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Max and Me

by c m

Chapter 12

Max had let me know that he was going to arrive on the 29th at 11 o'clock at Heathrow. So on the morning of the 29th I headed off to the airport. It was busy with people heading off all over the world to celebrate New Year elsewhere. There were groups clearly going skiing – which unexpectedly awoke memories I thought I'd buried. The Arrivals Hall was quieter – but not by much. I looked up at the Flight board and saw that LH902, Max's flight, was on time. A few minutes later the board changed to show 'Landed' and I suddenly realised just how much I was looking forward to seeing him.

I stood by the exit from Customs as passengers drifted through. Then I spotted a couple of passengers with bags that had tags with FRA , the code for Frankfurt, coming past. Then I saw him.


He looked up, smiled and ran over to me, dropped his two bags and threw his arms round me. We hugged. We kissed. Right there in the open.

"It's so good to see you."

"I've missed you so much, Chris."

"Come on, let's get to the car."

We each picked up one of his bags and we headed out to the car park. We loaded his luggage into the boot and got into the car. I looked across at him in the passenger seat. He looked at me. And then we were kissing. I have no idea if anyone saw us. I didn't care. I had my hands in Max's hair, pulling him tight to me. His tongue was twisting with mine.

"I love you so much, Max. I've missed you so much."

"I think of you all the time. I just want to be with you."

"At least we have ten days. Ten whole days."

"I wonder how we should spend them?"

Then together, we both said "IN BED!"

On the journey back we talked about all sorts of things. And by the time we got home it was lunch time. Max gave my mother a hug – to her obvious pleasure -and she said:

"I've left two plates of food on the table for you. It's just cold meat and salad so there's no rush. Have it when you're ready. I've got to go out for a while. See you later."

I think Mum knew that, hungry though we might be, there was something else that was on our minds first. And she was going out for a bit. Good old Mum. I led Max upstairs to my room, and shut the door behind us. We embraced and just held each other tight in silence, enjoying the touch, the warmth and the feel of one another.

"I've missed this so much."

"Me too."



We stripped as if our lives depended on it – clothes flying everywhere - and lay on the bed. We enjoyed rediscovering each other's bodies, every nook and cranny and crevice as we kissed each other all over. Then Max was straddling me. He held his cock against mine, both achingly hard, and rubbed them together before lifting himself up, moving forward, and pulling my cock to his hole before impaling himself on it with a sigh of satisfaction.

"I have been dreaming of this, Chris. Riding my lion again."

He put his hands on my chest, gripping the fuzz there as he rode me. Then he put his hands behind him on my thighs and arched his back, thrusting his cock forwards into my waiting hand. With the other I rolled his balls around as he pumped himself up and down on me. We knew each other so intimately, understood each other's bodies so well that when we climaxed it was together, his cum spraying over my chest as I filled him with my seed. Finished, he lay forward on my chest.

"Perfect. With you it is always perfect."

"Why do we bother doing it with others. Max. It is never this good."

"Because we are horny boys, Chris, but no, with others it is never this good."

"Do you remember how it all started? Back in the Hague?"

"How could I forget. The blond bombshell from England who became MY blond bombshell."

"The curly-haired cutie from Germany who became my curly-haired cutie."

I wrapped my arms round him as he lay on top of me. Suddenly everything was right with the world. Well, almost everything. I put my lips to Max's ear and whispered:

"I want you in me, Max."

He lifted his face off my shoulder and looked into my eyes.

"I should like that very much."

"Umm...why don't I ride you for a change?"

His eyes sparkled. "Why not indeed."

I rolled over, leaving me lying on top of him. I sat up, discovering that we had become slightly glued together by Max's cum as it had dried while we cuddled. I reached behind me and held his cock against my hole before pushing back and down on it. I wriggled around until I could feel myself flat on his groin, his full length buried inside me. It felt wonderful. As I moved myself up and down on him, Max masturbated me.

"Remind me again what happened to my little bottom boy?" I asked.

"He met you. And you changed him. And I am so happy you did. I love being fucked - lots and lots – but I love it when we do this too."

"Me too."

Once again we came almost together, this time my cum spraying over Max. The first blast hit him in the face, covering his nose and one eye in a streak of white. I bent forward and licked it off. As I pulled off him, Max's cum ran down the inside of my thigh and pooled in his groin.

"Time for a shower and then something to eat, I think."

We spent the rest of the day just catching up with each other. I told Max all about my first term at Oxford and he told me about university life in Germany. We both reminded each other than soon Max would be over in England for a whole year as part of his course. He was trying hard to get to Oxford to do it.

"Oh Max, I so hope you can. It's a lovely place and the thought of having you there beside me for a whole year is wonderful."

"I know. I hope that it will happen."

After we had showered and eaten, I took Max back upstairs to give him his Christmas present. We sat on the floor opposite each other as he opened the small package carefully. I'd taken a lot of trouble to wrap it as nicely as I could. When he saw what it was, he gasped - and when he read the simple inscription I could see tears in his eyes.

"Chris...this is beautiful. It is gold, yes?"

I nodded.

"Where did you find such a thing? And how can you afford such a thing? It is too much."

So I told him about my grandmother, and how it had been a wedding present to her from my grandfather. And how she had said that made it the perfect gift for Max.

"So you have given me her gift to you?"

"I hope you don't think that means I didn't want to spend money on you," I said, suddenly seeing how it might look.

"Don't be so stupid. You idiot! That you should give something that must be very precious to you is...amazing. I can't accept it, Chris. This was meant for you to have."

"Everything I have is yours, Max. Everything. I want you to have this. It isn't the gold that is important, it's that it carries a part of me in it. It's what it symbolises too. I know we can't get married or anything, but this is a token of our relationship. And are pure gold to me, Max."

Max got up, came over to me, put his arms round me and kissed me.

"Thank you, Chris. Thank you so much. I love you more than you can know. But now I am embarrassed to give you my present."

He went to his case and took out a beautifully-wrapped package. The paper was plain silver,with a silver piece of raffia tied around it.

Inside was an exquisite, very simple, silver ring. On the inside of the ring was engraved an inscription. It was exactly the same as the one I had had done on Max's pen. A little shiver ran down my spine.

"'s beautiful...and the's identical to the one I had engraved on your pen."

"I know. That is...a lovely"

"It's kind of...spooky – but in a good way."

"I have one the same. I thought perhaps these also could be a symbol of our love."

I slipped the ring on my finger. Needless to say it was a perfect fit. "I love it, Max. Thank you."

I kissed him and we just held each other for what seemed an age.

"I think we were meant for each other, Chris."

"I don't think so, Max...l know it."

That night in bed we made love slowly. I was desperate to have the taste of Max in my mouth – and he felt the same way about me. We sixty-nined almost achingly slowly and sensually, and when we came we each hungrily devoured the other's juice. The feel of him cumming, and the taste of him when he did, were everything and more that I remembered. And then we did it again. And then we fucked. Me in Max, then Max in me. As Max lay in my arms afterwards, I was perfectly at peace.

In the morning, as we lay in bed, I told him about James and his sexual adventures in his first term at Uni.

"Wow. He is becoming like Sigi. How amazing we both seem to have bisexual best friends."

"I know, weird isn't it. Even weirder, like you and Sigi, I think a little bit of James would like to fuck me."

