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Alex's Guardian Angel

by Anthony Lane

Chapter 32

Alex felt like he was walking on air as he looked for Justin. After a few minutes he found him, Rick and Alan talking with each other.

"Justin tells us that things went well with your brother." said Alan.

"It did, I couldn't have hoped for better. He was over the moon when he found out I'm not too far away and he'll see me around. We just need to work out a way to see each other when I start study leave in a couple of weeks."

"I'm sure we can help you work something out; we can talk about it more later, it's not really the place out here." said Rick.

"Thanks, there is another thing we need to talk about later on, it's about one of Jerry's friends. Oh and I hope its alright but Justin gave your phone number to Jerry."

Oh yeah, sorry I meant to mention it, said Justin, I wrote down your house phone, my mobile and home phone for Jerry so he could get in touch with Alex if there is some emergency. To stop his dad knowing what numbers they were, I just put initials next to the numbers and the word ICE (In Case of Emergency) on the top of the list.

Thats your mother at work again, said Alan.

What do you mean?

The ICE numbers, I remember when we first babysat you, your mother had a list of them on the fridge for us.

I didnt know that, but I do remember her talking about making sure I had two ICE numbers in my mobile, they are her mobile and dads.

Strangely enough, the nurses in Accident and Emergency have been told to look through mobiles and wallets for ICE numbers when patients are brought in unconscious. They are becoming more widespread now.

"And its no problem Alex, added Rick, I was just telling Justin that being as there is still so much food left here, we were going to suggest you boys tuck into a bit more, and then we'll get some pizza or something later this evening. Is that alright with you?"

"Sounds good to me."

Alex and Justin went over to the food and started to fill plates with the foods they had enjoyed earlier. When their plates were full, rather than go back to talk to Rick and Alan, Justin steered them towards someone he had just spotted.

Alex saw an elderly gentleman. A bit overweight and showing signs of going bald. Although Alex couldnt put his finger on it, there was something that made him feel at ease around him.

Alex, I want to introduce you to someone whos taught me a few lessons when it comes to playing chess. Mr Edwards, this is Alex. Alex is a good friend.

Nice to meet you Alex.

Nice to meet you, Mr Edwards.

So when do I get to kick your butt around the board again young man?

How about now? Weve nowhere we need to be and were staying the weekend at Rick and Alans so well have plenty of time.

Sounds like a good idea to me, I hate trying to small talk people. As its a nice day, why dont we play out here? We can put the board on a card table Ive got and I know theres a few chairs we can bring out to sit on. At least then people wont think I am being anti-social.

Ill help you carry it all out, Alex can you hold my plate a minute?


Alex, holding two plates of food was left alone while Justin went with Mr Edwards to get the chess set, table and chairs.

Justin brought out two chairs and set them down by Alex before heading back into the house. When he came back out carrying another chair, he was followed by Mr Edwards carrying the card table and chess set and board. Justin helped Mr Edwards set the table up before putting the chairs around it. While Mr Edwards started to set the chess board up, Justin took his plate from Alex and took a few bites of some of the food on it.

To determine whether Justin played as white or black, Mr Edwards took a white pawn and hid his hands behind his back for a second, moving the pawn between them. When he brought them back over the board, he asked Justin to choose. Justin chose Mr Edwards left hand. When it was opened it was empty which meant Justin took the black pieces. As Mr Edwards was in control of the white pieces he went first.

Justin and Mr Edwards played several games with Justin losing all of them.

You are getting better, although I think you are a bit rusty, you wouldnt have fallen for some of those moves in the earlier games a few weeks ago.

Ive not had a game since then. There isnt many in school Id ask to play. Most of them wouldnt know a pawn from a prawn.

You may be underestimating one or two, said Mr Edwards.

Possibly, but I doubt it, its all PlayStation or X-Box nowadays.

You play those, said Alex.

I know I do, but it isnt the only thing I have to keep me entertained.

Oh, I know that, said Alex with a knowing grin.

