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by Arthur

All characters are fictional and bear no resemblance to anyone living or dead. This story is the sole property of the author and may not be copied for profit without his written permission. There are scenes of a sexual nature as well as acts that may not be in the interest of children or prissy adults. Read at your own risk.

It was as though a wand had been waved over the campus; even the very air itself came to a pause. No one could believe what they were seeing; especially the three friends sitting at a table under the large Oak tree.

It seemed every girl on campus was now shaking at the knee; their crotches were hot and getting wet. Straight guys were trying desperately to hide their growing erections with whatever was at hand and all those boys that were gay had their hands rubbing their trouser fronts.

No one had seen the boy before; he was a new face on campus and; if you were to ask each and every person there; both female and male; they would all give you a different view of the boy.

Some saw him purely as sex on two legs. Others saw him as the epitome of sexual virginity and still others saw him as a boy of pure innocence, but one thing they all agreed on; given the chance they would bed the young boy in an instant. The three friends even went as far as believing they could actually pull it off; but Satyrs were born that way.

The boy was the living reality of everything ever painted or sculptured; from the Madonna to the Statue of David and his fresh features provoked a picture of the innocence of Cupid. The three friends like everyone else on campus; were hooked on the boy and the pictures he invoked in their minds.

He looked to be about fifteen years old; slender frame with straight shiny black hair; it almost looked as though his hair had been sprayed with a high gloss lacquer. His eyes were of the deepest green and his eyebrows were a thin dark line drawn perfectly on his brow. The boy's nose was fittingly perfect and ended with a slight upward tip and his mouth was like a bright red rose.

The boy's skin was a faint caramel colour and no one could see a single blemish anywhere; when he smiled; which he seemed to do often; his teeth showed to be also perfect in their uniformity and size.

His waist was impossibly thin and the hips were narrow and enticing and at the same time, his long legs showed definition so he did not look like an anorexic Emo but seemed perfectly formed all over; the slender build just fitted him to perfection.

Connor walked through the campus totally oblivious to the stares of desire and the groans of sexual need that were prevalent from both sexes; the world to him was new and exciting; he could not think of a single thing that would have made him happier than to be where he was right now.

The images, shapes and colours were like a drug to his limited understanding; even the strangest of figures only went to excite him more. He did not even know he was not meant to see the things he was now seeing; his innocence exuded from him like the pheromones of some animal on heat. For Connor this was all new and he had no idea of the effect he was causing among all the new faces around him.

As the new boy walked close to the three friends; Kramer slipped into his spirit form and whispered to the other two.

"Now that I could fuck till doomsday; I might even let him fuck me."

"By his faint aura he is a sleeper; pity really but he is definitely fuckable." Said Braydon

The other two giggled and were about to reply when a new voice broke into their conversation.

"That's not nice."

The three boys were startled by the new voice and looked up into the innocent face of the new boy as he stood close to their table.

"What do you mean?" asked the third boy Sheldon.

"What you just said."

"We didn't say anything." Kramer replied.

"Yes you did; just now when you were in your other body."

The three boys looked at each other in shock.

"What other body?" asked Kramer.

"The other one you have; the one that makes you look like small goats."

"You can see them?" Braydon asked.

"Well, yes; can't everyone?"

" dude; only the Awoken can see them and your aura says you are a sleeper so; how the fuck can you see our spirits?"

"I can see everyone's other form."

"You can?" Sheldon asked again.

"I just said I could; why do you all look so surprised?"

"Dude, sit down here and let's tell you a few things." Kramer told the boy.

"My name is not Dude, it's Connor."

"Fine Connor, come and sit down and let us tell you how things work around here. I don't know where you came from but what you are saying just can't happen; even though it looks like it is." Kramer said; the other two boys kept silent; Kramer was their leader and always had been so they were inclined to bow to his will.

Connor took a seat beside Kramer; the other two boys sat on the opposite side of the table; the faint innocent smile had never left Connor's lips as he waited for his new friends to tell him everything.

"This is the first time we have seen a sleeper able to see both realms at the same time; in fact, no one can see them both together like you say you can." Kramer began.

"Sleepers, realms; what are they?"

Kramer looked up to the sky before turning to Braydon.

"Can you explain all this; you're far better at it than I am."

"No I'm not."

