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Time Enough For Love

by AZ Story Guy

Chapter 17

Before anyone could speak, CJ had the older boy pinned face down on the floor. Tyler was fuming that he had been taken down by a lightweight sixteen year old. He outweighed CJ by a good sixty pounds and yet the jock could feel an unbelievable strength radiating through CJ's body.

"No one calls Levi anything bad and gets away with it!" CJ said.

Tyler was amazed; no, he was scared. The young boy spoke as softly as a lamb and yet that same soft spoken boy had him nailed to the floor.

"Don't hurt him CJ!" Levi shouted.

Both Levi and Melissa rushed to the two boys.

"Okay.....!" CJ said softly, "I am.... I'm a-gonna let you go.... But do not... uh.... don't even think of trying anything!"

"Better do as he says!" Levi told his friend, "I've seen CJ in action... and. Well.... He can definitely handle himself!"

CJ released Tyler and he slowly stood up. For a brief minute he thought about punching CJ in the nose or gut or wherever.... but an inner voice cautioned him to carefully choose his next move.

Tyler looked at CJ, then Melissa, then Levi.

"I'm fucking so out of here! Enjoy your new butt fuck buddy!" he snarled.

CJ instantly started to move towards Tyler but Levi touched the boy's shoulder and said softly, "Let him go, babe!"

CJ switched off from his offensive posture as easily as flicking a light switch.

After Tyler left, Melissa could only exclaim, "WOW! I thought you two were friends.....!"

"We are... Or at least we were!" Levi replied.

"And he knew about you... Well of course he did! He saved your ass a hundred times!" she said.

Although the altercation dampened the evening fun, the three remained together until around ten. Melissa thanked Levi and gushed over CJ, imploring the boy to "look her up" if he ever wanted to try.... a girl!

"And you call ME a 'man whore?'" Levi chortled.

After Melissa left, Levi apologized to CJ, "I planned on you making two new friends today but I'm sad it didn't work out that way!"

CJ smiled and his dazzling, cute face made Levi limp (all except one part).

"He's jealous!" CJ said.

"What?" Levi replied.

"Your friend Tyler... He's jealous of you and me!"

CJ's remark hit Levi like a lightning bolt. How could a relatively unsophisticated boy from a hundred years ago make such a now obvious observation?

The two boys cleaned the place up and headed off to bed. CJ mounted Levi over and over and the older boy's cries of ecstasy could be heard all the way up to the Security Center at the house's main gate.

The next day Charles announced that a trip to Gold Strike was almost completely planned. It would include the boys, Charles, Ed Milo the geologist, Randy Owens the demolition expert and Rex Stein the forensic investigator. They would take Charles' Jeep and either one of Levi's vehicles.

The plan was to investigate the town site, the cave and set explosive charges. The trip was planned for a weekday to minimize the likelihood of encountering other people. Levi and CJ were not going anywhere near the cave itself. The explosive charges could all be detonated remotely. Ed Milo had been working with Randy Owens, pouring over documentation on the geological composition of the area. They could have planned two trips; one to survey and then one to detonate, but Randy didn't think it would be that complicated.

"But before the trip.... We've got a surprise for CJ!" Charles announced.

Dr. Martin Smythe, a psychologist well versed in educational and literacy assessments, was going to be in town to perform an evaluation on CJ.

"If we want to place him in an scholastic setting... even at home... then we have to know what we're dealing with!" Charles explained.

CJ was apprehensive about the procedure.

"Relax! He'll probably give you tests to take. Ask you a lot of questions... Don't worry about 'failing' any test... It's not that kind of a quiz. It's to see what you know!" Levi explained to his friend.

The night before Dr. Smythe was to arrive, Levi decided to make a new move on his friend and lover. Levi loved getting fucked by his hung friend. CJ was quickly discovering many new positions to impale Levi on his massive cock. However, CJ didn't know the finer arts of foreplay. No doubt CJ was replicating what he had experienced with Trapper. That had been all about pure sex and not love.

Oh, CJ knew how to kiss; he was a natural at that. And he liked to nibble on Levi's neck and gently chew on the older boy's nipples driving Levi to more than one spontaneous eruption of boy spunk. Yet CJ lacked a great deal of knowledge about the joys of sexual foreplay. Especially before fucking.

His decision to teach CJ would be rewarded with something he had coveted since the two boys first met....

As the two laid side by side in bed nude, of course the small talk about CJ's upcoming evaluation soon vanished as Levi began slowly working his way down CJ's freshly showered, lithe and limber body. Starting with the boy's kissable lips, Levi worked his way down past the neck, nipples, some sensuous, tight, newly developing abs; all the way down to his massive love torpedo. CJ's cock stood upright in the night air. Not drooping or leaning over like so many other cocks of its size. No, CJ's huge weapon was towering upward, alive and pulsating with energy.

