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Max and Me

by c m

Chapter 2

Max played squash, so it seemed obvious that the best way for James to meet him would be for us all to have a three-way competition one day at the sports club. I fixed Max up with a set of kit that was a pretty reasonable fit and we headed down to the club. James was waiting in the lounge area.

As we walked over, James saw us and stood up.

"That is James? You didn't tell me he was so good looking."

"I think you just have a thing for English boys, Max."

"Ah...maybe that is it."

I introduced Max to James.

"Great to meet you, Max. Chris has told me lots about you. I've really been looking forward to meeting you."

"Very nice to meet you, James. Chris has told me a lot about you too. I hope we will be good friends."

"Me too, Max."

We all went off to get changed. We had agreed that we would each play the other twice. Max said he would watch James and me first as he wanted to see what he was up against. As James and I walked down from the viewing gallery to the court, James said to me:

"He seems very nice Chris. And he's very good looking - even better than his picture."

"He is nice, James. Very nice. And I think he's not just good looking but sexy as hell...not that that would be of any interest to you."

"Does he know about...what we do together?"

"Of course. No secrets. He knows and he approves. Maybe he'll want to join in," I added mischievously.

"Oh, man...I'm not sure about that, Chris, nice though he may be."

"He's very, very nice."

"Hmmm. OK. Now...ready for your thrashing?"

The first game was very close, but James beat me - just. Winner stays on, so Max swapped places with me. It was clear from the warm-up that Max was going to be a handful. He had a lovely touch and he beat James by three clear points. My turn again. This time against Max. It was an epic. Whether the first game had taken the edge of Max or whether it was because I played better, it was nip and tuck all game. In the end he beat me on the tie break point.

James came down to join us before the second set of games. He turned to Max,

"He may be the prettiest, but he's the worst." He said it with a big grin on his face.

"Yes," said Max, "I think maybe I swap him for you." We all laughed.

In the second set of games James still beat me, but he beat Max and then Max beat me all too easily. James turned to me.

"OK, loser, so what's the forfeit?" he asked.

"You tell me."

"Well," said James, turning to Max, "Chris thinks he's pretty hot stuff, yes?"

"Yes, I think so."

"But he's apparently not so hot at squash."

"This is true."

"So I think he needs to cool down...realise he's not such hot stuff."

"That would be fair, I agree."

"So while you and I deserve a hot shower...I think he deserves a cold one."

"Excellent thinking, James."

"Hey, wait a minute," I started to say

"Shush. You lost. Our forfeit."

We went back to the changing room. We stripped off our sweaty gear ready to head for the shower. I noticed that Max and James unashamedly took a good look at each other once they were naked.

"Wow. No pubes."

"No, I prefer them shaved off. Chris too."

"Chris? Really?"

I turned and showed him my newly hair-free groin.

"Good god! I mean… OK. Umm...why?"

"Max prefers me this way."

"No, I mean why is it better?"

"James...I find it sexy." said Max. "You are not gay so other boys' cocks are of not so much interest to you. But Chris and I spend a lot of time...playing with each other and it feels good. To me anyway."

"You'll have to get used to Max telling it the way it is, James. It's he is."

"Right. OK. Cool. I looks kind of...nice I suppose. But unusual."

I put an arm round James' shoulder as we walked to the shower.

"You should have seen your face when Max started to explain. It was hilarious."

He started to laugh, and then we were all laughing.

In the showers James and Max turned soon had hot water flowing from two of the shower-heads. They stood me under a third shower and turned on the cold tap.

"One minute, Chris. No cheating."

It was freezing. I was hot from playing squash and the water hit me like a shock. After about twenty seconds, I just about got used to it but by the time a minute was up I was shivering.

"OK. Time's up.," said James.

He turned off the shower. "I see someone's looking a little...shrivelled."

I looked down and my cock had shrunk to about half its size, while my balls had entirely disappeared.

Max thought it was very funny, then relented and pulled me under his hot shower.

"So my English lion needs warming up."

"English lion??" said James, incredulously.

"It is my...nickname, yes?...for him. One of my friends at the hockey tournament called him that and it seemed good. It is because of the blond hair on his head and his chest."

James was roaring with laughter. "English Lion...that's too good…though more like a lioness from the state of his groin."

"If you're not very careful, you might end up getting shaved."

"Oh no, no. I like my pubes thank you very much."

After we'd changed, we all went into the bar and had a cup of coffee. James asked Max all sorts of questions and Max seemed happy to keep talking and answering. Eventually James said.

"So I know you met at that tournament, but exactly how did you get to know each other?"

"You haven't told him?" asked Max.

I shook my head.

"OK. On the day we arrived there was a reception for all the teams in the evening. As I went to the lift, there was a blond boy standing there and when he turned to look at me, I was lost. I had never seen anyone so beautiful. And I decided that I had to get to know him. It was just something inside. We talked a little and he seemed so nice. Hard to believe that I am talking about this loser, I know, but true."

James laughed.

"I thought about him a lot. I didn't dare to hope that he might be gay. And when he told me he was then my joy turned to ash because he had a boyfriend. Well of course he had. What was I thinking? How could a boy like that not have a boyfriend. I was sad...but proud of him for standing up for his boyfriend when he refused to have sex with me."

"You refused him, Chris?"

I nodded. "I was with Mark. Of course I refused him. And anyway, it's not as though he's sexy or anything."

Max gasped in mock anger, and James laughed.

"So what changed?"

"I met Mark," said Max, "and I could see why Chris loved him. He was sexy and kind. And like me he had known he was gay for some time. He was good for Chris and they loved each other...I could see that."


"I was very cheeky. I asked Chris if he and Mark might like a three with me."

"And so I asked Mark," I said. "We both liked Max, so we thought, why not? We're on tour. It's only a few days. We'll never see each other again."

"Fuck. So you guys had a threesome?"

"Yes, we did. Rules were that Mark and I didn't get fucked and Max was very happy with that. But we did everything else. Then Mark said he knew Max really wanted me on my own, so he told us to have fun as a two for the rest of the tournament."

"He loved you but he said that?"

"It was because he loved me that he said that. He knew that I loved him – that Max was no threat to what he and I had and were to each other. He knew that for Max and me it would just be having sex. He was happy to share me, James. He wasn't jealous. He was amazing."

"And so you two had sex as a two?" I could see James rearrange what appeared to be a lump in his pants.

"We had a lot of sex as a two, James," said Max, "the trouble was, I fell in love with him. Do you blame me?"

James shook his head. "No, Max, I don't blame you. Chris is an easy person to love."

"But Chris loved Mark. So that was that. I resigned myself to maybe getting the occasional letter, but mostly to just remembering it as a wonderful dream that lasted for four days. Then Chris phoned me to tell me the terrible news about Mark. And then a few weeks later he phoned to ask if he could come to stay. I was truly sorry for him to have lost Mark. But I was happy that he thought I could help ease the pain. And he came to Germany. And...we fell in love. I had never stopped loving him really I suppose, but when he held me again...I'm sorry, James. You probably don't need to know all this."

"No, it's beautiful. Chris told me that he heard Mark telling him that he'd know what to do. I am so happy for both of you."

We finished our coffee and got up to leave. As we did so, James put an arm around each of us. He turned to Max.

"I really like you, Max. And Chris is right. You are pretty sexy – for a guy."

We parted company in the car park. James gave Max a huge hug and Max gave him a little kiss on the cheek.

"I also like you very much, James. I know that we will be very good friends."

On the way home, Max talked about James a lot. I was pleased. Mark had loved James and now Max clearly did.

"You have a very good friend, Chris. And quite good looking. Nice cock too."

"Max Schell!"

"It's true. better without all that hair, I think, but nice. Like yours. Is it as big as you when it's hard?"

"You are impossible...and yes it is, since you ask.'

"See...I knew it," he said, with a big grin.

