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Finding Nico

by c m

Chapter 5

I wake up at what the clock tells me is 5 o'clock in need of a pee. When I get back to bed, Josh has rolled onto one side. I snuggle up to him, my chest against his back. I can't resist reaching over and running a hand down into his groin. He's hard, and I gently wrap my fingers round him. I don't want to wake him, but he stirs a little in his sleep before relaxing again. His hot, hard flesh feels wonderful, and my own body responds. My own hardness lies against the cleft of his buttocks, and I find myself wondering – for the first time – what it might feel like to be inside him, and have him inside me. Not that I'm in any rush. And it's a conversation for another day. But I can't deny that I find the thought curiously arousing. I doze off thinking about it.

When I come to again, it's with a big smile on my face. I throw my hand across to where Josh is lying beside me. Except he isn't. For one moment my stomach drops through the floor and I feel a sense of panic. He must realise he's made a terrible mistake...or worse, now that he's bedded me, he's lost interest. Then I hear the flush of the toilet, and seconds later his beautiful naked body is walking towards me.

'Hey, are you this morning?'

'Pinching myself to make sure this isn't all a dream.'

He hops back in beside me.

'No dream.'

He kisses me and runs a hand over my chest and down to my groin.

'Mmm....horny boy...I'm hoping that's a sign that you want what I want.'

'And what would that be?' I ask, innocently.

'Come here you little tease....'

Seconds later we both have a mouthful of each other. Ten minutes after that we are both enjoying an early morning protein boost.

As we lie there in the afterglow, I ask Josh about Alex.

'You called Alex 'rampantly heterosexual', does that mean he's not a virgin like us?'

'Maybe 'rampant' was a bit unfair. But no, he's no virgin. He lost it about a year ago. He was on holiday in Italy with his family, and one of the waitresses fancied him and…BOOM. She was a good bit older than him…twenty-six or twenty-seven, but he said it was wonderful. She was very patient with him and showed him how to really pleasure a woman. Taught him all sorts of stuff it would take years to learn normally – or so he said. He had the time of his life, and she enjoyed being shagged rigid by a good-looking, horny, athletic teenager. And at the end of the holiday that was that. They parted with no regrets on either side. After that, he had his first proper girlfriend back here – but that went bad; she became very controlling, but fortunately he realised what was happening and ended it. But it affected him quite deeply. To the point where he made a foolish decision on the rebound and had a drunken one-night stand with a girl from school at a party. She knew precisely what she was doing – she'd wanted him for ages, you know…as a trophy…and once she'd had him she went round telling everyone about it. It hurt Alex a lot. He's a really sweet guy and the controlling relationship had left him vulnerable. It's one of the reasons he's come on holiday with me this summer. He likes girls a lot– but I'm not sure he's ready for another full-on relationship, and he's wary of casual sex now. Which may be no bad thing. Be interesting to see how things go with your sister. But enough about her. It's her twin brother I'M interested in.'

And he drops his hand to my groin.

My cock is still in that limp but thick state that follows a climax. I feel him gently easing my foreskin backwards and forwards.

'Be gentle, Josh, that's taken more punishment this past twenty-four hours than ever before in my life – not that I'm complaining.'

He transfers his attentions to my balls, rolling them gently around in the palm of his hand.

'Not much left in those either,' I say with a smile.

He grins back at me.

'Can't wait for them to refill.'

'Guess it's just as well we're teens.'

'You bet.'

'Well, if more sex is off the agenda for the time being, I think we could both do with a shower.'

'Or a bath maybe? It looks pretty inviting.'

'Why not?'

I'm about to get out of bed when there's a knock on the door.

'Who the hell can that be,' says Josh in a whisper.

'God…my morning coffee. I forgot to cancel it.'

'Shit. I'll go and wait in the bathroom.'

He goes to get up, but I grab his arm.

'No you won't. I'm not ashamed of you being here. Of us being together. And we're guests…I bet they've seen worse. Unless you'd rather keep it all secret?'

'No,' he says with a smile. I'm not ashamed either. Let them see.'

'Come in.'

The door opens and I'm expecting to see Jack. But it isn't Jack, it's one of the waitresses. Guess it must be Jack's day off.

'Good morning sir…err…sirs.'

Clearly, the sight of two people rather than the one she must have been expecting, not to mention the fact that the two are both boys sharing a bed together, fazes her not one bit. All she says is,

'Shall I go and get another cup, sir?'

