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by c m

Chapter 2

It takes a week for the builders to fix the chimney and then, the following day, the scaffolders are back to take it all down. I hardly dare look to see if Duncan is there. I have mixed feelings; part of me wants to see him again so badly, and part of me is afraid that he was just being polite and doesn't want anything to do with a gay boy. Well, nothing ventured and all that…

To my joy (who was I kidding) he's there. It's not as sunny today and he has a shirt on, but he still looks good enough to eat. He sees me and his face cracks into a smile.

'Hey, Merv. Good to see you. Sorry I haven't been in touch, I've been away for the last week. We must put a date in the diary for me to come and see that collection of yours.'

I am grinning from ear to ear. On the inside as well.

'Good to see you again as well, Dunc.'

He holds out a hand and I shake it. This time his grip is firm and dry - and his eyes meet mine. We hold one another's gaze and a flicker of a smile crosses his lips before he breaks the contact.

'Maybe we can arrange something later? Right now I need to be up there helping, otherwise I'm gonna get shouted at.'

He picks up a wrench and climbs the ladder with practised ease. Halfway up he stops and looks down at me.

'If we miss, I'll call you. Promise.'

And then he's way up above my head.

I spend the rest of the morning floating on air.

As it turns out, I have the chance to have another quick conversation with him later in the day.

'I guess your collection is at your home; how long will you be working here?' he asks.

'Another three weeks.'

'OK. We're really busy at the moment – working Saturdays as well, so maybe we can find a Sunday once you're done here?'

'Sounds great.'

'I guess I should have asked where you live.'

'About five miles the other side of town.'

'That's a bit of luck; we live out that side too. Look, give me a call when you're home – or once you know when you will be and we'll fix something – if you still want to, that is.'

'I'd love that.'

'Cool. I'll look forward to hearing from you. I'll message you so you'll have my number.'

We exchange a fist-bump and with that he's off. But he gives me a wave from the cab as they turn out of the drive.

I guess I'd settle for having him as just a friend…. but god, I now want him so badly.

Tom notices the way I keep looking at my phone that evening.

'Expecting a call?'

'Yes…no…that is…no…'

'You don't fool me; come on, spill.'

I sigh.

'OK, look, the scaffolders were back today, right?

'Ohh…you saw lover boy again did you?'

'He is NOT my lover boy…'

'Bet you wish he was….'

I stick my tongue out at him. He laughs.

'As I was saying, he is not my lover boy - and yes I do wish he was as it happens, but I don't think that's on the cards. Anyway, he wants to meet up to see my collection of Beanos once I'm back home.'

Tom roars with laughter.

'Your collection of Beanos??? Is that what they call it….'

'God I hate you sometimes…yes, my collection – my extensive collection – of old Beanos. He put my number in his phone and said he'd message me so that I'd have his number.'

'Sounds promising.'

I roll my eyes.

But at that precise moment, my phone buzzes and there it is; a message from Dunc.

'Good to see you again today; I'm also on WhatsApp.'

My heart does a little leap

'Tom, would it look very desperate to call him right now?'

'If you have a date in mind for him to come over, that would seem to be a good reason to speak with him.'

'You're a genius. Let me see…'

I open my diary app and check the dates. Three weeks on, plus forward to the following Sunday is…September 10th. What do I have to lose? I put his number into WhatsApp and select video call…hell, I might as well go for broke. The phone buzzes and then….

'Whoa! What a pleasant surprise,' says the smiling face that appears on the screen. 'To what do I owe the pleasure?'

There he is in all his radiant beauty. I'm aware of Tom looking over my shoulder. He gives Dunc a wave.

'Hey, who's that, Merv?'

'That's Tom. He's doing what I'm doing…work experience. We share a room. Despite appearances, he's quite nice.'

Tom cuffs me lightly on the side of the head and Dunc laughs.

'Hi Tom. Is Merv the nice guy he seems to be?'

'Yeah…mostly I guess. He snores though.'

'Better than being in the bottom bunk while he's making the bed shake every night while he jacks off on top,' I say.

'Hey! You can't tell him that!' says Tom.

'I just did,' I say.

Duncan is laughing.

'Seems like you two get along just fine. Now what can I do for you, Merv?'

