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Time Enough For Love

by AZ Story Guy

Chapter 1

A preface from the author.

I wanted to write a different kind of love story between two teenage boys. If you are looking for a quick read with lots of sex, then this story isn't for you. That doesn't mean there isn't the requisite sex. It is there. However, the sexual activities are woven into the larger fabric of the whole story.

This work contains elements of science fiction and Native American spiritualism.

Science fiction is just that: fiction. Please don't critique the story on that basis alone. The author is not Native American. There was an effort made to try and ensure some accuracy for the parts of the story contingent upon the Native American customs and mores. Again, please do not critique any failings on that part of the story alone.

The setting for the bulk of the story is likewise unique. Every effort was made to try and make sure the story was accurate in portraying that setting. Certain - but not all sections of dialog between some of the characters have been phonetically spelled to try and recreate the language of the time period.

All rights reserved. No part of this story may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system without the written permission of the Author.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, events or locales is entirely coincidental.

© Copyright 2014. This work is protected under The United States Copyright Laws 17 USC 101, 102(a), 302(a). All Rights Reserved. The author retains all rights. No reproductions are allowed without the author's consent.

Thanks for reading and please enjoy

"Time Enough For Love."

"Money Can't Buy Him Love:"
Levi Aaron Roberts

The alarm shrieked and sounds of Linkin Park filled the boy's bedroom.

"Shut the fuck up" he yelled as his hand slammed down on the clock.

Peering out from under the covers, eighteen year old Levi Aaron Roberts stared at the face looking back at him.

"GO THE FUCK AWAY!" he yelled.

The face continued to stare at the boy.

"Jesus Fucking Christ I hate you!" the boy yelled out loud.

No one heard his tantrum.

The face looking at the boy was him...

"Why the fuck did I ever have a mirrored ceiling installed in this fucking room?" he barked to a non-existent audience.

Levi knew all too well the answer to that question. He thought a mirrored ceiling (and one wall adjacent to his spacious king sized bed) would make his frequent sizzling sexual encounters even hotter.

Roberts could only be described as eye candy deluxe. Standing six feet tall and weighing 130 pounds when dripping wet, Levi was what the gay community called a "twink."

The boy's raven dark brown hair and lightly frosted silver tips, cut into a typical shaggy bowl fashion, gave Levi an emo-ish look. His dark green eyes could melt hearts or burn through a person like a laser.

Levi worked hard to avoid acting and looking like a "fem" boy. It was all in his mind. Truth be told, he was a typical eighteen year old teenager full of the pains and angst that go with growing up in the Twentieth-First Century.

It didn't help that as Levi rolled back the covers, he was faced with the same 7" problem that bugged him every day. All day, it seemed....

Some boys were late bloomers; others entered puberty in spurts and fits.

Levi entered the beginning stages of adolescence very early and grew quite fast. Before he was through with the sixth grade, Levi had discovered the world of wet dreams and a constantly hard cock. That cock grew like bamboo; his egg-sized balls dropped with a sound that should have awakened the state.

By the time Levi entered the Ninth Grade, it was apparent to all that this boy was going to be a walking wet dream. Everyone was taken by Levi's youthful beauty.

Everyone except Levi. He hated his looks. He thought he was too tall, too skinny, too bony and generally just a very unappealing specimen of young manhood. And of course, Levi thought his 7" cock wasn't "big enough." His 7" specimen was built like a battering ram - complete with two massive low hanging balls that were capable of producing an endless supply of tasty boy jism. While not the longest cock on the block, Levi's was fat. A full 2 1/4" diameter (or more than 7" around) was enough to get the job done. Over and over, as it would turn out. No boy ever complained... Still, Levi wanted a bigger "unit" (as most boys do!).

"Why the fuck couldn't I be like Tyler?" he yelled again to his non-existent audience.

Tyler North, also eighteen, was one of the few friends Levi had from high school who still remained in touch. Now that he had graduated, Levi's circle of friends seemed to be shrinking as they all scattered to the winds to create lives for themselves.

Not Tyler. Standing 6' 1" and weighing in at two hundred pounds of ripped muscle, North had the appearance that gave Levi tons of mind-blowing orgasms. Levi and Tyler's friendship was one that could not be broken. Both boys owed the other a massive debt of gratitude. Neither would welch on that debt and remained fast friends. Tyler knew that his best friend was gay, and while straight himself, Tyler remained a loyal "best bud" to Levi.

It started in the Ninth Grade.

Levi had attended private schools all his life until he was ready for high school. After many discussions with his parents, they relented and allowed their son to enroll in a public school.

It was a severe case of culture shock for Levi.

Private school had been neat, orderly, quiet and disciplined. The public school he attended was chaotic and confusing. It was also replete with the usual bullies. Mostly jocks who like to pick on any student who looked or acted "differently."

Levi filled that bill. School was scarcely only a month underway before he drew the attention of the football jocks. Unwanted and unkind attention. Tyler was not one of the bullies; he stood in the shadows but made no effort to intervene.

Tyler's role in Levi's life changed as the school year progressed and Tyler fell behind in his classes. Like a gift from Heaven, Levi ended up tutoring the beefy jock. Immediately Tyler's grades started to reverse their downward fall. Tyler saw Levi as has savior. He realized that if anything happened to his savior, then the positive tracking of his scores would end.

So Tyler acted. Forcefully. A broken bone and a bloody nose here and there, and the bullying stopped. No one dared say anything about Tyler defending a gay boy like Levi lest they want to end up with lacerated body parts.

The friendship was cemented.

Levi's friendship with Tyler opened up new avenues for social contact. Soon all the jocks including the ones who had previously made Levi's life less than desirable, were now the boy's friends....for a couple of reasons.

First, Levi was intelligent. Very much so. Years of private schooling had given the boy an edge when it came to academics. Levi used that advantage as leverage and soon was tutoring most of his school's football, basketball and wrestling team members.

Levi didn't hide the fact that he was gay. Curiously, his clientele of jock boys didn't seem to mind. They were all too happy to see their improving test scores. Hours of working with horny jock boys soon showed Levi something else. They were easy lays. A casual "fuck me" or "suck my cock" remark often ended with Levi doing just that to virtually all the boys he tutored. Straight, bi or gay, Levi never asked. He just did what felt good....

Levi had read on the internet that "there's a little gay in every straight boy" and his experiences with the jocks sure proved that to be true. Many of his new "buds" had girlfriends. That didn't deter Levi from his task. Levi was also amazed at how many jock boys loved to get fucked. Levi considered himself to be a "top," and he excelled at the task. Several times a week he had boys writhing, mewling and begging for more as he slammed his hyper-oversexed 7" cock into their tight asses.

Not Tyler though.... Levi wanted the boy in the worst possible way but more than making him another sexual conquest, he valued North's friendship.

It didn't matter. In the world of high school cliques, Levi soon gained a reputation as a class stud. This reputation grew through his sophomore, junior and senior years. So did his list of sexual partners.

Don't judge Levi harshly. His over active sex drive did come early; but in the private school he formerly attended there weren't a lot of options for sexual release. A quickie here or there in a secluded bathroom or in the brush behind the athletic field were about the limits.

His junior year opened up new worlds for Levi. Getting a driver's license revealed a new realm of possibilities for the teen. Transportation provided easy access to and from his house. And the perfect place to "score."

Levi's parents were not a problem. They knew their son was gay. That revelation happened in the eighth grade. No drama, no tears. Levi's parents were very loving and very sophisticated. Acceptance of their son's sexuality was a given.

