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Mentoring Brandon

by Bob Anders

Chapter 4

The Secret is Out!

Warning! This chapter and this story are fictional accounts of love developing between two teenage boys. If that disgusts or distresses you, Go! Leave it for those who enjoy it!! If you are underage, whatever that means where you live, you have to leave, too. Sorry, their rules, not mine or ours.

NOTE TO READER: The following story is a first attempt at anything like this. I hope that it at least is interesting. It is basically a true story, with the names/places changed to protect the guilty. Please let me know what you think and give me any suggestions that you may have. I tend to be long-winded and re-reading this, I am afraid that it may not "get to the point" quickly enough. Any and all feedback will be appreciated as I have a lot of stories to tell, but I want people to read them as well.

Here I was with my underwear at my thighs, my limp cock hanging and still dripping my man juices. My new found friend in my arms still hard, waiting and wanting me to return the gift he had just given me.

We began to move toward the bed when we heard a knock at the door. Damn! Here we go again!

Brandon let go, but this time, put on his underwear that was lying on the floor next to the door before he opened it. I pulled up my shorts to at least be somewhat presentable to whomever was at the door. As Bran turned the doorknob and began to open it, I could see Tom standing in the hall.

"Hey Tom, " was Brandon's greeting. "What ya need?"

Tom's eyes looked at me and then at Brandon. They scanned Bran up and down, undeniably seeing the tent that was very evident to anyone in a 10-mile radius, so I KNOW that Tom saw it. Hell, saw it, he was staring at it! "Ah, just wanted to tell Bob that we were hitting the sack and for him to CUM in quiet," was Tom's reply with a bit of a snicker.

I looked at him with a stern look. He was not only looking Brandon from head to toe, but also me. I felt his look was more than curiosity, but knew better. "I will, Tom. Don't' worry I won't wake you up."

"Good! We have a big day tomorrow. We have a game to win and coach has some thoughts that might help us," Tom related in a matter-of-fact voice. "Oh, and if you're more than a half-hour, don't bother coming to the room. I see Brandon has an open bed."

Was he reading my mind? Damn! It sounded like he was just giving me the okay to spend the night with Brandon. Not that I needed it, but he appeared to know that I wanted to stay with him.

Tom was a great guy. He was our defensive captain and was one hell of a football player. His jet black hair was shoulder length (remember this was the 60's) and the light shone off of it and nearly blinded you at the right angle. His muscles were bulging under the sleeves of his tee shirt and his chest was visibly rippled through the cotton material. He was wearing very tight work-out short and I could see his cock was semi-hard. I had seen him many times naked, not only in the locker room, but we did tend to walk around naked in our room on hot evenings.

Tom was NOT my type. I tended to prefer blond, blue-eyed boys, but if he were my type, I would never say no to playing around with him. I knew, however, that he had this sexy girl back home and was constantly letting us know how great she was in bed.

"Thanks," I answered. "I thought about it since we still have a lot to go over for Brandon's project."

"Well, make sure you get things done and do them right," Tom responded. "Biology seems to be your specialty this evening," he continued with a gleam in his eye. "Hope you have your key cause I'm gonna lock the door."

"Yep, I have it, always do," was my reply.

"Far-out! Oh, by the way. It would be a good idea if you guys lock your door tonight if you're gonna stay, Bob," he continued with a wink and a smile.

At this he turned and closed the door behind him. I looked at Brandon with a 'What did he just say? Did you see that look?' look on my face. Brandon just stared back at me with this shit-eating grin on his face. I began to think I was the only one that found all the innuendo that I perceived from Dave and Tom strange.

As my eyes wandered down to Brandon's crotch, I could see he was still "IN NEED" of my attention. His cock never went down at all during the time that Tom was talking. He was now looking very sexy standing there offering himself to me. I knew I couldn't resist his gorgeous eyes batting at me the way he was at that very moment.

I walked over to him and took his hand. "I think that I just made the decision to spend the night, Brandon. I couldn't leave you like this," I said as I groped his hard cock in my other hand. Walking backwards toward the bed, I dragged Brandon. (Just in case you didn't realize, I wasn't

getting much resistance)

I sat on the bed as Brandon stood there. "Just let me do everything now, ok?" I asked.