If only you knew, I thought…but I swiftly bring myself back to reality…focus, focus…this is no time for fantasies like that.

'I had a possible date for you to come over…September 10th. Is that any good?'

'Hmmm…don't see why not...I never plan that far ahead….that's a Sunday, right?'


'OK. Let's go for it. Let me have your address and I'll cycle over; you can't live all that far away from me.'

'I'll ping it across to you...would around 11 suit you…I'm sure my parents would be happy if you wanted to stay to lunch.'

'Sounds cool…why not?'

'Great, can't wait.'

'Me either…look after yourself, Merv.'

'You too, Dunc.'

'Will do. Bye Tom.'

Tom gives a wave from across the room, and the call ends.

'He seems very nice, 'says Tom. 'Good looking too…I can see why you fancy the pants off him. And you seriously have no idea whether he's gay or not?'

'Nope. All he said was that I looked pretty fit.'

'Well, he clearly doesn't have any problems hanging out with a gay boy.'

'And what does that prove? Neither do you for that matter – and you're not gay.'

Tom smiles.

'True. Well, I hope he is and that you can be more than just friends; I assume that's what you want?'

'God yes. That would be my dreams come true. Now, I better send him my address.'

I do so, and to my surprise I get a message back almost straight away:

'Thanks. Nice to talk. So are you and Tom an item?'

My outburst of laughter makes Tom look up.

'What's so funny?'

'It's Dunc. He's just asked if you're my boyfriend.'

I send a reply.

'No way. Tom's straight as an arrow – worst luck.'

'OK, cool. Looks like you're about a fifteen minute bike ride from me. Look forward to seeing you on the 10 th .'

'Me too. Don't suppose there's any chance of you sending me a selfie so that I can link it to your number? I promise not to perv over it.'

There's a pause and I wonder if I've gone too far. But the reason for the delay becomes clear as the next thing that appears on my phone is a pic of Dunc smiling.

'There you go…and you're welcome to perv over me any time. Send me one back of you so that I don't forget what you look like.'

I take a quick pic and send it over.

'Nice. See you soon.'

'Looking forward to it.'

The calls closes. I replay the conversation in my head. Was there any more to it than just two friends exchanging details? Probably not. But there's just a flicker of hope in the back of my mind that refuses to go away.

The hotel is as busy as ever, and with the distraction of the builders gone I am focused right back where I need to be. Charlie and Luke take the time and trouble to answer all the questions I have, especially the really dumb ones, and they give me more responsibility – which I love.

Tom falls for a pretty girl who's staying with her grandparents, but he's sensible enough to tell Charlie how he feels. Charlie tells him that unless she makes the first move, then she's off limits and even if she does, the fact that she's with her grandparents and not her parents means he should tread very carefully. Tom's bright enough to see this makes sense, and it ends up going no further than a gentle flirtation. On the upside, it's his turn to acquire a picture that gives him a new focus for his nightly wank.

And yes, I do perv over Dunc's picture. Regularly.

As the period of our work experience comes to an end, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is the career for me. I ask Tom how he feels.

'It's been a fantastic experience, but I think I want to focus on the wider aspects of tourism. You're a natural at this, Merv, but for me it's more of an effort and I get less reward out of it than you clearly do. But it's been fun – and really getting to know you has been a bonus. You know that I've never had a problem with you – or anyone else – being gay, but this has just underlined the fact that there is genuinely nothing different about it except the shape of the bits that turn you on. I mean, we've even been naked together and it didn't feel even slightly uncomfortable. I guess you're looking forward to seeing Dunc?'

'I am. I guess that's my added bonus from our time here – apart from getting to know you better too. Wish everyone could feel like you do about guys who are gay.'

'Look like Dunc does.'

'True. Guess there's still hope.'

Our six weeks come to and end on September 2nd. On the morning of Sunday 3rd, Tom and I are packing up our stuff when there's a tap on the door. It's Charlie and Luke.

'Hi guys, hope you don't mind us interrupting. We both just wanted to say that we've been incredibly impressed with both of you. You've got stuck in to everything we've asked you to do; you've embraced the spirit of this place in terms of nothing being too much trouble for a guest, and we've had some great feedback from our guests about you. We have a 'tips' account and part of it is yours.'

