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Mentoring Brandon

by Bob Anders

Chapter 9

The Game is Over

Warning! This chapter and this story are fictional accounts of love developing between two teenage boys. If that disgusts or distresses you, Go! Leave it for those who enjoy it!! If you are underage, whatever that means where you live, you have to leave, too. Sorry, their rules, not mine or ours.

NOTE TO READER: The following story is a first attempt at anything like this. I hope that it at least is interesting. It is basically a true story, with the names/places changed to protect the guilty. Please let me know what you think and give me any suggestions that you may have. I tend to be long-winded and re-reading this, I am afraid that it may not "get to the point" quickly enough. Any and all feedback will be appreciated as I have a lot of stories to tell, but I want people to read them as well.

I slept well that night. I really needed it too, since the game was going to be very grueling and was very important to all of us. As the biggest game at CBS any year, this year would be crucial to all of us. We weren't a very good team, and beating Oskie would make our season, we all knew that. I knew we had a very good chance after watching the films. We actually had a couple of secret weapons in Jerry and Brandon. Oskie didn't know that we had these guys since they hadn't played on Varsity at all previously.

As I woke, there was Brandon all curled up next to me. In the fetal position, his ass was close to me and my morning hard-on, I was sure, was poking him rather abruptly. I didn't mind that at all as I was sure he didn't. I leaned over and kissed him gently on his cheek. I saw his eyes open and his head moved slowly toward me on his pillow. He smiled, began to stretch and grabbed me closer to him. You hear so much about morning breath, but his and mine combined was actually very sweet and comforting to both of us.

We sat up for a second and looked at each other, our arms around each other holding each other close. We both knew that this morning the routine that we had practiced the three morning's prior would not be repeated. With the game, there was too much at stake, but I know that we both knew, regardless of the games results, that that evening would be very passionate and fulfilling. After all! It was Saturday.

We both showered and got dressed. The pre-meal (yea, even in high school we had those) was the first that Brandon had and I had to stop him from eating EVERYTHING. If I hadn't, I knew he would get pretty sick during the game and that we didn't need. We needed him totally and completely to help win this game. Of course, I had him totally and completely, but that was in a different arena.

After breakfast, the team headed for the locker room and our pre-game chalk talk. As Coach Bazarak, our head coach began, he was very low key. I had been in a few of these pre-talks and knew that was only a beginning. Soon, he'd be firing up the entire team with some very vivid language and some great emotion. He had been a pro-center for the Steelers during the first year of the NFL. He was very passionate about football and could really get things going.

As he began to talk about pride in our school, he opened the room and in walked a number of former CBS players from. There was Jon up there looking very focused listening to Coach B. I couldn't help keep my eyes off of Jon, as I was remembering the dream I had. Actually, I was looking right at his crotch and I could see he was getting more than focused on the coaches pep-talk. He was hard as a rock and I would have loved to have seen him fully nude with that hard cock I perceived.

Coach Bazarak introduced the former player who all had a few words to say about the rivalry with Oskie. When it was Jon's turn, I looked at Brandon. I could see that he, too, had his vision affixed on Jon's cock rather than his face. I elbowed him and he turned and smiled at me.

"Wouldn't you love to see that on our bed," Brandon whispered to me.

I looked in shock at him. He could tell that I was a bit confused and again smiled. He came closer to my ear and continued.

"Hey, I saw you looking at that hard cock. It would be great to have it bewteen us, wouldn't it?"

"What?" I said, probably louder than I should have. With that, Jon restated louder his passion to beat the shit out of Oskie. Fortunately, I yelled at an appropriate time.

"I saw you looking at that thing," Brandon continued. "And, I agree, it looks huge and I think that it would be hot to share someone with us."

I moved closer to him this time and said, "Well, let's talk about that, later."

H nodded his head in agreement and we went back listening to Jon and then the rest of the alumni give their pitch to play well. All of this hype was to motivate us, but the team was already motivated enough because we wanted a big win before the end of the season. Plus, Oskie was our main rival which we all knew and Brandon and Jerry were our 'secret weapon' today.

