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Alex's Guardian Angel

by Anthony Lane

Chapter 47


This story contains scenes of love and a sexual nature involving males with other males. If the reading or possessing of such material as this is illegal in your country, state, province, county, municipality, etc., please leave this site immediately and do not proceed further. If you are under the legal age to read this, please do not do so.

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Most of the places mentioned, and none of the characters exist in real life. Whilst there are references to celebrities in places, no inference should be taken as to their sexual orientation in real life. This story is completely fictional.

This is my first attempt at writing fiction. I was inspired to pick up the pen after reading several stories by David Lee which can be found in the prolific authors section on Nifty.

I would like to send out thanks to both David and Tom who have both helped to edit the errors out. If you would like to send me an email about this story please put Alex's guardian angel in the main title. Thanks for reading.

[Time to visit what's happening with Aaron, Danny and the twins. When last we saw them, the twins were just leaving Dr Boyland's office.]

While the twins were at the doctor's, Danny and Aaron had spent time talking with their mother. They had also talked to each other about what they should do with the last couple of days at the caravan.

The one big question on June's lips when she was talking with Aaron was about the letter she had received from his school. They had written to her in response to Aaron's lack of interest in submitting any applications to universities.

"It's simple mom, I want to wait until Lucas and Liam are ready to go and then the three of us can go together."

"I don't know Aaron; that means two years of putting your life on hold. I know Lucas and Liam mean a lot to you, they mean a lot to me too, but should you really be holding your life up for them?"

"You remember a couple of summers ago, before I knew the twins; and Danny had left for the army? I was completely miserable, had no one around to have fun with."

"But if you went to uni, you'd meet other people in the same boat as you. I think it's a mistake to put off going just because you're afraid you won't make friends."

"It's not so much that I'm afraid of making friends; I don't think I would be happy spending months at a time away from Liam and Lucas. With that in mind I'd only be able to choose from the courses in Cardiff University because that would allow me to still live at home and see Lucas and Liam, but if I wait until they are ready to go the three of us would have a lot more choices open to us."

"Have you talked to the boys about this?"

"No, it's my decision and I don't see what they could say that would make me change my mind."

"What do you think about this Danny?"

"I wasn't around to see the beginning of the relationship and to some people it's bizarre, but you have seen over time how it has been really good for all three of them. They push each other when it comes to all aspects of their life. Do I think we should be telling Aaron that now he needs to leave the twins to go to uni because that's what everyone else is doing? Not a chance. I think if anything, it would be a bad move for all three of them. I know you are trying to think about what's best for Aaron, but for me Aaron has shown that he is capable of making the right decision. Plus I think Aaron's idea of the three of them going together makes more sense to me because they would be more inclined to push each other to excel like they have in the pool, whereas if Aaron went on his own his studies would likely take a big hit from his moping around missing Lucas and Liam."

"I guess I can see your point. So what are you going to do with the two years you'll be waiting for Lucas and Liam to complete their A-levels?"

"I'm not completely sure; I was thinking that maybe I could look at doing some computer courses that the local college offers. I guess getting a job would be a good idea so that I could save some money for uni. I haven't really thought a lot about it, with my exams coming up and all that."

"Why don't you concentrate on your exams and then we can talk some more about what you're going to do."

"Thanks mom, I knew you'd get it."

The ride from the doctor's office to Aaron's house was quiet. Myfanwy was a little concerned at just how quiet the boys were but thought that if they wanted to talk to her they would do. She couldn't help wonder that perhaps some of the silence was due to the boys seeing the other two boys in the waiting room. Myfanwy was sure that both Lucas and Liam knew who they were and she wondered if this may be a problem somewhere down the line.

When the car pulled up outside Aaron's all three got out of the car and headed in to the house. Aaron was opening the door as soon as the car stopped. The twins and Aaron went upstairs to his room, while Myfanwy went out to the kitchen.

"How did it go?" asked June.

"I don't know, the boys haven't said a word since they got out. I don't know if it's because of the session with David or whether maybe seeing the two boys in the waiting room might have something to do with it."

"What do you mean?" asked Danny.

"While Liam and I were waiting for Lucas to finish, two boys and a woman came into the waiting area. I am sure Liam knew who they were but no one said anything and when Lucas came out and David called the boy Alex in, I was sure there was a hint of recognition in Lucas' face too."

"I think it may just be that David has given the boys a lot to think about rather than seeing the other boys in the waiting room. Even if it is seeing these others, they won't know why Lucas and Liam are seeing David in the same way the twins don't know why those boys were there. But don't worry, I'm sure that they'll start talking soon," said Danny.

"I'm sure you're right Danny, it's just that I hate seeing them like that."

"Here you go Myfanwy, drink this cuppa. Danny and Aaron agreed that it made more sense for the boys to have food here before they headed back to the caravan so I've made a start and it should be ready in half hour and I'm sure that by the time the boys have eaten, Lucas and Liam will be fine," said June.

Upstairs Aaron and the twins started playing on the PlayStation. Aaron could sense that Lucas and Liam had a lot on their minds. Not sure if he should try and get them to talk about it he thought that he would be better waiting for them to start if they wanted to.

"What time is Danny taking us back to the caravan?" asked Liam.

"While you were at the doctor's mom asked about food, Danny and I thought it would be best if we ate before heading back to the caravan so I think it will be at least two before we leave."


"Are you two ok?"

"If Lucas' appointment went like mine, he's given us a lot to think about. Stuff that I don't think any of us had thought about and it's all stuff that's better talked about at the caravan. I don't think any of it is bad, it's just stuff that needs to be talked about."

"Yep, sounds like we had the same chat," said Lucas.

"There was something I meant to ask you bro, did you recognise those boys in the waiting room?" asked Liam.