Charlie takes a couple of envelopes out of the documents case he's carrying.

'We assume you'd prefer to have it in cash, and we've added a little extra to say thank you from us. Either or both of you will always be welcome back here.'

He hands each of us an envelope.

'It's OK to open them.'

I do. There are twenty fifty pound notes inside. It's more cash than I've ever seen in my life.

'Half of that is your share from the guests' tips – and we decided to match it. Well done; you deserve it.'

I can't help myself. I rush over to Charlie and throw my arms round him.

'Thank you so much. And you too, Luke.'

I give him a hug too.

'If you can't beat them…' says Tom with a smile, and he, too, gives each of them a quick hug.

'It's our pleasure. And there's a free meal here either with your family or friends anytime in the next year.'

'Thanks Charlie. This is incredibly generous and I want to tell you I've had a wonderful time. Even being propositioned was a bit of a compliment I suppose – in hindsight.'

'You behaved entirely correctly. You have good instincts – and that's as important a part of what we do as all the knowledge, all the people skills and all the other stuff you'll either learn or pick up along the way. '

'So you'll give us a decent grade when you report back to the College?' asks Tom

'You have no worries on that score. Straight As for both of you.'

Tom beams.

'OK. We'll let the pair of you get on. Pop in and see us before you go.'

'Will do.'

Once they've left, Tom and I hug each other in disbelief.

'A thousand pounds, Merv, they've just given us each a thousand pounds!'

'Amazing. Can maybe get a few old Beanos for that…..'

Tom just looks at me.

We say our goodbyes to Charlie and Luke – and to the other staff who are in on a Sunday morning. Tom's Dad has come to pick him up, and Tom and I hug one last time before he heads off. A few minutes later my mother's Audi rolls up outside the hotel. I climb in, and feel genuine regret as we pull away, leaving the hotel behind us.

'How did it all go, darling?'

'It was…amazing. I learned so much. And at the end we were given a share of the guests' tips.'

'That's nice. Was it very much?'

'No, not really,' I say, '…only a thousand pounds.'

Mum almost swerves into the other lane.

'How much??'

'Half of it was from the guests, and the owners decided to match it to say thanks for all our hard work.'

'My word. How very generous. And well done you. I'm sure they wouldn't have done that unless you'd really impressed them.'

'It was fun. And sharing a room with Tom was brilliant. Oh…while I remember, is it OK if a friend comes to visit next Sunday and stays to lunch?'

'A friend? Of course. Someone you met while you were working?'

'Sort of. When we had that storm, it damaged the chimney and they had to put up scaffolding to be able to repair it. There was one of the scaffolders who was my age and it turns out that he's a bit of a Beano fan as well.'

'A scaffolder? OK…and that was quite a coincidence wasn't it?'

'Yes. But he's really nice.'

There must have been something in my voice.

'Maybe more than just a friend?'

'No, Mum. At least, I don't think so. But he is very good-looking.'

Mum turns to me and sees me smile. She smiles back.

'Well, whatever will be will be. And of course he's welcome.'

The weather has turned very warm again, and although I go swimming a couple of times and catch up with Tom one afternoon, the next week passes slowly. I resist the temptation to call Dunc; what possible excuse could I have to call him? But I reckon, by Friday, that it would be OK to check everything is still on for Sunday. I decide I'll call him after dinner that evening.

But I'm pre-empted. Just as I'm making myself a sandwich for lunch – a BLT if you're interested – my phone buzzes. A WhatsApp call is asking for an answer. And there he is. Golden-haired, damp with sweat – and shirtless. Sex on legs.

'Hiya Merv…just wanted to check everything was OK for Sunday?'

'Sure is. And if it's still this hot by then, why don't you bring some swimming trunks? Our neighbours have a pool that they've said we're welcome to use while they're away.'

'Wow. OK. Sounds great. Everything go OK with the rest of your work experience?'

'It was great, Dunc. We even got a nice chunk of the tips at the end.'

'Sounds great. You must tell me all on Sunday.'

' I assume you're working given the look of you?'

'Yes…bloody hot…poles are getting almost too hot to touch. Still, nearly done so it looks like an early finish for a change.'

'Whenever I see you, you seem to be all hot and sweaty.'