"You would be happy with that?"

"I don't know Max – and that's the honest truth. We both think it might be a little weird. Do you think it would be alright?"

"Don't be silly. Of course it would be alright – provided it is what you both want."

"I sort of want it, Max, and I sort of don't. I wouldn't mind because I think it would make James happy...but, having thought about it...I'm not sure about being fucked by anyone but you."

"I think you enjoyed it with Matt..."

I looked down. I hadn't wanted to be reminded of that. "And I am ashamed of myself for that."

"And does James want you to fuck him too?"

So then I told him about what had happened between us. Max giggled.

"He needs a Friedrich," I said

"Friedrich?....aahhh...of course, "Max laughed, "you should have told me...I could have brought my Friedrich and given it to him."

"I'm not sure you'd want to bring that through X-ray."

"Oops. Maybe you're right. But maybe we can buy him one as a present. There are shops where one can buy such a thing in England?"

"Yes – but they are few and far between. Might have to go to London."

"Maybe we could have a day in London while I am here."

"Yes...why not. Good idea."

"Would he come with us or would we surprise him with it?"

"I don't know. What do you think?"

"I think we invite him. It will be interesting to see if he feels embarrassed or excited by the idea. And Chris...if and when you have had proper sex with each other...that would only make you and him like Sigi and me."

For New Year's Eve, my parents were going to stay with friends. I asked Max if he wanted to go partying or if he'd rather stay in - in which case I'd cook him something special and we'd have a few fireworks at midnight followed by a sex-filled night and then a lazy morning.

"But if you'd rather party, James is having some friends round and we're invited."

"'s New Year. I think we should go partying."

"Sounds good to me. I'll talk to James."

As it happened, James came around that afternoon. When he rang the bell, my mother answered it. I had just poked my head out of the bedroom and heard her say:

"They're upstairs James. I think they've got clothes on, but you might like to knock."

I heard James laugh. "Will do, Mrs. Alexander."

"It's James," I said to Max.

As James came into the bedroom, Max ran over and virtually jumped into his arms, giving him a huge kiss.

"It's so good to see you, James. Chris has been telling me all about your adventures at Durham."

"It's great to see you too Max." James kissed him back; it made me smile inside.

Max, blunt as ever, then said, "I understand you want to have sex with your boyfriend there but you are a little tight and need a dildo to practice with? And maybe do it with Chris too?"

"Fuck, Max, you really just do come out and say it, don't you? Not that Paul is exactly my boyfriend. And did you really tell him about us talking about that, Chris?"

I nodded. " that OK?"

"Yeah...yeah, I guess so. Fuck, of course it's OK. It's why I like you two so much. Open and honest. And?"

"Well, James, Chris and I thought that we should all take a trip to London to buy you one. Our New Year present to you. If you want to come with us...if not, we'll go on our own."

"You two are going to London to buy me a dildo so that – potentially - your boyfriend and I can have sex, Max?"

Max nodded. "Yes, that's about it."

"You two really are something else." He paused. "Fuck it, of course I'll come with you. Just don't ask me to try it for size!"

We all laughed and agreed that we'd make the trip on January 3rd.

We also told James we'd love to come to his New Year's Eve party.

"Great. Come round any time after 8. There'll be some simple food, some booze and some music. My folks are away but they say you're welcome to stay over. Should be fun."

"How many are coming?"

"A dozen or so. You know Andy, and Tom – he's bringing his girlfriend – and the two girls from next door, Tasha and Alex, and the twins from across the road – they're Roops and Ella, then there's a couple of old school friends who I don't think you've met, and two of my cousins who are a good laugh. My cousins and probably one of my school friends will be staying over too."

"Great. We'll pack a toothbrush."

"Cool. I was going to ask what you two had planned for the rest of the day, but I suppose after all this time apart, you just want to fuck each other's brains out?"

"Already started, James," I said with a smile, "and no, you can't stay and watch."

"Spoilsports. But great to see you again, Max – and look forward to seeing you guys tomorrow night. I'll leave you to it."

"For sure James," said Max.

I went downstairs with James and showed him out. "It's really good to see Max again. And it's good to see you so happy, Chris. I'm sorry if I got in the way."

"Geez, James. I know you mean well, but don't be so stupid. Max and I have some catching up to do for sure – but you're part of the family."

He smiled. "OK. Then I sure hope you're going to be OK with incest once we've been to London." He leered at me.

I gave him a smack.

Back upstairs, I found Max looking out of the window. I went up behind him and put my arms around his waist and kissed him on the back of the neck.

"Penny for them."

He turned to me with a puzzled expression on his face. "What?"

"Penny for your thoughts. It's an English expression. It means...hmm...what's on your mind."

His face cleared. "Oh, OK. Penny for your thoughts, I'll remember that. And what I was thinking was how much I love you. How wonderful it is to be here with you."

"I love you so much Max."

We kissed. He pulled me to him. His tongue flicked over my lips. I opened them to let him inside. And then we were staggering back in each other's arms towards the bed. I landed on my back with Max on top of me and then he was furiously unbuttoning my shirt and my trousers. His breath was ragged as he pulled them off me, stripping off his own shirt at the same time. His trousers followed and he hopped around trying to get them fully off. I had already kicked off my briefs and was lying naked on the bed as Max finally won the battle with his clothes and then came and lay on top of me, stretched out, flesh to flesh, chest to chest, groin to groin. I wrapped my arms around him. He put his lips on mine and we kissed. He let out a long low, moan.

"I want you in me, my Chris."

We did it slowly. He lay on his side, one leg pulled up, and I entered him gently. I put my hand over his heart which I could feel beating. I nuzzled his neck. We were in no hurry. I let my hand drift down from his chest to his groin where his cock was waiting for me, stiffly erect. I masturbated him as I moved in and out of him. We were as one; my thrusts were met by Max pushing down on me. It was sensuous; it was primal; it was us.

I came inside him, and moments later I felt his cock kick and his cum was covering my hand.

"Can we just do this forever, Chris?"

"Nothing compares with this, Max. Nothing."

We lay there spooned together. We must have dozed off. I thought I heard the door open at one point and then close – but maybe it was my imagination.

I came to with Max shaking my shoulder. I opened my eyes and smiled at him. He kissed me.

"Hey sexy. Time to wake up. And, umm...we're a bit of a mess. Come on – shower time."

He held out his hands and pulled me up off the bed, and led me to the shower. He set it running and pushed me under it.

"FUCK. That's cold. You bastard!"

Max was laughing his head off. "Hey, you needed waking up. I did you a favour."

I grabbed him and wrapped my arms round him. "I did huh? Then you need it too." I pulled him back with me under the stream of cold water.

"Aiii...OK, OK, enough. I apologise."

I turned the temperature control back to something more acceptable, and we stood there recovering our breath. I took the shower gel and soaped Max all over, enjoying the feel of my hands running over his body, gliding with the smoothness that the soap provided. I watched as the water carried the foam down his body and his legs, swirling away down the drain. Max returned the favour. His hands lathered every part of my body. He took his time over my cock and balls with the inevitable result that I got a full-on stiffy. As the water coursed over me, he knelt down and took me in his mouth, sucking me with an intensity that reminded me of our first time all those months earlier in the Hague. As I came, he pushed a finger up my bum. I cried out with pleasure as my seed filled his mouth, my head thrown back and my hands in his hair pulling him tightly to me.

