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Alex's Guardian Angel

by Anthony Lane

Chapter 44


This story contains scenes of love and a sexual nature involving males with other males. If the reading or possessing of such material as this is illegal in your country, state, province, county, municipality, etc., please leave this site immediately and do not proceed further. If you are under the legal age to read this, please do not do so.

It is not my intention to offend anyone or to get you in trouble.

The author retains all rights to this original story. Please do not publish without my explicit authorisation.


Most of the places mentioned, and none of the characters exist in real life. Whilst there are references to celebrities in places, no inference should be taken as to their sexual orientation in real life. This story is completely fictional.

This is my first attempt at writing fiction. I was inspired to pick up the pen after reading several stories by David Lee which can be found in the prolific authors section on Nifty.

I would like to send out thanks to both David and Tom who have both helped to edit the errors out. If you would like to send me an email about this story please put Alex's guardian angel in the main title. Thanks for reading.

"Hey dudes, I thought I'd pop in and see if you're ok?"

"Hey Yuri, yeah we're fine; what time you getting off?" asked Jerry.

"It was supposed to be one, but I was asked to work on for a bit longer."

"When does the doc come around to say I can go home?"

"I think he's already been through dude, I'll go and check and see if he's put anything in your notes or something."

"Thanks Yuri."

Yuri went out of the room and headed for the nurses' station.

"That sounds like you're staying here tonight." said Declan.

"It did, didn't it? Oh well, I guess I'd better ask Sarah if Justin can bring some more films later when they visit."

"You don't sound too upset about staying here another night."

"Well you're here; Alex and Justin will be here for a couple of hours later, the only dodgy thing about it is if that old geezer nurse is on again tonight."

"Why does my being here make a difference?"

"Well it's alright having films to watch but it can be boring when you're on your own with only a nurse sticking their head in every half hour or so. With you here, I've got someone I can enjoy the films with and talk to. You're also, like I said earlier, someone I've enjoyed spending time with."

Just then Sarah entered the room.

"Hello Jerry, has the doctor told you if you can go home? Oh hello, I didn't see you there."

"Sarah this is Declan, Declan this is Sarah, the lady I'll be going to live with."

"Hello Declan, nice to meet you."


"Um Dec, can you give me a couple of minutes with Sarah please? There's a couple of things I need to talk to her about in private?"

"Sure. I'll go see Yuri see if I can grab a shower."


Declan got up and headed out looking for Yuri, leaving Jerry and Sarah in the room.

"Is there something wrong?"

"Yes and no. There's nothing wrong with me, other than it seems the doc isn't going to let me out today. Yuri has gone to see if there's something in my notes. No, what I wanted to talk to you about is Declan, only I didn't think it was a good idea to do it in front of him."

"Has he done something to you?"

"No, he's been really good with me. He's helped me to eat and drink and we've had a good time watching the films Justin brought over last night. No what I wanted to talk to you about, is whether you might be able to help him like you helped Alex and me. I don't mean take him in, like you did with us, but perhaps Martha may be able to help? You see Dec is in the foster system, but the woman he lives with is terrible. She has a boyfriend who gets drunk and uses Dec as a punch bag, that's why he was brought in last night, he got beat up so bad he was unconscious."

"That's terrible. We had a few different options for you had you decided you didn't want to live with us and I think they could work for Declan just as easily; but I'll need to do some talking with a few different people first. So don't build Declan's hopes up before I know any more, ok?"

"I won't mention it, I just hope you can help him. He's been really good to me today."

"I'll see what I can do, if I can't help him, I can certainly get Martha on his case if she isn't already."

"I think she might know something about it, she was here last night, and I think Dec was the reason she was here."

"Well I'll call her later, what is Declan's last name do you know?"

"It hasn't come up but I'm sure we can find out off Yuri if he doesn't come back before you go."

"While I'm here, is there anything you need? Perhaps some juice or pop?"

"Some drinks would be good please and would you ask Justin if he can bring some more movies later when they visit please? If I'm going to be here another day I think I'll have watched all of the ones they brought yesterday."

"Why don't I go and find out if you're definitely staying, if you are then I'll call Alex and let him and Justin know what's happening and I'll ask them the same time."


Sarah left the room to look for someone who could tell her what was happening with Jerry. When she came back she was followed by Yuri.

"Hey little dude, I've got some bad news for you. The doc wants to keep you in for one more night just to be on the safe side."

"Oh well."

"There was something else I wanted to ask you, we have a double room on the other side of the ward, it's now empty and I thought it might be better if you and Declan were moved into there? Would you mind if we did that?"

"If it's alright with Dec then sure, it's fine with me."

"Ok, I'll see what he says and if he's happy we'll move you into the double room soon. Back later then ok?"

"Sure Yuri."

Yuri left to talk to Declan about the room change.

"When I called Justin to ask him about the movies for you, he was out on a run with Alex but Simon is over there and he'll pass the message on when the boys get back."


"The plan I had in mind when I was driving over was that should the doctor decide to keep you in, I'd stay with you for an hour or two but if I'm to try and help sort something better out for Declan, I'm going to have to head home once I've been to the shop for you."

"That's ok, I'd rather you try and see if you can help Dec than sitting here with me. Dec's here and Alex and Justin will be here later so I'll be alright."

"I just wanted you to know the reason for me not spending time with you."

"I understand, and it's alright, I just hope you can do something for Dec."

"No promises Jerry, I know Alex thinks I'm some sort of super woman but sometimes there are things I can't help with."

"You looking in to see what you can do is all I could ask."

"Well I'm going to go to the shop then and get you some things."

"Thanks Sarah."

"You're welcome."

Yuri turned up a few minutes after Sarah had left.

"Hey dude, I've spoken to Declan about you guys sharing that room and he thinks it's a good idea; so we'll be moving you soon."