'Sorry about that. I promise I'll be all fresh and nice on Sunday.'

'OK. Don't work too hard. See you Sunday.'

'Great…is there anything you want me to bring?'

'Just your gorgeous self.'

He laughs.

'OK, my gorgeous self will be with you at about 11.'

'Bye for now.'


I don't sleep very well on Saturday night. Maybe because the temperature hasn't dropped below the high teens even at 3am, or maybe because I'm a mixture of anticipation, nervousness and energy. In the end I get up at seven and take a long, cool shower. I even make my parents a cup of coffee – for which they are grateful, even if they can't keep a slight note of surprise out of their voices.

In my room, I've carefully taken three of the oldest leather binders of comics off the shelf. My grandfather had the binders made. They are filled with plastic pouches, each one containing one issue of the Beano. There have been 4040 issues of the Beano – yes, I'm a geek about these things – and the oldest one in my grandfather's collection is issue 1000 from 1961. There is a complete run from issue 1139 (when Billy Whizz was introduced) through to number 1484, plus some more recent ones after that. In addition to the comics, I also have a collection of annuals, a couple of which go back to the 50s. I hope Dunc will be impressed.

As 11 o'clock approaches, I'm a bag of nerves. When he's not arrived by five past, I've convinced myself that he's not coming. But two minutes later his golden curls arrive - atop a cool-looking yellow trail bike with the word 'Cannondale' on one of the crosspieces. He has obviously been cycling pretty hard because once again his hair is matted with moisture as he removes his helmet, and there are damp patches under the arms of his polo shirt.

'Sorry I'm a bit late. Took a bit longer than I thought, and I was delayed leaving.'

He says this as he takes a bag off the handlebars, walks up to me and gives me a hug. Damp and sweaty or not, I hug him back, although I'm careful to keep my groin away from his as I have sprouted an instant boner.

'Great, come on in.'

We have to go through the kitchen, where Mum is preparing lunch. I introduce Duncan to her.

'Pleased to meet you Duncan.'

'You too Mrs….'

He turns to me.

'God, I don't even know your surname, I'm so sorry.'

Mum just laughs.

'Not to worry. It's Mrs. Evans…but please call me Harriet.'

'Thank you…Harriet.'

'Lunch will be at 1.30. By all means go swimming if you want to – did you bring swimmers Duncan or do you need to borrow a pair?'

'Merv put me in the picture and I've brought my own.'

'Very good. Right, well go and enjoy yourselves.'

I lead Dunc upstairs to my room.

'Very nice, ' he says, looking around, 'double bed…nice to have the space, isn't it?'

'Sure is. And if you need the bathroom, it's through there,' I say, pointing to the en-suite shower room.

'All mod cons. Lovely.'

His shirt is now showing patches of damp all over as his body sweats to cool itself down after his ride in the heat.

'If you want to take your shirt off, you can. Hang it in the shower room and it can dry.'

'Only if you do too. I'm not going to be the only shirtless one.'

It's warm. Why not? I strip my shirt off over my head. I can feel Dunc's eyes on me. He pulls his own shirt up and over his head and goes and hangs it on the towel rail in the bathroom. When he comes back in he looks me up and down again.

'See,' he says, 'I told you you were fit. Now…where's these comics?'

'Over here. They're my grandfather's collection.'

'Sweet. My ones come from my uncle.'

I take him over to my desk and pull up another chair. We are sitting close beside one another. As I take one of the issues out of its folder, my arm grazes against his. It's like a jolt of electricity running through me. And as we look through it, my leg brushes against his. We are both wearing shorts, so it's flesh on flesh. More electricity. He makes no attempt to move his leg away. Could it be…? I look across at him and our eyes meet. They stay locked on one another.

I want to kiss him so badly, but I daren't make a move.

But he clearly isn't going to.

And he knows I'm gay.

It's up to me.

Carpe diem.

'May I…kiss you?' I ask

His eyes widen slightly and I fear the worst. But then slowly, oh so slowly, he nods. I lean into him and our lips touch. I kiss him once, twice. There is no response. And I know I've ruined things before they've even started. But then his hand is round the back of my neck as he gently pulls me back towards him. His lips are dry and his eyes are boring into mine. Then suddenly they close and I feel his breath as he exhales and then….the flicker of his tongue. And then we are kissing properly. I don't know how long it lasts. I don't care. When we eventually part I can see that he's trembling.