Mr Edwards was aware of the innuendo that had just played out between the two youngsters and chuckled to himself. He knew even before the invention of video games, boys always had their own joy stick to play with. He remembered growing up himself and finding great joy in masturbating.

Ok, Ive kicked your butt enough for now, how about you play Alex and Ill help Alex as you play?

Would you like to play Alex? asked Justin.

I think it would help me understand the game better than just watching.

Alex let Justin take the white pieces. With help from Mr Edwards Alex started to understand the moves certain pieces could make and other moves they couldnt. With Mr Edwards talking him through the game, Alex won. He felt happy that he had won a game of chess even though he knew that it was really Mr Edwards.

Alex, if you want to have a few more lessons in the game you are more than welcome to knock on my door. I enjoy teaching people who want to learn the game and dont charge either. Besides it gives me someone new to talk to if you did.

Thanks Mr Edwards, Ill definitely consider that. Now if youll excuse me, Im going to go and talk to Alan and Rick and leave you and Justin to play a few more games.

You dont have to go, said Justin.

Yes I do, while playing chess is interesting, I dont think it is a spectator sort of thing. At least not when you dont really understand it.

I know what you mean. You can go with him if you want to Justin.

No, he can stay with you Mr Edwards, he has been looking out for me enough lately, a little bit of time for himself would be good.

Are you sure? asked Justin.

I am. Enjoy your games and Ill see you later.

Alex went off to find Rick and Alan.

Hey Rick, Alan. What are you up to?

We were just thinking of heading in to the house, wheres Justin? said Alan.

Hes playing chess with Mr Edwards. He helped me play my first game but I dont really understand it and its a bit boring watching it.

You can say that again. When we first moved in Mr Edwards was one of the first neighbours we got to know. His wife had recently died and you could tell he was lost without her. We invited him around to ours a few times to get him out of the house. When he was over one evening he noticed Ricks chess set; when he found out it wasnt a decoration and that Rick liked to play they arranged to play a few games. Rick and I never played, I wasnt that into the game, I could never work out the difference between a rook and a castle.

That would be because there is no difference, they are the same piece, said Rick.

That explains why I keep getting confused then. Why do they have to have different names for the same pieces?

Couldnt tell you.

Back to Mr Edwards, he came over one weekend afternoon and he and Rick played a few games. Rick got his arse whipped big time; he thought he could play well until those games against Mr Edwards. With the discovery that Mr Edwards played well, he and Rick agreed to try and get in a few games each week. Ive lost count of the number of games theyve played; but I do know that Rick has only ever won a handful over the years.

I had to really concentrate to get those wins too. Mr Edwards is easily the best Ive ever played. Im never going to be a Grandmaster, but I enjoy chess, it makes you think and keeps your mind active. Mr Edwards came over to play a few games one weekend when Justin was sleeping over. He sat there watching us and Mr Edwards took to him straight away. After we had played, he started to show Justin how to play. I think he sees Justin as the grandson he never had.

You mentioned a wife, did they have children?

I asked him not long after we got here; he told us that they had tried for years to conceive but for some reason they were never able to. I suppose it wouldnt be such a problem today with all the fertility options available. They were just unfortunate that their generation didnt have things like IVF and test tube babies. The way he acts around Justin, you can tell hed have been a good father, said Alan.

It makes you wonder sometimes if there is some purpose to things, when youve got people like Mr Edwards who cant have children and others, who couldnt care any less for them, are producing children like they are some sort of conveyor belt, said Rick.

Youll never find an answer to that one. Why dont we go on in, you can crack on with some revision while Justin is busy with playing chess? asked Alan.

Thats probably a good idea, said Alex.

So with that decided they headed into the house, Alan went out to the kitchen while Rick and Alex went into the living room. Rick put the news channel on the telly before sitting down on the sofa, while Alex got back down on the floor with his papers.

When Alan came into the living room he said, Alex, do you want me to clear off the table in the kitchen for you to work on? And you wont have the telly to distract you.

