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Stories by Charles Well

Cow Pies and Country Cousins

Co-written with Sam the Ham

[A story in 15 chapters and epilogue]

This tale is a rite of passage story about a spoiled rich New York kid, Jimmy Bukland (12) and his younger brother, Damien (11), who, through a series of unexpected and dangerous events, find themselves torn away from everything they have ever known and are forced to live on a farm in South Carolina with distant relatives. Can Jimmy confront his own prejudices and demons, and learn to trust others he has always looked down upon in the past? This story is complete fiction and any resemblance to real places, people, or events is purely coincidental. You should expect to read descriptions of consensual sex between young teen and/or preteen boys with their age peers. However, if you are hoping to read about a new sex act in each paragraph, look elsewhere.

The Bushfire Boys

This is a short work of fiction, in 6 chapters, and is the tale of a group of boys caught up in the bushfires in south-eastern Australia in 2019-2020. The characters, locations, and events are all figments of the author’s imagination. It is written for an international audience and hence the American spelling. Australian readers should also excuse the perhaps tiresome explanations of things they already know. These details are provided for foreign readers who may be less familiar with the specific nuances of local life Down Under. There are no descriptions of sex in this story, so search elsewhere if that is your interest. If my writing is half decent, this will be an inspiring tale of a group of kids, with personal issues of their own, and how they behaved when faced with Armageddon. We hope boys like Jack, Jarrah, James, and Oliver are out there. In the end, it is kids like these that are our future.

[A story in 6 chapters]