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Time Enough For Love

by AZ Story Guy

Chapter 19

Levi and CJ retired to their room. The minute the door closed, CJ was crawling all over his older friend.

"You... You stood up for me so good!" he said softly.

"CJ! Language!" Levi laughed, "So WELL!"

CJ laughed and pushed Levi down on the bed. In an instant he yanked the older teen's shorts off and ripped at Levi's T shirt. The shirt was no match for CJ: it easily tore under the young teen's assault.

"God, I love you so much!" he cried.

Before Levi could react, CJ spread the boy's legs and made a beeline for the teen's puckered sphincter. It felt like the young boy had done this a thousand times before but of course he had not. CJ's tongue lapped at Levi's hole. The older boy started mewling and bucking on the bed. CJ pressed further and entered his lover. Levi saw stars as his cock gasped and ejected a huge blob of precum.


Breaking from his tongue action, CJ replied, "That's next!"

Before Levi could reply, CJ had reinserted his lithe, nimble tongue inside the boy.

"For only one lesson he sure learns fast!" Levi thought as his body arched into the air in response to CJ's movements.

CJ withdrew his tongue and began caressing Levi's low hangers. One nut at a time he slowly took them into his mouth and gently massaged them. More precum rolled down Levi's throbbing cock. CJ rose up and lapped at the nectar settling around the base of the fully erect 7" fuck stick.

Levi let out a series of moans that almost rattled the windows. CJ rose up from Levi's nuts and swallowed the boy's shaft down to the pubic bone. Levi gasped as CJ's tongue and throat forcefully milked his pulsating organ.

The older teen was so boned up and horny from standing next to his young stud lover all morning, and for defending the honor and integrity of the boy he loved, that he knew he wasn't going to last long.

"Baby!!!" he cried, "I.I...I......can't last!........"

CJ rose up, straddled the boy, and sat down on Levi's cock in one swift motion.

The young teen's eyes crossed and he drooled as Levi's cock slid deep inside him. Without hesitation he began to ride Levi like a cowboy rides a bull. Levi was not expecting this turn of events; he thought CJ was going to fuck HIM. Not that it mattered; the older boy's eyes likewise rolled back in his head as his entire body pulsated with the overpowering lust generated by CJ's motions.

CJ was facing Levi; the older boy saw CJ's cock swinging up and down, slapping Levi's stomach with every thrust. A long strand of precum drooled down from the flared, pulsating head of CJ's massive rod to Levi's abs. That sweet nectar then pooled in Levi's belly button before dripping off the boy's body.

The smell of raw teenage sex filled the bedroom. Mattress springs sang in protest as the two boys rolled towards a sexual nuclear explosion. Levi's cock assailed CJ's fuck chute like a battering ram. CJ clenched down on the older boy's rock hard cock.... Squeezing... milking...


His nuts released a torrent of spunk. The short rapid trip to release would only take milliseconds. CJ felt Levi's fuck stick swell inside his ass. That tripped the young boy's massive bull nuts into their own release. Levi's eyes widened as he witnessed it again.....

A stream of milky white, thin cum started pouring like piss out of CJ's horse cock. The young teen howled in ecstasy as his mile-long orgasm began. Watching CJ eject cum like a stream of piss was too much for Levi. He began sending multiple shots of baby batter inside his young lover.

CJ clenched down on Levi's cock. That movement made the older teen scream in joy. Even more cum filled CJ's ass. He could feel Levi's ejaculations unleashing inside his most private area.

The young boy lost it. Levi's eyes popped as CJ's orgasmic flood briefly tapered off.... then the real fireworks started! A missile of cum flew over Levi's head and hit the headboard with a loud "splat." Then another. Another. They kept coming like a machine gun. The headboard was soaked. Cum ran down and onto the bed. Levi closed his eyes as the projectiles of jism continued to be fired directly at him. One, two, three struck his face. He stuck out his tongue and lapped up what he could. CJ howled as his "cum cannon" cock continued to paint anything in front of it with streams of the sixteen year old boy's joy juice.

As CJ's orgasm subsided, the "devastation" of his orgasm was astounding. The headboard was soaked. Levi was drenched. The bed was sodden with spunk. CJ had sprays of his own juice all over his chest. The boys never did figure that one out! CJ collapsed forward and embraced his older lover. He remained impaled on Levi's cock....

"Can we 'jest' stay together like this?" he panted to Levi.

Levi just nodded as the two boys drifted into a deep nap.

Around 6:00 in the evening they awoke to a soft knocking on the bedroom door.

Levi disentangled himself from a groggy but giggly CJ and padded over to the door.

"Yeah!" he moaned as he stretched. His cock stuck out like a guided missile.

"You guys hungry?" Charles asked through the door.

Levi turned to CJ who nodded a vigorous "Yes!"

"Oh yeah!" Levi grunted.

"Pizza okay?" the man asked.

Charles had already made mental note of CJ's insatiable lust for that particular food.

"CJ says 'Yes' so YES!" Levi laughed.

"Okay then I'll order us some in!.... 'Bout thirty minutes!" Charles replied.

Levi looked back at CJ and saw the lanky sixteen year old stud slowly working his cock with both hands.

"Uhhhh... Charles!" Levi called.

"Yes?" came the man's reply.

"Better make it forty five minutes!" Levi laughed.

On the other side of the door Charles could only smile and shake his head.

"Levi sure got what he was looking for!" the man thought, "I wonder...... Was I that horny when I was his age?"

Levi jumped back in bed and attacked CJ's cock like it was the world's biggest lollipop. The older teen wasted no time in swallowing the massive organ almost all the way down. Every time Levi did his sword swallowing routine, CJ started to hyperventilate at the sight of Levi's throat expanding as his fat cock slid deep inside the boy.