My grandparents owned a pine lodge in the grounds of an old manor house in Cornwall. It was only about half a mile from the beach, and they had said that Max and I could use it for a couple of weeks if we wanted. We arranged for James to come down for the weekend in the middle of our stay. The weather was lovely, so we loaded up the car early one Wednesday morning and set off. It was a long drive, nearly five hours, and we arrived just in time to pick up fresh pasties from the local bakery and a couple of bottles of cold beer.

Max eyed the pasty suspiciously.

"It's traditional. It's lovely." I said.

He bit into it cautiously, then took another huge bite. "It's delicious. I like Cornwall already."

We drove through the grounds of the manor to the lodge, which was set in a private space surrounded by a small garden with sub-tropical plants in it. The lawned area to one side had spectacular views down to the beach and was completely unoverlooked, with an eight-foot high, thick evergreen hedge around it.

Inside, and upstairs, there were three bedrooms - the master with an en-suite shower and bath - and another bathroom. Downstairs was a big open plan kitchen and lounge, a study and another shower room.

Max loved it.

With the sun shining, we unloaded the car and, upstairs in the bedroom, Max suggested that we got changed into something more in keeping with the weather. He stripped naked and was all for sunbathing nude.

"We do it in Germany."

I had stripped down to my briefs. "Well, we might be able to do so in the back garden, but I suggest we put something on for the moment so that we don't shock any neighbours. However, since you are now dressed in my favourite way, why don't we take advantage of it?"

I took hold of Max's cock and felt it swell in my hand.

"Well, we have a bed to christen as well."

He pulled down my briefs and knelt in front of me. Within a couple of licks of his tongue I was fully hard and he took me in his mouth. Five minutes later he was sucking the last drops of my cum out of me. I lifted him up and pushed him onto the soft double bed, his back flat on it and his legs hanging over the side. I got between them and buried my face in his groin. I licked his balls and the shaft of his cock. I pulled back his foreskin and ran my tongue around the head before sliding my lips down the shaft. I could feel him wriggle as I sucked him. I massaged his balls and then, a few minutes later, felt them tighten as they delivered their load into my mouth.

"I definitely like Cornwall," Max said.

In the end we put on swimming cozzies, shorts and t-shirts, put towels and sunscreen in a rucksack and headed for the beach. It was a short walk through the grounds and then down over a sandy path that took barely ten minutes to complete. It was one of those days when the sun sparkled off the water, and waves were breaking gently over the sand. It was still term time for most schools so the beach was quiet and Max and I had loads of space to set out our towels and just lay in the sun. We rubbed cream into each other's backs and stretched out. The sun was hot, and after about half an hour I was ready to brave the water.

"Come on, Max. Let's cool off. Last one in's a sissy."

I sprinted down the beach with Max right behind me and splashed out into the sea. It was cold, but experience had taught me that the only way to do this was to do it fast. As soon as the water was up to the top of my legs, I launched myself into the waves and started swimming. Max had a lot to learn. As the water touched his groin he started making squeaking noises.

"Scheisse, it's cold."

"Take the plunge, Max"

"You're mad."

I turned and swam back until my feet were on the sand and then ran towards him.

"No, no, no...stay away."

"I don't think so..." I threw myself at him and wrapped my arms around his shoulders, toppling him into the water.

"Fuck. You bastard."

"I see you've acquired an impressive mastery of English swear words, Max."

He couldn't help but laugh and, once in, it wasn't so bad. We swam around the rocks to one side of the beach where there was a little cove that could only be reached from the sea. I had swum here many times before over the years and it was a special place for me.

Occasionally you could find small cowrie shells there and the bit of sand was never fully covered, even at high tide. Max and I waded ashore.

"My private beach, Max." I smiled.

"It's beautiful. And if it's private...." He came over and kissed me. "I love you Chris. And thank you for bringing me here. We don't do much sea-swimming in Germany. It's so different. Beautiful and different...just like you." He kissed me again and we ended up with our tongues in each other's mouths.

"We'll come back here one evening, Max. We can walk round at low tide - the water only comes up to your thighs. I'd like to make love to you here, on the sand, under the moon."

"That sounds...nice. You are a romantic, I think."

"Let's get back to the other beach."

We swam back and dried off under the sun, getting a tan on our fronts. We overdid it a bit, and when the time came to head back to the lodge, we were both a bit pink. Back at the lodge we jumped into the shower to wash off the salt and sand. We both had clear tan lines where our swimming costumes had been and we had to keep the water cool to stay comfortable. As we dried off, Max announced that he intended to stay nude unless we had visitors or had to go out. I thought about it. The weather was very warm, we weren't overlooked - and it would certainly make it easier to give into temptation. Why not?

That night our skin was too sore to make skin on skin contact comfortable, so we settled for just masturbating each other. There is something very satisfying about taking your time stroking

someone you love and watching them cum. In the morning, as he lay beside me, his hair thrown across the pillow, I let my hand drift down his body into his groin. I took hold of him and just held his hardness in my hand. He muttered in his sleep as I kissed him on the forehead, and then he rolled over on to his side. I cuddled up behind him and dozed off again myself. I was in heaven.

We spent the next couple of days doing not very much. We went to the beach and we sunbathed nude in the back garden, taking care to rub each other with plenty of sunscreen. Our skins stopped being pink and turned, in my case, a golden brown and in Max's a shade deeper.

One morning, a few days later, I woke up to find that the bed was empty beside me. I put my hand into the space; the sheet was still warm. I got up and went to the top of the stairs. I could hear the kettle heating up. I smiled – I guessed Max was making us coffee.

I crept quietly down the stairs to try and surprise him.

He was standing, naked, by the patio doors looking out over the garden, both hands on his head. His body was bathed in the golden sunlight of a perfect summer morning. His skin glowed bronze and brown as he stretched himself languidly. I went over and stood behind him, wrapping my arms around his waist and pulling him into me. He leaned back against me, his skin warm against mine. I kissed him on the neck and he leaned his head back on my shoulder, half turning his face and flashing his perfect white smile at me. I dropped my hands into his groin, taking his silky softness between my fingers. He started to harden at my touch.

"Morning sexy", I whispered. "Isn't this perfect?"

He turned, putting his arms around my neck and kissed me. "Perfect, Chris. Like you." He pulled me more tightly into him. Our cocks were rigid against one another as we embraced.

"I think coffee can wait", he said.

We were hungry for one another. He pulled me over to the sofa and we made love at first urgently and then again more slowly. As I came, the kettle boiled and then turned itself off with a click. We both noticed and burst out laughing. Afterwards we just lay in each other's arms. We never did get to have coffee.

At the end of that week, I consulted the tide table and reckoned that on the following day the tide would be right for us to go to the beach about seven in the evening, walk around the rocks and spend the night on my private beach, with the tide being low again the following morning for us to walk back. This way we could carry some food and a couple of blankets.

We packed up what we needed and put our shorts and a sweater in the rucksack as well. We walked to the beach in our trunks and waded round the headland. The little cove was, as I expected, deserted and we made ourselves at home on the sand, spreading out one of the blankets to sit on. It was a glorious evening, and as we watched the sun set over the sea, a finger of yellow and red fire seemed to stretch from the horizon directly towards us. It was magical, and Max and I sat with our arms round each other watching. We ate the pasties we'd brought with us, and drank a couple of tins of beer. Then, as the moon rose, we stripped off and went skinny-dipping in the sea as the tide came in. As we headed back in towards our little camp, I stopped Max in the shallows and turned him towards me. The moonlight made the drops of water sparkle like silver as they dripped from his hair, and I held his naked body to mine. I ran my hands down over his back and his bottom, and then held him close. I felt my cock rising as it touched his.

"Come on, Chris...let's go and get dry."

He took me by the hand and we ran back to our blanket. We towelled off, and then lay beside each other. We exchanged salty kisses.