Levi had an advantage that most boys in his situation could only dream for. His parents owned a successful - a VERY successful international construction company. Roberts International, Inc: a new dam in India, a power plant in South America, a new road in the Middle East.... Roberts Construction was a force to deal with. As a result, Levi was left to his own devices in a nice 4000 square foot home in Scottsdale, AZ.

Well not left totally alone.. There was a staff to maintain the grounds. A staff to clean the house and change the (cum stained) sheets on Levi's bed (although he did that a lot by himself to avoid the gossip of the maids many of whom lusted in vain to get into his bulging, skin tight jeans).

And there was Charles Baker. Charles was the "point man" for Levi. When Levi's parents were out of town (which happened about fifty weeks a year), Baker was responsible for Levi's welfare. He had many other tasks in the Company, but overseeing Levi's well being was paramount.

Baker was totally aware of Levi's sexuality and his.. sexual "escapades" The man admired Levi's stamina and endurance in that arena, and truth be told, thought Levi was one cute young stud. Charles' sexual orientation was a mystery to Levi. However, since Baker was 43, he was outside Levi's "accepted" age range.

Charles Barker was smart enough to not "shit where you eat;" there was no way he would jeopardize his six digit salary by flirting with jail bit. More importantly, Baker actually liked Levi. No, he loved the boy as he would his own son.

Just in case the casual reader might come to the wrong conclusion, Levi Aaron Roberts was not a spoiled rich boy brat. He was a typical teenager in all respects save a tremendous sex drive even that definition is hard to parse since so many boys in Levi's age range seem to suffer the same "malady."

Levi would give a stranger the proverbial shirt off his back; a fact that Charles had to guard against lest some unscrupulous person try to gain control over the boy or worse yet, use the boy for nefarious reasons against the family wealth and empire.

Levi would associate and "hang with" anyone; he had no prejudices against people of other ethnicities, races, creeds, etc. There was only one thing missing from Levi's life. One simple little thing that hid behind Levi's ravenous appetite for sex. The boy was lonely. So lonely it hurt. All the money, all the sex, none of it made up for hearing a boy, one boy, say those three magic words: "I love you."

Levi was forever searching for that special someone who would love him. His heart ached to have a boy he could smother with affection and attention. That was the main driving force behind his unlimited sexual escapades. He was determined to find his first true love.

In the summer of his seventeenth year, an event happened that would set Levi on a new life's course. It was not a pleasant event; such earth shaking occurrences usually are not decked with pleasantries.

The day started out like any other; the boy was sunning himself on the deck of a spacious heated swimming pool. Levi had just turned over on his stomach and was grinding his constantly hard cock into the deck chair; a tiny pair of navy blue speedos clung to the seventeen year old's tight little ass. Levi felt the familiar feeling as a quart of cum was getting ready for that quick trip from his ponderous nuts to the freedom that comes with ejaculation.

His mind was racing over the recollection of his latest sexual escapade: eighteen year old Mason from his school. Mason was the classic emo boy with a fat eight inch cock. Levi had sucked the boy dry; three times in a row - before flipping him over and plowing his tight, inviting ass. It had happened over the last weekend, on Saturday night. The two boys had hit it off really well towards the end of school. Levi practically raped Mason with his eyes every day at school. All it took for Levi to move to the next level was to get Mason alone in his bedroom.

Easy. Very easy. Mason wanted to lose his "cherry" and Levi was all too happy to oblige. Mason was fascinated by Levi's collection of toys: dildos, cock rings, butt plugs; Levi had explored the world of sex toys and assembled a collection for use with his next "victim." That lucky soul turned out to be Mason.... Levi had the boy squealing in ecstasy within minutes. It was an awesome three hours and Levi was heartbroken when the boy said he had to be home by midnight. Levi had hoped for an all-nighter with his newest super cute friend....

The events of a few days ago played in Levi's mind as he neared a massive orgasm. Pushing deeper and harder into the deck chair, he started to mewl and groan as a massive wet spot formed on his speedos. Levi was a fast, hard, voluminous cummer. No "leaker" was this boy: when he shot, it was like a summer downpour.

In open space, Levi could easily propel multiple jets of boy spunk six feet or even further. Droplets of his boy nectar would scatter in all directions. More than one boy had advised Levi to offer umbrellas or safety goggles as a standard precaution.

That was in free space, aka with no clothing. Levi's speedos were about to catch a massive eruption of his juices. The boy had frequently shot off into his skinny jeans in school, leaving massive wet spot as tell tale evidence. If he was lucky, most of the dick juice would soak through his jeans and puddle on the floor under a desk or table. More often than not, he would NOT be lucky and have to carry his book bag in front of his crotch to hide the strains (and his ever constant erection). As a result, Levi adopted black skinny jeans (or any jeans) as his default favorite color. That shade did help to hide the evidence much more than did the light blue denims. One time Levi lost it and shot a load in that color of jeans during a chemistry class. The result was less than acceptable; more like highly embarrassing....

Levi's eyes closed and he saw stars as his cock erupted. Shot after shot flooded the boy's skimpy little nylon suit. Drops surged through the fabric and leaked through the slats of the chair on to the pool deck. All Levi could see in his mind was the look on Mason's face as he had painted the boy's insides with his baby juice.

After almost a minute of pure bliss, Levi opened his eyes and saw the mess he had created. He laughed as he stood up and saw the front of speedos soaked with cum.

A quick dive into the pool washed away the evidence on his clothes. The sizzling Arizona sun would soon take care of the large puddle of "swimmers" Levi had left on the pool deck.

When Levi emerged from the pool, he was startled to see Charles standing on the deck. The man did not look happy at all. Levi searched his mind trying to think if he had done anything wrong. Nothing: other than taking Mason's cherry. There was no way Charles would know that since the man had been out of town over the weekend. Besides, stealing from the willing wasn't a crime.... Levi smiled at the thought.

"We need to talk!" Charles said, "Please change and come inside to my office!"

The Roberts Family afforded Charles a large office space in the main house. Rarely used, it was Baker's center of operations when he needed to make decisions regarding the Corporation or on Levi's behalf.

Levi dressed down into some short shorts (which revealed too much of everything but after all, it was summer!).

His demeanor changed when he entered Charles' office and saw one of the Corporate attorneys sitting at Baker's desk. Charles closed the door and moved towards the boy.

"Levi.... Levi.... I have....!" Baker sniffled.

Levi had never seen the 6' 1" 180 pound man cry or show emotion like this before.

"Your parents....!" he stopped.

A sudden coldness shot through the boy. His parents were on an extended trip in the Middle East to secure final details of some new road construction project in a country Levi couldn't even pronounce, let alone find on a map.

Levi looked at Baker and then the attorney. The attorney was also showing moist eyes.

"This is not good!" he thought.

The Roberts Corporation "suits" never showed emotion. They were tough as nails and it showed in their constant streak of winning actions against competitors and even governments.

"Your parents.... It happened so fast....!" Baker sniffled.

Levi wasn't stupid. He instinctively knew what was going to be revealed.

"Both of them?" he said in a tiny voice.

Charles rushed to hug the boy.

"Yes!" he said softly.

Judith and Alexander Roberts had taken a Corporate jet out of Qatar on a short trip to survey the route for this newest road project. A sudden Haboob, or desert sand storm, had struck the jet, sending it slamming into the desert floor. Death had been instantaneous; the Family and crew most likely didn't know what had hit them.

