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Never Forget

by AZ Story Guy

Chapter 3

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THE NEXT DAY DAWNED BRIGHT and clear, like it does 90% of the time in Phoenix. Eric didn't trust himself working up on the roof. He had a fitful night's sleep; even the Ambien hadn't chased the dreams away. Thinking of events from a long time ago in his life.....

He needed to be "grounded" for the day's activities. Building a walkway with paving stones seemed easy enough. It was mid-morning before he got started. The walkway was supposed to run from the patio to a gate in the back alley.

The project began easily enough by leveling out a pathway. Working in a yard that is nothing but landscape rock and gravel was easy. No real digging. Just creating a sand bed and setting the stones.

Around 1:00 Eric paused for a bite to eat and to rest. He closed his eyes and laid back to think. It wasn't long before he became away of a presence. Opening his eyes he sprang up in his chair.

The boy was standing there, silently watching him.

"How long.... How did you?" Eric sputtered.

The gate to the alley was locked, as were the side gates to the back yard.

"I've been watching you sleep!" the boy smiled.

Again those perfect white teeth.

The teen was dressed exactly as he had been the day before.

"Still overdressing for the weather?" Eric laughed.

"Like I said, it's very cold where I come from!" the boy replied.

"Where DO you live, anyway? And how did you pull off that little stunt yesterday? Eric countered.

"So you're building a walkway. That's cool!" the boy replied.

Eric noticed the teen was still a pro at not answering any of his questions.

It was then the he noticed. The gash on the boy's forehead was gone. Not covered up. Not bandaged. It was simply gone. The bangs of his fluffy brown hair whipped back and forth in the breeze. The teen's forehead was clear of ANY blemishes or injuries.

"How did you pull that one off?" Eric asked the teen.

The boy looked confused.

"Your cut. From yesterday. It's gone!" the man replied.

"I only have a little time left!" the boy answered.

"Left? But you just got here!" Eric answered.

"No... I have been in your thoughts... Your mind ....forever. But.... I have very little time left HERE.... NOW!" the teen replied.

"I don't understand!" Eric countered.

"Yes... Yes you do! But your brain is refusing to accept what your eyes and senses are seeing!" the boy said.

Eric was getting that sinking feeling again; like his sanity was slowly fading away.

"You are not going crazy!" the boy interrupted Eric's thoughts.

"Christ! It's like he can read my fucking mind!" Eric thought to himself.

"I can!" the boy answered.

Eric's head almost did a proverbial "three-sixty!"

"What the fuck?" he barked.

The boy moved closer to him. Eric could feel heat radiating off his lithe young body.

"Think! Remember! Accept the reality you are seeing! Stop blocking the thought of what... you always wanted to happen!" the boy said softly.

Eric closed his eyes. He knew now he WAS losing it....

When he opened his eyes, they boy was gone....

"That tears it!" he barked to himself

Pulling out his cell phone, Eric called his doctor. There wasn't any doubt.

"I'm fucking seeing things. People who are...." He paused, not wanting to think about a very terrible thought, "From my past. My long ago.... Past!"

It was a mental psychosis. It had to be. He was "losing it" piece by piece. Yet faintly.... Eric could smell the boy's essence. There's no mistaking what a teenage boy smells like. Clean, fresh, invigorating. Full of life end energy.....

"That can't be!" Eric started to cry, "Not from Marky! It's not possible!"

Tears flowed down his worn face. The day was shot. Working on a stupid walkway made no sense to him now.

There was only one solution.

Eric was going to get totally shit-faced drunk. He had to chase away whatever was haunting him....

A short trip to the store gave him all the items necessary to get totally blitzed. Not that it would take a lot. Eric always has been a lightweight when it came to holding his sobriety.

By ten thirty, he was out of it. Drunk off his ass and fast asleep. Chasing some more Ambien with a lot of scotch and soon the lights were all out....

"LOOK AT THAT ONE!" MARKY exclaimed, "It's got... WOW! Are those Corvettes?"

The two boys were back at the river's bluff. It was spring time. They watched the barges and their endless procession down the "Mighty Mo."

A barge loaded with new cars had caught both boys' eyes.

Eric was trying to maintain his upbeat demeanor.

There was nothing wrong between himself and Marky. The two were inseparable now. Still, neither boy had made the first move in their yet-still pre-sexual relationship..

However, a larger problem was headed their way. Particularly Eric's way. His Dad had lost another job. As soon as school ended, the Davis Family was off to.... of all places.... Texas.

As a result, the Davis household had resonated with many thunderously loud arguments. Eric's Dad had roared, and Eric, discovering his own voice, had screamed back.

"Why do I have to leave all my friends right before my Senior year?" he yelled, "So we can go live in some shit hole in Texas?"

Eric's Dad took offense at his son's language. In 1969, "children" did not talk like that to their parents.

The boy continued to rant, "Always living in shit holes! Finally we move some place where I get some friends and we have to leave AGAIN!"

The verbal fights went on for days at a time. All the while, Eric's Mom sat silently by and said nothing as the two men, or one man and one boy, argued. Endlessly......

