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Love from A to Z

by Charles Lacey

Chapter 2

On Monday Ash turned up as usual at Penn House, where to his surprise Mrs Neville asked to see him.

"Oh, good evening, Ashley," she said. "I just wanted to thank you for looking after my son on Friday. It's difficult to find enough things for him to do during the school holidays. Can he help you this evening? I'd like you to trim all the hedges; they are getting rather twiggy. Can you manage that?"

"Yes," replied Ash, "I'll make a start straight away. Where would you like me to begin?"

"I think around the swimming pool, then at the bottom of the garden. That will probably take you all evening."

So Ash picked up the hedge trimmer, which was driven by a petrol motor, and a pair of shears, as well as the wheelbarrow, and went back to the swimming pool. He had just made a start when Zak appeared, wearing light trousers and a loose shirt. He looked better, thought Ash, with that pale skin covered up. But again he was conscious of his accent, and didn't talk much. But Zak helped, picking up the trimmings and stacking them in the wheelbarrow, and using shears to snip off small bits that Ash had missed. It certainly speeded up the job, thought Ash, having someone to do the picking up.

An hour later they made a start on the hedge separating the kitchen garden from the rest of it. By the time they were finished it was about eight-thirty, and the sun was getting low on the horizon.

"Would you like to swim, before you go home?" asked Zak. "I can lend you some shorts and a towel."

The thought of the cool water was pleasant and Ash agreed. Zak went up to the house and returned with two pairs of shorts and two towels. They went to the changing hut and stripped off. Ash noticed that Zak didn't turn his back. Perhaps that's what it's like at boarding schools, he thought. And really Zak wasn't that bad looking... he had a nice tight little arse and his dick, while not outsize, was certainly nothing to be ashamed of. Ash put on his shorts as quickly as possible, but couldn't help noticing that Zak was taking a look at his equipment. Hmm, he thought, maybe he fancies me. But he's out of my class, so you keep your hot little hands to yourself, Ash Farrar.

They ran to the pool. Ash dived in. He was rather proud of his diving, and he slid into the water with hardly a splash. Zak was much less confident, and jumped in carefully, holding his nose.

Ash swam a few brisk lengths, and then Zak said to him, "I wish I were as good as you."

"It's only practice," said Ash. "Watch how I do this." He demonstrated a conventional breast stroke and Zak followed him, but without great success.

"Look," said Ash, "bend you arms like this, and then straighten them." He demonstrated again, then took Zak's arms in his hands and moved them into the best position. His arms were less muscular than Ash's, but he managed quite a successful stroke, making reasonable speed in the water.

They swam up and down for a few minutes more, then got out of the water and made their way back to the changing area. This time as Ash took off the shorts and dried himself, he didn't bother to turn his back, but took a good look at Zak. Was it?... yes, his cock was definitely coming up to half mast, the tip of the purple head uncovered. Well, well, he thought, so he is interested.

Zak walked with Ash to the gate. As Ash mounted his bike and got ready to go, Zak said, "Thank you, Ash. That was really helpful. I... that is, well, thank you."

"G'night then," replied Ash, and pedalled away.

On the Friday, Zak didn't appear. But when Ash went to the kitchen to collect his wages from Mrs Perrin, she said to him, "You've made a real impression on Master Zak. He's talked about nothing else since Wednesday. He's gone off to Yorkshire to see his father for the weekend, but he'll be back next week."

"Oh," said Ash. "Doesn't his father live here, then?"

"No," replied Mrs Perrin. "Mr Neville and Mrs Neville have separated. Mr Neville lives in Yorkshire, near Bradford. He has a business there: a woollen mill. Master Zak is supposed to go to him every other weekend, but of course, he's mostly at school."

Several of Ash's friends had parents who were separated, so he was not unfamiliar with the idea. But he was surprised, none the less, as he hadn't associated that kind of thing with wealthy folk.

Zak was still away on Monday, but when Ash arrived on the next Wednesday, he came out of the front door as Ash drew up on his bicycle. Ash thought he looked a bit better than when he had last seen him. "Hi," he said, "did you have a good weekend in Yorkshire?"

Zak grimaced, but didn't answer the question. But he smiled at Ash and put a hand behind his arm, leading him around the outside of house.

The two boys walked round to the kitchen entrance. Mrs Perrin told Ash that he should finish tidying up all the hedges behind the house, and if there were any time left over to cut the grass of the rear lawn. Zak came out with him, and offered to pick up the trimmings and shift them to the compost heap. "That way, you'll get more done" he said. "Maybe we'll have time for a swim."

By nine o'clock the sun had gone down and it was getting quite dark with heavy blue-grey clouds overhead. But it was quite warm still, and very humid. Ash didn't have any swimming clothes with him, an thought he might swim in his underpants. But Zak said, "in this light, no-one will see anything, especially when we are in the water. We'll just take off our clothes."

So Ash and Zak both stripped and dropped their clothes by the side of the pool. Ash dived in, but Zak again went in cautiously by way of the ladder. Then he said, "can you show me that stroke again? I don't think I have got it quite right."