"Yes you are."

"No I'm not."

"Guys! Can someone just tell me what you're all talking about?" Connor asked.

Kramer looked at Braydon with a stare as though to say 'get on with it'.

"You really don't know about the realms and stuff?" Braydon asked again with a look of wonder on his face.

"No, this is all new to me; for as long as I remember I could always see and hear everything."

"And how far back does your memory go?"

Connor got a look of concentration on his young face as he tried to think.

"I don't really know."

This brought another set of strange looks from the three boys; Braydon continued.

"Ok then, where do you live?"

"Uhm...I think down that way." Connor said as he pointed to the end of town.

"Ok, so who are your parents and what's their name?"

"Uhm...I don't know."

"You don't know; Okay so you're adopted or in foster care, who are you living with?"

"I don't know; I just feel that I live down there."

"Let's forget about that for now; we aren't really getting anywhere with that line of questioning. Okay let me run through the realms and things for you; maybe then you will get some of your memory back. There are two realms; well there are actually four but we never talk about the last two. Now, in the realms there are four worlds and, again we don't really talk about the last one so I will stay with the three worlds. The two realms are the physical and the spiritual; the physical realm is the one we usually see every day; it's where people have solid bodies and look quite normal. Next is the spirit realm; that's where you can see who people really are underneath."

"Ah, like the shadow everyone has?"

"Yes, the shadow is their real self in the spirit realm. Now around the person is their aura; that's the blue ring around everyone; depending how dark the blue is depends where they come from in the three worlds. The three worlds are; the Underworld, that's the home of the trolls and the ghouls; then there is the Overworld, that's where the Elvin and Fae come from and then there is the Inbetween; this is where all the sleepers live and where we can use our physical bodies."

Braydon paused while Connor took all this new information in; when the boy nodded his understanding, Braydon continued.

"Now it gets complicated; take a look over at that table; do you see those six guys with the red jackets?"


"Right, in the physical world we call them sports jocks; in the spirit world we call them ghouls. Now over there on another table you can see all the pretty girls; most are cheer leaders or socialites; all the rich bitches. Now in the spirit world they are trolls. It's easy to identify each group because they have a very dark blue aura. Now over there near the building, you have a large group of Elvin; they are usually the arty, musical or academic type. Next to them are the girls; those are the Fae, sometimes called faeries; as you can see their aura is like a shiny blue."

Braydon waited for Connor to look around at all the different people.

"What about the ones that have a very pale blue and no shadow?"

"Ah yes; they are the sleepers; people with no real shadow spirit; they are just there; they see nothing around them and usually do not believe in anything they cannot see with their eyes; that's why we call them sleepers."

"Ok, so what am I?"

"You are something different; your aura says you are a sleeper but; your ability to see beyond the realms means you are one of the Awoken. Frankly you confuse the hell out of me."

"Ok, you have told me about the others but not about you three; how come you are like you are in spirit?"

"Satyrs; we are called Satyrs; we are an exception to the rule. Damn it Sheldon; you do this; you like to talk about sex all the time."

"Thanks a fucking lot; give me the hard bits all the time why don't you."

"Shut up and just get on with it."

Sheldon shrugged his shoulders then turned his attention to Connor.

"Connor; there are some things that are meant to be and some that are not; we are not meant to be but; here we are. Now to get to us we will have to go the long way around. When a Ghoul and a Troll get to do the nasty; their offspring will be just like them; a girl becomes a Troll and a boy becomes a Ghoul."

"Do the nasty?"

"Yeah, you know; fuck like rabbits; have sex."

"Oh, Ok."

"Now the same goes for the others; a boy will be Elvin and a girl will be Fae; however; there is one thing that is not meant to happen. The unwritten rule is that no one from either of the worlds mixes or fucks with a sleeper; it would reveal their true self and that's not what we want to happen. However, now and again some dick wad of a sleeper convinces one of the Fae to do the nasty with him; the result is us three. As you can see there are only three of us here so it doesn't happen very often."

Connor nodded his head up and down to let Sheridan know he was following his tale.

"Now you may think that we have it hard because we are outcasts, but not so. Satyrs by their very nature have a lot of advantages that the other spirit worlds do not; some good and some not so good. For instance; we are very sexual beings; in other words, we will fuck anything on two legs if the need arises; and it does more often than not. Next we are almost unbeatable in a fight; even the Ghouls will not challenge us so we are virtually safe from everyone but those we cannot talk about."