It was taking a toll on Eric. His plans for the final year of high school were on hold. No chance at a Science Club trip to Chicago. Or a Senior Class trip to St. Louis. No graduation parties with his friends.

Most of all, he knew the worst.

He would be leaving soon and never get to see Marky again.....

"Will you miss me?" Marky asked Eric.

The boys had seldom talked about the inevitable. There was no stopping it. How could a sixteen year old boy win against his Father? He had to go with his family.

"More than you know!" Eric replied.

A tear formed in his eye.

The two boys sat in silence as the sun dipped towards the horizon.

"You're the best friend I ever had!" Eric said softly.

Marky started to sniffle.

"Don't cry! You'll get your kerchief wet!" Eric cautioned.

He had always loved how Mark always dressed so "mod."

Once a Senior has made a remark about Marky's clothes and Eric had come off the rails at the boy. Despite outweighing him by a good twenty-five pounds, the larger boy had backed down.

Marky knew that Eric.... loved him. He felt the same for his mop-haired "rabble sousing" friend.

It had been an awesome Junior year for Eric. He was in the National Honor Society. His grades were above average over previous years. He talked of going to college at the University of Missouri.

And he had Marky.

Now that was about to change.


"What do you see in me?" Marky asked Eric.

That question came flying out of the blue like a missile.

"You're kind. Caring. Thoughtful Very intelligent!" Eric replied.

Marky was all of those. Eric had discovered that, even though he was a grade behind him, his friend was very intelligent. Eric credited his improved grades due to Marky's influence.

"You're so fucking smart!" Eric laughed, "Gentle... Fun to hang around with and cute as Hell too!"

The minute Eric said it, he knew he had goofed. The cat was out of the bag now.

He had fucked up. Big time.

No guy tells another guy that he's "cute."

Marky's eyes lit up like the sun.

"You think I'm...... cute?" he said softly, "Really?"

Eric dropped his head.

"I'm sorry. I messed up. I mean. I shouldn't have....!" he started to cry.

Eric felt a tug on his head. He looked up and saw the most beautiful face in the world. Their eyes locked. Marky leaned forward; Eric did likewise. Both boys were shaking like leaves.

Their lips touched. It was like a million volts of electricity flowing through their bodies. They grabbed each other and held on tightly.

Neither boy knew what to do next. There were no "instruction manuals" for gay sex in 1969. Indeed, "The Joy of Gay Sex" wouldn't be published for another eight years.

It didn't matter. Eric and Marky quickly found out they didn't need any manuals to do what they both had wanted to do for months. It was all so easy....

Eric felt Marky's tongue pushing against his lips. He opened his mouth and let Marky inside. Instinctively their tongues met and wrapped together. Marky felt Eric's throbbing cock pulsating through his Levis courds. Eric likewise felt a sizeable tube of flesh pressed against his groin.

Both boys mewled and rolled over on the ground.

Marky straddled a prostrate Eric and in a raspy voice hissed, "I've wanted to try this for so long"

"Why did you fucking wait then?" Eric chirped.

The younger teen was determined to make up for lost time. Almost a whole year had been wasted. He could have "had" Eric at any time, but he had been too terrified to try.

Leaning forward, Marky kissed Eric again. He ground his ass into Eric's throbbing cock. Two thin layers of fabric were all that separated the boys most intimate "parts."

"Have you ever done this before?" Eric rasped.

Marky paused before answering. What should he say?

"N ...N ....N ......Noooo!" Marky chirped, "But I'm .....willing to ......try anything!"

There. It sounded so natural. Marky had told a fib. He HAD to. What would Eric think if he knew the truth?

Marky had sucked cock before. Lots of times. He was a "pro" at bringing a boy to a mind shattering orgasm....

It wasn't as salacious as it sounded. All of Marky's experience has been gained on himself. For over two years, the boy had been sucking his own cock. It started one day innocently enough when he discovered how easily he could reach the head of his then 7 ½" cock. One time and Marky was hooked. That was almost two years ago. An additional inch or so of length in the past two years had made the chore even easier and a lot more fun.

Now, at this moment in time, Marky was glad he had the practice. For the first time in his life he was going to use his skills on the most special boy he had ever known....

Eric lifted his shirt up and over his head. Marky sat back and started to likewise remove his.

"Let me!" Eric said softly.

He slowly slipped Marky's neckerchief over his head. Then his shirt..... Eric carefully unbuttoned it and Marky flexed, letting the cloth drop to the ground. The two boys embraced.

"You're so warm!" they said in perfect unison. Then they laughed.

"Are you afraid?" Eric asked his younger friend.

Marky stared into the older boy's eyes. Those luscious green eyes he had coveted for months...

"Not with you I'm not!" he stuttered.

Eric didn't know what to do next.

Obviously Marky's jeans needed to come off. Marky sensed Eric's reluctance and offered to help the older boy.

"Here!" he panted, "Let me!"

He slowly unbuttoned, then unzipped his jeans. Reaching up he peeled them down to his ankles. Kicking one foot then another, the jeans fell to the ground with the shirt. All that was left were Marky's "tighty whities."

Eric's eyes were riveted on the massive tent in Marky's shorts. The older boy trembled as he reached forward.

