of his pins with his first bowl and surprised the rest when he took out the remaining three with his second bowl. This meant that he and Rick wouldn't score that round until Rick took his first bowl. The pins Rick took down with his first bowl would then be added to Alan's ten to make their score for the ninth frame.

Alex knew that to stand any chance of winning he needed a strike. He managed to drop eight pins with his first bowl and got the last two with his second. As it was the last frame he was allowed an additional bowl to make his strike score up. It didn't matter now if he got a clean strike, he would only get this last bowl. Strike. Alex totalled up his and Justin's score and it meant that they led by twenty two but they still had to add Alan's score from the last frame.

Rick's first bowl took down only three pins. Alex quickly worked out that for Rick and Alan to win, Rick would need to take down the remaining pins. When Rick only managed to get five down, Justin and Alex won by one pin.

"Well played boys, we almost had you. I could see Justin panicking a little." said Alan.

"It was a close game and we all played well. I wouldn't mind coming again some other time." said Alex.

"I'm sure we can do that. Now do you two want some ice cream or something or are we heading home?" asked Rick.

"I wouldn't say no but only if the rest of you are having some." said Justin.

"Alex that means it's up to you." said Alan.

"I'd have to say I'm with Justin, if you two want ice cream as well then sure, but I'm just as happy going back."

"Rick rarely turns down the chance of ice cream. So a stop at McDonalds it is then." said Alan.

They had only been back home a few minutes when Rick asked "So Justin, what are these questions you wanted to ask?"

"Well, they all have to do with sex. Like I said earlier, Alex and I could watch as much porn or read as many stories as we can and still not have any honest answers."

"I'd agree with you there. Stories are based on imagination and can be very misleading with the facts; and porn, well it's just another form of fiction. While porn can be hot, they tend to not show a lot of what goes on. So what are your questions?" asked Rick

Alex could feel the colour rising to his cheeks. Although Rick and Alan had talked about having sex with Rory and Thom earlier, it didn't relate personally to Alex, but what Justin was going to ask would. He felt embarrassed.

"I was wondering about sex. I've seen some porn and read a few stories that contain it but is it as simple as they all seem to make it?"

"Well it all depends on what you mean by sex. Oral sex is just as easy as you see in porn. Anyone can give a blowjob. In most positions, you are in control of how much of the shaft you take into your mouth. Best way I can explain this is to use what I know. Take Alan, when he is soft I can take all his cock in my mouth without a problem and Im sure you guys could as well. When he is completely hard though, his cock brushes the top of my throat. When Rory and Thom first tried to take all of Alans cock they started gagging. Some things we can help you with, we can give you pointers about what you can do or what not to do but a lot of the fun for you two will be in learning for yourselves.

As we explained earlier when we told you about our nights with Rory and Thom, you can have a lot of fun and get a lot of pleasure before you get to touch a cock. A lot of pleasure can be had with foreplay and foreplay is really important when it comes to anal sex. If you penetrate someone without preparing them properly while you will get some pleasure out of it, you are more likely to cause them a lot of pain and serious damage. If you prepare the person for your entry then you can both really enjoy it.

I remember you saying about preparing Rory and Thom before you did it. What do you mean by preparing them?

There is something we need you two to start doing. I could say to you that I made love to Rick for hours last night and you would have the impression that I spent hours fucking him when that wasnt what I meant. Rick and I are happy to talk to you about anything, we promise that no subject is off limits, but you need to start using the right words. Well understand what you mean if you say willy, but we wont be upset if you use cock or dick. If you want to talk about fucking, then say fucking, so no more of these ambiguous terms, agreed?

It may take a little getting used to, but ok. said Justin.

I think I can, but please bear with me if I make a few lapses. replied Alex.

"I think we can do that. So back to your question, what do I mean by preparing someone to fuck them. You need to make sure that the persons anal muscle is well lubricated and you also want to open it up as much as you can slowly, with fingers and or toys. said Alan.