"Make love to me, Chris. Slowly please."

He took his pot of massage oil out of the bag and oiled my cock with it. He poured some into my hand and I slipped first one, then two fingers inside him. I got between his legs and lifted them up over my shoulders. I entered him slowly, pushing until I was fully and deeply inside him.

I looked into his eyes.

"I love you, Max Schell."

We made love slowly, as he had asked. He felt hot and tight around my cock. I stroked him as I pushed in and out and when, eventually, we came, it was together. Max wriggled under me, then wrapped his legs around my waist.

"Mmmm...again please, Herr Alexander."

I rolled over sideways, still inside him, until he was on top of me.

We lay there for a few minutes, with the sound of the waves lapping gently along the shoreline.

"Again, you say?"

"Yes please...if you're up to it."

"Oh I think I'm up to it. You want to ride?"

" we did it before...but hard this time, please."

This time as I thrust in and out of him, Max was letting out little yelps and moans. We did it hard and fast, both of us slick with sweat. As I climaxed I felt Max's nails digging into my back, and then it was over and we were both left out of breath, our pulses racing.

We went down to the shoreline to clean up, kneeling in the cool water. When Max washed my back, it stung. Max took a look.

He giggled. 'Sorry, Chris. At the end there, it was very intense...I think I scratched your back with my nails.'

" now who's the lion?"

We went back to the blanket and lay down beside each other. We pulled the other blanket over us. Max snuggled up to me and put his head on my shoulder.

"This so perfect Chris."

I put my hand between his legs and felt his hardness. I burrowed down the blanket and took him in my mouth. It was salty and tasted of the sea. I gently nipped his foreskin with my teeth and heard his sharp intake of breath. His cock seemed to harden even more and then, as I brought him to his climax, he was cumming - in salty waves like the sea.

The sun rose at around 5 and we stirred under the blanket. Max was spooned into my back, one arm flung over my shoulder. I needed to pee, so got up and went over to the rocks, emptying myself in a long stream into a rock pool. I got back under the blanket and pulled Max closer to me. He mumbled something in his sleep then his breathing slowed and I could feel the rise and fall of his chest and the softness of his breath on my skin as he slept. I must have dozed off again, too, because when I came to, the sun was up and the tide was almost fully out. I could hear the sound of a dog barking on the main beach.

Max was already awake. He bent down and kissed me.

"Time to get our stuff together and head back."

We packed up the blankets and put our swimming costumes and T-shirts back on. Max took the rucksack and we waded back round the rocks and onto the sand. We nodded a hello to the lady walking the dog and ten minutes later we were back in the lodge. We showered and then I put some bacon on for breakfast.

"That was an amazing night, Chris. I have never slept outside like that. And it's the first time I have had sex outdoors as well. I hope we can do it some more."

He went and sat, naked, on the sofa.

"Nice apron, incidentally."

"Better the apron than hot fat on my dangly bits. Would you like an egg as well?"

"Yes please. I'm ravenous. Anyone would think we'd used up some energy last night."

"I loved having sex with you in the open air. Even if you were a bit noisy the second time."

"Yes, well, that's your fault for doing it too well. Anyway, no-one was there to hear us."

I put a big plate of bacon and eggs and a rack of toast on the table and Max came over and sat down. We worked our way steadily through it all.

Then we talked about James. He was due to arrive the following day and, I was going to pick him up from the local station about half an hour's drive away.

"What do we do about sex while he's here, Max?"

"What would you like to do? We can stop if it's awkward, or we can carry on regardless, or you and he can do what you do sometimes...or I would be very happy if he wanted to join in with us."

"A threesome with James?"

"Why not? I like him very much. You have sex with him already - yes, yes, no fucking I know - and you have sex with me already. I would be happy to have sex with him - if he wanted...if you are OK with that too?"

"You really do like him, don't you?"

"Yes. He is sexy. Not like you, but very nice...and he makes me laugh. I think it would be fun. Do you think he would like that...or would it be a bad idea?"

"I don't know, Max. I'll have to ask him I guess."

"And are OK with a three if he wants?"

"Why not? Like you say, we do stuff already. But it might be the last thing on his mind, Max."

"Then that will be fine too."

The next day Max and I put some clothes on for the first time, virtually, since we'd arrived and set off to collect James in plenty of time, picking up food and supplies on the way.

James' train was on time and Max went to meet him so that I could sit in the car rather than have to park up. When they emerged from the station, Max had his arm round James and they seemed to be engaged in an animated conversation.

On the way back, James asked us what we'd been doing. I'm not sure he expected Max to be quite so frank.

"Well, we've been sunbathing nude, we've been to the beach, we had a night on the beach when we made love outside for the first time and we've had a lot of other sex too. The weather has been so nice we haven't done much but enjoy it, in fact it's been so nice we haven't been wearing any clothes at all."

"You've been naked in the lodge?"

"Yes. You are OK with that?"

I could see that James was having trouble absorbing the mass of facts with which he'd been hit.

"I bet you wished you'd never asked, now, James."

"Wow...well...blimey. Umm...are you sure you want me here? It sounds as though...I'm going to be in the way."

"No way James. We have been looking forward to seeing you very much," said Max.

"Just relax, James. You are part of the family. You remember that talk we had about a triangular space with Mark? Well, this is the same, but with Max."

"OK. But I'm not sure I can do naked in the lodge."

"We don't want you to be uncomfortable, James. You do whatever you feel happy


Once back, Max disappeared upstairs.

"Are you sure I'm not going to be in the way here, Chris? I mean, you seem to spend most of your time having sex, according to Max."

I put my hands on his shoulders. "You're my best friend, and Max loves you, and we're both so pleased that you are here with us. If what you want to do is go to the beach and enjoy the sun, some good food and a drink, that's fine - that's what we'll all do, together. So far as sex is concerned, it's not quite as non-stop as Max suggested, but we do find it hard to keep our hands off each other, and yes, Max and I will still have sex. Maybe you and I can have some fun too. And if you fancy a three...we're up for that as well."

"Three? Really??"

"You like Max a lot, don't you?"

"Yeah...yes, I do."

"Well he really likes you too – and he's definitely up for it. In fact it was his suggestion. But it's entirely your call, James. There's no pressure. If you are uncomfortable with anything just say. We want this weekend to be about you having a good time."

"I'm really part of your triangle?"

"Yes, James. You are."

He looked pensive.

When Max came back downstairs he was naked again. "Still have your clothes on?"

"I'm going to keep James company, Max," I said, "but I don't need this." I peeled off my T-shirt.

I saw James looking at both of us. Max just about had a tan line where his swimming trunks went, but having sunbathed nude it was very faint. He was a wonderful, tanned nut-brown all over. And he was looking sexy as hell.

"Wow. Amazing tan, Max...all over," said James. "You too, Chris?"

I shucked off my shorts to show him. I was much the same, although my tan was more golden than Max's.

"Wow. Kind of nice to be tanned...all over. And no pubes makes it even...sexier."

"Strip off and join the club. Sun's out. Garden's private. Get tanned all over."

"I can't."

"Why not?"


I saw a big smile appear on Max's face. He stepped over and put a hand on the front of James' trousers.

"James definitely finds us sexy, Chris."

James was blushing. Max gave him a hug.

"It's OK to be hard, James. We all get like that. See?"

He stepped back to show that his own cock was slowly rising. And that started me off.

James shook his head. "Fuck it, if you can't beat them, join them."

He stripped off, revealing not only his erection, but the fact that he had clearly been doing some sunbathing at home - although he had a big white area where his shorts had been.

"I'll get the need to take it gently or you'll have fried sausage and eggs," I said

Max burst out laughing. "And that would be a shame because it is a very nice sausage."

James smiled and visibly relaxed. We all went into the garden, hard cocks swaying from side to side.

I reckoned it was going to be a very good weekend.