Levi started his foreplay by slowly enveloping the massive mushroom head. Flared and drooling nectar, it looked almost angry as it disappeared into Levi's mouth.

CJ gasped and arched his pelvis up as Levi swallowed inch after inch of his young friend's special gift. Deep throating CJ's cock had become second nature to Levi. He easily downed it like a Popsicle.

However, tonight he wanted to show the young boy some new "moves."

Levi withdrew from CJ's cock. A plume of precum drooled down the long shaft and puddled in the boy's fine, sparse patch of pubes. Levi was amazed at how CJ could have a telephone pole sized cock but so little pubic hair. Levi trimmed his own down to a bare stub, but CJ seemed to be naturally hairless. Or very little at best. Even his 'pits' were void of almost any growth.

"Maybe it hasn't grown in yet!" he told himself.

Looking at the young boy smiling back at him made Levi marvel at CJ's youthful appearance.

"Sixteen? No way.. He'd have trouble passing for even fourteen!" he thought.

"Tonight we do something new!" Levi said as he smiled at the boy.

"But first I.... uh... have to.... It's been a question since I first saw it....!" he stuttered.

Reaching to the night stand, Levi pulled out a small tape measure.

CJ laughed when he saw Levi draw out the instrument.

The measurement made Levi gasp.

"No wonder it feels like your cock is gonna pop out my mouth when you fuck me!" he whistled.

"What does....?" CJ started to ask.

"Nine.... and Nine and three-quarters inches! HOLY FUCK!" Levi gasped.

"I bet I can make it bigger!" CJ chortled.

He flexed his massive fuck stick and Levi held the tape to the tip.

"Fuck you almost got ten inches!" Levi cried, "Sweet fucking Jesus THAT'S AWESOME!"

CJ beamed at Levi's praise. He no longer thought about the ridicule and scorn that Trapper had dished out on a daily basis. The two boys had surfed the internet enough and CJ was now starting to realize how special he was!

Levi took the tape and measured around the thickest part of the throbbing fat shaft.

"About... Uh... a little more than.... six and a quarter inches around!" he gasped.

Moving the tape to the width of CJ's fat shaft, Levi measured out a diameter of around two inches.

"Jesus! My God...CJ.... It's fucking beautifully awesome!" he exclaimed.

CJ beamed with the older boy's adoration.

"And now for a special treat!" Levi smiled.

He dove down between CJ's legs and began to lick and thoroughly tongue bathe the young teen's massive nuts.

Hanging down low in an almost hairless pouch, each testicle looked to be egg sized.

CJ was moaning and bucking as Levi serviced the teen's massive nut sack.

"I... I.... I.... I.... might.... c.c.c.c.cuummmmmmm........ !!!!!" he cried.

"If it happens... Let it happen!" Levi laughed as he moved to CJ's "taint."

A steady drool was running down the almost ten inch shaft, ponding at the base, and starting drip on to the bed.

Levi cleaned up the puddles and then slowly turned CJ over on his stomach. The younger boy giggled and seemed to tremble in anticipation.

"This is something new... A lot of guys like to do this before they ...uh......!" Levi stammered for the word. He didn't want to sound blatantly crude.

"Before they FUCK!" CJ giggled.

Levi laughed at the blunt, earthiness of his friend.

"Yeah!" he replied in a husky voice.

There it was......

Curtis Jay Jones' sixteen year old rosebud was nestled between the soft mounds of his tiny ass.

CJ's ass made Levi gasp every time he saw it. Two tiny mounds of flesh. Not a "bubble butt." Not a thin, unshapely ass; the twin globes were just perfect for the boy's body size. Slightly round yet very taut. Muscled. Each globe had a tiny dimple that flexed when CJ contracted his muscles. A nice, defined cleft separated each globe. Nestled in that cleft was.....

"That fucking prick!" Levi thought of how Trapper had abused this beautiful boy, "He never appreciated CJ's strong, youthful beauty!"

Levi was determined to drive his young lover to a new height of raw, sensuous pleasure.

Slowly spreading the twin globes apart, Levi slowly began to lick around CJ's rosebud.

"OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" came a loud, wall-shaking moan.

Levi moved in deeper. CJ's sphincter opened and his lover probed further inside the boy.


The older boy began to tongue fuck CJ with all his might. Levi's own cock was hard an titanium steel and drooling like a faucet. He could feel CJ's body tense and then release, over and over in time to his tongue motion.

