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Time Enough For Love

by AZ Story Guy

Chapter 3

It was as old a time itself; Levi thought about the twink he had seen at Ryan's apartment that last day. He was savvy enough to know that lots of young boys would allow themselves to be fucked by older guys in return for a place to live and access to a deep check book.

That was in Levi's world; things were a lot more primitive here but it made sense. Curtis is sixteen years old. His parents were dead. Somehow he ended up living with Trapper in exchange for....

Levi tasted bile in his mouth.

"Why doesn't someone do something about it? If Trapper is abusing Curtis can't you call the police or something?" Levi protested.

The boy didn't realize that there were no police. Not in this location and this time. Only a sheriff, and he was far too unconcerned to respond even if called.....

"I have to take him back with me!" Levi blurted out.

"Back?" Mrs. Holloway asked.

"Back to my world, Where I live, In my reality!" Levi cried out.

He didn't care what he said now or who heard him.. The thought of Curtis being fucked, no RAPED, by a selfish, sick son of a bitch just for a place to stay made Levi start to go crazy.

"Even if he's straight and I NEVER get to touch him, he'd be better off with me, in my world, than he is here!" Levi thought to himself.

That was the real Levi showing through. The little boy who would pick up a baby bird that had fallen from it's nest and place it back in the safety of its own world. The boy who would feed wild birds in the morning so he could watch their beauty and be repaid by their songs. The boy who would cry at the death of a little rabbit or even a butterfly.

Curtis was the little bird, the bunny or the butterfly, who needed someone to rescue him; to give him a chance at a life like every teenage boy should have.

Mrs. Holloway could see that Levi was engrossed in deep thought.

"What 'reality' do you live in, Levi?" she asked, "What about your parents? Do they wonder where you are?"

Levi turned red and looked at the floor.

"My parents died a year ago!" he said in a soft voice.

Mrs. Holloway shed a tear at the revelation. To be so young and not have the love of a family. She had seen this story play out time and time again. Diseases, accidents, poor nutrition; all were brutal realities of living in 1912.

"How did it happen?" she asked.

"A plane crash in the Middle East... They were on a business trip involving a project in Qatar when a Haboob took out their jet.... They died instantly....!" he sobbed.

Levi's words.... some of them... made no sense at all to the lady of 1912......

"Where are you really from?" she softly asked the boy.

He raised his head and looked at the lady. Tears flowed from his eyes.

"If I tell you, you will think I am crazy!" he replied.

"Okay!" she replied, "Let me see if I can figure it out. You speak a lot in riddles that involve time!"

Levi tensed at the mention of that word.

"Have you read anything by Mr. Wells?" she asked.

"Mr. Wells?" he replied.

"He has a new story out about.... time!" she replied.

Levi knew instantly where Mrs. Holloway was going....

"The Time Machine.... H.G. Wells had written it in the late 1890s, which would mean it was practically new in this reality!" he thought.

"Yes... I know that story!" Levi replied.

He had read it in school, and of course, had seen the movies adopted from the book.

[Ed note: Readers not familiar with the original H.G. Wells novel NOT the stylized cinematic adaptions - may get a little lost here].

"Well let me see..." she said, proceeding carefully.

Mrs. Holloway was not sure about the boy. Either he was truly real or he was completely insane and ready to be institutionalized.... although she really doubted the latter. Levi had said or done nothing to indicate that condition.

"Then you must know the principal characters in the story...!" she asked.

Levi was scrambling to differentiate between the two movies he had seen and the original Wells novel.

"I think so!" he said haltingly.

"Would you.... Do you consider yourself one of the principals?" she asked.

Easy answer.

"Yes!" Levi nodded.

"Are you here to help one of the other principal characters in the story?" she asked.

Levi stopped.

"Think, God Damnit! You just read the fucking thing a year ago!" he mentally pummeled himself.

A light went on inside his brain.

"YES!" Levi blurted out.

"Would you like to.... tell me.... who you are and who you are here to help?" Mrs. Holloway asked.

Levi stopped dead in his tracks. He realized she had figured him out more than he thought. What was left to hide?

He hesitated a bit more.

"I....!" he stumbled.

"I have traveled here to save one of the Eloi from the Morlocks....!" he blurted out.

"I hope the fuck I got this right!" he thought to himself.

Mrs. Holloway looked shocked.

"This young man.... This BOY.... He looks so young an innocent.... Is he truly serious?" she thought.

"Levi.... Look at me carefully. I promise I will not make fun of you or laugh.... Who is the Eloi and who is the Morlock?" she asked.

"Uh...... I.......!" he stammered, "Uhhh...... Oh fuck!"

It juts slipped out; Levi couldn't help it.

Mrs. Holloway said nothing. She didn't frown or chastise him. Considering how she had repeatedly corrected Curtis' grammar earlier that morning her silence surprised Levi.

"C.... C.... Curtis.... is the 'Eloi,' and..... depending on how you look at it..... the mine or Trapper or perhaps both.... are the Morlocks......!" he replied.

Mrs. Holloway looked shocked.

"How did you get here?" she asked.

"Through the caves in the mountain near the mine!" he replied.

"And you can go back to..... to your own time? You have a way to return?" she asked.

"I don't know but I have to try to try and save Curtis!" he answered.

"Levi.... You said Trapper OR the mine were.... are.... Morlocks. I understand Trapper, but why the mine?" she asked.

Levi halted.

"Fucking go for it!" his brain said.

"Sell your land. Sell the house. Sell everything and get the fu...... get the heck out before....!" he stopped

"Before?" she asked.

"I can't say anymore.... Except if I don't do something, Curtis will die in the mine....!" the boy cried.

Mrs. Holloway sat perfectly still. The boy had so much passion in his story yet she had read that even the most violently insane men could be completely lucid at times.

"Levi... Levi... If only I could believe you... But you have to admit this is one pretty large story to swallow....!" she said.

Levi looked down at his feet.

"What if I had proof?" he said.

"That would help!" Mrs. Holloway replied.

"Excuse me!" he said. Dashing into the parlor, Levi rummaged through is backpack and pulled out his wallet and ran back to the dining room. Shaking, he opened his wallet and pulled out his Driver's License. He also dumped the money he was carrying - the Twenty-first Century money on the table.

"What's this?" she said as she picked up Levi's license.

"This person is licensed by the State of Arizona to drive..... !" she read.

Then she saw Levi's [color] picture, birth date and the expiration date. Mrs. Holloway turned ashen white. Levi offered up a hand full of his twenty dollar bills. Mrs. Holloway did not recognize the money. Then she saw the dates on the bills... 2008.. 2010.... 2012.... 2009.

Edith started to shake. Levi sat silent.

"Either I fucked up or she will believe me!" he thought.

Levi wondered about that paradox about time travel; about knowing the past and possibly doing something to change the future time line.

"Fuck it!" he said to himself, "I'm not going to sit on my ass and let Curtis go down in flames!"

The silence was broken by the gentle chimes of a time piece in the parlor.

Edith looked at the boy, his money and all the various little cards lying on the table (she obviously had no recognition of a credit or Social Security card).

"Well!" she sounded somewhat flustered, "This is.... I have to try to understand what you have told me... What I have seen!"

"But meanwhile," she continued, I have some things that I have to attend to at church.... You are welcome to spend the night here for the duration of........ your visit..... We need to talk some more...!"

"Please don't tell anyone what I have told or shown you!" Levi insisted.

The boy looked distressed.

"I mean if people.... Not everyone is like you.. They might think I am a raving nut or something!" he finished.

"But what about Curtis?" Edith asked, "How are you going to explain to him what you have told me?"

"I'm working on that!" Levi smiled.

"Let me show you your room!" Edith offered.

The accommodations were excellent. Certainly way above what Levi had seen so far in Gold Strike. Then again, the House itself stood out like a beacon from another...... time.

He shook his head, "It's ALWAYS about time!"

"I do not lock the doors at night so if you are out for some reason, feel free to just come on in!" she explained, "But be careful if you go into town. There are lots of unsavory people floating about because of the pending reopening of the mine!"

"But you leave the house unlocked?" Levi asked.

"I have Hok'ee... He manages to keep everything very safe.... I will tell him you are staying for.....?" she asked.

"I.. Uh.... Thursday is going to be the day!" Levi replied.

Edith gasped, "That's the day they start drilling on the new shaft!"

Now Edith knew the boy was on to something. It was too much to be just a "coincidence."

Levi thought about showing Edith his phone or GPS unit but, for now, she seemed convinced he was telling the truth.

Edith bade Levi goodbye and the boy was left alone in the huge Holloway House.

It was only a little after 1:00 so he decided to walk back into town. His mission was to find Curtis and... somehow... convince him not to go to work at the mine. Getting that accomplished would be a major feat; convincing him to follow Levi back to the future (!) was another matter altogether. Assuming there was indeed a way back!

Curtis swore at himself as he left Edith and Levi. He did not want to leave the two; especially the boy. Levi fascinated Curtis. Just the name "Levi" made feelings course through Curtis' body.

"Levi! It sounds so. tough... but soft at the same time!" he thought.

As he walked the short distance to the center of Gold Strike, Curtis again swore at himself for treating Levi so poorly.

Curtis had no friends. Not very likely in a town as small as Gold Strike. Other than Pastor Owens' boy, there was no one near his age. No girls at all.... and, strangely. Curtis didn't find girls interesting in the least. He heard men talk about "fucking" girls and how great it was supposed to be... but he wasn't fazed. He did not know why...