Rimming is a good way to start the process but not everyone is comfortable doing that. Both Alan and I have done it, but I get more pleasure out of doing it than Alan does. When you've finished rimming, you will still want to open the muscle with more lubrication and your fingers or toys. As you are both under eighteen, you are not going to be able to get any toys yourself, but Alan and I will help you out with that if you want us to."

"There are all different types of toys out there. You can have dildos of all different shapes and sizes, there are balls and butt plugs to name just a few. Some people prefer not to use toys and just use their fingers. As I said earlier, if you don't help your partner by preparing the anal muscle before you enter it with your cock, you can cause a lot of pain for them. I would urge you not to rush into anal sex."

"Listen boys, it's getting late, how about we leave anymore questions for another time and head off to bed?" asked Alan.

"Now you mention it, I am feeling a bit tired. What's the plan for tomorrow? Are we up early or do we get to sleep in?" asked Justin.

"Alan and I have a few things to do in the morning ready for the street party but you two don't need to get up early."

"Street party, what street party?" asked Alex.

"You know that the Royal wedding is happening tomorrow? Prince William is marrying Catherine Middleton. There is going to be a street party to celebrate and we were asked if we wanted to join in. When we accepted, we were asked if we could bring a few bits and pieces. There's going to be people from three or four streets because the police didn't want to close every street to traffic." said Alan.

"The party is due to start around two o'clock just after the couple have made their appearance on the balcony at the palace. I'm sure you two can join in if you want to or you can go home if that's what you'd prefer, it's entirely up to you. Why don't you think about and let us know tomorrow?" asked Rick.

"Ok, well we'll see you in the morning. Thanks for taking us bowling tonight." said Justin.

"Yeah thanks for taking us, I really enjoyed it. I also want to thank you for telling us your story. It's given me plenty to think about. Justin was right when he said you two were pretty cool."

"There was a little doubt in the back of my mind. Even though we have known Justin for years, you don't always know how someone will react to certain things until they are confronted by them. So we want to thank the two of you as well for listening and not judging us badly for our unorthodox relationship with Rory and Thom."

"Are you kidding, I think it is cool that you two have two other people who love you in that way." said Justin.

"Ok then, well we'll see you in the morning. Night guys." said Alex.

"Before we go, do you have a few CDs we can listen to before we settle down? asked Justin.

"We don't have anything in your room for you to play them on," answered Rick.

"Wait, how about if you use the iPod dock from our room. We won't need it tonight, just don't blast it out," said Alan.

"Ok, do you want to get it for me?"

"No it's alright, you can go and get it yourself, just unplug it from the mains."

"Alright, thanks guys."

Justin and Alex left Rick and Alan in the living room and headed upstairs. Alex waited for Justin to get the dock from Rick's room before they headed to the bedroom they would be sharing for the night.

When they got there Justin placed the dock on the bed before he turned to Alex and said, "Come here sexy." Justin pulled Alex into an embrace so he could lock lips with him. "God I've been dying to do that for hours."

"You're not the only one. Your lips are amazing, I think I could spend the rest of my life kissing them and never get bored."

"I know what you mean. Let me set this up a minute. I suppose there's no point asking if you want to listen to a particular artist is there?

"Not really."

[ OK everyone, I know some of you reading will appreciate this a little, I have created a playlist on Youtube of the songs that the boys will be listening to. You can find it here, or you can click on the links as you come across the song in the story. I hope you have fun reading what happens next.]

"Ok, I think looking at this they've got Shayne Ward on here, Oh wow, they've got three albums on here, I didn't know he brought out a third." Justin set the iPod to play Shayne Ward's songs at random. The first song to come on was That's my goal.

He turned to Alex. "Listen, about what you said earlier; are you sure you want to take the next step? I'm just as happy doing what we've already done if you are not sure."

"Are you kidding me, after listening to Rick and Alan describe what they did to Thom and then Rory, it's all I've been able to think about doing."

"I just don't want you to feel you have to do something you are not ready for."

"Look, I am not made out of paper. I am strong enough to know what I want to do. Now can we stop talking? Junior is poking at me and I want to make him happy. You lie down on the bed and Ill let you see exactly what Im comfortable with."


