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Mark and Me

by c m

Chapter 7

The next day I called James. "Are you OK?"

"Can we meet? I need to talk."


With his knee fully recovered, we met at the sports club. There was a wait for a squash court to become free so we went for a walk in the grounds. We sat down on a bench in the shade of a huge chestnut tree.

"'re still my best friend, right? After what we did?"

"Of course, James. That was a gift between friends. That was all it was."

"See, I'm not sure that that WAS all it was. It felt amazing when Mark was sucking me, but when I looked at you beside me, stroking yourself, all I wanted was to touch you. What was that about? I've never felt like that before. I mean I don't want to fuck you or anything or for you to be my boyfriend or shit, but why did I feel that? I just don't want to do anything that will end up with us not being friends."

Wow. That was a stopper. I hadn't seen that coming.

"I will always be your friend, James. Nothing will change that - and you touching me certainly wouldn't change that. I'd like to touch you too. It's just hormones, James. We are horny teenagers and we are curious, and the chance to see, never mind touch, another guy's erection doesn't come along very often. Let's face it, we've pretty much done everything else with each other over the years. We don't have any secrets. Lots of guys jerk off with their buddies. It's normal. Don't worry. I'm sure we'd both enjoy it if it happened."

"I don't feel guilty, Chris. I loved what Mark did to me. But you and Mark are a couple. It's wrong for me to be involved. And I can't forget that I wanted to hold you."

He looked at me. I could see tears in his eyes.

"I still want girls. But I think I want to feel what I felt with Mark again too. I'm so confused. Sorry."

I gave him a hug. "It will all work out. Don't worry. Let's go play squash."

We did. And he beat me. He said didn't want to shower with me because he thought he'd get hard but I told him not to be so stupid. We had the showers to ourselves and we took the end block of four. I wanted him to know that I was OK with what he felt - whatever the complications. I deliberately got an erection and made sure he could see it. "It's OK for us to be hard with each other, James." He smiled and I could see him starting to grow. He was soon as stiffly erect as I was. We didn't touch. We let our stiffies subside before leaving the shower and getting dressed. I put an arm around his shoulder as we left the club.

"You're still my best friend, James. If that's OK with you?"

He shoulder barged me. "Yeah, that's very OK with me."

I phoned Mark that evening and told him about my chat with James.

"Look Chris, if I'm not around and you and he want to have a jerk off together, that's fine. I'm not the jealous type and I really like James. Look - I've sucked him off. All I need to know is that there aren't...feelings...involved. That it's just a release - between friends."

"You never cease to surprise me, Mark. The problem is, I'm not sure I feel the same way. I mean, I don't think I'd be comfortable with the idea of you having a wank with Steve, for example, just because I'm not there."

"It's OK - I kind of like that you're jealous. Look, I don't have a friend like James. Jamie and I like each other but we are nothing like as close as you and James. And I don't see you and me ever doing what we did with James with Jamie - or Steve. Tell James I'm really OK with you two having the occasional wank if you want. I mean it. Love you."

I invited James around the next day. Before I could say anything, he spoke.

"Chris, I've been thinking. Mark is a really lovely guy. I'm not going to get between you. The whole touching you thing is no biggy and it wouldn't be right. So we can just forget it."

"If that's what you want."

"It's not a matter of what I want, it's about what's right."

"So if Mark said it was fine for us to touch each other sometimes, how would you feel?"

"Pfffff. Like that's going to happen. He loves you, Chris. I can see it. And you love him. What kind of a friend interferes with that?"

"OK. But just so you know, Mark has told me that he's completely OK with us having the odd wank together if we want."

"What? He said that? Why?"

"Because he really likes you. And he doesn't feel threatened by you. And he trusts us both. He is one amazing boy, James."

"And how do you feel about it?"

"I was surprised, but actually I get it. What you and I have isn't the same as what he and I have, but as my best friend you are part of our equation. And remember, he's sucked you off. We have...a three-sided...relationship - whether we like it or not. Not all the sides are equal, but you are part of both our lives, and we both hope it will stay that way. And if a little physical closeness makes you happy and makes me happy, then Mark says it also makes him happy and that puts it within the triangle of what's OK."

James had a big smile on his face. "Wow...I like the idea of us all being part of a triangular space."

" does that mean you feel about wanting to touch me?"

His smile got bigger. "I guess in that case I feel...OK about it."


The rest of the week passed in a blur. School started the following Tuesday and I seemed to spend a lot of time putting things together for the coming term. It was a hockey term, which was good; apart from anything else, it would give Mark and me a chance to have time together as we travelled to away matches. But the prospect of having to manage our relationship in a way that meant no-one would know that we were a couple who fucked each other on a regular basis was daunting.

Back at school, I found that I had a nice bedsit room. It was situated next door to a dormitory of more junior boys that I was notionally responsible for. To my joy I saw that Mark was one of the boys in the dorm and I was also intrigued to see that Fergus Attwell was as well. The bedsit next to mine was occupied by Johnny which made life even more interesting.