He didn't have to answer, as I knew he would submit to my every advance and action. He stood there as I pulled down his tight-fitting boxers, lifting each leg as I got them down to his feet. I tossed them over to the other bed, and just looked at the hard, 7" cock that was plastered against his stomach right in front of my eyes.

I leaned forward and with my tongue licked his balls. He moaned a bit, but certainly didn't move away. My tongue rolled each testicle gently and then made its way to the base of his cock. I glided my tongue up the shaft as if it were a popsicle. Up and down the shaft. Lightly at first, then a bit more rough as my blood began to travel to the lower regions of my body.

The head of his cock was so beautiful. I wouldn't say it was a mushroom head but it rose well above the circumcision cut. Oh, it tasted so sweet. I circled this cock-head with my tongue more than I ever had any other boy that I had been with. This wasn't any boy in front of me. This was MY lover! Did I say that, again?

As I had him deep in my throat, the muscles massaging his cock, I placed my hands on his ass. Oh, it was so smooth. I pinched ever so slightly and he jumped. I don't know if it was because of my pinch or the pleasure he was feeling with his cock buried in my mouth. His smell was incredible as I had his pubic hair right at my nose. It was a delight that I will always remember.

I began to lean back on the bed. My feet were flat on the floor as my knees bent to allow me to lay down. I pulled Brandon with me, working his cock in and out, not breaking rhytymn as he straddled me on the way down. He began to thrust his hips to the pace of my sucking and reached back and took my dick out of my shorts. His touch sent shivers up my spine - shivers of

pleasure and lust and love and just plain enjoyment.

As we lay there enjoying each other I couldn't help remember what Tom said as he left. "It would be a good idea if you guys lock your door tonight if you're gonna stay, Bob." It rang through my head and I couldn't shake it. It wasn't a bad idea or anything that I should read anything into, but it began to bother me.

Brandon continued to play with my cock, spitting on his palm to lube it up for more pleasure. He looked down at me sucking him with a very concerned look.

"Ok. What's the matter, hunny?" he questioned. That was the first time that he called me a pet name and I loved it.

"Nothing! Why do you ask?"

"I can see that you have something on your mind. Thought I would be enough to keep your thoughts busy," he quipped.

"Oh, Bran. You are."

"Well, then why the serious look on your face?" he questioned.

"Just thought we should lock the door as Tom suggested," I said with a bit of a raised inflection in my voice to see if he had any concern about it.

"Yep, we can. But are we going to sleep yet?" he asked with a smile on his face.

With that he scooted off of the bed and went to lock the door. Seeing him stroll back from locking the door being led by a cock that was rock hard was funny. I giggled.

" So, you think I'm funny?"

"Oh, not at all. It's just that your hard cock ....."

With that he re-straddled me and presented his cock for my pleasure. Again, I was not going to ask questions or deny him what he was looking for. He thrust it into my mouth and down my throat with so much force, I gagged, for the first time today. He wasn't the biggest guy I had every sucked, but I was not prepared for what he did.

As I was sucking him he was playing with me bringing me to full erection. His saliva lubed up my cock head and the pleasure I was receiving I cannot put into words.

Suddenly, he slid himself back so that my cock was just pressing against his hole. He had lubed it up so fine that the tip just broke into him ever so slightly.


"Shhhhh," he said as he put his finger to my lips.

With that I realized that he had suddently taken control of the evening. He leaned back slowly, leading my cock into him. It felt so erotic. I had fucked a guy before, but this was different. This feeling was much more intense. My emotions weren't lust at all. I had NO desire to plunge my cock deep into him, but to let him guide me in, at his pace.

He let out a few moans as I could tell I was a bit large for him, but they didn't seem to indicate that he wanted to stop what he had started. He slowly guided my cock up into him centimeter by centimeter. It seemed like both and eternity and a fraction of a second until his ass was rubbing my balls and my cock was as deep as it could be in him . The look on Brandon's face was a combination of euphoria and pain. Anyone who has been fucked for the first time could empathize with the total emotions going through both of us at that moment.