"Can we wait until Sarah comes back? She's only gone to the shop."

"Sure dude, we can do that. Why don't I go get Declan's things moved over and he can wait with you. Come and get me when you're ready to move?"


Jerry was left alone again but this time it wasn't long before Declan showed up.

"Hey, sorry you've got to stay another night."

"It's no biggy, I think it'll be fun tonight, we can stay up late watching the films. You're going to meet Alex and Justin, they're great and I asked Sarah if Justin can bring more films with him later. We'll have watched most of these by the time they get here tonight."

"Staying up late sounds good; do you think the nurses are going to let us?"

"I think if we keep the noise down we'll be fine. How was the shower?"

"It's not bad, I feel a bit better after it."

"I wonder if Yuri can work something like that out for me too?"

"Prob not, you're not supposed to get the plaster wet."

"That sucks, how am I supposed to get clean?"

"You'll prob have to have a lot of baths until the plaster comes off."

"I guess that makes sense, I can hold me arms over the edge of the bath. Can you ask Yuri if he could sort it out so I could grab a bath or shower or something?"

"Yeah I'll go ask him now."

Declan left Jerry and went off to find Yuri.

"Um Yuri?"

"What is it little dude?"

"Jerry was wondering if he would be able to grab a shower? I said he probably can't coz of the plaster but I said he may be able to get a bath or something?"

"We've got sleeves that will protect the plaster but I don't know if I've got time to help him right now."

"If he has those sleeves, would he be able to shower?"

"I don't see why not, but as he can't use his arms, he's going to need someone to help him."

"Well I can do that, I know I've just had a shower but it's not going to hurt me to get wet again, and I can wash his hair and stuff."

"Dude, I can't ask you to do that and I'm sure Jerry wouldn't ask you to do that either."

"You're not asking, I'm offering."

"I'm not sure; couldn't he wait till later when the other male nurse comes on shift?"

"Is that the old fella Jerry said worked last night?"

"Yeah, Walter is alright. He's a bit older than you or me I know but he'd be happy to help Jerry have a bath."

"I am sure Walter is ok, but Jerry felt uncomfortable when he helped him go to the toilet last night and I think having him help Jerry take a bath might be just as bad."

"I don't know dude, I'm not even sure if you would be allowed to help, I'm not sure of the rules on whether you could help him shower."

"Well Jerry is able to stand, we know that, that's all he needs to do, I can do the rest. The floor is non-slip so that's not a problem."

"Why don't we ask him and see what he says?"

"Ok. Wait, if I do help him shower, who's going to watch no one steals the DVDs and stuff?"

"I can put them in my locker in the nurses' station; it's got a lock that only I have the key for."


When Yuri and Declan walked into Jerry's room, Sarah had returned.

"I'll leave your clothes here so if the doctor says you can go before I get here tomorrow, you can be dressed and be ready to go."

"Ok, see you."

"You don't have to leave, you can stay for a bit longer if you want?" said Yuri.

"Something has come up which means I need to leave or I would have.. So I'll see you tomorrow ok?"

"Yeah, see you tomorrow."

Sarah headed out leaving Jerry, Declan and Yuri together.

"Declan told me you want a shower. The good news is that we have sleeves you can put on so the plaster doesn't get wet. The bad news is that I don't have the time this afternoon to help you have a bath."

"Oh, that's ok."

"But I suggested a different option. I thought that as Yuri can't give you a bath, I could help you take one, or a shower if that's what you'd prefer?"

"You'd get soaked if you helped me in the shower."

"Well if you want a shower I'll have to get in with you."

"But you've only just had one; do you really want to get wet all over again?"

"I don't mind, it's only water, so is that what you want?"

"I… um…"

"Is the idea of being naked in front of me what's bothering you?"

"It's not that, you've done so much for me already."

"And if you could shower on your own we wouldn't be having this discussion. So far today you've saved me from hours and hours of utter boredom by letting me watch the movies with you and you've shared your drinks and treats. So for me, helping you out a little is the least I could do."

"But you don't have to; I didn't do those things expecting you to do stuff for me."

"I know you didn't, so we going to the shower or what?"

"Yuri, is it ok? And what about all of this?"

"You dudes go and shower, I'll take all this over to your new room and make sure no one goes in there. Hang on here a minute though and I'll go and get you some towels and those sleeves."

"Thanks," said Jerry.

Declan helped Jerry get out of the bed while they waited for Yuri to come back with the stuff.

After Yuri handed them the towels and sleeves Declan led Jerry to the shower room. When they got in Declan locked the door behind them.

"Are we supposed to lock the door?"

"Well do you want just anyone walking in when you're naked?"

"No not really."

"Which is why I locked the door, now let's get the water started and then I can get you ready."

"Are you really sure you're ok with this?"

"Trust me, it's fine."

Jerry sat down on a chair that had been left in there while Declan got the water going.

"Do you want it nice and hot?"

"Yeah please."


After he got the temperature set, he moved back to Jerry.

"Right, I'll get you undressed and put your sleeves on to protect the plaster and you can stand under the water for a few seconds while I get undressed. Is that ok?"


"Ok then, you'll need to stand up and turn around so I can get at the gown ties."

"Oh yeah, sorry," Jerry said as he stood up.

"It's fine."

With Jerry facing away from him, Declan was able to undo the gown and slide it off Jerry.

To Jerry, being naked with other guys wasn't a problem, he'd been naked with Cal a lot over the years but he felt a little awkward and embarrassed as Declan took his gown off him. He imagined it felt just like it would if his lover was undressing him before they made love. He began to wonder if he would feel the same way if it was Alex, Justin or Sarah doing it.

"There we go, if you turn around now, I'll try and work out how these sleeves work."