"Yeah, they go to our school. I know the one plays for the footy team, or at least he did. I haven't seen him play in a while. The other one I've seen around school but he always seems to be on his own and when we've been in the same room, which I don't think has happened often, I don't think I've heard him say a single word."

"I thought I'd seen them somewhere."

"Does seeing someone there that may know who you are make any difference? Surely if they are there then they need some help?"

"I don't think it's going to be a problem, after all like you said he or they are both there for whatever reason so I don't think they'll be quick to shout about seeing us there to anyone else. It's just someone you know knowing you're going there is a little weird," said Liam.

"I guess I can see that, but it's not like David is going to be talking about the two of you to the others."

"No, you're right. David's pretty cool and I don't think he would ever do that."

"Well now that's sorted we can get on with the game."

The three played against each other until Danny came in to tell them the food was ready. Danny saw the twins were laughing and joking with Aaron so he knew the boys were going to be ok.

After the food was polished off and the boys all mucked in to clean up they were all ready to head back to the caravan. They said their goodbyes and were in the car looking forward to what was going to be an interesting last couple of days.

The ride to the caravan was uneventful. They listened to some music off the radio and talked quietly. When Danny had pulled the car up, all four got out and went straight into the caravan.

"Danny, did you have any plans for what we were going to do tonight?" asked Lucas.

"I had thought that maybe we could all go to the bowling alley for a few hours, but when your mom said you were quiet after the doc's I wasn't sure if you would want to."

"That sounds ok. I guess we have been kinda quiet, but that's because David gave us a lot to think about earlier. He knows how we both feel about Aaron and when we were talking to David about what has happened here this week, he asked us about our feelings for you. He asked questions like did we consider you a friend with benefits or closer to a boyfriend. Did we feel more for Aaron than we did for you or are our feelings the same. There is only one way to really answer those questions and that's to talk it out amongst ourselves over the next couple of days. I know it's a lot to just drop in your laps but David thinks it's time we worked on defining our relationships now that we are coming to terms with losing dad," said Liam.

"Wow, you weren't joking when you said it's a lot to drop on me. I suspect you two still need a few hours to try and think about this, so why don't we go bowling like I had planned and Aaron and I can think about some of it while we're out and then when we get back we can all talk?"

"Do you think that you'll be able to concentrate on bowling if your head's full of questions?" asked Lucas.

"Aaron? What do you think?" asked Danny.

"I don't know what to think. I guess I'm going to need a bit of time to work out what I would say about those questions and sitting around here isn't going to help with that, so let's go bowling and we'll see."

"That sums up how I feel as well, so do you boys need to change or are we ok going like this?"

After a nod from Lucas, Liam said, "We're fine."

After a quick drink, the four got back into the car and they were off to the bowling alley.

When they got back to the caravan a few hours later they were laughing and joking about some of the attempts they had all made during the games.

With Aaron setting up the laptop for them to watch one of the films Danny had downloaded, Danny set to work on making something for everyone to eat. After they'd eaten and the dishes all washed and put away, they decided that it was time to start talking about how they all felt.

"I think we should try and talk about some of the questions you asked earlier and I think we'd be better off doing that now before we get undressed and our hormones get in the way," said Aaron.

"Ok, so who is going to go first?" asked Liam.

"I think we all can agree that the exploring sex between the four of us has been something we've all enjoyed?" asked Aaron.

"It definitely has for me," said Lucas.

"Me too," added Liam.

"It has made me think a lot about myself but yeah, I've enjoyed everything we've done together," said Danny.

"Ok, so the next question, are the four of us in a loving equal relationship or are we just exploring the sex that can happen between the four of us?"

"That's the trouble, how do we begin to answer that?" asked Liam.

"How about we look at it in a different way? Assuming for a moment that we are ten years older, do you see the four of us living together and sharing a bed, or do you think that there is a possibility that that wouldn't be in our future?" asked Aaron.

"I can see where you're going," replied Lucas.

"I think we can all agree that when you were all around fifteen the three of you thought of yourselves to be in a loving relationship? You would do anything for each other," said Danny.

"Yeah, that's true but the question we have to answer isn't about the three of us, it's about the four of us," said Liam.

"My point is the only reason we're having this discussion is because Myfanwy asked me to look after you guys the weekend you two turned sixteen."

"Look, I think we're going off track a little. You and I never had the close, intimate relationship that Lucas and Liam had growing up, but since that weekend I have found myself feeling closer to you than ever. Do I love you any different because of the sex? No. Do I love you any less than Lucas and Liam? No. For me I see us as a foursome."

"Did I think that getting Danny naked that weekend would lead to all of this? No. Did we get you naked that weekend just because we expected you to have sex with us? Absolutely not! Do Lucas and I find you sexy? Definitely! Do we love you? You bet we do. Is our love for Aaron different to the love we have for you? I don't think so."

"I agree with Liam. So the question is how do you feel Danny?"

"As I've said before, I considered myself straight and sex with any boy never entered my head. Then that weekend broke it all. Do I now consider myself gay? At the moment I can't amswer that. I do know that I love the three of you. I enjoy the sex we've been having. Am I content with the idea that I never have sex with a woman in the future? I can't say I'll miss something I've never had. Do I think we could make a life together as we are? I don't see why not."

"Well that settles the big question. And it also answers where we see our future of the relationship," said Aaron.

"I know this is something you haven't talked to Lucas and Liam about Aaron, but, I think they should know what you've decided about university."

"What's Danny talking about?" asked Liam.

"He's talking about my decision to put off going to uni until the three of us could go together."

"Why would you do that? It's not fair on you to hang around for two years," replied Lucas.

"Like I said to mom, if I go to uni this September, there is only one uni I would go to and that's Cardiff, which limits the number of courses I could do. If I wait until you two can go then we can choose a uni that suits the three of us."

"But why is Cardiff the only one open to you now?" asked Liam.