I was at his mercy at this moment. My blood was rushing so fast that I could feel my heart leaping from my chest. Here was this gorgeous boy I had really only known now for about 5 hours, riding me and making me feel like a king. He was moving so slowly that I could feel the muscles of his ass grabbing my hard swollen cock with each movement.

"You feel so fantastic inside me," Brandon said. "I have never felt anything so wonderful."

"My love, you make me feel so good too," was all I could respond.

As he maneuvered up and down my cock, my legs began to tighten. The muscles in my stomach ached, as I could feel what was to be the ultimate sensation of the day. I was holding his cock in my hand, keeping the rhythm of his ride with each stroke of my hand. I knew that my load was about to blow, but was trying to hold out as long as humanly possible. His face showed his pleasure ---- mine showed my devotion to this oh so wonderful boy. I adored Brandon,

I now knew that, and I was never going to let him go.

Our breathing became quick, even labored. I felt in my hand the flow of semen before it even hit my face. I could sense the rise of the fluids that were about to burst into him. We both looked at each other, deep into one another's eyes. As we both ejaculated our juices onto and in each other, a sigh came over each of us. It wasn't a loud moan, barely distinguishable to anyone by the man in front of each of us. We knew, at that moment, that a special bond had just occurred that no on could ever take from us.

Brandon was moving so very quickly as my cock exploded. If I had been in the open rather than surrounded by his love canal, I would have hit the ceiling with the force of this eruption that I was experiencing. Brandon shot so much cum on his first spurt that it hit the wall behind the bed, before his second, and third, and fourth spasm hit me on the forehead, nose, and OH HOW

WONDERFUL, my mouth. I was shaking so, but the taste of him engulfed my tongue. The sweet/sour taste was ambrosia to me. To this day I can taste him as I remember this astonishing moment.

We both were spent, as they say, from this experience. He fell toward me as our lips met. He was still surrounding my cock with himself as I began to shrink within him. We kissed for what seemed an eternity. His cock was beginning to shrivel between our stomachs. My mind was focused strictly on Brandon. It was as if, by what we had shared with each other in this split

second of our lives, brought us together as one forever. I couldn't imagine a more wonderful or fulfilling occurrence could ever happen to me again.

"Oh, you sexy thing you," Brandon whispered in my ear. "Bob....... I love you."

"And I love you Brandon," came out of my mouth. I had never said that to anyone except to my parents, and that love, as we all know is nothing like what he and I had just showed toward each other.

He slowly lifted himself up and off of me and rolled to his right side. His left arm remained around my chest as we just lay there holding each other. His left leg was lying between mine and the touch of his thigh on my cock began to give rise to another hard-on for this day. I used every trick I could to not come to full erection but it was to no avail. So much for my tricks!

We lay there so peacefully that we both began to fall asleep. I was kept awak hearing the rhythmic tone of his breathing as he fell into a very somber sleep. I couldn't move. I didn't want to move and disturb him at this moment, as I didn't want it to end. His arm clenched me but I managed to roll onto my left him to face him. My arm, around his back, kept him close to me. I wanted to close my eyes, but watching him sleep was too important to me. I wanted to etch this moment in my mind. "We don't get many moments like this," was the only thing I remember myself thinking.

Finally, my body caught up to my mind and I fell into a deep sleep. I began to dream and the events of this day kept rolling through my mind. I wondered if it was a dream or reality, or what I thought was reality was a dream. I knew better. I feel in love for the first time in my life this day and I wasn't going to let anyone take away from me this euphoria that each of us was lucky enough to have found.

Suddenly, I awoke! I heard a noise coming from the hallway outside the door. It was pitch black in the room and I knew we had been asleep for quite a while. I still was holding Brandon close to me, but I wanted to get up to see what the commotion was from what I thought was my room.

