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Making Nico

by c m

Chapter 6

The next day Piers needs to go into the local town, and Zak goes with him - leaving me alone with Karim. It's a good opportunity to get to know him better. We lie beside the pool and chat. He's genuinely interested in what I'm doing at Uni and asks some interesting and well-informed questions. He tells me that he is going to study Law at Oxford.

'Apart from anything else, I want to be able to represent people who fall foul of the immorality laws in my country and its neighbours.'

'Don't you need to understand Sharia rather than British law for that?'

'Yes, and I will be doing that alongside my other studies, but a degree in British Law is still widely-respected and will allow me to develop a wider practice as and when I want. That is why I wanted to go to Oxford.'

'My family lives in Oxford…it's where I grew up,'

'Really? What a coincidence. Perhaps I will see you while I'm there?'

'I'm sure we can arrange something.'

'Tell me about you and Josh.'

So I tell him the story of how we met and fell for each other on holiday and how that's turned into something more.

'That's wonderful. So, you are a proper couple?'


'But you have a relationship that means you can have sex with other boys?'

'Well…yes and no,' I say.

He laughs. 'That sounds like a very British compromise…what does it mean?'

So I tell him about the special relationship we have with Piers and Zak.

'I understand. Unusual but interesting. And Piers has told me much the same. And told me that you want to know me better before you decide if I can join your special circle. I understand that too. Sex is special. Not something casual. So I respect your approach. Now, what else can I tell you about me that would help? Because I must be honest and say that I would very much like you to feel comfortable with me. I find you very sexy…and your boyfriend too.'

He smiles; I like his openness and I find I'm falling for his easy charm.

'Tell me about realising you were gay and coming out and about the relationships you've had?'

'Of course. I think Piers helped me realise I was gay. He was…so confident, and his parents were so accepting and I realised I was attracted to him. He was happy for us to…experiment...and our experiments made me sure I was gay. I was worried about coming out to my parents, but I think we all have to be honest about who and what we are, so I told them. Maybe I should have told them sooner, but…' he shrugs, 'you know how it is. As for my experiences, just some seized moments – mostly with boys from the International School, so not Bahrainis. Mostly pleasurable but not what you'd call relationships. My closest relationship and my most intense sexual experiences have been with Piers. And now, I suppose, with Zak, too. Does that answer your question?'

'Yes…and thank you. And I apologise.'

'What for?'

'My question was intrusive and unreasonable.'

'A little. But I don't think you and I need to have any secrets from each other.' He smiles. 'So can I ask you an intrusive and unreasonable question?'

I laugh. 'Yes…of course.'

'When you and Josh have sex, which one of you is top and which one bottom?' He asks this with a big grin on his face, and I can't help but smile back. I like this boy.

'We both do both, Karim.'

'I have only been bottom once, and it was very painful, so I haven't done it again. It doesn't hurt you?'

'It shouldn't hurt anyone…or not much and certainly not after the first few times. Josh and I found it a little uncomfortable at first I suppose, but not anymore. We enjoy both equally now. Perhaps the boy who topped you didn't take his time…didn't prepare you properly?'

He nods.

'That is true. But tell me, if we do sleep together...yes, a big if, I acknowledge…would you be happy just being bottom?'

'I think I'd want to try and show you that it's possible to enjoy both.'

'Hmm. But if I didn't want to?'

'I think sex should always be about both participants respecting each other. If we had sex and you didn't want me to top you, of course I would respect that. Just as I hope you would respect the fact that although I like doing both with Josh, that doesn't mean I'd automatically want to bottom with you. But more to the point, sex doesn't have to include penetration at all.'

He thinks about this.


'But,' I continue, 'if we were to have sex and if you wanted to top me and if I wanted you to, then it wouldn't be conditional on you letting me do the same to you. But I'd want us to talk about it and agree. Sex should never be about just one person getting what they want or taking it regardless.'

He thinks about this and slowly nods his head.

'No-one has said this to me before. You are right. Thank you.'

'That's OK. It's just who I am…and Josh is the same. And by the way, just as Piers was always a bottom until he met Zak, people can find…new ways…to enjoy themselves if they're with someone who really cares about them.'