'No…we can share. Thank you.'

'Very good sir. Have a lovely day.'

And she leaves.

'That's going to be all round the hotel staff within the hour,' says Josh.

'Maybe. Maybe not. They all seem very discreet here.'

'True. Guess we'll see.'

'But if it IS all round the hotel, do you think we ought to tell our parents rather than letting them learn about it from rumours?'

'My folks won't mind – and I don't suppose yours would either. But this is about OUR lives, Nico. It doesn't have anything to do with them. I'll be happy to confirm it if they ask, in fact I'll be proud of it…but I don't see any need to tell them.'

I think about it.

'You're right.'

I go and pour a cup of coffee, which we share. It's a simple thing but it feels intimate. The sort of thing you do with someone you're at one with. With someone you love. We finish it between us.



I go and run it. The bath is a big free-standing affair with a raised curve at each end and the taps in the middle of one side. It means that Josh and I can each lay back against an end in comfort. We let the water get up to the level of our chins as we stretch out in the hot water, made sweet with the smell of a Bergamot bath oil that Josh selects from the three bottles beside the taps. We interlink our legs and let the soles of our feet rest gently against one another's balls.

There's something on my mind.

'Josh, I know you said you'd never gone all the way with another boy, but have you ever thought much about it?'

'A little. As I said, I'm in no hurry.' He gives a half-laugh. 'Nico, I hadn't even let another boy shoot his stuff in my mouth until yesterday. But it just felt right with you. And it was. And it will be the same with fucking and being fucked. The right boy will come along and it will feel right. Why do you ask?'

'Because last night, I woke up at about 5 needing a pee, and when I came back to bed I snuggled up to you. You were lying on your side with your back to me. My cock was against your bum and it…well…it just made me think. It's the first time such a thing has ever really crossed my mind.'

'You mean you wanted to fuck me?'

'God no. No, not at all. Sorry…that is, I don't mean I wouldn't maybe, but that wasn't…not right at that moment anyway…no, actually, in fact, if anything, I was thinking about what having you inside me might feel like. You know, would it hurt, all that stuff. I just wondered if you'd had the same thoughts.'

'About you?'

'No. Well, not specifically about me. About anyone.'

'I think with the right person it will be glorious.'

'Guess we both need the right person to come along.'

'Oh, I think he may very well have done so already...'

His eyes meet mine.

'…but there's no hurry. The right moment will come along in its own good time. Now, I don't know about you, but I'm ravenous. I need breakfast.'

We ease ourselves out of the bath and towel ourselves dry. I grab a clean shirt and my shorts – and realise that Josh only has what he was wearing for dinner the previous evening.

'That's OK, I'll go back to my room and change. But I'll remember to bring something clean to put on in the morning if we do this again.'


He laughs. 'OK. When.'

I cock an eyebrow at him.

'OK, OK…tonight.'

We exchange a brief kiss before he heads out of the door. I give him a couple of minutes then make my way out just as Josh is re-emerging from his room.

'The others have just gone down – I said you were on your way.'

We walk into the dining room together. Josh goes to join his parents, and I go to join mine. Jules gives me a knowing grin.

'Sorry Mum, Dad…overslept.'

'That's all right, dear. It looks as though Josh did the same.'

'Yeah, he did.'

Jules just raises an eyebrow and looks at me. I ignore her.

After breakfast, the four of us meet up in the lobby. We agree to rendezvous there again in an hour and head to the beach. We all take the lift up to the second floor. Josh and Alex go to their room, and Jules follows me into mine.

'So…?' she says.

'So what?'

'So how did it go…last night.'

'It was…perfect.'

'Still a virgin?'

'I told you. That's not on the agenda.'

'That was yesterday, I wondered if…'

'No. That…that's not…what matters between Josh and me. Maybe it will happen, maybe it won't. Sometime. We just…had fun together. It's truly not about the physical stuff. Well, not just about that. I think I love him, Jules.'

'Wow. Big word.'

'I know.'

'And does he feel the same?'

'Yes. Look, I know that he's my first and that maybe it's just lust or whatever, but I'm not HIS first. He says he feels things for me he hasn't felt with anyone else. If he feels that way then maybe…maybe it could be love? If he was only saying it so he could shag me, then he'd have pushed for that wouldn't he? But he didn't. He doesn't. We really, really like each other, Jules.'