As in all pep talks, it ended with the entire room yelling and screaming. We were all ready to move forward, and take what was ours to take that day. The team left the room and headed toward our lockers. You could hear a pin drop, it was so quiet.

Brandon and I went about our business getting dressed. We didn't say a word, but by this time in our relationship, we didn't' have to. We each knew each other very well and actually could read each other's mind. Tom and Dave also were in the locker area that we were and all four of us were ready to go and give it our best. And, we all knew that if we did, we could beat this team.

After pre-game warm-ups, we all again went into the prep room for a final word from our coaches. Coach Kistner told the team that this was the best defensive unit we have had all year and reminded us of many of the formations and tricks that we needed to concentrate on executing. Coach Marsh, as the head defensive coach I guess you'd say, added his two cents and we were all ready to get this thing started.

The band was playing, the fans were routing, and it was time for kick-off. The game was ready to begin. It was a very exciting atmosphere. All the former players were on the sidelines and the rest of the alumni were in the stands. This was always the largest attended game at our school. The stands this time were actually full.

Oskie had the ball first, and that is the way we wanted it to happen. Our defense was the best part of our team and right now was the best it had been all year. Our kick-off team stopped Oskie on the 35 and it was our turn to take the field. Tom led us out to the field, we huddled and for us, the game started in earnest.

The call --- 53 slant right -- allowed Brandon and I to show our skills to our fans. I would have loved to have shown our REAL skills, but again, that was a different arena. The ball was snapped, Brandon shot over the tackle and stopped made a hit you could hear all over the open-air stadium. His first varsity play resulted in his first solo tackle of the day. He stopped the ball carrier for a 5- yard lose and that proved to be the telling tale of the day.

We stopped Oskie on the first series and that allowed our offense to take over. Like normal, it was three-and-out for them and we were once again back on the field. It had been very fortunate for us the entire year that our special teams and defense played well. Without that, we would have lost by wider margins than we had.

It was the beginning of the second quarter when it happened. Our offense had fumbled on our 35 yard line and our defense was dead tired, but had to hold Oskie or go down 7-0. On the first play, they went around left end and Tom stopped them for a 5 yard gain. The second play from scrimmage was a pass. On the 53-Roger, Brandon was responsible in rushing the QB and I had mid-zone coverage. I could see it was a slant and knew it was a quickie, but the rush provided time. Brandon got into the backfield and had the QB by the jersey as he let go of the ball. It fell incomplete, just in front of the tight end who I was covering. Oh, how I loved having Brandon on the team. He provided covered my ass on that one.

Now, it was 3rd down and 5. Coach Kistner relayed the call to Tom. It was a 53 Louie, which meant it was a true passing defense. Tom, Dave and Jerry were responsible for any possible run, but slanted so as to put pressure on the quarterback. Brandon and I looked at each other and smiled.

"Ok, Bob, get it. I think it's time for us to score," Brandon announced.

With that a roar went up in the huddle and we all joined hands. We yelled, YEP, and broke. It was a great feeling being a team and it was a result of Brandon's enthusiasm.

Oskie came up to the ball. Tom yelled switch and the ball was hiked. The quarterback went back to pass. Jerry and Tom, realizing that it was a pass, took the inside route and had the QB on the run. The tight end was running a slant route again and I wasn't about to let him beat me again. I cut off his route and he had to go around me to get to his receiving zone. Just as Tom grabbed the quarterback, he released the ball. Like in slow motion, I saw the ball heading my way. Just to my left was Brandon. I quickly looked at him and saw, in his eyes what was needed. The tight end had his hands up and ready for the reception. I knew I would have to hit him immediately after he caught the ball, or they would have a first down.