Levi suddenly became aware of what he feared the most.

"I am all alone now!" he cried into Baker's arms.

While Levi's parents were gone most of the time, their presence was always felt by Levi. He was never more than a cell or satellite phone or skype call away from either his Mom or his Dad. They communicated on an almost daily, if not weekly basis. His parents were kept abreast of his school grades and overall progress as the boy moved from adolescence into adulthood (The only thing Levi's parents were kept in the dark about were his ongoing sexual escapades).

Now that important link in Levi's life was gone. He had distant Aunts and Uncles but his Parents had been the guiding force in his life.

Levi broke down and began to bawl like a baby. Charles easily hefted the small 130 pound boy in his arms and took Levi to his room.

"We'll go over the financial details later!" he told the attorney.

Charles put all Corporate affairs on hold indefinitely. Levi was now his prime concern. Word was dispatched through the Corporate Intranet about the tragedy. Roberts International had over a thousand employees so it wasn't like the Company could close down in memory of the loss. Nevertheless, a profound sense of grief was felt throughout its range.

Alexander Roberts broke the mold for Corporate Titans. He treated all his employees fairly and paid wages and benefits far above industry standards. As a result, employee turnover was very low, and productivity was unmatched in its field. The loss of both members of Levi's Family was like a stab in the heart for every Company employee.

The next week was a blur for Levi. He remained sequestered in his bedroom, only venturing out when absolutely necessary. Charles Baker realized his life had just changed. As per many previous conversations with Levi's parents, Baker was now going to be solely responsible for the boy.

This was a new challenge for Baker. Taking custody of a hormonally overcharged seventeen year old teenager, and a gay one at that, was not something that could be learned from reading any textbooks. Baker took the low profile road and worked to console Levi over his losses. Baker was also busy with Roberts International attorneys setting in place the required ownership changes for the Corporation

Levi was the sole heir in his parents will. This meant that seventeen year old Levi Aaron Roberts was now worth more than three quarters of a billion dollars. Full ownership would transfer upon Levi reaching his eighteenth birthday.

Levi had no clue about the management details of a company so large. Day to day operations would remain unchanged. Levi was not going to play an active role in overseeing the Corporation unless he chose to do so, and then only after years of preparation.

The most daunting task for Baker besides trying to bring Levi back into full participation in his normal life was that of security. Immediately, a new force was present at the spacious Roberts home. Security gates, cameras and personnel monitored the house grounds on a 24/7 basis. Things got so intense that Tyler and Melissa, Levi's best (albeit straight) girl friend and confidant, were prohibited from "dropping by" to visit as they had for years.

Levi immediately complained about being isolated from his best friends and Charles promptly handled that matter.

Bonding with the lonely and heartbroken boy was another matter all together. Charles opted to remain off-site for his living requirements but maintained a presence with Levi every day. Since the tragedy took place in the summer months, Baker didn't have to formulate a plan for dealing with Levi's schooling.

Baker knew he would need help in stabilizing Levi after the trauma of his loss, so professionals were retained to aid in that task.

A breakthrough happened when Baker took Levi on a day trip out into the mountains in his Jeep. The two spent hours exploring many of Arizona's famous old ghost towns and mines. Levi was hooked on the experience as well as Baker's Jeep.

Upon arriving back in Phoenix, Levi dove into the internet and started researching four wheel drives and more old towns and mines to explore. A flurry of trips with Charles increased Levi's appetite for the hobby. Levi wanted his own vehicle to take on treks into the "outback," and that lead Charles and the boy to a series of auto dealerships where Levi could test drive and pick out the truck he wanted.

There was just one problem. Levi couldn't make up his mind whether he liked the Toyota Tacoma 4x4 or the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. In the end two salesman were very surprised when a seventeen year old boy wrote out a check for one of each, paid in full.

Naturally full ownership would not be Levi's until he was eighteen. Nevertheless, within days there now sat a 2013 white Jeep Rubicon and a 2013 white Toyota Tacoma Xtracab with a 6" lift and 33 inch "mudder" tires in the Roberts' garage.

Levi was ecstatic. He couldn't wait to show them both to Tyler.

"Sweet!" the teen yelped as he saw both rides.

"Let's go someplace!" Levi suggested.

The two boys headed out into the desert.

Riding down rutted and bumpy desert trails almost immediately gave both boys raging hardons.

They soon stopped under a canopy of mesquite trees for some chips and sodas and to let their "problems" subside.

Levi couldn't help checking out Tyler. This was the one boy in his school that he had lusted after for years but never followed through on his primal urges. He knew Tyler was straight and had a girl friend, but so had all the other jocks at school and that hadn't stopped Levi from bedding down virtually all of them.

Tyler was different. He had protected Levi when the boy needed it. Levi may have been a virtual "horn dog," but he didn't want to crash his relationship with Tyler North.

Out of the blue, Tyler said, "So how come you never hit on me?"

Levi's head snapped as he turned to look at this god of a boy.

"Because you're my best friend!" he replied.

"Oh!" Tyler replied, "I thought there was something wrong with me!"

Levi couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"Like what?" he asked.

"I don't know... Like you didn't find me attractive in some way!" Tyler said softly.

Tyler's soft spoken reply made Levi's cock harder than it had ever been in his life.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" the boy replied, "You are.... like so FUCKING HOT!"

Both boys laughed.

Tyler replied, "You know.... I have thought about it a lot.... If I thought I could.... I would.... Like you to be my first...... uh.... guy..... But...... I don't know... I'm not gay.... I don't think I am... but there's something about you.... it's always bugged me that you're so open... so casual.. and comfortable about who you are!"

The boy sounded exasperated.

"I..... uh.... don't know..... I guess.... I'm straight.. or at least so.... mostly straight.... I just can't......!" Tyler said.

Levi was torn. He was certain if he moved on Tyler now, he could have the boy eating out of his hand in minutes. Yet what would happen "afterwards;" when the bodily fluids had been exchanged and both boys "came back down" to Earth?

"So are you still seeing.....!" Levi halted, not remembering Tyler's newest girlfriend's name.

"Fuck no....! She kept leaving me with 'blue balls'...... That 'saving it for marriage' bullshit!" Tyler laughed.

Levi sensed an opportunity here. Again his cock was saying "go for it' but that very small rational part of his brain said "WHOA!"

"Uhhhh... Well.... It kinda looks like we have the same 'problem!'" Levi said as he stared at Tyler's groin.

Tyler's seven inch cock was making a visible outline in his jeans.

Tyler dropped his head and looked at Levi.

"Yeah... I guess so... But what the fuck, with you it's like you're always hard!" the boy laughed.

"Yeah I know it NEVR goes away!" Levi retorted.

"Well fuck... With those painted-on jeans there's nothing left to anyone's imagination!" Tyler cracked.

Levi rubbed his cock slowly.

Taking a risk he said, "So.... you wanna.... maybe jack off together?"

He wished he hadn't said it the minute the words left his mouth.

"Sure... I'm game!" came Tyler's reply.

A wad of precum must have shot out of Levi's cock when he heard his friend's reply. He knew he felt his cock expand at the very thought of jackin' with Tyler.

"So who goes first?" Tyler asked.

Levi was no stranger to disrobing in front of other boys.

"That's fucking easy!" he said.

In a flash he pulled down his black jeans and his 7" cut cock snapped up into the air.

"WOW! That was fast!" Tyler laughed, "And no underwear?"

"Yeah it's called 'freeballing' or going 'commando!" Levi explained.