'OK. But if it IS more than a holiday fling…more than sex…what happens when he goes home?'

So I tell her all about the conversation we had about Universities.

'Guess that could work. You're serious about this…about him…aren't you?'

I nod. And she comes and puts her arms around me.

'I hope it works out for you, Nico, I really do. You deserve someone nice…someone like him.'

'Thanks, sis. And what did you and Alex get up to after we left last night?'

'We went for a walk…down to the beach. It was lovely. I really like him too, Nico. He's…quite vulnerable underneath that exterior.'

'Yes…that's what Josh said to me.'

'And he's very sweet. He asked me before we held hands. And again before he kissed me.'

'Proper kiss?'


'Woah! Good for you. Think you'll take it further?'

'I don't know. I know he'd like to. I could feel his…thingy...was all hard when he pressed up against me.'

'And how did that make you feel?...ooh! You're blushing!'

'Yes, well…I suppose it made me feel good that I could have that effect on a boy. And a bit curious, I confess.'


'It sort of felt…big. Made me wonder…'

'I'm sure he'd be happy for you to touch it if you wanted to satisfy your curiosity.'

'Yeah…but if I did that he'd want more, wouldn't he? I can't just say 'would you mind dropping your pants for me and letting me cop a feel because I'm a bit curious about how big it is and what it would feel like' now can I?'

I start to giggle – and then she's laughing too.

'Oh man, I'd LOVE to hear that convo…'

'Hmmm…well…we'll see how things go, but I do feel that after he and I chatted yesterday while you two were 'getting a sandwich' that we're getting to know each other quite well.'

'Then I'll watch this space.'

'OK. I'm going to go and get beach-ready; see you downstairs in a bit.'

No sooner has she gone, than there's another tap on the door. It's Josh.

'Come on in.'

He gives me a kiss.

'So, what did your sis want?'

'Oh, she was wanting to know about what you and I did last night?'

'And did you tell her?'

'In graphic detail.'

I can see the look on his face.

'No of course I didn't. But I think she and Alex might be going in the same direction.'


I tell him about their walk and the kiss – and the lump in his pants.

'Well, I haven't seen him hard since that one time we compared stiffies when we were twelve. And we were both still going through puberty at that stage. But he was bigger than me then. I see him floppy quite often in the showers at school, of course, and he's big – well, you saw that when we hauled him up onto the diving platform – and although I suspect that he's a shower rather than a grower like us, I'd be surprised if he wasn't a couple of inches bigger than us when he's hard.'

'I'll ask sis - if she ever gets that far.'

And we both laugh.

Looking back, I don't quite know where the rest of that day – or the next three days – went. I know that although we did things as a group of four, increasingly Alex and Jules spent more and more time as a couple - and the same went for Josh and me.

I know we swam – both in the sea and the pool, and I know that one day we took it into our heads to build the biggest sandcastle possible. It really was something to behold by the time we'd finished it. We built it at low tide, about halfway out from the high tide mark; we wanted to see how long it could survive the incoming water. The castle ended up being about six feet tall with a deep moat surrounding it and an outer wall around that. By the time it was overwhelmed by the tide, the water was more than two feet deep all around it.

Most days Alex and Jules went for long walks along the beach – and Josh and I sneaked off to my room to enjoy each other most afternoons. And if sex during the day was often urgent and fast, at nights it became slower and more relaxed. Josh shared my bed every night, and we spent a lot of time just touching and stroking in entirely non-sexual ways, enjoying the feel of each other's skin and flesh – and simply revelling in the intimacy between us, and the sheer joy that we felt at being with one another.

We also told our parents of our feelings for each other. Not so much because we thought they'd find out if we didn't, but because we needed them to know that we wanted, beyond doubt, to be a couple beyond the end of the holiday, and to be able to visit each other as boyfriends. Both sets of parents were delighted.

And Alex and Jules' relationship flourished as well.

With Josh spending every night with me, one evening when the two of them got back from their walk, Alex asked Jules if she'd like to spend the night in his room – in separate beds if she so wished. She told me what happened.

