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Mark and Me

by c m

Chapter 9

Sunday morning had a routine - a pattern - all of its own. Breakfast was later and there were sometimes croissants. Chapel was at 10.30 and was compulsory. After that, boys were free to go out with their parents or catch a bus into town, or go off walking or whatever took their fancy. Unless you'd been gated.

Mark and I went and changed into our sports clothes in the expectation that we would be getting pretty dirty clearing the barn. We walked the half a mile to Mr. Wickham's house dressed in our tracksuits and sure enough, there was a note on the door saying that they had left, but that the back door was unlocked and that there was a salad in the fridge for both of us.

I reckoned we needed to make a start before touching lunch, so we walked around the house and down the length of the back garden. The shed was indeed a small barn. I unlocked it and we opened the doors. There was a lot of stuff in there.

We had been told that anything in boxes was to be taken out and stacked. Anything broken needed to be put in a pile for disposal - unless it could be burned, in which case we were to create a bonfire of it.

As two, fit, young men working hard, we had made a sizeable dent in the job in an hour and a half. It felt like time for lunch, so we walked back up to the kitchen and found the - very excellent - salmon salad that Mrs. Wickham had left for us. There were also two beers. Having finished lunch, Mark looked at me and said. " we deserve a little treat?"

I smiled. I knew just what the little devil had in mind.

"I think we are entitled to that."

We partially stripped off and held each other close right there in the kitchen. We kissed hungrily before I broke off and ran my tongue down Mark's chest and stomach. He tasted salty from the sweat that we had worked up but I didn't care. He was hard and I sucked him greedily into my mouth and worked him up and down as fast as I could. I wanted him. I wanted to taste him. And I wanted it now. He erupted into my mouth. His seed just seemed to pour out of him.

"My God, you really needed that didn't you. It felt like someone had turned on a hosepipe."

"I've missed you. Is all. turn."

He took me pretty much as urgently. My release, when it came, felt like a dam bursting inside. It felt wonderful.

We wiped the floor clean of any evidence, then got dressed and went back to work. By five we had pretty much done all we could. There was a small pile of stuff that we weren't certain about, but most of the contents were either stacked, bagged or ready to be burned. There were also three mattresses. I checked my watch.

"I think it's time we took advantage of Mr Wickham's thoughtfulness. We're going to need a couple of mattresses."

We each picked one up and took it back inside the barn. I picked up the padlock and the key and Mark and I went inside. I ran the metal chain around the doors and padlocked them from the inside.

"We've got two hours. Let's call it an hour and a half to be safe and so that we are decent when the Wickhams get back. I hope you're ready to be shagged within an inch of your life?"

"You say the sweetest things. Last one naked is a sissy."

We both tore off our clothes and I grabbed Mark, pulling him to the floor on top of the mattresses. I lay on top of him, grinding my body into his. We both smelled of sweat and dust and teenage musk. Our mouths were locked on each other. I rolled over, pulling Mark on top of me, wrapping my legs around him.

"Oh God Chris I want you inside me so badly."

From somewhere he produced a tube of KY and I shoved a fingerful inside him as he slathered a load over my achingly hard cock. He sat up and wriggled himself forward until he was sitting on my thighs. He raised his hips, put his hands on my chest, and pushed himself down on me. I could feel myself sliding deeper and deeper inside. When he came to rest he wiggled his bottom on me. It felt so, so good.

He rode me steadily and with focus. I took hold of him and stroked him gently as he rose and fell on me. He started to speed up and I matched my thrusts with his. I felt wetness all over my hands. He let out a low moan. He shot all over my face and then I, too, started pumping deep inside him.

We just lay there, feeling our breathing against one another. Two had become one. He stroked my hair and kissed me. Then he started to tell me just what he wanted to do to me. I felt myself swelling inside him again.

" I making you all hard?"

"You bloody well know that you are, you little devil."

"Then before I get to do all those lovely things to you, I think I'd like you to do me again first."

"Do you want to ride me?"

"I think I'd like you to take me bent over that dividing wall."

In the middle of the barn there was a wooden divider that ran half the width of the building. It was around three feet or so high. The top had a padded surface of some kind about six inches wide.

"You kinky beast. But if that's what you want, your wish is my command."

He got up off me and walked over to the wall. He lowered his stomach onto it and spread his legs, bending his chest and neck over the wall and down the opposite side.