As we dried off, Max said; "We are perfect together, no?"

"Yes, Max, we are perfect. You are perfect."

"You too, my Chris."

I truly don't remember much else about that day. After three months apart we just couldn't get enough of each other. Just talking, laughing, rediscovering one another. We did have dinner with my parents – although I couldn't tell you what we ate – and then we headed back upstairs and just lay together, naked on the bed, stroking, touching, kissing, licking and inhaling each other. And then we made love. Over and over.

At some point we pulled the covers over us and we fell asleep. At some point after that I woke up to find Max sucking my cock. It felt wonderful - but I wanted something else.

"That's lovely Max...but I'd really like you inside me."

"I already did earlier."

"Do it again."

He kissed me. "I think you are becoming a bottom boy, my lion."

"Don't bloody count on it."

We laughed. He opened the bedside drawer and took out the pot of oil. He put an oiled finger inside me and then smeared some more over his cock. He knelt between my thighs and put my legs over his shoulders and entered me in one single movement. I yelped.

"Sorry my lion, but I am already so close that if I take time it will all be over before it starts."

And it didn't take long – but it was bloody marvellous. Max pumped me as hard as he ever had – and I loved it. I could feel his passion and when he came it was with a shout that I reckoned even my parents would have heard at the other end of the house. Ah well, so be it.

"Fuck, Max. That was awesome. You get better and better."

"It is what you do me, Chris. I don't feel like this with anyone else."

"Not with Sigi?"

"Definitely not. He is very nice but...I don't connect with him. With you it we make one person. You in me, me in you – it feels the same. It is not like that with Sigi. He is...a release; he drains something, but he doesn't make something. With you, I make something. We make something."

He rolled over and kissed me, then slipped a hand down into my groin. He gave my cock a squeeze.

"And now I would like this inside me, please."

He gently stroked me to full hardness and then straddled me before lowering himself down and impaling himself on my erection. He wriggled his bottom.

"This I can never have enough of."

He bounced enthusiastically up and down on me, his cock slapping rhythmically on my stomach as he did so. I could feel him clenching his muscles around my hardness as he emitted little grunts of pleasure. It didn't take very long. I was still horny as hell for him and I shot my load urgently inside him just a few minutes later.

We didn't bother to clean up. The sheets were already a mess – and we both knew that they were going to get a whole lot worse over the next few days. I just held him in my arms and we fell asleep, spooned up against one another.

We made love again in the morning and then we showered before eating a monumentally-sized breakfast in our dressing-gowns. After breakfast we went back to bed. We held each other close, just enjoying being together and the sensation of our naked bodies against one other. Inevitably we ended up sixty-nining and then a bit later Max wanted me inside him again. After that we must have dozed off for a bit, because I came to to the sound of the phone ringing. I pulled on a pair of briefs and went downstairs. It was James.

"Not interrupting anything am I?" I said nothing. "Oh my God, I am, aren't I. Fuck, sorry – but it's nearly two o'clock – don't tell me you're still in bed?"

"Kind of."

"Bloody hell – will you be able to even stand upright tonight?"

"Bits of me will," I replied.

I heard James snort with laughter. "Oh two. Anyway, was just to ask if you had any ice in your freezer?"

"Err, yes, pretty sure we do. Do you want to come and get it or do you want us to bring it with us?"

"Bringing it with you would be fine. And it sounds like you could do with cooling off anyway."

"You're so witty."

"I know, it's a gift. See you later."

I went back upstairs. "Was just James. Could we take some ice with us tonight."

"You have some?"

"Yes – there's always three or four bags in the freezer. Now – what do you want to do until 8 o'clock?"

"Can we go and get something to eat?"

"Good idea. The pub down the road is OK."

We dressed and headed out down the road. It was a little chilly outside, but we were well wrapped up – and The Coach and Horses was a traditional pub with a traditional fireplace. They also served good food and decent beer. Being New Year's Eve it was busy, but we ordered a couple of beers – Max still hadn't got the taste for Real Ale and had a lager - and managed to find a table close to the fire with a big, deep, well-worn sofa to sit in, where we studied the menu. We both opted for the steak and ale pie and I went and ordered it. It arrived about ten minutes later and it was absolutely delicious. We ordered another beer and sank back into the depths of the sofa, enjoying the warmth of the fire.

"I like England," observed Max. "Cornwall was beautiful and this pub is lovely – even the food is good. Pity that all the English boys are so ugly - but I suppose you can't have it all."

I poked my tongue out him. "Then it's just as well that you clearly have a thing for ugly boys."

"I have a thing for you, that's for sure."

"Yeah – and it's between your legs."

"You have a one-track mind – that is the expression, yes?"

"Yes – and if I do then you are on the same piece of track."

"It's true. I admit it."

"I love you Max."

"I love you too, Chris."

We reluctantly prised ourselves out of the sofa and headed home. I made some coffee and we sat in front of the TV. Or at least I sat, and Max lay on the sofa with his head in my lap. There was a repeat of 'Where Eagles Dare' on. I'm not sure Max was entirely enthusiastic about the way the Germans were represented but he seemed to enjoy it. I certainly did – and I enjoyed being able to twirl my fingers in Max's hair and stroke his face as we watched. He ended up complaining that my lap was 'getting lumpy' and I told him that was his fault for being too damn sexy. He responded by undoing my zip, pulling my rigid cock out, and masturbating it as we watched the end of the film. I told him I was about to cum and he just took the tip in his mouth and swallowed it all. He then put my cock back in my pants and zipped me up again.

"Better. Less lumpy now."

"Anything to make you comfortable."

"You are too kind."

"Probably – but we better go and get ready to party. We're due there in an hour."

We headed upstairs and decided to shower – which me managed to do without molesting one another. After we had towelled ourselves dry, Max gave us both a squirt of cologne. I picked out a navy-blue linen shirt and a pair of white jeans to wear. Max approved. He, in contrast, wore a pair of black, very tight, jeans and a collarless white shirt. His curly hair hung down in ringlets that almost touched where the collar would have been. He looked fabulous.

"You look good enough to eat, Max."

"I shall look forward to that later, Chris. And you are looking gorgeous – as ever."

We threw some essentials into an overnight bag and grabbed a coat to keep out the cold. On the way to the car we took a couple of bags of ice from the freezer and put them in an insulated bag. It only took about twenty minutes to get to James' place, and by the time we arrived the party was already going.

We walked up to the door which opened before we could ring the bell. James stood there in a black T-shirt and black jeans; he looked very good.

"Ice," I said.

"Great – in the kitchen if you would. And hi, Max."

He gave Max a hug.

"Come on in; I'll introduce you."

Max and I followed James to kitchen and I put the ice in the freezer. Like every party, everyone seemed to be in the kitchen – which made introductions easier. A tall, fresh-faced boy with long hair stuck out a hand.

"Hi – I'm Pete and this is my girlfriend Flora. I was at school with James. How do you know him?"

I briefly wondered if this was the Pete that James had had as a wank buddy. "Hi Pete, hi Flora. I'm Chris. I live close – James and I have been friends forever."

"Oh OK, hi Chris. Yes, James talked about you. Nice to meet you."