"Doesn't it irritate your cock?" Tyler asked.

"Hell No! It's awesome!" Levi laughed "But sometimes.... Uh.... Things can get out of control and I.uh.... kinda lose it!"

"No shit? Fuck I would die if that happened to me!" Tyler laughed.

"Yeah... Well.... That's why I wear black... And always have my book bag handy!" Levi laughed.

Tyler slowly pulled his jeans down, revealing some dark blue Fruit of the Looms..... More slowly he tugged the FTLs down until his seven inch cut cock sprang up in the air.

Tyler looked at Levi's cock and his brain was screaming conflicting messages.

"Hey!" he said, "Do you shave your pubes or......!"

"Oh yeah!" Levi replied, "They just get in the way anyways!"

"What's that...... thing.....!" Tyler looked closer at Levi's cock.

"It's called a cock ring!" Levi laughed, "It makes your dick harder!"

"Like you fucking need that!" Tyler chortled.

"So who starts first....?" Tyler asked.

The boy's mouth was dry as he stared at Levi's extra thick fuck stick.

Taking his hand, Levi swabbed some precum on his fat cock head and started to stroke.

"Oh fuck!" he hissed as that familiar sensation pulsed through his young body.

Tyler was getting turned on and he didn't understand why. He had never had sex with a boy before; other than seeing teammates naked in the showers, the boy had no exposure to same sex encounters.

Nevertheless, he couldn't resist. Slowly Tyler started to stroke his cock. The boys faced each other and were less than two feet apart.

"Fucking good!" Levi hissed.

"Oh YEAH!" Tyler moaned.

Levi watched as Tyler was getting into the action. The jock's cock was starting to ooze strands of precum.

Levi felt his resolve weakening.

"This is Tyler! Your best friend!" his brain screamed at him.

Levi couldn't help it. He dropped to his knees in front of Tyler. Pushing the boy's hand away, Levi swallowed Tyler's cock down to the base.

"FUCK!" Tyler cried, "You took it all the way!"

The boy slumped back against a mesquite tree as Levi began to give the best blow job of his young life.

"No girl ever... swallowed... Oh fuck! Levi! Jesus!" Tyler cried.

Levi sucked Tyler's cock like a pro. His own fuck stick was swaying with the motion of the boy's body; precum was drooling down on the desert floor.

"Oh shit! Levi! I'm so fucking close!" Tyler panted.

The rough ride in the Tacoma had pushed each boy close to the edge. Levi dove down on Tyler's cock again and then began a thorough massage of the jock boy's cock head. That sent Tyler over the edge.

"FUCK I'M GONNA CUM!" he screamed.

Tyler tried to pull off from Levi, but Levi would have none of that. Jets of cum fired out of Tyler's cock and Levi gulped them down like honey.

"OH FUCK!" the boy cried.

"OH FUCK! OH FUCK! OH FUCK!" Tyler kept crying.

Levi easily swallowed all of Tyler's baby juice. He rose up to face his best friend.

"I'm sorry if.....!" he started to say.

Tyler cut him off.

"It was. fucking..... SO much better than I ever expected!" Tyler moaned.

Levi leaned in and kissed Tyler on the lips.

Tyler couldn't resist the sexual lure of his hot emo friend. Opening his mouth, Tyler welcomed Levi's invading tongue. He could taste his own cum in the kiss.

"FUCK!" Tyler hissed.

"Keep it up and I will!" Levi laughed.

Tyler slumped against the same tree.

"So that's what you.... like to..... do?" he asked his friend.

"Among other things.... Yes!" Levi grinned like a Cheshire cat.

Tyler's brain was scrambled. He had just received his first blow job from a boy. This was going to take some sorting out....

He looked Levi in the face.

"You.... uh... know.... I'm not ready to.... do that to......!" he stuttered.

"I know!" Levi said softly, "Just thing of it as a sealing of our friendship!"

"But what about you?" Tyler asked, "You're still....!"

Levi shot his friend an evil grin.

"Wanna see something weird?" he asked his friend.

"Sure... If it doesn't hurt!" Tyler laughed.

Levi pulled out a blanket and laid it down in the bed of the Tacoma. Lying down, he completely pulled off his jeans and sat against the wall of the pickup bed. Leaning forward, Levi made contact with his cock and instantly swallowed three quarters of his fat fuck stick.

"HOLY SHIT!" Tyler cried.

The boy stood there transfixed as Levi proceeded to give himself a blow job. Within minutes, Tyler could tell the boy was cumming. Levi's cheeks expanded as loads of cum blasted into his mouth. Levi gulped down his own cum while massaging the bulbous head of his boy stick.

"Sweet fucking Jesus! Where did you learn to do that?" Tyler asked.

Levi released his cock and sat upright, flipping the wildly unruly mane of hair out of his eyes.

"I saw a couple of guys do it on the internet!" he laughed, "And well.... if they could... so could I.... But it helps if you're skinny like me!"

Both boys laughed at the remark.

They soon were back in the Tacoma, fording a creek, climbing hills, and having an excellent afternoon.

Neither boy spoke of what had happened. Levi was glad that Tyler didn't kick his ass and walk away although for Tyler it would meant a long trek back to Phoenix!

On the Interstate back to the city, Tyler finally spoke about their encounter.

"It.. was.... so much....more intense.... than I expected!" the boy stammered.

"Then.... We're... still friends?" Levi asked.

Tyler just stared at the boy.

"Of course, doofus!" he grinned, "And... like... well.. if I do turn gay all of sudden. I'd want to be with you!"

Levi's eyes teared at the boy's remark. His sunglasses disguised the moistness.

"'If!'" Levi thought, "Why the fuck does it have to be 'if?'"

That one incident was the only time Levi and Tyler came close to any type of personal encounter. School soon started and the memory faded into the past. Levi was resigned to endless one- nighters as he continued to look for love.

As graduation and his eighteenth birthday neared, Levi did retain his love for four wheeling. Charles assumed his "guardianship" over the boy and all went smoothly. Using Corporate mapping resources, Charles would often send Levi links for new ghost towns to explore.

Four wheeling and desert exploration helped take some of the sexual "edge" off of Levi.

Summertime and graduation came, and Levi explored the online world for hooking up with guys. With school behind him, his steady supply of sexual partners was gone. About this time he had the mirrored glass installed in his bedroom. At least when he jacked off or sucked his own cock, he could watch the action and that made him even hornier.

The online experience proved to be daunting. Levi spent a lot of time on Craig's List and quickly found out that the site was full of old men posing as boys, or young (underage) boys or just plain flakes. Levi had no problem snapping up the underage ones, although he drew a limit at fifteen for the youngest. The Jeep Wrangler was perfect for setting up random encounters. Trying to bring a fifteen year old boy into his house would be a real hassle with security. The other option would be fucking some jail bait at his home, and the thought of being caught by a juvie boy's parents didn't appeal to Levi at all!

Then Levi met Ryan. Ryan Gale. Twenty one years old. Older than Levi was used to, but maybe an older guy would be more stable, more truthful, more oriented towards something other than a quickie. Ryan had a huge 8" cut cock, short brown hair and matching brown eyes. He was Levi's vision of a total stud.

Ryan saw Levi as the typical emo-twink. On their first hook up, both boys sucked each other off at Ryan's house. That first encounter led to more evening affairs. Ryan told Levi that his work schedule was very demanding so he usually only had a few evenings a week for time to "play."

