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Mentoring Brandon

by Bob Anders

Chapter 7

The Coming Out!

Warning! This chapter and this story are fictional accounts of love developing between two teenage boys. If that disgusts or distresses you, Go! Leave it for those who enjoy it!! If you are underage, whatever that means where you live, you have to leave, too. Sorry, their rules, not mine or ours.

NOTE TO READER: The following story is a first attempt at anything like this. I hope that it at least is interesting. It is basically a true story, with the names/places changed to protect the guilty. Please let me know what you think and give me any suggestions that you may have. I tend to be long-winded and re-reading this, I am afraid that it may not "get to the point" quickly enough. Any and all feedback will be appreciated as I have a lot of stories to tell, but I want people to read them as well.

The next thing I remembered was Brandon's voice. "No, no, not this. Oh, please. Coach, Coach," he yelled. "Bob's God, he's out! I don't want to loose him! Help him, Coach...Help him!"

Coach Marsh came running onto the field. Along with him was the trainer and luckily, for me, the team doctor. Brandon was kneeling on my left side, holding my head and talking to me. Coach Kistner was keeping most of the team away, but Tom and Dave were on my right side, adding to everything that Brandon was saying. As the trainer came close, he shoved Brandon away from me and began to examine my eyes. He already had his little flashlight on and was checking the pupils.

The doctor walked slowly and Brandon kept encouraging him to hurry.

Coach Marsh knelt on the side opposite Mr. Gallo, the trainer, and began to lift up on my pants in the middle near the stomach to give room for me to breathe. Brandon was now begging with the doctor to hurry. The doctor told him to not worry, that if there was something very wrong, Mr. Gallo would have motioned to him by now.

I was in a state of semi-consciousness by now and could hear the conversation. I could hear Brandon pleading with the doctor, Tom reassuring Brandon that things would be okay, and Mr. Gallo asking me a series of questions.

As my eyes opened, I surveyed everything above me. I could see Dave standing holding his helmet by the face guard in his right hand. He looked concerned. Tom had his arm around Brandon, who was looking into my eyes. I could see the terror in those beautiful blue eyes. His face was drawn and I saw a tear sliding down his cheek. I remember thinking to myself that I wanted to jump up and just hug him and let him know that all was fine, but couldn't sit up. I got scared until I realized that Coach Marsh and Mr. Gallo were the reason I couldn't sit up.

In what was probably a few seconds, but seemed like hours to me, I regained total consciousness. I was answering the typical questions that are asked in a situation like this.

"What's your name?" I remember Mr. Gallo asking.


"What day is today?"

"Thursday, the 23rd." I answered, proud of myself because I already gave him the date.

"Where does it hurt?" Mr. Gallo asked, now trying to zero in on any injury.

I pointed to my left hip, where I was hit on the tackle. I looked up to Brandon and asked, "Did I hold on to the ball?"

I heard laughter from the Coaches and Mr. Gallo. As I watched, I saw a look of relief on Brandon's face. He began to move toward me, his arms open, as if to hug me. Tom put his hand in front of Brandon to stop him. I saw him turn Brandon's head toward him, but couldn't hear what he said. Brandon shook his head yes and retreated.

Mr. Gallo put his hand on my back and helped me to sit up. I was breathing normally now, but my side hurt. He asked me if I wanted to get up and walk to the training room, or if I needed help. I looked at Brandon and said, "I think I can get up, but could use a shoulder."

Coach Marsh motioned to Tom and Brandon. He told them to help me to the training room and at the same time motioned to the rest or the team to move to the middle of the field. Dave asked if he could help, but Coach Kistner told him that two was enough and they had to continue practice.

With the help of Mr. Gallo, Tom and Brandon, I raised to my feet. I was a bit dizzy and my hip hurt, but I really didn't feel all that bad. I know I could have walked to the training room myself, but having Brandon, with his left arm around my back and his right hand holding mine was more than I could deny. Tom, too, had his arm around me from the left and I could feel him patting Brandon as if to assure him that things would be back to normal soon.