"I ...I ...I ...I ...I ...I ...I ...I OHHHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!" CJ cried out.

Levi flipped the boy over and onto his back. He dove back down between CJ's legs as the young boy's massive cock towered in the open air. It wasn't drooling now; it was flowing. Like piss, but it wasn't piss.

Levi was confused for a moment.

"Is he cumming?" he wondered.

The boy was bucking and thrashing as Levi serviced CJ's taint and nut sack.

"I ...I ...I ...I ...I ...I'M SORRRRRYYYYYYY!!!!" CJ cried out.

Turning his head while tongue bathing CJ's nuts, Levi saw what CJ's orgasm looked like in open air.

The stream of fluid erupting from CJ's angrily flared, purplish cock head increased into an arc. Droplets of nectar cascaded everywhere. Then it changed.

The young boy arched his perfectly muscled body upward and a shot of jism flew up into the air. Levi's eyes popped as he saw the ejaculate rise four or five feet before falling back and splattering all over CJ and the bed. Then another one. More. And more. It was like spurts out of a volcano. Levi lost count.

"Eight? Ten? A dozen?" He could not remember.

What the older boy did notice was that each shot seemed stronger than the previous release. CJ's body continued to arch off the bed. His muscles glistened with sweat as he painted every thing around him with his body's sweet offering.

FUCK! No wonder I almost always choke when he gets off!" Levi thought. The number, duration and frequency of the releases made swallowing an imperative. There was just too much cum.....

"And I thought I shot a lot!" Levi mused, "Next to him I feel like an eleven year old doing it for the first time!"

Levi didn't know how long CJ's orgasm lasted. He had stopped his foreplay to watch the awesome display.

"A minute? No way. Nobody can cum that long. Most orgasms last ten or fifteen seconds!" he thought... Although he had seen boys on the internet cumming similar to CJ...

"I always thought those cum shots were faked!" Levi thought again, "But this one sure as Hell isn't!"

He still wasn't sure when CJ's actual orgasm had started.

It did finally end. Levi wondered if CJ could shoot high enough to maybe hit the ceiling...

"If he had been standing, those cumshots would have easily reached six.... eight.... feet..out or more!" he thought.

Levi suddenly became aware that his own cock had shot a massive load all over himself, CJ and the bed. Levi also realized HE was covered with CJ's juices!

CJ's breathing was slowing down.

"What ...What ...Wha.......t!!!! Was... .that you were doing to me?" he panted.

"It's a type of foreplay guys use before they fuck. It's called 'rimming!'" Levi explained.

"So you're supposed to do that before you. uh... fuck?" the boy asked.

"Well you don't have to... But it's kinda nice....!" Levi explained.

"'Kinda?' It was..... AWESOME!!!!!" the boy cried out.

Levi smiled.

"So now that you have... YOU'VE done that to me... Why did you stop?" CJ asked.

Levi looked puzzled.

"You said guys do it before they fuck!" CJ explained.

"Yes... so....!" Levi stuttered.

"Well.... are.... are.... AREN'T you going to fuck me?" CJ said.

The young teen's eyes burned a bright, inviting blue..

"Holy shit!" Levi thought to himself.

He gazed at the young angel lying drenched in an ocean of their cum.

"Uh.... I.... Uh.... Wow!.....!" the older boy stuttered.

"You... do.not.... DON'T.... like...... what..... you...... see?" CJ stammered.

Levi hushed the boy with his hand.

"Are you kidding me? CJ YOU'RE PERFECT!" Levi assured the boy.

"Then why don't you want to... fuck me?" he asked.

"It's not that... I mean... I've wanted to... Uh.... Ever since I first saw you in the General Store!" Levi gasped.

"Then why haven't you?" CJ asked.

Levi's mind whirled like a fan blade.

"It's like this.... All the other boys I've fucked.. It was just sex. I was horny. They were horny. So we did it... You... are different!!! You KNOW we don't have sex. We MAKE LOVE.... And I wanted to make sure you were ready... especially after what Trapper did to you...!" Levi tried to explain.

"I can handle you... I know I can... I mean you're WAY bigger than Trapper but I can.... I owe it to you!" the boy cried.

"NO!" Levi barked. "NO!! NO!!!!! A THOUSAND TIMES NO!!!!!! You don't 'owe' me anything! EVER! Remember? 'Equals?' You and me.... That's the ONLY way two people can love one another... Unless one prefers being a 'top' or a 'bottom,' then it should always be EQUAL! You could walk out the door tomorrow and never see me again in your life but you wouldn't OWE me anything...... It has to come from the heart.... as a gift you want to give..... Not as something you OWE!"

The room was silent as each boy stared at the other.