As if we had played for years, what happened next was a work of art. Brandon, realizing the situation, had the tight end cut off. The ball meant for him was suddenly in my hands. I was in full stride by this time and heading toward the far sideline. Brandon, by this time had already cut off the end and was turning to the same sideline. I screamed 'BALL' which was the signal for interception and you could see the reverse field that my teammates were taking.

Directly ahead of me, Dave threw a hellacious block that opened a lane toward the sideline. I could see Brandon, who was much quicker than I was, had gotten in front of me. He was leading the way for me, which was of course appropriate. On my left, Tom layed out the half-back who had one hand on me just in time to get me free. Brandon, popped me free of the full-back and then I could see an open area.

Here I was, heading toward the end-zone down the far side-line. Oskie players running along with me off field, encouraging their teammates on the field. Brandon ahead of me toward the middle of the field had only one more block to make to spring me.

Suddenly, by his gait, I could tell he was hurting. It looked like a pulled muscle, but he wasn't going to let him stop him. I had to either get out of bounds, veer right and try to avoid the tackle, or see Brandon get hurt. I didn't want that so I began to take an inside route toward the middle of the field. The Oskie player made a cut, but Brandon was too quick for him. I saw Bran leave his feet and hit the one lone defender between me and the end zone He went down like a ton of bricks. I couldn't believe my eyes.

As I entered the end-zone, it was pandemonium, not only on the field, but in the stands. We had JUST taken a 6-0 lead and it was because of our defense working together. I was mobbed by my teammates. As I looked around, however, I didn't see my lover. I kept surveying the field for him and my eyes found him still lying on the 15 yard line holding his upper thigh.

I started heading toward my boyfriend, a bit concerned about how he was. Tom, Dave, Jerry and the rest of the guys saw where I was going and were on my heels. By the time I got there, Coach Gallo was there kneeling over Brandon. Coach Kistner was running out and stopped us all, except me for some reason which I was a bit curious about -- not then, but afterwards as I thought back.

Brandon was conscious holding his upper right leg. Coach Gallo was massaging it as Coach Kistner was talking with him. I looked down and caught Brandon's eye.

"So did you score, slowpoke?" he muttered.

"Yep, I sure did stud," I answered. The smile on his face was enough to tell me that he was proud.

Coach Gallo raised Brandon to his feet and was helping him off the field. As he got closer to the sideline, I noticed him walking not only on his own, but without a limp. I was relieved that it was nothing more than a cramp, from what we learned later. As I got to the sideline, he opened his arm and hugged me.

In my ear he whispered, "Lover, that was great. We got 'em now!"

"Thanks honey, I needed that. I'm just glad you are ok," I answered.

Well, we went into halftime with a 7-0 lead which was the first lead we had all year. The coaches did there motivational thing and left us to talk among ourselves. This was a tradition during the Oskie game that the team meet during halftime without the coaches. It was Tom and Kyle's job as captains to provide the desire to win the game.

Tom started out by talking about pride. He talked about his brother and the feeling he always talked about when beating Oskie. Kyle agreed with him, since his brother, too, was a former CBS fullback. They did a great job and the team was fired up. Then, Tom looked at me for some encouragement. I added a few things about the "big city" and then we headed for the field.

The third quarter was pretty uneventful. We received the kickoff and as usual our offense went 3 and out. Our defense was awesome. Jerry was holding the line well as Tom was controlling the middle. Brandon was playing his heart out, making 5 solo tackles, 4 of which were for loses in the backfield.

The fourth quarter began, however, to wear us down. Our defense had been on the field the majority of the game since our offense was so impotent. I could see the guys dragging, as was I. With 4 minutes left in the game, us still winning by 7, Tom called a time out.

He was trying to fire us up, but was having a difficult time talking. As a player, there was no comparison to Tom. However, as a leader, he left a bit to be desired. Not that he couldn't, but it just wasn't his personality. He looked at me and I took the hint.

