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Alex's Guardian Angel

by Anthony Lane

Chapter 37


This story contains scenes of love and a sexual nature involving males with other males. If the reading or possessing of such material as this is illegal in your country, state, province, county, municipality, etc., please leave this site immediately and do not proceed further. If you are under the legal age to read this, please do not do so.

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Most of the places mentioned, and none of the characters exist in real life. Whilst there are references to celebrities in places, no inference should be taken as to their sexual orientation in real life. This story is completely fictional.

This is my first attempt at writing fiction. I was inspired to pick up the pen after reading several stories by David Lee which can be found in the prolific authors section on Nifty.

I would like to send out thanks to both David and Tom who have both helped to edit the errors out. If you would like to send me an email about this story please put Alex's guardian angel in the main title. Thanks for reading.

The hunt for a place to live started as soon as he got home. He searched for a few letting agents to see what they could offer, and it soon became apparent that it was going to take a while to sort out exactly what he wanted.

Danny eventually signed the contracts and picked the keys up to a two bedroom house the Friday before Halloween. His parents had tried for weeks to persuade him he didn't need to move out but he stuck to his plan. He sent a text to Aaron, Lucas and Liam telling them to meet him at the school gates after school.

Picking the three of them up after school, he drove to his place not letting on where they were all going. When he pulled in he got out and told the boys to follow, taking a few seconds to lock the car up before going to the front door and opening it.

The three boys were awestruck as the realisation of where they were sunk in. Danny saw the looks on their faces and understood they knew where they were. He confirmed it a few seconds later. He went on to explain that the furniture he had bought was being delivered the following week and after that, all three boys would be able to spend as much time there as they wanted. None of them realised just how much time that would turn out to be.

The following Friday the boys were waiting for Danny to pick them up again, this time they knew where they were going and that they'd be there all weekend. Danny, Liam, Lucas and Aaron shared a lot of cum with each other that weekend and enjoyed sleeping together in the king size bed.

The few weekends before Christmas went the same way, with Danny picking the boys up from the school gates on Friday and dropping them off on his way to work Monday morning.

Christmas was a wonderful time and the worst time for the boys.

Danny slept at his parents' house on Christmas Eve and shared a wonderful day with Aaron and his parents. They exchanged gifts and tucked in to a large dinner full of all the trimmings. During the afternoon Danny and Aaron cwtched up on Aaron's bed watching films and enjoyed being close to each other, sharing a few kisses but nothing more.

Lucas and Liam woke Christmas morning full of the joys of Christmas. Before they went downstairs they helped each other with their morning stiffies. After sharing a few kisses they went down and had fun unwrapping their presents. They enjoyed their Christmas dinner and cwtched up with each other in their bedroom watching some of the DVDs they'd had that morning.

The twins were sharing a kiss when their father walked into their room. He didn't say a word, just walked away only stopping to get his keys and jacket before leaving the house. When Myfanwy came up to find out what had happened, she saw Lucas and Liam in tears and couldn't get either of them to explain what had happened. Eventually they calmed down enough to say what their father had seen. She knew the fact he hadn't said a word about what he'd seen was a bad sign.

Myfanwy told the boys everything was going to be alright, even though she didn't think it. She went downstairs and phoned June up asking if the boys could stay with her for a few days. Fudging the story a little, she explained Vic had found out the boys were gay and she needed time alone with him to help him get his head around it. June was happy to help and asked Danny to go and pick them up.

From what had been one of their best Christmas', it had soon turned into the worst. Myfanwy had told Liam and Lucas that she would get their father to understand that there was nothing wrong with what they had done, but said it would be better that they spend the next few days with Aaron.

As soon as he heard something was wrong with the twins, Aaron insisted he go with Danny to pick them up. Aaron was out of the car the instant it stopped. He had spent so much time there Myfanwy had long since insisted he stop acting like a guest, so when he got to the front door he walked straight in. Seeing Lucas and Liam so upset almost started him crying as well.

Upon hearing what had happened, Danny asked how long Myfanwy thought it would take Vic to come around. Myfanwy wasn't sure; she had never seen him react in that manner. Danny said he was happy to have Lucas and Liam stay with him if things weren't sorted when the boys were back in school. Myfanwy thanked him for his offer adding she wouldn't need to take him up on that offer.