Mr. Gallo led us to the training room and where he instructed the two to help me onto the table. I sat on the end of the table on my own power, but Brandon kept his arm around my shoulder. I told the trainer that I was feeling better.

"No, Mister, you just wait right there. The doctor wants to check you out and you aren't leaving until he gives the okay," he stated in that authoritarian voice he always used. "Tom. Brandon. You guys can go. I'm sure that Coach Marsh doesn't want what's left of his stud defense to miss practice."

As Tom turned to leave, he told me to get better quick. "Oskie is too important for you to fake this cause you want to sit out a practice," he said with a smile on his face. He gave me a soft punch on my upper arm and headed out of the door.

As Mr. Gallo left the training room, Brandon pulled me toward him. The tug on me almost made me slip off the table, but I knew I was fine in his arms.

"I thought I lost you," he whispered in my ear.

I looked up at him wanting to hug him and kiss him, but I knew that was dangerous with Mr. Gallo just in the other room. "Oh, you can't get rid of me that easy," I quipped.

Brandon looked deep into my eyes. Without saying a word, his look told me that he loved me. I returned the same non-verbal message. He turned toward me, his back toward the door to the trainer's office, puckered up his lips and blew me a kiss. I smiled at him as he left the training room, watching him start to jog to the field.

Shortly after I saw the door close behind Brandon, the doctor entered the room. He came over, told me to lie on my right side and examined my hip. He poked and prodded the entire area. A couple of times I jumped, not because it hurt, but because of the pressure that he was exerting on my hip.

"I think you just had the wind knocked out of you, Bob," he said. "Nothing seems to be broken or doesn't look like a hip-pointer. We'll take an x-ray to make sure, but I don't think this will keep you out."

I was relieved. This game was too important to me, and to the team, for me to miss it. When I got hit I thought I was out for the season. However, the doctor's words made me feel 100% better.

By this time, Mr. Gallo came into the room. The doctor told him to get me to the hospital for an x-ray and that he'd read it by tomorrow's practice. He told me to make sure that I kept ice on the hip all night. With that, he left.

"Go get dressed, Bob," Mr. Gallo instructed. "We'll leave in 10 and get this over with."

"Sure Coach, will do." I walked to my locker, slowly. It didn't really hurt that much, but I was definitely not up to running to get my clothes on. I had time to shower, so I did, and was putting my shoes on as the team came into the locker room. Coach Marsh came over and gave me a thumbs-up and told me to be ready for the light practice he had planned for tomorrow, prior to the game on Saturday.

Brandon turned the corner as the coach began to leave. He came over and sat next to me.

"Bob, I was worried. I should have blocked Greg, but was just watching you after the pick," he continued. "I'm sorry."

"Knock it off," I said, sternly. "It wasn't your fault and besides, I'm fine. Just a little bruise and I'll be ready to cover your ass on Saturday," I jokingly added.

For the first time since I was knocked out, I saw that smile that always made my loins burn. I could feel what was happening and just smiled back.

"Mr. Gallo is taking me to the hospital for an x-ray to make sure, but I'll be back soon," I said.

"Ok, my love, I'll be waiting."

"I know. Hey, by the way, what did Tom say to you when he stopped you out on the field?" I questioned.

"Oh, that," he answered. "Well, he asked me if I was ready to tell the whole team we were lovers."


"He stopped me from hugging you, Bob. It was a good idea."

"I know, but how did he know that."

"You're not exactly hiding it," I heard from the end of the row of lockers. Standing there was Tom, who I assumed had heard what Brandon had told me. "Bob I know how much you two care for each other and I think it's great. When you get back from the hospital, we'll rap, ok?"

"Good idea," is all I could muster up as an answer.

Just as I did, Mr. Gallo shouted "Let's Go!"

After an hour at the hospital being prepped for the x-rays and having all these nurses poke and prod, Mr. Gallo dropped me off at the dorm. Nothing was found, from what he said, which was a good sign that I would be able to play against Oskie. I thanked him for everything and headed up to my room.

Out of force of habit, I went to the room I shared with Tom and Dave. I opened the door and everyone got up and greeted me, shouting question after question. I looked around, but no Brandon. Almost the entire floor was there, but no Brandon.

