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Knowing Noah

by c m

Chapter 6

I go to get on my bike, and my body protests. I have no choice, however, so I slowly and painfully make my way back to my room. Once there, I dig out a packet of painkillers and check the maximum dose. Two, it says; I take three. The cycle ride has made the pains in my chest worse, and I hope that I haven't done any serious damage. I don't have time to worry about though, as there's a knock on the door. I can't face getting up and answering it so I just yell 'Come in'.

It's Tim. And he's looking nervous.

'Hi Ollie, how was the…oh my god.'

He can see that I am in some difficulty, and the bruising on my neck has started to come out.

'I'm…OK, Tim. Just came off second best in a couple of clashes. My own stupid fault for agreeing to play.'

I realise he's carrying a bottle of gin.

'What's that for?'

'Well, you said to bring painkillers and gin, so I have.'

He takes a pack of ibuprofen out of his pocket.

'That's kind – but you shouldn't have. Well, not the gin anyway.' I take the box of ibuprofen. 'Do you know if I can take these as well as paracetamol?'

'Yes, I think so – I have in the past.'

'Good. There's some tonic on the side over there, could I ask you to make us both a drink?'


He does so and I gratefully swallow a mouthful along with a couple of the pills.

'So…how can I help?'

'This is kind of embarrassing, Ollie.'

'We're friends, Tim – and anything you say or ask remains strictly between us.'

'OK.' He pauses, and takes a deep breath.

'It's about sex, Ollie.'


'Look…I've never even so much as jacked off with another boy. I know Mark told me he hadn't done much, but I don't want to…mess things up - if we end up in bed, that is. Maybe he won't want to, but if he does… I mean, I've looked at porn sites – including gay ones – so I sort of know the theory but…'

'OK, Tim. Right. First, stop worrying. Second, don't take porn sites as a guide to what to do – that's a sure way to make a mess of things. Third, just be honest with Mark and ask him to be honest with you. I have no idea what, if anything, he may have got by way of experience…but it may be none at all, like you. If he HAS got some experience, then get him to show you…learn from him. That's what I did with Noah. OK, so I'd jacked off with other boys but I'd never had oral sex let alone full-blown sex until I met him. And finally, just remember that I'm hardly the world expert on any of these things – apart from some mutual masturbation I was a virgin until about a month ago. '

'But I don't even know where to begin…'

'Umm…you wank, right?'

He blushes. 'Yes, of course, doesn't everyone?'

'That's exactly my point. So you know what feels good when you stroke yourself. Base one, when you do it with someone else, do the things that you do to yourself.'

'But what if he's circumcised? I mean, I'm not…so does it make a difference?'

'Not much in my limited experience. I've only ever jacked off with one cut guy; he sometimes liked me to use some lube which he provided because that's what he sometimes used when he did it to himself. But other times we just did it without. If Mark is circumcised, and that's how he does it, you can be sure he'll bring some with him. But you just use your hand the same way you do on yourself And talk. Tell each other what feels good and what doesn't. Tell each other if you want to go faster or slower- all that sort of stuff. It's about enjoying yourselves.'

'Ok, thanks. Can I ask about oral?'

'Of course. Simple rules; be careful with your teeth; use your lips to cover them or keep them out of the way - mostly, that is. Use your tongue on the head. The most sensitive bit is the little 'v' on the underside. Noah likes me to suck his balls – one at a time. Sorry…too much information there, perhaps. Discover what you like – and tell each other if you don't like something. Experiment. Make it a game.'

'What about…you know…cumming?'

'You mean in your mouth or not?'


'That's up to you. Some do, some don't; and if you do, then some swallow and some spit it out. Provided Mark doesn't have HIV, it's perfectly safe either way. It's a matter of taste really. Almost literally.'

'Do you mind me asking what you do?'

'I love having Noah cum in my mouth and I swallow. I like both the sensation and the taste. And he feels the same. But you might want by start by pulling off before you cum. You can always lick up some of his seed to see if you like the taste – or at least don't dislike it. I quite like Noah cumming on my face too – it's quite erotic - but overall I think it feels best when you cum in the other person's mouth – but only if they are happy for you to do so. And doing it to each other at the same time is awesome.'