Jerry slowly turned to face Declan and found he was standing really close. The awkward feelings he had while Declan had undressed him only seemed to get stronger. He couldn't understand why it was so different. He'd been this close to Cal while they'd both been naked, so what was different? Was it because Dec was a relative stranger or was there more to it?

After a few seconds of studying them, Declan worked out how the sleeves were supposed to be used and slide them on Jerry's arms making sure they covered all of the plaster.

"Ok you can get under the shower, I'll get rid of my gown and I'll be right with you."


Jerry was curious about what Dec would look like naked; he knew boys were supposed to change as they got older. He and Cal had both started growing hairs above their cocks but Jerry hadn't been close to another boy who was more developed than he was. The last time he'd seen Alex naked, he hadn't started puberty.

Jerry got under the water and enjoyed the feeling of the hot water sliding down his shoulders and back. He kept his head away from the spray to allow him a good look at Declan.

While Jerry felt a little nervous, Declan didn't feel anything unusual. He had taken a shower with other guys before, he had even helped bath one or two of his foster brothers over the years, so to him this was only slightly different. He took his gown off and turned to get in the shower with Jerry.

The sight that was in front of him surprised Jerry. Declan had a mound of black hair around his cock and it was visibly larger than his own. He could even see hairs on Declan's balls.

"Ok, let's get you all cleaned up."

Declan walked towards Jerry with no sense of hesitation to Jerry, which surprised him a little. He was sure he'd be more hesitant if he was in Dec's position, even if it was Cal he was going to help shower.

"Can I ask you something?" said Jerry.

"What you wanna know?"

"Well, you don't seem nervous or bothered about washing me, I was just wondering why? I know I would be at least a little nervous if I had to help Cal shower and we've been best mates for years and seen each other naked loads of times."

"While I was with the elderly couple they had one foster kid who was a mentally disabled, he was able to do some things with no problems but there were others when he couldn't. I helped bath him now and then, sometimes I'd get in the bath with him and I'd show him how to wash and try and get him to do the same, but sometimes it didn't work out that way and I'd end up washing him."

"Oh, but weren't you pretty young at that point though?"

"I was about ten, which I guess to some is quite young but I'd been in the foster system for quite a few years by then and I was used to helping out with younger kids. So you ready to get started?"


"Ok, get your hair wet a sec while I get the shampoo."

Jerry moved his head back a bit to let the shower wet his hair. He moved his head around a little to try and get his hair as wet as he could, it helped that it was short, it didn't take much.

"Now I need you to move out of the water and keep your head back so you don't get soap suds in your eyes."


So Jerry stepped out of the water and put his head back. Declan put the shampoo on his head and started to lather it all up. Feeling someone rubbing around on his head was a new sensation for Jerry and he was enjoying it when Declan stopped and told him to get back under the water so he could rinse the soap out. As soon as Jerry was under the water, Declan started to massage Jerry's head again.

"Ok, that's your hair done, now for the rest of your body, stand away from the water again so it doesn't all wash off as soon as I put the stuff on."

Jerry got back out of the shower as Declan stepped forward and got the body wash. He flipped the lid and squeezed some onto his hands before he moved up to Jerry. As he was taking the few steps he began rubbing his hands together to lather up the body wash.

Jerry felt a little nervous as he saw Declan's hands move closer to his body.

Declan got behind Jerry and started to soap Jerry's back up first. He began at the shoulders and worked his way down Jerry's back.

The closer Jerry could feel Declan getting to his arse the more nervous he felt.

Declan could feel the tension in Jerry's back but couldn't think of anything that would help put him at ease. He knew he would feel the same if it was Jerry washing him.

As the hands started to slide over his butt cheeks Jerry started to feel a little weird. Declan was soaping all over his cheeks before he slipped one of his hands in between the cheeks and started to wash around his hole.

When he thought he had soaped all of Jerry's back he moved away and gently guided Jerry backwards so the water could was the soap away.

Jerry couldn't understand why he felt a little disappointed when Declan took his hand away from his arse. He was surprised to see his cock had started to get hard when Declan was soaping him up and he became really embarrassed when he realised Declan could see it.

"Hey, don't worry about it, look I'm getting a little hard as well."

Jerry hadn't noticed that Declan's cock had grown a bit from when he'd got undressed.

"Just because you've got hard while I've been running my hands all over your back doesn't make you gay."

"But why did I get hard then if it's not that?"

"Didn't you do sex ed in your school?"

"No, my dad wouldn't sign off on it."

"Ok, we'll get you all nice and clean and dried off and then when we're in the room I'll explain a few things for you; but for now, there's nothing to be worried or embarrassed about ok?"


Despite what Declan had said, Jerry couldn't help but wonder whether getting hard when Declan was rubbing all over his back and arse when added to the confused feelings he had for Cal did mean that he could be gay just like his brother.

Jerry's cock took on a whole new life of its own when Declan began soaping up his chest and stomach. It began to really twitch and jerk. But that was nothing to the feelings that ran through his whole body when Declan began soaping his now hard cock. Pulling back the foreskin and soaping all over the head and balls, gently squeezing as his hand went up and down Jerry's cock.

"Ok turn around now and let the water wash the soap off then you can get out and we'll get you dried off."

Jerry was feeling all kinds of confused. He was disappointed Declan had stopped stroking his cock. Was his cock hard because there was some attraction to Declan, was it because Declan had been putting his hands all over him? Did this all mean that Jerry was definitely gay or was there another explanation?

After the water had washed the soap away, Jerry got out and waited for Declan to towel him down.

Declan spent a few seconds under the water himself before he got out and dried off before he towelled Jerry.

When both boys were dry and back in their hospital gowns, Declan unlocked the door and they headed to the room they were going to share.