After an hour or of lying in the sun, we decided to head to the beach. We pulled on swimming costumes and a T-shirt, grabbed towels and headed off. We swam, horsed about, built a sand castle and generally did what energetic teenagers do on a beach. Worn out, we staggered back to the lodge around five in the afternoon.

"I'm going to take a cool shower," said James, "wash off some of the salt and sand."

"Want me to scrub your back?" asked Max.

James hesitated, then said, "If you really want."

As he disappeared up the stairs, Max looked at me and I looked at him.

"Go and have fun," I said

Max's face split into a huge grin. "I'll take good care of him."

"Yeah, I just bet you will....."

When they reappeared about half an hour later, towels wrapped around their waists, they both had huge smiles on their faces.

"I bet it was more than your back got washed, James," I said

"Umm...yes...well...Max was very insistent on making sure that my sausage and eggs were properly clean."

"And I suppose you felt it necessary to be as thorough with him?"

"It would have been impolite not to."

We all laughed.

"And we decided that he should try shaved balls. We left the rest." added Max.

"How does it feel?"

"Kind of sexy actually."

"I'll look forward to seeing later."

"Why wait. See it now."

And he dropped his towel and walked over to me.

"May I?"

He nodded.

I took his balls in my hand. They were beautifully smooth. I rolled them around...and James started to stiffen.

"Mmm...and what has happened to my shy, straight friend?"

"He's still straight, but....he appreciates what gay boys can do for him." James smiled.

"Like this?" I took the head of his cock in my mouth and eased the foreskin back with my lips.

"Mmhmm...something very much like that."

Max was just sitting, legs over the arm of the sofa, watching with a big smile on his face.

I sucked James rather noisily with slurping sounds, all the time massaging his balls. I felt them tighten.

"I'm going to cum, Chris."

"Can't have you making a mess on the carpet, can we."

I held him in my mouth while he came. He made no attempt to pull out. He tasted nice, but from the reduced quantity of cum I felt in my mouth, I reckoned he and Max must have climaxed – and maybe more than once - upstairs already.

I looked up at him. "So...who's better? or Max?"

"Umm...Max is...very talented."

"Bloody hell." I walked over to Max and poked him on the nose.

"First you have the nerve to sneak off upstairs with my best friend, and then you add insult to injury by giving him better head than me."

"What can I say, Chris. Guilty as charged." He went over to James and they high-fived.

With the ice on the sex cake well and truly broken, we got dressed and headed off to the local village pub which did excellent food. We strolled the mile or so to it along a country lane, enjoying the warmth of the evening sun. At the pub we enjoyed a couple of beers, some great locally-caught fish and chips, and chatted with some of the locals before heading back.

The exertions of the day, the sun, and the good food and beer caught up with us once we were back in the lodge, and we idly watched a bit of television before deciding it was time for bed. James gave us both a hug.

"Thanks for today, guys. It's been good in every way. I hope we can do more of the same tomorrow."

"Sleep well, James. Chris and I will try to be quiet," Max giggled.

"Yeah...I'd hate to have to come in and tell you off."

"'Come and watch if you want." I smiled. "Night, James."

Max and I went up soon afterwards. As we lay in bed, I asked him about what had happened in the shower with James.

"I washed his back... and then he turned round. He was hard and so was I. I took hold of him and he took hold of me and we masturbated each other. He said he loved the feel of my shaved balls, and I asked him if he was up for trying it. He said yes, so I shaved him carefully. He got hard again as I did it. He told me how much he enjoyed masturbating with you, and I asked him what else he enjoyed. He told me that he loved the feel of your mouth on his cock. I was still down on my knees finishing shaving his balls so I said 'Like this?' and took him in my mouth. He has a nice cock and I enjoyed sucking it - and he clearly enjoyed it a lot too. He came all over my face."

Max's description had got me hard, and I pulled him on top of me.

He was riding me energetically when the door opened and James was standing there, buck naked, with a massive hard on.

"Is it really OK to watch? I couldn't help but hear you guys...doing what you're doing."

"Of course, James," said Max without breaking rhythm. "Come over here."

James got on the bed beside us. Max took his hand and put it on his cock then took my hand and put it on James' cock.

"There. Now we all have fun."

James was as hard as I had ever felt him, and he could, clearly, hardly believe what he was watching.

" is sooo hot watching you two fuck. Is this how you do it all the time?"

"We like it this way...but we do it other ways too. Stick around and you might find out..."

James came first, then Max dumped his load over my stomach and I came shortly afterwards. Max lay down across my chest, and we kissed.

"I'm going back to bed," said James. "Thank you...this day just kept getting more and more unexpected. In a really good way. And...that was really hot."

After he'd gone, Max turned to me.

"Do you think our straight boy is perhaps getting a little bend in him?"

"I don't know, Max. Maybe. I think he is a horny boy who enjoys getting wanked and sucked and has discovered gay boys do it better. He's also my best friend - and maybe yours as well now - and we trust each other in a way we don't trust others. I think he feels safe - and able to ask and do things he wouldn't with anyone else. It was kind of...weird but sexy being watched, wasn't it?"

"Yes. I enjoyed it very much. James is a super nice guy." He paused. "Do you think he would ask to fuck one of us?"

"Wow. I don't think so." I paused. "Actually, I don't know. Maybe...he seems to be in the mood to explore. What do we do if he asks? If he does, I'm sure it will be you he wants to try it with. I think he'd find it a bit weird with me. But I'm not sure I'd want him to fuck you. That bit of mine. How do you feel?"

Max went quiet for a bit. Finally he said;

"It wouldn't change how I feel about you. I love you Chris. With James it would just be sex. But you are right - that part of me is just for you."

"Cool." I kissed him.

In the morning, I went down to make three mugs of coffee. I carried one into Max who was sitting up in bed, propped against a pillow and looking sexy enough to eat whole.

"I need to have a chat with James, OK?"

"Have fun." Max grinned.

I stuck my tongue out at him, and went in to see James.

He was lying on his side, head on the pillow. he opened one eye as I appeared with his coffee.

"Morning sleepyhead. I've brought you coffee."

He grunted and then threw back the sheet, revealing the fact that he slept naked. "Hop'll get cold."

I put the coffee on the bedside table and slipped in beside him. We hugged and I couldn't help but feel that his cock was rigid against me.

"I hope you didn't mind me coming in last night? Nor that Max and I...did what we did in the shower?"

"I don't mind at all, James. It was sexy having you watch us last night...and I'm pleased that you and Max share the same things that we share."

"I didn't suck him, Chris. I've only done that with you."

"It wouldn't matter if you had, James."

"'It's nice having you here beside me, Chris."


I gave him a little kiss on the lips. To my surprise, he pulled me to him and kissed me back, firmly. I felt his hand reach between my legs.

"It was fun with Max...but it feels better with you." He started to wank me. "Oh, and when I said Max gave better head, I was just doing it to josh you. You are every bit as good as him."

I took hold of James. "Love those shaved balls, James."

"Mmm...feels good doesn't it. I never thought it would, but it does. Umm...there's something I need to do."

I watched him slide down under the sheet, and then felt the warm wetness of his mouth on my cock. He did me slowly at first, then got faster and faster. I could feel myself about to cum. I pulled back and he held me just in front of his face, finishing me off with his hand. My cum splashed in his face.

He came up, face to face with me. I couldn't help but smile as my cum dripped off his chin. I wiped him clean and hugged him.

"That was lovely, James, but you didn't have to do it."

"I wanted to. I wanted to say thank you for making this weekend so special already. I love that Max is so...uninhibited...when it comes to sex. He just says what he wants. It's kind of cured me of any shyness. Like it did you. I wondered what had happened to you when you first came back from Germany, but now I know. We've both been 'Maxxed.'"

We laughed and the next thing was that Max was standing in the doorway.

"Share the joke?"