"So, Stud," Jon began. "Now you know what I went through every time I caught a pass." He put out his hand to shake mine, but then moved forward and gave me a big bear hug. I managed a thanks, barely able to breath.

I continued to look around and I guess Tom realized what, or should I say who, I was looking for. "Don't worry, he's on the phone with his brother," he offered with a big smile.

We sat and talked for about 10-minutes and everyone was wishing me congratulations that I wasn't hurt badly. You know, sometimes the thought of being injured, and they all were more worried than I was I suppose, since I was unconscious during most of the first few moments.

Everyone had left, except the roomies and Jon, when Brandon walked in. He made a beeline to me, opened his arms and gave me a big hug. I realized that this was the best medicine I could have at this moment, as I am sure he did as well. He didn't kiss me, but made a kissing sound next to my ear. Of course, I realized what he wanted and so did I, but with the others in the room, both of us were being very careful, especially with Jon there.

"Man, am I glad you're okay," Brandon said. "I was worried there for a while, bud."

"Thanks, Brandon, appreciate that," I replied with a smile as I moved back from him. "Ok, Tom, what did I miss while you guys played around while Mr. Gallo had me locked up in there?" changing the subject.

"Not too much," Tom said. "But, I think you, Dave, Brandon and I should go over some things. We can use your room, right Brandon?"

Brandon shook his head yes and headed toward the door. Tom told Jon that he and Dave would be back shortly and the three of us followed Brandon. When we got to the room, I cleared a spot on the bed that Brandon and I were using as a dresser. Tom and Dave both smiled, knowing that meant that Brandon and I were sharing the other bed.

"Ok, so tell me what you said to Brandon," I demanded looking straight at Tom.

"Well, buddy, he was about to show the entire team that you two were lovers, Bob."

"What do you mean, lovers?" I questioned with a bit if indignity.

"Ok, stop now, guy. It is obvious to both Dave and me that you and Brandon have something going here, which is cool," Tom began. "From the first day you two met, I could tell, and so could Dave. And, to be honest, we both were hoping you two would get together."

I was a bit taken aback. What did he mean that they were hoping? Brandon was standing there, as I looked at him, not really reacting to what Tom had just said. I wondered why, but I was too shocked by what I had heard.

"I didn't know about wanting Brandon when we met. How did you?"

"Bob, the look in your eyes was there. And, I knew Brandon was interested when he started to ask all these personal questions about you to me and Dave."

I looked at Brandon and he just shook his head yes. It was apparent to me that the three of them knew more about what Tom was saying than I did. Dave was sitting, rather close, to Tom and his body language was agreeing with everything that Tom was telling me.

"Listen, Bob," Tom continued. "It is fine with us that you and Brandon are interested in each other the way you are, believe us. As long as you are happy, and he is, is all that counts."

All three had this shit-eating grin on their faces. Mine, on the other hand, was one of confusion. I didn't really understand what Tom was saying, except I did like the fact that he and Dave didn't mind me being "queer." But, I thought to myself, I was missing something, I was sure.

"Hell, does this help you understand," Tom said, as he grabbed Dave and planted a big kiss directly on his mouth. They kissed for what seemed like an eternity. Their embrace was genuine. My mouth, from what Brandon later told me, was hanging wide-open in amazement.

Like a ton of bricks, it hit me. I know that I am a bit slow at times, but this was more than I could grasp at that moment. Here, sitting across from me were two guys that I had roomed with for over 2 months, kissing. I was queer, but, if there were such a word back then as gaydar, mine had surely not been working. I had no indication all this time that Dave and Tom were, well, were like me.

As I was watching them, mesmerized, Brandon got up off the bed and came over to me. He put his arms around me, his mouth on mine, and we kissed. I guess I was still a bit taken aback, because he rose up and with a little indignation said, "That was a kiss?"

"I'm sorry love, but I'm a little surprised at all this," I vocalized for all to hear. "I had no idea!"

By now, Tom and Dave had separated. They both smiled at me as they were holding hands. Dave was the first to speak.