'One more question, if I may,' he says.


'Were you and Piers together last night?'

'Yes. Were you and Zak?'

'Yes. And did you and Piers go…both ways…like you and Josh?'

'Yes…I assume that you and Zak didn't.'

'No…he was happy to let me be the top.'

'Happy? Or did you just not give him any choice?'

He pauses. 'A fair question.' And then he smiles. 'I like you, Nick. I like you a lot.'

'The feeling is entirely mutual,' I say.

'Good. Now how about a swim?'

We shuck off our shorts and dive in. Karim swims up to me and puts his hands on my shoulders before wrapping his legs around my waist.

'It is OK to do this?' he asks.

'It's fine.'

'May I kiss you?' he asks, 'would Josh be alright with that?'

The fact that he has thought to ask if Josh is OK with it is what swings the balance. I nod. His lips touch mine and I can feel him hardening against me. My own body promptly responds.

'I would like you to…touch me…if that also would be alright,' he says as he places another kiss on my lips.

I'm not sure if it's OK, but I'm having a hard time thinking straight with this beautiful boy pressing his erection into me. I reach down and take hold of him. He has grown considerably, and even in the cool water, the rigid column of flesh in my hand is almost hot to my touch. I see his lips part in pleasure. He uncoils his legs from around my waist so that we are standing facing each other. His hand reaches down to take hold of me.

'Very nice, Nick…very nice indeed.'

Our lips meet again as we gently start to stroke each other. Then my conscience clicks in.

'I think maybe we should stop,' I say.

I can see the disappointment in his face. But he does as I ask.

'Of course. And I apologise.'

'You're no more to blame than I am.'

'This Josh…he's special to you. I like that. But I hope perhaps we might explore each other a little more sometime?'

'Perhaps,' I reply, but I need to talk with Josh again first.'

'You need…his permission?'

'He's my boyfriend, Karim, and I'm not going to take things further with you, however much I may want to, unless he's OK with it. I shouldn't have even done what we did.'

He smiles. 'Knowing that you'd like to go further is all I need to know. And…I respect and admire the relationship you two have. And I'm sorry if I…tempted you to do something you regret.'

'I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy the little we did.'

He gives me a big smile.

We get out of the pool and lie down on two of the loungers. I briefly wonder if the invitation to swim was all part of a pre-planned way for Karim to initiate things between us. Well…what if it was. But I need to call Josh later and tell him how things have moved on.

Karim and I chat comfortably with each other, and Piers is right; he's amusing and clever and he has a way of asking questions that make conversation flow easily. I can see why Piers likes him, and I realise that I already do too…and that Josh would, I'm sure, feel the same.

When Zak and Piers arrive back, it's time for lunch. Piers asks how the two of us have got on.

'Famously,' says Karim, 'Nick has proven to be very…stimulating…company.'

I can't help but smile. 'Yes,' I add, 'we had the sort of conversation that could really get your juices flowing.'

This time it's Karim's turn to give me a big grin.

After lunch, I take Piers on one.

'You were right about Karim,' I say, 'he's a very nice guy and we had a really good chat. I feel very comfortable with him. I need to talk with Josh, but if he's OK with everything then I think I'd be comfortable with adding Karim to our circle.'

'Fantastic. But what was all that about stimulating company and flowing juices…it seemed like some kind of private joke you were sharing.'

'Sorry. Yes, and you're right. He and I got on well enough to end up, well…having a little fondle...I'm only pleased I caught myself before it went any further.'

'OOOH…OK…well…good for you. I'll wait to hear what Josh says.'

I call Josh, but there's no answer so I leave a message asking him to WhatsApp me when he can.

I still haven't heard from Josh when I head off to bed that night. As I'm heading up the stairs, Karim catches up with me.

'Have you…had a chance to talk with Josh?'

'No…not yet.'

I see his face fall.

'Ah…I had hoped….'

I stop and put my hands on his shoulders. 'Even if I had, and even if he'd agreed, tonight would not be a good night. I spent last night with Piers and tonight is a…no sex…night.'

