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Mentoring Brandon

by Bob Anders

Chapter 15

A Thanksgiving to Remember Part 1

Warning! This chapter and this story are fictional accounts of love developing between two teenage boys. If that disgusts or distresses you, Go! Leave it for those who enjoy it!! If you are underage, whatever that means where you live, you have to leave, too. Sorry, their rules, not mine or ours.

NOTE TO READER: The following story is a first attempt at anything like this. I hope that it at least is interesting. It is basically a true story, with the names/places changed to protect the guilty. Please let me know what you think and give me any suggestions that you may have. I tend to be long-winded and re-reading this, I am afraid that it may not "get to the point" quickly enough. Any and all feedback will be appreciated as I have a lot of stories to tell, but I want people to read them as well.

As we came closer to my house I started to stammer. Brandon knew me well enough to know that I had something I needed to tell him. He asked me a couple of times what I wanted to say. He also asked if I had found someone else and was afraid to tell him. I laughed at that and told him that no one could take his place. He did smile on that one.

But I did need to talk to him and was trying to get up the nerve as we pulled into my driveway. Standing there waving his arms all around, was Mikey. As I got out of the car he came running over to me, threw his arms around me and kissed me right on the mouth. As I looked over my shoulder, the shock on Brandon's face was very evident.

I raised my eyebrows at Brandon and he just shook his head. I pushed Mikey off of me and gave him a fist into his shoulder. We again hugged and I motioned over for Brandon.

"Brandon, this is my little brother Mikey," I started. "Mikey – Brandon."

"Hi Mikey," Brandon said with a bit of apprehension in his tone.

"Hey Brandon, welcome," Mikey said with a load of enthusiasm. "So, how were things last night," Mikey added with a wink.

"Not as well as we could have hoped for," I interrupted. "But, Mikey, at least we made it back. Where's mom and dad?"

"Went to Aunt Mary's to pick her up for tomorrow's dinner," Mikey answered. "They left about 15 minutes ago, so they won't be home till at least 5 o'clock. And, they took Joe with them so we have the house for the next 6 hours to ourselves," he continued with a big smile.

Brandon looked over at me with puzzled look on his face. At the same time, I could tell that the 6 hours that Mikey mentioned was pleasing to him.

"Let's head into the house," I said. "I think we all have to talk," I continued as I slapped Mikey in the head and pushed him forward. I grabbed Brandon's hand and helped him with his gear and led him to the house.

"What was that all about?" Brandon asked.

"Well, it's a bit complicated, Bran, but we'll talk inside."

He squeezed my hand in acknowledgement. I certainly wasn't trying to hide anything from him, but I just didn't have the time, or the guts to tell him that my brother and I had crossed over that sibling line.

As we entered the house, Mikey went directly to the kitchen and Brandon and I started up the stairs to my bedroom. Our hands were still clutched as we walked up the stairs and I felt a bit of fear in Bran's touch. I looked over my shoulder and smiled at him and I think that reassured him that things were all right.

As we got into my room, I did the same thing that he did when I entered his. I dropped my gear, turned to him and grabbed him close with a deep passionate kiss. He returned the kiss without a problem. Mikey suddenly opened the door and I could feel Brandon tense all of his muscles. I knew what was going through his mind, the fact that we were caught in the act as we were with his brother.

"Oh, is that sweet," Mikey stated. "Man, you guys do love each other, don't' you?"

Brandon had a very confused look on his face. He couldn't believe that Mikey was so calm with what he had just seen. He looked at me and again I smiled.

"Bran, my love," I began. " Mikey and I have talked all about this and he is very happy for the both of us. We discussed it when I was home and a few other things that I need to tell you."

"Oh, wow!" Brandon exclaimed. "I can't believe it, but I think it is great that you two have that type of relationship. I just wish I did with Chad."

"Oh, Brandon, you do if you want it, trust me," I continued. "Chad wants that with you and he as much told me that. Actually, he is most upset that I am taking you away from him, not that we are lovers."


"Yes, my love, he and I talked a lot about that while playing basketball this morning. Well, not directly, but in a sense. You know, he loves you and wants you, Brandon."

"Wants me?" he asked.

"Wants you to always be close and more friends than brothers," I told him. "But I do have to tell you something," I continued. I turned to Mikey and nodded my head for him to leave. He begrudgingly left the room with his head hanging.