Im ok working on the floor, but I suppose it would be more comfortable working at the table.

Ok, Ill clear it off for you when I go and make the tea, do you want a cup of tea or something else to drink?

No thanks. Would it be alright to take a look at your DVDs when you are doing that?

Look all you want. I know Justin mentioned watching The Power of One earlier, but if something else catches your eye we could watch that instead.

Alan went out to the kitchen while Alex got up and moved over to the shelves of DVDs. He noticed a few that Justin had, like Queer as Folk and Smallville but there was also quite a few that he didnt, such as 24, True Blood and Supernatural. Alan and Rick also had a large collection of Disney DVDs. One particular DVD stuck out to Alex.

Is this a horror movie? he asked.

What is it? Rick asked.

Little Shop of Horrors.

Rick started to giggle. No its a comedy slash musical. Its about an alien plant that has a liking for blood. It is really good, we should have plenty of time this evening to watch it if you want?

Id like to, sounds like its good for a few laughs.

What sounds like its good for a few laughs? asked Alan as he came back into the living room with two cups of tea.

Little Shop of Horrors, Alex thought it was a horror film. I said we should have time tonight to watch it as well as The Power of One Justin wanted Alex to see.

Sounds good to me. Ive cleared the table off for you now Alex. While youre there, if you want a drink, help yourself, dont worry about coming in to ask.


Alex finished looking at the DVDs before picking up his school stuff and going out to the kitchen.

Alex had completed the Maths paper he had been working on while they were watching the wedding and had just finished a Science paper when Justin came into the kitchen a little over an hour later.

Hows the studying going? Justin asked as he came up and kissed Alex.

Pretty good, Ive just finished my second exam paper for today. If you can check through them later I can start working out what areas I need to really work on and when we go back to school on Tuesday, I should get my exam timetable and then I can work out a revision one.

Sounds like a good plan. I dont have any of my stuff here so Ill have to wait until we get home before I can go through them for you. Have you got a few more papers you can work on tomorrow and Sunday?

Yeah, I was going to go over those Geography and History papers I did the other day to see where I went wrong. Do a bit of revision on those areas and then try a different paper for each subject.

Dont forget you and Alan have to go to the hospital.

That had completely slipped my mind. Ive been getting the dressing changed after a shower but Id completely forgotten that the stitches should be able to come out tomorrow.

Its a good job one of us remembered then. I dont know about you, but I feel like going for another run before I settle down for the night, you up for it?

Little un isnt up, although if you kiss me again he might start to wake up.

Oh my god, what have I unleashed?

Well, you of all people should be aware of the words you use. I mean you pick up on everyone elses words and twist them, a little pay back is good for you.

Ok then, Ill reword it. Do you want to go for another run?

Sure, it would help me work out some of the tension from studying.

I can think of a better way to work tension out.

I am sure you could. So when do you want to go?

Whenever you are ready, Ive only got to get changed.

Ok, you go and tell Alan and Rick what we are going to do and Ill sort this lot out and meet you upstairs.


Justin grabbed a quick kiss before heading to the living room while Alex gathered his papers together to take upstairs out of the way.

When Alex got to the bedroom Justin was sat on the bed.

Couldnt you find your running clothes or something?

Yeah, they are where we left them earlier, its just I wanted to wait for you before I got changed.

Awww bless.

Hey, I was only thinking of you. But if youd rather, I can go and change in the bathroom?

Its alright, theres no need to get all prudish now.

Alex started to undress and Justin followed. They took a little longer to get changed than if theyd been alone, giving each of them time to look at the other. When they were dressed they went down and started the same way they had gone earlier that day.

Justin led for a bit and then Alex took over, this time taking a different route. He led them past a rundown playground and car park that seemed as though it hadnt been used for years. Then, as they went a little further up the street, Justin realised where they were, they were going down the street that the old Ninian Park stadium had been on. Sure enough, he could just make out the new Cardiff City Stadium in the distance. It had been a good while since he had been down this way.