He also didn't know why he hadn't looked back at Levi as he walked away. He had wanted to, maybe to wave goodbye or something.... but he passed on the chance.

He was also angry at himself because, as he walked, his "thing" was starting to get hard.

His "dick." He had heard men call it that. His "dick" was hard a lot, but this time it was harder than ever and it was because he kept thinking about Levi. He tried NOT to think about Levi, but his "dick" [Ed note: word was in use from mid-Nineteenth Century] would not let him forget the boy. Those deep green eyes. The funny hair, that despite his ridiculing, fascinated Curtis.

And there was Levi's body. So slender. Almost like a girl's but much nicer. He had noticed the boy's ass and his..... thing..... Curtis could see the outline of it in the boy's jeans. The jeans alone made Levi look so..... Curtis was trying to think of the word. "Sexy" wasn't something the boy could conceptualize yet. Only "beautiful" and "tempting" came to mind.

Trapper had said over and over that Curtis had a "nice ass." Maybe that was how he felt about Levi.

"Yeah!" he thought, "His ass is.... NICE!"

Levi seemed much .... Smarter? Elegant? Sophis-ti-cated than himself? He tried to apply that last word, which he had learned in his last year of school, to Levi.

"Yes! It fits!" he decided.

As he walked, Curtis was becoming bothered by his "thing." The constant rubbing in his Levis, and the thoughts of Levi, were doing what seemed to happen all the time. If he wasn't careful, the white stuff would come out. That would make a mess. A BIG mess. Trapper always got so mad when that happened, and it happened every time the man mounted him.

"FUCK!" Curtis swore. He had heard Levi use the word so casually. It made the boy tingle.

"Why do I have to go looking for Him (Trapper) again!" he thought.

He knew Trapper was probably drunk in one of Gold Strike's three saloons.

Hopefully the man would be going away for a day or two on a hunt. That would give Curtis some safe time alone. Maybe he could find Levi; the boy HAD wanted to talk to him about something.....

"FUCK WHY!" he yelled aloud, had he been so mean to Levi? That, and his aching "dick" made the boy angrier. He slammed his fist into a board fence along his walk. The lumber splintered into pieces. Curtis was strong. He knew he had been getting stronger over the past two or three years. He wondered if he was strong enough to take on Trapper....

Looking through the broken boards, he saw a sheltered area between two buildings.

"FINE!" he told himself.

"If my dick won't go down, I know how to MAKE it go down." he thought, "At least for... maybe a little while!"

He eased his slender but toughened frame though the broken boards. There was some additional lumber lying on the ground. He propped the boards up to cover the hole he had just punched; then he sat down. Unbuttoning his Levis, his dick popped through the fly in his underwear. It stood straight up in the air, glistening with wetness.

Trapper had told him many times that his dick was not normal. Curtis didn't know what Trapper had meant; the man continually berated the boy over his "thing" without being specific.

Curtis knew he was a lot bigger than Trapper. Maybe that was what the man did not like.

He didn't care right now. Curtis needed to make the white stuff come out so it might not be so hard. Leaning forward, the boy did exactly what Levi had done the night before. The boy easily engulfed the head of his dick. Then inches down he went. Several inches.... all the way until he hit his groin.

Curtis had discovered how to perform this feat a couple of years ago. It was back when Trapper had been gone; his dick was hard (as usual) and the teen had leaned over to look at the slimy stuff oozing out of the tip. Tentatively he had licked the wetness. The sensation drove shivers through his body. He leaned in further and slowly began to lick his dick like a candy cane. Within a couple of minutes Curtis found his mouth full of the white stuff. He swallowed and kept swallowing for like what seemed....forever.

The sensation was overwhelming. It was much more fun than when his dick rubbed his jeans while riding his horse. He had many "accidents" from that method but..... feeling his own tongue on his dick.... was something new and much more.... exciting!

The boy swirled his tongue around the flared and pulsating cock head. He could taste the "goo," as he called it (having no knowledge of "pre cum"); Soon the "goo" would be replaced by waves of cream being ejected from his rock-hard fuck pole.

Curtis did not know how lucky he was to be able to perform this feat. As he deep throated seemingly ever-hard dick, his mind wandered. Did all boys do this? Could all boys do this? He knew Trapper sure as Hell couldn't. The man's belly was far too big and his "thing" was way too small.

The teen smiled to himself as he worked on making the cream start to flow.

"Maybe that is it!" he thought, "Trapper is JEALOUS of me and my 'thing!'"

Suddenly a new thought eased into Curtis' mind. The boy he had met earlier. Levi. Slightly framed, almost delicate, yet he talked so. differently. more so than anyone else Curtis had ever met. Curtis thought about how the boy looked like he was.... not from anywhere around Gold Strike. Not even from Mayer or even Prescott. Something was very different about not only the way the Levi had talked, but the way he looked. His hair. Those jeans.

The thought of how Levi's jeans hung to his body like a second skin sent new sensations flooding through Curtis' sixteen year old body. His cock grew harder and ejected more "goo" at the thought of the boy named Levi. How Levi's "thing" had been outlined in those jeans. And Levi's ass.... It looked so... firm..... round..... Suddenly Curtis realized thoughts of Levi were crowding out all others.

Could he take Levi by force the way Trapper had first done to him? Yes. Easily. Curtis knew he was stronger than Levi. It would be easy. But Curtis did not want to do that. He liked the boy. Curtis cursed himself for berating Levi's apparent unfamiliarity with things any boy his age should know.

"After all, he is from Phoenix!" Curtis thought, "Maybe they do things differently there!"

Curtis had no idea of what the outside world was like. After moving (upon his parents' deaths) from Flagstaff to Prescott, he had never traveled more than forty miles in his entire life {Ed Note: Not uncommon for people in this time. Horseback or horse drawn vehicles were the normal modes of transportation unless an individual was lucky enough to ride the rails. Forty miles could take days to travel by horseback on unimproved trails}.

The pressure was rising in Curtis' "thing." His mouth was coated with goo as the "cream" started to rise from his massive balls. Visions of the boy Levi flashed over and over in Curtis' mind. Those pouty full lips, the dark brown and silver tipped hair, the outline of his "thing" in those jeans, that tiny little ass....

The cream arrived. Curtis gulped and swallowed as jet after jet of his heavy boy spunk shot out of an angry, boiling cock head. He swallowed as quickly as he could but the cream kept coming. This time it seemed like there was a lot more cream than his usual copious amounts. In the past, Curtis had no specific imagery in mind as his dick erupted. This time, all he could visualize was the boy Levi.

Those images drove Curtis to the most intense orgasm of his young life. For almost a minute he swallowed wave after wave of his thick creamy batter.

Finally he pulled off his swollen, still dripping "thing." He knew he had to find Trapper or the man would be angry.... angrier than usual. Curtis just hoped that Trapper hadn't been drinking too much....

The boy stuffed his swollen member back in his Levis and exited from the private spot where he had experienced the most intense feelings of his life. His mind was trying to figure out what it meant.

Strolling down the main street of Gold Strike, the boy passed through two saloons before finding Trapper in the last one. Several men snickered as the teen passed them by. Many people in town knew, or assumed, that there was something illicit going on between Trapper and the boy. Because Trapper commanded such an overpowering presence, no one had the courage to say anything to his face.

"Where th' Hell you been, boy!' the man roared at Curtis.

"Looking for you...!" he started to reply.

"Don't sass me boy! I sent you out hours ago to git my order and it's afternoon now. Where have you been to?" he barked at Curtis.

All eyes were on the two as the man continued to berate his young "friend."

"I offered to help Mrs. Holloway out.....!" Curtis started to explain.

"I told you, you was done with that woman. You got all the schoolin' you need. Thar's plentya work to be done at the home to be a-wastin' yur time fiddlin' here!" he barked.

"But Trapper...!" Curtis started to say.

"But... But nuthin'! I'm a-goin' away on a hunt for a couple of days and yous needs to get done with all your chores before I go. There's a whole pile of dirt to process and it ain't gonna git done with you a-wastein' yur time here in town!" he barked.

A man spoke up, "Trapper.... Leave the boy be. He meant no harm...!"

The man recoiled as Trapper belted him across the face.

"You a-tellin' me how to raise my own?" Trapper snarled at the man.

A trickle of blood oozed out of the corner of the man's mouth. He retreated from Trapper.

Trapper grabbed Curtis by the ear and dragged him out of the saloon.

"Come on boy! Get your ass on that horse and back to the home!" he barked.

In broad daylight, Trapper threw the boy down on the dirt street. People looked but no one said anything. It was an unspoken certainty that many of the bystanders knew it was only a matter of time before Curtis ended up severely beaten or just. gone.... with no "explanation."

Gold Strike had no sheriff. No law enforcement at all. The nearest deputy was more than thirty miles away. Thirty long miles over horribly rough roads. No one was going to make a trip like that unless the circumstances were very compelling. The abuse or even the disappearance of one young boy in 1912 did not merit such a trip.

Curtis, hanging his head low, rode out of town with Trapper. The boy dreaded leaving the relative safety of Gold Strike for the isolation of the homestead. He knew now more than ever that he had to escape from the reach of Trapper before it was too late.

Levi was frustrated and angry. He should have been more forceful when Curtis turned and walked away.

"Why didn't I go after him? He thought, "And what? Have him break my jaw?

The two boys hadn't gotten off to a very good start but things had improved by the time they arrived at the Holloway House. Levi kept thinking about the lanky, lean, frontier boy with those flaming blue eyes and wild blonde hair. "Little Levi" chubbed at the thought of how Curtis' nice tight ass had filled out those well-worn Levis and how there had been evidence of a nice bulge in the boy's crotch.