"Ok, lover, I need to tell you what happened the other night and I don't want you to get upset, I started. "Mikey and I had a long talk after he heard me call you love on the phone when I called you. He was very upset, as Chad was, and left the room. That night, he and I talked a long time. He told me that it didn't bother him that I was queer. He told me of an event that happened this summer with our neighbor, Justin."

As I talked I could see that Brandon was taking in all of the information calmly. I knew that was a good sign. I continued to tell him how Mikey saw Justin and me playing one time last spring. I told him that during the summer, Mikey and Justin started to enjoy time with each other. I explained to him how Mikey thought he was queer as well, and was actually relieved when he could talk to me about it.

"Ok, Bob, I understand all that," Brandon interrupted. "I can see where Mike, ah, ok, Mikey, can understand our relationship. That is cool. But, I get a feeling there is more," he half-questioned.

"Yes, Brandon, there is," I continued. "But it isn't what you're thinking, ok?"

I told him about the night that Mikey and I talked and lay there jacking ourselves off. I told him that we didn't masturbate each other, but did cum together as we were talking. I told him how Mikey came over, gave me a kiss and wanted to take my cock in his hand but that I didn't let him. I also admitted to Brandon that I did have a desire to be with my brother, but thought that was wrong.

Brandon listened and shook his head every once in a while. It appeared that he understood everything I had said and was very understanding of the situation. Through all of this, however, he kept his distance from me. I didn't know what that meant, but hoped that he wasn't upset enough with me to slow down our budding relationship.

"You know, Bob, that is so cool that you and Mikey could be so open together," Brandon finally said. "I think it is great, and you know, wanting to do more with him would be okay with me, if that is what would happen."

"But, isn't it wrong, Bran?"

"Actually, I don't know. I guess most would think so, but face it, if you are both queer, what is the problem. It's not like your trying to seduce him, like you did me," he said with a big smile.

I got up off the bed, walked over to Brandon and place both my arms around him. We hugged and kissed and just enjoyed being in one another's arms for a while. There was no sex, although we both were hard enough for that to happen, just a transfer of our love for each other.

As we broke our embrace, I noticed Mikey standing in the doorway. "Oh, you are a quiet sneak," I said to him.

"Hey, don't stop on my account," he blurted out with a big laugh.

Brandon turned to Mikey and smiled. "So what do you think about your brother's cock?" he questioned Mikey.

"Oh, it's ok. It's not as big as mine though," Mikey laughed.

I went over and grabbed Mikey and hit him on the arm. "Yea, right, Mikey. You know better than that, don't you?"

We all broke into laughter. Brandon walked over and hugged Mikey and thanked him for being a good brother to me. I saw the effect that hugs had on Mikey as he started to bulge. Actually, so did Brandon.

"Bob," Mikey began. "Do you mind if we have Justin over here on a sleep over tonight?"

"What?" I yelled.

"Well, I can't invite him over for a sleep over, you know. Mom and Dad wouldn't allow that. But, if you did, we all could be together tonight."

I looked at Brandon and he looked at me. We both had the same question in our mind. Simply, why did Mikey want Justin over. Oh, I had told Brandon about him and Mikey, but what exactly was Mikey asking.

"What are you really asking, Mike?" Brandon asked.

"Well, if Justin were here, then you and Bob could do your thing and Justin and I could have some time together." Mikey grinned his irresistible grin and I think it had the same effect on Brandon as it normally did on me.

Brandon turned to me. "Well, it isn't as if we haven't done something like Mikey is suggesting, is it?"

"No, love, it isn't, now that I think of it. I do remember the night that we were with Tom and Dave."

Mikey looked at us. "So, you guys have done an orgy?" he asked.

"No, Mikey, not an orgy," Brandon answered. "Just that Dave and Tom are...well, were Bob's roommates. One night we all were together and things just happened. Only to the couples, mind you."

"Oh, groovy," Mikey stated. "Well, Bob, what about it?"

I agreed to ask mom and dad if Justin could spend the night. I thought since he and I were sorta best friends, they would understand. I would have contacted Justin when I got home the last weekend, but he and his family were out of town. I asked Mikey if he had talked to Justin about this and he told me that he had and that Justin was definitely up for it.

"Ok, Mikey, if and only if it is okay with mom and dad," I stated. "I don't want to push them on this issues, cause you know that they are going to question you in the room."