The trip to Aaron's home was quiet. The twins looked like they were in shock and Aaron and Danny didn't know what to say to comfort them. June suggested Lucas and Liam go to bed to try and sleep for a bit when she saw how bad they looked. Aaron tucked them into his bed, giving them a kiss and saying it would all be alright before leaving them to try and sleep.

Myfanwy was alone in the house for the rest of the day. She gave up waiting for Vic to come home at midnight. When she woke up the next morning she found Vic sleeping in the spare room. She didn't want to wake him and have him angry at her so she went downstairs leaving him sleep. When he eventually came down, he asked her if she'd known about the perverted relationship their sons had developed.

His description of their sons' relationship as perverted showed Myfanwy just how much work she had in front of her, if she was to get Vic to accept it. She told him she'd worked out Liam and Lucas were gay about three years ago and explained how they'd confirmed it just after their fourteenth birthday.

Vic asked her how long she'd known her sons were having sex with each other. She explained that Liam and Lucas had told her they were in a relationship with Aaron but never discussed anything sexual that went on between the two of them but admitted she had suspected as much.

Hearing about the relationship with Aaron, only made things worse for Vic. He demanded to know why she hadn't told him about any of it at the time she found out. Myfanwy told him that had he spent more time at the house rather than a golf course or pub, he would have seen things for himself. She pointed out that while the boys hadn't told him about their relationship with Aaron, they didn't hide it either when they were at home.

He wasn't amused hearing her question him for spending time enjoying himself. He felt it was his job to earn the money and her job to look after the house and raise the kids. He also expected to be told about everything that happened. The fact that his wife and sons had kept him in the dark about this for so long just made matters worse.

It was obvious to Myfanwy that things were not going well. The way Vic was acting she could see it was going to take a lot longer to get him to accept the unusual relationship between their sons' and Aaron. It was looking like she would have to take Danny up on his offer to have the boys stay with him.

Days passed, Myfanwy went to June's to see the twins every day but couldn't give them any good news. Eventually and reluctantly she asked Danny if he was still ok to have them stay with him. June thought it was strange, saying they were more than welcome to stay at hers but Myfanwy explained that she thought having three teens running around the house for an unspecified time was too much to ask. June understood where Myfanwy was coming from and said she hoped things could get back to normal soon.

Lucas and Liam went back home in Myfanwy's car with Danny following so they could get some of their things for the next few weeks. They did it at a time they knew Vic would be at work so he couldn't upset the boys any more than he already was.

During the week they'd stayed at Aaron's, Lucas and Liam had cried themselves to sleep each night as they cwtched up to Aaron. Danny had spent as much time around there with them as he could and was aware of how badly they were taking their father's rejection. So when they spent their first night after Christmas at his place, they slept with him but still cried themselves to sleep.

A week later he asked Myfanwy if they could meet so they could talk about the twins. He wasn't afraid to be honest with her and told her that since they'd been at his, they'd slept with him. He went on to explain that nothing sexual had happened, but they had slept with him because they were hurting and he was comforting them. He then went on to talk about the reason he had asked to talk to her. He said that they were still crying themselves to sleep each night and neither of them was really getting much sleep. He suggested that it was time they looked at getting some sort of professional help for both of them.

Myfanwy thanked him for his honesty and said that she had no problems with him having sex with her sons providing it was something they all wanted, and that it wasn't something that would hurt Aaron, whom she thought of as another son. She then said that as he had spent more time with them since Christmas, he was in a better position to know if it was time to look for outside help and she would begin to look about as soon as she could.

What Myfanwy hadn't mentioned was that just after the twins moved in with Danny, Vic said there was no way they were going to live under his roof, so long as they continued their disgusting and abominable relationship with each other.

Hearing how Vic felt towards his sons, Myfanwy wondered how she had ever loved him. It was the moment she knew she would have to divorce him, for the sake of her sons. She hadn't told Lucas and Liam about her decision, feeling they had enough to deal with at the moment without worrying about causing the break-up of their parent's marriage as well.

After Myfanwy talked to Danny she realised she needed to start things in motion and started to look for solutions. She contacted a lawyer about getting a divorce, while looking for somewhere else to live.