'Yup. But there's no right or wrong, Tim…it's just about discovering what you both enjoy…and there's nothing wrong with just jacking each other off and not going any further – it's not some kind of race with check-in points for each step.'

'And what about…you know...full sex.?'

'What about it?'

'Does it hurt? And doesn't your dick get all covered in….you know…'

'It might hurt a bit at first, but I found that after Noah had used his fingers to prepare me…first one, then two then three…it wasn't really very painful at all. Lots of lube, though. And you need to learn not to tense up – that make it worse. But after the first few times…well, it doesn't hurt at all. as for the 'poop' thing…it's best if you can clean yourself out first but there's less stuff up there than you might think. Accidents can happen – it's happened once to Noah and me – but you just have to accept it, have a towel ready and not worry. And it's less of a problem with a condom, if you use one.'

'Do you and Noah use condoms?'

'No…we don't. I was a virgin when we met and Noah had had himself checked up after his last boyfriend, so we know bareback sex is not a problem – and we prefer it that way. But a condom is definitely safer. But look, Tim, I reckon anal sex is way down the track for you two.'

'Yeah, probably. And look, thanks for this chat…it must seem really stupid to you.'

'Not in the slightest, Tim. And there may be stuff Noah knows that I don't if you want to ask him anything.'

'Umm…maybe. I just feel more comfortable talking it through with you, if that's OK.'

'That's fine. You wouldn't like to make me another gin would you?'


Tim is busy fixing the drinks when Noah arrives.

'Hey Tim…nice to see you.' He turns to me. 'And how's my brave little soldier?'

'Fuck off,' I say companionably, '…and he's feeling very sore but a whole lot better after the painkillers and a couple of gins that Tim has kindly made possible.'

'Actually, Noah, I was just off. I'll leave Ollie in your tender care – I think he could do with some.'

'OK, Tim – take care.'

I don't see any reason to tell Noah about Tim's questions and our discussion, so I don't mention it. Noah comes and kneels down in front of me.

'Seriously, Ollie, how are you? That was a heck of pile-up at the end there.'

'My ribs hurt and my neck aches and I 'm pretty much sore all over from muscles that I haven't used in a while. I barely managed to cycle back.'

'Oh fuck…I didn't think of that. Sorry.'

' 's OK.'

'Would a massage help?'

'Only if it's very gentle. And stay away from my ribs.'

'Come on then, let's get you on the bed.'

He gives me a hand up and we make our way into the bedroom. He undresses me carefully and I lie face down on the bed.

'Fuck, Ollie, you've got some cracking bruises.'

'Tell me about it.'

Noah gets some oil and I feel his hands run gently over my shoulders. I wince.

'God, Ollie, I'm so sorry I asked you to play. This is my fault.'

'It's OK…nothing you can't be made to pay for…'

Noah hands are soft and gentle. He move down my back and massages the backs of my thighs and calves. It feels good. he moves back up to my neck and gently ease his fingers up and down. That hurts at first but then eases up.

'Mmm..that felt good, Noah.'

'Turn over.'

I roll onto my back. I see Noah's eyes widen.

'Does this hurt, Ollie?'

He presses very gently on the left side of my chest. Pains shoot through me, and I can't help crying out.

'Fuck. I hope you haven't cracked a rib. There's a lot of redness…and more bruises.'

'I'm sure I'll be fine. Let's leave it to the morning and see how it is then.'

'OK…if you're sure. Is there any part of you that doesn't hurt?'

I smile sweetly up at him.

He frowns and then his face breaks into a smile as he realises what I mean.

'Hmmm…I should have guessed that bit of you would still be working.'

He puts a hand into my groin and strokes me. My response is instant as I thicken and harden in his grasp. He gently squeezes my balls. It feels wonderful. He bends down and kisses me as his hand moves gently up and down. All the aches and pains seem to flow out of me as he does so. I can feel myself nearing my climax. Noah increases the pace of his stroking and then I'm erupting, all over his hand and my chest and my stomach.