"Okay, guys, we have to stop them here. Now! Get the damn ball and stop this drive of theirs. We can't stop now. I know we're all tired, but damn it, we need this game. We are a team and the 11 of us have done what we knew we could today. Let's not stop NOW! Let's not let CBS down. But, most important, let's not let ourselves down either. We can win, but it is now we have to reach down and do it," I finished just before the referee came and broke up our huddle.

The next play Tom buried the fullback on a straight dive. It was 4th down and they weren't going to punt. Their offense came out in a shotgun formation. For that era, that wasn't very common and we had never faced a team that used it. Back home I had played against a couple of teams that used it and started yelling to Brandon and Tom to change the defense. This wasn't my role, but I could see what was coming. This wasn't going to be a pass. It was a decoy, especially the way the fullback was lined up.

I slapped Tom on the right ass cheek, which indicated that he go to the right gap and that I'd worry about anything left. I pointed to Brandon to slide behind me and go to the right gap just beyond Tom.

The play began. The QB flip passed the ball to the fullback almost immediately and he began to try to blast off the tail of the left guard. Brandon was there. He slide right some and there was Tom. He stutter stepped left and then back right and there I was, arms open and helmet pointed right to the ball. I hit him hard, the ball popped out and took a bounce right into Brandon's hands. He was in full stride at the time and took off down the field. There was only the quarterback between him and the goal line

Tom, by this time was back on his feet. Brandon headed right away from his only defender. Tom was yelling that he was there and Brandon planted his right foot and pivoted to his left. As he took his stutter step it allowed Tom to get next to him. The stutter also halted the quarterback in his tracks, slowing him down.

Coming up behind both of them was the halfback. I saw that out of the corner of my eye and was making a bee-line in that direction. Brandon was now half-speed heading into the middle of the field. Tom got between him and the QB and cut him off, making him a non-threat. Now I had to be sure that I got to the half-back, since Brandon had to slow down to allow Tom to do his thing.

I moved into position between Brandon and his adversary. I dove, making sure my head was in front of this stud bearing down on Brandon so as not to clip. I landed my helmet on his left hip, knocking him off stride. We both tumbled to the ground and I turned my head to the left. I saw Brandon shift gears and knew he was off to the races. Here was the man I loved, running at a speed that no one could catch him toward the goal line. My heart was aflutter for him and for CBS.

The whistle blew. The umpires arms raised vertically above his head. I heard the roar of the crowd and immediately jumped up and headed down the field. By the time I got there, the entire squad was surrounding Brandon with congratulations. I could barely get into the crowd, but managed, somehow to get right next to him and throw my arms around him.

The entire place was going crazy. With 3 minutes left in the game we took a 14 point lead. Thanks to my lover, we had some breathing room. Tom came over to me and gave me a hug. "Nice hit stud!" he giggled in my ear. "Now I know why Brandon is always smiling!"

I smiled and returned the hug. Pats on the ass were being traded by all involved. I patted Tom and he did me, but he squeezed, too. I wondered what he was thinking, but from the looks of things, it was just the game. At least at that point!

We kicked off to Oskie and stopped them on the 33 yard line. It was up to us again to hold them for the next series and give our offense a chance to run their normal 3 plays. As luck would have it, another fumble was recovered by our safety after a big hit by Dave. The offense ran onto the field and took over. Oskie had 2 time-outs left and used them after the first two plays which had only gained a total of -2 yards.

It was not 3rd down and 12. The ball was on the Oskie 48 with 1 minute and 45 seconds left in the game. We couldn't run the clock out so we all knew we were headed back onto the field. Kyle was given the ball and picked up 10 yards to make it 4th and 2 with one minute 20 seconds left. Coach Bazarak told the offense to let the clock run and take the penalty, which they did.

With the punting team on the field, after the 5 yard penalty, there were 50 seconds left to play. The center snapped the ball and Keith went to punt it but his left foot came out from underneath him. He dropped the ball and fell flat on his back. Oskie picked up the ball and ran it for a touchdown.

Tom was swearing up a storm. Dave and Jerry were kicking the grass and jumping wildly. The entire event only took 12 seconds which left :38 on the clock. We knew that Oskie would go for the 2 point conversion and headed onto the field to put and end to their hopes.