It didn't take long for Levi to be rewarded with a gullet full of cum. He kissed CJ and fed the boy some of his own spunk. CJ leaned over and swallowed Levi's cock and brought his friend to a screaming, wall shaking, glass-shattering orgasm in just a few minutes.

"Since we both cum so easily I guess it's good that we can cum a lot!" Levi laughed as CJ swallowed the last drop of his friend's offering.

CJ just nodded and smiled.

"And after the moves you showed on me this afternoon that fucking quack Doctor is a real piece of work saying you are stupid or something!" Levi bristled at the mere thought of Dr. Smythe.

The boys showered and dressed, meeting Charles just as Security brought the pizza to the house.

During dinner Charles dropped another bombshell.....

"I've got another Doctor lined up to talk to CJ!" he said.

CJ froze and Levi glared into space.

"This one better be good... And hopefully he DOESN'T work for ME!" he said.

"Nope. First, 'He' is a she, and she is self employed. Also out of L.A.... She's flying in on Thursday to meet with us!" Charles explained.

CJ looked at them both, "A LADY Doctor?"

Levi and Charles broke out laughing. Levi had to explain yet another change that had taken place in a Century's worth of time.

He continued, "Now about Doctor Smythe.... Levi.... I really wish you would....!"

"NO!" Levi barked.

The boy assumed that Charles was going to ask him to reconsider firing the man.

"He could have done a lot.. but when I went in your office and saw CJ huddled on the floor.... In a fucking corner... CRYING!" Levi explained, "CJ saved my life more than once.... I can never thank him enough for the world class balls he has shown over and over.... And because he's in a strange new world that he doesn't understand...Some stuffed shirt son of a bitch uses big words and credentials to scare him...!"

Charles completely surprised the boys by saying, "Fuck him then! He's gone!"

CJ giggled as Levi sliced a piece of pizza into a long strip. Both boys ate from the ends until they met and then kissed.

Charles knew then that the love between Levi Aaron Roberts and Curtis "CJ" Jay Jones was eternal....

As dinner wound down, he told the boys that the return trip to Gold Strike would have to wait another week.

"Randy Owens has to round up some supplies.... Plus I want to get CJ's future squared away!" he explained, "And Oh by the way...CJ..... Your personal stuff is back in your bedroom.... And the good news is within fifteen days I think we'll have you all legally 'credentialed!'"

Levi explained what that meant; then he gave Charles a proposal...

"I was thinking.... about the trip back to Gold Strike.... I kinda wanna ask Melissa and Tyler to go with us... There's room in the Tacoma for them.....!" he explained.

"Why?" Charles asked.

"Well you know we had them over for a little party thing. and... like.... Tyler was sooooo not believing what we told him....!" Levi said.

"Well.... In the beginning neither did I!" Charles explained.

"Yeah well here's a chance to show them that we... CJ and I... aren't totally crazy... I mean we'll have some 'adults' along.... some people with credentials.... who take us seriously!" Levi explained, "and they're both over eighteen... and you said it would be safe....!"

CJ looked upset.

"CJ?" Charles asked the boy.

"It is not safe. We should leave that place alone.... Nothing good can come from going back there!" he said softly.

"Babe!" Levi explained, "I promised you we'd stay out of and away from the cave!"

Charles mulled it over and decided that if that's what the boys wanted, he saw no danger.

"But I think you need to convince your friend!" he added to Levi.

"Not good!.. Not good!" CJ kept repeating softly to himself.

The next day Levi called Melissa all excited about his idea to have the two friends accompany the pending return expedition to Gold Strike.

He was kind of sketchy about whether Melissa would be on board but was pleasantly surprised when she eagerly said "YES!"

"What about Tyler?" Levi asked, "Especially after the other night....!"

"Let me work on him. What's the date for the trip?" she replied.

"Well it's been moved back a week or so. I'll have to double check with Charles and then I'll contact you!" Levi answered.

Levi excitedly relayed the news to CJ. The younger teen was still agitated about the return to a town he hated.... Even though the trip would take place over a Century from when CJ lived there.

The older teen could sense his friend almost seemed psychic about the trip. His short time with CJ had taught Levi not to discount anything the boy said, did or felt. The easiest way to get CJ's mind off his negative "vibes" about Gold Strike was by doing what boys their age loved best: having sex. Making love. The terms were interchangeable when it came to the two.

Levi plowed ahead. Literally. Now that CJ had given him the "green light," Levi enjoyed tapping the sixteen year old's tight, muscular butt. "Enjoyed" was an understatement. Levi reveled in pushing CJ to multiple spontaneous orgasms. Their continuous sexual activities made for lots of linen changes as the bed always seemed to be their favorite location. Of course there was also the dining room table, the floor in the den, the pool deck, in the pool, on the bench press and in the shower.

He wanted to keep CJ sexually satisfied AND keep his mind off of the trip to Gold Strike. For the most part the plan seemed to work.

Levi still enjoyed being fucked and fucked hard by CJ's massive cock. The two boys were truly "versatile" when it came to sexual activities. They spent time prowling the internet for new ideas; quite often that surfing would be interrupted by experimenting with a technique they had just discovered. Levi's favorite position remained being impaled on CJ's cock as the boy held him in his strong, muscular arms.

There was a change going on with CJ in that area: his love of swimming and working out with free weights was rapidly paying off. The teen's musculature was defining itself more and more. CJ was going to end up with a finely honed to perfection "swimmers build." Not that Levi had any complaints with the "original" "CJ 1.0" ....

CJ was turning out to be a complete grade "A" stud in every respect!

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