"James just said that both he and I have been 'Maxxed''s what you do to people, Max. It's the way you are so open and honest about what you want when it comes to sex."

"Ah, OK. Good. And I see that your coffee is cold, but that you are not. Was it good?"

"'It was excellent, Max."

"Good. can anyone join in?"

And with that he hopped into bed the other side of James.

We both sucked James off together. Two mouths working him at once drove him into something of a frenzy and he was squirming and moaning by the time he came all over his chest.

"That's a hell of a way to say 'good morning'. Man, I am so glad to have two gay boys as my best friends."

The day was another belter, and, after I'd been into the village to pick up some steaks for dinner that night, we went down to the beach. Being a Saturday, it was a lot busier and we attracted quite a lot of attention from some of the local girls. James had a great time, flirting shamelessly. They were fascinated by Max's slight accent, and he was charm personified. I found it all a little awkward. Girls saying 'Ooh, you're gorgeous' is lovely – but it's hard to know how to respond to. Had I been straight, I think I could have had three or four names in my little black book by the end of the afternoon. James, having clearly caught the 'tell it as it is' infection from Max, just told them that we were gay. They weren't quite sure whether he was joking or not at first, but I just shrugged my shoulders when they asked me. 'Sorry, girls.' was all I said.

'What a waste' one said. Which was a compliment, I suppose.

I went back to the lodge to pick up some food for lunch, which we ate on the beach. James was happy to rub sunscreen onto our backs, and Max certainly enjoyed doing it for James. He said that the line along the top of James swimmers was particularly important, and ran his fingers along inside the material, clearly brushing James' cock as he did so. James promptly lay on his front for a while, and Max and I laughed.

Back at the lodge we showered - individually for a change - and opened a bottle of white wine. We sat out on the sundeck, shirtless, watching the shadows lengthen and getting through a second bottle. I went inside to prepare dinner. I made a tomato and onion salad and put the chips into the fryer. I opened a bottle of red wine and seasoned and oiled the steaks.

I went back outside and sat on Max's lap, my arm around his neck, and kissed him. I ran my fingers through his mass of curly hair. James took a photo of us...and it's still one of my most treasured pictures.

"How do you like your steaks?"

"Medium rare, please Chris," said James.

" too."

I went back inside and checked the chips. About another five minutes, so perfect to start the steaks. There was a proper griddle pan in the cupboard which I'd put on to heat up. It was smoking hot and the steaks sizzled as they hit the hot metal. Two minutes each side and they were done.

I plated them up, tipped on a pile of crispy chips and put them on the table along with the bowl of salad.

"Food's ready," I called.

We sat and ate. We were hungry.

"Great steaks, Chris - perfectly cooked."

"Yes...and I like the tomato salad very much," added Max.

The wine was delicious and fifteen minutes later we were sitting back feeling pleasantly full and with the glow that comes from having the best part of a bottle of wine inside you.

"Anyone for ice cream?"

"Oh yes...especially if it's chocolate."

"And what else would it be?"

As we ate the ice-cream, I carelessly managed to spill some down my front. Max leant across and licked it off. James, very deliberately, put a spoonful of the ice cream on his chest and looked at Max. A mischievous smile flickered across Max's face before he leaned the other way and licked it off James' chest, flicking a nipple as he did so. So I put a spoonful on my chest. Max and James looked at each other and then both of them tried to lick it off together.

I saw a wicked smile play around Max's lips, and then he was taking off his shorts and lying on the table. He put a spoonful of ice-cream on his cock. James and I both went for it, licking ice cream and cock and balls all together. We had all started to laugh hysterically and James and I both took off our shorts and smeared ice cream all over us. We all ended up on the floor licking each other and smearing more ice cream over each other. Inevitably we also all ended up with raging erections. I ended up sucking James, James sucked Max and Max sucked me. After we had all cum, we sat up and slowly caught our breath.

We surveyed the damage. Fortunately the floor was wooden and could just be wiped clean of the smears of ice cream and cum. We all looked a little the worse for wear. Max had got chocolate ice cream in his hair and we all had streaks of it in one place or another.

"Oh wow," said James, "best dessert EVER!"

We all laughed and went to clean up. There didn't seem to be much point in putting clothes on, so we cleared up the dinner things and then all went and sat naked on the sofa. James opened another bottle of wine and we watched a film - Die Hard, I think it was - but after about twenty minutes, Max, who was sitting between James and me on the sofa, took one of our cocks in each hand and started to masturbate us.

"I am with my two favourite boys in the whole world," he said, "you are both sexy as hell and you have beautiful hard cocks that I would like to play with, if that is OK with you."

I sensed that the alcohol had taken its toll - but I was not much better, and who was I to refuse a hand-job from the boy I loved. I kissed Max.

"Help yourself, Max."

"Yes," said James, also giving Max a kiss, "absolutely help yourself."

"I bet you didn't think that the weekend was going to be like this, James."

"Too bloody right. It's amazing."

There was a pause as we both enjoyed what Max was doing to us. Then James said, "Will you two be fucking each other again later?"

"Most probably"' I said, "if we've got anything left in our balls by then."

"Umm...if you do...could I watch again?"

I looked at Max. he just shrugged.

"Guess that's a 'yes', James."

"Umm…can I ask a personal question? What does it feel like? You know, to be...inside another that?"

"It feels hot and tight and as if every nerve in the tip of your cock is being stimulated at once. It's even better than being sucked. At least, it is for me when I'm in Max."

By now, what Max had been doing to me was getting me close to cumming - and I decided that I wanted to keep it until later. I put my hand on top of his. "I don't want to cum yet, Max."

" I'll leave you for a bit. How about you, James?"

"Just keep going, feels bloody wonderful."

Max focused on James and a few minutes later his seed was running all down Max's hand. Max went and got some kitchen roll and cleaned up.

By the end of the film, we were all pretty much zonked out and ready not just for bed but for sleep.

"I don't think there'll be anything to watch tonight, James. Maybe in the morning."

"Good. I think I need to go to sleep."

We all made our way upstairs. A quick wash and we were in bed. I remember saying goodnight to Max and giving him a kiss, but I must have fallen straight asleep.

I woke at about three in the morning with a raging thirst. I went downstairs and poured a long glass of cold water from the tap. I took it out onto the balcony. The night was still warm and the sky was clear, filled with a million pinpoints of light. As I looked up and around, I felt an arm go around my waist. I looked round.

"Hi, James. Can't sleep?"

"Thirsty - like you. It's beautiful isn't it?" he paused; I could see that there was something on his mind.

"Chris...I just wanted to say...the sex stuff has been fantastic, but....I'm not spoiling things for you two am I? I two are a couple...a wonderful couple. Like you were made for each other. I love Max to bits...not for the sex, but because he is fun and nice and he makes you happy. I don't want to spoil any of that. I...I just find it hard to think that...well...doing sex stuff with you both is...OK. I mean, if I had a girl, I just can't see myself being happy to share her - intimately."

"You are a lovely guy, James. It's why I love you. And you know, before I met Mark I would have agreed with you. But Mark made me see things differently. And Max is just the same as Mark. Maybe that's why we are meant for each other. We don't share each other with just anyone. We are sharing ourselves with you because you are special. You are part of our lives...and we want to share that part of our lives with you too - so long as you want to. You see that we don't hide it from each other. We don't cheat on one another. We love you, James. Every horny teen loves sex...and this is our gift to you...and you are a gift to us. The rule is we do nothing that makes us feel awkward or uncomfortable. Same goes for you. We can each ask for anything - and each of us also has the right to say 'no'. It's sex, James. And we love that you are enjoying it as much as we do. But thanks for being are a really good person, you know. Thanks for being the best friend in the world. Are you OK with it all?"