On the snap of the ball, the fullback headed around the left end. I was bearing down on him when my legs were taken out from under me. I saw Brandon and Tom close in pursuit. I heard the crunch of pads and looked up. Oskie had scored. It was not 14-8 with 32 seconds left to play.

The kickoff was obviously going to be an on-side kick. Our best offensive players were on the 35 ready to receive. The kicker approached the ball. He used the side of his foot and dribbled the ball toward the right. A pile-up around the ball ensued. It was 18 deep and took a while to unravel, but Oskie had recovered at our 40 yard line. If they scored it would tie the game and the extra point would give us, yet, another loss.

The clock showed :24 seconds. We got into the huddle determined NOT to let the game slip from us. The first pass play was completed to the 26 yard line. In High School, the clock stops on 1st downs and Oskie was up and ready to go immediately.

With :18 seconds left, the next snap was made. It was a pass play. Tom was after the quarterback chasing him around the backfield. The zone coverage we had called had provided quiet a challenge. The clock was running down and there wasn't a receiver uncovered. Brandon was on the tight end like a glove and I had the split end covered very tightly. The Oskie QB threw the ball incomplete, but only :05 seconds remained on the clock.

In our defensive huddle we all confirmed our desire to end the game with a win. We knew the job that we had to do on this last play and were determined to make sure that we did it to the best of our abilities. A win today would make our season a success, if not our record.

The Oskie offense came up to the ball. The quarterback started barking signals. The ball was snapped. He dropped back. I saw the ball in the air. It was coming straight at me. I jumped, but I was a fraction of an inch away from getting my hands on it. My mind was already cursing me for being too short.

I heard the siren sound indicating the end of the game. I was praying to myself that I hadn't blown the contest for us. I heard a roar -- an outburst -- from the stands. As I lay on the ground I turned to see that Brandon had intercepted the ball and was heading down the field. I couldn't believe it.

As I watched, I could see his speed out-running every Oskie player. As he bounded into the end-zone, making it 20 - 8, I found myself, again, jumping to my feet. Here was a sophomore playing his first varsity football game that single-handedly had taken our team to victory. I was very proud to consider him a friend, not to mention the other aspect of our relationship.

We couldn't have had a better day. The alumni was going crazy. The local fans were enjoying a well-fought game and victory. And us, the team, were all contented that we had provided this victory.

In the locker room, the coaches were extremely complimentary to the entire team. However, the one person who was given the game ball deserved it more than any other had all season. Of course, it was Brandon. As he took it from Coach Basarak, he asked if he could say something. Naturally, the coach agreed.

"I just want to say that this was a team effort. If it wasn't for Bob and the first touchdown, we may not have had the balls to play like we did. If it wasn't for the hit he made, I wouldn't have gotten the fumble. If it wasn't for the deflection that Bob got on the last play, I wouldn't have been fortunate enough to score again. So, guys, I want to share this with the guy that means more to me than anyone, today. Bob!"

A loud cheer went up. The nodding of the coaches heads made me realize that they concurred with what he had said. Tom and Dave had a grin on their faces knowing the double meaning that all of Brandon's words inferred.

Coach Kistner waved me up to the front of the room. I got up and made my way toward Brandon. He was holding out the ball for me. I got there and he threw his arms around me. To my surprise, he kissed my cheek as he said, "I love you," quietly in my ear. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Dave and Tom looking at each other with very loving eyes. Coach Gallo also was looking at both of us with a look of knowledge and a smile.

"Thanks, Bran," I began. "All your kind words can't negate the fact that you did what you did. You are an important part of this team and I, for one, am glad that Coach B brought you up. You have made an impact on this team and me personally that I don't think you know. So, my l…" I caught myself there and stuttered, "friend this is your day and Oskie can go home and cry as far as I'm concerned."