Alex led them down the road past the stadium and into a large grassy area. They went around the edge of this field a few times before Alex led them out onto the road and down towards the side of the stadium. When theyd gone so far they came across an estate full of large shops and car parks. Alex took them around the site and back towards the grassy field. When he reached the field he sat down for a breather.

Id forgotten all this was down here. I havent been this way since just after they opened it, said Justin.

I have gone for a few walks around here. I think Ive run more since Ive been at your home than I have in the last five years.

When I go running on my own, I have my iPod on and I find it a good way of getting rid of some of the stress I was feeling.

Have you got any idea how Jerry and me can keep seeing each other?

I dont, but we can ask Rick and Alan later on, they may have some ideas.

Possibly, but I dont want to make it look like I am imposing myself on them.

You arent and they wont think that. Hey, what does your dad think of chess?

I am not sure, why?.... Wait I think I know where you are going with this, only one problem.

Whats that?

How would Jerry explain to dad how hed met or heard about Mr Edwards?

I dont know. Ill think about it.

They sat in silence for a few minutes before Justin spoke up again.

What if Jerry told your dad that he had seen a game being played in school and when he asked one of the players, they mentioned Mr Edwards had shown him how to play and Jerry thought it would be interesting to learn?

I dont know if dad would buy it. It cant hurt to think a bit more about it though. Come on, Im ready to go again.

The boys got up and headed back to Rick and Alans. When they got there they sat on the wall outside for a few minutes to cool down before going inside. When they felt relaxed, they headed in. Just after they had stepped inside they were met by Alan.

Ok, you two are definitely going to need another shower, you have the choice, you can use the shower in the main bathroom like you did this morning and take it in turns to get clean, or you can use the big shower in our room.

Are you sure? asked Alex.

I wouldnt have mentioned it if I wasnt, besides I know how much more fun it can be when there are two of you in the shower.

Alan grinned at the two boys as he went into the living room leaving them alone.

So what do you say? Shower separate or together? asked Justin.

I think I know what you want to do, but I was thinking we could hold off, no, thats not what I mean, take a step back maybe on the sex stuff for today. I really enjoyed what we did last night and I still remember what we did in the shower at your house on Thursday morning, but I dont want a relationship thats all about sex, do you know what I mean?

Yeah I do, so what do you want to do?

Why dont we take separate showers and then before we go to bed tonight, we could jerk each other off like we did the other day?

If thats what you want to do, its fine with me, except for one thing.

Whats that?

Would you be ok if you shot into my mouth when you cum? Or would you rather I lick it off your stomach?

Why dont we wait for tonight to work that out?

Ok. Do you want something to drink?

I wouldnt mind some juice, better yet, with your mind, Id better say coke.

What do you mean?

Are you trying to tell me you werent thinking what I know you were thinking when I said juice?

Justin couldnt keep his face straight any longer.

All right, I was going to ask if Juniors juice was going to be alright.

Like I said, Ill go with coke then.

Ok, Ill get us some. Do you want your drink before or after the shower?

Ill head up and start to get showered first.

Ok, do you want me to leave yours down here or in the bedroom?

You can leave it down here, I wont be long.

Ok. See you in a bit.

See you.

Alex headed upstairs while Justin went to the kitchen. When he had drunk a glass of water he filled two glasses with ice and then poured coke into them before heading upstairs, stripping his clothes off as he climbed the stairs. By the time he got to the top he was completely naked.

Rather than go to the bedroom with the running clothes to come back to the bathroom he dropped the clothes outside the bathroom and walked in.

Jeez, you really dont know how to knock do you? said Alex sounding a little annoyed.

Im sorry, I just didnt think, Ill go and wait in the bedroom until youre finished.

Alex could hear the upset in Justins voice.

Wait, Im sorry, I overreacted. Why should you think of knocking when you never needed to before? Besides its not like you havent seen me naked.

Only the once or twice. Justin said with a smile.