I slowly removed his arm from around me and scooted off the edge of the bed. My eyes adjusted to the dark and I fumbled around the floor for something to put on. I found some shorts and slipped them up over my hips. As I made my way to the door, I stumbled on a pair of shoes and just caught myself before I fell to the floor. As I started to get up, I found a shirt and put it on.

I opened the door and noticed that my room was wide open. I heard some rumbling and I could hear Tom's voice. He sounded very excited about something, so I went to see what was happening.

Standing there hitting each other and hugging were Tom and his older brother Jon. I suddenly remembered that this weekend was Alumni week and Jon had come down from Minneapolis to watch the game and hang with us. From what I had heard, this was the biggest event held at CBS all year long where the alumni come back and parties are held all over campus. In the public schools it would be called Homecoming, but this being an all-boys institution, that

name was replaced. However, in all ways this was exactly that. After the game on Saturday, there was a dinner and a dance. It was supposed to be a great weekend, even if we were a pathetic team.

"Hey there stud," Jon barked. "You been taking care of my little brother here?"

"Hey Jon. Sure have, as much as I can."

"Well, I came down to see you guys whip the crap out of Oskie and then party-hearty," Jon quipped as he came toward me to slug me on the shoulder. I couldn't believe that he hugged me, but he was a very touchy feely guy. We had met after the first game of the season when he was visiting. We had a great time and he paid for a great dinner at the local country club.

"So, where were you?" he questioned.

"Oh, I was across the hall helping a friend with some biology. Has Knop and can't understand what he wants from this semester project."

"Go figure," Jon stated. "Knop has NEVER been easy to follow. Almost flunked me my sophomore year until....."

"Hey Jon, enough of that," Tom jumped in.

"Yea," said Jon. "Enough of school. What about the game? You guys ready?"

"We sure are, Jonny. With Bob here now, our defense is very tough and with a couple of guys comin up this weekend, we should be even tougher," said Tom.

I looked over at Tom, astonished at what he said. "Guys comin up?" I questioned.

"Oh, yea," Dave said sarcastically. "You can REALLY keep a secret, Tom, cant' ya?"

"Ok. Ok, so I fucked up," Tom said. "Bob, that's what coach wanted to see me for. He is gonna bring up Jerry and Brandon because Casey has that pulled groin."

"What? Brandon is going to play against Oskie with us? On Varsity?" I said trying to hide my excitement. I knew that he was the best linebacker on the sophomore squad and had hoped that he would come up to play when I heard about Casey, but didn't think they would do that. Two seniors would be replaced by a couple of sophomores during the last home game of their career.

"Can't tell him yet Bob. Please," pleaded Tom.

"Don't worry, I won't. I know the coach wants to, but it will be hard," I said.

"Yea, like that is the only thing that was hard today," Dave interjected.

I gave him a dirty look, but I didn't know why. He seemed to know more than I wanted him to, but he also seemed cool with what Brandon and I had been sharing.

Tom added, "Thanks. He didn't want to tell me who he was bringing up. Coach asked me who I thought and the first guy I could think of was Brandon. He is a stud that we need," he added with a smile.

Tom didn't have to tell me about Brandon being a stud. I knew that way better than he did. But of course, he meant as a football player, didn't he?

"So, where can I sleep, guys?" Jon asked.

"Hey, Bob," Dave added. "Isn't Keith gone? Can't you stay in Brandon's room since you guys are studying and Jon can crash here in your bed."

"Great idea," Tom added.

"Sure I can. It's gonna be a long night anyway. Jon, take the bed. Just be careful not to wet it tonight," I joked.

Again, he slugged me. I started to turn to leave and Dave came up behind me an put his arm around me.

"Bob, can I talk to you for a minute?"

"Sure, Dave. What's up"

He led me into the hall guiding me around with his arm as if we were dancing and he were leading. He seemed different, suddenly, very serious, which for Dave wasn't a normal trait. He led me to the stairway and out to the 2nd floor balcony.

"Bob, you seem very happy all of a sudden," he began. "Can I ask you a question?" Feeling a little self-conscious I nodded my head yes.