He shook my hand. He had a nice smile. I thought Flora was pretty - in a country-girl sort of way.

"Nice to meet you too, Pete. And this is my boyfriend Max."

I saw a slight look of surprise cross his features, but he controlled it very well. "Boyfriend? Cool. I don't think I've ever met a gay couple. How long have you guys known each other."

I gave him a brief run-down – and noticed that Flora could hardly keep her eyes off Max. Well, he did look good. James brought a beer over to Max and me, and then pulled over two other boys to say hello.

"These are my reprobate cousins Joel and Mikey. Joel and Mikey, this is my bestest, longest-ever friend Chris, and this is Max."

Joel was the older of the two and had big brown eyes set in an open, friendly face. He was slim, about my height, and had his hair swept back and tied with a scrunchy. I saw his eyes flicker over me appraisingly. Mikey was his younger brother. He reminded me a bit of Jürgen with his mass of brown, wavy hair and blue eyes. Although the younger of the two, he was built on bigger lines. Rugby player, I thought. His handshake was firm and warm.

"Hi Chris, hi Max. So how come you've managed to put up with this idiot all these years?" he said, jerking a thumb at James.

"Oh, I'm just doing my social duty looking after the dim and friendless."

"Hoi!" said James, "I have enough problems with these two ganging up on me without you joining in, Chris."

Everyone was smiling. I thought that we'd get on well with these two.

"Talk later, guys," I said over my shoulder as James dragged us over to meet two nice-looking girls who were standing in the corner of the room.

"I already told Joel and Mikey that you were a couple; hope that's OK."


"Now; Tash, Alex, this is my best friend Chris and this is his boyfriend Max."

The two girls looked at each other.

"Told you so."

"Told you what?" said James.

"That these two gorgeous boys were gay. The moment they walked into the room, I said to Tash – 'Wow, look what just walked through the door. At last James is going to introduce us to some proper boy totty'. And Tash said 'Knowing our luck they'll be gay'." Then she shook her head. "I'm so sorry, that sounds incredibly rude. Please forgive us. It's lovely to meet you."

I didn't quite know what to say. I had been prepared to be a little offended at first, but they seemed genuinely nice.

"Lovely to meet you too."

As James led us over to a group in the corner he said, "I apologise. They are really nice girls. It's your fault for being so damn good-looking. You get all the girls excited."

"That's OK James. I'm sure we'll get on with them really well."

"OK, final introductions."

There were five members of the group that James took us over to.

"Chris, you know Andy and Tom, and this is Alice, Tom's girlfriend."

Andy shook hands with me genuinely enthusiastically. Tom's handshake was a firm press, and Max and I both gave Alice, who had a lovely smile, a kiss on the cheek.

"And these two live across the road. Ella and Rupert – but everyone knows him as Roops.

This is Chris and his boyfriend Max."

They were clearly the twins that James had talked about. They were a good looking pair - in Roops' case in a pretty-boy sort of way. Roops flashed me a smile and shook Max's hand. I smiled; from the way Roops was looking at Max, I'd have said that he definitely liked what he was looking at.

"Hi Ella, hi Roops. Nice to meet you." We both gave Ella a kiss.

"OK, I think that's everyone. There's food on the dining room table, help yourself to drinks and have fun."

"Thanks, James."

I went off to find another beer, and as I was opening it, Andy touched me on the shoulder.

"Hi Chris."

"Hey – hi Andy. How are you?"

"I'm really good Chris and it's great to see you. I must apologise again for what I said to you and Mark all those months ago. It was so stupid and...well...I hope you can forgive me. And I'm so sorry to hear about what happened to Mark."

"Yes; and thanks, and please – all is forgiven."

"OK – and thanks. Max is Mark's replacement?"

"That's not quite how I would put it, but yes, he's my boyfriend."

Andy put his hands up. "I've done it again, haven't I? I'm sorry – I didn't mean it to come out that way. And I'm really happy for you. I'd like to get to know Max too."

"Don't worry – and I'm sure we'll have a chance to chat before the evening's out."

Andy headed off in the direction of the conservatory. I reckoned he deserved the benefit of the doubt. I went to find Max.

I found him in dining room with Roops. They were both putting a selection of finger food onto plates.

"Hey Max – beer." I held it out to him.

"Thanks. Roops was asking me all about how we met."

Roops looked across at me. "It's an amazing story that you found your boyfriend at a hockey tournament."

"Yes...not that he was my boyfriend then."

"No...Max told me. You're lucky to have found each other."

"Yes...yes we are." I picked up a plate and put a few bits and pieces on it and headed back to the kitchen. I was absolutely sure that Roops fancied Max; well, why wouldn't he - I did.

I went over to Joel and Mikey. "So, you guys live close?"

"No. Miles away, but we drove down yesterday evening and we'll head back tomorrow. Assuming I'm sober enough to drive." Joel said with a grin.

"You're staying over?"

"Yup. No way I'm going anywhere near a car tonight."

I nodded. "Me either. Max and I are staying over too."

"Cool. So how long has James known that you were gay?"

"About two years. He was the first person I came out top -= after my parents. When I told him, I was so worried that that would be the end of our friendship, but he was great about it." I told them the story.

"Yeah, despite our joshing, he's pretty cool for a cousin. And he thinks the world of you."

"I love him to bits. He's the kind of best friend everyone should have."

I was about to head over to talk to Tasha when the music coming from the lounge changed tempo. Tasha made a beeline for me with Alex in tow.

"Come and dance with me, Chris – and where's your gorgeous boyfriend?"

"Last time I saw him he was in the dining room."

Alex headed off - presumably to find him – while Tash put her arm through mine and pulled me after her into the lounge.

I enjoy dancing – I'm not particularly good at it, but I enjoy it – so it was no hardship to be persuaded to do so by a girl I was starting to like.

To my surprise, already dancing in the middle of the floor, I found Max, Roops and Ella. Tash and I joined them and then Tom and Alice also appeared with Alex. Tash was a good

dancer and she brought the best out of me. But what really stunned me was just how good a dancer Max was. He was really something else and Alex and Ella were both sucked in by his energy.

"He's good isn't he?" said Tash. "Do you two dance together?"

"I know this might sound weird, but I didn't even know he could dance. In our time together we've just never...had the opportunity I suppose. When you spend so much time apart, when you're together, you don't much feel the need to go out clubbing. We just want to...that is, we have so much catching up to do."

Tash's eyes sparkled. "Yes, I just bet you do. And does he have that much energy in bed as well?"

She said it with such an impish smile that it was impossible to be offended. I just laughed.

"Yes...yes actually he does. You're very wicked."

"I know. And I'm just sorry that I won't have the chance to discover how much energy you have in that direction as well. Don't be shocked. You're the sexiest guy I've seen in ages. And Max is a close second. Why wouldn't I want to sleep with you?"

"I like you, Tash. And you know, you're a lot like Max. It's the sort of thing that he would come out with."

She smiled – and gave me a kiss. I enjoyed it.

Meanwhile we were into the third track in a row. Max was simply in his element. He had a huge smile on his face and the girls were matching him every step of the way. James joined Tash and me in our more muted efforts.

"Jeez, Chris. That boy can dance. Why didn't you tell me?"

"Because I didn't know. I was just telling Tash the same thing."