"I tried to tell you the other night, Bob, that Tom and I knew that you two were getting together. We, to be honest, knew about Brandon's interest in you for a long time. He had asked us what we thought. You see, he knew about Tom and me."

"Where have I been all this time, then?" I asked. "I never would have guessed. It's groovy that you two are, well, like me, well us. But, I didn't know."

Tom took this opportunity to explain it all to me. As he was telling the story, Brandon was sitting next to me, holding my hand and squeezing my thigh. I knew what he wanted, but now wasn't the time for that. Or, was it?

Tom told me how he and Dave first got together last year. They had been roommates during their freshman year and really liked each other. Tom had a girlfriend in town at that time. As sophomores, they were allowed to date as long as they made curfew.

It became a ritual that Tom would jack-off every time he got back from a date. It first started one night as Tom, lying under his covers was masturbating thinking that Dave was asleep. Dave had looked over and, without saying a word, joined him. As Tom looked over and saw Dave replicating his motions, he threw back the covers, exposing his hard cock to his roommate. Dave did the same and they both, almost immediately, came with great force. Both were a bit embarrassed after it happened, but Dave decided it was time to tell Tom about himself.

It turned out that Dave, since they first met, liked Tom more than just as a roommate. Dave knew he was attracted to guys, and Tom was the one that made him realize it wasn't just a phase he was going through. He admitted to Tom that he had jacked-off many times as Tom slept, just looking at him laying on top of his covers, his cock outlined in his shorts, wondering what it would be like to have it in his hand, but more than that, in his mouth.

As Tom continued the story, Brandon's hand was now on my cock, massaging it as began to rise. I really wanted to stop Brandon, not really, but felt a little self-conscious. I noticed that Dave was doing the same to Tom, so I just let it happen.

Tom continued to tell me how he and Dave grew from jack-off buddies to what he called boyfriends. He related how he felt closer to Dave than anybody else. They had grown from roommates to emotional and sexual partners.

He also said that Brandon was well aware of this at the end of the previous school year, having walked in on Tom and Dave one evening late last spring. They had talked about their mutual sexual interests, although nothing ever happened between the three of them.

He told me that when I came and was assigned as the third in their room, Tom and Dave were very upset, not knowing if they could be themselves with me there. He also said that Brandon had talked to him many times about me. It was at this point that Tom realized that he was interested in me more than as a football or wrestling teammate. So, when he walked into Brandon's room the other day, he continued, he wasn't all that surprised at what he saw.

"So, you understand now," he sad as he completed his story.

"Yes, Tom, I do, but to be honest," I continued, "I really am surprised, pleasantly, but surprised. So, now, what do we do about all this?"

"Well, when Brandon told us that he wanted to ask you to be his roommate, Tom and I told him to go for it. We had a feeling you'd say yes and that is why I told you that it was a good decision," Dave added.

"Thanks, guys," I said as I got up and hugged them both. "Thanks for telling me about the two of you. It makes me know that I'm not all that unusual, or should I say makes me know that WE are not that unusual," I continued as I hugged Brandon and gave him a big kiss.

With that, we all began to hug. And, each and every one of us was in a highly excited state. I could feel Tom's big cock against mine as we pulled each other close. And, for the first time, I kissed both Dave and Tom, as did Brandon. Both Brandon and Dave were hard as rocks themselves.

A thought rushed through my mind knowing that all four of us were hard and undoubtedly wanted to have sex. At home, I had enjoyed sex with three of my friends where each of us played with each other and got off in a mutual circle jerk. I didn't know, however, the reaction that Brandon or my roommates would have to that type of suggestion.

We then moved to our own significant other. Brandon placed his arms around me and kept me close. He knew that my hip hurt and was very careful not to press to hard on that area as he hugged me. His tongue glided across my lips and made its way into my mouth. We kissed deep and hard for a very long time. I could see, over Brandon's shoulder, Tom and Dave in the same embrace.

As we all broke from each other, I began to giggle. "Ok, guys, I just realized that Brandon and I have had the chance to be together the past two days, but you two have had your brother living with you, Tom. So, I have an idea here."