"Oh and one more thing, you're not allowed to move your hands, there'll be a price to pay if you do."

"Wow, this is a side I never expected to see. I tell you what, I'll agree to anything you do, but on one condition only."

"What's that?"

"No tickling. If you start tickling all bets are off and I'll see just how ticklish you are. Deal?"

"Sure, now on the bed."

"Do we strip off first or leave our clothes on for the other to take off?"

"I like the idea of undressing you, so leave them on."

Justin got on the bed and Alex moved over him so he had his knees either side of Justin's hips. He leaned forward and started to kiss Justin on the mouth, he spent several minutes wrestling his tongue against Justin's. As he was moving from Justin's mouth down to his ear the song changed to Breathless. After hearing Justin purr when he nibbled on the ear lobe he continued doing it, occasionally swapping from one ear to the other. He moved down from his ears to his neck, flicking his tongue over Justin's Adam's apple.

While most of his concentration was on what Alex was doing, part of his mind was listening to the words of the song. He could not have written a better song to describe how he felt about Alex.

While Alex had been nibbling on Justin's ears and kissing his neck he had moved his hands under Justin's t-shirt feeling all over. As Breathless was finishing and changing to Stand by Me, Alex finished kissing Justin's neck and moved to take the t-shirt off so he had more skin for his mouth and tongue to roam over.

Justin sat up a little to allow the t-shirt to come off easily. He had thought kissing Alex was good, but having Alex nibble on his ears sent him to a whole new level. He couldn't wait to see if it was as much fun doing it to Alex.

When Alex had the t-shirt off, he started to kiss Justin's chest, gently pushing Justin back down on the bed. He moved down to Justin's left nipple and started to suck on it. When the nipple was erect, he flicked it with his tongue while he was sucking, and occasionally nibbling it. He could feel as well as hear Justin purring with contentment.

As he moved from playing with that nipple, the song changed over to No U Hang Up. Alex spent as long on the right nipple, doing the same things as he had with the left one. With the song changing over to Melt the Snow, Alex moved his knees further down the bed so he could move his mouth down Justin's body. He spent a little time flicking his tongue in Justin's belly button before he got up off the bed. He knelt down at the bottom of the bed and took off Justin's socks before standing up and pulling him up off the bed.

When Justin was standing, Alex kissed him on the lips, pushing his tongue in to wrestle with Justin's. As they were kissing he moved his hands around to the front of Justin's jeans and undid the button. He then started to move down towards the jeans, kissing Justin's body on the way. He stopped when he reached the belly button, flicking his tongue around it.

The song changed again, this time Someone to lovecame on. Alex, still flicking his tongue around Justin's belly button, started to unzip the jeans and slide them down. When he had them just below Justin's cheeks he kissed his way up to his lips again. He gently pushed until Justin was back on the bed.

This new Alex was a surprise to Justin but he was more than happy to go with the flow. He was feeling like he was on cloud nine.

With Justin back on his back, Alex took the jeans off, leaving Justin wearing just his boxer briefs. He took a page out of Rick's adventures with Rory and Thom and started to kiss his way up Justin's legs alternating from left and right.

You're not alonecame on just as Alex reached the boxers. He squeezed Junior through the fabric which brought a moan from Justin. He moved so he was comfortable and then started to kiss and flick his tongue over Junior, still keeping the fabric between them. While he was teasing Junior with his tongue, his fingers were playing with Justin's nipples.

Justin didn't know what do to, the teasing Alex was keeping up was driving him insane, but he didn't want it to stop; and where had Alex learned to tease so well. He thought that having Alex masturbate him earlier in the week was an amazing experience, then there was the fun they'd had in the shower that morning. Was it really only a few hours ago that Alex and he had been having so much fun in the shower? So much had happened since and from the look on Alex's face, more was about to happen.

After teasing Junior for a while, Alex moved his hands down to the boxers. He slid his fingers under the waistband and slowly pulled them down, all without moving his tongue too far from Junior. Waiting In the Wingscame on the iPod as Alex moved so he could take Justin's boxers off.