"Hi Sarah, what are you doing here? Is something wrong with Alex or Jerry?"

"Hi Martha, no the boys are ok. I've come to talk to you about something else."

"Come on in, I'll put the kettle on and we can talk over a nice cuppa."

Martha led Sarah out to the kitchen and put the kettle on while Sarah sat down at the table.

"So what do you want to talk about?"

"I've just come from the hospital. I went to see about taking Jerry home but the doctor wants to keep him in a little longer. Jerry said you were at the hospital last night, was it about a boy called Declan?"

"Well you know strictly speaking I shouldn't say, but knowing you, there's a good reason for you asking this, so yes, I was there to see Declan."

"Good that makes it a little easier for me. Jerry told me about why Declan was there and asked if there was anything I could do to get him out of the situation he's in."

"I didn't get much last night in terms of what had happened; the woman fostering him was tight lipped which makes me a little suspicious, but I couldn't talk to Declan, he was still unconscious."

"Declan told Jerry that the boyfriend of this woman likes to get drunk and use him as a punch bag."

"Oh, that definitely explains a few things."

"How is that?"

"I've made a few visits since I placed Declan there and saw a few strange bruises. Declan just said he'd been a bit clumsy or got a bit boisterous in school. I was never really convinced because he had never shown that sort of behaviour before."

"So what does that now mean for Declan? Does he have to go back to that foster family or will you be able to find him somewhere better?"

"I've been Declan's case worker for a number of years now and he's a great kid and I wish I could have done better for him, but his age is going to make it really difficult for me to place him somewhere that will give you the happy ending you are looking for."

"You'd think people would want to help the good kids."

"You would, but unfortunately a lot of people go into foster caring when they can't have a family on their own and so they look for the younger kids to make the instant family. There are not many in the foster system that will take kids around Declan's age."

"I've been thinking since Jerry told me and I remembered something you said before, about how you've been told to not count someone's sexuality in the decision process when it comes to accepting potential foster carers."


"One of the options I was thinking about should Jerry have decided he didn't want to live with us, was that he live with Rick and Alan. Rick has worked on a crisis line for gay teens for a long time now, and he's mentioned in the past that he hated how his sexuality was a reason he was unable to offer some of those troubled teens a stable home life."

"So you think they'd consider taking Declan in?"

"I'd have to talk to them about it, but I think it's a possibility. Another is that Simon and I take him."

"Would you have the room for it?"

"I think we could work it out. Maybe get him and Jerry to share a room?"

"But is that fair on Justin? Going from an only child to having three strange boys living with him? And what about Alex? Would Jerry be ok with sharing a room?"

"I think Justin would be fine with it. Alex, I don't know. I think he'd feel he couldn't say no. He would probably see it as being no different a situation than he was in a couple of weeks ago. As for Jerry, I've just left him in the hospital where the nurses have moved him into a shared room with Declan and he seemed to be looking forward to it. Does that mean he'd be ok with it on a permanent basis? I honestly can't say."

"So really it's all ifs, buts and maybes at the moment."

"Well I only found out about it less than an hour or so ago."

"So what's the next step that you can see?"

"Well I think I need to talk to Alan and Rick and see if they would consider taking Declan in first. There's no point asking the Justin, Alex and Jerry until I know what Rick and Alan are going to do first."

"Ok, when do you think you'll know one way or the other?"

"I know Rick and Alan are going to be in this afternoon and Alex and Justin are at their house, so one way or another I can have a rough idea of what's going to happen in a couple of hours."

"I think that now Declan is awake I should go and visit him and get some answers as to what's been going on. If he confirms what he told Jerry earlier, I'll start the paperwork rolling on getting him out of that foster family and also contact the Police to see about charges being brought. I won't mention what you're planning. I just thought of something that may scupper either of the options you've come up with."

"What's that?"

"What one very important thing does Rick and Alan have in common with Alex?"


"Yeah, if he's anti-gay then putting him with Rick and Alan is doomed to fail and I don't think having someone who could potentially be hostile towards him, would be good for Alex."

"I hadn't thought about that possibility."

"I'll find out what he thinks later. So do you want me to phone you later to find out what Rick and Alan say or do you want to call me?"

"Do you have any plans tonight?"

"Not really why?"

"Simon has a boys night planned with some of the boys from work and with Justin and Alex over at Rick and Alan's I have the house to myself so if you're not doing anything why don't you come over and we can have some wine, watch a movie and talk about what we find out this afternoon?"

"That sounds so much better than what I was going to do. What about food, are you and Simon having food before he goes out?"


"Well you get the wine and I'll get a Chinese or would you prefer Indian?"

"I don't mind either."

"So I'll come over for what, sevenish?"

"Sounds ok to me, I'll pop into the video shop on my way home and get the film, any preference?"

"I don't know what's out at the moment, so you choose whatever you think will be good."

"Ok. I'll head off now then and let you go and visit Declan, so I'll see you around seven."

"Yeah, well hopefully we'll both have good news for the other tonight."

Sarah was pulling into the drive to Rick and Alan's just as Alex and Justin were coming down the street.

"Hey mom, no Jerry then?"

"Hi Sarah."

"Hi boys, no the doctor wants to keep him in a little longer."

"Oh well, no problems, did Jerry say if he'd need more films?" asked Justin.

"Let's get inside and I'll tell you all together."


Eager to find out the news Sarah had, the boys quickly followed her into the house.

As soon as they were in the door the boys were about to ask for more info when Rick came out to see who had come in.

"Hi Rick," said Sarah.

"Hi Sarah, Simon said you boys had been for a run, why don't you go grab a shower and then you can have some food when you come back down."

"Ok," said Justin.

Justin and Alex headed upstairs while Rick and Sarah headed into the living room.