Being young, naive and vulnerable, Levi was falling in love very fast. Ryan seemed sincere, steady and honest. Ryan thought Levi was one hot little twink. At first he thought the boy had lied about his age. Levi didn't look anywhere near eighteen years old. For Ryan, eighteen was at the UPPER limit of boys he preferred. Levi proved to be a total cum machine. Ryan had trouble keeping up with the boy's seemingly inexhaustible demand for sex.

Levi quickly demonstrated his proficient cock sucking skills on Ryan. That moved to Levi eating Ryan's ass. While the two had never discussed sexual preferences, it soon became apparent that Levi was scheming to fuck Ryan.

Ryan went along with Levi's intentions for a while. After about six weeks of non-stop sex at every possible opportunity, Levi finally made his move, One evening after sucking two loads out of Ryan, he flipped the older boy over on his stomach and buried his face in Ryan's ass. That drove the older boy wild. He moaned and twitched as Levi's talented tongue probed deeply into his butt.

Levi was completely oblivious to the fact that somehow, he, a 130 pound light weight, had managed to so easily subdue the hunkier, much stronger Ryan. If Levi had not been overcome with lust, he might have given that matter some thought. Just as he had Ryan primed and ready, Levi suddenly felt himself being lifted and thrown down on the bed. Looking up, he saw Ryan's eyes boring into his skull.

"Did you SERIOUSLY think I was going to bottom for a punk ass twink like you? Ryan chortled.

Levi started to answer but Ryan slapped him in the face with his fat 8" cock. Levi was stunned but turned on at the same time.

"It's time for you to lose your cherry!" Ryan hissed.

Levi felt his legs being hoisted onto Ryan's broad shoulders. Before he could utter any protest, Ryan drove his cock into the teen's ass. Not slowly. Not with any preparation. One fast, quick jab. All 8" in a swift plunge. The only lube was precum dripping from the stud's massive cock.

Levi screamed at the top of his lungs. His ass felt like it was being stuffed with a telephone pole. The pain was unbearable. Tears flowed from his eyes and snot ran out of his nose as Ryan pulled out to the tip and then slammed his cock back in the boy's ass.

Levi had purchased a collection of dildos of various sizes over the past year. He had experimented with them, trying to see if he would ever assent to being fucked. The smaller (6") toys had presented no problem. Gradually he had worked upwards towards a ten inch model. But that had been a slow, careful process. Lots of lube and lots of patience. The last time Levi had experimented with his toys was a couple of months ago.

Ryan's forced entrance made no allowance for the boy's inexperience. It was a violent and crude assault. As the older youth power fucked Levi, things began to change. The pain gradually subsided and Levi began to feel sensations he had never before experienced. Soon he was aware that his own cock was rock hard and bouncing on his stomach in time with Ryan's movements.

"Take my cock your fucking whore!" Ryan sneered.

He looked down at the young boy and could easily see that Levi was getting into the act.

"Ride my cock you fucking slut!" Ryan exhorted, "I'm gonna breed you like the bitch cunt you are!"

Levi was getting turned on in a perverse sort of way. This was not the way he envisioned losing his anal virginity.... if he actually had ever decided to such an event.

Ryan lasted for about ten minutes before he let out a roar that shook the walls of his apartment. Levi felt the stud's cock swell and begin blast wave after wave of cum inside his violated ass. That sensation sent Levi over the edge and soon his own cock began spraying a geyser of cum all over his stomach and abs. Jets of jism strafed his neck and also splattered all over Ryan's smooth torso.

"You little fucker!" Ryan yelled.

Apparently he was not pleased with being spray painted by Levi's cum. As a result he shoved his cock hard into Levi's cum-filled ass. Levi felt another excruciating wave of pain.

"Don't ever do that again, bitch!" Ryan screamed as he pulled his cock out of Levi's ass.

Blood and cum stained Ryan's still hard fuck stick (There was no fecal matter; Levi was fastidious about his personal hygiene).

Ryan grabbed Levi by the hair and commanded, "Clean off my cock, bitch!"

The boy was forced to tongue wash Ryan's cock.

With his cock cleaned off, Ryan got out of bed and threw Levi his clothes.

"We're done bitch!" he barked, "I have to get up early tomorrow so you need to leave!"

Dazed and bewildered, Levi got dressed and left. All the way home he kept wondering what he had done wrong. The boy thought the two of them were getting along so well. Because of his relative inexperience with boys outside his own high school, Levi could never have understood that Ryan had carefully planned the whole event. Ryan's goal all along had been to be the first to take Levi's cherry.

Levi passed the security at the gate to his house; he smiled weakly at the two guards as he drove the Tacoma up to the house. Limping, he walked to the bathroom and crawled into the whirlpool. His ass ached and felt like it was on fire.

Days went by and Levi heard nothing from Ryan. The boy hung around with Tyler; the two went to a rock climbing gym, an amusement park, and caught some movies. Tyler could sense something was wrong with his friend.

"Is it because of what we....?" Tyler finally asked.

"No!" Levi said.

His voice quavered.

"NO WAY!" the boy restated his answer.

"Then what's wrong?" Tyler asked.

"Nothing... Nothing at all....!" Levi said softly.

The boy stared at the floor.

"Bullshit!" Tyler said, "I know you and THIS isn't the Levi I know!"

Levi looked at his friend. He fell into the hunky boy's dreamy eyes.

"Why the fuck couldn't you be gay?" Levi cried.

Tyler looked at the boy in shock. He reached over and hugged Levi tightly.

"I wish I were, Levi.... Cause you'd be one hell of a 'catch!'"

Levi stared at his friend and broke down in tears.

Levi never told Tyler what had happened. Weeks more went by. He hung out with Melissa a lot. At least he didn't feel threatened and there was no danger of him falling in love with a girl. Melissa knew a lot about Levi's sexual exploits. She was amused and impressed that this scrawny little teenager had managed to score with probably a third, if not more, of all the boys in their school. She was also a little bit jealous, in a a friendly way, that Levi was able to bed down so many boys when she had to work just to get laid once.

Meanwhile, Charles could tell Levi was in a funk. A severe one. He had no idea why, and probably would have been completely floored, at what Ryan had done to Levi. No, Charles would have been pissed. So pissed that he would have either gone to Ryan's apartment and broken his jaw, or hired someone to do even worse.

The insurance settlement from the death of Levi's parents came in and the boy managed to pick up another $5 million dollars.

"You're worth quite a bit of money!" Charles told the boy.

Levi looked at the floor before saying, "I don't really fucking care. I'd give it all way just to fall in love with someone who could love me back.....!"

Charles was getting almost as upset as Levi. He didn't know anything the so-called gay "lifestyle" but he knew Levi was all alone and hurting. He wanted to do something to help the boy but had no clue where to start. He suggested they go on some four wheeling adventures and Levi accepted. The ease with which the boy accepted made Charles think he might be able to pull the boy out of his depression.

Baker tried to bond with Levi as much as possible. They explored together, target shot together, and did all the typical ritual bonding things most males experience.

It was he thought.... well.... sort of.... Just when Baker seemed to think Levi was pulling out of his depression, the boy would slide back into his shell. Of course Baker had no clue what Levi had been through with Ryan.

The two, man and young man, would engage in conversations about a wide range of topics. Charles was amazed at the intelligence of Levi. The kid was no potted plant. Baker knew that Levi would have to learn about love and romance the way everyone does: by taking risks and suffering through the inevitable hurt.

Charles would always remember that one day, when out of the blue, Levi asked him "How do I know if I am in love with someone?