'Are you OK, Dunc? Was that alright?'

He just nods slowly.

'First time?' I ask.

He nods again.

'Me too. So….you're gay?'

His eyes meet mine again.

'Maybe. Probably. I don't know. I just know I wanted you to kiss me. And then I wanted to kiss you. And now my body is telling me I want a whole lot more than that. I've never felt like this before. I'm scared, Merv.'

These last words are said in a whisper.

'Don't be scared. We don't have to do anything. There's no rush. Come here.'

I wrap my arms round him and the trembling slowly stops.

'Please kiss me again,' he says.

Our lips meet and we kiss. It's tender and gentle. This is not the time for passion – much as I might want it. When we stop I run a hand over his firm, tanned chest.

'Wanna talk about it?' I ask.

'I don't know where to start.'

'OK. I'll start, then. I'm gay, and I'm incredibly attracted to you. You don't know if you're gay, but we've enjoyed kissing each other and you've got aroused. So have I. But there is no rush. We don't do anything you don't want to do, and we don't do anything unless and until you're absolutely sure you want to. You're obviously worried. Tell me what about. Is it the thought of being gay that frightens you? Or is this just an experiment you don't want to repeat but you don't know how to say it? Or maybe it's me?'

He smiles a sad little smile.

'OK. It's not you. You're lovely, and you're kind and you're understanding. And you're a great kisser by the way.'

He looks up at me and smiles as he says this.

'The trouble is, I think I like girls, but when I'm with you, you make me feel all gloopy inside. It was like that even when we first talked. And when we were looking at each other just now before we kissed, all I could hear in my head was 'please kiss me, please kiss me', and when you was amazing. And then my cock goes hard as a steel bar without my even thinking about it. And if I am gay, Merv, I can't come out. I just can't. And where would that leave me…leave us.?' I'm trying to process it all, and I don't know if I can.'

'Well, that sounds like a pretty good start to me. Take it slowly. You can have all the time in the world. Decide first if you want to keep seeing me, that should help you decide if you're gay or not - or even bi. That would be OK too. Then decide how far you want to go, and we'll deal with coming out last.'

I can see him still trying to process his feelings and his emotions. I have an idea.

'Do you think maybe a swim would be a good idea – let things percolate a bit? We can come back to the Beanos later.'

'Yes. That sounds like a great idea.'

'Great. Let's get changed here, then we can come back here to shower after the swim.'

'Sounds good.'

'Great. You want to go in the bathroom to change?'

'I think I can probably do that in front of you. I mean, you might as well see the rest of me. I'd kind of…like to see the rest of you too.'

'OK, but I warn you, I'm still pretty aroused'

'I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours…'

And then we're both roaring with laughter.

He pulls a pair of swimmers out of his bag and shucks off his shorts. His dark blue briefs are tented. With a shrug of his shoulders he pulls them down and flicks them up into the air with his foot. His erection sways from side to side as he does so. It's as beautiful and perfect as the rest of him. And it looks like we're pretty much the same size. And, like me, he has shaved pubes.

My turn.

I do much the same thing, and I can feel his eyes on my groin. I'm now fully erect too.

Without exchanging a word, we both do precisely the same thing; give each other a thumbs up. More laughter. I walk into the bathroom and take my swimmers out of the laundry basket. By the time I've pulled them up, Dunc is ready as well. I take two towels out of the airing cupboard as we make our way downstairs. Our cocks have both mostly subsided by the time we reach the kitchen, but we both end up wrapping towels around our waists to avoid any possible awkwardness as we pass my Mum. She hands me the key to the outside door we'll need to use to access our neighbours' pool.

The pool is about twenty metres long. We put our towels on a couple of the sunbeds beside it, and dive in. The water is refreshingly cool, almost cold, but on a day like this that's just fine. Dunc is a graceful swimmer and his brown body seems to glide through the water. I am a decent swimmer and inevitably we get to the point, as two teen boys will, where we decide to race.

'One length. Loser has to skinny dip for the rest of the time,' says Dunc.

'You're on'

Dunc's grace and my power are pretty evenly matched. We touch within a split second of each other – and both of us claim victory.