"Go ahead!" Marky smiled.

Eric pulled the thin cloth fabric down. A loud "slap" echoed as Marky's cock sprang free, flew upward and hit his belly.

He stared at the younger boy's cock. It was the first erect cock he had ever seen in his life (other than, obviously, his own).

And it was big!!!! Long, thin, but not too thick. But oh.... soooo long...!!! A lot longer than his own 6 ½." A fat, cut mushroom head dripped a clear fluid from a wide, angry looking piss slit.

"It's beautiful!" he stammered.

"Now let me see yours!" the younger boy pleaded.

"I'm not.. Mine isn't nearly... So big!" Eric said softly.

"I don't care. It's attached to the only boy I ever wanted!" Marky replied.

Eric's cock coursed and shot a load of precum into his own shorts.

"Take me then. I'm ...I'm ....y ...y ...yours!' the older teen replied.

Marky moved forward and unzipped Eric's jeans. They easily fell to the ground and left the older boy standing there with a tented pair of white Jockeys. A huge wet spot marked the tip of Eric's pulsating cock.

He slowly pulled down Eric's briefs. A loud "slap" and his 6 ½" cock flew up, hitting his belly before returning and jutting out at a right angle to his young supple frame.

The younger boy's eyes widened.

"This is it!" he thought, "No more.... messing with myself.... This is the real thing!"

Slowly Marky opened his mouth, covered his teeth, and began to swallow Eric's rod. The older boy let out a soft mewl as his body convulsed. Eric wondered what a blow job would feel like. He had heard plenty of guys joking about it. Now he was finding out the truth.

It was more than he ever could have imagined.

Looking down, Eric saw a brown mop of hair that moved closer to his groin. Before he realized what was happening, Marky had swallowed his entire cock.

"Holy....shit!" Eric panted.

He bucked and thrust his pelvis forward, trying to push more of himself deep inside the young boy kneeling beneath him.

Eric's first instinct was to grab Marky's head with both hands and force himself in deeper; but that seemed too rude for a boy as shy and inexperienced as himself.

He remained content to let Marky "do his thing." Which was working quite well...

The older teen knew he had a hair trigger; it wouldn't take much to send his juices flying. Eric never thought about warning Marky about his impending cum shot. Likewise, he had no way of knowing just how much jizz he could shoot. His youthful inexperience left him with the mistaken impression that all boys came the same amount.

His eyes flew open wide as he felt Marky reach behind and press against his young ass. That motion drove the two boys together, forcing Eric's rod deeper down Marky's throat. He was losing control now. His knees began to shake; his whole body was throbbing with anticipation. Silly, nonsensical gurgling noises emanated from his throat.

Just when he thought it couldn't get any better, Eric felt something new. Different. Not unpleasant at all. And it sent him over the edge....

Marky had slipped one of his long, slender fingers deep inside Eric's ass. That action triggered something in the older teen. His vision glazed over; he felt his cock stiffen even more as his balls tightened up. Then it hit.

Wave after wave of cum erupted from his steel-hard cock. Eric threw his head back and tried to thrust even deeper down Marky's throat. The intensity of his orgasm kept Eric from noticing that Marky was slurping down every drop of his cum. And there was a LOT of cum for Marky to swallow.

He knew he could "paint the wall" with his cum sprays. Twelve shots or more were not uncommon. And the shots weren't "dribblers." They ejected like gunshots, splattering anything within range. That range easily extended several feet from the tip of Eric's cock.

Today was totally different. More cum than ever erupted from Eric's nuts. He was beginning to feel faint. Usually when he jacked off, he was sitting or lying down. The intensity of the feelings washing over his young body were so new to him.

Slowly he looked down at his young friend. Marky let Eric's cock slip free from his mouth. The boy had not missed one drop of the precious fluid!

Eric didn't comprehend the meaning of Marky's next comment....

"Wow! You cum almost as much as I do!" the young boy smiled.

The two teens kissed. Eric could taste his own cum as their tongues entwined. That sensation made Eric's cock throb and expel a lump of jism.

"Whoa! Are you ready for another round?" Marky laughed.

"Kinda.... Yes!" Eric said shyly.

"We're so much alike!" Marky replied as he started to kneel for a repeat performance.

Eric held the boy tightly.

"No!" he said softly, "It's my turn now!"

Their eyes locked.

"You don't have to do anything if you don't want to.....!" Marky started to say.

Eric pressed a finger against the young boy's lips.

"Sshhh! I've wanted to do this since the day we first met!" Eric cooed softly.

The older teen was surprised when Marky swallowed his finger and slowly suckled it.

"Then go for it!' Marky said in a raspy voice, "Just watch your teeth!"

"Hell yes! I wanna suck it, not bite it off!" Eric chortled.

Both boys laughed.

It was working out better than either could have been planned; Marky's "prior experience," his going first on Eric, worked so that the older boy had some idea of HOW to do what he had WANTED to do to Marky for months.

Dropping to his knees, Eric stared at Marky's pulsating cock.

"WOW! It's so beautiful!" Eric panted.

He leaned forward and licked off the precum on the fat mushroom head of Marky's cock...

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