He smiles. 'I understand. But…might I ask a favour?'


'Could I spend the night in bed with you? I promise no touching in any sexual way…tonight is a…I like your phrase…a 'no sex' night for me too after yesterday with Zak…. but I would very much like some…company.'

His green eyes are looking straight into mine.

'I don't know if that's a good idea, Karim. I think we might both find that our best intentions are hard to keep. And I owe Josh more than that.'

'I promise that you can trust me, Nick.'

I look at him. Perhaps some company would be nice.

'OK…but if I start to find that…temptation…is too much, and that I need you to leave, promise me you will. Without any argument.'

'Of course.'

'Then let's each get ready for bed in our own rooms, and then you can come and join me.'

'Certainly. And thank you.'

He opens the door to his bedroom and goes inside, shutting it behind him. I hope I'm doing the right thing.

I shower and brush my teeth, then slip underneath the new crisp cotton sheet on the bed. The housekeeper seems to be under instruction to change them every day. There's no sign of Karim and I wonder if he's changed his mind. It might be easier if he has. I turn out the light. And then my door opens - and Karim is there.

'It is still OK?' he asks.

'Yes...if you still wish to.'

'Thank you.'

He slips in beside me. His hand searches for mine. He takes hold of it, giving my fingers a squeeze.

'I know it sounds silly, but I've never much liked sleeping on my own,' he says, 'and you're much nicer than my teddy bear, so thank you.'

'That's OK. It's nice to have you beside me.'

He leans over and gives me a single peck on my cheek.

'Good night…see you in the morning.' I say.

'Sleep well.'

I come to at some point. During the night, I've rolled onto my side, facing away from Karim. But he too has shifted in his sleep and is pressed up against my back. His body is soft and warm against mine. Except for one bit of him that isn't at all soft. His erection is pressed up tight against the cleft of my buttocks. As I move to try and create some space between us, he throws a hand over my chest and mumbles something incoherent in Arabic in his sleep. I have a choice; wake him up so that we can rearrange ourselves, or accept the position I find ourselves in. I am absolutely certain that he is genuinely fast asleep, and that his arousal is no more than what happens to most of us boys during the night. He's not tried to make any move on me and…let's face it…having a sexy boy's erection pressed up against me is scarcely a hardship. I leave things as they are and am soon sound asleep again.

When I resurface, Karim is now lying on his back beside me. He's thrown the sheet off him and is still sound asleep. He has a full-on stiffy. As do I. I cover him back up with the sheet and go to the bathroom for a pee. This is not straightforward, particularly given that my normal morning wood has been further bolstered by the sight of Karim's naked and aroused body. I end up peeing in a gentle arc in the shower. When I return to bed, Karim sleepily opens one eye.

'Morning Nick. Hope you slept well.'

'Very, thank you.'

He gets up and stretches. His body is almost sinuous. His erection has subsided somewhat.

'Right,' he says, 'to say thank you, I'm going to make coffee for both of us.'

'Sounds great.'

He walks out of the room, still naked, and I can hear his feet going down the stairs. Ten minutes later he's back, bearing two steaming mugs of coffee. We sit back beside each other in bed. The coffee is very good.

'Thank you for letting me stay with you last night,' he says.

'My pleasure. Genuinely.'

'Would it be OK to do it again…perhaps regularly?'

'Sure. There may be an occasional night when I have…other company…but other than that...'

'Ah yes. Piers. You and he are…close, I think.'

'We like each other a lot.'

'Yes, Piers has told me all about how you met. And what you do together. It was not him being indiscreet…I asked. He says you are a very talented lover.'

'He exaggerates.'

'I hope to be able to find out for myself,' he says with a grin.

At this point my phone buzzes. I pick it up. It's Josh.

'Hi, Josh! And how's the love of my life today?'

He laughs. 'I'm fine gorgeous. How're things with you?'

'All good as ever here. How was the ballooning yesterday?'

'Fantastic. We had just the right wind. We travelled for miles…it's why I didn't call you yesterday; by the time I got back it was very late.'