'Afraid of showing me how shrivelled up you've got, eh?' he says.

'Not in the slightest,' I say, 'Look.'

I hold up my swimmers above my head. I've always liked skinny dipping so I'm perfectly happy to do so. Even if I did win.

'Actually you probably did win – just,' says Duncan, holding his shorts up as well.

We laugh and throw the two pairs of shorts onto the concrete surround. Then we start horsing about. We wrestle and duck each other and our bodies repeatedly touch. I can feel myself stiffening – and I'm pretty sure Dunc is as well. When he jumps out of the pool to dive back in, the evidence is there for all to see.

'Just as well you've seen it all before,' he says.

Then he's arcing through the air as he enters the water with barely a splash. He comes up for air right beside me – his hands running up my body as he does so. He puts his arms round my shoulders and pulls me to him. His lips meet mine and we kiss.

'You can probably work out that I've decided that I definitely want to keep seeing you and that I definitely want to explore whatever it is I'm feeling for you…if that's OK with you.'

'That's perfect Dunc, but look…if you decide that it isn't for you after all, then no regrets, OK? We just take things as they come. My only condition is that if you decide to walk away, you are honest with me and tell me.'

'I promise Merv…'

And he kisses me again and I am in heaven. And I pray to God that he won't just walk away – whatever I may have said.

I'm brought back to reality by his hand holding my chin so that I'm looking straight into his eyes.

'Merv…would it be OK if we…explored a bit more right now?'

'What do you have in mind?'


I feel his hand reach down and close slowly round my erection. He gasps.

'That feels amazing. I mean…why does someone else's feel so different from your own?'

'I don't know,' I say, 'I've never touched anyone else's either. Time I put that right though.'

And I take a hold of him. He's right. It feels very different. Silk and steel. I feel him start to stroke me gently up and down. I do the same to him. But after what feels like just a few seconds he says,

'Stop, Merv. It feels incredible but if you do much more of that I'm going to splurge. Not a good idea in someone else's pool, I think.'

I giggle.

'You're right…and I'm close too. Let's take this out of the pool.'

We haul ourselves out of the pool and collect our towels. The garden is very secluded – and we've locked the gate behind us.

'Why don't you lie down and let me finish you off,' I say.

He smiles and spreads his towel out over one of the sunbeds. Then he lies back and opens his legs, I have unfettered access. I start by fondling his balls; I want to know what that feels like as well. He moans softly. Then I take hold of his cock and start to move the foreskin slowly back and forth. The feeling is indescribable. The most intimate part of a boy I'm crazy about is there, hot and hard, in my hand. All too soon he says,

'I'm so close, Merv….'

'Relax…let it go. First of many I hope….'

It's his turn to giggle, and then I feel his balls tighten up. A ripple passes over his stomach, and then, with an animal-like growl, his cock is kicking in my hand as it delivers its load. Some splashes on my hand and, without thinking, I lick it off. As I squeeze the last drops from the shaft, he emits a long, deep sigh.

'Fuck, Merv…that was…..intense. The most intense one I've ever had. Here, let me do the same for you.'

He jumps up and I take his place. As he goes to work, I watch as his seed slowly trickles down his body towards his groin where his cock is hanging, now thickly soft. But soon the only thing I can focus on is the waves of pleasure coming from my own groin. It doesn't take long – and then it's my turn to spurt. My toes curl with pleasure. He's right. It's like nothing I've ever experienced before.

We are now both slightly flushed. We wipe each other down and then both dive back into the pool to wash off any last vestiges of what we've done. A quick dip is all we need, then we retrieve our swimmers, put them on, and head back home.

Up in my room we strip off our shorts and head for the shower. It's a tight fit, but there's no way we're not showering together. We soap each other up – and we get hard. We jack each other off urgently under the flowing water. To our pleasure, we come, this second time, almost simultaneously.

We get dressed – not that a shirt and shorts take long to put on. We stand facing each other, my hands loosely round his waist.

'Some morning, no?'

'Some morning.'

'No regrets?'

'Not a single one.'

'Keep exploring?'

'Definitely keep exploring.'





He leans in and kisses me lightly on the lips, then we head downstairs for something to eat.

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