Brandon stepped back from me, not knowing what I was about to say. Dave and Tom, looked intensely at me for the next words that I would utter.

"Brandon and I have some studying to do. Should take us a good hour or more. Maybe you two could 'room-sit' while we hit the library," I stated with a smile and grin on my face. It was no surprise that Brandon, too, had a grin a mile wide.

Tom and Dave didn't say no, for sure. They realized that I knew they needed time to be alone, with the phobic brother that was staying with them in their room. They both said that they would appreciate the time, as Brandon and I didn't give them much choice as we already had our things and were heading out of the door. I told them we'd be back by 8:00 (it was 6:30 as we left) and to have some fun.

Brandon and I decided to skip the library, as neither of us was much in the mood for studying. Actually, we both would rather have stayed and made love, but knew that this was the right thing to do. Instead, we began to walk around campus and headed toward the park.

It was a gorgeous fall evening in the state of Iowa. Being October, the leaves were beginning to turn colors and it was very serene in the park. As we went to the park, it was as if any other two students were walking the streets. We were next to each other just talking about what just had transpired. As we entered the park, I slid my hand into Brandon's. He didn't hesitate to grab hold and gave a little squeeze. Neither of us felt weird holding each other's hand as we strolled through the park.

It was dusk as we made our way toward the pond area. Once we got there, Brandon began to lead us to a very secluded spot. I had been to the park, but never really cared much to explore. It was apparent that Brandon knew exactly where he was going, and I certainly wasn't going to argue.

Brandon, still holding my hand, nudged over in front of me and we were walking very close to the edge of the pond. In a single file, we both tried not to get our feet wet while staying on the highest ground possible. Soon, we arrived at a clearing, totally surrounded by trees on three sides overlooking the pond. He stopped, turned toward me, put his arms around me and kissed me.

I turned to look over the pond. The moon was shining over the far shore and was providing a very romantic moment. I sat down, taking Brandon's hand and leading him to sit next to me. I turned slightly toward him, put my arms around him and drew his mouth toward mine.

My arm went around his back as I led him to the ground. We continued to kiss as I slowly began to unbutton his shirt. As the last button was undone, my hand began to explore his chest. I found his left nipple and gave a slight squeeze. I could tell he was surprised as he bit my tongue. It hurt, but was a pleasant feeling. His hands were rubbing my back with great force.

The passion that was being traded between us was a most enjoyable experience. My hand found his belt and started to unbuckle it. Although I was being very clumsy in this endeavor, I did succeed. All this time, we were locked in a very deep, romantic kiss.

The snap on his jeans was my next focus. It came undone easily and I moved to the zipper tab. It was plastered in the down position, and wasn't easy to lift because of the hard flesh which was pushing up on it with great force. I finally was able to lift it slightly and suddenly it sprung up to the upright position. I giggled realizing that I, too, had sprung up in the past few moments.

I lowered the zipper, maintaining contact with the hard cock that it was holding into place. Slowly, my hand moved down the shaft to the end of the zipper that held his balls into his clothing. When I finished, my hand moved up to the flap of his underwear. I placed my first two fingers into the flap to move the top portion aside so that I could release the object of my intentions.

All this time, Brandon was rubbing my back. His left hand had found its way down the back of my jeans and he was massaging my ass cheeks. His finger found my manhole and he was massaging this area with vigor. His tongue was still fencing with mine, making both of us very excited.

At last, I was able to get his dick out of the opening in his underwear. I began moving my hand up and down the smooth 7" shaft, stopping now and then at the head to roll it in my fingers. I moved down, again placing my hand IN his underwear. I found his balls and enveloped them. It was so warm there. He opened his legs so that I could get a better 'grip' and manipulate them. All this time, we were still locked in a very deep French kiss.

I lifted myself up, slightly, forcing Brandon's hand from out of my jeans. I released the grip I had on his mouth and moved down toward his manhood. When I arrived, I licked up and down the shaft as if I were working on a Popsicle on a hot summers day, not wanting it to melt before I could savor every drop.