"Are you and Brandon goofin around?" he asked. "Doesn't bother me, but you have to be careful with Jon here," he continued.

I was a bit miffed. This was the first time anyone every accused me of being queer, which of course I was. But this was 1966 and Gay Pride had yet to surface.

"Listen, I have to tell you something, but you can't tell Tom, ok?"

"Like you didn't tell him about Brandon and me?" I said with a very gruff voice.

"Hey, I didn't, believe me. He actually is the one that told me, Bob," he said.

I was very confused. Verrrrrrrry confused!

"What? You are the one that walked in. I didn't seen Tom till he came to ask us to Luigis."

"No, Bob, you didn't. Remember when I told you it was a good idea to lock your door?" he asked.


"Well, Tom walked in on you and Brandon before I came over. He saw you and Brandon in one hell of a 69."

My heart sank. How did he see that? Why didn't I see that? Were Brandon and I so involved that we didn't notice? I remembered that I was facing away from the door, but Brandon had a direct view of the door. He didn't see and not tell me, did he? At that very moment I was very confused, embarrassed, mad, and wondered why he didn't say anything to me.

True, I didn't ask him anything. But why didn't Tom at least make a comment. Was he going to come down on me? No, if he was, he would have already. I was hoping that this didn't ruin anything, but I couldn't help think that a lot had changed today. Not only between Brandon, but between my roommates and me.

"Oh, wow, Dave. I'm a bit embarrassed about this, you know."

"Why? What is to be embarrassed about? You and Brandon were having some fun, that's all," Dave responded.

"Dave, it's a bit more than that for me, I think," I offered as an explanation. "I really care about him, a lot!"

He put his arm around me. "Yes, I could tell. You two make a good couple, but I think I said that already," he laughed.

"Yes, you did, but I didn't know what you meant, except that you were teasing."

"Listen, Bob, I knew you and Brandon would hit it off. He and Keith were roommates last year and Tom and I were in the room next to them. I had a feeling that Brandon was interested in guys, then," he continued. "He didn't come on to anyone, but when they guys would joke about jacking off and blow jobs, he seemed like he was flustered."

"Dave, I don't know what to say, other than what I have."

"Don't say anything. And, don't worry about Tom. He's cool with it. TRUST me," he emphasized. "Now, get back with Brandon and have a good night, but be careful about Jon. He would freak."

"Thanks, Dave. You're a good friend, you know that?" I said with a hope in my voice that he would still be my friend.

"Hey, stud," he grinned. "Let you know a secret. I wish it were me."

"With Brandon, you mean?"

"No. You!" he said. "When you came here, Tom and I felt you were a big-city asshole. But, you proved us wrong, for sure. And, if I were queer, you'd be the one I'd want."

I put my arm around him and gave him a big hung. He did the same and shoved me toward the door.

I walked to Brandon's door and slowly opened it. He was still there, asleep as I left him. He looked so cute lying there on his back totally naked. I was hoping he were dreaming of me because his cock was plastered against his stomach.

I closed the door and waited till my eyes adjusted again to the dark. I slowly walked over to the side of the bed and lay next to him. I put my arm around him and began to let my mind wander. I thought about what Dave had said about wishing it were him. Was he interested in me in a sexual way? I think he was, but he was not my type, at all.

The man next to me provided me with all the late adolescent feelings that I could handle. My life thus far was typical. My sex life, very active. But that was the budding of a sexual being stirring to experiment and enjoy all that there was to a new-found hobby.

But that was then. Now I had a man that I truly cared for who cared for me as well. He was right next to me sleeping like a baby. I couldn't take my eyes off of him. I scanned from head to toe. He was beautiful and all man. I was again getting a desire to wake him up and make love to him again, but I knew that there would be plenty of time for that in the future.

Right now I just thanked my maker for bringing us together that day. What had started out as another school day wound up to be the most wonderful day of my life. I would treasure what Brandon and I had found for many years to come. I hoped that we could move forward with our lives together.

Holding him close I drifted into a sound exalted sleep. My dreams that night, I knew, would be of him and that in itself allowed me to know that life was indeed wonderful.

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