'He was the complete gentleman he seemed to be,' she told me. 'I knew what he wanted, and we had a completely honest conversation about it. I told him that I was happy for us to have a naked cuddle and fondle, but that penetration was off the menu. I asked him if he'd be able to respect that, or whether he thought that the temptation would be too much in which case, for both our sakes, we should avoid the temptation from happening. He said 'I promise you I won't do anything you don't want me to do, or anything you don't give me specific permission to do.' And he was as good as his word. We touched each other all over; he was wonderful, he found ways to make me shiver with pleasure without using anything more than his hands and his fingers and his tongue. I gave him as much pleasure as I could as well – and when he squirted his stuff I found it wasn't as icky as I'd thought. Well, I reckoned if you could swallow Josh's stuff, having Alex's stuff on my skin couldn't be that bad. And it wasn't. And he took care to wipe it all off afterwards. And in the morning, I thought 'I think I'd be happy to lose my virginity to this boy', and I asked him if he was a virgin – and he told me about the girl he lost his virginity to on holiday, and the controlling girlfriend that followed, and then the awful girl at school. I asked him if he wanted to have sex with me and if he had any condoms. He said 'yes and no, in that order', so we agreed that we'd go and get some condoms and then have proper sex that night. Which we did. Over and over. He was amazing. And the next night I tried using my mouth on him. It sent him all woozy with pleasure, but to be honest, I found it a bit of a stretch – and although I didn't think his stuff was icky, I wasn't ready to have it in my mouth. Umm…Nico…I don't want to be indelicate, but is being a bit of a stretch normal?'

'It was probably a bit of a stretch because, by all accounts, Alex is…more generously equipped…than most boys.'

'Ah, OK. I wondered about that. Bigger than you and Josh, then?'

'I don't know. How big is Alex?'

She holds her hands about eight or nine inches apart.

'Yes, we're more…' and I hold my hands six or seven inches apart. 'And he's probably thicker as well…that's what would make it a bit less comfortable.'


'Yes…and personally I'm very grateful that Josh is the size he is.'


'Because when Alex is inside you, his equipment is inside somewhere built to get a baby through, but if and when Josh and I…well…you know…then where we'll be putting it isn't built with quite that scale of flexibility…'

'Oh. Yes. Of course. Ouch.'

'And will you two be staying in touch, you know, when this holiday's over?'

'Maybe. I think we're both pretty realistic about things though. I mean we do genuinely like each other a lot, but…'

'And you're OK with it being just a holiday romance?'

'You know Nico, the wisest thing you said to me about losing my virginity was that it wasn't when, it was with who. And I couldn't have lost it…and actually I didn't lose it, I gave it, which is different…to a nicer, kinder boy or one who's turned out to be such a wonderful, considerate lover. I reckon that's a pretty good return on a one-week romance. Yes, we'll stay in touch, but we're both realists. It's one of the things we like about each other.'

'I think I'd die if I couldn't see Josh again after this week.'

'There you are. That's the difference between the relationships. And I expect Josh feels the same way about you. What we have in common is that we've both had an experience that our partners in those experiences see the same way…if you see what I mean.'

When I share some of this with Josh, he says

'You know, Jules is just what Alex needs as it turns out. Someone kind, intelligent, sexy and open about their feelings. Alex told me all about it and how wonderfully straightforward she is; he said he reminded her of the Italian waitress who knew what she wanted and wasn't embarrassed about saying what that was and going for it. So different from the other girls he's known. And whatever Jules says, I think Alex is pretty hooked. We'll see.'

When it comes to our last full day together – the day before Josh and Alex are leaving – we once again spend the day as a four. The day seems to pass in a blur and before we know it, it's time for dinner.

The staff have made two tables into one so that both families can sit and eat together. Dinner is as excellent as usual – and Josh's parents order champagne. They toast Josh and me, and say once again how happy they are that their son has found such a wonderful boy to be his first real boyfriend. I insist that I'm the lucky one. My Dad agrees, and everyone laughs. But despite the good food and wine, there is an edge of impending loss that takes the edge off my appetite. After dinner, Josh and I excuse ourselves – to the knowing glances of our parents.

Josh and I have laid off doing stuff together for the last twenty-four hours so that our last night together can be special. Jules will be spending the night with Alex.

Once inside my bedroom, I take Josh's hand and lead him to the balcony.

'This is going to be such a special place for me from now on. The place I met you.'

'For me too, Nico. The place I first discovered what real love is. The place where I met the boy I think I just might want to spend the rest of my life with.'



We kiss, standing there on the balcony in the open air, to the sound of the sea.

'Take me to bed, Josh.'

'Your wish is my command,' he says, with that smile I've come to love.