I had agreed on the phone with Mark that so far as our wank buddies were concerned, we ought to carry on as normal, if a little less frequently, at least for the time being. Suddenly stopping and then being seen with each other was a sure recipe for disaster.

Before bed that first night, I went into the dorm and read the usual riot act about messing about and talking and all the stuff you were s upposed to say, before going back to my room. Five minutes later there was a knock on the door and Mark was outside.

"They think I'm going to the loo. Can I come in?"

I hurried him inside.

"Fuck Mark, this is so risky. You can't do this. It will get us both busted."

"I know. I won't do it again, but I had to see you." He hugged me and I melted. We kissed but I couldn't risk anything else. I opened the door and looked both ways.

"Quick, off you go." He gave my groin a squeeze as he went past and then he was gone. I let out a sigh of relief.

Ten minutes later there was another knock. Surely not? I opened the door but it was Johnny. He came in.

"Hey Johnny...good to see you, man. I missed you last term. All healed up?"

"Yeah. Damn nuisance but all OK now. I fucking missed our sessions though."

I smiled. "Me too."

"So...what did you do? I hope you found someone else to help you out."

Hmm...this was an interesting turn of events. A chance to control things maybe. "Yeah, yeah I did actually. Someone who, it turned out, had helped you in much the same way."


"Yup...he even showed me your secret room."

"And did you enjoy doing it with him?"

"He was OK...but I'm pleased you're back, let's put it that way."

He smiled. "Good. I feel the same. He's fun but you do it better. You on for tonight?"

"Sure Johnny. Pop back in an hour."


He did, and we had the same efficient, pleasurable wank together that we usually had. But I realised, once he'd gone, that it hadn't been as pleasurable as I remembered. I guess Mark had spoiled me for anything sexual. Then I had the brilliant idea that what we really needed was to get Johnny and Fergus paired up.

Mark and I also managed to get together a couple of times. The first Sunday of term, most guys were out either playing sport or had gone off into town, so there weren't many people around. Mark and I spent the afternoon in my room with a chair against the door. It wasn't foolproof - but then nothing was. We couldn't afford to get naked...anything we did needed to be such that we could present the illusion of normality in just a few seconds if I had to open the door. But we did manage to suck each other off and have a long kiss and a cuddle. "You've no idea how much I want you inside me...I know it's not possible, Chris, but I ache for you so much."

We missed each other terribly, but it was better than nothing.

We also did some thinking about getting Fergus and Johnny together. Mark had liked the idea and had come up with a plan.

"What about if we suggest a four-way circle jerk? I can tell Fergus that I've had you - relate it to hockey or something - and that you told me that you and Johnny were wank buddies and that we thought it would be nice to close the circle by all four of us having a circle jerk?"

"That's very good, Mark. Let's do it soon, though. The only person I really want to be doing anything sexual with is you. Johnny is wanting us to do it almost every other day and I want to be doing it with you, not him."

"OK. And don't worry about doing it with Johnny as often as you need. Like I said, I'm not the jealous type and I know that he's no threat to me or us. And I think he and Fergus will hit it off fine."

Meanwhile the term progressed. I was doing well with my A levels; the stuff we were learning seemed to come easily - but that was probably more of a testament to the teachers than to my intelligence. And the hockey was spectacularly good. We were a strong team and were hoping to go unbeaten that whole season. We made a good start with two 4-0 wins in a row, with Mark at his imperious best. Our first away match was an hour's drive by minibus away, and on the return journey - we'd won 5-1 - Mark and I sat in the back with the kit bag occupying all four seats and, in the dark, we'd unzipped and managed to slip our hands inside each other briefs. Our underwear was a bit of a mess afterwards, but who cared.

Getting the four of us together turned out to be much easier than Ihad thought. Fergus liked the idea and Johnny just said 'the more the merrier'. We used Johnny's special room, and we all met up there two Sundays later at around four in the afternoon. The rules of the circle jerk were well-established. You stood in a ring with your trousers and underwear around your ankles and took hold of the cock of the boy to your right. There was a digestive biscuit on the ground in the middle of the ring. You all wanked the guy whose cock you were holding, and when he came, he tried to get as much cum on the biscuit as possible. The guy who climaxed last had to eat the biscuit. There was a variation on the game which involved a second round of wanking taking place, this time with your hand on the cock of the boy to your left. This was the variation we decided to play. I reckoned Johnny was a cert for the biscuit - he had always said that 'once was enough' for him - but I decided to take out insurance by having Fergus to my left when we started. If there was any sign of Johnny climaxing too quickly on the second round, Fergus was going to find that I was suddenly doing him very slowly. Either way, neither Mark nor I was going to get the biscuit.