'Oh fuck, Noah…'

Noah bends his head down and licks the pearly white streaks off me. Then he lies down beside me

'Want me to do the same for you?' I ask.

'No, Ollie…you relax. Look, I'll go and get something for us both to eat – I don't think you should be trying to get to the dining hall right now and we can see how you feel after that. Curry or Chinese?'

'Curry,' I say.

Noah smiles.

'Good choice. Be back in a bit.'

While he's out I get dressed again and sit on the sofa. Whether it's the effect of the painkillers kicking in, the gin, or Noah's massage – or all three – I actually feel a bit better, and by the time Noah gets back with a plastic bag full of great-smelling food, I'm hungry and a lot more myself. As well as the food, Noah's brought a couple of cold Cobra beers and we set to with a will. He's brought bhajis and samosas to start which we wolf down. The lamb Rogan Josh is excellent and I try a bit of Noah's Murgh Madras – but it's a bit hot for me. I scoop up the last of my sauce with the remains of my naan bread, scrape out the rice pot and sit back feeling thoroughly satisfied.

'Thanks Noah…that was really good.'

'Least I could do. How are you feeling?'

'A lot better – even my chest is a bit less painful.'

'Good. And I've been thinking…much as I'd like to stay the night, I think you need rest and sleep – neither of which is going to happen if we spend the night together. Is that OK?'

I know he's right. Much as I want him, there's no way in the world that we can have sex without it causing me a lot of pain right now.

'Ok…if you let me return the favour you did me earlier.'

'You don't have to do that.'

'Fuck it Noah, I bloody WANT to…I want to feel that big, hard cock of yours pulsing your goo into my mouth. Besides, it will help cool down the effect of the chillis.'

I look at him and we both break into a burst of laughter.

'You're crazy, Ollie…you do know that?'

'Just come here.'

I unbuckle his belt and unzip him. I pull his chinos and briefs down round his knees and take him in my mouth. He seems to swell and swell as I go to work on him until suddenly, with a groan, he's pumping his seed into me.

'God, you're so good at that, Ollie.'

'Well, it will have to do until I'm passed fir for action. And that's your fault.'

He holds up his hands.

'I know, I know…and sorry again Ollie. But you were bloody good, you know. At Rugby, I mean.'

He grins. 'Though you're not bad at the other as well.'

'I did what I had to do. At rugby.'

'No…you were better than that – whatever you may say or think – and Mike thinks the same.'

'Hmmm…well, if you say so. And Mike's quite cute isn't he – for a rugby player.'

'I'm sure I haven't noticed.'

I snigger quietly.

'I bet you have…those amazing green eyes.'

'Like I say, I haven't noticed.'

'Lovely curly hair.'

'Haven't noticed.'

'Great body with a nice cock.'

'No idea what you're talking about.'


'It's lucky for you you're injured, or I would have to administer retribution.'

We just look at each other. His face cracks into a grin.

'Well, yes, alright so he's quite sexy. But not in your league, Ollie.'

'Or yours, Noah.'

'God I love you.'

'I love you too, Noah.'

He leans in and we kiss.

'Right, I'm going to leave you now, but I'll be back in the morning to see how you are – and if your chest is still really sore, we go to A&E, right?'

'Whatever you say, boss.'

'Night, Ollie.'

'Night Noah.'

I check the time; I can take another load of painkillers, which is perfect timing as I'm ready for bed. As I strip, I take a look at myself in the mirror. I don't think my chest is quite as red as before, but I've got a lovely bruise on my neck from where I caught the knee of the guy I'd tackled, and a couple on my chest from the first tackle I'd sustained. It takes me a bit of time to find a comfortable position to lie in, but once my head hits the pillow I'm out like a light.