"So do I stop or carry on? Are you happy with what I've done so far?" asked Alex.

"Oh baby you are doing everything right. Just do what you want."

Alex didn't answer, he got back onto the bed between Justin's legs. He took hold of Junior properly for the first time that night. He gave him a few strokes then moved his mouth closer. He had never had his face so close to a cock before, he moved his hand up and down the shaft, watching as the skin moved over the head and back as his hand moved down. He moved his mouth closer and started to flick his tongue over Justin's balls. The hairs tickled his tongue. He slowly and carefully sucked one into his mouth and started to roll it around before letting it go and taking the other one in, then he moved up to Junior's head. He pulled the foreskin back and moved his tongue over the head tasting the pre-cum that had oozed out. He could feel the difference in texture of the head to the rest of the skin. After a few seconds he opened his mouth and moved it over Junior. He slipped his tongue around the head as his lips closed over it while his hand continued to stroke the shaft.

As Alex started to move his mouth up and down the shaft slowly taking a little more into his mouth each time, Obsession started to play.

When Alex slipped Junior into his mouth, Justin almost lost it. The feeling of having Alex's mouth sliding up and down his cock was amazing. He just hoped Alex was enjoying it as much as he was.

Alex kept moving his head up and down the shaft flicking his tongue around as much as he could. He didn't try to take all of Junior into his mouth, he remembered Alan mentioning something about the gag reflex. Just as the song changed over to Close To CloseAlex sensed a change in Justin.

"Alex, I think you'd better stop and move. I'm going to cum."

When Alex heard this he moved his head off Junior but continued to stroke with his hand. Justin's breathing quickened. He tensed up and shot his load. Three distinct blobs of cum landed on Justin's stomach and a little dribbled down into his pubes.

While Alex watched, he wondered what it was about cum that Justin seemed to like. Would he like the taste of it? It couldn't harm him if he tried it, but would it make him feel like vomiting? Was it worth ruining the experience they had just had? He decided to just try a little on the tip of his tongue. So while Justin was coming down off his orgasmic high, Alex moved his tongue closer to one of the blobs of cum that had landed on Justin's stomach.

As his tongue made contact with it, he could taste salt. He thought that the little he had tasted wasn't so bad so he started to move his tongue around a little tasting a bit more. Alex wasn't sure if he liked it, but he did know he didn't dislike it. He moved up the bed and cwtched up to Justin.

"Oh baby that was amazing, thank you. Come here." Justin moved Alex's face so he could kiss him. They continued to kiss for a while, the iPod changed twice while they were kissing, with neither taking any notice. [For those interested, the songs were Nobody Knows and Tangled Up]

They broke their kiss before the song finished. "You ready for round two?" Justin asked.

Alex nodded. Justin kissed Alex again and then started to move towards Alex's ears. He began to nibble on the one, as the song changed to Next to Me. Alex had thought it felt good to nibble on Justin's ears, now Justin was doing it to him, he knew why Justin had purred. He would be happy letting Justin do this all day.

Justin moved between both ears and Alex's mouth, kissing and nibbling as he went. Like Alex, while his mouth was busy nibbling away his hands were playing under Alex's t-shirt. Justin found he got as much pleasure nibbling Alex's ears as he had felt when Alex did it to him.

Justin moved so he could take Alex's t-shirt off. He threw it on the floor and pushed Alex onto his back. As he moved his mouth over Alex's right nipple All my Lifestarted to play. He sucked, flicked with his tongue, bit and pulled on both nipples getting a few moans from Alex in the process. He took Alex's right arm, sucking on each of his fingers, nibbling and kissing his way up the inside of his arm. When he reached Alex's armpit he placed Alex's arm on the pillow, took a deep breath of Alex's scent and then started to roll his tongue around it taking in the taste. Alex squirmed as Justin's tongue tickled but still submitted to his own condition.