Dont go into the bedroom, Im nearly done in here.


Justin sat down on the toilet rather than stand while he waited for Alex to finish his shower.



I am sorry for snapping, I dont know why I did.

Its alright.

No its not, youve been so good to me, I shouldnt be biting your head off.

Oh that could be painful. He giggled.

Hey, Im trying to be serious here. I shouldnt be angry with you after what youve done for me.

Alright, apology accepted.

Alex got out of the shower, leaving the water running. He wiped himself down enough so he wasnt dripping water on the floor before going up to Justin. He pulled him up off the toilet and pulled him in tight, wrapping his arms around his waist. He looked Justin in the eyes.

I am sorry. Will you forgive me?

Already forgotten, lets not talk anymore about it.


Justin brought his face closer and started to kiss Alex. He placed his left hand on Alexs jaw while they kissed, sliding his other down to Alexs arse. He started to caress the cheeks while he pushed his tongue into Alexs mouth. Both cocks were growing and rubbing against each other as each boy started to thrust their hips towards each other.

Alex pulled away.

Wait, as much as I am enjoying this, I think its best if we wait till later like we agreed.

Ok, but you do know you are the sexiest thing alive, right? And besides, didnt you know it was compulsory to make out when youve had a fight with your boyfriend?

To answer your questions, no I am not the sexiest thing alive, far from it and stop pulling my leg, which law says I have to make out with my boyfriend when weve rowed?

Ok, maybe there isnt a law that says so but you have to admit it is a good way of making up?

I dont think I will ever get tired of kissing you, so yes, it is a good way to make up.

Right, well now I am partially wet from you, Im going to jump in the shower.

Ill finish drying off in the bedroom and Ill see you downstairs. Alan and Rick said we could watch The Little Shop of Horrors as well as the one you wanted to watch.

I take it you havent seen it yet?

No, I thought it was a horror film.

I can see why if you go by the title. Ok then, Ill see you downstairs.

Alex wrapped the towel around his waist before heading for the bedroom closing the bathroom door behind him. With Alex gone, Justin relaxed under the warm water.

When Justin walked into the living room, he saw Alan and Rick sat on the sofa and Alex sat in one of the armchairs.

Feel clean now? asked Alan.

Yes thanks, so what film are we going to watch first?

I thought we should watch The Power of One first, that way The Little Shop of Horrors can cheer us up afterwards. Dont feel like going to bed on a downer, said Alan.

Good with me, Im going to go and get my drink and then we can start the film.

Youll want to top it up with ice, I think most of it will have melted by now, said Alex.

Youre probably right; I was in the shower for a while.

And you were going to call the Coastguard out on me yesterday, said Alan.

Ah well, sometimes a long shower feels good after a run.

Justin went out to the kitchen and found Alex had been right, most of the ice had melted. He went to the freezer for some more before going back into the living room.

While he was gone, Rick had set the DVD going and it was just getting to the main menu as he walked in. He got down on the floor in between Alexs legs leaning his back against Alexs chair.

Rick pressed play on the remote and the film started.

About an hour into the film, Rick pressed pause.

Sorry guys, toilet break.

Now you mention it, I could do with going as well, said Justin.

Youre not on your own there, said Alex.

Before you go guys, do you still want pizza? If so Ill phone and order some while you go to the toilet, just tell me are there any toppings you dont like Alex?

As far as I know Im good with most of the toppings, although I dont know about anchovies.

Dont worry; Rick doesnt like those so I wouldnt get any.

While Rick, Alex and Justin headed upstairs to the bathroom, Alan picked up the phone and dialled the local Pizza Hut.

When they got upstairs Rick used the toilet in his en suite leaving Alex and Justin to use the toilet in the main bathroom.

I take it you just need to pee?

Yeah, why?

I was going to say, if thats the case then we may as well use the toilet together, we can stand either side and aim into the bowl.

It saves on waiting for you to finish I suppose.