"Do it hard and fast, Chris. Don't worry if I yell and scream a bit. Just do it."

Hard and fast, huh? OK then.

I drove into him in one movement. Not roughly, but hard.

"FUCK....oh yeah."

I put one hand in the small of his back and started to thrust in and out. Over and over. Faster and faster. Mark was grunting and yelping. I put a hand between his legs. He was hard. I was worried about it rubbing against the wall as I pounded him but he didn't seem to care.

"Oh Chris...oh yeah....mmmm....more...more."

I have to say that the whole thing was quite a turn on for me. I slammed in and out of him, harder and harder. I&'d never taken him as roughly before. I could feel myself building.

With one final thrust I buried myself as hard and deep as I could in him and exploded. Spent, I collapsed on top of him.

As I subsided, I plopped wetly out of him and I turned him round. He was still hard. I dropped down onto my knees and took him in my mouth. I worked him slowly. I felt his hands on my head, pulling me into him,and a minute or so later I sensed his load coming seconds before it was suddenly there, salty sweet in my mouth.

I stood up and kissed him, then looked at my watch.

"We need to get our clothes back on. And we stink. I suggest that we go back to school and get clean, change into our normal clothes and then come back."

"OK...if we must."

We headed back to school and went up to the changing room. One of the baths was in use so I went and ran one of the others.

"Looks like old times," I said to Mark as I went back into the locker room. "You and me in a bath on a Sunday."

He giggled. "Well, Wickham said we mustn't share a room...he said nothing about a bath."

"Shut up or you'll get me all horny again. And there are other boys in there."

He stuck his tongue out at me. I just shook my head.

I put a towel over my shoulder and headed for the bath. The other bath had a couple of junior boys in it. I nodded to them. One of the boys, Peter Maxwell, smiled nervously back. He looked a little flushed. I wondered if he and Murgatroyd, the other boy, were doing what I suspected they were. What the heck. It was perfectly normal. It was what I&'d done. "You OK, Maxwell?"

"Yes thank you, Alexander."

"Enjoying yourself?"

I saw him blush deep red. "What...what do you mean?"

"I meant, have you had a good afternoon?"

"Oh...oh yes, thank you."

The relief told me all I needed to know. Maxwell and Murgatroyd. Good for them. As fourth formers, I didn't really know much about them, although as members of my house I knew their names and a little about them. Both were perfectly pleasant boys as far as I was aware.

Mark breezed into the bathroom, his towel round his neck. He threw it at the pegs. It missed and fell to the floor - into a puddle of water.


Maxwell giggled.

"If you're not careful, Maxwell, I'll use yours instead."

"Sorry, Taylor."

"Just ignore grumpy-boots," I said, "and it was quite funny, Mark."


He slipped into the water at the other end of the bath.

I soaped myself all over, washing away the grime, the sweat and the traces of our love-making. I threw the soap to Mark and saw him rubbing it up and down his legs. I smiled. Then I put one of my legs between his and inched my bottom forwards. His balls touched the sole of my foot. He looked up sharply and I just smiled sweetly back at him. He reached down and took hold of my foot and rubbed it up and down his cock. We both smiled and then just settled back to enjoy the hot water.

I saw Maxwell stand up in the other bath. He was a good looking boy and I caught just a flash of what seemed to be a thick but softening cock before he had wrapped his towel around him. I wondered if he'd cum in the bath or just settled for a bit of a rub. Maybe my being there had spoiled their plans. I hoped not. Everyone was entitled to a wank. I saw that Murgatroyd had carefully waited until Maxwell was back in the locker room before he too hoisted himself out of the bath. He seemed totally unabashed, and stood up facing me as if to make sure I got a really good look at him. Apart from the fact that he was too young to be of any interest to me, he didn't have anything in the looks department to cause me to give him a second glance. He rubbed a hand down his chest and stomach as if to brush off any excess water, but I noticed his hand continued down over his groin. I looked away, and he wrapped his towel round him and headed for the locker room.

"Did you see the show that little tart put on for you?" said Mark.

"What on earth are you talking about?"

"Geez, Chris. He virtually started wanking in front of you. He was saying 'I'm here if you want me', it was brazen."

"Well I don't want him. For fuck's sake, he's a fourth former - he can't possibly want me either."

"You really don't know the effect you have on people Chris. I kind of admire his ambition actually."

"Humm...are you sure you aren't seeing stuff that isn't there?"