"Yea, bro, I know that, but you can do it," he smiled. "You know that you can get away with anything with mom and dad, don't you? You are their favorite after all," he ended with a big laugh.

"Yea, right. That's why I was sent to CVS, right? They felt so strongly toward me so much they sent me away. Of course, I'm so glad they did," I ended grabbing Brandon and kissing him. Our `hiding' ended as Brandon grabbed my now rising cock as we kissed. I saw out of the corner of my eye that Mikey was staring right at Brandon's hand and smiling.

"I'm gonna go talk to Justin, ok, Bob?"

"Go Mikey, but knock before you come back into the room, ok?" I added as he left.

I closed and locked the door as Mikey left. I slowly walked toward Brandon in a sly and provocative way. He stood there, sheepishly, playing the innocent virgin, I suspected. I grabbed him and pulled him close. I wanted to feel his manhood against mine and I did. We were both very erect and there was no mistaking that as we ground our hips into each other. I slowly walked him backward toward the bed and lay him down.

As Brandon and I began to move our hips together, grinding our cocks against each other Brandon said I love you. It was then I knew that things were all right between us and what I had told him, did not bother him. Our hands found their way to our lovers cock and we began to rub and rub each other.

I found Brandon's belt and began to unbuckle it. I opened the top snap of his jeans and pulled down his zipper. Oh, how I wanted my lover at that moment. My hand opened the zipper, found the flap to his briefs and took out his hard penis. I rolled it in my hand a moment and then moved my mouth down toward his waist.

I hesitated for a moment, just looking at his hard cock in my hand. I gently kissed the head that was already wet from his pre-cum. My tongue instinctively licked around the corona of his dick and slowly down the shaft until my mouth engulfed him down to the root. I began to bob my head up and down and my other hand had now found its way to Brandon's testicles.

As I move my head up and down the gorgeous smooth shaft, my hand was rolling his balls providing him with what I hoped would be more incentive to unload for me. Brandon just lay back, something that he did not do often, but I believed he knew that at that time I just wanted to please him. My cock, still inhibited by my jeans rubbed against the edge of the bed as I sucked Brandon slowly, but what I hoped was efficient enough to bring him to orgasm.

Brandon's hands were now playing with my hair. He was rubbing my head and moaning, which I knew was a great sign. His hips were beginning to thrust and I knew it was not going to be long before I had something to sweeten my palette. I could hear him breathing heavily and feel his sperm working its way up the shaft of his love tool.

I went down as far as I could on Brandon, licking his balls as his cock was deep down my throat. I could feel his movement almost gagging me, but I knew that was not something that was possible, having had him there many times previously.

Then it happened! With a gush with which I was familiar, Brandon released all he had to give me. I swallowed quickly, not wanting to spill a drop of his love seed. He pumped into my throat as my hand still worked on his balls, kneading them to help produce more liquid.

As his thrusts subsided, so did the semen spurting from the head of his cock. I knew that he had cum all he was going to, but I wanted to tease a bit. I continued to provide suction knowing that he was very sensitive after and orgasm and that it would drive him wild. I was right, of course as he tried with all his might to push my head off of his cock. As he pushed I could feel the blood retreating from his penis.

He was successful in getting me off of his cock and I lay there, my chin on his thighs just looking up at him. He rose slightly off the bed, smiled and lay back down. I knew that I had pleased him and that he would soon want to do the same to me.

He grabbed me and pulled me up toward him. We kissed and he moaned with the delight of the cum still in my mouth that we shared. Brandon rolled so that I was now under him and I could feel that he was undoing my zipper to go for his turn at my cock. I pushed him up and sat up on the bed.

"Do you mind, lover, if we wait?" I asked.

"Wait? Why?"

"I just want to wait till later when we can again please each other. This was something I have wanted to do since we left your house. All I want to do is please you, you know?" I ended with a puppy dog smile.

He grinned and sat up next to me. He looked into my eyes and kissed me again. "Bob, can I ask you a question about Mikey?"

"There isn't anything you can't ask me, Bran, you know that."

"You want Mikey, don't you?" he started.

"No, Brandon, not at all," I answered, apparently not to convincingly.

"No, I can tell that when you told me about your experience with him, you'd like to try, at least once"

"Oh, I'm confused about that, Bran, you know?" I questioned.

"Yes, I do. It would be like me wanting Chad. And I do have a confession about that, Bob. I think I would like that and it would bring us closer."