So both boys went into the bathroom stood either side of the toilet and took their cocks out to release their stream into the bowl. When they were standing there, it was difficult for either of them not to look at the other cock on show. This didnt help matters as they started to feel the blood rush to their own. Both boys eventually managed to finish without their cocks standing to attention. They quickly put them back into their briefs before washing their hands.

Do you know, I never thought I was into golden showers but watching you pee really started to turn me on.

I take it golden showers is some term for peeing?

It is, but a golden shower is more like peeing over someone.

Ewww, no thanks.

I didnt say I wanted you to, I just said I was getting turned on watching you pee.

The boys started to head down to the living room.

Come on, you were right about one thing, said Alex.

Whats that?

This film, its good. I think that boxer kid is cute; but I think the accent does more for me.

If you think the actor is cute, wait till you see him in Blade.


Talk about hot, in that film, he is on fire.

That good then, is he?

Stephen Dorff is well fit in it and it doesnt hurt that he plays a vampire.

Ah, so I take it you have a thing for vampires?

I dont know what it is, but yeah. When weve got time Ill get you watching True Blood, now that is just full of fit men and fit vampires.

If you say so; I dont know what I think of vampires. Dad has always steered us away from that sort of thing.

Before we get back into the film, do you want some more coke or something else to drink?

No, Im alright for now.

When they walked into the living room, Justin picked up his glass.

Before you put the film back on, Im going to go and get another drink.

Ok, said Alan.

Justin was gone only a couple of minutes before coming back with his glass full of coke and ice. He sat back down on the floor in between Alexs legs.

I ordered the Hawaiian and Meat Feast; that should be enough for the four of us, theyll be here in about half hour or so. I know nine oclock is a bit late for food but its not like you eat that late every day.

What meats are on the Meat Feast? asked Alex.

Sausage, ham, pepperoni and minced beef. Its not a bad pizza, its the one Justin always asks for; if youre not fussed on it, dont worry, Alan and Justin can eat that one and well share the Hawaiian.


Alan pressed the play button on the DVD player to start the film back up.

The film was still playing when there was a knock on the door, Rick paused the film as Alan went to answer it, picking up his wallet on the way. While he was at the door, the others went out to the kitchen.

Alan wasnt far behind them carrying two pizza boxes.

I think its one of those days when we can eat in the living room, Rick can you get the trays down, please?

Already a step ahead of you, Ive also got the kettle on for a cuppa.

Ah good, do you want to give this Meat Feast a try Alex or would you rather just stick with the Hawaiian?

Ill try a bit of it if thats ok?

Sure. Do you want a knife and fork or are you happy eating with your hands?

My hands will be alright, but can you pass a knife so I can cut a piece of the pizza off, I dont want to take a bite out of a slice only to find I dont like it.

Sure, no problem; the cutlery is kept in the second drawer to the right of the sink.


While Alex was getting a knife and seeing if he liked the Meat Feast toppings, Rick was making tea, Justin was pouring coke for him and Alex and Alan was plating up pizza for himself and Rick. When Alan had finished there was still more than half of each pizza left.

Im going to take these into the living room, make sure you use the trays boys. Just help yourselves to whatever you want. Theres plenty there for you, said Alan.

Alex found that he did like the meat toppings so took a slice of both before carrying the tray and glass into the living room; closely followed by Justin who had taken two slices of the Meat Feast.

When Rick came in with two cups of tea, Alan started the film back up. All four ate as the film continued to draw to the end.

As the film finished, Alex stood up.

Thank you Alan, Rick, I dont think Ive had pizza like that before. Ill take your plates and trays if youre finished.

Thanks Alex, said Rick.

You can have more if you want mind, said Alan.

I know, but Ive had enough for tonight thanks.

I dont need to tell you to help yourself, do I Justin?

No, I know I can thanks, but Im with Alex I think Ive had my fill for the day. The pizza will keep for lunch tomorrow.

Well thats one meal sorted then, said Rick.