A few tracks later, the mood of the music changed and Max and the two girls headed over towards me. Max had a sheen of sweat on his forehead but his eyes were alight.

"Bloody hell, Max. Where did you learn to dance like that?"

"I went to dance classes for four years from the age of 12."

"I didn't know that."

"I guess we never talked about it. But I love disco if I get the chance. We must go sometime."

"I'm not in your league, Max."

"Ach...all you have to do is enjoy it. And you dance OK – I was watching. Now, I need another beer."

We picked one up and went into the family room where it was both a bit quieter and also where there were some comfortable sofas to sit in. Max and I plonked ourselves down and Max leaned over and kissed me. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Roops come in and sit down opposite.

"I'm sorry," said Max, looking up and seeing Roops sitting there, "I hope I didn't embarrass you by kissing Chris."

Roops blushed. "No, no it's fine, honest. I just wondered if I could ask you to teach me how to dance like you – well, just a bit anyway. I'm so hopeless."

"Of course, he'd love to," I said.

I caught a hint of a look from Max, but he just said, "Sure. Give me a chance to get my breath back and we'll see what we can do."

"That would be great. Thank you so much." Roops got up and went back into the kitchen.

Max looked at me. "What exactly are you doing, my lion?"

"Come on Max, the boy is clearly besotted with you. Let's give him a happy new year by letting him have ten minutes of your undivided attention. And besides, you have a real talent that it would be criminal not to share."

"OK. For you, my lion, I will do my best."

And now it was my turn to give him a kiss.

"Not interrupting, I hope?" It was Joel.

"No, Joel. Come and join us." I shifted closer to Max and Joel sat down beside me.

"So tell me about how you two met."

I let Max tell the story. Joel listened closely and I was aware of the warmth of his body next to me. He smelt nice too. His shirt was undone two buttons, and he had a silver chain around his neck. I thought that I could see the top of a cross where the chain disappeared down into his shirt. His chest seemed to be smooth and hairless. I felt his leg touch mine. I had no idea if it was accidental.

Tash, Alex and Ella all came in together and sat down on the sofa opposite.

"Whoa, three good-looking boys all on one sofa. Never happened in this house before."

We all smiled.

"And three beautiful young ladies to share between us. Perfect." I said.

"We've really just come to see if you boys are coming back to the dance floor. Shame to waste the opportunity."

"We are; Max has promised to teach Roops some moves."

"Roops has asked Max to teach him to dance? This I must see," said Ella.

"Ready to play teacher?" I asked Max.

"Why not?"

We all got up and headed through to the lounge. On the way, I took hold of Ella's arm and quietly asked her a question.

"Is Roops gay?"

"Oh yes. He hasn't admitted it to himself yet, but I absolutely know. As his twin. And you can see how gooey he's gone over Max."

"Yes. I had noticed. I was like Roops once, Ella. It took another boy to make me see and admit what and who I was. I know it's none of my business, but if I can help Roops, just let him know I'm there for him. Assuming he talks to you about it."

"Or I talk to him about it." She smiled. "Thanks, Chris – that's very kind."

As we went through the door into the lounge, the music started up with a lively dance track and Max and Roops were centre stage. At first Roops' moves were poor imitations of Max's, but as he relaxed and got into it, you could see him becoming more natural and sinuous. Max smiled and clapped encouragement - and suddenly it was if the two of them were dancing together. At the end of the fourth track, Roops took Max in his arms and gave him a huge hug. Max clasped him back, patting him on the back.

"Fantastic, Roops. Very good. You are a star pupil."

"Thank you so much Max. That was amazing."

Ella went and put her arms around Roops' shoulders.

"Fantastic Roops – I'm very impressed. So my brother can dance. Very cool. Now there's a string of girls who want to dance with Max - so time to share."

Reluctantly, Roops released Max from his embrace. The music started up again and Max was instantly surrounded by Tash, Alex, Flora and Alice. The rest of us boys were reduced to watching. I had a wicked idea.

"Hey, James, come and dance with me."

A smile slowly spread across James' face. "I'd be delighted to."

We started dancing and soon Joel and Mikey came and joined us – and then Tom, and then Andy and then Pete. I went over and pulled Roops into our group and Ella went to join the circle around Max. It soon became a – very unequal – competition between the two groups, but we were all laughing and pointing. At one point Tash put her arms on Max's shoulders and they formed a sort of conga line. I put my hands on Roops shoulders and we did the same thing.

Eventually Max called time.

"Girls – I'm exhausted. Have mercy."

Each of the girls gave Max a big kiss, and so our group all gave one to Roops - who looked suitably embarrassed but not to the point of refusal. I made a point of giving him a hug as well – which he returned with a squeeze.

By this stage it was close to midnight, so James put the TV on for the countdown. I went and put my arm round Max.

"Yech. You are hot and sweaty."

"You love me hot and sweaty normally."

I cuffed him lightly. "That's in bed. This is different."

"Picky picky."

"Actually, I just wanted to thank you for what you did for Roops. It was very kind – and you were amazing."

"He is a nice boy. I like him. And he is cute, no?"

"Yes, Max. He is. Now behave."

James came back in with champagne for everyone. The TV zoomed in on Big Ben.

'…..Happy New Year!'

We all clinked glasses.

I hugged Max and kissed him. Properly.

"Happy New Year, Max. Let's hope it brings us everything we want."

"I already have everything I want. Happy New Year, Chris. I love you."

"I love you too, Max."

All the girls came and gave both of us a kiss. And then James gave us both a kiss. And then Joel, and then Mikey. I asked James if there was any slow music. He smiled, and went and found a different CD. As the music started to fill the room, I took hold of Max.

"Time for you to dance with me now."

I put my arms round his waist. Max put his arms round my shoulders. Our foreheads touched and then we were gently swaying to the music. Our bodies seemed to melt into one another. I had never danced like this before. He pulled my head onto his neck and I kissed him. I put my lips against his ear and whispered.

"I love you so much Max. I am so lucky."

I was aware that every eye in the room was on us. I didn't care. I kissed Max – long and slow. And then we melted into one another, gyrating slowly as the music ebbed and flowed around us. Then Pete and Flora and Tom and Alice joined us – and a few moments later James had got Tash in his arms and Joel had Alex in his. Mikey then appeared with Ella. I felt sorry for Roops – but that really wasn't our problem.

As the music ended, Max held onto me for a few seconds and then we let go of one another. Things drifted to a close quite rapidly after that. Tash and Alex and the twins both said that they needed to head home.

The girls came up to us. "It's been lovely to meet you, and thank you for helping to make this such a good evening. And watching you two dance at the end there was beautiful. Really beautiful. I hope we shall see you again."

"We hope so too."

We each gave then a hug and kiss.

Roops and Ella then came to say goodbye.

"Max, thank you so much for the dance lesson. I've had such a good time. And I think Chris

is very lucky to have you."

"Well thank you Roops. I think so too."

They giggled, and then hugged each of us. Then Max gave Roops a long kiss full on the lips. Roops' eyes opened wide - and then he kissed Max back. With gusto.

"Hope to see you again."

"You too Max – and you Chris."

I gave Ella a big kiss. "I meant what I said earlier."

"Thanks. Let's see what happens. You've both been so kind and so charming. It's been a lovely evening."