"Who are they?"

"I just told you we can't talk about them."

"Alright; then what about this fourth world?"

"Ok I will tell you what little I know but no more. The fourth world is called Purgatory; if your spirit gets sent there then there is no hope for you; that's all I'm going to tell you about that."

"I thought that Purgatory and the Underworld were the same thing."

"Far from it; like I said; Ghouls and Trolls come from the Underworld; it's who they are and what they are; that's why the Ghouls are such big fucking dickwads and the Trolls are not much better. The Elvin and Fae are just as bad but in another way. They are so up themselves that they think anyone else is below them."

"So the sleepers are just there?"

"Well yes and no; the sleepers are not part of the spirit world. In the physical world they like to think they are very important but, in our world they are just dicks and have no real spirits of their own. They live their little physical lives in their own narrow world. You will usually find that they turn out to be politicians, lawyers, doctors, accountants and teachers. Little do they know that our real world is right there in front of them; mostly they are our own little joke. Most of them think they are making their world just as they want it but; in reality it is us that are having a big laugh at their expense. We live far longer than they could even imagine so their minute seventy odd years is hardly a moment in our lives; we just let them play their games and laugh as they do so."

"Then what am I? You say I'm one of those sleepers but; if I was then I would not see everyone's spirit. If that's true, then who or what am I?"

"Honestly Connor; I don't know." Kramer said but he did have a thoughtful look on his face as he stared openly at Connor.

Sheldon took up the conversation once again.

"So this is your first day here?"

"Yes, I think so."

"What classes do you have; have you got your assignments?"

"Uhm... what are assignments?'

"Your class itinerary; you know; the classes you are taking and where to go for them."

"No, I don't have anything like that."

"You don't? Then how are you going to go to school here. Are you sure you should be here?"

"I think so."

Sheldon turned to Kramer.

"Do you have any idea what's going on; Connor definitely looks like a freshman and he should have his entire itinerary by now; what should we do?"

"Look we have got about another hour yet; with a free class period next; we can work out what's going on; I think I have a funny suspicion but I'll have to get my laptop and do a little searching. You guys wait here with Connor and keep him safe from those jocks while I go get the computer."

The other two boys nodded as they watched Kramer leave the table; they were quite happy to keep the new boy safe; it wasn't everyday you came across such innocents and desirability.

"So tell us Connor." Sheldon asked as soon as Kramer was out of earshot. "What do you like; boys or girls?"

"Uhm...I don't know; what should I like about them?"

"For sex and fun. Some people like boys and others like girls and yet others like both. Look at Sheldon; now he mainly likes females while Kramer and I like mainly boys." Braydon said.

"What's sex?"

"Doing the nasty; don't tell me you have never had sex before; are you really a virgin?"

"What's a virgin?"

"Oh god, this is just too good to be true. Connor we will have to tell you all about it later, here comes Kramer." The glint in Braydon's eye gave no hint to Connor on what the boy was talking about."

Kramer sat back down beside Connor and opened his laptop; after a minute he looked up and smiled at Connor then went back to the screen and began pushing buttons; the other two boys stayed silent as Kramer worked.

Connor had been looking around at all the young people in the grounds of the school; he was really intrigued by the hidden spirits of those around him.

As though on some sort of hidden signal; the six red jacketed boys stood up and headed for the four boys; Braydon looked up as the six large boys drew near; the leader was glaring at Connor with anger in his eyes. Before any of the boys could say anything; the large boy grabbed Connor by the front of his shirt and pulled him to his feet.

"What you staring at Fag; you eyeing me off or what?"

Connor, although shocked at the sudden anger in the boy and being pulled to his feet in such a manner; still kept his innocent smile as he looked the larger boy in the eye.

"Please take your hands off me; I don't like it."

The boy shook Connor a little as he glared at him before saying.

"You don't like it huh Fag; well tough, I'm going to give you something to remember me about look at me like I'm some butt boy for you to play with."

Kramer jumped to his feet to confront the larger boy.

"Back off Kentrick; he's new here and was only looking around; if you want to take it further, perhaps we can meet in shadow; how would you like that Ghoul?"