With that last comment everyone laughed and cheered. We were all in a great mood for obvious reasons. The coaches told us all to enjoy ourselves at the dance and all the festivities that were planned. Brandon and I looked at each other knowing that our plans were definitely going to be fulfilled.

We all showered, ass slapping and all, congratulating each other. The shower room atmosphere was different than before, especially between Dave, Tom, Brandon and me. It was almost as if the realization between all of us was moving to another level. With Brandon's comment about Jon before the game, I wondered if he felt the same about Dave and Tom.

We had a couple of hours to kill before the dance started. None of us had a date for the dance. Well, not a female date, at least. Dancing between two guys was not something that we even discussed because of the implications that would provide for the rest of the people at the dance. To take up the time, we all went to get a pizza and just relieve the game. What was different this time was that Brandon and I held hands all the way to the restaurant as did Dave and Tom.

We all headed back to the dorm and went to change for the dance. When Brandon and I got into the room, he turned to me and said, "Thank you."

"For what?" I questioned.

"For being you. For being my friend. For loving me. For it all, Bob. You have made me very happy and I hope that this never ends," he said with a tear in his eye.

I grabbed him and held him close. "Oh, Brandon, it is YOU that has made me so very happy."

We held each other close for a long time. We both were rising to the occasion, but knew we didn't have the time to really enjoy each other properly. We enjoyed just holding each other when there came a knock on the door.

I opened the door to find Jon standing outside it. As Brandon and I were both in our underwear, the hard on that I was sporting, as well as the one that Brandon was showing, was evident to Jon. He looked back and forth at both of us, his eyes going back and forth between our cocks and our faces.

"Just wanted to shake you hands, guys. Great game!" Jon said.

He held out his hand to me, shook it, and then pulled me into a hug. He then walked over to Brandon repeating both actions. As he held us close, I could tell he was getting physically excited and wondered if he were, well, interested. Actually, as he hugged Brandon, I thought I saw a bit of a thrust to feel what Brandon was showing.

He turned and left, but not before saying, "See you at the dance, studs."

As I closed the door, I turned to Brandon. He was smiling. "What did you think of that, Bob?" he asked.

"Strange, for sure. Was he hittin on you?" I asked, somewhat serious.

"Yea, I think so. He ground his cock on mine and he was getting hard, for sure. Why? Jealous?" Brandon said with a teasing voice.

"Na, not at all, lover," I answered. "Your hot and I don't blame him. But I sure don't want you to fool around without me."

"Don't worry. That isn't of interest," he replied. To make sure I knew what he meant, he added, "never WITHOUT you for sure."

For a moment that took me aback. Was he saying he'd play with another guy WITH me? That actually excited me, to be honest.

We finished dressing and headed to the gym for the dance. We picked up Tom and Dave on the way and we all went together. It was a cool dance, but nothing that we really were involved in. We ate some and talked to a lot of the alumni about the game. They huddled around Brandon and me also realizing that the two of us had something to do with the win that we had that afternoon.

Finally, around 10:00, Brandon and I told the guys we were leaving. Tom and Dave hurried to our sides and made an exit with us. We all headed back to the dorm hand in hand. As it was dark out, that didn't pose any suspicions. It was nice to be free to express our love for each other even in this simple way.

As we headed up the stairs, Brandon turned to Tom and asked him if he and Dave wanted to come into the room. I was a bit miffed at Brandon and he saw it. Here he was asking the guys to join us when I wanted us to be alone and intimate. He knew that, but asked them anyway.

As we got into the room, Brandon turned to me, grabbed me and kissed me deep. I could see out of the corner of my eye that Dave and Tom were in the same embrace. I was a little embarrassed and apprehensive about what was happening. Then I saw a look on both Brandon and Tom's face that I couldn't quite make out. It was as if they both knew something Dave and I didn't.

Oh well, who cared at this moment. I returned Brandon's kiss even more passionately than he had with me. As we took our arms away from each other, Brandon headed toward the "bed dresser" and threw all of the clothes onto the floor. He motioned to me to sit on the bed with him and offered the other bed to Tom and Dave.