Tom and his girlfriend Alice, and Pete and Flora were also heading home; neither of the girls had had much to drink and had offered to drive the boys home, and Andy was also going home. I took Andy on one side.

"I'm sorry we didn't get a chance to talk much. Max is here for another week, so maybe we can meet up before he goes?"

"Thanks, Chris, I'd like that. It was really nice to see the relationship you two have. I mean that."

And I think he did. "OK, Andy, take care."

To my surprise, he stepped in and gave me a hug – a warm one.

"I've really changed, Chris."

"You have, haven't you. It would be lovely to see you again."

He smiled, nodded and then went to find his coat.

That just left Max, me, James and his cousins.

"How about we finish off the booze, guys?" suggested Joel.

I looked at Max. He made a 'help me' face.

"Joel, would you forgive us if Max and I headed to bed?"

"I didn't have you guys down as lightweights."

"Normally we're not, but…."

James stepped in. "C'mon, Max has been dancing himself silly, and they've been apart for three months – let them get some sleep…or at least get to bed." He grinned at Joel.

A smile slowly flickered over Joel's face. "Yes, of course…sorry. We'll see you in the morning?"

"For sure – we'll be in no rush."

"OK. Well then James, I guess it's just us three," said Joel.

I went over to James and gave him the biggest hug. "Thank you so much for tonight. It's been great."

"Hey, it was you guys and the dance stuff that made it such fun. Sleep well." Then he put his face close to my ear, "Eventually."

We smiled conspiratorially at each other. He knew us too well.

"I've put you guys in the guest room with the en-suite at the far end."

"Thanks James."

I popped out to the car and grabbed our overnight bag. When I got back Max was being embraced by Mikey.

"Night Max. It's been so good to meet you. See you about lunchtime tomorrow."

"I shall look forward to it."

We left Joel pouring whisky into three tumblers and headed upstairs.

The guest room was at the far end of the corridor. Once inside Max collapsed on the bed.

"That was a very good night, Chris. But I feel exhausted."

"You were amazing Max. Shower?"


We stripped off and headed for the shower. It was a wet-room so there was lots of space. We turned the shower on and both luxuriated in the stream of hot water. We made sure we were clean inside and out.

As we dried ourselves off, Max said, "You have nice friends, Chris. I like them."

"And you, my little sex-bomb, have a big fan in Roops."

"I know. He is nice, yes? And no," he said as the words formulated on my lips, "I don't want to sleep with him. I want to sleep with you. Well, not sleep exactly…"


"How else would we celebrate the new year?"

"I thought you were exhausted?"

"Not so exhausted that I don't want you in me. Besides – you will be doing all the work." He gave me a grin.

I picked him up – just - and carried him to bed. I got the little pot of oil out of our bag and got my fingers well covered. I slipped a finger inside him while putting more on my cock. I lifted his legs up over my shoulders and entered him.

"Oh Chris. Every time it feels so good."

I fucked him slowly and deeply. I masturbated him as I moved in and out. He started to make little grunts with each thrust.

'I'm close, my Chris. Finish me off. Hard."

My balls slapped against his bottom as I picked up the pace, his eyes were screwed shut - and then he was cumming all over his chest. I followed moments later, my seed filling his depths.He opened his eyes. His amazing blue eyes.

"I love having you in me, Chris. Happy New Year."

"Happy New Year, Max."

We climbed under the covers and must have been asleep in moments.

When I woke up I saw Max standing by the window. Silhouetted against the light he was a shadow outlined against the sun that was streaming into the room. He was beautiful. He must have heard me stir, because he looked round over his shoulder.

"Morning, Chris."

"Morning, Max. Have you been awake long?"

"Just a few minutes. Come and look. It's beautiful outside."

I got up and walked over and stood behind him. I put my arms round his waist and laid my chin on his shoulder. He pressed back lightly against me. His skin was warm and silky against mine.

Outside it was frosty. The trees were all covered in white, but the sun was shining brightly. It was a perfect winter morning to welcome in the new year.

"It's almost as lovely as you, Max."

He wiggled his bottom against my groin. "I want you, Chris."

"I want you too. And afterwards I want you in me."

"Mmm…sounds like a plan."

We went back to the bed and I lay down. Max straddled me, oiled us both up and then lowered himself onto me. He rode me rhythmically and sensuously, his hands splayed on my chest, his cock rubbing stiffly against my stomach. I didn't touch him. I had other plans for that.

"This feels so good Chris. Promise me we'll never stop doing this."


He moved up and down on me harder and harder.

"I'm cumming, Max."

I groaned as I emptied myself into him. He arched his back and then rolled off me, and I came out of him with a dull squelch. Max wrapped his arms tightly around me and kissed me. I ran my hands over his back and then back up through his hair.

"I love every little bit of you, Max Schell. But there's one bit of you I am particularly interested in right now."

"My eyes?"


"My hair?"


"Then it must be my lips."

"All of those things are lovely, but no."

"Oooo…you mean this?" He took my hand and put it on his erection.


"And what would you like me to do with it?"

"Put it inside me, Max. Deep inside me. And do me long and hard and slow."

He giggled. "I swear you are becoming a bottom boy."

I gave his bottom a loud smack. "You better hope not."

"Ouch. And you're right. And I like that you like me inside you sometimes. I like it too."

"Good. Then stop talking about it and just do it."

I rolled onto my side and bent my top leg so the knee came up towards my chest. Max slipped a finger inside me. He kissed my neck, and then I felt the tip of his cock against my hole. He entered me smoothly. His hand reached for my cock which was already stiffening again, and then he was thrusting in and out of me.

He soon had me gasping with pleasure as he hit the little spot inside me that sent fireworks through my brain.

"Oh yes, Max. Don't stop. That's so good."

He masturbated me as he worked me harder and deeper. I heard his breathing start to go ragged and then he drove hard into me a final time. I felt his cock kick inside me as it delivered his load into my guts. My own climax followed, my cum splattering over Max's hand.

"Stay inside me. Max."

We lay there in the silence and the glow that follows good sex. I felt him slowly softening inside me and then he plopped out. He pulled me onto my back and lay half across my chest with his lips on mine. I put my hand on the back of his head and twisted my fingers in his curls of his hair.

"That was wonderful, Max."

He sighed, "I am so happy, Chris."

"Do you think we should go and see if anyone else is up?"

"Why not?"

"I suppose we better make ourselves decent and put on a pair of pants first. Wouldn't want to bump into the cousins naked."

Max giggled. "Actually, I wouldn't mind bumping into them naked."

"Max Schell!"

"No, no…of course we must be decent. But they are quite nice, no?"

I grinned at him. "Yeah, they are."

We pulled on our briefs and headed down the corridor to James' room. I tapped lightly on the door, but there was no reply. I opened the door and saw James lying face down on the bed, his head on the pillow with the sheets down around his waist. Next to him lay Joel, also lying face down with one arm thrown over James' back, his hair spread in a halo over the pillow and his naked legs poking out from the side of the duvet. He was snoring ever so gently. Max and I looked at each other, then quietly closed the door.

"Guess we better make sure Mikey is OK."

We went to the next door up and I knocked on it. Again there was no reply. I opened it. Mikey's clothes and shoes were strewn over the floor and he was in bed, asleep. He was on his back, naked, with the duvet mostly on the floor. From the bush of pubic hair in his groin a full-on erection stretched up over his stomach – and beyond. Well beyond.