"Up yours goat boy; this kid needs to be put in his place and I'm just the one to do it."

Connor had not lost his smile the whole time but he was getting upset about the boys hands on him; something deep inside began to tingle and the area around the table felt as though a static charge was vibrating in the air.

"Take your hands off me now; I don't like it and if you keep doing it I will have to defend myself."

Kentrick's five friends almost laughed as they heard the smaller boy give what could only be a challenge to their friend. Kentrick was a good foot taller and outweighed the boy by a good hundred pounds; all four began to laugh as they came closer to the pair.

"Ooh you scare me so much little fag; what you gonna do huh?"

Connor seemed to sigh as he looked up at the larger boy with his fresh young face still smiling. The air around the table was now almost electric. To everyone's amazement, Connor barely moved but the resounding crack was so loud it alerted others in the campus. For those close to Connor and Kentrick it was even more of a shock.

Kentrick had pulled his large hand back ready to punch Connor; in the split second before he connected; Connor lifted his hand and laid it on Kentrick's chest; the bigger boy was now lying in a crumpled heap fifteen feet away amongst the splintered table and was out cold.

Seeing their friend taken out so easily; the other five boys charged enmass; the resulting scuffle lasted mere seconds as Connor defended himself; his three friends did not even have a chance to move to help but the results were the same.

Connor seemed to shimmer and then was standing between two of the bullies; he held them very briefly by the throat then threw them on top of Kentrick with seemingly little effort; the other three lasted just as long as they also seemed to just fall down unconscious although the blood and odd angled limbs told of far greater damage.

Connor straightened up still smiling and looked at his three new friends.

"Well I did tell him not to hold me; I didn't do anything wrong; did I?"

The three friends could only look at Connor with open mouths; there was no way this small boy was a sleeper now; even though he had almost no aura. Kramer shook his head as he put an arm around Connor.

"No Connor; you did nothing wrong; you were just defending yourself; very effectively I might add; where did you learn all that fighting stuff?"

"I don't know; it just sort of came to me when he took hold of me."

"Uhm... do you want me to take my hand off you; I don't want to end up like that lot."

"Oh no, yours is a friendly touch, his was an angry touch; I don't like angry touches."

"Well thank the gods for that; now let's get back to my research; you may not know it but you may have just filled in a few things for me. Give me one more minute and I think we will have some answers."

Connor sat down again still smiling at his three new friends; he liked them and was happy to have their help.

A few minutes later and Kramer sat up and looked at the three boys that had been watching him.

"Well guys; I don't know if it's good news or not so good news, and some of it is only a guess."

"Ok cut the prattle and tell us what you've found?" Sheldon said.

"Well as you know there would be nothing on this world's net, so I had to go to the dark net."

"Oh shit, not again; if they catch you this time you will do time in the principal's office for sure." Braydon said while looking up at the sky.

"They won't get me this time; I used Professor Bartlett's login."

"You didn't; if that Elf finds out your ass will be grass." Sheldon said.

"Don't worry I know what I'm doing."

"Yeah like last time."

"Oh bullshit; if Gandly had not walked in on me he would never have known. Now let's get back to our new friend Connor. A lot of what's available, and that's not much; is mostly legend or some old works from way before and some of the interpretations and translations are not all that clear; but, this is what I've found."

The other three gave all their attention to Kramer as he flipped through a few more things on the screen.

"I have found that the only ones that are even vaguely like Connor are those we cannot name. The lack of coherent aura; being able to see both worlds without having to travel in either of them; amazing fighting abilities and a hell of a lot of other stuff that we don't know if he has yet; it all points to one of them."

"But that's not possible." Said Braydon "They are ageless; as far as anyone knows they are also immortal so why would they need a young guy like Connor?"

"Well there is one part of the old records that tell of 'Them' being able to create a replacement for one of their number that no longer wants to serve that other place. When this happens they create a new member to take his place. I didn't get all of it but I have made a few guesses. I think Connor is one of those replacements. It sort of fits that they would let him live amongst us for a short time to see what they are watching over; at least that is what I think they are doing. Hell who knows what they do."

"Uhm... guys, what are you talking about?" Connor asked.

"You and who we think you are." Sheldon replied.

"So who am I?"

Kramer took up the tale.

"Well I'm not sure but we think you may be one of 'Them'."