"How much time have we spent apart from each other in the last few years?"

"Apart from school nights, I don't think we've been apart," answered Lucas.

"If I chose a university in England for example, how often do you think I'd be able to get back home to spend time with you? I don't want to have to spend time away from the two of you. I want to be with you as much as I can and that means either I put off going to uni until you two can go or I go to Cardiff. I've had a look at the prospectus for Cardiff and while I think for some it's a great university, I want to have more choices open to me."

"There's one problem with your thinking," said Liam.

"What's that?"

"You've made an assumption that the three of us would be able to go to the same university. There is no guarantee that we would all get accepted to the same uni."

"I don't think that's going to be a problem, you two get good grades the same as me."

"What will you do for the next two years while we sit our A-levels?" asked Liam.

"I've not completely worked that out, I was thinking perhaps I could work or do some courses in college."

"And what do you think about this Danny?" asked Lucas.

"While I was in the army a few of the guys got letters from their girlfriends telling them that they'd found someone else. A lot of long distance relationships don't work. We have just agreed that we consider we are in a relationship. There are two academic years between Aaron and you two. That means that we are looking at five or six years before you all graduate. I say six because some courses last four years. Do I think our relationship could last that long with all of us separated in different cities? With us not spending much of our time apart, that makes answering that difficult. Before I left for the army, Aaron and I were not as close as we are now, but we were close. Aaron found being alone that summer really hard to deal with, then he met you two. Do I think Aaron could find and make friends at uni if he went this September? Yes he could, but I know that he'd miss us and I think that would affect his grades. While you two would still have me around to help you deal with Aaron being away, I think his absence would affect your grades as well."

"So you think Aaron is right to wait?" asked Lucas.


"Ok, so assuming that Aaron waits and the three of us get accepted for our courses in the same uni. What happens? The three of us go off and you stay here?" asked Lucas.

"I was in the kitchen this morning when mom asked Aaron about his plans for uni after she got a letter from the school, so I've had a bit of time to think about it. I'm going to assume that whichever uni you three choose, you're going to want me along with you for a minute."

"I thought we'd answered that, if we can't deal with Aaron going off on his own, why would we leave you here and head off without you?" said Lucas.

"Ok, the four of us are going to be going when you're ready. Assuming I'm still doing the same job in two years, I'm pretty sure I could transfer to a different office or even work from home which means I could go where I liked."

"So I guess the only thing that needs to be worked on is what Aaron's going to do for the next two years," said Liam.

"I don't think we need to answer that right now, Aaron has his final exams to work towards and you two have your GCSEs. Let's get those out of the way before we worry what Aaron's going to be doing."

What Danny didn't say was that he was certain he would be able to get Aaron a job working for the same company as him.

"Have we answered all the questions David asked you or do we need to keep going?" asked Aaron.

"His plan was for us to work out what we thought the relationship between the four of us meant to each of us and whether we saw it as long term or just a bit of fun," replied Lucas.

"We've worked that out, so how about we cwtch up and watch a film?" asked Danny.

"Sounds good to me," said Lucas, Liam and Aaron.

Lucas and Liam made hot drinks for everyone while Aaron got the film ready to go and Danny got the blankets for them all to cwtch up under. When the drinks were made, they all got undressed before they got under the blankets. Aaron thought that with the conversations they'd had it was important for the twins to have Danny in between them and he spent half the film cwtching up to the other side of Liam and the other half cwtching up to Lucas. When they went to bed they were all up for a bit of fun.

Liam told them that any fun they had that night was to be had with mouths only, no hands were to be used in any shape or form. There was lots of cum and fun had by all.

When they got up the next day it was a little sad as they realised that this was their last full day at the caravan. They had to be out of the caravan by ten the next day, so with that in the back of their mind they started to make plans for their last day while they ate their breakfast.

"I want to clean the caravan up today rather than trying to do it in a rush in the morning, so I suggest we do something this morning, have lunch, all muck in to clean up the caravan this afternoon and then we can all settle down to watch a few films after dinner and then in the morning it's breakfast and showers and we can head straight home," said Danny.

"Sounds ok with me," replied Aaron.

"Me too," said Lucas and Liam together.

"So I guess the only thing we need to work out is what are we going to do with the morning?"

"How about we head over to the swimming pool?" asked Aaron.

"Good idea," said Liam.

"I think a few hours in the pool is a good plan," said Lucas.

"So the pool it is then," replied Danny.

After breakfast was eaten and all the dishes washed and put away the boys got dressed to go to the pool and after a quick ride in the car they were in the changing rooms getting undressed. With their Speedos on they went in to the pool area and dived in.

They kept to the birthday weekend rules when they got back to the caravan and stripped their clothes off as soon as the door was closed. Danny was in charge of lunch and after spending a few hours swimming and messing about in the pool they were all hungry.

After polishing off all the sandwiches and washing the few plates, it was time for them to make a move cleaning the caravan.

"I've decided that it would be better to go out for dinner tonight, so leave a suitable set of clothes out and pack everything else up. Not that there's much to pack."

"Why don't we do it like this, Liam can clean the bathroom, I'll clean the living room, you clean the kitchen area and Lucas can do the bedroom and as we finish we help whoever is still going?" suggested Aaron.

"Is that ok with you two?" asked Danny.

"Ok with me," said Liam.

"Me too," answered Lucas.

They went to start the cleaning and found that after an hour all the parts of the caravan had been cleaned up. With a couple of hours left before they were to go out for dinner, they all cwtched up in the living room and watched a film on the laptop.

"Can I ask you all something?" said Lucas.

"What's up?" asked Danny.

"I was just thinking about what we were talking about yesterday."

"What about it?" asked Aaron.

"About university and what happens then. I know we have to start studying for our exams when we go back home tomorrow; and that has to be our priority until the summer, but shouldn't we start thinking about what we are going to be doing at uni and after?"

