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Toby's Book

by Charles Lacey

Chapter 6

Leo stripped off his pyjamas and sat on his bed, legs a little apart, giving me a good view of his body. He'd suggested that we both had a bath before going to bed. I was a bit puzzled as to why, though quite happy to comply. I just wished that he could have done my back, and I his. He was already half erect, as was I. I took off my pyjamas and sat opposite him in the same pose. He looked at me for a few moments, then tipped forward onto his knees and took my cock in his mouth. I could feel his tongue sliding around the head and gently probing under the foreskin. I'd never felt anything like that before. It was exquisite pleasure. My hands went down to stroke the silken skin of his shoulders and upper back. Leo seemed to know when I was near to climaxing, and three times he stopped just in time. The fourth time he was too late and I shot into his mouth.

I was horrified. "Leo, I'm really sorry…" I began, then I saw that he had swallowed my semen and was smiling up at me.

"Don't be sorry, it was lovely. You taste really nice."

"Have you done it before?"

"Oh, yes. Many times. But always with the same person. I'm not a complete slut!"

"Who was that?" I asked.

"I had a… well, a special friend at school, a sixth-former. He liked me to do it to him, and he used to do it to me. But he left at the end of last term to go to university. I shall miss him."

"What was his name?"

"Jonathan. Jonathan Harkness."

"I wish I could go to your school and be your special friend there."

"So do I, Toby. But usually at Embleton the special friendships are between third or fourth form boys and seniors. I shall miss you dreadfully when the holiday ends. We must exchange addresses and write to each other."

"Yes. I'd like that. Leo…"


"This has been the best two weeks of my life."

"Yes, it's been pretty good so far, and it's going to go on getting better."

He had stood up, and his erection was waving around near my mouth. I realised that he wanted me to suck him, too. I was a bit nervous of doing it, because I didn't know what my reaction would be if he came in my mouth. It would be dreadful if I suddenly threw up or something. But I thought, he didn't mind mine, so hopefully it'll be OK. I took his cock in my mouth and did the same kind of things he'd done to me. It felt just right, not strange or unpleasant. There was a very faint taste and scent of soap, mixed with the incredibly erotic taste and scent of excited boy. Without any willing on my part, I started to get hard again. At the same time I stroked his bottom and legs, running my hands round inside his thighs. The skin there was just as soft and smooth as on his neck and shoulders. I began to realise how he had known when to stop; his cock suddenly grew thicker and longer. Well, I thought, here's going for it. I slid my tongue into and just under his foreskin and then he came. The first spurt hit the back of my mouth, then there were two or three more, and then a final dribble onto my tongue. I'd tasted my own semen occasionally when I wanked, and I realised that his tasted pretty similar to mine. I swallowed, and then stood up, my arms around Leo's waist, his around my shoulders. We stood for a few moments, face to face, inches apart, and then as if by mutual consent our lips touched and we kissed.

I'd wanted to do that for a while. His lips were full and very enticing. My arms went around him and his hands were stroking my back.

Leo pulled me down onto his bed, on top of him. Although I'd come only a few minutes ago my cock was becoming as rigid as a steel bar again. I could feel his cock beginning to rise too and I had to arch my back briefly to let my cock swing free to its upright position. His lips met mine again and I felt his tongue press between my lips. He told me later that his friend Jonathan Harkness had taught him how to kiss properly. He passed on that knowledge to me that night. Again, I was surprised that touching his tongue with mine didn't feel unpleasant as I would have expected, but was something warm and sexy and exciting.

We'd both have liked to share a bed and stay together all night, but of course we had to be careful. It's a strange thing how teenage boys are supposed to be sexless, and yet we are constantly restricted in order to curb – at least that's the theory – our adolescent lusts. But Leo and I just had a wonderful time together. From then on every evening after whichever parent came in to put out our lights we would get together in one bed – usually Leo's – and, well, make love. For although we never used the word, it was indeed love. Leo had learned from his older friend at school how to kiss, and he passed the knowledge on to me. We drove each other frantic with kissing, stroking, rubbing, sucking, even biting (though here we had to be careful as the marks of love-bites would have set parents wondering just what we were doing together). The only thing we didn't do was to have anal intercourse. Leo and his friend Jonathan hadn't done that, and neither of us was really ready to try it. But we did pretty well everything else. On a couple of occasions we both had to get up in the night to pee. The first time we went and stood together at the WC, looking at each other in the same way that Matthew and I had done when I stayed at his house. The second time I had just started when Leo's hand came round and held my cock; I did the same for him and we played around, getting our streams to meet splashily in the middle.

But of course the holiday had to come to an end. I knew I was going to miss Leo dreadfully. We'd had such fun together, both in public on the beach and in private in our bedroom. He and I had exchanged addresses and telephone numbers, though the likelihood of Mother's allowing me to make a long distance call was somewhere lower than nil. But still we could write, and we did.

Eliot's House
Embleton School

Dear Toby,

Here I am, back at school. Now in the Fifth Form and working hard for O-levels. Jonathan – you remember, my friend Harkness – has left to go to Cambridge, so I'm feeling a bit lonely. Quite often in the afternoon I'd go to his study to see him and we'd make toast and have it with jam that he brought from home. But I've a couple of friends in my own year. We're not supposed to have friends in different Houses, so it's a bit restricted.

How are you getting on? I often think about our holiday. I really hope we can have another holiday together. I'm sure I could persuade my parents to go to Torquay again, but what about your Mum and her friend? We had a lot of fun, didn't we?

I hope you can write back to me. In term time it's best to use the school address (above) but it's important to put Eliot's House so that it comes here. A chap called Pattenden who is in my Division (that's like a form, we have lessons together) but in Hervey's House says that his parents just put J. Pattenden, Hervey's, Embleton and their letters get to him!

Must stop now as the bell's going for Prep (that's like homework, but of course we do it at school).

Lots of love,

23 Gant Street

Dear Leo,

Thank you for your letter. It was lovely to hear from you. I really did enjoy our holiday and all the good things we did together and I hope very much we might be able to have another one, but I don't know what Mother will want to do. It probably depends on Wayne more than anything else.

Like you, I'm starting on O-level work. I'm doing Maths and English, History which is my best subject, Geography which is probably my worst, French because we have to do a modern language. Thunderguts Owens takes me for French and Geography, which is probably why I'm useless at both. What subjects are you taking?

Mr Hobbs, our nice neighbour who used to be a joiner, is showing me how to do all kinds of things with wood. He's showing me how to make a wooden box with dovetail joints so that it's really strong. I'm not nearly as good as he is, but I'm slowly getting better.

Sorry, Mother's calling me for tea so I'll have to close.

Yours ever,


Eliot's House
Embleton School

Dear Toby,

Thank you for your letter. Thunderguts sounds a bit terrifying! Actually French is my worst subject, but I think I'm going to be able to do Spanish instead.

I'm enclosing a copy of the picture you took of me with my box camera. You have a good steady hand! I got Dad to get them to make an extra print for you. Unfortunately the one that Mum took of us both didn't come out as she didn't hold the camera steady so it was very blurred.

I wrote to my parents to ask if you could come to stay during the holidays, and they are totally happy with the idea. Do you think your Mum would let you? It would be great if you could. Mum says they could put Dad's folding bed that he had in the Army in my room as my grandparents are living with us now and they have what was the spare room. She said she hoped we wouldn't mind sharing. I said, no I thought that would be OK. Hehe!

Lots of love,

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