"The ones we cannot talk about. I'm sorry Connor but it's difficult for us to say their name or where they come from. We are taught from a very young age to never mention 'Them'. Look we have to get you settled here at school; I've got a plan but you will have to go along with it; whatever I say just agree when we get to Miss Levitt's office and we will get you a room with us. Usually a freshman has to stay in their own dorms, but I don't think that's a good idea for you. All three of us are sophomores and usually you wouldn't be allowed to stay in our housing but, if I stretch the truth a little and, Miss Levitt being a sleeper, we can get you with us. We have an extra bed in our room because no one wants to stay with our sort, so just say yes to everything Miss Levitt asks you; Ok?"

"Ok Kramer; I trust you and Braydon and Sheldon. Does this mean you will be able to tell me all about that sex thing Sheldon was talking about before?"

Kramer glared at Sheldon and then blushed; a most unlikely thing for a Satyr to ever do.

"Uhm... Ok Connor; we'll get around to talking about all of that tonight; now you need a second name so Miss levitt will not get suspicious; about Bouche; Connor Bouche?"

"That sound s good; Ok Bouche it is."

Connor completely missed the glare that Braydon and Sheldon gave Kramer. With everything decided; Kramer closed his laptop and rose from the table to lead the others towards the office building. Connor was feeling really good; he had made three good friends and felt right at home with them; he was not all that happy about those other boys but he was not harmed in any way so all was good. He couldn't say the same for the six large boys called jocks.

As the boys walked away; there was a furore of activity as security guards appeared and rushed towards the fallen six boys; even at first glance; the guards knew those six would not be playing football any time soon; the disappearance of the four boys from the nearby table did not register with the guards until too late.

Miss Levitt was of middle age and looked much like everyone's mother figure; when the four boys lined up in front of her desk at reception; she looked up and smiled at the boys. She knew the three older boys were close friends and had always been nice and polite with her. She often thought she wished she was twenty years younger.

Kramer took front and centre with a nice wide friendly smile.

"Hello Miss Levitt; I was wondering if you could help my cousin; he is in a bit of a bind and I'm all he has left to come too."

"What's the problem Mister Godley?"

"Well this is my cousin Connor; he has just lost all his family and home in the hurricane last month in Florida; I'm the only family he has left; well my parents all so. They were going to come in to see you but had to both leave on urgent business. We were wondering if you could arrange for him to stay in our dorm; we have the extra bed and I think he needs to be close to family right now."

Miss Levitt looked at Connor who tried to remember to look sad like Kramer had told him to be. The look on her face was one of concern and her motherly instincts took over from common sense.

"Oh you poor boy; I'm so sorry you had to go through all that; is there anything I can do for you."

Connor looked suitably sad and just shook his head, No.

"You just leave it to me young Mister Godley; I'll fix everything. Does your cousin have his previous school papers?"

"No Miss Levitt; he lost everything in the hurricane; my parents are trying to find copies and I will get them to you as soon as they do; it's just I need to watch over him for now."

"Ok, so what's his name in full and how old is he; everything else can wait until later."

"His full name is Connor Bouche and he's fifteen."

"Is that your full name, young man?"

"Yes Miss Levitt."

"Ok then; that's all I need for now; do you have a schedule for your classes?"

"No Miss Levitt."

"Well mister Bouche, you just wait there and I will see what I can do. Do you know what your G.P.A. is?"

Kramer took over immediately.

"I think my mother said it was 3.8; she got it in a letter from her sister who was Connor's mother before the hurricane."

"My, that's very good mister Bouche; that's all I need now. Just wait here for a few minutes while I get everything settled."

The four boys tried to keep straight faces as the motherly Miss Levitt went into the back of the office. No more than five minutes later; Miss Levitt reappeared with papers in her hand. Giving them to Connor, she then said.

"There you are mister Bouche; just let me know when they find your other paper work; I've marked you down to stay with Mister Godley due to personal circumstances. Now off you go and I am so sorry for your losses; I hope you will enjoy your stay here."

"Thank you Miss Levitt; you've been very kind."

"You're welcome young man; you have very nice manners which are rare in these days; if there is anything else you need help with then just come and see me."

"I will Miss Levitt; thank you again."