"So, no Jerry with you then?"

"No, he's been kept in another night, but while I was there something came up that I need to talk to you and Alan about."

"Oh that sounds interesting, Alan's in the kitchen, come on we'll get a cuppa while we're in there; Simon's there helping Alan make some sandwiches for us all to have while the games are on."

"Hey hun," said Simon as Sarah walked into the kitchen. "Did Jerry get released?"

"No the doctor wanted him in one more night."

"Oh that's a shame. I thought you were just going to ring if he was kept in?"

"I need to talk to Rick and Alan about something that came up at the hospital."

"Do you want me to leave you guys alone?"

"No, if they can't help then I think we might be able to, so you may as well hear it the same time and then we can all talk about it."

"So what do you need to talk to us about?" asked Alan.

"I'm not sure but did Justin or Alex mentioned seeing Martha last night in the hospital?"

"I don't think so, why?" said Rick.

"You know Martha works for Social Services right?"

"Yeah," replied Rick.

"Well she got a call last night about a boy brought to the hospital in an ambulance. Well she didn't get much information last night because the boy was unconscious when she was there, but he's spent quite a while with Jerry today. It turns out Declan was already in the foster system under Martha's supervision but the woman she placed him with had a boyfriend who liked to get drunk and use Declan as a punch bag. Last night he went too far. When I went to see if Jerry was being discharged, Jerry asked me to try and help Declan."

"I can understand that, he sees you as someone he can trust, but I don't see where we can help Sarah," said Alan.

"Well, Rick has told me in the past how he wished Social Services weren't so anti-gay when it came to fostering."

"We looked into it not long after we got this house; we thought we could put the spare room to some real good use. We hadn't even filled out the paperwork before someone told us there was no point because they didn't look to single men as potential foster carers and when we said we were a couple, she almost choked. We left her office and have never looked into it again. It's a shame because like Rick I think we can offer a more stable and secure home for someone than a lot of others out there."

"So if I was to tell you that Social Services have now been told that your sexual orientation is not to be considered when an application is made, would you consider looking into it again?"

"I don't know, would they seriously consider us? I mean it's all well and good being told not to do something, but if you get the wrong person evaluating you it doesn't matter what they've been told, their prejudices will surface," said Rick.

"If you want to do it, Martha can do all the paperwork and I know she will not hold it against you."

"Let me guess, you are thinking we take Declan in?" asked Alan.

"So long as he doesn't have any preconceptions about gay people, it will work out for everyone."

"So Social Services are just going to hand him to us? Just like that?" asked Rick.

"No I think that as there is no history of children in the home, they may require a few more checks before they let you take custody of him. They didn't perform those with Simon and I straight away when we agreed to take Alex in, but that was a different situation. They've done those checks on us now so it's not like they'd be doing the checks on you just because you're gay."

"So if we agreed and we passed all these checks, where would he be in the meantime, surely they wouldn't put him back with this woman and her boyfriend?" asked Alan.

"No, Martha has gone to the hospital now to get the story from Declan and if he repeats what he told Jerry then she's going to start the removal process. They're likely to want to release him from the hospital soon but I was thinking, that if you two get on ok with him when you visit tonight."

"What do you mean visit tonight?" asked Alan.

"Well they've moved him and Jerry into a room together so you can see him when Alex and Justin visit later. If the three of you get on ok with each other and you're all happy for him to move in, then it's all down to paperwork and those checks. Then it's just a matter of finding Declan somewhere until all the checks are done."

"Let me guess, you already have somewhere in mind?" said Simon.

"I did think that while we don't have a spare room anymore as such…"

"Didn't you say last night that Alex and Justin had asked about sharing Justin's room?"

"I don't want to put Declan in Alex's room because I don't want Alex to feel pressured into anything, I told him he'd be keeping his room so that if he needed space away from Justin for some reason, it was there."

"But aren't we only talking about a few weeks?"

"Yes, but how much pressure would that put on Alex if he's having a bad day and has nowhere to go? I don't want to put any pressure on him which would mean he'd resort to cutting up again."

"What I was going to suggest is that as Jerry and Declan are sharing a room in the hospital, if Jerry, Alex and Justin are ok with it, perhaps Declan can share Jerry's room with us until all the paperwork and checks are completed for him to live with Rick and Alan."

"There's a lot of decisions need to be made by a lot of people," said Simon.

"Well what do you want me to say? I've had around an hour to think of all this and not being a mind reader I don't know what everyone is going to say so I can only offer suggestions."

"Well I think it's a great idea. I guess all we can do is see how the three of us get along later," said Rick.

"I agree with Rick, if the three of us get on well tonight, then I'll be happy to have him living here. I guess it'll mean a few changes but I'm sure we can cope with it all."

"So that just means finding out what Alex, Justin and Jerry think and whether you can swing it with Martha," said Simon.

"Martha is already aware of some of my ideas."

"How? I thought you came straight from the hospital?"

"No, I swung by her place to start the ball rolling. I can put it all to her later when she comes over tonight."

"So you've got your evening all planned out then?" asked Simon.

"I thought that as we're going to want to talk more about what both of us found out this afternoon, and you've got that guys night with the boys from work, we could have a girl's night, watch a film and have a takeaway while we talk."

"I see you two have got it all worked out. Well it's just as well I'm going out tonight then huh?"

"I wonder what happened to keep Jerry in for longer?" asked Alex when they were in the bedroom getting undressed.

"It's probably just because the doctor was more interested in getting home for his Sunday Roast than reading the charts properly, don't worry, I'm sure nothing's wrong, if it was bad news mom would have said already."

"I guess."

"Do you want to share the shower or shower separate?"

"We can share if you want."

"You sure?"


"Ok, if you grab the towels I'll start the shower up in Rick and Alan's room."