Baker choked on the question. He did not, however, hesitate in answering the boy.

"You won't have to guess or question it; you will know. It will be instinctive....!"

July moved to August and the man and young man continued their bonding. Now that Levi was eighteen, the Family business was transferred to his name. So were the vehicles and the house. Charles scheduled a series of meetings with Levi's attorney and financial planner so moneys could be best invested for the young man's future.

"Why can't I plan and manage my personal life like my financial life?" Levi asked himself.

August in Phoenix brought the summer monsoons; violent but brief thunderstorms caused by a change in air circulation patterns over the Southwest. Levi loved to watch the lightning displays and also loved the thrill of being caught in the winds of a powerful dust storm. The temperature would often drop 20 degrees or more, dust would fill the air in huge clouds, and the smell of a hint of impending rain made the desert come alive with exotic fragrances.

Out of the blue Ryan called one day and asked Levi if he wanted to come over. Ryan apologized for the way he had acted and promised he would treat Levi differently. Levi was skeptical at first, but listening to the stud's sexy voice made "Little" Levi stand at attention. Levi accepted and the two met one weekday evening. Ryan took the boy out for dinner and then back home.

The two made small talk for a while before Ryan went down on Levi's cock. He swallowed Levi's fat teen fuck stick like a pro, not choking at all on its immense girth. Slurping and massaging Levi's huge, swollen cock head, it didn't take more than two or three minutes for the boy to lose it and flood Ryan with a tsunami load of boy spunk. Ryan swallowed every drop and looked up at the spent boy.

"Sweet!" he said, "I guess you're ready now!"

Before Levi knew what was happening, Ryan rolled the boy over on his stomach and mounted the teen's ass. Hard. Very hard. Just like before. Levi's screams were muffled as his face was buried in the sheets. He tried to clench his ass cheeks to keep Ryan from fucking him but it didn't work. It only made Ryan more determined. Levi felt like he was going to be severely hurt so he eased off and let Ryan do his thing. It didn't take long before Levi felt cum flooding his insides. That led Levi to a second orgasm which forced the boy's seed into Ryan's bed sheets.

Ryan dismounted and pulled the boy up to a sitting position. Cum leaked out of Levi's ass but thankfully this time there was no blood. When Ryan saw the cum leaking from Levi onto the sheets, plus a lake-sized puddle from his spontaneous eruption, he lost it and slapped Levi across the face. The boy quickly gathered his clothes and left.

Sobbing, he drove around in the late evening thinking "How fucking stupid could I be?" as he fell for Ryan's lies a second time. After about forty five minutes of driving and crying, he mustered up the courage to go back and rip Ryan a new one. How exactly he was going to do this was unclear, because Ryan could easily mop the floor with the slightly framed teen.

Knocking on Ryan's door about midnight, Levi was greeted by the stud dressed only in a pair of briefs.

Ryan's eyes narrowed as he saw Levi standing on his doorstep.

"Yeah.... What the fuck do you want?" He asked in a hostile tone.

Levi looked at the stud and then a movement in the background caught his eye. It was a boy. A young boy. Much younger than Levi.

"Who is it, baby?" a very adolescent voice inquired.

Levi looked past Ryan at the boy, then at Ryan.

The expression of puzzlement was written all over Levi's face.

"So what? Did you think you were the only one?" Ryan said.

An evil grin flashed across his face.

Levi turned and ran to his Tacoma and sped home. He cried himself to sleep that night and then awoke the next morning screaming "GO THE FUCK AWAY" to the background sounds of Linkin Park and his alarm clock.

That was the summer of Levi Aaron Roberts' eighteenth birthday. His life would change in just a few days in ways he could never imagine......

Levi tried to forget was a fool he had been with Ryan. It was a futile effort.

"How could I be so fucking STUPID?" he asked himself over and over.

Days went by; Charles saw the boy's mood deepening.

Levi was idly surfing on his computer when Charles send him an e mail with a link about a new ghost town to explore. Levi opened the file and began reading the story.

His thoughts about Ryan quickly faded as he was drawn into the history of the town of Gold Strike. Established in 1890, the town was located below a rugged mountain ledge that held the Wildcat Mine, owned by Robert Louis and Edith Holloway.

The mine was rich in gold and silver deposits but recovery proved to be very difficult. Once the surface ores were removed, shafts had to be sunk to follow the rich veins. The mountaintop was also riddled with natural caves. The caves, located on the back side of the mountain, led to overall geological instability once the drilling started. Additionally, large deposits of iron ore created complications during the excavation process.

Several thousand dollars worth of ore was recovered before a tragic explosion claimed the life of Mr. Holloway and several other miners. The mine closed. The town dwindled in population from a couple of hundred inhabitants to less than 50. Smaller mines around Gold Strike kept the town struggling along. It was also a flag stop on the railroad, so that also kept things alive..

Reading on, Levi saw a few very old black and white photographs of Gold Strike. It looked like something out of the movie "Tombstone" or "3:10 to Yuma." Levi was fascinated: there was a street scene picture taken right after a gun fight in broad daylight.

"WOW! Just like in the movies!" he said to himself.

Another photo of the main street with the General Store and a train stopped at the rail station.

Levi's eyes caught another next photo and his eyes nearly popped out of his head. It was the Gold Strike school class picture of 1912. Ten students and the teacher, Mrs. Holloway, lined up in front of what Levi guessed was the school house. All of the details of the picture blurred when he saw HIM.

A boy, the tallest and presumably the oldest of the class, holding the reigns of a horse. Tall, lean and lanky. Wearing jeans, boots and some nondescript, and most likely secondhand made, shirt, Levi's heart raced at the image. He felt drawn into the boy's eyes while looking at the photo. A dark cowboy style hat with a feather topped off his thin but well defined frame.

Levi read the photo information. The picture was taken by a Mr. Higgins. Most of the students were listed as "unknown" but the boy.... the tall, totally awesome cowboy, was Curtis Jay Jones.....

"Oh fuck why couldn't you be here today? You are so goddamned cute!" Levi sighed, "I'd make love to you... I'd be your bitch for ever!"

Levi shook his head.

"Get a grip on yourself asshole! He's been dead for probably almost a century!" he said to himself.

Levi read more about the town.

A decision was made by Mrs. Holloway to reopen the mine. She inherited it after her husband died working in the accident. Her goal was to try and make some money off of the claim. A deal was struck and Mrs. Holloway sold an interest to an outfit working several other local mines.

Plans were announced to reopen the mine August 19, 1912. People swarmed into the town seeking opportunity. The town was wild and uncontrolled as its population swelled back past 150.

Then disaster struck again. Another mining disaster. A massive explosion on August 29, 1912, killed seven mine workers and ended the Wildcat Mine forever. The shaft was totally filled with debris from the explosion. Levi read on: the list of the dead included...... "Curtis J. Jones, Age 16." He had just celebrated his birthday two weeks prior....

Levi's eyes swelled up with tears. Sixteen. So young and he never had a chance at life. Even a chance in 1912 was better than dying under a ton of debris.

The article concluded that natives had long been afraid of the Mountain; it was rumored to be "haunted." Vicious storms, overpowering lightning displays and harsh winds often struck the mountain and swept down its flanks.

Gold Strike withered within a year. People sold, packed up and left. Mrs. Holloway sold her house, abandoned the mine and moved to San Francisco. And Curtis' body remained entombed under hundreds of feet of Earth.

"I'm gonna go see it!" he said to himself.