"I want you boys to concentrate on the things that are important right now, loving each other, studying and your time at the pool. Everything else can wait until the summer when you'll have all the time to think about what's going to happen in the future," said Danny.

"I guess you're right, is coach going to let us into the pool this weekend or do we have to wait until we go back to school?" asked Lucas.

"When I was arranging this trip I had to talk to your coach because I knew you'd want to have him spend time at the pool with you guys. I explained to him about the holiday and asked him if he'd be ok to open the pool up for the last few days of the Easter holidays. His response was that he hoped you'd enjoy your break and he'd be glad to open the pool up, you just need to call him when we get back to arrange what times."

"That's cool," said Liam.

"One thing you're going to need to think about though, tomorrow is the royal wedding and I'm pretty sure your coach is going to want to see that, even if he doesn't there's supposed to be a load of street parties going on, so I'd suggest that even if you were thinking about going to the pool tomorrow, you don't. Call your coach tomorrow evening and arrange to go to the pool on Saturday."

"Sounds fair, to be honest, I wouldn't mind seeing some of the wedding anyway. For some reason I find Prince Harry pretty hot," said Liam.

"I doubt you'll see much of him, being as the wedding is all about his brother," said Lucas.

"Maybe, maybe not, but it doesn't hurt to look."

"There is something else we need to talk about," said Danny.

"What's that?" the three boys asked.

"You've all mentioned studying for your exams. I am guessing nothing much has changed since I went to school a few years ago and you're all going to get study leave. Are you going to spend that time with each other or will you find being together too distracting to study? Would it be a good idea if I dropped you two off at mom and dad's to spend the day there with your mom and Aaron? Or, if mom agrees, would it be better for the two of you to move in there until your exams are over? It wouldn't be any different to spending the weekend because you all sleep in the same bed anyway."

"And how would we spend time with you then? Isn't that sort of cutting you out of it all if we moved in with Aaron?" asked Lucas.

"I thought that there may be more studying done if our moms were around than if I left the three of you alone at my place."

"I guess you've got a point there. But why don't we do as you suggest, move in with Aaron when we start out study leave. Then on the weekends, we bring some of our work with us and we spend it with you?" asked Liam.

"I am happy whatever you decide as long as you're going to spend the time off studying and not doing other things. So I guess we'll go to mom's house straight from here in the morning, talk to both moms about the study leave and see what they both say. Anything else we need to talk about or can we settle down to watch this film now?"

"I don't think there's anything," said Aaron.

Before they got into bed later that night, Danny set the alarm so that they wouldn't have to rush around the next morning.

After a bowl of cereal for breakfast and a quick shower, all four were packing the car and making a final check on the caravan to make sure they left it clean before they headed home. The drive home wasn't any different to any of the other times they'd made the journey except this time they were a little down as this was the end of their holiday. To an outsider this would seem silly as they could do anything they did at the caravan at home because their parents knew about the relationship and accepted it but to them it was the end of a time when they'd moved from a trio in love to a foursome and for them, that meant that their time in the caravan was special.

June and Myfanwy were both glad to see the boys when the car pulled up outside Aaron's house.

"So what are you boys going to do now until you have to go back to school?" asked June after the boys had settled down in the living room with a cup of tea.

"We talked with Danny last night and there's something we need to talk to you and mom about," said Lucas.

"You know you can ask anything, so let it out," said June.

"Well, in a couple of weeks, Liam, Aaron and I will all be off school for study leave. Danny suggested that Liam and I move in here during the week so we can keep each other going and help each other if we're stuck. Ok, Liam and I won't be able to help Aaron as much but you get the idea. Then we give you some peace and spend the weekend at Danny's. Does that sound like it would work well or do you have another suggestion?"

"I think having you boys around during the week would be great, I also think having me and Myfanwy around is more likely to make you study than if you were left alone at Danny's during the day while he's at work."

"There's something I need to talk to you boys about as well," said Myfanwy.

"What's that mom?" asked the twins.

"Well I got a letter from your father's solicitor. He's been offered a promotion at work which will mean that he has to leave the country. He'll be the new division chief in Germany. As a result of this, he's looking for a quick end to the divorce proceedings I set in motion."

"I don't see how that's going to make any difference to us mom, we've already come to terms with him not being around," said Liam.

"There's a snag to it, the solicitor has admitted that because your father wants this all done before he leaves for Germany it gives us an edge. They have offered me a deal where I get the house, mortgage free, but for that I don't get any support from him nor do you boys when you leave school or turn eighteen, whichever is last. That means he wouldn't support you boys when it comes to tuition if you go to university."

"If dad's signing over the house, does that mean you could sell it if you wanted to?" asked Lucas.

"I could if I wanted to, which I'm guessing is what will happen because I don't think you boys want to live there do you?"

"If you want to live in the house mom you can, but I think Liam and I would rather not have to."

"I agree," said Liam.

"Well that makes it easy, because I didn't really want to live there anyway. I have already talked to June about this and she's happy for me to stay here until we can find a house where we'll be happy."

"Liam and I have always been more comfortable sharing one bed and we're going to be off to uni in the not too distant future. So rather than getting a big house with loads of bedrooms, why don't you just look for a two bedroom flat or house and then you can use the money you save to keep you going until you can find a job."

"June and I had already talked about what type of house to look at. She pointed out that you boys all preferred sharing the one room and that you'd be more likely to want to live with Aaron and Danny sooner rather than later. So I've decided that a two bedroom house is more than big enough. I didn't want to make a move on anything until you boys were able to have your say, but now I know how you feel I can let my solicitor know that we're happy with what your father has offered."

"Ok, now all the heavy stuff is over with, did you boys enjoy your time in the caravan?" asked June.