A few days later she was talking to June and broke down to her. She told her about Vic not letting the boys home and why not realising what she had said until June asked if she meant Lucas and Liam had been intimate with each other as well as with Aaron. Knowing there was no point trying to back track and lie her way out of it, she told June everything she knew about what actually had happened between the three boys. June surprised her by accepting the news as if there was nothing to it. Myfanwy went on to explain that hearing Vic's attitude and feelings for his sons appalled her and she found it difficult to be around him and how she'd started to look for somewhere else to live.

June offered Myfanwy Danny's old bed, saying it was only gathering dust and if she was to use it, it would give her time and space to work out what to do for the best and she'd be away from Vic. Of course, Myfanwy hadn't thought that accepting June's offer would quickly filter back to the twins. So when Aaron let slip she had spent the night there, the twins knew their parents were heading for divorce and blamed themselves for causing it.

Although Aaron still felt Lucas and Liam needed to see a professional to help them deal with their father's reaction, the few days before they'd found out about Myfanwy staying at June's they had begun to sleep better and without much crying. That was all undone by the news from him about their mother spending the night at his.

It took Myfanwy two weeks of calls back and forth with different people before she found Dr Boyland. She made an appointment to see him herself to find out what his attitudes were to the delicate issues she knew the boys would have to talk about with him. She had been warned in advance that he was quite young, but seeing him herself made her doubt he could help.

Dr Boyland introduced himself as David and asked she call him that as hearing Dr or Mr Boyland made him think his father was in the room. Myfanwy went into his office and sat down while David closed the door. When he was sat down she began by explaining the reason for her visit wasn't to get help for herself but to assess whether he was able to help her sons.

Before she elaborated on what was wrong, she asked if everything she discussed would fall under the doctor patient privilege. David explained that anything he was told remained completely confidential.

Accepting what he told her, Myfanwy told him about Lucas and Liam, about what they were like as kids and how the introduction of Aaron to their lives changed everything for the better. She told him about how she'd suspected there was more to the relationship and had it confirmed when all three admitted they were in an unorthodox relationship. She explained that she had accepted the news just as if they'd announced they had girlfriends, to her it didn't matter whether they were gay, straight or bi, just so long as they were healthy and happy. David commended her on her attitude which so many didn't have.

Myfanwy also explained that she had suspected there was also some sort of sexual relationship going on between Lucas and Liam. She said that she never asked them as it made no difference and she didn't really need to know. Then she told him about what had happened on Christmas day when Vic had walked in to see the twins sharing a kiss and how he had refused to see them or accept them unless they changed who they were. She explained how the twins had moved in with June and then Danny, and that she was now looking for somewhere where the three of them could live together again.

David asked her why she felt Lucas and Liam needed help from him. She told him about the conversation she had with Danny about how they had been crying themselves to sleep every night since their father had found out. He tried not to assume where people were concerned but David assumed Myfanwy wanted him to help Lucas and Liam see that their incestuous relationship was wrong and needed to end, so when Myfanwy told him that she needed help getting the boys to learn how to deal with their father's rejection before either of them did anything stupid, he was surprised.

After a few seconds to take in what she had asked, David agreed to take the boys on but explained he would rather for the most part to see each of them in individually; so separate appointments were made for them at the beginning of February. David asked about the boys relationship with Danny, so Myfanwy explained there was a possibility it could be sexual but at the moment they clung to him more like a big brother. Hearing this, David suggested the boys stay with him if it was possible for the time being as it provided them with support they needed.

After the appointment Myfanwy spoke to Vic and arranged to pick up more stuff for her and the boys. She asked Danny to go with her so he could pack the boys' stuff straight into his car and take them to his place. June hearing what David had said told Myfanwy she was more than welcome to stay for longer.

Rather than using the spare room, Lucas and Liam continued to sleep with Danny, cwtching up to him as they eventually fell asleep. There was no interest from any of them to go further than the few kisses the three of them shared as they settled down.

On the weekends, Lucas and Liam had initially tried to sleep in the spare room so Danny and Aaron could spend some time together, but Aaron wouldn't hear of it. He and Danny managed to find time to explore each other's bodies but insisted when they were all ready to sleep, Lucas and Liam slept with them.

The first few appointments with David didn't seem to make much difference from Danny's perspective. Lucas and Liam still blamed themselves for their father's reaction and rejection and for their parent's impending divorce. While their crying themselves to sleep had eased back, it still happened.