Charles had provided GPS coordinates and directions to get to the site. He suggested going after the summer storms were over. Levi had other plans.

"Fuck Ryan, Fuck my god damned money. Fuck the whole world. If I can't see Curtis, I can at least see where he lived and died!" the boy said.


Levi didn't know why he was so compelled. Maybe it was just to get away from the unpleasantness that haunted him in Phoenix. It didn't matter. That morning, on a sunny Monday, he loaded up the Tacoma and headed out of the city - North of Phoenix by about seventy miles. As always, the last ten miles would be the hardest!

He filled his backpack with personal items, some food, his phone, hand held GPS, and of course water. The whole file on Gold Strike was saved, and he printed out a hard copy as well.

Passing through the Security gate, he told the guards that Charles knew where he was going. That was a lie. Levi was heading out solo - On a trip he would never forget. Charles would be busy with work and probably not have time to stop by the house. No one but the boy knew where he was going.

"It's time I fucking grew up and had a little fun!" he said to himself.

Heading North on the Interstate, Levi's mind lifted once the city faded behind him. He cranked up the stereo for some Linkin Park, Nine Inch Nails and Nirvana. Hard rock and alternative turned the boy on big time. The music was dark and serious. Between the music and the constant vibration of the 33" tires, it didn't Levi long to develop a raging hardon.

The feeling of his jeans rubbing against his commando cock was driving Levi crazy. He knew if he didn't do something about it very soon, his cock would take care of itself and he would end up with a pair of soaked pants. The sign said "Rest Area Ahead." Levi knew it all too well. The bathroom had a glory hole; he had seen it several times when out with Charles. Levi had also seen guys checking him out at the stop. As daring as Levi was, he didn't think it would be wise to try anything while traveling with Charles.

Today was different. He was alone. All by himself. Levi knew other guys thought that he was cute even though he hated his appearance. So maybe he could find someone to take care of "Little Levi."

Pulling in he parked and exited the truck. It was almost a contradiction to see a leggy, twigish boy dressed in painted-on tight black skinny jeans, and a black T shirt climbing out of a big, lifted four wheel drive.

"Maybe I should have dressed down a little!" he laughed to himself.

Levi strolled into the restroom. It was dimly lit and empty. A row of urinals with tiny little dividers and three stalls. The urinal next to the first stall had a good sized hole cut in the partition. Levi could see some shoes under the partition. He strolled up to that urinal, peeled down his skinnys, and let "Little Levi" unleash a waterfall of piss.

As he shook "Little Levi" off, two fingers appeared at the hole. Levi knew nothing about glory hole etiquette, so he simply stuck "Little Levi" through the hole. The thought of what might happen made his cock instantly become rock hard. Levi was gifted as being a "shower." When soft, his cock was an impressive 6" long, which made showing a nice bulge in his jeans very easy. It didn't take much for that six inches or so to sprout out to its full 7" maximum length.

Levi no sooner inserted his cock through the hole when he felt a warm, moist suction start on his fat cock head. Then down the shaft; the sensation made Levi press his skinny body hard against the partition. His ass cheeks clenched together as he forced his body tightly against the hard surface. Anyone entering the restroom at that time would have had a prime shot at fucking Levi's tight eighteen year old butt.

As the anonymous mouth worked on Levi's cock, he tried to remember the vehicles in the parking lot. As he recalled, there were none. One motorcycle was all that was present. And it wasn't a Harley.

"Good!" he thought.

Levi had seen a lot of Harley riders and they mostly seemed to be bears. The boy wasn't into that type of guy at all.

Whoever was sucking Levi's cock was good. Damned good.... Of course when you're an oversexed eighteen year old, it doesn't take much to make "Little Levi" perform.

The boy could feel his cock throbbing in the mouth. He knew someone was getting a full ration of his slick precum. Levi's balls were churning. The thrill of the experience was adding to his perpetual horniness.

Levi didn't know if he should tell the anonymous mouth he was getting close to losing it. He decided it would be polite so in a raspy still-adolescent voice, he squeaked out, "I'm..... cummmmmmming!"

The words had barely escaped his mouth when "Little Levi" let loose with volley after volley of spunk. These weren't little cum shots; they were full-fledged shotgun-style blasts of jism. The kind that project themselves several feet in a massive spray, with tiny droplets flying off to the sides.



"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" escaped from his pouty, full and very kissable lips.

The anonymous mouth wondered if this cock was ever going to stop flooding with its massive release. Gulp after gulp, Levi's cum went down the cock sucker's throat, only to be replaced by more jism.

"FUCK This guy won't quit!" the cock sucker thought.

Levi's ejaculation lasted almost a minute. That's a lot of cum. While far more than most guys produce, it was a normal release for Levi.

Slowly the cum shots tapered off. The mouth slurped and cleaned Levi's still throbbing cock.

"Damn that was good!" the cock sucker said.

"Thanks!" Levi squeaked; his voice cracking in his post-orgasmic high.

Levi remained plastered against the partition. His cock was still embedded in the glory hole. And he was still hard. A strand of cum dripped off the tip of his flared cock head and hit he floor of the restroom.

"Fucking shit! You're still hard!" the cock sucker exclaimed.

"" Levi whined.

The boy remained pressed against the partition.

"Can you cum again? The cock sucker asked.

"YYYYESSS!!! VVVery Easily!" the boy stammered.

The mouth returned to perform its duty again. Within three or four minutes Levi was giving the cock sucker a second taste of his spunk. The quantity and force of his second ejaculation was unchanged from his first.

"How the fuck can you cum so much?" the cock sucker asked.

Breathing hard, Levi panted, "I've got fucking huge balls!"

The mouth released itself and Levi peeled his Levis back up, stuffing "Little Levi" so he "dressed right" with his huge balls tucked to the left. As he was zipping up the stall door opened and a tall, muscular guy exited.

Looking at Levi, he exclaimed, "Holy Fuck! How old are you kid?"

"Eighteen!" Levi answered.

"Are you sure? I don't need to go to jail for this shit!" the stud answered.

"I'm eighteen for sure.... And anyway.... Do you really think I'd fucking rat you out for two awesome blow jobs?" Levi asked.

The man, actually a young man who Levi guessed to be in his mid 20s, said "Thanks!" and made a quick exit.

Alone again. Levi heard the motorcycle roar to life and peel out.

"Maybe I'm just supposed to be alone all my life!" he sighed.

Levi got back in his truck and continued North. Finally getting off pavement and onto some dirt, Levi headed closer to his destination. The roads got worse and he had to use his GPS to locate the correct turnoffs. As he got closer, he noticed early morning clouds accumulating around a brooding mountaintop looming ahead.

"That must be it!" he exclaimed.

The old railroad bed soon came along side the road, then it disappeared. According to the instructions, the next time the road and the railroad intersected, he would be there. That junction came up soon enough. Levi stopped the truck and got out. Taking the blown-up print out and the pictures, he began trying to match the topography with the details in the ancient pictures. They matched! He had found the town site.

As with most ghost towns, there was not a lot left to see. It took some investigation on Levi's behalf but he managed to locate the crumbling rock foundations for several buildings. He also located the extensive rock ruins of the Holloway House, which must, by the standards of the day, have been a very large building. The old railroad bed was evident where it passed through town.

Levi began to feel better. Thoughts of his encounters with Ryan faded; likewise his ongoing loneliness faded as he started play acting on what was once the main street of Gold Strike. Levi played the part of a quick draw pro as he drew down on imaginary "bad guys" with his imaginary .45 revolver. He would hit the dirt and fire at imaginary targets as he tried to envision what life must have been like way back then....