No Promisesbegan as Justin moved over to Alex's left arm, doing the same thing. He realised that some people would probably think he was weird, but for some reason Alex's sweat seemed to really turn him on. He rolled and flicked his tongue around before he moved back to kiss Alex on the lips pushing his tongue in to wrestle with Alex's. When Justin was moving down from Alex's lips, Someone Like Youbegan. Justin licked and kissed his way down to Alex's belly button. When his tongue was exploring there, he undid the button and zip on Alex's jeans.

"Can you lift your bum up rather than me getting you to stand up?"

With Alex's bum off the bed Justin could move the jeans with ease. He slid them down Alex's thighs before he pushed Alex back down. Justin got off the bed and moved to the bottom by Alex's feet. He pulled his jeans the rest of the way, dropping them on the floor and then took his socks off. He knelt down and started to run his lips over Alex's toes, sucking on one, running his tongue in between. Justin moved from one foot to the other as Better Man came on.

Justin hadn't been that interested in feet until now. After he had sucked and nibbled both feet he kissed his way up both legs, alternating as he went. When he reached Alex's groin he felt apprehensive about going further. Alex could sense it. "It's alright Sunshine, I'm ready."

With his unasked question answered, Justin started to kiss his way around Alex's groin. He could feel Alex's cock straining to get out of the boxer briefs. He could even see a wet patch where Alex must have leaked pre-cum. When his tongue touched it he could taste the pre-cum and he tried to suck it out.

He slid his hands under the waistband and started to pull them down. Again he needed Alex to lift his bum to do it with ease. If that's ok with you began as Alex was putting his bum back down. Justin moved a little so he could get rid of Alex's boxer briefs. With all the clothes gone now, Justin moved closer. He slowly wrapped his fingers around Alex's cock, taking in the feel. He started to slide his hand up and down, pulling the foreskin back as he did. Justin saw a blob of pre-cum at the top of the slit and gingerly moved his tongue to take it up. He kissed the head as he sucked up the pre-cum. He rolled it around his mouth coating his tongue with it. Then he moved down between Alex's legs to his balls.

Justin copied Alex and played around with the balls by sucking on them and rolling them around in his mouth. Justin's next place of attack though was not Alex's cock. He was going to see if rimming was all Rick had made it out to be. He lifted Alex's legs and pushed them towards his chest to give him better access. "Alex can you hold your legs there please." Alex did as he was asked.

As Justin's tongue got close to its target, the iPod changed to Better Man. Alex jumped a little when he felt Justin's tongue touch his ring. Justin moved his tongue over the muscle working it all he could. He pushed his tongue in, licked around, and pushed it again. He could feel the muscle relaxing a little. He could feel Junior stirring as he continued to rim Alex.

Justin moved and put Alex's legs back down on the bed. He got himself into position, held Alex's cock in his hand, pulling the foreskin back as he did and moved his mouth over it until his lips were on the shaft. As he started to roll his tongue around the head inside his mouth Until You started to play. As the words were sinking in, Justin realised that it was another song that could have been written about him. He moved his mouth up and down Alex's shaft taking more and more in with each move. When his lips brushed the base of Alex's cock he stayed there for a few seconds, savouring the feel of Alex's cock in his mouth. He started to fondle Alex's balls and then begin moving his mouth back up the shaft.

While his right hand was playing with Alex's balls, he moved his left to stroke the shaft, as his mouth concentrated on the head. When he was moving up and down, flicking his tongue around, Tell Him began. Justin started to pick the pace up. He could sense Alex was close. Unlike Alex, Justin wanted to feel him shoot while he had him in his mouth.

"Justin, I'm about to shoot."

As Alex tensed and released the first shot, Justin pulled back just a little but still keeping Alex in his mouth. When he could feel Alex's cock soften he moved his mouth off. With the room in his mouth now, he rolled the cum around, savouring the taste as it coated the inside of his mouth.

When Justin moved back up to lie next to Alex the song on the iPod changed again, the song Human started. Justin kissed Alex and for the first time, Alex could taste his cum as Justin's tongue moved over his. They didn't feel the need to talk. They kissed for a little longer and before the song finished, Justin rolled over and switched it off. He rolled back the sheets, cwtched up to Alex and covered them both with the sheet before drifting off to sleep.

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