"And I fucking let him get away?" Levi berated himself over and over.

"Fuck it! I'm going to go find him!" he thought, "This shit hole isn't that big. How hard can it be to find one totally hot boy?"

As Levi walked towards town he noticed Hok'ee stacking wood behind the house. The man stared at Levi as the boy walked by. Levi didn't know if the man was threatening or not until he gave Levi a small wave of acknowledgment.

"He's actually kind of hot!' Levi thought to himself. Six feet tall, muscular Native American stock. He had jet back hair in a pony tail and his back, shoulders and arms flexed with a massive display of strength as he moved the wood into a pile.

Levi mused on the thought that if not for finding Curtis, Hok'ee might be a subject worth pursuing....

"Stop acting like a whore!" the teen laughed to himself, "Besides I doubt if Native Americans are ever gay!"

Levi walked the streets of Gold Strike looking for his target. Hanging to the edges of the various ramshackle buildings, he ventured in one saloon and looked around. Immediately upon entering the building, the conversation stopped and all eyes turned his way.

Not seeing Curtis anywhere, Levi eased out of the establishment and the mindless conversations of half-drunk patrons resumed.

"Talk about creepy" the boy thought.

He also noted that the saloon didn't look anything like what he saw in the movies. No swinging doors. No tables with seedy looking men playing cards. Saloons in small mining towns like Gold Strike had a rail, or shelf, that went around the inside wall of the building. There the patrons stood, sipping their brew. In this fashion, everyone could keep an eye on each other and hopefully ensure their survival for another day.

All three saloons were located in a row on the "main street" in town. Levi cautiously entered the next establishment, and like before, upon entering all eyes migrated his way. Once again, he slipped out very quickly and moved on. Hanging in the shadows as much as possible, trying not to stand out with his frosted tips and skinny jeans, Levi kept an eye out for the cute frontier boy. No luck!

The last saloon sounded the rowdiest of the three. Steeling his nerves, the teen entered once again.

"Whatcha want, boy?" a drunken man slurred in a three hundred proof voice.

"Whew!" Levi thought, "If I lit a match this guy's breath would catch on fire!"

"Uh.... I'm. uh..... looking for Curtis!" he replied.

That name brought rounds of cat calls from several of the inebriated patrons.

"You looking to replace him as Trapper's 'woman?" another patron slurred at the boy.

More hoots and hollers.

Levi turned beet red and his blood pressure rose.

"No... He's a friend of mine!" he replied.

"Trapper don't let him have NO friends.... He's got that boy all corralled for himself!" the first man replied.

Again more laughter.

"Well... Could you tell me where I might find him now?" Levi asked.

Several of the men laughed and chugged on their drinks

Right now? He'd be probably under Trapper!" the man snorted.

That remark brought out more insane cackles and hoots.

"Gee, Thanks for NOTHING!" Levi said, glaring at the man.

As he turned to leave, a man accosted Levi and dragged him out the door.

It was the man Trapper had assaulted earlier in the day. He held a blood stained cloth to his lip.

"If you are really looking for the boy, Trapper dragged him out of here a while back. Probably taking him back home!" the man explained.

"Thanks... Why are you helping me?" Levi asked.

I dunno if I would call it help.... Trapper did this to me just for trying to help the boy out....!" the man said.

"He HIT you? Why?" Levi asked.

"Because he was treating the boy like trash. I just asked him to back off and this is what I got for it!" the man snorted.

"So they live out by the Wildcat Mine?" Levi asked.

"Yeah... Past the water tower on the railroad there's a path leading down to a 'crick.....' That's where the two live!" the man said.

"So how long would it take me to get there on foot.....!" Levi started to ask.

"Whoa Boy! That'd be purty stupid! Trapper don't let or want no one comin' round his place!" the man cautioned.

"Besides!" he continued, "You would probably jest git theres about sunset and then whut?"

Levi felt like a ton of bricks had fallen on him. His plan for finding Curtis wasn't going to happen today. Day one. Monday. He had just two full days after that before Thursday and the fateful day Curtis went to work in the mine.

"Thanks...!" Levi replied.

A tear formed in his eyes.

The man looked at the boy and wondered what this strange looking kid was doing in Gold Strike.

"If yous really a-needs to see the boy, he pretty much usually is here in the mornings!" he main offered, "And I heard Trapper telling him he's going aways on a trip so more than likely the boy will be in town quite a bits!"

Levi looked at the man and proffered a halfhearted smile.

"Thanks again!" he said.

Scurrying out of the bar, Levi walked to the end of town and gazed up towards the distant mountain and mine.

"If I only had my truck I could be there in a few minutes!" he thought, "And then what? Try to kidnap Curtis away from that fucking sick son of a bitch pervert?"

The sun was moving towards the western horizon; Levi knew the man in the bar was correct. Even if he hitched a ride on one of the many freight wagons going to the mine, he still had to find Trapper's house and then what? With no way home, he'd be stranded in a place that he'd really rather not be... especially at dusk.

Levi turned back to look at the town. He decided to head back to the relative safety of the Holloway House. Walking past the blacksmith's establishment and corral, Levi collided with a boy leading a horse out of the stable.

"Oh fuck! I'm sorry!" he exclaimed as the two boys picked themselves up.

The boy looked to be about Levi's age. Shorter, about 5' 7," maybe 145 pounds with brown hair and eyes. Not too bad on the eyes considering where they both were....

"The Lord does not countenance such language!" the boy admonished Levi.

"What the fuck?" Levi exclaimed.

The boy stared at Levi, checking him out from head to his feet. Levi saw the boy's eyes linger at his crotch.

"This little fucker is checking me out!" Levi thought to himself.

"What the fuck is wrong with 'fuck?'" Levi asked.

The boy looked shocked at Levi's language.

"You need to be pure of mind and soul to enter the Gates of Heaven!" the boy advised.

"Fuck Heaven! I wanna go where all my friends go!" Levi laughed.

He knew this boy had to be the son of that Pastor that both Mrs. Holloway and Curtis had mentioned.

"What the fuck was his name?" Levi thought, "Oh yeah! 'Elias!'"

"Your friends will not be allowed in God's Kingdom unless they have repented of all their evil ways!" the boy warned.

"Then we're all fucking doomed to a life in Hell!" Levi laughed.

The boy looked shocked.

"And that fact does not bother you?" he asked.

"Fuck No! I just want to find Curtis!" Levi replied.

The mention of Curtis' name registered with the boy.

"Oh HIM! The boy who lies with a man as if he were a woman! The sodomite.....!" he started to say.

Levi pushed the boy back against a fence and stared him down.

"Don't even go there ELIAS!" Levi threatened.

The boy looked shocked that Levi knew his name.

"Unnatural acts between.....!" Elias started to reply.

Levi shoved his body against the boy.

"Listen asshole! I get that you're all twisted because your old man is some religious whack job and he's filled your mind with a lot of hocus pocus religious bullshit... But you better be mighty fucking careful before you go passing judgment on anyone! I sucked my first cock when I was only eleven and I don't feel one bit 'tainted' for that, or the fucking many others I've had since then!" Levi snarled at the boy, "And if YOU'RE so fucking pure, why do I feel your hard cock pressing against mine right now?"

Elias stared at the boy in shock. Before he could reply, Levi grabbed Elias' cock and gave it a squeeze. The boy gasped and Levi thrust his tongue in Elias' mouth.

"Yeah... You're really one straight boy for sure!" Levi chortled, "I could make you cum in about thirty seconds if I really wanted to... But I'm not gonna give you that pleasure... Instead, when you're lying in your bed tonight you'll be jacking off thinking about what just happened... And you'll be fucking loving it!"

Lei released the boy and pushed him back against the fence. He stared down at the tent in Elias' pants and a good sized wet stain at the tip of the boy's pulsating cock.

"God's gonna smite you for that!" Levi laughed as he walked away.

Elias shook with terror. His cock was wet and throbbing; the feelings coursing through his body were taking him to the verge of a spontaneous orgasm. It was wrong. All wrong! He knew it was so because his Father had delivered many sermons on the evils of carnal lust.

Elias didn't understand what was happening. He watched the strange boy walk away; Elias couldn't help but stare at Levi's tight little ass as he receded into the distance.

"Oh God forgive me!" Elias moaned as he grabbed he seven inch uncut cock and began to rub it through his jeans. In seconds a warm gush of fluids flooded his underwear and seeped through the leg of his pants.

"OOOHHHHH!" he cried.

Levi heard the boy and chuckled.

"Even in this time there are still plenty of fucked up religious assholes!" he thought to himself.

Levi arrived back at the Holloway House. Edith was busily working in the kitchen.

"Well Hello Levi Aaron Roberts!" she greeted the boy with a smile.

Levi felt like he was in a "safe" zone in the House.

"Hello!" he replied back.

Edith was very perceptive. She could tell there was something wrong with the boy.

"Do you want to talk?" she asked Levi.

"No... I... Uh... Oh shit!" he exclaimed.

Levi realized his error.

"I'm sorry!" he said meekly.

"That is okay... Would you like some tea or maybe sarsaparilla?" she offered.

"Yes. Sure. Whatever's easy for you!" he replied.

As she prepared the drink, Edith proffered, "So I take it you didn't find Curtis today?"

"No Ma'am... I just missed him by not very long. I guess he and Trapper headed back to their home!" Levi explained, "I thought about heading out there but....!"