With help from Myfanwy and his mother, Danny made plans to take his brother and the twins away for Easter. Lucas and Liam had started to show signs they were getting back to normal and he thought it would be good for the four of them to get away from everything that reminded them of the events of Christmas.

Plans were made, changed and finalised the closer they got to Easter and all without Aaron, Lucas or Liam knowing. Danny had arranged to take them to a cottage in the Lake District for ten days starting on April the nineteenth and getting back home the day before the Royal Wedding. But Myfanwy told him they would need to be closer as they had appointments with David that she would rather not cancel. So Danny looked for places that were nearer and found a caravan park just outside of Weston Super Mare. Knowing the boys would plan on spending time at the pool during the Easter holidays; Danny let their coach in on the plan to take the three of them away so when they asked him he simply agreed to do the same as usual.

When the boys were in school on Monday, Danny spent the morning packing all the clothes he and the twins would need. He spent the afternoon at his mother's, where he talked to Myfanwy about how well the twins seemed to be doing, and packed clothes for Aaron. Danny planned on spending the whole ten days at the caravan using the same rules Lucas had come out with for the weekend of their birthday; this meant there was only a small amount of clothes needed for each of them, so he could fit all four bags into his boot without anyone knowing they were there.

Tuesday Danny told the twins he needed to go to his mother's before the boys went to school, so they could ride with him and see their mother if they wanted and then he'd take them and Aaron to school. Lucas and Liam always took the opportunity to visit their mother so when breakfast was out of the way, they got into the car and headed to June's.

After spending a bit of time at June's, Danny rounded Aaron and the twins into the car before heading off. It didn't take the boys long to cotton on to the fact Danny was not taking them to school. When they asked him what was going on, all he would say was 'it's a secret'.

After the boys noticed they were heading out of Wales their curiosity really started to peak, they pestered Danny with questions about where they were going, how long it would take to get there and so on but Danny just smiled at them and moved his head to the music from the radio.

Aaron, sitting in the front passenger seat was the first to spot the road signs for Weston. His parents had taken him and Danny there for many summer holidays when they were younger but they hadn't been there for years now.

Danny knew there was a service area about ten miles after the second Severn bridge which would allow the boys to use the toilet but it was only about another twenty minutes before they were at the caravan.

When they pulled into the caravan park, the three boys were all excited. Danny still said nothing about what was happening. He stopped the car at the office to get the caravan keys and directions, while he was in there he was told that because the park was quiet, the caravan they were in was the only one in that section that was occupied. A few minutes later he pulled up to the caravan and stopped the car, getting out and letting the boys know they should do the same.

On their way into the caravan, Danny got each boy to carry one of the bags in from the boot before locking the car up. He got them to sit in the living room area before he told them they were there for the next ten days and the birthday weekend rules would apply while they were in the caravan. Liam was about to get undressed when Danny stopped him. He loved that Liam was eager to with the plan, but he explained that they would need to go and do some shopping. Aaron asked if they'd have to wear their school uniform around the shops. Lucas said he would rather stay in the caravan than wear his uniform around the shops. Danny told him he wouldn't need to as he had packed a few different changes of clothes for the four of them.

So after a quick change of clothes for the three boys, they headed to the shops. Danny took them to the large Tesco supermarket and got enough food for a few days. When Aaron asked why he didn't get enough for the ten days, he explained that as the caravan had limited space and the Tesco wasn't too far away with the car, it was pointless to buy everything at once.

When they were back in the caravan with all the shopping, Lucas announced it was time to begin their birthday weekend rule as he started stripping off. The other three weren't far behind him.

Danny wasn't sure how good or bad the weather was going to be or what the plans for the time in the caravan was going to be, so he'd been using his laptop to download a load of movies and stored them on the external hard drive he had. He'd also bought a few DVD box sets he knew Aaron and the twins liked watching on the telly. When he mentioned True Blood , Aaron was all over him to watch it. Liam and Lucas were fans of the show as well; as Danny well knew so wasn't surprised that was what the boys wanted to watch first.

With space in the caravan limited, the boys couldn't stretch out like they had in Myfanwy's living room. Danny saw a way to get around it, he pointed out the settee was large enough for the four of them to sit side by side and still be able to see the laptop. He suggested he and Aaron sit in the middle with Lucas on the other side of Aaron and Liam the other side of him. Then after a couple of episodes, the twins could swap around and after that, they could sit in the middle.