With that Justin was off down the hall to the en suite naked as per usual. Alex wasn't far behind him, only stopping to grab a pair of towels from the airing cupboard.

When Alex got into the shower room, Justin was already under the water. So Alex opened the door of the shower and stepped in.

Hearing the door open Justin turned to Alex. As soon as the door was closed, he pulled Alex towards him and started to kiss him. While his tongue was trying to wrap itself around Alex's, his hands were massaging Alex's arse.

Alex quickly got the message from Justin and reciprocated. Within seconds both boys were sprouting wood and grinding their hips against the other.

As Justin brought his hand around to start stroking Alex's cock, he started to move down Alex's body with his lips, kissing and sucking on his nipples as he passed them before flicking his tongue in and around Alex's belly button. It only took a few seconds before his lips were wrapped around Alex's cock.

Feeling Justin's tongue flick around his cock was really turning Alex on. He placed his hands on either side of Justin's head and started to move his hips in time with Justin's head.

While his tongue and lips were exploring Alex's cock, one hand started to play with Alex's balls and the other started stroking his own cock.

After enjoying playing with Alex's balls, he started to slide his hand between Alex's legs in search of his hole.

Feeling the slight pressure around his hole for the first time was a bit of a surprise but he was also curious to find out what it felt like to have Justin go inside him.

Justin's finger, wet from the shower, began gently moving around Alex's hole, putting some pressure into it and then pulling back, before going at it again. It didn't take too long repeating that before he started to feel his finger going deeper and deeper before eventually breaking through for the first time.

Alex gave a slight gasp when Justin's finger entered his hole.

Not sure if the gasp was good or not, Justin quickly pulled his finger out.

"Don't stop Sunshine, please."

Justin took Alex's words in and began again to apply a little pressure to the muscle around Alex's hole. When his finger entered this time, there was no gasp, so he started to move his finger in and out in rhythm with his head going up and down on Alex's cock.

A few minutes of Justin's lips, tongue and finger doing their bit brought Alex to climax, shooting his load down Justin's throat.

Seconds after shooting his load he was pulling Justin up so he could kiss him.

"That was amazing, thank you."

"Are you sure? I got carried away when I started playing with your hole, I didn't think. You're not mad at me for not asking first?"

"I'm not mad no. I think if you'd asked I'd have said I wasn't ready, but you've shown me how enjoyable it is. So thank you again."

Alex kissed Justin to stop him apologising again.

"Ok, my turn," said Alex.

Alex repeated everything Justin did apart from stroking his own cock. While he was sucking Junior and fingering Justin's hole, Alex started to think how much he enjoyed having Junior to play with.

Just like he had the night before, Alex kept some of Justin's cum on his tongue to share with Justin when they kissed.


"What Sunshine?"

"… Um… no, it's alright it's nothing."

"What did you want to say?"

"It's ok; um did Alan or Rick say about whether they'd thought about what film we'd watch tonight after we've seen Jerry?"

"Alan suggested perhaps we could go to the cinema, I said I was ok watching a film on the telly but if you want to go, I'm ok with it."

"I can check on Rick's laptop to see what's on before we decide which is best."

"Ok, do you think we'd best clean up now and go and find out what your mom found out at the hospital?"

"Yeah, I think we better had or one of them may come up looking for us."

They helped each other soap up and wash down before Justin switched the water off. They towelled each other down as well.

All clean and dried off they headed to the bedroom to get dressed before heading back downstairs.

Justin's parents and Rick and Alan were sittinh in the living room when Justin and Alex walked in.

"Why don't you boys go and put some sandwiches on a tray and bring them in here before we watch the game, it's about to kick off shortly," said Rick.

"So who's playing?" asked Alex.

"Man U visit the Emirates to take on Arsenal."

"Oh cool," replied Justin.

The boys weren't gone long before returning with a tray of sandwiches and drinks.

"So do we find out what happened at the hospital now?" asked Justin.

"Jerry is fine, the doctor just wanted to be sure there was nothing lingering. He's got a scan planned for the morning and if everything comes back clear then he's free to go."

"That's great," said Alex.

"Now there's something else we need to talk about," said Sarah.

"Oh, this sounds serious," said Justin.

"It's nothing that either of you have done, or Jerry for that matter."

"That's good to know," said Justin.

"No, it's to do with why Martha was at the hospital last night."

"How do you know about that? I don't think we even told Rick or Alan," said Justin.

"Well believe it or not, you are not my only source of information in the world."

"Awww shucks, I guess there's no point asking for a pay raise now then."

"You got that right. When I went to see Jerry there was a boy in his room with him called Declan. Jerry asked the boy if we could talk alone and he went off to shower I think. When Declan had left, Jerry told me about why he'd been admitted and asked me to help. I've spoken with Martha and I think we'll be able to sort something out for him but I will probably need your help."

"How can we help?" asked Alex.

"At the moment, Alan and Rick have agreed to look into the possibility of fostering Declan."

"Ok, but where do we come in?" asked Justin.

"Well we think there may be a delay in Social Services allowing him to live here. If that's the case then Declan will need somewhere to stay until the paperwork comes through. What I thought is that as Jerry and Declan are sharing a room in the hospital, maybe the two of them could share Jerry's room at home until he gets the go ahead to move in with Alan and Rick."

"And you want to know if we'd be ok with it?" asked Justin.

"That is a part of it, but at the moment we don't know if Declan has any prejudices that would mean living with Rick and Alan would be difficult or impossible. If that's the case then obviously living at ours wouldn't work either."

"I can understand that, so why do you think we'd have a problem with Declan moving in?" asked Alex.

"Well asking Declan to live with us is different to when you moved in Alex, or even when we asked if you boys would be ok with Jerry moving in."