'That's OK. Pleased you had a great day.'

'I did. Now, what was it you wanted to talk about?'

'About Karim.'

'Ah, yes, of course. And?'

'I like him, Josh, he's a kind, funny altogether lovely guy…everything Piers said he was. You'd love him too, I'm sure.'

'Great. So…I'm guessing that you want to include him in any…activities…that go on?'

'Yes. If that's OK with you.'

'You know I trust your judgement, Nico. Maybe I could meet him on WhatsApp at some stage.'

'You could meet him now if you want…he's just brought me coffee. Don't jump to the wrong conclusions, we haven't had sex or anything.'

He laughs. 'I'm sure you haven't. But he's with you? OK, cool. Put him on.'

I beckon Karim to come round to my side of the bed; I don't think passing him the phone while he's sitting next to me in my bed would be a good idea; open to too much misinterpretation. He comes round and takes the phone.

'Hi, Josh.'

'Hi, Karim, nice to meet you.'

'You too. I am very envious…of both of you.'


'But of course. Nick is just the most lovely boy and you are both very handsome, very sexy, and you have the most wonderful relationship.'

'Well, thank you. He's alright I suppose.'

'Oh thanks, Josh,' I say.

Both he and Karim laugh.

'I'm sorry that you're not here too, Josh. It would be lovely to get to know both of you a lot better.'

'I'm sorry I'm not with you, too. I understand from Nico that you're coming over to Oxford to study…maybe we can all meet up when you're over here.'

'That would be excellent. Umm…I heard your conversation with Nick earlier. Are you sure that you are OK with Nick and I being…intimate with each other? I respect you both so much that if you are not happy you must say so and it will be no problem.'

'I trust Nico's judgement, Karim and from what he's told me – and the little I've seen and heard from you, I agree with all he's told me. My biggest regret is that I can't be there to join in.'

'Mine too, Josh. I think you are super sexy.'

'Umm...forgive my asking, but are you naked?'

'Yes, of course. You know what it's like here. And if Nick is seeing me naked, I think you are entitled at least to that.'

As he says this, he holds the camera at arm's length and lets it traverse up and down his body.

'You're beautiful,' says Josh, 'wow…now I'm the envious one. How come you didn't tell me he was drop-dead gorgeous, Nico?'

'Sorry…must have slipped my mind.'

'Yeah, right,' he says with a smile. 'Are you sure you two haven't already had sex? I'm not sure I could have resisted if I was there on my own, Nico!'

'No sex, I promise. Not so far. '

'OK…I believe you.'

Karim hands the phone back to me.

'So...are you sure you're OK with this, Josh? Like Karim said, if you have any doubts then you must say so.'

'I'm fine with it, Nico…just don't go falling for him, OK?'

'You're the only boy I love, Josh.'

'OK. Have fun. I shall require detailed updates…'

'And you shall have them.'

'OK. Take care all of you. And speak soon. Love you, Nico.'

'Love you too Josh.'

I close the call.

Karim stands in front of me, gently shaking his head.

'What an amazing, amazing boy. Not to mention sexy as hell. You are one lucky guy. And so's he.'

'I love him more than you can know, Karim.'

'I can see that. And that makes me wonder if we…what we are now free to do.'

'Josh has given us his blessing. Amazing, yes, but true. As I would have given mine had the situation been reversed. Now, time for us both to have a shower and go down to breakfast.'

'And can I stay the night again tonight?'


'And will it be another 'no sex' night?'

'Not necessarily,' I say.

His face splits in a huge grin. 'I can't wait.'

Zak and Piers are already downstairs when we arrive. They exchange glances.

'Is it my imagination,' says Piers, 'or did I see you, Karim, going into Nick's bedroom, stark naked, with two cups of coffee earlier?'

'You didn't imagine it,' says Karim.

'So-o-o-o….you two spent the night together?'

'We did.'

'But Nick, I thought you said that you hadn't spoken with Josh?'

'That's correct,' I say, realising which way the conversation is going.

'But I thought you said that you wouldn't have sex with Karim until…and unless…Josh said it was OK.'