After watching a few episodes they had something quick and easy for lunch before going back to watch a few more episodes. There wasn't much room for the boys to get up to much other than a few kisses and a bit of stroking.

Dinner that night was Danny's homemade burgers; he made enough so they had plenty to fill them and still left one each for their supper. Aaron helped prepare and cook them and Liam and Lucas cleaned up after they'd eaten as there wasn't enough room in the kitchen area for the four of them to be there at the same time.

Before settling back down to watch a couple of films with the boys, Danny went into the bedroom and brought out a few bags. As he handed one to each of the boys he told them this was what he had bought for the three of them for Christmas, explaining he felt it was inappropriate after what had happened. Smiles broke out on the boys faces as they brought out what they found in the bags.

Each bag contained three different sized dildos. While Aaron kissed and thanked Danny for the present, Lucas and Liam used one each as a pretend sword. In turn the twins kissed and thanked Danny as well. After the boys had finished, Danny gave them another present, this was a lot smaller but more important. Each boy received a bottle of lube.

Danny explained how he had also done some research on anal sex and found what the twins had said about stretching being a good way of preventing any pain, but another thing he found out was that lubrication was essential.

Lucas quickly spotted that there was something wrong, he'd noticed that while he, Liam and Aaron had dildos, Danny didn't. He asked him about it and was told his were at home and that for the holiday they could all share them around.

Liam was eager to start using them and said Danny should be the first person to insert the dildo into each of them, Aaron and Lucas agreed with him. Aaron suggested that as Liam was so eager to try the dildo out he should go first. He suggested that they go to the bedroom to play around and that he and Lucas could hold Liam's legs out of the way so Danny could get at his hole easier.

Danny said that he'd also read that having someone on all fours otherwise known as the doggy position made penetration easier. He suggested that they could all have fun that way. He said that with Liam on all fours, Aaron or Lucas could be under him allowing them to suck on his cock, while Liam sucked on the cock of the other as he knelt on the bed in front of Liam, all while he played around with Liam's hole.

Lucas thought that sounded like a really fun idea and was all for it. Danny pointed out the one obvious problem, that only two of them were going to be getting their cocks sucked. Aaron answered that by saying they had all night to play so they could all get sucked off before they went to sleep.

Liam got onto the bed on all fours and Aaron got underneath him to start sucking his cock. Lucas knelt in front of Liam who started sucking on his cock. Danny got down behind Liam and started to rim him. After a few minutes of rimming and using his finger, he started to gently open Liam further by using two fingers. Liam was moaning with pleasure while sucking his brother's cock.

Danny continued to use two fingers for a while before he got Lucas to apply plenty of lube to the smallest of the dildos which was only just larger than his two fingers. While Lucas was doing that, Danny was applying the lube to Liam's hole. Aaron and Lucas moved when Danny was about to insert the dildo. Danny told Liam he was to let them know the instant he felt any pain and they'd stop straight away. Each of them helped Danny by holding one of Liam's arse cheeks they also locked their other hand with each other around Liam's cock, gently stroking it. Danny placed the dildo against Liam's hole, gently applying pressure to it before pulling it back and repeating it, not wanting to hurt Liam. On the third attempt the dildo slid in a little. Liam let out a gasp as he felt his muscle open. Danny took it slow, pushing the dildo in a little at a time. When Aaron and Lucas saw the dildo fully in Liam, they got back to the positions they were in when they started.

With Aaron sucking his cock, his brother's cock in his mouth and Danny moving the dildo slowly in and out of his hole, Liam was having the time of his life. He even started moving to meet the dildo. When he shot his load down Aaron's throat, he felt like he had reached heaven and the feeling was made even better when got Lucas' load in his mouth. With his brother's cum still on his tongue he got up to kiss Lucas and share it with him, after that Liam rolled over and collapsed onto his back. Danny had taken the dildo out when Liam began to snog his brother.

After Liam got his breath back he thanked all three of them for the best experience he had had so far. Danny suddenly realised another problem with the whole way they'd gone about things. He and Aaron hadn't got off and they both really needed to. Then it came to him. He could suck Aaron off and as Lucas hadn't sucked any cock, Lucas could suck him off. Liam just lay back watching as the other three took care of Danny and Aaron's cocks.