Well take the plates and trays out then, and you can swap the DVDs over, said Justin.

Just leave them on the worktop, Ill do the dishes in the morning.

Its alright Alan; it will only take us a few minutes to wash these up. Its the least we could do.

If youre sure, thanks.

Alex and Justin carried the plates and trays out to the kitchen.

Ok, so whos going to wash? asked Justin.

You wash and Ill dry.

Ok then, on one condition.

Let me guess, you want a kiss first?

Hey, when did you become a mind reader?

Dont need to be a mind reader to know what youre after. You think I havent felt your hand all night?

I dont know what you mean.

Sure you dont. The only time your hand wasnt running up and down my leg when we were watching the film was while you were eating.

Are you telling me you didnt like it?

No Im not.

So do I get my kiss?

Rather than answer Alex moved closer and gave Justin a quick peck on the lips.

What was that?

You asked for a kiss, you didnt specify how long for, now come on lets get these dishes done and then we can watch the other film.


When Justin had finished washing the dishes, he went in to ask if Alan and Rick wanted more tea before they settled down to watch the next film. He came back into the kitchen carrying the two cups they had used for the tea and the two glasses he and Alex had been using. He put the kettle on and while he was waiting for it to boil he put the rest of the pizzas on to a plate and put them in the fridge to keep.

Do you want more coke or would you prefer something else?

Ill have tea with Alan and Rick, please Sunshine.

Although Justin didnt look upset, he had been a bit disappointed by the kiss or lack thereof from Alex a few minutes earlier, but he brightened up at the sound of Alexs pet name for him.

When the boys returned to the living room with the teas, Justin handed Rick and Alan theirs before taking his off Alex. They sat down in the same places as earlier, when they were comfy, Alan started The Little Shop of Horrors.

As before, Justin started to run his fingers up and down Alexs leg as he was watching the film. This time though, Alex started to run his fingers through Justins hair as he rested his head against Alexs knee.

Alex couldnt help but enjoy the film, yes the story was pretty bad but he thought the scene where the dentist performs his opening song and knocks his receptionist out twice while going around his office was pretty hilarious. The songs were pretty good and Alex found them really catchy.

He was surprised at how relaxed and content he felt sitting stroking his boyfriends hair in what was, only a few days earlier, a strangers house. It showed him that perhaps his life really had turned a corner for the better. Was the rest of his life going to be this easy? Admittedly it hadnt been a bed of roses so far but since hed met Sarah it had definitely taken a massive turn for the better.

When the film finished it was already gone eleven.

Ok guys, how about we call it a night? I know theres nothing to get up for tomorrow but we dont want to be spending all day in bed either, said Alan.

Oh, Im sure you would, said Justin with a grin.

There he goes again, I meant sleeping, you git!

I know, but its still good to wind you up.

Alright, I know, its an easy job. Well see you in the morning, and just for that cheek Ill make sure there is no sleeping late in the morning. I was thinking Alex that we could get your stitches taken out early; that will give you and Justin the rest of the day to do whatever.

Sounds ok but there is one thing; I dont know what time Jerry is going to be showing up.

Thats alright, Justin and Rick can stay here while we pop to the hospital, that way there is someone here that Jerry knows if he comes over when we are out.

That sounds ok. I still havent worked out how Im going to be able to see him when I start study leave though.

We can talk about it tomorrow when hes here. I am sure that between the five of us we can work some ruse out for your father, said Rick.

Ok, is there anything that needs to be done before we go to bed?

Nope, you boys did the dishes, which means we only have to lock up and thats it, said Alan.

Ok then, Ill head on up. See you in the morning.

Alex headed towards the door to go upstairs.

Ill see you in the morning too, said Justin following Alex out of the living room.

The two boys didnt talk as they went up to the bedroom.

I know earlier we said we would have some fun when we got up here, but would you mind if we just cwtched up and went to sleep? Im feeling more tired than I thought I would. I think that second run has taken more out of me than I expected, asked Alex.