Our lovemaking that night is passionate. We use our mouths on each other in turn - and then together. We cuddle up and then make love for a fourth time. Full sex remains something for the future – neither of us is in any hurry. We fall asleep in each other's arms and when we wake up in the morning we bring each other to a final, passionate climax.

'I don't want you to go, Josh.'

'And I don't want to go, Nico. But we'll survive. I'll arrange for you to come and visit – soon. And in less than a year we could be at the same Uni…seeing each other every day. And every night.'

He adds this last with a grin.

'I can't wait.'

We wait until the last possible moment to let go of each other. We take a shower together, and once we're dressed we hug as if there's no tomorrow. We end up being very late going down to breakfast and we find the others have already finished. It was kind of them not to have disturbed us, and Josh and I are happy to be able to eat together on our own. The staff don't seem to mind that we keep them a little longer than usual. Indeed, Jack comes over and says that it's a pleasure to see two such happy-looking boys who've found love, and tells us to take our time; it really is a most wonderful place, this Sunnybanks.

Josh's parents are already at Reception, ready to check out, as we emerge from the dining room, and Alex has brought Josh's case downstairs. My parents are there to say farewell to them too. I see Jules and Alex have a final embrace, and then Josh is in my arms. We are unashamedly emotional, and we both have tears in our eyes as we finally part.

Henry waits until we've finally let each other go, then comes over and says,

'If you'd both like it, why don't we see if Nick can come down and visit you, Josh, for a few days before the end of the holidays?'

'That would be wonderful, Dad...if you'd like to Nico?'

'Of course I would be…magical…if that would really be OK?'

I look across at my parents who just nod.

'Excellent. Josh can text you some possible dates later.'

Suddenly the sense of loss is replaced by one of anticipation, and we part, if not joyfully, then at least with hope in our hearts. And as they drive away from the front of the hotel, Josh blows me a lingering kiss. I send him one in return.

Jules intuitively knows how I must be feeling – prospective visit or not – and she comes and puts an arm around my shoulder.

'You'll be seeing him in no time,' she says, and then she adds, whispering in my ear, 'and I bet your bits need a chance to recover anyway…'

This makes me snort with laughter.

'I love you, sis…and yeah,' I add more quietly, '…they do!'

She shakes her head. 'You boys….'

We both make our way up the stairs.

'And how do you feel about Alex going?'

'I'll miss him. And yeah, I'll miss the sex too. And I never thought I'd hear myself saying THAT after this holiday! And now I've lost my virginity, I'm going to go on the pill. Not because I want to sleep around, but if I DO see Alex again I'd like to be able to do without condoms. Will you use condoms if and when you and Josh get to that stage?'

'No. It would be the first time for both of us, so no need.'

'Do you think you'll be doing it soon?'


'Sorry. None of my business. But…tell me anyway…I mean, it will happen, won't it?'

'You're impossible!' I pause. 'Yes…I'm sure it will. But like Josh says, it'll happen when it feels right. We both want to be as…close…as intimate…as possible with one another. So that will be part of it, I'm sure. And we've talked about it. So, yes.'

'Him top, you bottom - or the other way round?'


'Oh, c'mon bro…if you've thought about it, you must have thought about that too…'

'I suppose.'

I think about how I felt pressed up against Josh in bed that first night we spent together.

'I think…I hope…we'll both want it both ways. Or at least try it both ways. Maybe we'll find each of us prefers one or the other. We don't know…how can we until we've tried? But in my mind, that's how it is. Anyway enough about my sex life…what was the best position you had sex in with Alex?'


'Seems only fair after what you've asked me…'

'None of your business.'

I just look at her and raise an eyebrow.

'Oh, alright…riding him.'


'Meant I was in control.'

'Ooh...'you mistress, he slave'…'

'Huh…hardly…and actually it was good when he was in charge…he knew so much more about it than I did. I guess that Italian girl taught him well.'

'And you don't mind that he'd been with other girls before?'

'No. Made it better for me. At least he knew what he was doing. You hear stories of boys just ramming it in and squirting with no thought for the girl…and lasting all of 30 seconds…that wouldn't be any way to discover the joy of what it's like…or at least it wouldn't be for me. More likely to put you off ever doing it again…and if that was the way you said goodbye to your virginity that would be even worse.' She pauses. 'But…if you and Josh are both virgins…I mean…would you feel the same way about Josh as I do about Alex if Josh had had…experience…you know, two or three partners before you, or is the fact that neither of you will know what you're doing in that sense not such a big deal in terms of the…pleasure…you'll give each other?'