All four cwtched up on the bed after the cum was shared around. They stayed that way for half hour before Lucas suggested they go and watch a film.

The following day Aaron and Lucas took their turn with Danny using the dildo on them. That night, Aaron was the one to use the dildo on Danny while he sucked Lucas and Liam sucked him.

Over the next few days the boys spent time walking around the camp, they went down to the beach but found the water too cold to attempt going in for a swim. They went into the town and took advantage of the cinema's cheap day as well as using the dildo several times on each other but not so much that they hurt each other.

When Saturday arrived, Danny got the three boys up early as Lucas and Liam had an appointment with David. He promised they could spend the afternoon with their mothers if they wanted or they could head straight back to the caravan. All the boys thought spending a few hours with their mothers was a good idea.

Lucas and Liam's appointment that day was one of the few sessions they had together. Over the course of the few months they had been seeing David, the twins had learned to trust him completely with anything they said so were not afraid of talking about what they had been doing at the caravan with Danny and Aaron.

When David first heard Lucas and Liam talk about their sexual exploits with Danny on their birthday weekend, he was a little concerned that they had done so out of some sort of obligation more so when he learned that the Danny they were referring to was the one they were living with. It wasn't until they talked about it in detail that he realised that had not been the case. His other concern was that they were engaging in sex with Danny just because they could and not because they had feelings for him. Again this concern was brushed away the more they talked about him. David began to realise that although Lucas and Liam hadn't used the word love to describe how they felt towards Danny that was the only description he would use.

David was glad to hear that the boys were beginning to feel good enough about themselves to start exploring their relationship with Danny and Aaron further. Wanting to leave the boys on a high, he wrapped the appointment up and made another for the next week.

The boys were glad to get out of the office so they could see their mother before getting back to the caravan for more fun with Danny and Aaron. They left June's around four in the afternoon and were back in the caravan before half five. Danny suggested they leave their clothes on as he planned to take them all out for food and there was no point to strip off only to get dressed again in an hour's time.

Danny took them to a Harvester restaurant where they ate plenty, leaving feeling stuffed. When they were back at the caravan, Lucas told Danny that he had talked to Liam and Aaron and it was decided that they wanted to do something special for him as a thank you for everything he'd done for them recently. Danny told them it wasn't necessary as he got plenty from being with them, but Lucas and the others were insistent.

Danny asked them what they had in mind as he didn't want them spending money on him that they didn't have. Lucas asked him if he trusted them, to which Danny replied he did. Lucas then asked him to strip and go to the bedroom. Danny did as he was asked and when the boys came into the room, completely naked as well he found he was boning up just from the anticipation of what was about to happen.

Lucas went round the one side of the bed and tied Danny's right arm to the headboard while Liam did the same the other side. Aaron got onto the bed and straddled his brother before putting a blindfold on him, making sure he couldn't see anything.

With both arms tied and a blindfold on, Danny became a little nervous about what was going to happen. Liam told him that if he wanted to stop what was happening at any time he only had to say and right then he felt something cold on his nipples quickly followed by his cock. Then he felt the warm tongues of the boys working on the cold parts. As soon as his nipples started to feel warm again more of the cold stuff was put on them.

The boys continued to use their tongues on his nipples and cock and balls, warming them up before more cold stuff was put on them. Although the cold had initially made his cock shrink, he was so turned on with what he was feeling and not able to see, it had grown rock hard. Then he felt his legs being moved; they were bent at the knees and pulled towards his stomach, slightly lifting his arse into the air. He felt something cold being spread around his hole while two of the boys started sucking on his toes.

He could feel a tongue going around his hole and then a finger pushing its way in. Danny was finding having the blindfold on more stimulating than he had expected. He was surprised at how turned on he felt without knowing who was doing what to him and right then he felt one of the dildos being pressed against his hole. While he felt the dildo slowly going deeper into his hole, he began to wonder again as he always did, what it would feel like to have Aaron's cock there instead of the piece of rubber. Then it hit him, were they going to try their cocks on him while he was like this, he really hoped not as he wanted to be able to see their faces when they did. The feeling he had, that this was exactly what they were going to do was so strong, he had to voice it to them. He told them that if that was their plan, he wanted to lose the blindfold, they were ok to leave his hands where they were but he wanted to be able to see what was happening.