I was a bit shocked at that confession. I knew that Brandon was telling me the truth thought. And to be honest, I also would have liked to experience Chad. He was cute, very loving and reminded me so much of Brandon. But I wiped that out of my mind, to be honest.

"Another confession Bob?"

Of course I didn't have any problems listening to Brandon and shook my head yes. He told me that when he first saw Mikey he was turned on. For a moment, he forgot he was my brother and actually thought to himself how much he would like to maybe play with him. He said he reminded me so much of me that it was a big turn on. He also concluded saying that since he knew we had jacked-off together, it intrigued him even more.

"Oh, really?" I questioned. "And not let me have a piece of him?" I jokingly added.

We both laughed heartily at that comment. I knew that he was telling me the truth and I finally admitted to myself that I, too, would enjoy being with my brother. Was that sick? After all, we had seen each other cum and had come very close to relieving the other, I was sure that it wasn't that wrong.

"Well, then I have an admission, Brandon. I would love to have your brother Chad, as well, to be honest," I hesitantly told him.

"Oh, really? And not let me have a piece of him?" Brandon laughed.

"Ok, lover, I think we are crossing over bounds here that we better think about. I know, though, that you have a chance at Mikey, to be honest," I told him.

"You really think?"

"Oh, yes. When you hugged him, couldn't you feel his hard-on pressing against you?" I asked. "Or couldn't you because of your erection at the same time?" I added.

"Honestly, Bob, I did feel that, but didn't want to believe it."

We talked some more and decided to let things happen if they happened. I knew in my heart that I was a bit apprehensive having anything physical with my brother, but I also felt that if Brandon and Mikey did do something together, well, that was all right with me as well. After all, my brother and my lover together didn't seem that much of a problem. Did it?

I heard a rustling of the door as we were talking. I had forgotten that I had locked the door so we couldn't be disturbed. I had a feeling it was Mikey, but quickly pulled up my pants and zipped my zipper as Brandon did the same. As I opened the door, standing there was my brother. Not Mikey, but Joe.

"Hey Bob," Joe said as he jumped up to hug me. "Glad you're home."

I hugged my little brother and gave him a kiss on the cheek. As I let him down, I introduced him to Brandon. He went over, extended his hand and they grasped each other. A big smile was on Joe's face as they met.

"So mom and dad and Aunt Mary downstairs?" I asked.

"Yep, they are, but I wanted to see you first," Joe said with a big smile. He turned and headed downstairs.

"Well, let's go, Brandon. Time for you to meet my family now," I said with a smile.

We got to the base of the stairs and my Aunt Mary was standing there. She hugged me and said how much I had grown. That was somewhat embarrassing, but I knew Brandon understood. I motioned for Brandon to walk around us into the living room. There, I introduced him to my parents, and of course Aunt Mary. Everyone exchanged greetings and we headed for the family room.

My dad had a million questions, as most parents do when meeting their child's new friends. Brandon was very witty and I could tell that my dad and he were going to get along very well. Mom kept smiling and looking between him and me. I had a weird feeling, but dismissed it as my imagination.

Finally, Mikey walked in. Mom asked him where he had been and he told her at friend's house. There were no more questions, because that was not unusual for Mikey to be out and about. He was a very popular guy in school and had many friends. As a matter of fact, since I left, he had become the focus of attention at school, something that I am sure that he appreciated.

"Dad, I have a question," I began. "Since I have been gone for a while and haven't seen..."

Mikey interrupted me. "Bob, hey, we need to talk about what is going on while you and Brandon are here."

I realized that he interrupted before I had a chance to ask about Justin and knew there was a reason for it. I looked at him in a way that told him I understood and would drop it.

"Ok, Mikey, fine, but as I was telling dad, I haven't seen the town since I've been gone and wanted to show Brandon. Is that ok, dad?"

Mikey smiled realizing I covered up well as usual. Dad said yes as I expected and I turned to Mikey and asked him if he wanted to join. He of course agreed and we all headed out to the car.

"So, what do you need to talk to me about, bro?" I asked as we got into the car. Mikey without hesitation took the back seat, allowing Brandon to sit beside me.

"Well, it was about Justin," he began. "He can't stay over tonight, his grandparents are coming and his folks won't let him leave. But, said he could maybe Saturday."

"Well, that's ok, I guess," I answered him. "Actually I don't know if Brandon and I will be here Saturday, but if we are that will be cool."