As I sat down, Brandon grabbed me and flung me to the bed. He was kissing me very excitedly and his hands were roaming all over my body. I was caught up in the passion and was totally unaware of what was happening on the other bed. Brandon was seducing me and I wasn't going to stop him.

As we kissed, Brandon's free hand was unbuckling my belt. When that was finished, he unsnapped my pants and began pulling my zipper down. It wasn't long before he had it all the way down and his hand on the hard cock that now was pushing against my boxers. He found his way into the flap and took me out of my shorts and began slowly stroking me. I was lost in all of this when I suddenly realized that Dave and Tom were also in the room.

As I looked over to the other bed, my fears were unwarranted. They weren't paying attention to us at all. Why? Because Tom was mimicking everything that Brandon was doing to me with Dave. Dave and I were flat on our backs, our hard cock out of our pants being played with by our mutual parnters.

Looking at Dave's cock hard was something I had never seen. At least, not in the flesh. Many mornings I had seen his morning hard on in his underwear, but that is about it. I had wondered many times about what he looked like and now I was looking at him being jacked-off by my other former roommate. Man, what was happening tonight?

At that moment I didn't care. Brandon was making me feel so good just by the playing with my cock. I reached my hand between us and began to undo his pants as well. He stopped me and stood up and took off his clothes -- all of them. There he stood for all of us to see. This gorgeous Adonis of mine. His hard cock riveted to his stomach. I could see both Dave and Tom staring and I could have cared less as I leaned up and took him in my mouth.

There Brandon stood, between the beds, me on his cock and my roommates watching me take him deep down my throat. It was an erotic feeling that I had never before felt, and very few time since. I could see the effect this was having on the other couple and it wasn't long before they both were naked as jaybirds. I finally saw my two roommates naked and playing together. Dave's cock was deep in Tom's mouth, as he and Brandon were both standing nearly hip to hip.

As I worked on Brandon, my head was parallel with Tom's as he was doing the same to Dave. It was very exciting watching Tom move up and down the shaft of Dave's cock. As we both performed one hell of a blow-job on our partners, Dave and Brandon were holding onto each other's shoulders keeping their balance. I could almost feel an electricity in the air with what was happening at that moment. I also could feel what was happening to Brandon at that precise moment. I knew it was a matter of seconds before I would taste his sweet man-juices.

Brandon was pumping deep into my mouth and I could hear a moan. He shot his first spirt so hard that I nearly was forced back onto the bed. It was such a pleasure to have him cum in my mouth so hard. I could taste the sweet/salty flavor that I relished so much from him. In less than a week, I had come to adore him sharing himself like this with me.

As soon as Brandon was completing his orgasm, I could tell by the sounds next to me that Dave was about to share with Tom. I was fascinated watching these two good friends of mine having sex. A few days prior to this I would have never guessed that either of them was queer, much less both of them. It was an interesting situation that we were now sharing something that was taboo.

After Brandon came, I began to rise up from the bed to where we were standing face to face. I put my arms around him and kissed him. Usually this was where we shared the ejaculate that the other had provided, but I had long since swallowed it. However, as we kissed, I could tell that he was ready to return the favor. I leaned over and we both toppled onto the bed.

I was on top of Brandon, my cock grinding into his as we lay there. I spread my legs and again, straddle him. However, this time, he balked. He turned to his side, actually throwing me off of him and behind him. My hard cock was now right by his ass. He pressed back until he could feel me and began moving his ass into my cock. It didn't take a rocket scientist to know what he wanted and I certainly wasn't going to deny him this pleasure for the both of us.

I no longer had visual contact with Dave and Tom, but I could sense four eyes glued to Brandon and me. It was exciting, for sure, but somewhat strange as the thought went through my mind that I was about to enter my lover with others watching.