"Oh NO!" Edith exclaimed, "Do not... Oh Please... Stay away from Trapper and his homestead.... If you need to see Curtis he will probably be in town tomorrow morning or maybe Wednesday.....!"

"WEDNESDAY? I can't wait that long! I only have until Thursday and I still have to convince Curtis.....!" Levi cried.

"Convince him... to go with you back to your own.....!" she hesitated.

"MY TIME! MY LIFE! MY WORLD!" Levi cried, "And he HAS to go back with me or he'll die a senseless, pointless death and never get to live any kind of a life!"

Edith stared at the boy.

"I have been thinking about what you have told me... and the things you showed me... While I admit I do not understand them, they still could be....!" she started to say.

"You don't believe me then?" Levi cried again, "I thought you DID?"

The boy sobbed.

"You have to admit it is pretty incredible.....!" she started to answer.

"Then wait here!" Levi begged.

He ran to his backpack and pulled out his smart phone.

"Will THIS convince you?" he asked.

Showing her the instrument, Edith carefully studied the small object.

"What does it do?" she asked, "I admit it looks very futuristic but....!"

"Watch this!" Levi said.

He snapped a photo of Edith.

"This is costing me a lot of battery life and when it dies I'm screwed no way to recharge it!' the boy said.

He scrolled to the photo and showed it to the woman.

Her eyes widened as she saw her full color image.

"What? How?" she exclaimed.

"It's just one of the many things it can do it my time... It can't do much here because the support network hasn't been invented yet... But maybe I thought you might see that I'm NOT lying to you. I'm NOT crazy I AM what I told you I AM!" the boy pleaded.

Edith was starting to actually believe the boy standing in front of her was what he said he was: someone from the future. When Levi had first reluctantly revealed the story of his arrival in Gold Strike, the woman had dismissed it as the overactive imagination of a young boy. Then Levi showed her the money and other odd looking items which she could not identify.

As the day had worn on, and Edith had more time to contemplate what she had seen, her mind again wavered.

"After all, traveling through time from the 'future' to now?" she thought, "It might make for a good story as written by Mr. Wells but in reality it seemed way beyond the realm of possibility."

Nevertheless the boy had persisted, no, insisted that he was what he claimed to be. Just as she was wavering towards disbelief, Levi had produced his smart phone and taken her picture. A picture in color, no less (Ed note: Something that did exist in 1912 but was very rarely encountered.).

"How had he done that?" she wondered.

While knowing very little about photography, Edith DID know that developing a picture took complex equipment and could not be done in a small box like the boy held in his hand.

"All right, Levi Aaron Roberts.... Tell me about your world and your time. Make me believe you are who you say you are....!" she implored Levi.

The boy started to talk. He told Edith about cell phones, computers, videos and video games, automobiles, microwave ovens, man landing on the moon and discovering planets outside the solar system, airplanes, nuclear weapons, satellites, how people lived with every day conveniences that were considered luxuries by 1912 standards. He also told Edith about the bad things: war, famine, poverty, disease, global warming, pollution and the fact that bigotry and intolerance still walked the land even in his century.

"What about the Indians?" she asked Levi.

"You mean 'Native Americans' or' First People?'" he replied.

Edith rolled the words around in her mind and decided she liked the sound of them.

"Yes... 'Native Americans......' That sounds so much better, more respectful!" she replied.

"Sadly they did not fare well through the century!" Levi replied, "Our government, our people, pretty much screwed them as best they could... Stole their land, broke their spirit, slaughtered them by the thousands, and then confined them to the shit-----..... crappiest land in the country... Until uranium and coal were found on their land and then suddenly we. 'the white eyes'...!" he spat out the reference, "wanted 'our' land back... At least what was buried under it!"

Of course then Levi had to explain what uranium was and why it had such value.

"I only ask because of Hok'ee....!" she explained.

Edith told Levi how they had "acquired" the now very handsome young adult at a very early age.

"His tribe traded him like a..... sack of flour?" Levi replied in shock.

"Yes!" she said sadly, "He is not a pure breed and was spurned by his tribe!" she replied.

"Boy that sucks!" Levi replied, "In my time there is a lot of mixing of the races.... In fact I have read there is a time coming very soon when there will be no more absolutely pure racial groups... We'll all have a little of everyone in our ethnicity!"

Edit stopped talking and thought pensively for a few minutes.

"Your time sounds like it still has many troublesome issues facing it!" she said.

"Yeah... I guess so.. But Hey! We have elected a Black President twice!" the boy exclaimed.

"A 'Negro?'" she seemed shocked.

"Uh.... They prefer to call themselves 'African Americans,' but yeah and he's pretty cool too... And it drives a lot of the racists and bigots crazy too!" he laughed.

"All right, Levi Aaron Roberts.... What you say makes no sense but yet it does. I certainly can not deny that you do look like you belong.... elsewhere..... and the.... things you have shown me certainly are not from.... the here and now!" she said.

Levi smiled and sighed relief.

"So what do you want... How can I help you?" she asked the boy.

"Curtis! I need to find him and talk to him... To convince him!" Levi started to say.

Then he stopped.

"Wait a minute!" he said as he rummaged through his back pack and pulled out the printouts on Gold Strike.

Edith's eyes widened at the photo of her school class from earlier that spring.

"I remember when Mr. Higgins from 'The Miner' took that photograph!" she exclaimed.

"'The Miner?'" Levi asked.

"'The Arizona Journal Miner,'" she replied, "A newspaper in Prescott."

Then she read the story about the pending Wildcat disaster. Her eyes teared when she read about the coming loss of seven miners and then there was an audible gasp when the article mentioned Curtis by name.

"My Lord!" she cried, "We.... I.... have to do something! He's so young... And his life.... with that awful man.... has been so hard for him!"

This time Levi comforted the woman.

"I'm going to. Tomorrow. If I have to walk or hitch a ride to his house, I'm going to find him and try and make him believe me!" Levi promised.

"What would you do then?" she asked.

"I got here when a huge motherfuc----..... UH.... a really big storm blew up on the mountain. I mean more than the usual.... The clouds were so dark. and GREEN... And the lightning.... I never saw anything like it before in my life. That's when it happened. A huge bolt of.... lightning or something.... I blacked out in the cave and when I awoke I found I was.... in the same place but in a different time!" he explained, "Well.... If it worked once it will work again! I just have to be there when the time comes. And Curtis has to be with me....!"

"But how do you know it will work?" she asked, "And it is almost the end of August.... We may not get any more big storms like you saw!"

Edith thought about what the boy had told her. She recalled seeing storms like that rake the mountain in years past. She wondered if one of those storms had caused the first Wildcat Mine disaster.

"My first task is to get to Curtis.... I need him so badly... He's just what I always wanted....!" the boy halted his sentence, "And he needs me too!"

Edith looked at the boy and saw his eyes tearing at the mention of Curtis. Suddenly she had a thought about Levi.... and perhaps Curtis as well. However, she refrained from saying anything because the time did not seem right.

"Well young man! All this lofty conversation has given me an appetite! I have an excellent stew almost ready. Would you like some supper?" she said.

There was no need to ask an eighteen year old boy if he was hungry. Levi was soon sitting at the dining table ready to eat.

You know, Ma'am, I spent the day wandering around Gold Strike and I still find it hard to believe that your house is here... It really is very nice for the time... Especially when I see what the rest of the town looks like....!" Levi said.

"And what does your home look like?" she asked the boy.

Levi told her about his 4000 square foot home with five bedrooms and a swimming pool and jacuzzi (he had to explain what those luxuries were!), a three car garage, central air conditioning (more explanations) and of course indoor plumbing with cold AND hot water.

"Well!" It certainly sounds like something out of this.....!" she started to say.

"...Time?" Levi asked her.

They both laughed at the way Levi finished the sentence.

Supper was ready. Levi sat down to a meal of corn, squash, mushrooms, biscuits and honey, and an excellent stew that Levi gobbled down like a starving man.

"Where's Hok'ee?" he asked Edith.

"He rarely eats with me... I mean he is always welcome to but.... I never could control his.. habits.... I guess... He is usually awake all the night it seems.... He operates on a different schedule than me.... Sometimes I do not think he even sleeps!" she laughed.

As Levi started into his third bowl of stew, he paused to remark, "This is so tasty... I don't think I've ever head anything like it before.... What... How do you make it?"

"Oh may lands, Levi! It is opossum stew!" she laughed, "I guess you do not have such a delicacy in your time?"

Levi stopped eating and froze.

"Opossum... Like.... The animal?" he squeaked out in a barely audible voice.

"Why yes! Hok'ee traps them and cleans then up for me and I....!" she started to explain.

Levi bolted from the room, ran outdoors and began hurling chunks of stew all over the ground.

Hacking and coughing, he cried to himself, "If I don't get back to my world this place is going to kill me!"

Edith joined the boy and offered to help him clean himself up. Levi explained that he was allergic to certain foods and this must be one of them... He wondered if they also ate rattlesnakes in 1912 because back in his time, he had often heard adults say that it tasted "just like chicken."

Darkness was approaching and Edith retired to her sitting room for the evening. Levi sat on the porch and watched the sun disappear. Looking at the Wildcat Mine fade into darkness on the mountain side, he thought of Curtis.....

"I can't fail you... If I fail you, I fail myself!" he cried to himself......

Curtis rode behind Trapper for the three mile trip back to their homestead.

"At least he's going to be gone for a few days!" the boy thought to himself, "Maybe this is the time I should leave!"

Upon arriving at their home, Trapper had the boy unload their wagon and put all the dry goods inside. After that, the man gave the boy his orders.