"Damn, and I wanted to play tonight," Mikey said in a very dejected voice.

"Nothing says you can't," Brandon blurted out. I gave him a look, not knowing where he was headed.

"What do you mean?" I questioned.

"Well, can't Mikey stay with us tonight?" he suggested.

I was shocked at this, but at least I knew what Brandon was talking about. It sounded like a good idea and well, I think it excited Brandon as I saw a stirring in his groin. He smiled at me and then turned and smiled at Mikey. I could see that Mikey, too, liked the idea.

"Well, I guess so, but that will crimp our style, Brandon," I answered with a bit of humor, but was very serious.

:Oh, I don't think so, Bob," Mikey quipped. "It's not like I haven't seen your cock and it would be nice to see what you see in Brandon as well," he laughed loudly.

At that, we got into the care and began to pull out of the driveway. Joe came running out with something in his hand. I stopped, waited for him to catch up and opened my window. He handed me a $20 bill and said that dad wanted to buy us lunch. I thanked him, ruffled his hair and closed the window.

Brandon, Mikey and I just drove around town as I showed him the neighborhood. Being on the north side of Chicago, there was a lot to do. I took him past Wrigley Field and into the North Halsted area. At that time, it was just a strip of shops and some bars. It has now become known as Boyztown in Chicago, the gay district. We drove down Michigan Avenue and I showed him some of the sights and then headed back home.

As we came close to the house, we stopped at Jim's, my favorite hangout when I lived at home. As we entered the restaurant, I saw a few of the guys that I played football with and some of my wrestling buddies. We exchanged greetings and I introduced Brandon. Billy Joe, a very cute sophomore, started eyeing him up and down. I thought that Billy was very interested in guys when we wrestled last year, but now my suspicions were verified. Actually I remember wanting to play with him when I felt his hard cock many times as we practiced.

I noticed that Justin was sitting in a booth in the far side of the restaurant. I grabbed Brandon away from Billy Joe, figuring it was a wise decision. We headed toward Justin who looked a bit scared at the thought of seeing me again, knowing that I was aware of his playing with my younger brother.

"Hey Justin," I began. "How are things going buddy?"

"Ahh, ummm... Hi Bob," he stammered.

As we shook hands I introduced him to Brandon as I pushed him into the booth. He gave me a dirty look wondering why I was shoving him. He finally was able to grab Justin's hand and sat down.

"So, how are things going, Justin. Man it is good to see you."

"They are all right, Bob," he mumbled. "I'm sorry about..."

"Hey, don't say anything, it's cool," I assured him. At that, I saw a smile on Justin's face. "I'm just glad that my little brother has someone like you to guide him," I added to make sure he realized it was fine with me that he and Mikey were doing what they were doing.

"Thanks, Bob, I needed that," he said with a sigh of relief. "I'm just sorry that this family thing came up and I couldn't stay over tonight."

"Well, we are too," Brandon interjected. "I think it would have been fun, actually."

"Oh, it would have, love, trust me," I said with a big grin at both of them.

Mikey finally made his way to the booth. As he sat down I noticed him grab Justin's crotch and give him a squeeze. I took advantage of the situation and did the same to Brandon, who turned, smiled, and returned the favor.

"Ok, big brother," Mikey began. "Time for you to buy us all a burger since you took us all over town."

"Bob, you have to know something. The waitress..."

At that I heard a "Can I help you" from behind us. As I turned, I realized what Justin was about to say. There standing ready to take our order was Karen, my former girlfriend. Well, at least a girl I was dating during the past summer.

"Bob," she said very loudly. "When did you get home?" she continued as she bent over to give me a kiss. As she did, I could see the look on Mikey and Justin's face looking at Brandon. I could just imagine what his reaction was to what she was doing.

"Ah, Karen, hi," I said. "Got home actually on Saturday, but left and got home this morning," I continued. "Karen, this is Brandon, my roommate. Brandon...Karen."

Brandon nodded his head at Karen as she did the same. I could tell by the look on Brandon's face, he wondered what the deal was with Karen, not ever having heard her name.

"So, are we going to see each other while you're home, Bob?" Karen asked.

"Well, Karen, Brandon and I are going back to school on Saturday so I don't know if there will be time," I said to her hoping that would end the discussion.

"Well, what about Friday?" she continued. "I'm off and we can get a date for Brandon, you know. I'm sure that Sherry would like to double with us. He is cute," she smiled.