He gave me a squeeze. "Yes, I'm OK with it, Chris. I'm more than OK...I just couldn't believe it could all be like this without it carrying a price to pay at the end. You and Max are wonderful together. I'm so happy I can be part of it...of all of it."

"Great...but James...there is a you and me that exists without Max too. That is just as precious to me."

"And to me too, Chris"'

We hugged. "We both need more sleep. See you in the morning." We hugged again briefly and headed back upstairs. As he turned to go to his room, I smacked him lightly on his bottom.

We had a lazy start the next day. James brought us coffee at about 10 and hopped into bed with us.

"So what does the day hold?"

"Do you want to do some sight-seeing or just head for the beach and have another lazy day? You have to go home tomorrow, so your choice."

"'I vote lazy day. Yesterday was great. Some more of that would be just fine."

"Excellent," said Max, "but first I need someone to take care of this." He threw the sheet back to reveal a rampant erection.

"Yours if you want it James. I get to take care of him all the time. Tell you what, why don't you two have fun while I go and shower?"

I headed for the bathroom and saw James move closer to Max and put a hand on his stiffy. I smiled.

I had a thorough shower - inside and out. I had a feeling that sex was going to be an important part of the day's activities. Suited me just fine. I was very horny.

I got back to the bedroom to find James and Max with their faces in each other groins sixty-nining.

"Woah...go, go James!"

His face popped up. "I've sucked I thought, why not Max?"

"Hard to argue with the logic," I said.

"I'm going to cum, James," said Max.

James pulled off, and Max shot his load over James' chest. Meanwhile Max was working James' cock really hard. I could see that James was close, and as his muscles tightened with his first shot, Max pushed a finger up his bum.

"FUCK...oh man...oh god...fuck."

Max had pulled off, and James' cum went in his hair and all over his face as he bucked at the sensation of Max's finger inside him.

As the last of his seed oozed out of his cock, James looked wide-eyed at Max.

"Why didn't you tell me that you were going to do that?"

"Two reasons. First it would have spoiled the surprise, and second because you would have told me not to. But I think you are happy that I did."

A smile spread across James' face. "You're right on all counts. Do you do that with Chris?"

"For sure. Not every time, but sometimes. It makes things more intense."

"It sure does. Wow. I guess that's a bit like being fucked?"

"A little bit, but not really the same. Now, Chris is all clean and smelling nice. We need to go and do the same. I will use the other bathroom."

Max jumped off the bed and headed out through the door.

"Enjoy that?" I asked James.

"It was...awesome. How come you never told me you did that? How come you've never done it to me?"

"I thought it I was afraid it would spoil things between us. Guess Max just doesn't have those inhibitions. Still...looking on the bright side, next time I will certainly do it to you - if you want."

"Cool. It was...extraordinary. I wouldn't have believed it would be so...intense, yes, that's the word Max used. He was right. Man...I just keep learning this weekend, don't I?"

"Just so long as you are enjoying it, James. That's all that matters."

"Oh yes indeedy. Right...shower time for me too."

He disappeared into the shower room.

Max came back in, towelling his hair. "It was good for him, yes?"

"Very good Max...and you are looking mightily sexy if I may say so."

"Why thank you. You too."

He came over and we kissed. He dropped his towel and pushed me back against the wall.

"Fuck me, Chris."

"You know James will be out of the shower in a minute?"

"Yes...and so what? He's seen us fuck before."

"You're wicked. OK, on all fours on the bed. Let's have you facing the door as James comes out of the shower."

Max grinned, and got onto the bed. I used some of his massage oil to get us both ready, then got behind him and entered him in one firm thrust.

"Fuckkk Chris...oh...mmm..."

I put my hands on his hips and started pumping in and out of him. He didn't try to suppress his little moans and sighs of pleasure. In fact I think he deliberately made them louder so that James could hear.

James head appeared around the door.

"Bloody hell. Are you...? Yes of course you are..."

As he stood there, his cock pulsed upright as he watched. He started stroking himself.

"Come here, James," said Max, between grunts, "and put your cock in my mouth."

"It's called a spit-roast, James, when one boy has his cock in your bum and another has his cock in your mouth."

I was masturbating Max with one hand as I fucked him. I felt his cock start to kick in my hand as he came, his muscle tightening around my cock and bringing me to my climax. James came a few seconds later in Max's mouth.

"Sorry, Max...I meant to pull out...but I kind of got caught up in the moment."

"It's OK, taste nice."

I pulled out of Max with a slight squelch and he lay flat out on the bed. I lay beside him and James sat on the corner.

"Now that is the way to get an appetite for breakfast." I said.

"I'll go make it," said James, "bacon and eggs for everyone?"

"Sounds great, James."

He headed off downstairs, and Max and I went to clean up in the bathroom. I wanted Max inside me, so he took me against the shower wall, quickly and urgently. It felt fantastic and I knew that I was making all sorts of appreciative noises. Once he'd pulled out of me, we took a quick cool shower, towelled off, and made our way down to the kitchen from where the enticing smell of bacon was wafting up.

"Sounded like you had more than a quick clean up," observed James.

"Yes...well...I've missed having Max inside we put that right. Sorry if our...enthusiasm...made us noisy."

"No. It was kind of fun to hear you enjoying yourself...and I guess you'll be really hungry then."

"You bet."

James had done well. He'd cooked some sausages and tomatoes as well as the bacon and eggs, and we did his cooking justice, clearing everything off the plates.

Outside it was a nice day, but not quite as hot as it had been before, and we reluctantly all went and put on shirts as well as shorts before heading out to the village to buy food for lunch and dinner that night. We picked up pasties and fruit pies for lunch, and the stuff we needed to make a spag bol for dinner.

Back at the lodge, we packed up the rucksack and walked down to the beach. It was busy, although the breeze that had picked up meant that many of the families were sheltering behind windbreaks. We just headed for the water and swam round to the beach where Max and I had spent the night. To my surprise, there were two people there, flat out and face down on towels, clearly sunbathing. They were holding hands. As we splashed out of the water, one of them sat up and then tapped the other who also turned and sat up. They were two guys, I guessed about twenty, one with close-cropped blond hair that looked as if it had been dyed, and the other with floppy brown hair that he pushed out of his eyes as we came up the beach.

"Oh hi guys...I thought we'd have this beach to ourselves," said the one with floppy hair.

"We thought the same," I replied, "I've been coming here for years and never found anyone else here."

The floppy-haired guy held out his hand. "Then I guess we are the intruders. I'm Jez and this is my boyfriend Paul."

I shook his hand. "Hi, I'm Chris, and these are my friends Max, from Germany and James who I've known for ever. And you're not's a public beach."

Jez nodded. "Are you locals?"

"' grandparents have a lodge in the grounds of the Manor up the road. We're just down here taking a break. And you?"

"We're staying on the north coast, but thought we'd take a look around down here today."

I noticed that Paul hadn't taken his eyes off Max the whole time Jez and I had been speaking. he spoke.

"So, Max...where in Germany are you from?"

"From near Frankfurt."

"And what brings you to this lovely corner of England?"

"Chris is my boyfriend. I am holiday over here with him for four weeks."

"You two are a couple? Wow. You're both very handsome"

"'Thank you. But my English lion here is the beautiful one."

Jez and Paul smiled at each other. "Well, I think your English lion is just as lucky to have you. Anyway, very nice - and very unexpected - to meet another young gay couple. I hope you don't mind if we share this beach for a little longer."

"Of course not."

"And you, James, are you gay too?"

"No…these guys are just my best friends in all the world. I'm staying with them for the weekend. It's quite an education." He smiled.

"I bet it is."

In truth, having other people there, nice as they were, took the edge off it, and the three of us swam back to the main beach about ten minutes later. Around the time we were thinking of having lunch, the wind dropped and it started to get a lot warmer. I suggested that we should have our pasties then head back to the lodge to do some nude sunbathing to get rid of the last of our tan lines. Max and James agreed, and some thirty minutes later we were in the garden behind the lodge.