"I'm sure. And you know why I'm sure? Because you had that effect on me the moment I first saw you."

We got out of the bath and went and changed, before heading back up to the Wickham's house. We arrived virtually at the same momenet as they got back.

"Ah...Chris, did you get on?"

"All ready and waiting for your inspection, sir."

"Right, just let us get out things into the house and I will be down to have a look."

Mark and I went round the path and down to the bottom of the garden, where we waited for Mr. Wickham. A few minutes later, he appeared from the side of the house. He looked at the pile of boxes and the stacked up bonfire, then went into the barn. He emerged a few moments later.

"I congratulate you. You've done a fine job. It's saved me a great deal of time. I hope that you didn't find it too dirty or awkward?"

"Just the usual dust and grime. But we finished in time to go and get cleaned up as you see, sir."

"Excellent. I hope that ten pounds each would be a reasonable reward?"

"That's very generous, sir. There's just small pile of things that we weren't sure about over there," I pointed to a motley collection of items.

"Don't worry about those. There's so few I can deal with those." He paused and I could see that something was on his mind.

"I hope that you also....enjoyed having some time...together. I have been thinking and I fear I was a little harsh on you. As I said at the time, I think that you are both very decent young men, and whilst your...ahhh...relationship is not one that I myself would approve of it is, I realise, really none of my business. Provided that you are discreet. My ban on your being in the same room is lifted, as is your gating. I do not expect it to be taken advantage of and heaven help you should you be caught 'in flagrante', but it is not reasonable for me to apply any greater sanctions on you than I would for any other boys caught similarly. For what it is worth I think it takes some character to tread what is likely to be a hard road for both of you. I admire that."

We had a very pleasant dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Wickham before heading back to school. Mark came to my room and we had a long kiss. He backed me up against the door and reached for my belt buckle. This time I didn't stop him.

Afterwards he kissed me, my cum still fresh on his tongue. It had been some day. A week later a letter arrived for me. I didn't recognise the handwriting, but it was postmarked from the same town that Mark lived in. I tore open the envelope and a took out the single sheet of paper inside. It was from Steve.

Dear Chris,

I hope you don't mind me writing to you, but you've been on my mind quite a lot since we last met. At the time I said I needed to get my head around things, and I have tried - a bit anyway. This is going to sound weird, but although I still don't think I fancy guys, I realise that you definitely stir something in me. For instance, when I wank (which is pretty often!) mostly I think about girls, but I've sometimes been thinking of you. I'm not sure what this means, but if you (and of course Mark) meant what you said, I think I would like to experiment a bit further next time you are over here. The last thing I would do is get between you and Mark, and if this isn't appropriate, please forget I suggested it. I would write to Mark as well, but I know that the first thing you will do is show this letter to him (Hi Mark!) so that spares me a job.

With love,

Well, well, well. I put the letter in my pocket and showed it to Mark as we headed down to the hockey pitch. We were playing our big local rivals that afternoon.

"How do you feel about it?" I asked him.

"What? The offer to help him out?"


"Well, I guess we offered. Do you still feel OK about it? I mean, it's pretty obvious which of us he wants to experiment with."

"Yes...and that's my problem. I don't mind helping him experiment but it is our offer, not my offer. Mark, you have been so nice about me and James, I just feel that...I don't want you out of the loop."

"Chris Alexander, how many times do I have to tell you that I am happy to share you - provided that you don't mind being shared."

"I feel guilty Mark. It feels like I'm being unfaithful to you. And I don't want to feel like that."

"It's the fact you feel like that that makes it OK, Chris. Don't you see? If you were all happy to run off and do stuff with James and Steve and anyone else for that matter like some sex-crazed rabbit without a second thought for me, it wouldn't be OK. But you don't. And I love you for it. I love you for it so much." He looked sharply up at me.

"Or is that you think I'm somehow whoring you out? That I'm using you?"


"Am I asking you - making you - do things you don't want to do? Are you doing them because you don't want to let me down even though it hurts you? Oh God...have I been blind and stupid?"

I looked at him. And then I started to laugh.

"Oh Mark...we're a right pair aren't we. Both of us thinking we're letting the other down. Look, let's have a talk about it later but you cannot seriously believe what you just said."

"And you should remember that you trust me. And that we love each other."

"Yeah...I should...and I do. Come on, let's go give these bastards a thrashing."

And we did. 5-0. And both Mark and I scored. Which was kind of symbolic.

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