As we stood in the ring, Fergus was on my left and Mark was on my right, while Johnny was opposite me.

I took hold of Mark, enjoying the familiar feel of him, who in turn had hold of Johnny who completed the circle by taking hold of Fergus. Mark had placed the biscuit in the middle of the ring.

"OK everyone?" He asked. "Then on the count of three...1...2...3."

Everyone's hand started jerking furiously. Johnny came first, his first shot landing between my feet before he tugged his reluctant erection down so that the rest of his juice splashed on and around the biscuit. Mark and I came within seconds of each other. Fergus seemed reluctant to let go of me so most of my cum shot over the biscuit, missing it. Mark had aimed his cock more accurately and got a couple of good splashes on target, and finally Fergus erupted with a gush that shot almost directly upwards before he bent over and managed to get two big blasts in the right area, with several globs landing on the biscuit.

"One minute break then we go again. Opposite hands."

This time I had hold of Fergus. It was the first circumcised cock I had held and I have to confess I rather liked it. There was something about the naked hardness and the scar running round the shaft and the slightly different colour of the skin above and below where he had been cut that I found somewhat...arousing. He was also as thick as I was - maybe even a little thicker - so my hand felt wonderfully full. He was also incredibly hard.

Then we were off. I noticed that Johnny was still not completely hard again when we started, although Fergus' hand soon put that right. This time it took a little longer, but Mark came first, then me, and then Johnny; clearly being wanked off by Fergus had been a major turn on for him. Finally, I felt Fergus' cock swell in my hand and then he was pumping out his second load which I aimed at the biscuit, getting two really good shots on target.

Mark picked the biscuit up carefully between two fingers and held it out to Fergus. Despite the amount of goo all over it, it still crunched as he bit into it. He took a second bite and then a third and it was all gone. He wiped his lips with the back of his hand. "Thank you guys. Delicious. Love to do it again some time."

We tidied ourselves up and Mark and I left one after the other. As I went out of the door, I saw Johnny put his hand on Fergus' shoulders and pull him back to say something to him. Interesting.

That evening Johnny knocked on my door and came in. I must have looked surprised because he said, "No, it's not that; twice in one day is enough. It's just...ummm...would you mind awfully if we didn't wank off with each other any more?" He looked awkward.

"Ahhh...Fergus really got to you didn't he? No, that's fine Johnny - honestly."

Johnny looked embarrassed.

"It's just, well, we talked and apparently Fergus really enjoyed wanking me, and I really enjoyed holding him...and what with him eating that was kind of"

"It's fine Johnny. We had fun. Enjoy doing it with him. I'm sure I'll be able to make...other arrangements.' I smiled. I had a bundle of questions I would have loved to ask him based on what he'd said, but I chose not to press the matter. After all, I had just been given what I most wanted.

I told Mark about it the next day.

"Well," he said, "Fergus probably won't say anything to me. He'll just go off and do it with Johnny. Which is ideal."

He paused and then a huge smile broke across his face.

" well did THAT work out?." We hugged.

Although Mark and I had managed to get together about once a week, we were by now extremely hungry for a proper sex session between us. Half-term was still two weeks away and neither of us wanted to wait that long. We decided to take a chance. Dormitory lights out was at 10.30. Mark went to bed as usual and waited. At two in the morning, with everyone - so far as he could tell - asleep, he quietly got out of bed and headed for the door. At this point if anyone was awake, they would think he was just going for a pee. He got level with my door and quietly turned the handle and slipped inside. I was waiting for him, already naked, in my bed. He stripped off his pyjamas and slid in beside me. There was now no going back. We had agreed beforehand that we would keep talk to a minimum. We held each other close. We kissed. We would have kissed longer, but we knew that we had to keep this as focused as we could. We wanted each other and that was what we needed to use the time for.

"I've got myself as ready as possible, Chris. I want you in me so badly."

He turned on his side and I took the KY out from under my pillow and prepared us both. I pushed into him, burying myself inside him. God, it felt so good. He had turned his face to the pillow and the little groans he had uttered as I entered him were almost completely muffled. He lifted his head up for a second and turned it as far as he could towards me.

"Do it, Chris," he whispered hoarsely.

And I did. It was hard and fast, but that was somehow not just expedient but right. Our need was urgent and our sex was urgent. I stroked him as I thrust in and out, and as I exploded inside him he erupted all over my hand. We lay there in the afterglow as I went soft inside him. I took a tissue and held it against him as I pulled out. Then I wiped as much of his goo off my hand as I could and then licked the last remains off. There was big wet patch on the sheet but I didn't mind. It would just remind me of him. But we both knew he needed to get back to the dorm.

"That was amazing, Chris. Can't wait until next time." He kissed me. "God, I love you Chris Alexander."

"You too, Mark Taylor."

He slipped out into the passageway and was gone.

No-one noticed anything. No-one said anything. We'd got away with it. This time.

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