'That is also correct,' I say.

'So…you decided to ignore Josh?'

'Certainly not.'

Karim and I look at each other and smile.


'Karim and I spent the night together, but we didn't have sex.'

'You expect us to believe that?' says Zak.

'It is the truth, my friends,' says Karim. 'I asked Nick if I could spend the night with him on condition I respected his rules, and he said yes.'

'And you really managed to…keep your hands off each other?'

'We did,' I say, 'and that's in no small part due to you two.'

'To us? Why? How?'

'Because the vibrant, energetic sex we each had with you guys the night before rendered both of us in the mood for a 'no sex' night with each other.'

'Josh will never believe that.'

'Well, I've spoken to him this morning – and so has Karim in fact, and, well…he's happy for us to…take things further if we want.'

'You both talked to him…together?


'Then…that's brilliant news,' says Zak.

'It makes things…easier, certainly.'

'So do we get to have a foursome?' asks Zak.

I look at Karim and see him give me the tiniest shake of his head. I'm relieved.

'I think perhaps Karim and I need to…get to know each other least for now.'

'Of course they do,' says Piers, 'what on earth are you thinking of, suggesting that, Zak?'

'Sorry…my imagination was…running away with me. I apologise.'

'All forgiven,' I say. What I don't say is that the idea of a foursome really doesn't appeal to me at all.

However, the prospect of having sex with Karim is one that definitely excites me. Maybe it's because we've already spent a night together without touching each other; maybe it's because we both clearly feel attracted to each other; maybe it's because of his slightly exotic looks…but for whatever reason, I am highly aroused all day.

And Karim is evidently feeling the same way. He takes me to one side.

'I can't wait for tonight,' he says, 'and thank you for turning down the idea of a foursome. I just want to be with you.'

'And I you. And to be honest, even once we've had…a night alone together, I'm not sure the idea of a foursome is something I find very appealing.'

'Thank god you feel that way too.'

'But you've had a threesome with them...several times – or so I understand.'

'Yes. And it was fun. But you change everything, Nick. Or can I call you 'Nico'…?'

'Only two people in the world call me Nico, Karim. My twin sister and Josh. I like you very much, but would you mind sticking with Nick? Or anything else, but not Nico…'

'Ah, I understand. And of course.'

'Thank you.'

Bedtime finally comes around. We all head upstairs together. Outside Karim's room, Zak and Piers just say 'have fun' before going on down the corridor to their room. I've explained to Karim that the bed in my room is full of memories of Josh and me making love, and that I would be more comfortable in his room.

'But of course, Nick.'

Karim and I strip and climb into bed. We start by just exploring one another's bodies, first with our hands and then with our tongues and mouths. We end up top to toe, our mouths full of each other. He has an amazing tongue which he uses to bring me to a climax as powerful as I've ever experienced, and I introduce a lubed finger into his hole just as he is about to come – a first for him.

'That felt… unexpectedly good, Nick.'

'And no pain?'


'It can also be like that if you want more than just my finger inside you.'

'I've thought about what you said to me, and I've talked to Piers. He says you are the gentlest and most thoughtful lover he has ever had. If I wanted to try bottoming again, there's no-one I'd trust more than you, Nick…no-one I'd like to do it with more, but…it still scares me, Nick. And what I really, really would like to do is to be inside you – if you'll let me.'

I look at him. Much as I'm attracted to him, I think it's important to establish the principle that he can't necessarily just have whatever he wants. I'm not going to insist on reciprocal rights if he doesn't want me to, but I'd like him to think about it.

'I want to be inside you as much as you want to be inside me, Karim. You excite me more than I've been excited in a long time, and that's the truth. But of course, it's entirely up to you…I don't want you to do anything you don't want to, and I certainly wouldn't make you. But I promise I'd be gentle with you, Karim…and I promise that if you changed your mind at any stage, or if you found it hurt too much, I'd stop.'

He nods, and I can indecision written all over his face.

'I…I don't know…it hurt so much that time…'

I hold him close to me.

'Tell me what happened Karim.'