Max smiled at me. We went in and pulled the duvet back over him then crept out.


Max nodded.

We went downstairs. The place was a mess. The food was still on the dining room table and there were dirty glasses and empty bottle everywhere. The kitchen floor was sticky with spilled food and drink. I put the kettle on.

"So what do you suppose happened with James and Joel?" asked Max.

"Guess we'll just have to wait until we can ask him. Bit of a surprise to find them naked in bed together, though."

"For sure. And Mikey is a big boy, no?"

I laughed. "Yes, very."

We took our coffee upstairs and got back into bed. Once finished, we shucked off our underwear and cuddled up together under the covers. We didn't need words. We just lay and touched and stroked and kissed. I ran my fingers through Max's hair and he idly played with my nipples. I licked up along his jaw and nibbled an ear-lobe. This made him shiver with pleasure. We took hold of each other's erections and stroked one another gently.

"I love the feel of your hand on my cock, Max."

He smiled. "The simple pleasures are often the best, I think."

We were still playing with one another when there was a tap on the door. We reluctantly let go of one another and sat up. It was James, dressed only in a pair of boxers.

"Hi guys. OK if I come in?"

"Sure James. Come and hop in."

We made a space and James came and sat between us.

"So," I said to him, "interesting night with Joel?"

He looked at me. "How did….?"

"We poked our heads round your door earlier to see if you were awake, but you weren't."

"And neither was Joel," said Max with a smile.

"Fuck…I'm really not quite sure what happened. After you went to bed last night, Mikey and Joel and I had a lot to drink. A lot. Mikey called it a night at about half two, I think. He just about managed to get upstairs and put himself to bed. Joel and I carried on drinking a bit longer, but we eventually staggered upstairs sometime after 3. We talked quite a lot about you I seem to remember, and about Cornwall though not in detail, I don't think. I hope not anyway. And then we talked about Uni and I told him I had realised that I was bisexual. Or was that after we talked about Cornwall? It's all a bit hazy. Anyway, when we came up we didn't want to disturb Mikey so I said he could crash with me….and don't look at me like that, I did NOT have designs on him…but I don't remember anything else until I woke up about twenty minutes ago to find him there naked beside me. My head hurts, incidentally – no chance of one of you two heroes making me coffee I suppose?'

"I'll go," said Max, "I think we could do with another as well."

He put his briefs back on and headed downstairs.

"So…did you have sex with Joel?"

"I don't know Chris. That's the truth. I don't think so. He had his arm over me when I woke up and he was naked – but I still had my boxers on and there was no…cum anywhere. And my cock doesn't feel sore and I feel horny as fuck despite the headache – not that that means much, I appreciate."

"Is he still asleep?"

"Yes – and so's Mikey. I just looked in his room. He's all cosy under the duvet."

"He wasn't when we checked earlier."


"No. He was buck naked on his back with the duvet on the floor – so we covered him over."

"You resisted the temptation to molest him?"

"Yes. Just. He…umm…was in his full glory."

"He had a stiffy?"

"A mighty stiffy. If Joel is built on the same lines, I think you'd know if you'd had sex."

"Wow. OK."

At that moment, Max came back with the coffee.

"Thanks, Max. You're a life-saver."

James downed the coffee and then lay back on the pillow. "Judging from the state of these sheets, I'd say that I know someone who has definitely had sex this morning."

"How very indelicate of you to point that out."

James stifled a laugh.

"It's so nice to be in bed with my two best friends. Just like Cornwall."

He put an arm around each of us and pulled us to him. Max and I both gave him a kiss on opposite cheeks. I was fairly sure I knew what James wanted.

"James – I know you'd like us all to have sex together, but Max and I have both come three times this morning already, so…"

"But we could both help James out, couldn't we?," interrupted Max.

"If that's what he would like. A thank you for our invitation to his party."

"Absolutely. Well, James?"

He did have the good grace to look sheepish. "Umm, well, that would be wonderful if you're sure…"

"We're sure. C'mon, get 'em off."

James lay back. We pulled back the covers, removed James boxers, and then Max and I each put our faces either side of his groin. His cock was already big and hard. Max licked the tip while I fondled James' balls in my hand. Max pulled back the foreskin and licked the head while I ran my tongue up the shaft from the opposite direction. James was twitching with pleasure. Max took James in his mouth and started to work him up and down while I sucked his balls into my mouth, one at a time. I was pleased to see that he had kept himself shaved. James must have been so ready, because he came quickly – and copiously; Max pulled off before four or five spurts erupted from James' cock and landed on his chest and stomach, and then several more oozed from the tip. I picked up his boxers and wiped him clean with them.

"Better?" I asked.

He grinned. "Much better. God, you two are so good."

"Just wait until we fuck you," I said with a smile.

"Yeah right" Then he clicked his fingers. "Of course; our trip to London the day after tomorrow. Can't wait." Then, "Hey – were those my boxers you used to clean me up?"

I smiled sweetly at him and handed him the damp shorts.

"Bastard! Oh well, they needed a wash anyway." He paused. "Now; I'm going to shower and then go down and make us three breakfast. I don't suppose the cuzzes will show for a while yet."

"Lovely – but it's a bit of a mess down there. We'll give you a hand to clear up."

"OK – but breakfast first."

"Cool. We're going to shower as well. See you down there."

Max and I headed for the shower. As we cleaned ourselves thoroughly, I said to him;

"I'm pleased you like James so much." I paused. "Just suppose – and I mean suppose – that James and I….did it.. together. Would you like to fuck him too?"

"Honestly, Chris? No. I love fucking you but anyone else…not really." He paused. "Look, to tell you the truth, I found it quite hard to do it with Sigi despite him being both cute and very enthusiastic."


"Yes Chris. At heart I am a bottom boy. I always will be. With you it is different. But only with you. Maybe there is someone out there I would feel differently about, but I don't think so."

I held him to me under the shower and kissed him. I knew what I wanted to say, but it sounded so selfish. But Max and I had no secrets. I needed to say it.

"Max, I hate the idea of you being fucked by anyone else but me. I know it's unfair given what I do with Dan, but it's how I feel. I want that part of you to be just for me."

"Then that is how it will be."

"But that's not fair on you; you let me fuck other people."

He sighed. "Chris, I love you. We are not the same. Your needs are different. If it hurts you for me to be fucked by someone else - then that's the end of it. And whilst don't really LIKE you doing it with anyone else, I am happy to make an exception for James because…because he is James. If it happens. And I am OK with Dan too – at least until I can be with you."

"It's OK if you want to carry on with Sigi."

"You know what Chris. I don't think I do. He has a girlfriend. I felt used last time, if I'm honest. And I'll tell you what else; if you say a definite 'no' to me being fucked, it will be a whole lot easier for me to be strong. I can still have oral after all."

I looked at him. "You are one amazing boy, Max. It still doesn't seem quite fair to me. Let's talk it over again later. I'm hungry."

"Me too."

We dried off, dressed and went downstairs to find James.

He had cleared a space on the kitchen table, and laid out cutlery, plates and glasses. There was a wonderful small of bacon, eggs and coffee.