"Yeah, we had all sorts of fun. There were some things we didn't do a lot of, like sunbathing and spending hours on the beach but there's always the summer for things like that," said Liam.

"What about the pool, didn't you miss spending hours in the pool?" asked Myfanwy.

"We went to the pool a couple of times, but we didn't spend hours in intense work like we would have if we were home so we did miss it to a degree. That doesn't mean we'd have changed the last ten days for anything," said Aaron.

"So back to my earlier question, what are you boys going to do with the rest of the holidays?" asked June.

"Well, there's the royal wedding later today that I'd like to see and then later we're going to phone coach and ask him if he can open the pool the next few days until we start back in school, and the rest of the time we're going to make a start on our revision work," said Liam.

"Well that sounds fair, there's going to be a street party here for the wedding, you probably saw some tables being set up when you came in. A few houses have agreed to cook certain things so there's a mixture of different foods for later. So you boys have some time before the wedding starts while Myfanwy and I work on some of the food for later and then we'll have you boys carry it out for us."

The boys settled down watching some of the lead up to the wedding after they had gone out to the car to get their bags. Danny got them to put all the dirty clothes into a pile so that it could be sorted and put into the washing machine while they were all watching the telly.

Liam got his wish and saw Prince Harry. Lucas pointed out how he looked as if he'd ridden on a horse before the wedding because his knees we so far apart while he was walking down the aisle.

They joined everyone in the street party afterwards and all had a good time. As the party started to break up the boys went back to the house and started to think about what they were going to do that night and where they were going to sleep.

Aaron called the coach to work out the best time to go to the pool the next day and then from there they could work out what they would do with their time. The coach said he wouldn't be able to open the pool up for them until the afternoon and Aaron thanked him saying that was fine.

With the pool sorted, they just had to work out what else to do. Lucas and Liam's school stuff was all at Danny's and that meant that any revision they could start on would have to involve a trip to Danny's.

"How about I take the three of you back to my place tonight and then on to the pool tomorrow, I spend some time at the pool and then when you're finished I bring you here to mom's so you can spend the rest of the weekend with them?"

"That sounds like a good plan, but won't you be lonely without us there?" asked Lucas.

"I've been on my own in the past and I'm going to be fine, besides we don't have to spend every night or every waking minute together do we?"

"I know, but you don't have to. What if we spend the days here with mom and June and then we spend the nights with you at your place?"

"I am not going to say no to that arrangement but it's up to you boys."

"Well if we spend the nights with you we don't have to worry about any noises we make," said Liam.

"Who said you're going to be making any noise apart from the snoring?"

"First we don't snore," said Lucas.

"Who told you that?" asked Danny.

"I know we don't or Aaron would have said so before now. And second, are you telling me you're not interested in any sex at all this weekend?"

"Ok, what time do we go to my place?"

"Why don't we go about nine, we don't have to be up early in the morning and so we can stay as late as we like?" said Aaron.

"Sounds fine to me," replied Danny.

With that sorted the boys settled down to spend some time with both mothers and Aaron and Danny's father who had been at the golf club all day.

As soon as they had the front door to Danny's place closed, Liam announced that it was time to get naked.

Danny made a cup of tea for everyone before they worked out what they were going to do that night.

"I know exactly what I want to do tonight. I want to have one of you use the dildo on me while Lucas sucks me," said Liam.

"That sounds good, why don't we sixty nine while Aaron and Danny use a dildo on each of us that way everyone is involved."

"Well that's Lucas and I sorted, what do you two want to do?"

"I like the idea of what you just suggested, we swap over, I sixty nine with Aaron while you fuck us with one of the dildos does sound good. What do you think Aaron?"

"It's fine with me but I think there's something we need to start thinking about."

"What's that?" asked Liam.

"We are obviously enjoying having something up our arses, we need to start thinking about going to the next step and having one of us there instead of some rubber dick."

"I've been thinking about that. I've read that some people call it your cherry, while others will say virginity. I don't know if virginity is the right name for it, so I'll stick with cherry. I know it may be a little selfish but I want to lose my cherry to Aaron. I've wanted his dick in my arse ever since the birthday weekend," said Danny.

"I don't think that's being selfish. I have thought about how we could make this work out for a while, even before we became a foursome. Liam and I have talked about this before. We didn't include Aaron because we didn't want him saying that this idea or that one wasn't fair. We decided that it would be ok if Aaron was the one to take, as you call it, our cherrys. What we couldn't work out was which one of us would take Aaron's assuming he wanted it taken. But thinking quickly here; and Liam can say if he disagrees with me, but what if each brother is the one to take the other's cherry?"

"Do you two think that's fair?" asked Lucas.

"I don't think I could work it out any fairer. While we were a trio I had wondered how we'd work it out so that one of us didn't feel left out but thinking about it, I think it makes more sense doing it this way," said Liam.

"You boys don't have to agree to this just to please me," said Danny.

"Look Danny, we've been enjoying sex with each other now for a while and you agreed in the caravan that this is now a foursome not a trio so we need to work things out so that everyone gets what they want, where that's possible. Here it is easy. But questioning us about why we're doing something has to stop. We love you just like we love Aaron," said Lucas.

"I'm sorry, I guess it's going to take me time to get used to it, I still feel a little like I'm butting in on the three of you."

"Well you're not, so enough. So with that settled, let's go to bed, I want to start sucking on Liam's cock," said Lucas.

Aaron and Danny got the dildos out and lubed them up while the twins got each other's hole ready. Danny let Aaron choose which of the twins he was going to use the dildo on before he started on the other.

Aaron was really turned on to what he was watching and doing with Liam. Seeing Liam suck his brother while he was getting his hole fucked made Aaron feel really hard.

Like his brother, Lucas was enjoying having his hole fucked while he got to suck his brother's cock.

"Wait," said Lucas as he lifted his head up.