"While I am gone you better git all that there wood cut and stacked!" the man growled.

Gold Strike was actually located in the high desert. Winters were usually mild but still cold enough to require constant heat of some sort. Snow was not an impossibility but it usually didn't happen very often. Firewood came from the nearby mountains that were loaded with pine and fir. The wood had to be hauled to their home by wagon and then chopped down to a manageable size. All that hauling and chopping was slowly turning Curtis into a very strong, lithe and lean sixteen year old boy on the cusp of adulthood.

"After you git dun with that, I 'xpect you to shovel out that gravel and git it separated and classified so I can see if we got any gold!" the man continued.

"Yeah Sure I will try!" Curtis replied.

"Try nuthin'! You git it dun and stay out of town or I will tan your backside when I git back!" the man threatened.

Looking at the boy, Trapper felt a hardness forming between his legs.

"Speakin' of yur backside... I think I need a taste of it now since I am a-gonna be away for a few days!"

Curtis cringed at the thought. He didn't have long to wait.

Trapper spun the boy around and forced him over the small table in their house. Spying the "Levis" tag on the boy's jeans made the man angry. He had been livid when Curtis spent so much money for one pair of jeans. That anger was tempered by seeing the boy's tight ass flex in the well worn denim fabric.

Trapper pulled down the jeans, spat on his 5" uncut cock, and shoved it deep inside the sixteen year old boy's hole. Curtis was used to the ritual. It didn't hurt him at all. Rather, it was just the opposite. Trapper's cock ran right over the boy's prostate and drove powerful jolts of ecstasy through Curtis' hard body.

As Trapper forced himself into the boy, Curtis was slammed against the table, causing his cock to rub along the surface. Curtis was used to these feelings. He knew the goo coming out of his "thing" would soon turn into a river of "cream."

He hated Trapper for making him feel so good. As the man rode the boy, a new thought flashed into Curtis' brain. It was the boy. Levi. He saw Levi's thin, delicate frame, those full lips, the jeans that tightly covered the boy's "thing," his tight little ass..... Curtis wondered if... what... would it be like.... Do boys ever. kiss???

The imagery continued as Curtis' cock grew longer and harder and wetter.

"Yur enjoyin' this you little freak!" the man growled.

He pushed harder into Curtis.

"Yur not right... You belong in the circus with all the other freaks!" Trapper hissed in the boy's ear.

Curtis felt the man's cock shoot cream inside his bowels. Curtis also saw Levi's deep green eyes staring at him..... looking down into his soul.. Curtis lost it. Cream began pouring out of his "thing." More than ever. More than earlier in the day when he had eaten his own juices. It started with a dribble, then a stream, then wave after wave of the fluid fired out of Curtis' rock hard organ. Like a canon, it never seemed to want to stop.

Trapper finished depositing his juices in the boy and pulled out. Curtis leaned into the table and kept sending a torrent of his own jism anywhere and everywhere.

"God damnit yur making a big mess!" the man growled.

He looked away from the boy as Curtis' tight ass muscles cinched tight with every release of the boy's "cream."

Curtis was breathing heavy as his orgasm finally subsided. Visions of the boy Levi still danced in his mind. He didn't know that those visions meant. Boys weren't supposed to do things like this with other boys.... were they?

"Here... clean yurself up!" the man snorted as he threw Curtis a dirty rag.

"I'm leaving tonight.... I should be back by Thursday. You git your chores done or I will tan that backside of yurs!" the man snarled.

Curtis wiped up his "cream," - at least he tried to there seemed to be so much more that ever before. He also made a decision. It was time for him to get the Hell away from Trapper. Time to go while he could. Before something bad happened....

Living in an era where electricity was still a luxury meant that night and day ruled the behavior of the citizens in Gold Strike. While the saloons operated almost twenty four hours a day, in the few solidly constructed homes darkness meant it was time to sleep. The Holloway House was an aberration with its unique lighting system, but nevertheless, an early bed time was still the norm.

Levi was preparing to hit the sheets, thinking of a plan for finding Curtis come sunrise. A soft knock on his bedroom door surprised the boy. He was even more surprised to see Hok'ee standing in the doorway.

"I have prepared a warm bath for you this evening!" he smiled at the boy.

Levi appraised the tall Native American man,

"Definitely hot!" the boy thought.

Again, had circumstances been different, Levi might have made a pass at the handsome Navajo. His six foot tall frame was highlighted by muscles that rippled like a live animal. The man had let his hair down and it came to his broad shoulders. Some type of band adorned the man's head, but most striking was the traditional loin cloth which barely covered Hok'ee's groin.

Levi could see signs of something significant lurking under the thin cloth. Hok'ee guided the boy to the bathroom and Levi was happy to see a tub of water with two large pails of heated water sitting on the floor.

"Add the water to make the it warm enough for you!" Hok'ee instructed the boy.

"While you are bathing I will see that your clothes are cleaned!" he finished.

"Thanks!" Levi smiled at the man, "But... Uhh... What do I wear until then?"

"They will be clean by morning. Edith will not be awake until then." the man smiled.

"Okay! Commando it is!" Levi thought to himself.

Hok'ee gave the boy two large towels and a wash cloth and soap.

Levi waited for the man to leave before he started to undress.

"Uhh!" Levi started to say.

"Go ahead and remove your clothes!" the man smiled, "We both have the same....!"

Levi started to laugh. He stripped off his shirt and socks and then peeled down his skinny jeans. Hok'ee watched the boy pull the skin tight denims off his long coltish legs. The man felt a stirring in his loins at the sight of the milky white complected teenager. That stirring increased as Levi turned to enter the tub.

Hok'ee's loin cloth began to rise at the sight of Levi's tiny, tight white butt cheeks. The man retrieved Levi's clothes as the boy eased into the tub.

Levi saw the tented loin cloth and smiled at the Native man.

"We both have the same junk but yours looks pretty fucking huge!" he laughed at the man.

Hok'ee's cloth was lifting up and out as his cock continued to expand.

"Enjoy your bath!" the man smiled as he left the room.

Levi soaked in the tub, pausing to add water to keep it temperate. His thoughts drifted to Curtis and the boy's trim, lean body. "Little Levi" stirred as Levi settled into the bath. He began to stroke his fat cock to images of the frontier stud boy. Leaning his head back on the tub, he arched his body upward as he stroked "Little Levi" towards a furious eruption.

"Oh fuck Curtis!" he softly moaned, "I wanna... I. I want to make.... love.... to you.... so.... badly!"

"Little Levi" erupted with waves of spunk, showering the tub and spraying over the edges onto the floor. Levi closed his eyes as the volleys of jism flew into the night air.


Levi's orgasm seemed to last forever while producing what seemed like a quart of cum.

Only when the ecstasy had subsided did the boy realize what he had shouted.

"Fuck! I'm the 'top' boy..... But.... Oh fuck..... I'd change that in a minute for him!" he moaned softly to himself.

In fact, Levi thought he would do ANYTHING to make Curtis feel good. He realized that if Curtis was indeed Trapper's "bitch," then the boy probably never had anyone make love to him.... or care about fulfilling the boy's sexual needs.

Drying off, Levi drained the tub and headed to his room. Climbing into bed, he burrowed under the warm blanket. Despite being summer, the nights cooled off quickly. Levi was snug as the proverbial "bug in a rug" and was soon easily overtaken by sleep.

Sometime in the night he awoke to find a dim light in the room. Standing in the shadows was the tall Native Man.

"Hok'ee?" Levi asked in a sleepy voice.

"Yes young one!" the man replied.

"You are full of questions!" he told the boy, "I am here to help you on your journey!"

The boy looked confused.

"You seek the one kept by the man known as 'Trapper!'" he continued, "You must succeed in your quest or.....!"

He halted.

"Or what?" Levi asked.

The teen was now coming out of his sound sleep.

"The boy must. The man is going to.....!" Hok'ee seemed to stumble for the correct words.

"His time with the man is nearly over. The youth has grown strong and developed his own needs and wants. The man cares nothing about such things and only has kept and used the boy for his own gratification," Hok'ee explained, "Soon the boy will become unmanageable to the man... And the man will be forced to..!"

"He'll throw him out of the house? Like into the wilderness?" Levi asked.

Hok'ee stared at the boy, "You are.... not from.... here.... Things are much different in this reality. No, the man will not 'throw him out....' Once the man has decided the boy is no longer useful, the man will dispose of him.....!"

Levi shot upright in his bed.

"You mean he'll fucking kill him? Like an animal?" he gasped.

"No one cares about one unknown boy in this time...!" the man started to say.

"I FUCKING CARE!" Levi interrupted.

Hok'ee smiled at the boy.

"The spirits are strong in you! You are a fighter!" Hok'ee said.

"I can't believe... What kind of fucking Hell Hole is this?" Levi barked.

"You came from far away!" the man answered.

"No shit, Sherlock!" Levi snapped, "Where I come from we have a little more respect for life than.....!"

"You came though the mountain!" the man interrupted.

Levi shot a glance at Hok'ee.

"You came from another time. A better time. You must return to your time so you can live your life. But you must take the boy with you so he can have a life!" Hok'ee said.

"He.... He wants to work in the mine so he can...!" Levi started to say.

"You must stop him. There is bad in the mine. If the boy goes there.....!" Hok'ee started to explain.

I know! I know! He'll be dead by Thursday afternoon... There's going to be another explosion and cave in!" Levi replied.

The man stared at the boy.

"The spirits have guided me well. Not only are you brave, but you are also very aware of what the future portends!" Hok'ee replied.