"How? Declan is just as much a stranger to Justin as I was when you offered me a room in your home."

"I guess you would see it like that, but now it's not just a case of how Justin would feel about having a stranger living with him. It's how you and Jerry would feel as well. You and Justin asked me about sharing a bed at night, how does that work if Declan were to move in? Would you boys be comfortable with him knowing you are a couple straight away or would there need to be more caution?"

"Well if he's going to live with Rick and Alan he's going to find out one way or another and I don't like the idea of having to be careful about what I say or do in my own home again," said Justin.

"What about you Alex, would you be comfortable with Declan knowing about your relationship?"

"I don't know, I guess I'd have to know more. If he's going to live here with Rick and Alan then I guess he's going to have to be ok around gay people, but it's whether he'd understand about watching what he said around school. It's not that it'll bother me so much, With study leave kicking in soon, I'm not going to be there much and I can go somewhere else if I get good exam results; but Justin still has another year there and I also have to think about Jerry, he could catch a lot of hell for being the brother to a queer."

"I can see what you mean; well why don't you boys talk with Declan tonight and see what happens. I'm sure Justin can work out a few well-phrased questions that will tell you what sort of things Declan thinks. Remember nothing is set in stone and if you're not all happy about it, we'll look for some other way to work it out."

"Ok, did Jerry say whether he wanted us to take more films in tonight?" asked Justin.

"He did ask if you could, I phoned to find out but you two had just left for your run."

"Is it ok to take some others in tonight Rick, Alan?" asked Alex.

"Of course it is," said Rick.

"Thanks," replied Alex.

"Can we watch the game now? Or was there something else you needed to talk to us about?" asked Justin.

"Nope, nothing else. Now I've said what I wanted, I'll leave you boys to watch the football and I'll see you tomorrow."

"See you mom."

"See you tomorrow Sarah," said Alex.

Rick, Alan and Simon said their goodbyes to Sarah as she left before turning their attention to the beginning of the match.

"I guess talking about sex is going to distract us from any film we put on so why don't we leave it off until we've finished talking?"

"Sounds like a good idea," replied Jerry.

"Ok, let's start with the basics. When we're born you've got boys and girls. A boy is born with his sex organs on the outside, while a girl's are on the inside. Puberty hits most of us around twelve or thirteen. When we hit puberty a few things start to change. For boys, it's when we start getting hair under our arms, around our cock and balls and eventually on our face and our voices begins to deepen. As we get older our bodies get bigger and so do our cocks, which is why my cock is a bit bigger than yours at the moment."

"You'll also find that once you've started puberty, you'll get erections all the time. I've seen guys shower after gym and they got raging hardons. They've got a right load of ribbing because of it but it's not something we can control. I sprouted wood one day and all I was doing was sitting on a bus. Part of the reason for it all is the hormones flowing through your body. Yes you'll get an erection when you think about someone you think of as fit, but you can also get one when you're thinking about nothing particular, but you should never be embarrassed about it, it's just your body reacting to hormones."

"Yeah, but it's embarrassing when it happens at the wrong time, like when we were in the shower?"

"Yes and no. Yes it's a little embarrassing; perhaps what I should have said is that it's not something to be ashamed of. Your body was just reacting in a normal way to having a pair of hands sliding over it. So that's pretty much the main things that will happen to you over the next few years. One more thing is that your balls will start to produce a white liquid that comes out when you climax, depending on who you talk to will depend on what they call it. The proper term would be sperm, then there's cum, spunk, jizz to name a few. You know that to make a baby you need a guy and a girl. The guy makes the sperm and the girl makes the egg. The sperm fertilizes the egg and that's how a baby starts. Of course to get the sperm to the egg you generally need to put your cock into the girl's vagina, which is why the cock gets hard, so it can shoot the sperm closer to the egg."

"That's how a baby is made. There are a load of urban legends out there with regards to sex, like you can't get a girl pregnant the first time. That's bull. As soon as you are able to produce sperm you are fertile enough to get a girl pregnant. You could in theory make five girls pregnant in one day, but a girl is different. They generally only produce one egg each cycle and their cycle normally takes a month to go round from start to finish. The egg is only produced at a specific point in the cycle and so for a large part of their cycle they are not able to get pregnant."

"That's all the boring stuff. There are a number of different ways to have sex, there's vaginal which I've just explained. You put your cock in and out of the girl's vagina until you cum. Then there's anal where the only difference to vaginal is you use a person's arse hole instead of a vagina. That's more of a gay thing but some girls are into it as well. There's oral where you use your mouth to stimulate a cock or vagina. There's only one other way left that I know of. Believe me when I tell you it's what every boy does, the boys on the yard in school will rarely admit it but they do, it's masturbation. Do you have an idea what that is?."

"Is that what people call wanking?"

"Yeah that's it, I'm sure you've seen kids on the yard in school call someone a wanker and make a hole with their hand and shake it about?"


"Well that's pretty much what masturbating is. You slide your hand or fingers up and down your cock and eventually you'll shoot a load."


"Yeah. Now there's a load of different labels out there to describe what a person is all based on the type of person they find attractive. If I said I was straight, gay or bi would you know what each one meant?"

"Yeah, so how do you know so much about all of this?"

"Joys of being in the foster system. I've had foster brothers who were older who have told me a few things and one who showed me a few others and I've had sex ed lessons in school too."

"When you said one showed you a few things did the two of you, you know, do it?"

"No, nothing like that, he'd gotten hold of a few pornos and he let me watch them because we got on so well."

"What were they like?"

"They were interesting. So what else do you want to talk about, I think I've covered everything?"

"Have you ever done anything?"

"What do you mean? Had sex with someone you mean?"


"Nope, I've not even kissed someone, the closest to sex I've come is my left hand."