'It was with an American boy. From the school. He was older than me…seventeen and I was fourteen. I knew I was gay, and I'd done some stuff with Piers by then. He was super-cute and he'd caught me staring at him a few times. He approached me one afternoon and said he knew what I wanted…knew that I was gay. He said his parents were out and if I wanted to come back to his place, he'd make my fantasy come true. So I went with him. We took our clothes off and I thought we'd kiss and cuddle and stroke each other...I had a very naïve view of what boys did together…but he just said that his parents would be back soon and that we needed to be quick. I saw him take something out of his bedside drawer, but I didn't realise it was a condom until he'd turned me round, bent me over the foot of his bed and started to force his cock into me. He used some spit but nothing more. It hurt so much. I begged him to stop, but he just said he'd wanted my cute little ass for ages and that there was no way he was stopping now. The only good thing was that it was over quickly. Once he'd pulled out, he just slapped my butt and told me to get dressed and leave before his folks came back. I remember walking home. I was in such pain and all I did when I got back to my house was run to my bedroom and cry my eyes out. And when I saw him the next day at school, he was with his friends. They just looked at me and laughed; I'm sure he'd told them what he'd done. With hindsight, I don't even think he was gay. Fortunately, they all left at the end of that term, but…I can't forget what he did to me and how much it hurt. And that's why I've never let that to me…again.'

'Oh my God, Karim. I'm so sorry. That's…awful. No wonder you feel the way you do.'

I can see tears in his eyes, and I hug him a little closer.

'All I can tell you is that it doesn't have to be like that, Karim…that it should never, ever be like that…and I'd love to show you how different it can be.'

'I'm sure it would be different with you, Nick. I know it would. And I'd like to experience all the things Piers tells me he feels when you make love to him. But I'm still a little scared.'

'I understand. But there's no rush…and certainly no obligation. You tell me when you're ready… if you're ready.'

And that's how we leave things for now. And I feel I've got to know him a lot better. Enough to take things further if he wants. Next time.

And next time that's what we do. He's thoughtful enough to ask if I want him to use a condom.

'Am I going to catch anything nasty if you don't?'

'No, I'm totally…clean…I promise.' He smiles. 'And will I catch anything unpleasant from you if I don't?'

I laugh. 'Touché. And no, you won't. I, too, am clean. But plenty of lube please.'

He gets a familiar blue tube out of his bedside cabinet.

'Would it be alright to ask you to get onto all know…doggy position?'

'I'm yours to command,' I say, rolling over and propping myself up on my hands and knees.

I suppose I expected to feel him squirting some of the gel over my hole, but what I actually felt was his tongue. I've already said he had an amazing tongue, but I now find out just how extraordinary. He proceeds to rim me as I have never been rimmed before.

'Oh my God,' I groan,' where the hell did you learn to do this?'

'Natural talent, I guess,' he says with a giggle, 'why, does it feel good?'

'It feels extraordinary.'

I am literally squirming with pleasure when he eventually stops, and then I feel the tip of his cock against my entrance. What follows is rather less refined than the exquisite pleasure his rimming has given me has led me to expect. It's all a bit 'wham bam', and I realise that he's taking me the way I know that Piers often likes it. Which is no surprise given that that's who Karim is used to doing it with. I ask him to stop.

'Stop? Of course. What's wrong?'

'I like sex to be a little gentler than this…well, usually. Could we take it a little less…aggressively?'

'Oh my God…I'm so sorry. Of course. I never thought…this is how Piers likes it…I should have asked…how very selfish of me.'

'There's no reason for you to know. I should have told you.'

'I feel awful.'

I can see that he's no longer fully hard…and now it's my turn to feel awful.

'I like you very much, Karim…and you turn me on like no-one else has turned me on in a while. I love the feel of you inside me. Don't feel awful. Let's just tell each other what we want.'

I take hold of him. He rapidly swells and re-hardens in my hand.

Karim smiles. 'Sex with you is unlike anything I've had before, Nick. And if we're going to tell each other what we want, then…if it's OK with you…I'd like to be able to see your face while we…you know.'

'I'd like that too, Karim.'