When I wake up I'm stiff; very stiff – and not just the part of me that's always stiff in the morning. My chest does, however, feel a lot easier and I find that once I've done some careful stretches I can move reasonably easily. I get showered and dressed and make my way to breakfast. Tim and Rob are already there. I take my tray over to them.

'I understand you played a game of rugby yesterday you daft bastard,' says Rob, 'and Tim tells me you looked a bit like a punchbag when you got back.'

'Well…I'm a bit sore, for sure.'

'I'm not bloody surprised.'

'Are you feeling better this morning, Ollie?' asks Tim.

'Yes, thanks, Tim…much better. I think it was probably the gin.'

'Gin? By 'eck Tim, you're picking up some nasty soft southern habits, I see.'

'We don't all run solely on beer, Rob.'

'Don't see why not. Bloody gin eh? I don't know.'

We all finish up our meals and I go back to my room. I find Noah waiting outside.

'How long have you been waiting? Why didn't you call me?'

'Only a minute or so…and I didn't know if maybe you'd still be asleep or unable to move or something…I've been so worried.'

'I'm OK, Noah. Honest.'

I give him a kiss.

'My chest isn't so tight and the bruises are coming out so they're easier too.'

'Thank God for that. I'd never have forgiven myself if you'd been really hurt.'

'I'll survive…but I think sex is off the agenda for a few days.'

'I expect we'll find some way to cope with that…'

'Yeah, probably.' I grin. 'So what's on today?'

'I need to work, Ollie, but I just wanted to make sure you were alright.'

'Well I am and that's very sweet of you. And actually I ought to do some work today as well.'

'OK. Maybe we can do something together tomorrow?'

'Sounds good, but I have a tutorial Friday afternoon, so it depends a bit on how things go today.'

'OK…I'll call you later.'


We kiss and he gives me a gentle and careful hug before clattering away down the stairs.

As it turns out, I don't get as much done as I'd hoped and I cry off meeting up on Thursday. My body is also grateful for the chance to rest and recuperate and so it's actually Friday evening before we meet up again.

It's Noah who broaches the subject.

'So, Ollie, when are you going to tell your parents?'

'About being gay?'

'Yes…and about me.'

'I want to do it soon, Noah. I want them to meet you. The boy who's changed my life. I'm proud of having you as my boyfriend. I don't want to introduce you just as my good friend. But I need to get the whole being gay thing out of the way first.'

'Have you thought about doing both things together?'

'Mightn't that be a bit much to ask them to swallow all in one go?'

'Maybe…or maybe the fact that you and I have become boyfriends is what's the real news is…so it's not the being gay that's the big deal, it's the fact you're in a relationship with someone you love, who happens to be gay…like you?'

I nod. I can see the logic. And I don't think my parents will have any problem with me being gay. I need to think about it.

'I need to think about it, Noah.'

'Cool. There's no rush. But I'd like to meet my in-laws.'

'That makes it sound as if we're married!'

'I hope we will be one day. I love you, Ollie, and I have no intention of ever letting you go.'

'Really? You want to marry me?'

'When the time's right…assuming that's what you want too.'

'Noah…I never even thought about that. I'm…that is…this has been a whirlwind, you and me. From virgin…to…this. Not that I'm complaining. It's magical…all of it. I just…I suppose I've just been going with the flow, loving the ride, enjoying being hopelessly head over heels in love. I didn't even know I was gay a few moths ago and now you're talking about getting married? My head can't absorb it.'

I see something in his face. I'm not sure what it is. Disappointment? I take him in my arms and hug him. Gently. I'm still a little sore.

'I love you, Noah. I love you more than anything in the world…more than I can say. But you're several steps ahead of me. I'm on the same path – don't worry – just let me catch up.'

He smiles.

'Sorry, Ollie. I can't help getting ahead of myself.'

We go out to a local pub and then on to a club. But much as I love dancing, I realise that I'm still not fully fit, and after maybe thirty minutes I ask Noah if he'd mind if we leave.

'Of course not, Ollie.'