"Oh, ok. So are we going to watch a film now then?"

"You sure you don't have any more questions? I don't mind."

"No, I think you've told me enough for now, but if I have something later I'll ask is that ok?"

"Sure, so what film do you want to watch?"

"Oh I don't mind, you choose."

As the final whistle blew, Simon got up and said "On that note, I think I'd better head home and get ready for later."

"Ha, you're just gutted Man U lost," said Justin.

"No, I have a few things I want to do before I go out tonight so I'll see you boys tomorrow. I hope things go well tonight."

"We'll be fine I'm sure, just have fun yourself," said Justin.

"Bye Simon," said Alex.

"Yeah just don't go back home in the same state as last time," said Rick.

"What do you mean, I was perfectly fine."

"What, you call spending the night with your head in the toilet, fine?"

"Oh that night, well it's not something I plan on repeating, I'm designated driver tonight so no booze for me."

"Oh well, have fun and we'll talk tomorrow I'm sure," said Alan.

"Bye guys."

With that Simon was gone.

"What do you boys want to do now? There's another game on in half hour or so or we could watch a film before we go to the hospital?" asked Alan.

"Is it ok if we watch the game?" asked Alex.

"Sure, if that's what you want to do, have you talked to Justin about whether you boys want to go to the cinema after we've been to see Jerry?"

"Can we borrow the laptop Rick so we can see what films are on tonight? There's no point in saying yes if it turns out there's nothing worth seeing," asked Justin.

"Sure, I'll go and get it."

"While you boys work out what you're going to do, I'll go and get the food sorted, if we're going to go to the cinema, we'll want to eat before we go out."

Rick wasn't long in returning with the laptop for the boys.

"I'll go and help Alan in the kitchen, just come and let us know when you've decided what we're going to do."

"Ok," said Justin.

Justin quickly opened the laptop and switched it on.

"Why don't you start looking for films we could take to Jerry tonight while I get this going and find the cinema page?"

"Sure, but you'll have to help me work out whether they're worth taking."

"Most of Alan and Rick's DVD collection are good films, but as he's going to be watching them with Declan, maybe taking some of the ones that aren't gay related may be better."

"I wasn't thinking of taking some of those anyway. I know Jerry seems to be getting a kick out of watching you and I kiss but I don't know if seeing a guy give another a blowjob, like that one in Eating Out, would be something he'd appreciate."

"Oh I don't know, I think your brother may be far more open minded than most boys his age."

"Yeah that may be true but there's a difference in being open minded and having it pushed into your face."

Justin started to break out in laughter.

"What? Oh you're twisting what I said aren't you?"

"You said having it pushed into your face and all I could think of was having you push your cock into my face. Something I would never get tired of."

"You know what I meant."

"Yes I do, but I have a feeling Jerry will be fine with watching things like Queer as Folk or Eating Out."

"Maybe, but I want to let him decide if he wants to watch them and not feel like he has to because that's all we took him to watch."

"Ok, well you pick some out and we'll work out whether they're suitable or not."

Alex began looking through the shelves of DVDs while Justin started to pull up the cinema website.

"Oh wow, there's some really good films there tonight. I don't know if I can decide on just one."

"What's there?"

"Well there's Red Riding Hood, Beastly, Fast 5 and Thor. Beastly and Thor have two really hot guys in them as does Fast 5 but I think that may be best left until you've had chance to see the others. Red Riding Hood has the girl in it out of Mamma Mia, she's a good actress."

"It's no point asking me, you know I'm not up to date on any of them, why don't you go and ask Rick and Alan what they think?"

"Yeah good idea, I'll be back in a bit to help sort through those."


Justin quickly headed out to the kitchen carrying the laptop, leaving Alex looking through the shelves and watching the lead up to the game.

"Hey, Rick and Alan had a look and we can watch Thor and Beastly if we want, they wanted to see both as well. Does that sound ok with you?"

"Well we don't have to be up early to go swimming in the morning so sure, why not. Not that I really know that much about either film. I've found a couple of films we could take for Jerry."

"What are they?"

"Well there's a few Mission Impossible films, they look good, and there's one called Minority Report. I don't know about these Matrix films though, they sound weird on the boxes."

"The Mission Impossible and Minority Report films are good, and yes the Matrix films are a little weird but they are good as well. What about these?"

Justin pointed out the Harry Potter movies.

"I don't see why we couldn't take say the first two or three, hang on, what's Eragon like?"

"That's another film with a hottie in it. It's based on the book with the same name. The film's not bad but the book is far better, I'd say take it as well. So what's that, eight films without Matrix, so we add the Matrix series in and I think that should be more than enough for the two of them to watch tonight and tomorrow."

"Most films are what ninety minutes long, that means there's like sixteen hours or more here. I think that should keep them pretty busy."

"Ok that's sorted, now it's just watch the game, have something to eat and get ready to go out."

"I'll go tell Alan and Rick the game's about to start."

A few seconds later, Rick and Alex returned.

"Alan didn't want to see it?"

"He said that if we want to eat and get to the hospital in time for the start of visiting, then we'll need to eat soon so he's going to finish sorting the food out and it should be ready for half time so we shouldn't miss any of the game," said Rick.

"Oh, ok."

The game looked to be over when Man City took a two nil lead in the first fifteen minutes but it got more interesting when West Ham pulled a goal back about ten minutes before half time.

Just like Rick had said, the food was ready for them to eat just before the end of the first half. All of them sat down at the table to eat rather than use trays on their laps.

Alex volunteered to do the dishes and wouldn't listen to Alan tell him to watch the game.

As it turned out, other than the odd shot at goal there was nothing else to the second half and the game finished with Man City the winners.

With that all four went upstairs to change before they headed off to the hospital and their first meeting with Declan.

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