" I just kinda lucked out I guess.... But you're right.... I'm from a long ways away.... In time.... Like a hundred years or more... I don't know how the fuck I got here but all I wanna do is go home!" Levi said.

"You came here through the power of your mind and you can return the same way... through the mountain.... with the boy!"

"Click my ruby slippers three times and say 'There's no place like home'" Levi chortled.

The reference was lost on Hok'ee.

"You have feelings for the boy!" Hok'ee continued, "Deep feelings!"

"Yeah but... I mean.... You wouldn't understand HOW deep!" Levi replied.

"There are many spirits in you!" the man interrupted, "As there are in me and the boy as well....!"

"You? Curtis? You mean....?" Levi asked.

"I was rejected by my tribe because I broke one of the sacred laws!" the man explained.

"I thought Edith said you were kicked out because you... Uh.... aren't pure Navajo!" Levi replied.

"That is what Mr. Holloway told her!" Hok'ee replied, "But the truth is I was rejected because I dared to challenge the customs of our tribe."

"What kinda fucking custom gets you kicked out and sold like a piece of furniture?" Levi asked.

"I am what my people call 'ndleeh,' the man explained, "one with many spirits... You are the same... and so is the boy!"

"Many spirits? Like...!" Levi started to ask.

"Those of the man and the woman... In my tribe it was customary... It was acceptable... for braves to seek other braves for companionship until the time they took a be'esdzn, or what you would call a wife... or wives.. Then it was no longer acceptable for braves to seek the comfort and companionship of other braves...." Hok'ee explained.

"Wait a minute... Are you saying you... uh... and other guys.... and like... did... are gay?" the boy asked.

Hok'ee did not understand Levi's question.

"Fuck! You don't get it because the word 'gay' wasn't isn't used in this time. You mean you and other guys had sex together?" Levi asked.

Hok'ee smiled at the boy.

"Yes. It is acceptable until the time a brave takes a woman or women for his own!" Hok'ee answered.

"WOMEN? Fuck one is bad enough!" Levi laughed, "So it's okay for guys to get it on with each other when they are single but then the fun stops after they take a wife, or whatever you called it.....!"

"A 'be'esdzn'" Hok'ee said.

"Yeah... Whatever... I can't even try saying that one... So what the fuck went wrong with you that got you kicked out of your tribe?" Levi asked.

"There was one brave!" Hok'ee explained.

He looked far away into the night.

"One brave who came to me after taking his woman. He broke the customs. I broke the customs. He was privileged. Ashkii Dighin, the sacred child, Son of the Chief... He was the only brave who could take what Hok'ee had to offer. He came to me more than once... But others found out... I was banished from the tribe for breaking the customs handed down over time!" Hok'ee explained.

"So you and this Ash.... Whatever... guy!" Levi started to reply.

"Ashkii!" Hok'ee corrected the boy.

"Yeah.. whatever... So you two were special together? Then why take a wife... or whatever... then why not just stay together.... the both of you?" Levi asked.

"Because he was the Son of the Chief! His lineage must be passed down....!" Hok'ee replied.

"Man that sucks!!" Levi said, "But a lot of shit like that... Well not the same... But there's still a lot of prejudice against people like me.... you... us... in my time too!"

"But then.... How do you know so much about me?" he continued.

"I have always been.... had a special power... ability to communicate with the spirits. I knew when you arrived in Gold Strike and I knew why as well!" Hok'ee explained.

"So then... Curtis.... Is he like.... me? With the 'spirits' thing?" Levi asked.

"Yes!" Hok'ee replied.

"You mean he likes BOYS too?" Levi took a sharp breath waiting for the answer.

"Yes! The boy does not know his own nature yet. He has lived a hard life ALL of his few years. After his parents died he was sent to an orphanage then he ran away and fell in company with the man you know as 'Trapper.' He has been that man's 'woman' for four years... The boy is now realizing who and what he is. And he knows it is time for him to escape from the life he now lives!" Hok'ee explained.

"I only wish the fuck he even knew about me or that I fucking cared!" Levi said in a soft tone.

"The boy DOES know about you.... Ever since the meeting in the General Store his mind had become more and more preoccupied with you!" Hok'ee said.

Levi's eyes flew wide open.

"He fucking noticed me? HOORAY! I thought he didn't like me!" the boy exclaimed.

"He likes you. He doesn't know yet. He doesn't understand his feelings. His own inner self. He is slowly becoming aware of that. He will come to be with you as time passes!" Hok'ee told the boy.

"NO SHIT? What the fuck do I have to do?" Levi asked.

"Tomorrow will be the pivotal day. You and the boy will come together. First as friends. Work slowly with him. Let him lead on his own terms and speed. He will eventually grow into a powerful spirit that will challenge your physical stamina!" Hok'ee said.

"I'm ready for that!" Levi said.

The boy's cock was hard as steel at the thought of being with Curtis.

"But... There's one little problem!" Levi said.

"You must go back to your own time. And you must take the boy with you!" Hok'ee explained.

"And just how the fuck do I do that?" he asked.

"Through the mountain as you came.... There will be a time when the hair on your head stands by itself. The air will be heavy and it will feel like ants are crawling all over your body! When the clouds grow heavy and black even before the early morning. It will be the day that the special storm is coming. You and the boy must be at the mountain. In the cave where you came from, at the proper time... to go back to your own world!" Hok'ee said.

"'Ants crawling all over your body' .... air being heavy.... !" Levi thought to himself, "It sounds like he's describing a highly static charged atmosphere.... LIKE RIGHT BEFORE THE EVENT THAT BROUGHT ME HERE!"

"When ?" Levi shouted, "I can't miss it! WHEN!"

"No..... You can not miss it. This will be the last storm of its kind this summer. If you miss this one, you must stay here until next season!" Hok'ee said.


"You must go. And take the boy with you. You must break the time line... Otherwise the boy will die. Only you can change the order of things to save his life!" Hok'ee said.

"So... What day?" Levi asked, "If you know... I have to know too!"

"This Thursday!" Hok'ee said.

"FUCK! That's the day Curtis dies... Is supposed to die.... In the mine!" Levi yelped.

Hok'ee nodded affirmatively.

"You must see that the time line changes!" the man stated.

Levi stared at the towering figure in the dimly lit room.

"Why me? I'm just a nobody. How did I get all this shit.... All this responsibility heaped on me?" he asked.

"You and the boy are alike in so many ways. Even though separated by time, you both are alone. You both seek love and companionship. You both are possessed of unlimited sexual energy and stamina. You both need to discover each other and become mates for life!" Hok'ee told the boy.

"Really? For life? Me and Curtis? When I first saw a picture of him in my time... I sorta... Well... everything stopped. My breath was taken away. He... The image of him seemed to call out to me from the past... It doesn't make any sense. There are hundreds of guys in my world, in my time.... But somehow.... I knew. I wanted so badly to meet the boy in the picture!" Levi sighed.

"You have fulfilled that part of your desire. Now you must save his life and return to your time so you can grow to love one another!" Hok'ee replied.

Levi body was flush with warmth at the thought of actually loving Curtis.

"It isn't just a pipe dream then... It is going to be real!" he thought.

"So what about you?" Levi asked Hok'ee, "Are you ever going to find another...!"

A look of sadness overtook the handsome Native American man.

"No... It is not in my future!" he said in a low tone, "I will never find another one like Ashkii.... But I can fulfill part of my needs by seeing that you succeed... and by seeing if you are ready for what the boy has to offer!"

Levi looked confused.

"I don't get it. What do you mean?" he asked.

"I told you that the boy will grow into a powerful and dynamic partner for you. He may even be more than you can accept or handle... He may require more than what one person can offer.....!" Hok'ee said.

Levi smiled.

"I doubt it.... I have a pretty high sex drive myself... I think I can tame him.... I know I'd love to fucking try!" he said.

"Then prove it to me!" Hok'ee answered.

"Huh?" Levi grunted.

"Let me see if you can handle what the boy will eventually require!" Hok'ee explained.

Levi looked at the man with suspicion.

"Wait a minute... I thought you said Curtis had never been with anyone other than that old cock sucker Trapper... Have you.... uh.... fucked around with....?" he asked in a hesitant tone.

"No... Rest assured what I told you is true... The boy has never been with anyone but the man.... But I know... like I knew about you... that the boy is developing into a very unique and special person who will possess a ravenous desire for carnal affection." Hok'ee replied.

"So what do you need from me?" Levi asked.

Before he knew what was happening, Hok'ee moved onto the bed and flipped Levi onto his back. In one strong movement, the Native American man hoisted Levi's legs back in the air and dove down to the boy's exposed rosebud. Hok'ee's long tongue lapped at Levi's puckered opening.

The boy cooed in glee and relaxed his hole. Hok'ee's tongue pressed deep inside the boy. Levi felt spasms of passion rush through his eighteen year old body.

"FFFUCCCCK!" he hissed as Hok'ee's tongue fucked his tight hole.

"MMMMM!" the man hissed, "You... smell.... like..... spices!"

"Thank God I packed that body wash!" Levi thought as Hok'ee's tongue continued to fuck the his ass.

Levi's cock was bouncing and throbbing on his stomach. Globs of precum splattered on the his midsection as Hok'ee continued the passionate assault.

After about ten minutes of intense tongue fucking, the man rose up and uttered some unintelligible native cry. It was then that Levi saw it. His eyes popped at the sight before him.

Hok'ee's loin cloth was tented out in the dim light. The fabric was stretched to the point of ripping. In a second a massive fleshy tube exploded past the edge of the material and rose into the night air.