Kramer led the boys from the office and turned in the direction of the student block; once there he took Connor to the room that the three boys stayed in. Connor looked around the room. It was set out with two double tier bunks; three of which showed the rumpled bed clothing of the other three. Kramer pointed to the neat bunk on top of the second tier.

"You take that one Connor; you can share my closet if you like. Do you have any clothes in your back pack?"

"I don't know what's in there; wait while I see."

Connor dropped the back pack and slid the zipper open; once done he began to remove items from the pack. There wasn't a lot. I strange leather scroll, two sets of pale, light weight, yellow clothing which consisted of a loose shirt that hung to his knees and had wide open sleeves and a neck line with no collar. The pants were of the same light material and were held up with a draw string; the legs were cut short just below the knee. At the bottom of the pack as a metal cylinder that was no thicker than his finger and a pair of strange looking shoes that were somewhere between sandals and semi boots. They were made from very soft light leather.

Connor laid out everything from his pack; his three new friends looked at the small pile of goods and, each in turn scratched his head and then looked enquiringly at Connor. Braydon was the first to say anything.

"Uhm...Connor, you don't seem to have much."

"It looks like it, but then I don't know what I should have."

The three friends looked at Connor and the clothes he was already dressed in. They were more in keeping with the modern trends but were nothing like the ones in the pack. His shirt was a short sleeved chequered shirt more in keeping with a preppy youth. His new jeans were skin tight and left little to the imagination as they hung snugly on his thin hips; the sneakers looked new and did not have a single mark on them from previous wear. The boys just shook their heads in wonder.

"You have no toiletries either; you can borrow mine until we can get you some of your own." Kramer said.

Connor nodded his thanks and then asked Kramer.

"So what did you want to show us on the computer?"

"Oh yes, you guys look at this; it's all off the dark net and from what I can deduce; our new friend is one of the unmentionables."

"You mean he is a..."

"Yes, I think so; everything points to it but we have always been told they are very old and are never seen by us normal people."

"But why?" Sheldon asked.

"That I don't know; well not unless he is one of the reborn like it says can happen in the old books."

"But why would he be here if he was meant to be one of those?" Braydon asked next.

"Again I don't know, but I will have to do some work on it; there must be something in the old stories about it."

As Kramer finished speaking, the four boys suddenly noticed the room was getting very warm; as though it was a signal, there was a sudden brightening in the centre of the room.

The glow grew larger and, slowly a figure formed inside the glow. At first it was a shimmer and then it began to solidify; what the boys saw next startled them and they all bowed their heads without even knowing why; that is all except Connor who had not moved since the first raising of the rooms temperature.

The figure grew more solid and finally showed itself as a man of middle years. He was dressed in the same clothes that were in Connor's pack and in the centre of his forehead was what looked like a tattoo. It was a small gold globe and had what appeared to be red and yellow flames coming out of the top of the golden ball.

The stranger smiled at the boys and then looked directly at Connor; the shimmer of light still surrounded him but was not as bright as it was at first. He reached out a hand to Connor and then spoke to the boys in a soft and friendly voice.

"Well young Kramer; you certainly know how to find things that are not meant to be found. My name is Leggat and I'm the tenth seat of the council of watchers; or, as you know us; The Karabouche and yes; you are right; Connor had been created to take the place of one of us. The seventh seat to be exact. As you and your two friends are now aware of us you will have to swear yourselves to Connor. He is to be here in this world for one of your years; in that time you are now his protectors and; when he ascends to his seat, you three will be his agents here and do his bidding when required."

Leggat smiled at the stunned looks on the boy's faces; it had been a very fortunate thing that Connor had found the three young satyrs'. In this world of theirs they were also outcasts and would fulfil the needs Connor would have on his ascension.

"Now you must have questions; I will try to answer them for you before I return to the fourth realm."

Kramer got over his surprise as his inquisitive mind went into overdrive.

"So there are more realms and worlds?"

"Oh yes, far more than you can count as far as worlds go but there are only the five realms."

"Five realms; I thought there were only four?"

"No there are five; when a watcher decides to leave his seat he goes to the fifth realm; after a time he is reborn into one of the lower realms in preparations for his new ascension. Connor here was a Karabouche before and is reborn for the seat once again."

"How long does one have to wait before he is reborn again?"