His hand began to move toward my cock, but I took it and held it to his side. I wanted to please my man, totally and completely. I wanted him to lay back on the grass, gaze at the moon and let me make him feel better than he has ever felt before. And, with just that one motion, Brandon understood my intentions.

I continued to savor the hard flesh that was in my mouth. My tongue worked over every inch of his cock, flicking, licking, and rolling it in every conceivable way known to man. The aroma of his manhood made me dizzy. You know, that dizziness that comes with total and complete euphoria.

Brandon was so relaxed. I could feel the muscles in his stomach relax and I knew that I was making headway (excuse the pun). His breathing was steady as I worked up and down the shaft. My hand cupping his balls ever so lightly. Every once in a while, I would leave his cock and take each testicle into my mouth, roll it, and suck on it as I stroked him.

I knew what I wanted this evening and I wasn't going to be denied. As I kept him hard with my mouth, I turned so that my feet were up at his head. I began to undue my belt and slide out of my pants. Since I was wearing no underwear, my cock presented itself rather quickly to my love. He turned his head and took me into his mouth.

We sucked each other as a child suckles on his mother's breast. We both wanted each drop of the liquid that we were producing, not wanting to eject anymore than necessary until the time was right. We were both entangled onto each other's body being clung together due to the heat and sweat that each was exuding.

As I mentioned, I knew what I wanted this particular night. With everything that had happened during this past day, I wanted Brandon to know that I was his. That I wanted, for all time, to be part of him and he, part of me. I pulled my cock out of his mouth by moving backwards away from him. Instinctively, he began to follow, but I slid back out of his range. Keeping his member in my mouth, I turned till we made a straight line, from his head to my toes.

Although I believe that Brandon was upset I removed myself from him, he lay absolutely still, well, except for the thrusting action of his hips, trying to push his hard cock even deeper in my throat that I was taking it myself. I could feel that it wouldn't be long until he would release all his cum in my mouth. I slid my hands up his sides as I brought my legs to a straddling position over him, still maintaining contact with his cock.

As I moved up more around his legs, I had to release him, but that was my intention from the beginning. As I sat up, I saw this raging hard penis moving up and down from him still pumping his hips. It was so beautiful and was attached to the man that I truly loved. It was at this point that Brandon knew where this evening was leading. He smiled as I scooted up more so that I was sitting direcly above this monolith of pleasure, my cock stuck to my chest inching closer and closer to his chin.

As I positioned myself, my right arm moved around and grabbed his cock to make sure that it his its mark. I lifted myself up, slightly to make sure that the red bulb of his dick was rubbing my manhole. I was on my knees and slowly lowering myself onto him. As if we had done this many times before, he slowly raised his hips to apply the pressure necessary to slid the head of his cock into my hole --- slowly but firmly.

Brandon didn't know this, but, like him, I had never been fucked before. I had never wanted any boy IN me as much as I wanted him now. This was an act of love that I wanted us to share.with the boy I loved, not just any guy. This wasn't going to be sex. This was going to be the ultimate sacrifice a person can make for another. I wanted to give myself to Brandon to show him just how much I truly loved him.

I slowly lowered myself on him. Brandon didn't move, didn't thrust. He knew, I believe, that I wanted to control our love-making. He had my dick in his hand now, slowly stroking it as I finally had all of his 7" in me. I sat there a moment, getting used to the feeling. It was odd and I wanted to jump off of him and take a piss, but at the same time, I knew that it was what I wanted. I also could tell that Brandon wasn't adverse to what was happening.

I moved up and down over his gorgeous instrument of love. I rode him making sure that he hit every inch of the inside of my body that he could reach. The massage that he was offering my prostate (of course at the time I had no idea what that was) was driving me wild. Both of us were breathing very heavy. As my head went back, at times, because of the fantastic feeling he was inside me, I could see the moon shining on his face.

For what seemed like hours, but in actuality was only minutes, we were one. We were part of each other like no other two humans can be, except in this situation. It was the most wonderful experience of my life. I thought that having me inside Brandon was the height of our sexual life, thus far, but this far outweighed that experience for me.