"What's wrong? Did I hurt you?" asked Danny.

"No, I think I'm ready for Liam to fuck me."

"Are you sure? I mean we aren't using the biggest of the dildos."

"I'm ready if Liam is?"

"Am I ever, let's try but on one condition."

"I know, I let you know if you're hurting me."

"So I guess you're going to need to move bro, I can't exactly do much with you in this position."

Lucas got up off the bed and allowed Liam to move as well.

"So which way do you think is best? Do you want me to go in doggy style, missionary style or do you want to ride me like a cowboy?"

"I think it would be best if you lie down on your back and I'll sit down on your cock and ride you. That way I can control how much and how fast."

"No problem."

Liam got onto the bed and Danny got the lube out and plastered Liam's dick with it while Aaron put more on Lucas' hole.

As Lucas got into position, Aaron helped guide Liam's dick to Lucas' hole. Slowly Lucas made contact and lowered himself feeling his brother's dick pushing against his hole.

One second Liam felt the pressure against his dick and then he felt his dick inside his brother. It felt completely different to having his dick in someone's mouth.

As Lucas felt his brother's dick slip passed his sphincter muscle he stopped moving. It felt completely different from when they'd had the dildo in there earlier. He could feel his muscles relaxing a little and he started to move down a little more. When Lucas had gone down as far as he could, he leaned forward and kissed his brother deeply. It felt amazing to him having his brother inside him like this.

Lucas broke off the kiss and straightened up. He began to lift off his brother's cock before he sat back down slowly.

Within a minute or two they were in complete rhythm with each other, Liam pushing up to meet Lucas sitting down and pulling out a little more as Lucas lifted off.

Aaron and Danny were mesmerised watching the twins fuck for the first time.

It didn't take Liam long to start shooting his load in his brother's hole. To him it felt amazing. It was one of the best moments of his life.

Seconds after he felt his brother cum inside him, Lucas started to shoot all over Liam's chest before he collapsed onto his brother kissing him deeply.

Lucas couldn't believe how amazing it had felt when his brother's erection was inside him. It took a while for both boys to come down from the high they had reached. Liam's dick finally came out of Lucas' hole as it became soft.

"Thank you bro, that was awesome," said Lucas.

"I know, it was awesome for me too,"

"Do you think you're ready to try that little bro?" asked Danny.

"I don't know if I'm ready."

"What about fucking me?"

"You think you're ready? I don't want to hurt you."

"I'm ready."

"Do you want to go like Lucas and Liam?"

"No, I'll lie on my back, Lucas and Liam can hold my legs up for you and then you can enter me."

Liam and Lucas got up to let Danny move into position. Aaron got the lube and when his brother's legs were up he started to apply the lube and began to open his brother's hole with his fingers.

"Fuck me Aaron."

"I've only just started to open you up."

"Just fuck me, I'll tell you if it hurts but I really want to feel you inside me."

"Ok," said Aaron a little nervously.

Aaron lubed his cock up and stood up so he could aim it at his brother's hole. He gently pushed his hips forward so the tip of his cock was pressing against Danny's hole. As Liam and Lucas were holding his legs, Danny wasn't able to control how slow or fast Aaron entered his hole. All he knew was right then he wanted Aaron's dick to fill him up.

Pushing little by little, Aaron could feel the pressure on his cock building. It felt strange but he could also see the need in his brother's face for him to keep going. And then all of a sudden he felt the pressure disappear from the head of his cock and instead it enveloped his shaft. He paused to make sure his brother was ok.

Danny pulled Aaron down so he could kiss him.

"Now fuck me with all you've got little bro."

Aaron pushed his hips further until all his cock was buried in his brother's hole. After a few seconds to let Danny get used to the feeling he started to pull out and then pushed back in as far as he could go.

With Lucas and Liam holding his legs, Danny's hands were free now so he started to stroke the twins' cocks as his hole was being filled by his brother.

In and out, in and out. Aaron started to find a rhythm and he was enjoying it. To him, it felt great experiencing this with his brother.

"Harder bro," Danny begged.

Aaron tried to do what his brother asked and began to push his hips harder and faster. This new rhythm built, and Danny began moaning. Hearing his brother moan startled Aaron to begin with until he realised it was pleasure not pain that Danny was expressing. The moaning seemed to encourage Aaron all the more and he let himself go.

Danny could feel himself getting close and after a few more pushes from Aaron, he was shooting his load all over his stomach.

The clenching of Danny's muscles around Aaron's cock as he came felt amazing to Aaron and it wasn't long before he was shooting his own load into Danny's hole. After he had pushed for the final time he flopped down next to his brother on the bed exhausted. Lucas and Liam cwtched up either side of Aaron and Danny and all four of them fell asleep oblivious of the mess.

Saturday morning found the four boys still cwtched up on the bed when the sun started shining through the window. Aaron was the first to stir. He only had one thing on his mind as he began to wake up, getting to the toilet. He moved Danny's arm and Lucas's hand off him so he could get up, before sliding down the bed to head to the bathroom.

After emptying his bladder, he went back to the bedroom and saw that his moving hadn't done anything to the other three who still seemed to be sleeping heavily. What he did notice was how the boys on the bed all had raging hard-ons. Not feeling in the least bit sleepy he decided to go downstairs rather than wake the others up.

He went down to the kitchen and poured himself some juice before going into the living room and putting on one of the Stargate SG1 DVDs his brother had bought. He was watching a second episode when Lucas walked in. Like Aaron, Lucas hadn't bothered putting any clothes on and Aaron was able to see that Lucas' dick hadn't gone down any.

"How do you feel?" asked Aaron.

"A little sore down below but I have to admit it was worth it. What about you? Was it everything you thought it would be or were you disappointed?"