We go back to his room, and he puts some music on. Unusually for him, it's slow and melodic and then he holds out his arms to me and we are dancing again, this time slowly in each other's arms. As we gyrate, he says,

'I didn't mean to put any pressure on you Ollie…about telling your parents. I just love you so much.'

'And I want to tell them , Noah, I really do. This vacation. I promise.'

He kisses me and gently starts to grins his groin against mine. I can feel his arousal. I want him so badly.

'Be gentle with me,' is all I say.

He leads me to his bed. We shed our clothes and over the next couple of hours we make up for lost time. We find ways and positions that keep the pressure off my chest. He fills me at both ends with his seed – and I do the same for him. We end up with my legs round his waist and my arms round his neck as he takes me, standing up. And afterwards we just lie and cuddle on the bed.

'You still need time to recover, Ollie. Two of us in the bed all night will be uncomfortable for you. I'll use the couch – if you want to stay, that is.'

'I'd love to stay, but it's silly for you to be on the couch. Why don't I go back to my room – we'll both be more comfortable that way. We have all the time in the world to share a bed.'

'Then I'll walk you back,' he says.

'And that's an even dafter suggestion. I'll be fine.'

'Well, if you're sure.'

I actually quite enjoy the walk back to my room. It's a fresh night and my body is still tingling with the after-effects of our love-making. I feel alive.

The next week is pretty uneventful, and then there's only a week to go until the end of term – but this coming weekend is the one where Mark is coming up to see Tim. I keep my fingers crossed that it all goes well.

Noah and I are out on the Friday evening that Mark's due to arrive, and I spend the night with him, so I don't see either him or Tim until the Saturday morning. Well to be more accurate, it's lunchtime, and when I do see them, they both have goofy smiles on their faces. They don't say a word, just both give me a big thumbs up as they disappear back into Tim's room

I eventually get the full story from Tim on the Sunday evening after Mark has left. I'm in my room, when there's a tap on the door and there's Tim.

'Hi, Ollie…have you got a few minutes?'

'Sure come in and have some of that gin you so kindly brought me – I think there's still some left.'

'Oh, OK…thanks.'

He poured himself a G&T - and one for me - and then comes and sits down beside me.

'From the smile on your face, I take it things went well with Mark.'

'Fuck, Ollie…I don't think they could have gone much better. He's a lovely guy – as well as being sexy as hell - and….well…wow.'

'Want to tell me about it?'

'Well…first of all, he's really bright; we talked about some of the stuff we're doing and he could already have a really intelligent conversation about it. I reckon with a bit of help he'll be in with a great chance of coming here – if he wants to.'

'Great…so as a student he ticks all the boxes. How about as a friend?'

Tim's smile got even bigger.

'Well…let's just say that if we'd spent any more time in bed, we'd have been hibernating. I just did what you said. I asked him what he'd done - which was give a blow job to an older boy but that was it. So we just discovered everything together. It was bloody amazing..'

'Did you….?'

'Go all the way? No. Neither of us feels ready for that. But we did just about everything else.'

'Well good for you, Tim.'

'I can't thank you enough for introducing us, Ollie.'

'I'm just so pleased it's worked out.'

Then I see his face fall.

'Of course, none of this solves the problem of how I tell my family.'

'Did you discuss that with Mark?'

'I told him how things are. He said he didn't mind if I didn't tell them at all; that we just enjoyed the relationship we had and kept it between us. Isn't that amazing?'

'Yes…yes it is. But if that suits both of you, then why not?'

'Exactly. So that's what we're going to do – at least for the moment. It's quite a weight off my mind. I mean, I know I – or we – will have to face up to it eventually, but there's no hurry.'

'Noah's in a real hurry for me to tell my folks.'

'Oh. Does that bother you?'

'No...not really. It's something I want to do. And I want then to meet him – and to meet him knowing that he's my boyfriend and not just some random mate from Uni. But saying I want to and actually doing it…well…I guess everyone's nervous about how it will go.'

'But you think they'll be OK with it?'

'Yes…yes, I do.'

'Then I envy you.'