I rubbed sunscreen into James' back, taking care to make sure his buttocks were well coated. he turned over.

"You might as well do my front too."

As I rubbed the cream over his chest, I saw his cock start to thicken.

"Want me to take care of that too?"

"Mmm...yes please."

I sat on his thighs and held my now erect cock against his. I masturbated us together.

"Remember the first time we did this?"

"Yes...though it seems like an age ago...almost a different world. Here, let me."

James put his hand over mine, and I took mine away. He stroked us both lazily. I saw Max watching us with a happy smile on his face. I came first, my cum running over James' hand and down over our cocks. He came shortly afterwards, our seed mixing and dripping down over his balls.

We lay in the sun for an hour or so, talking about this and that. Then James said, " long did you know Mark for before you...went all the way...with him?"

"Umm...well...we had been doing stuff at school...wanking...for most of a term. Then he came to stay with me in the holidays...and I think it was on the second or maybe third day of his stay that we fucked for the first time. Why?"

"Just curious, I guess. And how long had you known Max before you two did the same thing?"

Max spoke up. "I met Chris - and Mark - on the first evening. He told me he was gay in the changing rooms on the second day in the afternoon, and I asked him to fuck me that evening when I was in bed with him and Mark. That probably sounds all very quick...but the tournament lasted only four days. I did not have time to waste. I hope you don't think it was wrong."

"Not wrong at all. I wish I was as good at asking for what I wanted without being embarrassed."

"Why? Is there something you want, James?" asked Max.

James looked down. He said nothing for a long time. Then he looked up.

"'ll probably think this is all've let me see....and much this weekend that I never imagined...and I...that is...I'm really curious...and I feel really guilty and I'm not seem to enjoy...fucking each much...I...I wondered...I wondered... what it would feel like?"

"Are you saying you'd like to try fucking one of us, James?"

He was looking at the ground, but he nodded.

"You guys are so comfortable with what you are and with what you do. And you haven't known each other that long. I've known you all my life Chris, but I could never have imagined asking you anything like that. It's OK to say no. I only want to because I'm curious, but you two do it because you love each other. The two things aren't the same, I know that. I'm sorry...I shouldn't have said anything."

"Do you want to try being fucked as well?"

"NO!" His head shot up. "Sorry...I didn't mean it to come out like that...I, I don't think so."

Max and I looked at each other.

"It was OK to ask, James," I said, "but would you mind if we said 'no'? Max and I have talked about it - and we both love you, but that bit of us is just for each other."

James looked at me and nodded. Then he stood up. "I'm so sorry Chris – and Max – I shouldn't have asked. It was quite wrong of me. God I'm so stupid. I'm so embarrassed. What on earth was I thinking about. You've been so kind and now I go and spoil everything…"

I could see that he had started to head for the door. I jumped up and put my arms on his shoulders. He tried to shrug me off. But then Max realised what was happening too and came and joined me.

"James…what the fuck are you doing? You haven't spoiled anything and it was fine to ask. Absolutely fine. We both love you to bits. If we were going to do it with anyone it would be you. Are we embarrassed by you or with you? I don't think so – not after the last few days. Come here you idiot."

I turned him round in my arms and Max and I both hugged him. I slowly felt the tightness go out of his shoulders.

"You are kind, you are fun, you are sexy - and you are our best friend. We might not want to let you fuck us – but we'd sure like to do everything else with you. Right now in fact."

He looked at me. He looked at Max. I saw a smile flicker round his lips.

"You mean that? Right now?"

"Oh yes.," we both said, and each took hold of one of his hands and led him inside and upstairs.

An hour later I was cleaning James' cum off Max's back with a handkerchief (don't ask).

We all lay on the bed, James in the middle and Max and I on either side. Both of us stroked James' face and his chest and his stomach. We fondled his balls and his cock which slowly hardened (yet) again. I rolled between his legs and took him in my mouth. As I slid my lips down his shaft, I felt his hands in my hair. Max leaned over and kissed him. When he came I didn't pull off, enjoying the warm salty sweetness of him on my tongue.

"Turn over," said Max. James rolled over and Max started to give him a gentle massage all over his back and legs. He opened a different pot of oil, and a faint smell of almonds filled the room as he worked it into James' skin. James' breathing changed and he was soon fast asleep.

Max and I left him on the bed and went back downstairs.

"Thank you for doing that for him, Max."

"It was my pleasure, Chris. I like him very, very much. I hope we have made him happy."

"I think we've made him very happy. I love you Max"' I took him in my arms and we kissed. Properly. For a long time. Then we sat on the sofa just cuddling and enjoying being close.

James eventually came to at about five o'clock and wandered downstairs with his hair all over the place.

"Hey Max...thank you so have magic hands. That's the best massage I've ever had. And thank you both for...the other stuff too. It was...amazing. Almost makes me want to be gay. Almost." He smiled.

"I'm pleased you enjoyed it. We did too."

"Anything I can do to help get dinner ready, Chris?"

"You are welcome to chop an onion if the mood takes you."

"And anything I can do?" asked Max.

"You could do something useful like opening some beers, Max."

"Sure thing."

We all pitched in to get the spaghetti bolognaise going, and it was sitting simmering gently about half an hour later. Long, gentle cooking is what the sauce needs. We all took a beer out onto the sundeck and enjoyed the late afternoon sunshine.

"I wish I didn't have to go tomorrow," said James.

"I know. It's been brilliant having you here. But we'll be back in a week...we can catch up then."

"You're back for a week, then off to Frankfurt with Max?"

'Yes, that's the plan. We'll travel to Germany together - I'm really looking forward to seeing a bit more of the place."

"'It will be fun, Chris."

We had a another beer, then I went back inside and turned off the sauce. It would just need reheating once we were ready to eat.

As it was nearly seven o'clock, I suggested that we take a last walk along the beach to work up an appetite for dinner. James and Max were up for it, so we walked along the path and down onto the sand. The beach was empty, with just a few turnstones at the water's edge, calling to each other. I tied the laces of my deck shoes together and hung them round my neck before heading for the water. I love walking along the tideline of a beach, the waves coming ankle deep and the sand soft and wet between my toes.

Max and James joined me and we walked, my arms around their waists and their arms round my shoulders up the length of the beach, splashing through the gentle waves . The sun was low on the horizon, casting a glow over the water. Max leaned into me and put his head on my shoulder.

"This is a beautiful, place, Chris"'

"It's England at its best, Max. The sea is special to us. We are an island nation. The sea is in our blood and it calls to us. To be here with the two people I love most in the world is my idea of heaven."

We reached the far end of the beach.

"Race you back."

And we ran - as if the very devil was on our heels, whooping and shouting just for the sheer joy of it. The water splashed up round us and over us as we sprinted, flat out, to be first to the other end. I was fairly sure that I had the beating of Max, but I knew that James and I were pretty equal. With just a few yards to go, I was less than a yard in front of James, and Max was probably only another yard further back. Then James gave me an almighty shove in the back and I tumbled, head over heels into the water.

As I sat up, covered in sand and soaked through, Max was helpless with laughter and James was just pointing at me. I stood up and threw myself at James, wrestling him down into the water. He started to laugh, and then we both looked at Max.

"Oh no, no, boys are lovely all wet, but not me..."

"I don't think so, Max..."

We grabbed him and I took his arms while James took his legs. We swung him back and forward two or three times then pitched him into the surf.

He surfaced, bedraggled, and walked over to us.

"So this is how you treat your German guest. Why do I like you so much? It's inexplicable."

"It's because you love us, Max."

"It's true. I do." And he gave both of us a huge kiss.

"Come on...we better go and find something dry to wear."

We walked up of the beach and along the track to the lodge. We stripped our wet things off before going inside, using one of the towels we'd left on the decking to dry ourselves.