"I don't know what I expected, I was worried when Danny wanted it so rushed and rough, but as I noticed he was ok and getting off on it, I let go and enjoyed it. I can say I've never had a climax like it but I don't know if I'm ready for it."

"Last night I could feel the dildo in my arse and I realised that it felt nice but I was wondering more about what it would feel like to have Lucas there instead which is why I asked for it. Danny was obviously just as ready, if you notice Danny didn't ask you to let him fuck you and Lucas didn't ask me to fuck him."

"Well we sort of all fell asleep after I finished inside Danny. And everyone had shot their loads."

"That's true, but they could have asked us before we went to sleep if we'd agree to it this morning or tonight. And we've always made sure that no one does anything they didn't want to do."

"I know you're right."

"If you are a little worried still, maybe talking to Danny would be best?"

"Talking to Danny would be best for what?" asked Danny shocking the two boys.

"We were talking about last night, and I said to Liam about how I don't think I'm ready for you to fuck me."

"Aaron, I want you to know something, last night was one of the best nights of my life. As I told you before, I've wanted your cock inside me since that birthday night. I knew I wasn't ready for it then, but last night I was and you gave me everything I asked for. Will I want it that rough in the future? Possibly. Do I want you to let me do the same to you today? No, I am content to wait for you to ask me, when you're ready."

"I knew in the back of my mind that you wouldn't push me, but I did wonder if maybe I wasn't being fair to you."

"There's no being fair in this, either you're ready or you're not. You have said yourself you don't think you are and that's all that matters."

Aaron got up and kissed his brother whispering thanks to him.

"So what are we all going to do this morning?" asked Danny.

"Can I ask you something first?" asked Lucas.

"What?" asked Danny.

"Well Aaron was rougher with you than Liam was with me; I was just wondering if you were a bit sore or tender down there this morning?"

"I am a bit yes, but it's no different than when we started using the dildos in the caravan. When I went to the toilet earlier, I checked myself to make sure there was no blood."

"I'm glad of that. I don't know if I could have tried again if you said you had been bleeding."

"So back to my earlier question, what are we going to do this morning?"

"Liam and Lucas will need to get their school stuff together to take to mom's after we've been to the pool. Other than that and having a shower to clean off some of last night's mess I don't think there is much."

"So what do we do with ourselves?" asked Danny.

"Well we could just have a quiet morning just relaxing," said Lucas.

"Sounds good to me. I'm going to go and grab a shower and clean myself up," said Danny.

Before going upstairs to the shower, he kissed both Lucas and Aaron.

"You mind if I watch some SG1 with you?"

"Of course I don't mind. You want to cwtch up?"

"Silly question, I love cwtching up to you, you know that."

It was a while before Lucas and Aaron was disturbed again. Danny came in with the bed sheets in his arms.

"I take it Liam's got up?" asked Lucas.

"Yeah, he's in the shower now."

"I'll go up and grab one when he comes down. Do you need a hand making the bed Danny?" asked Lucas.

"No need, Liam helped me before he jumped in the shower."

"Is there anything else you need to do around the house?" asked Aaron.

"The vacuum needs running through, a bit of dusting and then there's making food for us all to have before we go to the pool."

"I'll do the vacuuming," said Aaron.

"Liam and I can do the dusting if you do the food?"

"Sounds good to me. I'll pop these sheets in the washing machine. Any thoughts about what you'd like for lunch?"

"Hadn't thought about it," said Aaron.

"Me neither," replied Lucas.

"Pot luck it is then."

Aaron and Lucas continued to cwtch up while they watched the rest of the episode of SG1 before they got up to do the jobs they'd volunteered for. Liam came downstairs just as the episode finished. Lucas told him about doing the dusting.

When Liam and Lucas had finished, Lucas headed for the shower. Aaron wasn't far behind Lucas and sat on the toilet waiting for him to finish before he jumped in to get himself clean.

The food was ready just before Aaron had finished in the shower but the others chose to wait for him to get downstairs so they could all eat together. After they'd eaten the twins got their school work together in a bag while Aaron and Danny got the swimming things ready.

Everyone put their Speedos on under their jeans, and a few minutes later Danny was driving them all to the pool. They met the coach outside and they spent the next three hours working on their diving and racing.

There was no messing around or wasting time while the boys were at the pool. They were totally focused on what they were doing. As four o'clock approached Danny let the boys know so they could begin to wind down. After arranging with the coach about what time he'd rather open the school pool for them on Sunday the boys jumped into the shower and then got in the car for the quick journey to Aaron and Danny's parents' house.

June and Myfanwy had food ready for the boys when they arrived and after they'd eaten, Aaron, Liam and Lucas cleared the table while Danny made a start on the dishes. When all that was done, Aaron went to his bedroom to get some of his school things while Liam and Lucas made a start on working out what subject they were going to begin with.

Lucas and Liam were debating the benefits of working on the mock exam papers before or after they'd done some of their revision when Aaron walked in.

"Which do you think is the better option?" asked Lucas.

"I was told that each person is different; for me I found working on the exam papers first gave me the evidence of what I already knew well and the areas where I needed to work harder on," answered Aaron.

They'd already decided that it made more sense for them to work on the same subject so with Aaron's answer Liam found an exam paper and they got down to work.

Unlike the twins, Aaron had to work on his own. He found an exam paper and knuckled down with it.

Danny spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening watching telly with his parents and Myfanwy and chatting together. He did tell them of the arrangements the boys had for the pool the next day and they made plans for their dinner to suit.

Every hour or so the twins and Aaron would come in and spend ten minutes or so with the rest before returning to their revision. This was done on Aaron's advice as that way they didn't spend too long and overdo it.

Around nine, Aaron called it a day and the twins were right behind him. They packed up their stuff and after kissing their moms goodnight they got in the car and Danny drove them to his house.

Unlike the night before, there was no fucking before the boys went to sleep. They were all too tired.