'I understand what you're saying, Jules, but actually I'm happy that Josh and I will go on that journey together from the same starting point. I think maybe it's different for us; we're both guys with the same equipment and we'll both be doing the same things to each other – hopefully – so that feels like how it should be to me. Maybe it will all turn out to be a disaster, and I'll wish my first time had been with a boy who could take charge like Alex did with you – but right now I'm really pleased that he and I both virgins, and that we'll stop being virgins at the same time - well almost - as well.'

'Promise me you'll tell me all about it when it happens….'


She laughs.

'God, it's so cool having a twin who's gay. Now…are you coming swimming? I feel like racing you over ten lengths.'

'You really know how to kick a boy when he's down, don't you?'

'Maybe I'll let you win…'

'Ah…and patronise him as well….'

'Got to keep you in your place….'

'Why you…'

But she's skipped off through the door, laughing. As I chase her out into the corridor, she stops and turns round.

'See you down there in ten.'

'OK. You win. Ten minutes.'

I go back into my room to put my swimmers on. The conversation we've just had might not be your normal brother-sister chat…but I realise it's somehow eased the pain of Josh going home in some indefinable way. But while this means I might owe Jules, I don't owe her enough not to make her regret her challenge.

Except I don't.

It's very tight, but she still wins. Her tumble-turns are better than mine.

'You lose,' she says, with that annoying little smile on her face, 'but you're getting better, Nico – that was close. Get those turns better and I might be in trouble.'

'Oh, you're in trouble alright,' I say with what I hope is an equally annoying smile, 'just wait 'til I tell everyone about Alex…'

'You wouldn't!'

I try to make a pretence of being serious, but I can't keep it up.

'No…you're right…I wouldn't. And you might be a better swimmer than me, but I could whop you at tennis.'

'True. If a little competitive…still, must be annoying to be beaten at a sport by a girl…'

I just stick my tongue out at her.

'Ah, I see you're still the master of sophisticated repartee….'

And I can't help but laugh.

Mum and Dad come down and join us beside the pool.

'So how are you both getting on without your other halves?'

Jules looks at me. I look at her. We know they know about me and Josh, but are they saying that they know about Jules and Alex?

'Our other halves?' asks Jules, all innocence.

'We're not entirely stupid – or blind – darling. And we're as happy for you as we are for Nico – assuming that you were careful?'

Jules is lost for words – which doesn't happen very often.

'And we're not dinosaurs – whatever you might sometimes think. And Alex seemed like a very nice boy, and we trust your judgement.'

'Umm…err…thanks…I suppose,' she says, the colour rising to her cheeks.

'I assume you knew all about it, Nico?' my mother says.

'Umm…well…yes. But like you say, Jules knows her own mind and has good judgment.'

'Thanks, bro,' Jules says, giving my hand a squeeze.

'And we talked about it, actually,' I add, 'you know…beforehand. About me and Josh and her and Alex. Before we…you know.'

'How very…grown-up of you,' says my mother.

'We're twins, Mum. We just…know - and we don't really have any secrets from each other.'

My mother shakes her head. 'I suppose I should know that. And I guess it's good that you can talk about – did talk about – these things. Anyway, how are you both feeling?'

'A bit empty,' we say simultaneously. And that makes us all laugh.

'You really are twins, aren't you?' says my father.

'But I know I'll be seeing Josh again soon,' I say, 'so I guess it could be worse.'

'And Alex and I are both realists,' says Jules.

'Well, that's good…and if next week doesn't have quite the same…excitement…of this last one, we'll all still have a good time, I hope,' adds my father.

'Sure, Dad. This is a really lovely place.'

'And who knows what new guests might not be arriving during the week…' says Jules with a mischievous grin.

My mother goes to say something, but Jules cuts her off.

'It's alright, Mum, I'm joking…I haven't turned into some kind of sex-fiend.'

My mother visibly blanches.

'Well, I'm glad to hear it…tsk…'sex-fiend' indeed…what sort of language is that?'

And then she starts to laugh.

'What's so funny, Mum?'

'I was just thinking…I believe that's what I called your father…once we started to….'

'DAD!?' says Jules, open-mouthed.

'Yes, well, I think your mother must be misremembering….' he says. But his smile gives him away.

Well good for Dad. And Mum.

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