I felt Brandon's hand on my cock. He had used his saliva and was beginning to rub it all over my cock as a lubricant. I was ready to shoot right then and there, but my will power took hold of me. He did this a couple of times to make sure that I was moist enough to enter him. I moved forward, guiding my cock to his man-hole.

Slowly, I felt the head enter. Brandon tightened and then relaxed. I felt a "pop" and the head of my cock was in. I moved it slowly at first up the channel of his ass. He was so tight it, again, almost made me cum. I stopped for a second as his muscles contracted.

I was in a state of euphoria being with the man I loved. I was moving faster and faster. My hand found its way to Brandon's cock, which was now again hard. We moved in synchronization, me within him and my hand on his cock. I could feel myself ready to unleash a days worth of liquid deep into my man.

I could hear Dave and Tom talking, but I didn't hear what they were saying. My entire being was involved with Brandon at this moment and I could sense that he, too, was only in tune with me. As I thrust more quickly, I leaned forward and was able to kiss him on his left ear. It was exactly romantic, but it was from the heart.

We were both at the pinnacle of our love at that precise second. I knew I was about to unload and could feel his cum moving up the shaft of his hard cock in my hand. We both came at the same moment. Our thrusts were in time with each other -- Brandon moving back onto my cock as my cock thrust into him. My eruption was intense and I knew that Brandon could feel the river that was flowing from my loins. I could feel the muscles clamp on my cock holding it tightly in place to massage the prostate and provide him with the pleasure and enticement to ejaculate.

As we lay there slowing down our mutual movement, I heard a moan from behind me. As both Brandon and I looked over our shoulders, there, we could see, Tom and Dave coupled. Tom was buried deep within Dave and it was obvious that he, like I had just done, was unloading into Dave.

Soon, the four of us lay there spread eagle on each bed. Our cocks shrinking and glowing in the love we had just shared with our partner. It was a strange feeling laying there with another naked couple, but it was also very pleasurable. Neither couple, now, had anything to hide from the other. We had all just made love, not caring that the other couple was with us.

It was eerily quiet in the room. Someone had to break the silence. "Brandon, you played a great game," is all I could think of saying. It seemed to work, as all of us burst out in laughter. It wasn't long before we were all hugging each other. I gave both Dave and Tom a kiss as they did to Brandon. Here I was, with two guys I had lived with for over 2 months, totally naked and hugging and kissing. When I came to CBS, I never in my life thought that this scene would be happening.

As I hugged Dave, I could feel his cock getting hard. Surprisingly enough so was mine. I realized it wasn't so unusual since we were both hugging each other closely and our naked bodies were pressed against each other. I could see that both Brandon and Tom had the same reaction as I looked over at them.

"Hey, guys, you want to just crash in here tonight?" Brandon asked Tom and Dave. "I don't think anything will happen that we haven't already seen each other do," he quipped with a very sexy laugh.

"Yea, guys. Jon is going to be tripping in about midnight, anyway. Why not just let him sleep it off and not bother you two," I added.

Dave and Tom looked at each other trying to come up with an answer that they both agreed upon. Tom shook his head yes and Dave then agreed. I had slept with these two before, so this wasn't going to be anything different, except for the fact that they would be in the same bed.

That night there was no more sex, just two couples wrapped in each others arms, sleeping peacefully. You could sense that there was a bond between each couple, much more than just friendship. After all, we had watched each other have sex, something that isn't exactly common place. It was a pleasant evening that we all have discussed frequently over the years.

The next morning I woke up first. In my arms was my love. As I got up out of bed, I notice Tom and Dave in the next bed. Initially it was a shock until I remembered what had transpired the evening before. A smile broke out on my face remembering seeing my two roommates fucking. It was a great memory.

I headed out to the bathroom. I was in my underwear, with my normal morning hard on walking through the halls. In a dorm that isn't exactly a site that isn't seen frequently. As I entered the bathroom I saw Jon at the urinal.

"Where the fuck is Tom?" he asked in a very stern tone.

What could I tell him? How would he take it?

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