I suddenly heard a giggle from Mikey while Justin broke out into an all out hilarious laugh. Brandon gave them a look that could kill, while I did the same.

"Well, I'll call you tomorrow, Karen." I was trying to get out of this gracefully. "After our Thanksgiving dinner, I'll know more about the family plans."

"Oh, all right," she said I believe knowing that the date was not going to happen. "So, what you guys want?"

We ordered and then sat and talked for a while. Brandon asked about Karen and I told him that she and I dated during the summer. He asked the obvious question to which I told him that, yes, I did have sex with her. For a moment I thought he was going to be a jealous lover, but instead he just laughed.

"It's nice to know that you have tried the other side and now know the right side of love," he jokingly said. We all laughed, of course, but he did have a point that I couldn't argue. Although sex with Karen was good, it really didn't do anything for me. I had a difficult time staying hard with her and when she went down on me, I really didn't get any pleasure from it.

Actually, I had to say that it was Karen that turned the tide for me in my sexual preference. I had always been involved with guys, but Karen was the first girl that I had sex with. She made me realize that I really liked girls, as friends, but as sex objects, I realized why I never had the desire like many of my friends.

"Well, Brandon, you should try it to know why I'm so good for you," I said half-jokingly.

"I just may," came his retort. I knew he was serious, too, as we had talked about it before. I knew that some day Brandon would be with a female, if nothing else to experience the differences.

As we ate lunch, Justin and Mikey were very much involved with each other under the table. I couldn't believe my brother was sitting in a restaurant playing with another guy for all to see. Well, no one really saw anything, except maybe Brandon and me, but I did have a bit of uneasiness with them doing that in public. Even Brandon and I were more careful that that!

As we left Karen reminded me to call her about Friday night. I told her I would and we headed out the door. I couldn't help but notice that Billy Joe was still staring at Brandon, but now he was also using his cute blue eyes to catch my attention. I wondered if some day he would and I would maybe hook up.

Justin decided to come home with us, so he and Mikey were in the back seat together. They took all advantage of the ride home with Mikey getting Justin off. I don't know if they knew that Brandon and I were aware of that happening, but with the moans coming from Justin, it wasn't difficult to surmise.

After we got home, everything else up through dinner was uneventful. Brandon, Mikey, my dad and I watched a college football game that was on television. Mom and Aunt Mary made a quick dinner, but mostly they were preparing for the Thanksgiving dinner for the family the next day.

As we headed up for bed, Mikey asked, in front of my parents, if he could spend the night with Brandon and me. I, of course, told him that it was fine with us. My dad had a strange look on his face with that question, but didn't make any comments. I sometimes wondered if my parents knew about my sexual direction in life. I didn't think so, but it was a question that always went through my mind.

We all used the bathroom, washed up, brushed our teeth and headed for the bedroom. When we got into the room I took no hesitation in grabbing Brandon and giving him a big kiss. I hadn't seen that Mikey was already in bed and was resting on his elbow watching us. As we broke the kiss, he applauded.

"You little sneak," I said to him when I noticed his hand moving under the covers. "See you're already hard and ready. I guess you are my brother!"

"Why you hiding," Brandon added. "If you're like Bob in all ways, there isn't anything to hide under there."

Mikey pulled off the cover and for the first time I got a really good look at him naked and hard. When we jacked-off together it was dark and I didn't see him completely. I could tell that Brandon had hit the nail on the head. Mikey had matured rather well and for a moment I was afraid that Brandon liked what he saw more than what he had. I know that it was silly, but my brother, at that moment, looked hung better than Brandon or I.

"Wow!" I exclaimed. "Mikey, you have grown for sure. Why is it wet, bro?" I laughed.

"As if you didn't know," Mikey answered. "Seeing you and Brandon in a deep kiss like that really got me going."

As Mikey was talking, Brandon began to walk toward him. When he got there, he reached down, cupped Mikey's balls and began to play with them. That was all it took for me to pop to attention. I was hesitant and walked toward them slowly. I suddenly realized that the door was not locked and thought it a good idea to go and lock it. That would prevent Joe from walking in unexpectedly, I thought.

After locking the door I turned to see Brandon's cock in my brother's mouth. For a split second I was jealous. I didn't know if I was jealous of Brandon or of Mikey having fun with my boyfriend. All I knew was that I was a bit confused and turned on.