"That depends on the holder of a seat; they stay in their paradise until needed."

"So Connor is reborn just like he was before?"

"No; he will not remember his past life but will have all the memories of what to do and what he can accomplish but not the exact memories of that particular watcher."

"Sounds very complicated to me."

"Not at all. In one year Connor will tell you when he is going to his seat. When he does, only you three will be able to call on him or speak to him. The sleepers in this world may give you a hard time but you know the truth and can protect yourselves from any who might want to do you harm; you will also have Connor watching over you."

"Do the other, Ahm...watchers have mortals working for them?" Braydon asked.

"Yes we all have agents here in your world; you will probably never meet or know them but, they are out there just as you will be."

Leggat smiled as he turned his head to look at Sheldon.

"Yes Sheldon; Connor should be taught about sex; he will also at times be able to visit with you three when he wishes to if he desires a little release. But there is a catch; he will only be able to have sex with the three of you and no one else; they would not survive a meeting with him once he has ascended. Your attachment to him is the only thing that makes you safe from his power; and believe me when I tell you that, on his ascension; his power will be vast; even beyond what you could ever dream of. For now just enjoy each other's company; you have one year and then your lives will be devoted to his wishes."

"So what do we do for him now?"

"You three are his protectors here in this world; show him what it is all about so he can learn all there is to know about the others both in the spirit and the physical worlds. Have no fear about his safety; he is quite capable of protecting himself as far as people go but his mind must be grown with care and understanding. You have already started in a good way; keep following your hearts and he will grow."

The three friends nodded as Leggat finished; before any of them could ask more questions, Leggat walked to Connor; he took the young teens face in his hands and, as he smiled at the young teen; he leant forward and placed his forehead against that of Connors.

There seemed to be a sudden hush all around the world as the two touched foreheads; Leggat began to speak in a language that none of the boys could understand but it was obvious by the dreamy look on Connor's face that he understood quite well. When Leggat stood back, the boys saw that the tattoo was now emblazoned on Connor's forehead and had disappeared from Leggat.

Connor's eyes suddenly seemed to glaze over as he closed his eye lids; when he reopened his eyes; the boys could see Connor's had changed to a deep violet and there was a new aura of pure white around him. Leggat stepped back and then said.

"I have to go now; watch over him and show him everything you can; let him learn of your spiritual and physical world. Your lives are now changed for the better as you will find out in the years to come; have fun and enjoy you time with him."

The heat and shimmer returned and Leggat's figure faded as though he had never been there; only the tattoo on Connor's forehead proved it had all happened.

Kramer looked at his two friends.

"Well guys; it looks like we will have to get some shades for Conner; he can't go around the campus with violet eyes. Now the other thing is that tattoo; how are we going to cover that up; you both know what the rules say concerning tattoos being shown in public."

"Let's just leave it; I mean who in their right mind is going to tackle him about it." Sheldon told the others.

Connor was now sitting at one of the small desks with a dreamy smile on his young face. The meeting with Leggat had opened so much for him. He now knew that the metal rod was in fact a weapon for his defence. With a single thought he could make it extend into a staff; he also now knew exactly how to use it in any situation.

His daily dress would be the pale yellow clothes; only if he went into the crowds in town would he wear his present cloths. The scroll was filled with spells and lessons written in the language of the Karabouche.

Had the three satyr known they had in their presence the very scroll of creation; they probably would have swooned; not knowing was their best defence and protection; the fact they could not have read it was a moot point.

The next morning was to be Connor's first day of real school. He dressed in the pale yellow clothes and slipped the metal rod into a concealed pocket of the short pants.

Kramer looked at their new friend in his strange dress; hopefully the event with the jocks had now spread around the college and there were no more jocks wishing to try to pick on the new boy.

The previous night had been full of talk about the visitation of Leggat and what it meant; none of the boys could quite believe it had all happened; only the violet eyes of their new friend Connor made them believe.

The walk to class was mainly uneventful although the shades and tattoo did bring a few remarks from some of the other pupils. As a freshman; Connor would not be the same classes as the other three; for the next few hours he would be on his own.

After Kramer had taken Connor to his first class room he returned to his waiting friends outside his own class; neither of the three would be able to concentrate on any of their classes that day; too much had happened for them to take it all seriously.