Hok'ee pulled the ceremonial garb off and allowed his cock to sway with its weight in the night air.

Levi had seen some massive cocks on line, and some pretty damned big ones in real life. The rod projecting from Hok'ee's groin made anything he had seen in the past seem miniature by comparison.

He tried to gauge the length and girth of Hok'ee's massive cock. It had to be as long as Levi's forearm, which would have made it way over twelve inches! The cylindrical tube of flesh easily dwarfed Levi's in length and thickness. Fat veins ran down the length of the rod to the uncut head, where a bulbous mushroom stump was peeling back a foreskin and drooling droplets of precum off an angry, flared slit that looked to be as big as Levi's thumbnail.

Hanging beneath this monster cock were two massive balls that dangled low and swayed back and forth as if alive and possessed. Both orbs were the size of lemons. Hok'ee's sexual endowment looked like a wild caricature but it was not; it was real. Somehow Levi knew that before the night was over, his asshole was never going to be the same.....

The man stared down at the boy; an animal lust appeared in his face. Levi's body trembled at the thought of Hok'ee's massive cock.

"I can not force you to take it. You must act on your own free will!" the man told Levi.

Levi stared at the huge dripping cock swaying in the dim light of the room. Then it kicked in. A primordial urge overtook Levi as he slithered up to Hok'ee's cock. Levi opened his mouth wide to try and swallow the massive mushroom head, which was now free and clear of its protective foreskin.

From his earliest experiences in giving head, Levi knew he had a special talent that allowed him to devour cocks much larger than average. He had always joked to himself that he was like a snake; his jaws seemed to distend to allow him to accommodate even the biggest cocks on the street.... Hok'ee's redwood-sized fuck stick was going to put Levi's abilities to the test.

Covering his teeth with his lips, he opened his mouth wide and relaxed his throat. Hok'ee pushed his cock head into the boy's mouth. From there it steadily advanced down Levi's throat. His eyes began to water as Hok'ee pushed further and further. Levi's eyes popped out of his head when he saw that Hok'ee's cock was only about a third of the way in his mouth and throat.

Levi relaxed and tried to loosen up so he could swallow more of the massive, throbbing tube. Concentrating, he managed to get about half of Hok'ee's cock down his throat. He knew he should be doing better than that. After all, back in Phoenix he had no trouble deep throating eight or nine inches with no problem.

One thing escaped Levi's observation: Hok'ee's cock was not only long, but it was thick. Massively so. The thickness was limiting his ability to swallow any more than he presently had embedded in his throat. As tears flooded his eyes, he slowly disengorged Hok'ee's rod and spun around on the bed. Levi hung his head upside down over the edge of the mattress. Hok'ee looked down at the boy and understood. He moved forward and slowly pushed his rock hard flagpole cock into Levi's willing mouth.

Levi relaxed his throat muscles as Hok'ee's cock drove further down his gullet. Hok'ee could see the Levi's throat expand as his cock went deeper into the boy. Soon Hok'ee managed to insert more than half of his massive cock into the teen. Slowly he began to thrust in and out. Levi's eyes watered and snot drooled out of his nose as the man fucked his face.

Spasms of ecstasy radiated through the teenager's body as Hok'ee's rhythm increased. Levi's cock slapped up and down on his stomach; gobs of precum splattered like raindrops in time to Hok'ee's thrusts. The man threw his head back and began howling an unintelligible series of words.

"You.... Ashkii...... Only two who can.... take..... Hok'ee!" the man screamed as he began a forceful raping of Levi's throat. The boy's body twitched and jerked like a rag doll in a dog's mouth. Levi had no control over himself at all. He was totally under the domination of Hok'ee. As the massive cock rammed deeper into his throat, Levi could taste a nutty essence of Hok'ee's precum. Soon that essence turned into a steady flow. Hok'ee was so far embedded into Levi's throat that the boy did not have to swallow. The man's precum was literally being injected into the boy's gullet.

Faster and faster Hok'ee's pace went. Deeper and harder the intruding ramrod penetrated Levi's insides.

Hok'ee let loose with more guttural growls and Levi felt a change in the man's cock.

It was getting larger and harder!

"Fuck! He's gonna split my throat in half!" the boy thought.

Hok'ee stared at the boy as his cock went deeper inside his young partner's body.

"Hok'ee... delivers!" he cried.

Levi felt the first shot of cum from the massive cock as it launched down the boy's throat. Instinctively he tried to swallow but it wasn't really necessary or required. Hok'ee was embedded so deep inside the boy that the cum had only one place to go: deeper into Levi's throat.

Wave after successive wave of cum ejected from the man's massive organ. Levi's futile attempts to swallow only served to edge the man into a greater release. The contractions of Levis throat muscles milked more and more nectar from the Native American stud. Levi lost count of how many volleys of cum he swallowed. His mind was distracted as his own cock exploded with a spontaneous release of teenage spunk. Levi felt the spray from his cum shots as volleys of spunk flew over his head and struck Hok'ee's body. As with Hok'ee's release, Levi lost count of his own salvos of boy nectar. It seemed like his cock was raining cum all over both boy and man...

Finally Hok'ee's orgasm tapered off. He slowly withdrew from the boy's mouth and throat.

Levi remained on his back with his head still dangling over the edge of the bed.

Slowly he tried to raise up. Hok'ee's strong arms reached out to help the boy into an upright sitting position.

"Only two braves have ever done that!" the man saw smiling, "Ashkii and Ahiga!"

Levi knew who Ashkii was but the other name was unknown to him.

"Who's 'Ahiga?'" he asked the man.

"You are!" he replied.

Levi looked puzzled.

"I knew you were a special brave the moment I first sensed your arrival in Gold Strike. YOU are the warrior 'Ahiga!' The one 'who fights!' You are more courageous than any other brave. You have fought all odds to come here looking for the boy who means so much to you. You have taken part of what Hok'ee has and you took it with ease....!" the man explained.

"Ease? Fuck I thought you were gonna rip my throat out!" the boy laughed.

"But that did not happen. You took Hok'ee like a warrior. You are the bravest of all men... !" he said.

Levi interrupted, "what did you mean when you said I took 'part' of what you have?"

Hok'ee smiled at the boy.

"We are not finished yet. If you can handle all of Hok'ee, then you will be able to tame the boy who needs your love!" he replied.

Levi had an idea where this was going and what was "cumming" next. His ass twitched at the thought.

"Uhhh... Is.... Curtis.... as.... uh.... is he as big.... as you are?" Levi asked.

He blushed at the question.

Hok'ee laughed and smiled, "No... not yet... But he is still growing.... I do think you will be very satisfied with what he has to offer you!"

Levi wondered just what that meant. He had no time to dwell on the remark. Hok'ee quickly pushed Levi's face down on the bed. The boy felt a strong hand slide a pillow under his midsection. Levi's ass was cocked upward in the night air.

"But I'm not a bottom!" Levi thought to himself. Before that thought could grow any further, Levi felt Hok'ee's tongue licking at his pucker. In one fast jab, the man penetrated the boy's rosebud. Levi saw stars as Hok'ee began an unrelenting tongue fucking.

"Fuck...!! He's ... awesome!" Levi thought as Hok'ee continued to probe deep inside the boy's love chute.

Levi's body trembled at the Native Man's continued tongue fucking. The teen arched his back upward, and Hok'ee took full advantage of this position to force his tongue deeper inside the boy. Levi's cock was smashed into the bedding; precum drooled out of his 7" boner like a dripping faucet.

Suddenly Hok'ee withdrew his tongue. Levi felt a terrible emptiness. That feeling didn't last long as the man's tongue was replaced by a large probing finger that easily penetrated the boy's loosened hole. Hok'ee ran his finger over Levi's prostate and the boy saw stars. His cock twitched and expanded until it felt like it was going to explode.

Levi gasped as another finger entered his ass. The sensations increased ten fold as Hok'ee continued to stimulate Levi's "magic spot." The teen knew that if this kept up, he very soon be firing another load of boy juice out of his throbbing cock.

As suddenly as Hok'ee's fingers had entered the boy, they then left.

"You are ready now!" the man whispered in Levi's ear, "Do not be afraid. Hok'ee will not hurt you. Hok'ee wants to take you to a new level of pleasure.....!"

Levi noticed the man was speaking in the third person, almost as if he had stepped outside his body.

Reaching over to his backpack, Levi threw a tube of lube to the man.

"If you're even gonna try putting that monster in me you better use a shitload of this!" the boy panted.

Hok'ee smiled and lathered up his obscenely large, gargantuan cock with the gel. He also used his middle finger to force some of the fluid deep inside Levi's hole. That sensation almost made Levi lose it on the spot.

"Relax!" the man cooed in Levi's ear, "Relax and think of the boy.....!"

Levi felt something HUGE probing at his rear entrance.

"It's never gonna fit!" he thought, "It's so fucking BIG! His cock head is the size of a fucking baseball!"

Levi felt a push as Hok'ee started to enter him.

"OUCH!" the boy cried.

"Relax... Ahiga! You are brave... You want this... You want the boy known as Curtis.... You need to be ready for his.... passion!" the man said softly.

Another thrust. Levi resisted.

"Take Hok'ee slowly, bit by bit!" the man urged.

Levi relaxed his sphincter muscles and before he knew what was happening, a huge, rock hard object forced its way past his outer ring.

"JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!" the boy yelled.

Levi tired to scoot away but his head bumped the bed's headboard and he was trapped. Hok'ee pushed further inside the boy.