"Slow down there boys," I found myself saying. "Wait for me before you get too involved there."

Brandon cocked his head to call me toward him. As I got close he extended his arm and pulled me toward him. He wrapped his arm around me and pulled my mouth close to his. Suddenly, I found my self with my tongue deep in my lover's mouth and his in mine. As I looked down, I saw my brother bobbing up and down my boyfriend's beautiful cock. My cock, still encompassed in my briefs, was pressing against the fabric shouting to be released.

I was so turned on and I knew that the other two were as well. As Brandon's and my tongue battled, I felt my cock being removed from my briefs. The flaps were being unfolded and a hand went into them and pulled me out. I could only moan with relief and excitement.

As my cock was being stroked softly, the pre-cum acting as the natural lubricant it was, I realized that the feeling was different. I looked down to see Mikey's hand on my cock working it in a very masterful way. I had thought it was Brandon at first.

Instinctively I pulled back from both Brandon's mouth and Mikey's hand. I was confused, as I had told Brandon about my feelings on playing with my brother. I also realized that my comments about not being upset with Brandon possibly playing with him, was an approval for him and my brother to enjoy themselves.

"Ah, sorry guy," I began. "I don't know if I can do this."

Brandon walked over to me and hugged me. As his arms were holding me close he whispered in my ear.

"Bob, your brother wants to be with you, you know that. And, if you don't want to there has to be a better reason that it is not right. People say it isn't right for us to be together, you know. So what is the difference?"

As warped as that logic was, to a 16-year-old it made sense. Especially to a 16-year-old that was hard and horny, and, in reality, very interested in having sex with his lover and brother.

"I know, Bran, but it will take some time, I know," I whispered back to him.

As we were there in each other's arms, Mikey had gotten out of bed, his cock leading him toward us, and put his arms around the both of us.

"I know what is the matter, Bob," he interrupted. "I understand, but I really want to be with you and Brandon. I have wanted you for a long time, big brother," he continued. "But as you are afraid and confused right now, I was also."

I broke my embrace with Brandon and turned toward my brother. I put my arms around him, pulled him close and held him tight. We were both physically ready and our hard cocks pressed against each other. As our hips began to thrust, our cock heads rubbed together, gliding on the liquid we were both producing. It was an amazing feeling and I knew that I was about to succumb to my fears.

"Ah, hmmm," I heard from Brandon. "Am I interrupting brotherly love?" he quipped.

Immediately, Mikey and I released one arm and pulled Brandon in toward us. We held him close and the three hard young cocks began to battle between our bodies. Brandon and I had talked about a 3-way before, but I doubt either of us thought it would be with my brother.

As we hugged, we all began to kiss. I was actually kissing my brother in a loving, mature way, rather than the peck that the two of us always shared because we thought we had to when one or the other was leaving to go somewhere. Three tongues battling with each other. Three cocks bouncing and oozing man juice between us. It was different from any other experience I had ever had and I was sure it was for my boyfriend and my brother.

A knock on the door startled all of us and broke the intimate moments we were sharing together. Mikey jumped into bed as Brandon headed for the other bed. I quickly put my hard cock into my pants and went to the door. I unlocked the door and opened it slightly, standing behind it to hide my excitement.

"Are you guys ready for bed," I heard my mother ask.

"Yea, mom, we're just getting into bed," I answered. Mom was pushing the door open wider as I talked and I was having a difficult time stopping her from entering.

"Come on mom," I said. "I'm not dressed and only in my underwear," I said in my most modest voice. That seemed to work as the pressure on the door ceased.

"Ok, boys, get to bed," she said as she began to move backward. "Big day tomorrow and we don't want a bunch of sleepy-heads."

"Sure mom," Mikey yelled.

"Night boys," I could hear my father yell. We all said goodnight to him as well and the door closed. I immediately locked it again, knowing that something more was going to happen that evening.

As I turned and walked toward the two hot guys in the beds at the other end of the room, I couldn't help think about what was happening. A new turning point in my life was about to begin, I was positive.

Unlike the last one when Brandon and I fell in love, this one was more unexpected. I knew I wanted Brandon, but this was something I never in my life thought would transpire. I had to admit, there was much apprehension going through my head, not wanting to do something that was going to hurt my love or my family. But, I also realized that some things just had a course of their own and I was going to go with my feelings, not my fears.

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