I lie on my back and Karim lifts up my legs and re-enters me. This time, the rhythm is less urgent. He puts his energy and his power into long, deep thrusts rather than the short, fast, stabby ones he'd been using before. It feels so much nicer, so much better. And I can see that he is enjoying it more as well. He finally comes with a mighty groan, collapsing on top of me.

'That was so-o good, Karim.'

'It felt…so good for me too. So different. The best sex EVER!'

He goes to pull out of me, but I stop him.

'Stay inside me, Karim. It feels nice.'

He smiles. 'Something else I should have asked you and not just assumed.'

'It's always good for couples to talk,' I say with a grin.

I run a hand up and down his spine and then across his shoulders and down the sides of his back. 'You have lovely skin, Karim.' I move my hand slower. 'And a perfect bum.'

He lifts his head so that our eyes meet.

'A bum I want you to fuck, please.'

I'm so surprised, I'm momentarily lost for words.

'You want me to….? Are you sure?'

'Yes, Nick. I've been thinking about what you said last night. And the fact that we stopped in the middle of what we were doing just now, and I found a new way of having sex…well…it makes me realise that if there is a different way of giving, then there must be a different way of receiving too…different from what happened before. Like you said there was. But now I know it can be real and not just words. And there is no-one…and I mean no-one…who I want to find out with more than you. Just promise you'll be patient with me.'

'I'll be as patient as you want, Karim. And I'll stop any time you ask. Are you really sure you want to do this?'

'Yes…assuming that you'd like to as well.'

''Well, you can see…probably feel, more like, what the thought of it has done to me,' I say.

Karim snorts with laughter.

'Ah, I wondered what that hard thing against my stomach was.'

He rolls off me and gives me a stroke. 'Can't wait to see how this feels like inside me.'

'OK. But we're going to take things very slowly.'

I get him to lie on his side and then, over the next few minutes, I gradually open him up with one, two then three fingers, stopping to check he's OK along the way. When the moment comes to enter him, I take it slowly. At one point he asks me to stop to let him get used to it. And then I'm inside. And the moment I hit 'that' spot, it's as if I've touched him with a cattle prod. And from there on, it's joy all the way. By the time I hit my climax, he's moaning with pleasure.

I slip out of him and turn him to face me. His eyes are sparkling with pleasure.

'Oh Nick…oh my word….I never thought…I never knew… that was…the feel of you inside me was…please tell me it can always feel that good?'

'It can…and it should.'

'I can't wait to do it again.'

'Good. But maybe see how you feel when the…excitement...has worn off. You'll probably feel a bit sore.'

'Maybe. I don't care. It was amazing…and it didn't hurt at all…well not really, and totally worth it anyway.'

'I have to tell you it felt every bit as good for me. You have a very fuckable bum.'

He giggles. 'And you felt like exactly the right fit.'

I smile. 'You'll find all sizes fit one way or the other.'

'Well, yours is the only one I want. At least for now.' He pauses. 'Can you actually tell the difference? You know, did I feel different from Josh or different from Piers, you know…inside you?'

'Not really. You and Piers are almost exactly the same…I don't mean because you're both circumcised, I don't think that makes any difference at all...but you're pretty much the same size. And not that different from Josh. I can't honestly say I noticed any difference. Maybe if it was some guy with ten inches and as thick as your forearm it would be different. Not that the thought of that is particularly appealing. And I'm scarcely the world expert anyway.'

'Well, I'm very happy with this,' he says, taking hold of my sticky, half-hard cock and giving it a squeeze.

'And I am very, very happy with this,' I say, squeezing his in return.

'Umm…I don't suppose you fancy it inside you again by any chance?'

'I think I could cope with that idea,' I say.

'On top, maybe, this time?'

'Good idea.'

I push him onto his back, straddle him, and gradually impale myself on him. Within moments our movements are perfectly synchronised and it all builds slowly, gradually but inexorably to an immensely satisfying climax for both of us.

Afterwards, we're both pretty much exhausted, and it's all we can do to pull a sheet over us and give one another the lightest of kisses before we fall asleep.

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