If the cock head felt huge, then the shaft of Hok'ee's massive organ felt even larger. Levi thought a tree trunk was being stuffed up his ass. The pain made the boy tear up and cry out in pain. The memory of Ryan's brutal assault flashed in Levi's brain. The pain he felt then was nothing compared to what was tearing up his tight little ass now.

Hok'ee watched as his flag pole sized cock slowly sank into Levi's tiny little butt. The sensations wracking the man forced him onward. He wanted to bury every inch of his monster cock inside this sexy young white boy. Hok'ee had never taken a white boy before. While living with his tribe, he had fucked many braves; some much younger than him. The results had not always been satisfactory for those on the receiving end of the man's massive cock. Only Ashkii could handle Hok'ee's massive weapon. The brave had come back over and over seeking more encounters with Hok'ee. Even after Ashkii had taken his be'esdzn, the brave had still come to Hok'ee for more of his cock.

As Hok'ee's massive cock slid inside Levi's thoroughly stretched fuck chute, something happened to the boy. His primal instincts took over and Levi reached a sexual dynamic he didn't know he even possessed. His body felt as if it were on fire as Hok'ee slipped further and deeper inside. Levi began to push back. Sweat broke out on his forehead. His breathing increased. He pushed harder, forcing Hok'ee deeper inside his young body.

"FUCK ME!" he growled at the man, "FUCK ME WITH THAT HUGE NAVAJO COCK!"

Hok'ee smiled. The boy was opening up; any resistance was quickly fading away.

Levi no longer felt the pain. A new feeling was overtaking his body. Pure animal lust. He wanted Hok'ee inside him. He wanted the man to pound his ass and drop a gallon of cum inside his young body. Levi's cock was as hard as granite. The bedding was soaked with his precum as Hok'ee continued to penetrate deeper inside the teen's young ass.

Suddenly the assault stopped. Levi wondered if Hok'ee had managed to get all of that monster weapon inside his tight young ass. He reached back and felt a long section of the man's throbbing shaft still outside his stretched fuck hole.

"Jesus! It's only like half way in!" he moaned.

"This will hurt! Be brave, Ahiga.... The pain will soon go away!" the man urged.

Hok'ee pushed harder and Levi screamed out in the night air. He bit the bedding as an incredible pain wracked his body. Hok'ee was pushing the remainder of his huge cock deep inside the boy, penetrating Levi's second sphincter. This was a feat that few ever accomplished. It required an extremely long cock to make this second penetration. Hok'ee had the goods to do the job.

Levi sobbed as the pain paralyzed his body.

"Should I stop?" the man asked.

Levi drew in a sharp breath.

"No!" he hissed, "You've gone this far. Don't stop till it's all in!"

Hok'ee smiled at the boy.

"I knew you could take Hok'ee.... Just like Ashkii took Hok'ee!"

The man panted and grunted in a guttural voice as he pushed further into the boy. The pain continued to wrack Levi's young body.

Suddenly Levi felt Hok'ee's body lying on his, pressing the boy (and Hok'ee's cock) deeper together.

"Is. Is.... It. all in?" the boy cried.

He knew the answer because he could feel the man resting completely on top of his young body..

"Yes!" the man hissed, "You have taken all of Hok'ee!"

Levi felt like he had been stuffed with a steel ram rod. Pain still coursed through his body as the man pinned him to the bed. Slowly Hok'ee began to withdraw his cock from Levi's dilated fuck chute. As the man's cock withdrew, Levi's sensations of pain abruptly faded. Much more than a foot of Navajo cock slid over his prostate. That action ignited waves of euphoria in Levi.

It seemed like Hok'ee's cock was never ending as it withdrew from Levi's ass. Then as suddenly as it began to exit the boy, Hok'ee began a return thrust. The same forearm-length cock slid back over Levi's prostate again. The boy felt his cock spewing precum into a completely soaked set of bedding.


Hok'ee smiled as he felt his cock bottom out in the boy's deepest insides. Then he began to reverse direction again; this time a little bit faster.

"YYESSSSSS!!!!! FFFFFFAAASTER!!!!!!!" Levi cried.

Hok'ee started to pump Levi harder and harder. Each inward thrust drove Hok'ee deeper into the boy. Levi was forced into the mattress as his cock continued to spew precum.

Every time Hok'ee bottomed out in the boy, Levi saw stars. His eyes watered; his nose drooled pools of mucus and spittle sprayed from his lips as Hok'ee's pounding increased. The pain was gone. Levi tried to lift his young body upward to force Hok'ee deeper inside his butt.

Then it changed for the boy. As Hok'ee's unrelenting pounding continued, Levi saw the boy in his mind. Curtis. The tall, lean pioneer stud boy was fucking him. Harder and faster. Curtis slammed his cock into Levi with the force of a pile driver. Levi forgot about his previously defined sexual role as being a "top." All he wanted was for Curtis' to fill his guts with the the sixteen year old's seed.

"FUUUCKKKK ME CURTIS!!!!!!" Levi cried.

Hok'ee smiled as he nailed the boy even harder. He knew he had accomplished his goal. Levi would soon be one with the boy. They would be lovers for life.

"Hok'ee !!!!" the man cried.

Levi felt it before the man could finished his cry. Warm nectar began filling Levi's guts. The boy had no idea where all the cum would go. He had no time to ponder that question as his own cock began a massive ejaculation of his sweet boy seed. He felt the wetness spread as his cock fired successive rounds of jism which soaked his abdomen and the bedding.

There was a lot of cum! More than he had ever shot in his life. The boy didn't know he could cum so much after already just having a prior massive orgasm. Every throb and release of Hok'ee's fuck stick was matched by the simultaneous firing of Levi's own cock.

Hok'ee remained impaled in the boy as his cock finally slowed it's torrential release. Levi loved the feeling of the man's huge fuck stick nailing and holding him in place. Curiously, Levi noticed that his cock, as well as Hok'ee's, were both still hard as steel. The man's "sex spike" did not want to soften or release from the boy. Levi's own fuck rod remained swollen and throbbing with desire.

"FUCK THAT WAS AWESOME!" Levi panted, "I didn't think I could take it all!"

"You have done well!" Hok'ee cooed at the boy, "Even better, I think, than Ashkii!"

"Really?" Levi said incredulously, "It's.... uh... too bad... we... can't.. try again.... to...make... sure.....!"

The boy stammered.

Hok'ee laughed at the boy.

"We have only just started!" the man exclaimed.

Levi was astounded as Hok'ee, while still impaled in the boy, spun Levi around on his back. Levi looked into the man's deep brown eyes.

"I... We... are not going to stop until you tell me to!" Hok'ee said to the boy.

"You mean... We are.... I don't think... I can.... cum again....!!!" Levi stammered.

"Do you want Hok'ee to stop now?" the man asked.

Levi didn't even hesitate in his answer.

"NO!" he cried.

Hok'ee began a deep power fucking in Levi's ass again.


He mewled like a kitten as Hok'ee started to fuck the boy on his back. Levi placed his long legs on the man's strong, wide shoulders as Hok'ee sank deep inside the teen boy's willing ass.

"AHHHHH!" Levi cried as he looked into Hok'ee's face.

Again, Levi was not seeing Hok'ee. He was seeing Curtis. The boy with the fluffy blonde hair was fucking Levi like a rag doll. Waves of euphoria coursed through Levi's body as Hok'ee rode him like a wild stallion.

"HHHHAAARDDER!" Levi cried.

The pain was long gone. Now all Levi felt was an animal lust that he never knew he possessed. Every thrust of Hok'ee's massive fuck stick caused Levi's cock to spasm and release a thick blob of precum. However, as Hok'ee ravaged the teen's ass, Levi did not see Hok'ee; the boy saw Curtis fucking his ass. The boy Curtis was sending Levi new sensations of ecstasy and pleasure. The boy Curtis was making Levi forget about his previously assumed role as a "top" boy. Levi wanted Curtis' fat cock in his ass all night, all week, forever. He would gladly take the sixteen year old's jism in his ass or down his throat. Levi didn't care WHERE it went as long as he got ALL of the magic nectar.

Fortunately Edith Holloway was out like a light; Levi's screams of pleasure echoed through the house and probably carried out into the night air as well.

The boy lost count of how many times Hok'ee fucked his now thoroughly-stretched ass; it was a night of the wildest sex Levi could ever imagine. The tall, studly Navajo would fuck Levi in the ass, then switch and stuff his still-hard, still-dripping cock deep down the boy's throat.

Every time Hok'ee released a torrent of his Navajo cum, Levi also simultaneously blew a massive hand-free flood of his own spunk. The boy didn't understand where all his cum, or for that matter, Hok'ee's continuous geysers of jism, came from. It seemed like both the man and the boy had placed their balls on overdrive to produce the rivers of spunk that flowed that night in the Holloway House.

As soon as Hok'ee began each round of marathon sex with Levi, from the boy's perspective, he was not with Hok'ee but rather with Curtis. The man understood this; Levi did not. It was part of the ritual Hok'ee had undertaken: to see if Levi was prepared for the type of commitment that would be required to tame the naive but rapidly maturing frontier boy.

Late into the night, almost towards dawn, Levi finally succumbed to sleep. It was a happy, pleasant sleep that saw the boy dreaming of his object of affection: Curtis Jay Jones.

Hok'ee leaned down and whispered in Levi's ear, "You have done well, my young Ahiga. You are ready for the boy you will grow to love!"

A tear rolled down the man's face as he disappeared from the room. He thought of his own youth and Ashkii; the love that was never able to be realized...

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