CJ rose up and moved towards Levi. Cum ran off the boy's abs and dripped onto the bed.

"I want you to take me.... TO HAVE ME!" he cried softly, "I have wanted it for a long time but I was afraid to ask you to.....!" CJ cried.

Levi hugged the boy. The cum stuck to both their bodies.

"Oh CJ!!!! Why didn't you say anything to me!" Levi said.

When Levi had first seen CJ's huge cock, he had worried that the sexual dynamic between both boys might have changed; that CJ would be the dominant partner in their relationship. Now he was understanding that CJ had no clue about such roles. He really was completely innocent of so many things in his new world.....

Levi pulled back slightly and gazed into the young teen's stunning eyes.

"Making love like that to you would be the pinnacle... the very peak... the ultimate display of our love for each other... But I could never..... NEVER..... try and coerce you into it....!" the older boy cried.

This time CJ shushed Levi with his hand.

"It is time. It is long overdue.... Levi Aaron Roberts.... I want you to make love to me... To show me what it's like to have someone inside me who really loves me!" CJ said.

Levi started crying. Tears flowed like rain water.

CJ looked confused.

"What did I say wrong?" he asked.

"NOTHING! NOTHING AT ALL!!! What you just said.... Is so beautiful.....!" Levi cried.

CJ hugged the boy tightly. Levi could smell CJ's body wash and powder. The smell of powerful, raw teenage sex filled the room.

Levi laid CJ down on his back. He was determined to make this first time one that would last in CJ's mind forever. Already his cock had reinflated to its full 7"..... although to Levi it felt like it was a foot long....

The teen lifted CJ's coltish legs up to his shoulders. He grabbed some lube from the nightstand and then, looking down at CJ's exposed rosebud; and the boy's huge cock pointing downward, he had an idea.

"Babe!..... Can you.... while I.....?" he asked.

CJ understood. No further words were necessary. Levi gasped as CJ easily swallowed almost half of his massive 9" cock.

That action pivoted the young teen's pucker into the perfect angle. Levi scooted forward and slowly pushed the head of his precum drenched cock inward. CJ's tight little hole opened up. The boy let out a series of groans as he serviced his own cock. Levi felt himself sinking deep inside the young teen. Further and further. So fucking tight! The warmth and control CJ exercised over his sphincter muscle drove Levi crazy.

A loud moan rocked the walls of the room as Levi bottomed out. He was deep inside the young boy. Deeper than Trapper could ever have imagined. It felt so.... PERFECT. He began to rock back and forth. Every thrust into the young teen also pushed CJ's cock deeper down his own throat.

Levi sped up the intensity of his thrusts. He could swear that CJ's ass was grabbing; milking, his young cock... trying to force an orgasm of cosmic proportions! CJ's cock was now more than half embedded his own mouth.

"OHHH FUCCCKKKKK!!!! CJJJJJJJJ!!!!!! YOU'RE SO DAMNED TIGHT!!!!!" Levi cried. He saw his young lover's eyes shining with the intensity of a sun!

Faster and harder Levi rode his young stud boy. Their two bodies became one as each boy felt cum churning in their nutsacks....

"OHHHHHHHHH!" Levi cried, "BABYYYYYYYY!!!! I ..I ...I.I can't ...can't h ...h.h.h..hold onnnnnnn!!!!"

Levi felt his spunk starting the light speed journey towards its ultimate release. CJ's sphincter clamped down on the boy's cock and began milking Levi for every drop. A hard thrust in and Levi lost it. Cum erupted from his cock and flooded CJ's guts. The younger boy felt his insides fill up with Levi's nectar and his own massive nuts let loose with their offering.

Up the steel-hard shaft and out into the young boy's throat. CJ didn't even taste his spunk as it was directly injected deep inside his body.

Both boys continued to fire volley after volley of cum. Levi was surprised how much jism he produced. More than he could ever remember. All of it was injected deep inside his young lover.

CJ felt his fat cock swell and lodge in his throat as wave after wave of cum flooded his gullet.

After what seemed like forever both boys finally spent their second load and each disengaged. Levi looked down and saw droplets of his spunk leaking from CJ's gaping hole. He licked the precious fluid up and leaned in to kiss the young boy. CJ took Levi's kiss and tasted the older boy's spunk in his mouth.

"So fucking neat!" he cried out.

"What?" Levi asked.

"My cum and yours at the same time! WOWWWWW!" he cried.

The two boys collapsed together on the bed.

Levi turned to the boy and sheepishly asked, "So was... I better... than Trapper?"

CJ's eyes flew wide open and he laughed.

"You have to be kidding, right?" he replied.

They both laughed and fell asleep in each others arms....

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