The sun's rays lit up the sky behind us in a display of reds, oranges and purples as it began its slow descent into the sea. Max came over to me and ran a finger down my chest.

"You are so beautiful, my Chris. I love you so much." He kissed me and held me tightly to him. James came over and wrapped his arms around both of us. Then the moment passed, and we broke apart and headed inside. I put the sauce back on to heat through and put a pan of water on to boil for the pasta.

"I feel all salty - thank you very much James - I'm going to take a quick shower," I said.

"Me too," said Max.

"Good idea...I'll use the other bathroom if you two can face showering together," said James.

Max looked at me. "I think we can face that."

Max and I stood face to face under the hot water and kissed. He ran his hands down my back and into my crack. I felt his finger work its way inside me.

"Mmm...don't start anything we can't finish, Max."

"You prefer to wait?"

"I'd love to have you in me, Max...but I don't think we have time right now. I don't want to be rushed. I want you to take me long and slow."

"OK...we wait for later."

We turned off the shower and towelled ourselves dry before heading back downstairs. The water had just started to bubble, so I tipped the spaghetti in and ten minutes later we were all sitting around the table enjoying a bowl of pasta.

"This is good. And I'm starving," said James. Max just gave me a thumbs up, his mouth full of food.

After we'd finished, we sat around for a while, drinking coffee and flicking through the TV channels to see if there was anything we fancied watching. Max nudged me and flicked his eyes upstairs. I smiled. I knew what he wanted - and I wanted it too.

"Time for Max and me to call it a night, James. Sleep well, and see you in the morning."

"Night, guys. Thanks for a wonderful day...a wonderful weekend in fact."

Max and I headed upstairs. We shut the door of the bedroom behind us and pulled the duvet off the bed. We lay down and kissed.

"You know what we started earlier…" I whispered.

Max smiled. "Ride me, Chris. I want to be able to see all of your sexy body as we do it."

I reached over and poured some massage oil into my palm. I rubbed Max's stiff erection with it and then slipped a finger inside myself. I rubbed the rest on his chest, making it glisten. His nipples hardened and I gave them a tweak.

"Mmm...I like that."

I knelt up and then moved one of my hips over his legs, straddling him. I took hold of his cock and guided it to my entrance, before slowly lowering myself onto him. He slid inside me with only the slightest twinge as he plumbed my depths. I wriggled my bottom around on him. Max took hold of my erection and started to masturbate me. I began to move up and down on Max, feeling his shaft slide in and out of me. I pinched his nipples and felt him pick up the pace at which he was stroking me. I reached behind me and put my hands on Max's shins, leaning back. It intensified the feeling as I rode him.

"I'm so close Chris..."

I sat back upright on him and increased the speed of my movements. He was stroking me faster and faster and then I felt him buck beneath me and his balls were emptying themselves inside me. My own climax followed almost immediately, my cum streaking Max's chest and stomach with white. I put my face against his and kissed him.

"Oh God Max...that was fantastic. I'm so pleased that you are not just a bottom boy any more."

"Me too, Chris. I love being inside you. Wunderbar, as we say."

I felt him softening inside me, and then he flopped out, his cum oozing out of me as he did so. I rolled off him and lay on my back beside him.

"You know, Max, it's the purest chance that we met. How close must we have come to never meeting each other...never finding out that we were meant for each other? Where would we be, who would we be with if we hadn't met?"

"I don't know, Chris. But we did meet and that's all that matters. Which is good, because I cannot imagine my life without you."

He cuddled up to me and I ran my fingers through his hair. I felt him do the same to the dusting of hairs on my chest.

"The sun has turned you gold, Chris. Your skin and the hair on your chest and your legs and your arms is all gold. You truly are my lion."

We slept well, but I woke early with the sun streaming in through the window. I felt a little sticky so I went and took a shower before going back to bed.

" smell nice," said Max, opening an eye. He moved over towards me and licked one of my nipples. It went hard. He ran his tongue over my chest and down my stomach, where his chin bumped into my now hard cock. He pulled back the foreskin and licked the head, before sucking my balls, one at a time, into his mouth.

"Turn over."

I did, and felt his tongue between my shoulder blades, then running down my spine. I felt him pull my cheeks apart with his hands, and then felt his tongue on my pucker. I shivered involuntarily.

"Relax, Chris...I want to do this."

I felt his tongue probing and I tried to relax. His tongue licked around inside my hole and the feeling was electric. I lifted my hips off the bed and pulled my knees up underneath me. Max reached between my legs and took hold of my cock while he continued to rim me. The sensations I was feeling were all new and all good.

"Geez, Max. Where did you learn to do this?"

"Nowhere. This is the first time I have done this. Is it OK?"

"It's bloody amazing."

My whole body was tingling. I had never felt hornier.

"I want you, Max."

"I need to...get clean..."

"Let's do it in the shower...I can't wait."

We turned the water on and I took him up against the wall of the shower. I was driven by lust and it was hard and fast. Max didn't seem to mind, he grunted and groaned a bit as I drove deep into him, but he was clearly enjoying it as much as I was. After I had cum and pulled out, it was all a bit messy, but the shower washed it all away and we went back to bed clean and sweet-smelling.

We dozed.

At about nine, I heard the sound of James going downstairs, and a few minutes later he was back up with coffee for all three of us.

"Mmm...thank you James. You can come again any time."

"From the sounds of it, you were the ones doing the cumming this morning."

"Oops. Sorry. We just got overtaken by lust."

"Now why doesn't that surprise me?"

"Busted again, Max" I said.

"What can we do?" He shrugged. "Here, come and get into bed with us."

James slipped in between us.

Coffee finished, we slid back under the covers. I ran a hand over James' chest.

" can we say goodbye to you properly?"

"Yes," said Max, "what would you like to do?"

I moved my hand into James' groin. He was rock hard. I took him in my hand and stroked him gently.

"That feels pretty good, Chris."

"But I think this feels better," said Max, putting his head under the duvet and moving down the bed. I felt his tongue on my hand and I giggled. I removed my hand, and Max took James in his mouth.

I saw James' eyelids flutter and then he just lay back and let Max go to work. I pulled back the covers so that we could both watch Max. I stroked James' chest as Max brought him ever closer to his climax.

"I'm going to cum..."

Max pulled off in time for James' first shot to shoot straight up in the air before landing all over his chest. Watching my best friend cum was a real turn on for me, and as his cock finally stopped pumping out its load, I was jacking myself furiously. James reached out a hand.

"Why don't you let me take care of that...and you, Max."

James took one of us in each hand and wanked us hard. My load was soon joining his on James' chest, and Max's followed soon after.

James was covered in cum; it was running down his chest and pooling in his belly button. Max stretched out a finger and drew it through our mixed seed before licking it off his finger.

"JMC cocktail," he said.


"James/Max/Chris...or maybe it stands for Juicy Mixed Cum."

He giggled and we both joined in. I ran a finger through the sticky mess and put it to my lips. To my surprise, James then did the same.

"JMC. To us...and our wonderful weekend...and teenage sex."

We each took another scoop of the mixture and ate it.

"Right...showers and breakfast."

After breakfast, James loaded his bag into the car and we drove him to the station. The departures board said that his train was on time. We hugged each other.

"Thank you so, so much for the weekend. It's been...spectacular... in every way imaginable - and in some ways that I couldn't have imagined before I arrived."

"'It's been great to have you with us, James. Be good."

We waved him goodbye at the barrier and returned to the car.

"He is an amazing boy, Chris. I see why you are such good friends."

"And he loves you every bit as much as he does me, Max. I'm so happy you two get on."

"More than get on, I think." He smiled.

"Yes. But I'm very happy to have you back all to myself for a bit. What would you like to do with the rest of today?"

"Can we go and see the domes with the plants in that was in the leaflet in the lodge?"

"The Eden Project? Good idea."

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