Suddenly I felt Brandon tighten. I knew it was time and I savored what was about to happen. For me, too, I knew it was a matter of a few strokes of his hand before I erupted all over his chest. Our motions became quicker. I began to move up and down the shaft of his cock at lightening speed. His hand began to move quicker over my dick as well.

I don't know really HOW to explain what happened next. It goes beyond words. I could feel the warmth of something in me. Knowing what it was I released all that was being produced by my balls all over Brandon. From what I could see, and I wasn't exactly focusing on his face at that particular moment, he tried to lap up the cum that I was drenching him with. For me, on the other hand, it was a matter of containing what he was releasing in me. Oh, how I loved this man for presenting his seed to me. I wanted to keep it within me, to relish the fact that I had taken him as we were coupled together.

I know it only lasted about 15 seconds, but feeling him spurting into me and me trying to clutch it with the muscles of my own body was a sensation that I don't' think I have ever had since. Oh, yes, we made love many times after that, but this was the first. The first time is always the most memorable, and for me that is very true. Brandon, that night, presented to me his love as I did to him.

I collapsed on Brandon and we kissed a deep, loving kiss. I kept him inside me as long as he could stay hard enough to maintain contact. It was a lot longer than I imagined it would be, as this boy definitely didn't want to leave the confines of my ass. It was then I knew how much that this had meant to him. Of course, he didn't release his grip on my cock, either, as both it and his hand were caught between our bodies.

We lay there for a few seconds and then I rolled off of him. We both lay there on our backs, looking up at the moon. The contentment we both felt was evident. I turned and placed my arm over his chest and drew him close. For about 10 minutes we stayed in this position, just enjoying the closeness we were sharing.

"I love you," I said, breaking the silence.

"I know, Bob and I love you."

"You know, it's almost 8 and I think we have to get back to the room and see what Tom and Dave are up to," I said as I smiled and laughed a bit.

"Yep. I'm sure that they enjoyed our bed," he said. OUR BED, I thought. What a nice sound that was.

We both stood up and began to put on our clothes. I dressed Brandon and he dressed me. We were really taking this to the pinnacle of a relationship by doing that, but it seemed very natural. When we were done, Brandon led the way back to the main part of the park the same way he led us there. He took my hand and we never released them till we got out to the main part of campus. Why we did then, I don't know, but we both let go at the same time. I guess we still weren't ready to announce our relationship to the entire school.

As we walked, I could still feel the warmth of Brandon's cum inside me. It was a real turn on and I was getting hard, again. Of course, at 16, that isn't too unusual. As we were walking, our hands brushed against the front of my pants and Brandon felt what was happening. He smiled and put our hands on his crotch. Not so amazingly, he too was getting hard again. So, of course, I smiled at him.

As we entered the hallway near our room, we notice Tom and Dave walking back from the showers. "Hey guys!" I yelled.

Both turned at the same time, still holding onto the towel that was covering each. They waved and began walking towards us.

"Thanks," is all I heard Tom say.

"Our pleasure, guys. Hope everything was as good as it was with us," Brandon answered.

The smile that both of they exhibited made us both know that it had been. Dave was like a kid seeing Santa Claus. If he had smiled any harder, I don't think that there was enough space on his face.

Both couples headed for their rooms. Tom and Dave turned right into ours, oops, I mean theirs and Brandon and I left into ours. The doors shut and we were again alone in our room. The bed was a mess and we looked at each other and laughed. It was nice to think that there were others that shared our feelings in life.

We grabbed our towels and headed to the showers. I could still feel part of Brandon in me, and his stomach was so sticky, you could feel the cum. We definitely needed a shower.

It was close to 10:00 now and time for bed. I know that both of us were exhausted, but we did play with each other for a while, not bringing ourselves to climax, but definitely enjoying each others body before falling asleep in each other's arms.

I remember dreaming about what had happened all day. I was hurt, my roommates came out to me as to their love for each other and I had my first experience with a man inside me. It was a very interesting day. I knew that the days to follow could never measure up to what this day had brought to my life.

There was a knock at the door. Not just a knock, but a banging that startled both Brandon and I out of a very deep sleep. We both jerked up in bed and looked at each other!!

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