After almost two hours he decided to try for the Wildcat Mine. He could see remnants of the site hanging on a steep mountain to the North. According to the directions, there were two options to get to the mine. The old wagon road, which was about 2 miles, or follow the old railroad route through a narrow rock pass. That option was only about 1 miles.

According to what he read, the wagon road had some major wash outs and the railroad option required threading past some large boulders which had rolled down from the edges of the cut through the canyon.

Levi opted to take the railroad route in. It took about forty-five minutes before the old rail route and the wagon road met at the mine site. That was the end of the line for the truck. The railroad route from there deteriorated after passing a short section of what had been double track at the site of an old water tank.

To get to the mine required a hike on an old foot path up the side of the mountain. Levi parked his truck in a mesquite bosque on the old rail bed. He grabbed his back pack, loaded it with water, energy bars, his phone and GPS, and some personal hygiene items.

Climbing the footpath was daunting. It was narrow, rocky and washed out in several spots. Levi found it hard to believe that this path was once wide and passable enough to haul out ore from the mine. He recalled that the mine never really returned to production. It was plagued the two accidents and never realized full operating potential.

Finally he reached the site of the main shaft. Looking down, his Toyota did look like a toy! It seemed so small way down below! Levi approached the old shaft sight, stopped and stared in disbelief. Whatever had happened to the mine had been utter and thorough. There were tons of rock filling the actual shaft site. Huge boulders and rocks littered the ground. Several pieces of rusting cable and old timbers were lying on the ground.

Levi thought of the cute cowboy Curtis and started to cry. The boy's body was lying below, crushed under tons of rock.

"I wish I could have helped you!" Levi cried, "It's not fair that someone so cute never had a chance to live!"

After regaining himself, the boy started onward towards the natural caves on the back side of the mountain. The path was much more level and he soon reached the first cave. Looking around from the cave site, Levi saw more clouds forming around the mountaintop.

"Fuck I hope it doesn't rain!" he thought.

Climbing down the foot path if it were wet would be a bitch!

Levi peered in the first cave. He could tell that a long time ago the entrance had been boarded up. Many people had visited since then and the boards were long gone. Beer cans, old condoms and graffiti indicated kids probably close to his age - must have partied here quite often.

Levi took his flashlight and shined it in the cave. The cave walls seem to glimmer and shine, which he thought was really neat. Seeing no snakes or bats, he moved in slowly. The cave went back further and further. Levi came to a three way intersection and stopped.

Charles had told the boy NEVER to go into old mines or caves and yet here he was. He looked around for something to mark the way. Finding some rocks, he laid them out so he could find the correct route back. Strangely, the cave was not dark like he thought it should be. His flashlight seemed to magnify the luminescence on the cave walls. The further back he went, the more branches he found. Deep down inside he thought he should turn around and head back out into the daylight.

Levi had been in the cave for about and hour. It was now mid-afternoon; he needed to think about starting back to Phoenix.

When Levi got to the cave entrance he stopped dead in his tracks. The skies had turned an angry blueish-black in color and the wind had picked up.

"Fucking shit!" he sighed, "Should I try and make it to the truck or wait and see if the storm blows over?"

Summer monsoons were usually pretty short. They could be violent, but their fury usually lasted no longer than an hour. Rain started to fall as he contemplated his decision.

"Well I guess I'm staying!" he thought.

Moving back from the entrance a bit, Levi watched the storm. It seemed to be growing before his eyes. The wind picked up and then lightning started striking all around. He tried the old trick of counting from the lightning strike to the thunderclap but couldn't the thunder came right on top of the lightning.

"Fuck I'm glad I'm in here!" he thought as the rain increased. Wind whipped up dust outside the cave entrance. Levi watched the sky get darker and darker. The clouds seemed to be moving down to almost kiss the ground.

As he watched, Levi suddenly saw something he had never seem before. A greenish wall cloud seemed to be headed right for the cave.

"Holy fuck!" he thought as he watched the cloud.

It seemed to glow and actually looked like it was alive. Levi thought of what he had read about the mountain being "haunted."

Lightning flashed again. Levi started to panic. He wanted to get the fuck out of here now; but that was impossible. The green cloud drew closer and the lightning bursts reminded him of a machine gun. The wind whipped rain into the cave entrance and the sound of the thunder was deafening. Levi moved further back inside the cave.

As he did, he noticed the cave walls were glowing in a similar dull green light. As he stood there, Levi felt his hair literally start to stand on end. He remembered from his science classes that this was a static charge and he wondered if lightning was about to strike him.

"But how? He asked, "I'm inside!"

Intuition made him drop to the ground just as a massive lightning strike, or, as he would think later, maybe it was a fireball, blasted into the cave. Levi's vision blurred as he slipped into unconsciousness.

Levi awoke with a pounding headache. The cave was quiet and dark. He fumbled around and found his backpack. Looking toward the cave entrance he discovered why it was dark. The cave entrance was closed up. Turning on his flashlight, he saw that the opening had been boarded shut.

"HEY!" he yelled out, "OPEN UP!"

Levi kicked the boards but they did not move.

"If I weren't such a lightweight fucking pansy I could kick these fuckers loose!" he thought.

Yelling some more produced nothing. He kicked the boards again. And again. Looking around the cave, he found a decent sized rock and began pounding on one of the boards. Finally a nail popped loose. He pushed and pushed some more and two boards finally came loose. For once Levi was glad he was so skinny. He squeezed through the opening and out into the daylight.

Yes. Daylight. No clouds. No sign it had ever rained. The ground was dry.

Levi looked back at the wooden barrier that had been erected over the cave entrance. His eyes were drawn to the nails. They had square heads. Charles had shown him nails like this before. They were a product of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. These nails did not look old at all. They looked very new.

"What the fuck?" he thought.

Someone hand lettered a warning on the barrier, "Dangeroos Poisun Air"

"Fucking moron!" he laughed out loud.

Levi pulled out his smart phone and waited. It came back "No service available."

"Horse shit!" he said. The phone had worked fine before; especially way up high on the edge of the mountain. Next he took out his GPS. Charles had bought it for him and installed some mapping software on Levi's computer at home. It was possible to use the GPS to record a trip; then upload it into the mapping program and draw out the route.

Levi had forgotten to turn the unit on today. That was not why he activated it now. The unit always sought out at least six satellites for a location fix. He waited for the "sat lock" to engage.

Waited...... Waited...... Waited.

No satellite lock.

"What the fuck is going on?" he said out loud.

No cell phone service, no GPS satellite lock.

"What the fuck? Has the whole world ended?" he wondered.

Levi didn't care. He just wanted to go home. Heading back down the trail towards the junction with the path, he noticed that the trail seemed.. wider.....

"Maybe I just forgot...!" he started to say to himself.

Then he arrived at the footpath to the mine and back down to his truck. It was not the same narrow route he had taken earlier. It was much wider and smoother.

Levi started to pick up his pace. Something was wrong. Alarm bells were going off all over. As he moved down the path towards his truck, there was a small rise. He could see smoke rising from down in the Valley below.

"Nobody better be fucking with my truck!" he thought.

Levi started to run. Thoughts ran through his mind like maybe..... someone had set his truck on fire..... What the fuck would he do then?

Cresting the rise Levi stopped dead in his tracks. The smoke wasn't from his truck. His truck was gone. The mesquite bosque he had parked under was gone. The smoke was coming from.....

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