And that sort of puts it all in perspective for me. Whether he knows it or not, Tim's just helped me a lot.

'You two meeting up again soon?'

'I'm going to visit him in the vacation. Probably just for the day, but we'll see how it goes. Are you seeing Noah after term ends?'

'Will certainly try. We are away for Christmas and New Year - it was all booked before I met him, but I expect we'll sort something out.'

'OK, well, I better get going. Thanks again.'

We stand up and he hugs me, and then gives me a little wave as heads down the staircase. The last part of our conversation reminds me that I haven't told Noah about my Christmas and New Year arrangements. He's round this evening so I'll do it then.

He's not best pleased.

'Why didn't you tell me sooner, Ollie, I've been making all sorts of plans for us.'

'Really? You've been making plans for us? So how come you haven't shared them with me?'

I see his eyes flash – and I don't want this to escalate into an argument.

'Look…I'm sorry, Noah…it's just meeting you has turned my world upside down – I've not thought about anything but you – and work – for weeks. What happens when term ends has been the last thing on my mind.'

He's somewhat mollified.

'Hmm, well…I guess. And I should have told you what I had in mind.'

'Tell me anyway.'

'OK…well…I have some money saved from working last summer, and I thought maybe we could go away, just the two of us, somewhere nice over New Year.'

'Oh Noah, that's a lovely idea…I can see if I can persuade my parents that I'd rather do that.'

'What have you got planned?'

'My aunt – my mother's sister – lives in France. We sort of take it in turns to host Christmas, and this year it's our turn to go there. Then when Christmas is over, Dad's booked for us to go skiing for a week over New Year.'

'I've never been skiing. Sounds lovely Ollie and of course you must go. Family is important. We can catch up once you're back.'

'Are you sure? Going away with you sounds lovely.'

'I'm sure, Ollie. I should have asked you first anyway…I just wanted to surprise you. But we can do that anytime. No, you must go. It will make seeing you even more special when you get back.'

'Or maybe before I go. I'm going to tell them Noah – that I'm gay – as soon as I get home. And I'll tell them about you and ask if you can come and stay for a day or two before Christmas – if you'd like that?'

'Really Ollie? You'll really tell them and invite me to stay?'

'Yes I'll really tell them, and yes I'll ask if you can come and meet them.'

'That would be wonderful, Ollie.'

'I hope they'll say yes…but I won't know until I've asked.'

'Well of course not…and that's fine. More than fine.'

He comes across and wraps me in his arms.

'So…did you see Tim today?'

'Oh…yes…I was going to tell you. It all went brilliantly. They got on like a house on fire. What was it he said?...umm, oh yes 'if we'd spent any more time in bed we'd have been hibernating'…great, isn't it?'

Noah laughs. 'That's fantastic. Perfect result all round. But talking of spending time in bed….'

'You mean?'


'No…sorry Noah…I've gone off sex.'

'You what???'

Then he sees my smile.

'Why you….come here.'

He more or less carries me to the bedroom and then there's no stopping us.

Our love-making has started to drop into a pattern. Whilst neither one of us is just a top or bottom, it's a fact that I'm finding I want Noah inside me more and more. I still enjoy fucking him - and he certainly enjoys having me inside him - but increasingly I can't get enough of the feeling of having him buried deep inside me, and the glorious sensation as he fills me with his seed. So maybe three times out of four, he's the one doing the giving and I'm the one who's taking it. This also works well because Noah seems to be able to cum time after time after time. His balls are apparently sperm-making factories running on overtime. The most I've ever managed in one session is three orgasms, but Noah has made it as far as six; three in my mouth and three deep inside my guts. He never seems to gets more than half-soft before he gets hard again. If it wasn't for the fact that I still end up getting sore - too sore to have him do it again - I think he'd just keep on going. Today is not a 'six timer' but I'm still well and truly exhausted by the end of it. And then we just lie together, gently caressing one another, kissing and cuddling. I love this bit almost more than the sex itself. I feel protected and loved, and I can't imagine myself being with anyone but Noah.

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