Connor was immediately viewed with suspicion as he walked into the class room. His teacher took one look at him and frowned at his appearance.

Mr. Crowley was not known for his caring attitude; especially when it came to students not following the rules and this new boy had broken the two rules that Crowley liked to enforce with a certain vigour. A tattoo and sun glasses did not bode well for this new student.

Crowley harrumphed and then glared at Connor before addressing him in person.

"Who are you?"

Connor looked at the older man and smiled widely; the man had no shadow so was; as his friends called them; a sleeper. Connor walked closer to the wide desk and stood before the man with the sullen attitude.

"I am Connor Bouche, Sir."

"What are you doing in my class dressed as you are and wearing forbidden items?"

Connor thought about the replies Kramer had schooled him in for such an eventuality.

"The clothes are part of my religion Sir as is the mark on my forehead. As I have a weakness in my eyesight and I have to wear these glasses so that I am not affected by strong sunlight.

Mr. Crowley glared at the new boy.

"Do you have a medical certificate?"

"A what Sir?"

"Are you deaf young man; a medical certificate to prove what you are claiming."

"Prove Sir; why would I need to prove what is evident?"

"Don't be smart with me young man; just because you are new here does not mean you are not subject to the same discipline as all other students. Now where is your medical certificate for your supposed ailments?"

Connor knew he had to think quickly; this was one of those times that Kramer had not foreseen; he would have to get out of this on his own. Thinking quickly and using some of the excuses devised by Kramer when they were with Miss Levitt; Connor forged ahead and hoped for the best.

"Everything I owned was lost in the Hurricane that hit my home last month; Miss Levitt knows all about it; perhaps you could make contact with her for the full story?"

Crowley harrumphed once again before pointing to a vacant desk at the back of the room and then turning back to the rest of the class.

Connor walked slowly to the back of the room; it seemed that every student in the room was following his progress; their eyes never left him as he sat in the chair behind the desk. Connor completely missed the looks of desire that came from every pair of eyes in the room.

At the lunch break; Connor joined his new friends under the old Oak tree; there they discussed his first day and planned for the future.

Three months later and nothing much had changed for the quartet; Connor had found a small spell in the scroll to make Miss Levitt forget all about asking for his paperwork from his previous school; it was only the first of many he set out to learn.

It was more noticeable now that everyone gave the four boys far more space than needed; the six jocks had still not healed enough to return to the football field and it would be next year before they were able to.

The three satyrs' were fascinated by Connor's spirit form. When he went into the realm with his three friends; he became a pure white ethereal being that could take any form Connor wished. It became a fun game for the three boys to see what Connor would produce for them; especially when they began to teach him the all import ways of sexual delight; for which he seemed to have an appetite that could not even be equalled by the three satyrs.

Connor became fascinated by the sleepers; he would spend hours each day studying their habits and ways; many of which he found to be without thought or reason. His three friends just smiled and shrugged their shoulders; they too had been perplexed by the nonsensical actions of sleepers.

The time passed quickly and it was nearing the time he would have to ascend to his place at the seventh chair of the watchers. His power of magic had grown until it was almost a palpable thing in the air yet few even noticed it apart from the three friends.

What the three boys did not realise was that Connor's power had also rubbed off on them in a small way; not enough to give them unlimited power; but enough to make them beyond those around them; they were to be his eyes and ears in the physical world when he took his chair.

The year was nearly up and there were only a few days left when the four were once again visited by Leggat. The time; he said was at hand; they would have this one last night to say farewell to each other and; in the early hours of the morning; Connor would take his seat.

The previous holder of the seventh seat had gone to his rest only that morning; it was time for Connor to now take his place.

The feeling that night was of sorrow but also tinged with happiness for the boy they had known and loved in so many ways. The four minds were now bound together for eternity and, those three staying in the physical world to watch would live lives longer than any other being; their new power was tied into that of Connor and the world of the Karabouche; the watchers, creators and guides of the worlds and all there realms within.

The three young Satyr had large tears in their eyes as the last hour before dawn showed their young friend begin to fade from their reality; his bright aura now more golden than white was like a distant star shining its last light before it disappeared into the blackness of the universe.

The three friends would never be the same again but then; Satyrs never wanted everything the same; the Karabouche that was Connor would always be in their hearts and in their minds; he had promised them that much.

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