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Stories by Michael Arram

The first set of stories from Towards The Decent Inn to The Fall is an intriguing and continuing drama. While you're obviousy welcome to leap in at any point, the stories make the most sense if read in the order below.

Towards the Decent Inn

[all chapters complete]

Terry and the Peachers

[all chapters complete]

The Heart of Oskar Prinz

[all chapters complete]

The Chav Prince

[all chapters complete]

Henry in the Outfield

[all chapters complete]

Henry in High Politics

[Completely Revised 15 February 2011, all chapters complete]

Henry in Finkle Road

[all chapters complete]

Son of The Chav Prince

[all chapters complete]

Count Oskar

[all chapters complete]

Alike in Dignity

[a story in 30 chapters]

After Alex

[all chapters complete]

The Green Side

[all chapters complete]

Henry and the Eschaton

[all chapters complete]

Blue Rainbow

[a story in 13 chapters]

Henry and the Balance of Probability

[a story in 20 chapters]

The Regency

[a story in 27 chapters]

The Fall

[a story in 35 chapters]

This ends the extraordinary drama centred upon Henry Atwood.

Stories from Terre Nouvelle onwards are on a different topic

Terre Nouvelle

[A story in 35 chapters]