So Ash took Zak's forearms in his hands, and helped him to make an efficient breast stroke. He was standing in front of Zak and he felt something prodding at his legs. He looked down, and there was just enough light to see that Zak now had a full erection. Well, well, he thought, now we know. And as he looked down and thought about it, his own cock started to rise.

Zak moved away and swam a few lengths up and down, Ash keeping pace with him but a couple of feet away. Suddenly Zak paused, holding onto the rail at the side of the pool. Ash stopped near him, treading water.

"I like you, Ash," said Zak. "I like you very much. You're really kind, helping me with my swimming."

There didn't seem to be much that Ash could say, except "Thank you. I'm glad I can help you."

"No," said Zak, "I should thank you."

At this point there was a vivid flash of lightning followed almost immediately by a loud crack of thunder, and then it began to rain. "Come, on," said Zak, "it'll rain like anything in a minute, let's go to the shelter."

They climbed out of the pool, picked up their clothes and made their way at a run to the shelter behind the bushes. Ash could see that Zak still had a quite substantial erection, and his own cock was coming up past the halfway mark. "Here you are," said Zak as they moved under the roof. "I've got a towel here." But instead of giving the towel to Ash as he'd expected, he started to dry Ash's back with it. Being handled by another boy gave Ash quite a thrill. It hadn't happened before, though he had often fantasised about it. He turned to face the other boy, his cock now swinging about the upright, and Zak looked at it, then at his own, and smiled.

Ash smiled too, and he said to Zak, "When you said you liked me earlier on, I wondered what you meant. Now I can see for myself..."

"Yes," replied Zak, "I can see you feel the same way..." And he knelt down in front of Ash, and took Ash's cock in his mouth. Ash put his hands on Zak's head, and gave himself up to enjoyment of what was going on.

But before long he became aware that he was going to come if Zak went on much longer, so he pulled out and knelt in his turn. He rubbed Zak's organ with his hand for a few moments, then slid his lips over it. Zak's foreskin was looser than his and he was able to slide his tongue beneath it, wiggling it from side to side. Suddenly, Zak exploded in his mouth, spurting copiously several times. Moments later, his hand found his own cock and only a few strokes were needed before he, too, climaxed, spraying Zak's legs with semen.

The two boys looked at each other and laughed. "That was nice," said Zak.

Ash used the towel to wipe Zak's legs, and also dabbed up a few drops from the floor. Then he dried Zak's back and bottom, which still had some drops of water on them, unless it was sweat. They put on their clothes, and Ash hugged Zak. "I think we're OK to go out now," he said.

On the way home, Ash was slightly troubled in his mind. Not that he hadn't enjoyed the sex with Zak; he certainly had. But had he taken advantage of a lonely boy? Well, no, he thought, in fact it was Zak who took advantage of me, and very nice too. I hope we can get a repeat performance next week....

The next Monday, Zak met Ash as he arrived. "Mother's away," he said excitedly, "she's gone to stay with her brother, my Uncle William. His wife's having a baby. Come up and see my bedroom."

Ash was interested to see how a young man of his own age but from a much wealthier family lived. He followed Zak up the stairs and along a corridor to his bedroom. It was furnished with a big, soft bed, a large wardrobe and a matching chest of drawers. A desk stood in one corner, with bookshelves close by and a separate table held a TV and video recorder. There was a comfortable armchair and another low table. But it seemed Zak had other ideas than sharing his possessions.

He stood by the bed and held out his arms to Ash. Slowly, Ash moved towards him and the boys moved gradually into a close embrace. Drawing out the moment, they stood face to face. Ash could feel Zak's breath on his chin. Then their lips met, their tongues delicately exploring.

By now both boys were as hard as steel. Ash felt Zak's hands sliding under his T-shirt, drawing it up over his head. Ash in turn unbuttoned Zak's shirt and slid it down over his arms. There was a brief pause while both boys took off their trousers. They looked at each other, seeing the outline of their shafts in their underwear. They moved together for another kiss, and then they sat side by side on the bed, mouths still locked together. Their underwear and socks came off, and then they were lying face to face, cocks pressed together.

Zak turned over so that he was lying face down; he arched his back and pulled pillow under his midriff. "Take me," he said, I want you to be my first. There's some cold cream on the bedside table."

Ash took some of the cold cream and rubbed it onto his penis, and some more between Zak's butt cheeks, then gradually pushed himself into Zak. There was a momentary resistance, and then his cock slid in sweetly. It was a new experience for him, and one which he found incredibly arousing. He slid in and out gently, anxious not to hurt Zak, who was uttering little groans; Ash hoped they were of pleasure, not pain. He had taken his weight on his elbows, but he dipped his head and kissed the back of Zak's neck and his shoulders.

By now Ash was so excited that he could restrain himself no longer, and he shot inside Zak. As soon as he felt Ash's spurts within him, Zak too came, soaking the pillow he was lying on.

Ash pulled out and turned towards Zak. They lay together, dozing in the warmth that follows sex, face to face, arms flung over one another.

"Wow," said Zak, after a while. "That was the best ever."

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