Aaron told him that that was something they had thought of but didn't think any of them were quite ready for that step just yet so he could lie back and enjoy what was going to happen.

Danny could feel the dildo slide in and out of his hole and then someone's mouth started sucking his cock. He was so turned on that the mouth on his cock didn't have much to do before he shot his load into it. A few seconds after he had started to come down from the orgasm, there was a mouth pressing against his, as he opened his lips, he felt and tasted his own cum slipping into his mouth.

He thought he could tell the difference in the boys by the way they kissed but he was clueless as to who had just given him his load. A few seconds later, he had a cock pressing against his mouth to suck on. While Danny enjoyed having his cock sucked and being fucked by the dildo, having something to do with his lips and tongue gave him more pleasure.

He sucked on the cock until it shot its load into his mouth. The cock had barely finished giving up its load when it was removed and a second one was sliding into his mouth. Again he sucked on it until it gave up its load. He had chance to swallow the cum before the third cock was pressing against his lips. He got a snog from all three boys after the third cock had deposited its load in his mouth and then the blindfold was taken off and the ties on his hands were removed.

When asked how he found it, Danny replied by saying that while it was hot, he preferred seeing what was going on. He admitted that something was a little strange with the dildo as it seemed to feel larger that it had the day before, only to be told the boys had used the next size up. They wouldn't let on who did what or in what order they gave him their cocks despite Danny's best efforts to get them to spill.

With all four of their cocks satiated for the time being, Danny asked if they wanted to watch a few movies cwtching up on the sofa. The boys thought it was a good idea, and so apart from a few toilet breaks they spent the rest of the night on the sofa cwtched up to.

Apart from some time to have a bite to eat and a few toilet breaks, the boys spent most of the next day, Easter Sunday, in the bedroom using the middle sized dildo on each other. About five o'clock the boys started taking turns using the shower ready to go out for the evening. Danny took them to a bowling alley where they enjoyed several hours bowling and having a laugh.

Easter Monday they spent all day at the swimming pool before cwtching up to each other on the sofa watching movies in the evening.

Lucas and Liam had another appointment with David on Tuesday, this time they were going in separately. Their appointments started at ten and followed each other which meant they'd be free at twelve. As they would be there for two hours, Myfanwy suggested she take the boys so Danny and Aaron weren't hanging around a doctor's office waiting for them.

In order to get the twins to June's for Myfanwy to take them to the appointments, they had to leave the caravan at half seven just in case of traffic problems. As it happened there were none and they pulled up to June's house an hour later. They'd had a small breakfast in the caravan before leaving but when they got to June's they were met with the smell of eggs and bacon wafting through the door. After tucking into a second breakfast Lucas and Liam went with their mother to David's office. Liam was called in first to see David.

David had Liam talk for the whole hour about how he saw the relationships with his brother, Aaron and Danny developing over the coming months; what he thought best described his relationships with Aaron, Danny and Lucas. Did he consider himself to be in a four way relationship with them? Did he consider Danny a friend with benefits or a boyfriend? Was the relationship with Aaron equal to that of Danny? Did he consider Lucas and Aaron equals in his affections for them?

As David was asking the questions, Liam realised that there were a lot of things he needed to talk to the others about and work out the answers together. He admitted this to David and said that as he and Lucas had begun to deal with the loss of their father. Perhaps it was time to work out the relationships they had and talk to Danny and Aaron and fi nd the answers to those questions together.

David checked his watch and found they were just about at the end of their hour. He told Liam that he wanted him, his brother, Aaron and Danny to find the answers to some of those questions before their next appointment. He asked if he thought he could get some answers by Saturday or if they should make the appointment for another day the following week.

Liam said that as they still had two more nights at the caravan, there should be plenty of time for them to talk to each other and work out some of the answers, but he felt an appointment the following week would give them a bit more time.

Lucas' appointment went exactly the same way as Liam's. He also realised there were plenty of things they all needed to talk about and felt, like his brother, that they could find some answers before Saturday but having the appointment the following week would be better.

When Lucas was leaving the room and passed the boy David called Alex, he realised he went to the same school as him. He wondered about what that meeting would mean although he wasn't concerned it would lead to problems in school.

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