Sunday morning, Aaron and the twins spent a few hours working on more revision while Danny sat watching a show he'd recorded. After a quick bite to eat they headed to the pool where they spent a few hours building their stamina and working on their diving.

June and Myfanwy had a nice roast chicken dinner ready as they walked in. When they'd finished eating, Danny and the moms went to work on clearing up while Aaron and the twins went back to more revision.

During one of the breaks the boys had later that evening, Aaron raised the subject about what the expectations of his parents were for where he'd be sleeping during school time. His father told him that with Aaron being almost eighteen, he was old enough to make those types of decisions himself.

With a quick discussion with Liam and Lucas, the boys agreed that they didn't see any need to change things. They'd go to school, spend the evening with their parents and then sleep at Danny's.

As this was the last night when the boys didn't have to get up early the next day, they decided that they were going to have some fun in the bedroom before they went to sleep.

Being fully awake and eager for fun, Liam was ready for his brother to fuck him. Aaron and Danny got both boys ready with their tongues and fingers before they lubed each of them.

Liam chose to take the same position as his brother had two nights earlier. He slowly eased down allowing his brother's cock to push against his hole. Gently increasing the downward pressure until his hole opened enough for Lucas' cock to slide inside him. As he felt his muscles relax, Liam began to move up and down on his brothers' cock.

The twins quickly found a rhythm that suited them. Liam leaned forward to kiss his brother and as he did so, Lucas wrapped his arms around him and rolled the two of them over. He started to move his hips in and out pushing his cock as deep inside his brother as it would go. Liam wasn't fazed by the change in position and he and Lucas quickly adjusted their rhythm to accommodate the change.

Lucas took hold of Liam's cock and began to stroke it matching his rhythm with his strokes. It wasn't long before his hand was covered in his brother's cum. He leant forward and kissed his brother while he continued to fuck him. As he began to reach his climax he increased his thrusts and exploded inside his brother's hole.

"Do you want to see what it's like to fuck me?" asked Aaron.

"Only when you're ready," Danny replied.

"I think I am but I'm not ready for the rough side you wanted the other night."

"That was what I needed that night baby bro, if you want things to go a different way that's fine with me."

"Can we try it with me on top so I can be in control?"


When Lucas and Liam had recovered enough, they took on the roles Aaron and Danny had performed for them earlier. Both had their fingers inside Aaron's hole before he moved onto the bed over his brother. Lucas held Danny's cock so he could guide it for Aaron.

Aaron lowered down very slowly. He felt Danny's cock press against his hole and he paused.

"If you're not ready we can do something else, don't feel like you have to do this."

"I know I don't have to."

Aaron began lowering down further, increasing the pressure until he felt the tip of Danny's cock inside his ring before he paused again. It felt like hours before he began to lower himself further but eventually he couldn't go any lower and he had all of his brother's dick inside him. After he let himself adjust to the feelings, he began to rock his hips.

Although this wasn't anything remotely like the other night, Danny was enjoying it just as much. He began stroking Aaron's cock as Aaron bounced up and down on his.

Feeling Aaron's hole contracting around his cock as he came sent Danny over the edge and he shot his own load inside his brother.

Danny kissed Aaron deeply and pulled him into a big hug before he pulled the twins into the middle of them and they all exchanged kisses before cwtching up and falling asleep.

Monday morning Danny was the first one up. He went downstairs after he'd emptied his bladder and decided that he wanted something hot and filling in his stomach so began cooking a big breakfast for everyone.

Liam was the next one to join Danny in the kitchen.

"How do you feel this morning?"

"Content and happy, I completely enjoyed having Lucas inside my arse and I love him all the more for it. I know that might sound a little naff but it's how I feel."

"It's not naff, I know what you mean. I know the other night made me love Aaron all the more for letting go and giving me what I wanted. Last night was a completely different feeling but just as special."

"Do you need a hand with the breakfast?"

"Sure, you can scramble some eggs for me while I take care of the bacon and then you can go and get the other two up."


Aaron came around with a start when Liam woke him and Lucas up to tell them their breakfast was on the table. Lucas however, leaned up, kissed Liam and said thanks. They used the toilet together to empty their bladders before going downstairs to tuck into their breakfast.

There wasn't any talk while they all tucked into the eggs, bacon and toast on the table. When they had all eaten what they wanted, Aaron and Lucas began to take care of the dishes.

"I want discuss something," said Danny.

"What's that?" asked Liam.

"Well now we've all lost our cherries, I was wondering if any of you had thought about what we were going to do next, if there is even a next?"

"I had a great time fucking and being fucked by my brother, now I want to experience what it's like with you two. Do I have a preference as to what I want to do with you or in which order? The answer simply is I want to fuck and be fucked by both of you, not at the same time of course but I have no order in mind," replied Lucas.

"I feel the same as Lucas," said Liam.

"I was a little nervous last night about taking the final step with Danny but I loved it. Do I want to have the same experience with you two? Of course I do. Do I want to experience what it's like to fuck the both of you? Damn right I do."

"Like you all, I want to experience everything possible with all of you. So the question is where do we go from here?" asked Danny.

"There's a need to try and timetable anything. I think if we try and do that, we're more likely to take the intimacy out of it and that's what makes it special," said Aaron.

"You're right," replied Danny.

"I think we should limit the fucking to the weekends," said Lucas.

"Sounds like a reasonable request. Now we've broken the barrier of fucking, I don't think we need to limit ourselves to just that type of sex," said Aaron.

"Well now that's all sorted, I'm going for a shower," said Danny.

The rest of the day went just like the previous few. They showered got on with some school work or in Danny's case watched some telly, went to the pool, visited their parents, got on with more revision before going to Danny's. The only real difference was that before they went to bed that night, they got their school uniforms ready for the next morning.

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