Justin moved closer to Alex, looked him in the eyes and said, If thats what my Baby wants to do, its fine with me.

Are you sure, I mean I did sort of promise wed have some fun.

I told you before, well only do stuff when we both want to. Right now, you feel tired, so well leave off and perhaps youll feel ready for some fun in the morning.

Ok, thanks.

Alex leaned his head closer and kissed Justin, locking lips and slipping his tongue past Justins lips. The kiss lasted for a few seconds before Justin broke it.

I think wed best stop there or someone is going to want to be played with, Justin said pointing towards Junior. Are we sleeping naked again?

I dont see why not.


Both boys got undressed and got under the sheets before cwtching up together. Alex placed his head on Justins chest and his arm draped over Justins stomach. The boys were just drifting off to sleep when Justin heard his mobile going off.

Id better see who that is, its not normal for someone to ring me this time of night.

Justin moved to get to his phone, flicking the light on as he got out of bed. When he looked he didnt recognise the number. He pressed answer.

Hello.JW, Yes thats me, Justin Western, can I ask who you are?......... Sorry, did you say The Heath? As in the hospital?........ Is it my parents?........ Hang on did you say a young boy?...... Oh my god, yes I think I know who it is. How is he?...... No I am not a relative, Im with his brother now; do you want to speak to him?.... Sure Ill put him on.

Alex you need to take this, I think something bad has happened to Jerry. The nurse cant tell me anything.

Hello..Yes, if it is who we think, he is my brother

As Alex was talking to the nurse on the phone Justin went to get Rick and Alan. He gave a quick knock to their bedroom door before opening it.

Sorry guys but something has happened and we need to take Alex to the hospital.

He hasnt cut up has he? No youre too calm for that, whats happened? asked Alan, ignoring the fact that Justin was naked.

I got a call on the mobile, it turned out its a nurse in the Heath, there was some sort of accident and a young boy was brought in, when they were going through his things looking for ID or something, they found a list of phone numbers with ICE written on the top. She rang the first number next to the initials JW. It has to be Jerry, as far as I know hes the only one to have that.

Whats Alex doing now? asked Rick.

Hes talking to the nurse, when I said I wasnt family she didnt want to say much more to me so I put Alex on.

Alright, you and Alex get dressed and then well take the two of you to the hospital, said Alan.

Ok, is it worth calling mom and dad and telling them whats happened?

Well at the moment, we dont know what has happened, it could be that Jerry had his wallet stolen and the thief is the one in hospital, said Rick.

True, alright, Ill go and get dressed with Alex and then we can go and see if it is Jerry. Thanks.

Its no problem, besides I am sure you wont get Alex to sleep now until he knows if it is his brother and if he is going to be ok, said Alan.


Justin headed back to the bedroom to find Alex just hanging up the phone.

What did she say?

There was an accident, three people including a young boy were removed from one car, from what she could tell me and the fact that she had your number, I am certain its Jerry.

Justin could hear the fear in Alexs voice as well as see tears begin to well up in his eyes. Alex collapsed onto the bed and started to cry.

What am I going to do? He cant die, not yet, hes too young.

Alan and Rick are going to take us to the hospital, so first were going to get dressed; then well go to the hospital and see if it is Jerry. Remember there is a chance this isnt him.

I know its him.

Well if it is well deal with that when we get there. So lets get dressed and then we can go and find out.

Justin pulled Alex up and started to look around for Alexs clothes. He found Alexs briefs and started to put them on him. As Justin was lifting Alexs leg to get the briefs on, Alex seemed to pull himself together.

Its alright, I can manage, you need to get dressed as well.


When both boys were dressed, Justin gave Alex a big hug before they went down to the living room to find Rick and Alan.

You got your phone Justin? asked Rick.


Make sure you grab your jackets boys, its going to be cold out there, said Alan.

Ok, replied Justin, Alex seemed to have gone back into shock.

Ok then lets go.

With that, all four headed to the car picking up jackets on the way.

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