"Put some more bread in the toaster if you would, and then I think we're ready," said James.

He took a carton of OJ out of the fridge and plunged a cafetiere of coffee. He brought a frying pan over to the table and divided the contents between the three plates.

"Thanks for making last night such a success – and thanks for this morning as well."

"Pleasure on both counts, James. This looks delicious."

And it was. We cleared the lot.

After breakfast we made a start on the clearing up. I gathered up the glasses and emptied the remaining food into a bin bag. James stacked what he could in the dishwasher and did the rest by hand. Max dried up. It was efficient and we'd soon fished the first phase. Then I wiped down the tables and work-surfaces, James cleaned the kitchen floor and Max used the vacuum in the rest of the downstairs rooms. With three of us, it was soon done. As we finished, Mikey came down. He'd clearly showered but he was tousle-haired and yawning.

"Morning. Don't say anything loud. Where's the coffee?"

We all smiled as he shuffled past. "Morning Mikey. Just sit down, I'll make you coffee," said James. "Was Joel up?"

"Didn't see any sign of him. Where is he? He wasn't in our room when I woke up."

"He ended up crashed in my room. We were pretty drunk and we didn't want to disturb you

when we finally came up."

"Oh, OK. He snores by the way."

"I didn't notice.'

At that moment, we heard the shower running upstairs. Joel had obviously surfaced. When he appeared some fifteen minutes later, he was clearly struggling.

"My head is going to explode. Juice and coffee please. And paracetamol if you have any."

"I'll do coffee," I said to James, "you go get paracetamol."

Joel was slumped, head in hands at the table. James gave him two tablets which he downed with a glass of juice.

"Thanks. And did we spend the night in the same bed?"



"I still had my boxers on. You refused to get into bed without stripping."

"I don't remember.' Joel looked up at James. 'Tell me we didn't….?"

"No. We didn't. As far as I know. I don't remember much either."


Mikey was listening to this exchange with a huge grin on his face.

"Looks like you'll have to marry him, bro."

"Fuck off, Mikey."

"I'll be your best man, James," I added.

"And you can fuck off too, Chris," said James, with a smile on his face.

"Actually, I think it's probably time we made a move anyway. Do you fancy a game of squash tomorrow?"

"Why not? 'Each play all' OK with you too, Max?"

"For sure."

"OK – I'll try and book something. Late morning?"

"Perfect. Give us a call. And then London on the day after that. We thought we'd head off about 10 – make a day of it."

"Sounds good."

I went over to where Joel was sitting at the table still looking sorry for himself. "Nice to meet you Joel. I really hope we'll have the chance to meet again soon."

"I'd like that Chris. You're both lovely guys. Next time maybe we can all play squash? Make a real tournament of it?"

"Fine with me."

Joel stood up and gave a me a hug. "I can see why this guy likes you so much. You take care."

"Will do; you too."

Max gave Joel a hug too and we went over to Mikey where we repeated the performance – although the hugs we got from Mikey were firmer, warmer and longer.

"I just wanted to say – and I know it's kinda not important – that you are the first gay couple I've met who are just, well, normal. You know, regular guys. I mean I wouldn't know you were gay unless – well, apart from you kissing each other and that, but...oh shit…you know what I mean."

We both smiled at him. "Yes – and thanks. It's been good to meet you."

We headed for the front door. "Thanks, James. Give us a call when you have the court booked."

"Will do. See you soon." James gave each of us a hug and a kiss.

Later that afternoon James called to say that he'd booked a court for midday tomorrow. We said that we'd see him there.

The next day we had a lazy morning that involved some lengthy, and thoroughly pleasurable, oral sex with each other, before we showered and got our stuff ready to play squash. I put a pair of shorts and a pair of trainers in the bag for Max; we both had size 10 feet, which was handy.

I drove us to the club where not only James but Joel and Mikey were waiting too.

"Joel didn't feel up to driving home yesterday so they stayed over. They wanted to come and join in before they head home. I hope that's OK. I've booked an extra forty minutes on the court so we should all get two or three games."

"Great. Nice to see you guys again. An unexpected pleasure."

Joel looked a whole lot better than he had the previous day and he came and gave us both a hug. We all headed for the changing rooms and got ourselves ready.

I ended up playing Joel and then Mikey. Joel I beat comfortably - but not easily - but Mikey was another proposition altogether. He was fit and strong and it took every ounce of my skill to stay in the game. At one point we collided and I winded him somewhat, which gave me an edge for a couple of points but it still went to a tie-break – which he eventually won. We were both exhausted and collapsed into each other's arms at the end.

"Well played Mikey – you were just too good for me in the end."

"Best game I've had in ages. Thank you. We must play again."

Joel joined us and we headed up to the gallery to watch Max playing James.

"Good game you two. You know Mikey plays county schools squash, Chris?"

"Bloody hell. No, I didn't. In that case I feel a bit better about the result."

"You're good, Chris," Said Mikey, "but then you're a natural sportsman. You can probably play most sports well. Get a bit of coaching and you'd be very, very useful at squash."


Max and James had a real tussle as well. The cousins were rooting for Max – obviously – and when he won they cheered loudly. Max played Mikey in the final game and ran him close – but he eventually lost as well.

We headed back to the changing rooms.

"So, James, you conveniently forgot to mention that cuz here is a bit of a wiz at squash."

He smirked. "Did I? Must have slipped my mind."

"Just you wait, James Taverner. Retribution awaits."

He stuck his tongue out at me.

We all stripped off and made our way to the showers. Once under the water, I was aware that both the cousins were giving Max and me the once-over – and they were entirely unselfconscious about doing so.

"You boys both have great bodies – but why no pubes?" Mikey asked.

"I have always shaved mine – and I like Chris the same. It's sexier. And I like the way it feels when we have sex," replied Max completely unfazed.

I saw Mikey's eyes open wide.

"You'll have to get used to Max; he just says it like it is." I said.

To his credit, Mikey just nodded. "Cool. Maybe I should try it."

"Ja – you should," said Max with a smile.

Joel and Mikey had good bodies too. Joel's was slim, fit and smooth apart from a mass of pubic hair from which his uncircumcised cock hung down about four inches. Mikey was altogether more muscled with a generous sprinkling of hair on his chest and a wiry happy trail that led down to his pubes. His cock was thicker and longer than his brother's - which was no surprise bearing in mind the size of his stiffy that we'd seen the previous morning. He had a long foreskin as well which he was soaping and pulling back vigorously.

"That's a dangerous weapon you have there." I said.

He smiled. "You should see it hard." I kept my face impassive, but Max looked up and flicked his eyebrows at me with a smile.

"That's a dangerous thing to say to a gay boy like me, Mikey."

"Anytime you want Chris."

He grinned, and we both laughed. But I did just wonder.

"Actually, I've got quite enough on my plate with your cousin," I added mischievously.

Mikey stared at me, then his face cracked in a smile; "Oh you…that's funny. Nice one."

But I also saw Joel look at James. And I realised James had told him he was bi. And about Cornwall. And I hoped I hadn't given James a problem. Assuming Joel actually remembered any of that conversation anyway.

We said a final farewell to them outside the club, and confirmed that we would pick James up the next morning at 10 and take him to the station with us. Then Max and I went home and spent the afternoon in bed. We made a terrible mess of the sheets.

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