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Finding Tim

A Fourth Alternate Reality

by Charlie
With editorial assistance from Dix and John


We were all getting eager for the Games of the XXV Olympiad to be held in Barcelona, Spain, in July and August of 1992. There were, in Grand Forks, thirteen aspiring Olympians, all with reasonable hopes of making it through their Trials and becoming Olympians on the United States Olympic Team.

Thirteen? Unbelievable, but true. Yes, thirteen:

Willie and Hardie in diving.

Jody in the marathon.

Jimmy in archery.

Nine cavers in gymnastics.

However, before we get to the Olympic Games of 1992. and the Trials that preceded them, I need to catch you up on the lives of the Willie and Hardie and their relationship to the Gang.

Willie had finished his last two years of high school as a Wycon in Iron River, mothered by June, fathered and coached by Harry, and loved by Hardie. It was a glorious two years. His diving slowly improved, but considering how he'd done in the previous Olympics, there was no room for rapid improvement!

Willie and Hardie discussed whether they should, "come out." They decided not to for two reasons: first, they weren't sure of just how accepting the Iron River community would be. They talked it over with June and Harry, and it was eventually agreed by all that coming out wasn't a good idea. The second reason was simply that they both considered themselves to be bisexual, and both dreamed of a heterosexual marriage sometime in the future. Harry had a difficult time conceptualizing that; he simply couldn't understand how they could have the love affair that they had now, and think that they weren't completely gay. Both boys appreciated the level of acceptance that they'd had from Harry, and didn't push him on this point. They both knew that only time would tell. They did ask Harry if he had had a high school romance. Well, yes, he did. Was it sexual? Well, yes, it was. Had he thought he was going to marry the girl? Well, it was girls, and no he didn't. Well, said Hardie, "I don't expect to marry Willie either."

They kept their separate rooms and Willie commuted every night to Hardie's double bed. That way, when friends came to the house the relationship between the two boys didn't stick out like a sore thumb.

Then there was Hardie's diving. The aquatics team made Hardie an honorary member, even though he wasn't eligible to compete. He arranged his schedule at the Ace Hardware so that he could practice whenever Willie was practicing. Since Willie had learned his practice habits from his father, and had been coached, counseled, and inspired by Tim, his practice schedule was a killer, but Hardie kept up. Willie quickly realized that Hardie had the three ingredients of a diving champion: natural talent, relentless dedication, and love and support. Willie was more than willing to provide the love, and Harry, June, the rest of the team, and, in fact, the entire town was willing to provide the support. However, since Hardie wasn't eligible to compete with the team in meets, his improvement was largely hidden-a circumstance that Willie was glad for.

Willie's high school career ended with a big prom to which Hardie and Willie took two of the nicest girls in school-both of which were on the aquatics team (one a diver, the other a free style racer); a wonderful graduation ceremony in which Willie was honored almost as much as Tim had been in Minneapolis; and a special dinner called, "A Thank You to Willie" that was held in the park the Sunday after graduation. The "Thank You" involved almost everyone in town (Willie insisted that almost all of them had given a speech as well) and the theme was how grateful the town was that Willie had chosen them, their high school, and their diving coach, when he could've chosen any town, school, or coach in the nation. As the mayor said in his speech, "You put Iron River on the map!" Well, he had. When they finally let Willie speak, following the mayor, he simply said, "I came here because I believed that the UP was a great place, Youpers were great people, Iron River was a great town, June Hassett was a great mom, Hardie was a great friend, and Coach Harry was the best damn high school diving coach I'd find anywhere. I was right! Hardie and I are off to the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks, but our hearts are here, and we'll visit often. Thank you all."

Hardie, June, and Harry were all in tears, and Willie joined them as soon as he finished speaking. Almost all of the Gang was present, and they all agreed that it was the greatest moment any kid could ask for to end a high school career. Billy told Willie, "I had my doubts about your going to school in the UP, but you were absolutely right, Willie. Remember the lesson, when you're sure you're right, stick to your guns." Willie kissed him, and his mom, and just barely got out a "Thank you, Dad."

Willie and Hardie had spent two years planning their summer following Willie's graduation. Well, planning isn't really the right word. The extent of their planning was to read a few travel books, learn about the Eurailpass system, and decide to head to Europe and continue east around the world-not a very detailed itinerary! They boarded a plane for London two days after the big dinner. From there, packs over their shoulder, they headed to the continent, and used a Eurailpass to spend three weeks in Europe, ending in Istanbul. In a different world, they would've continued east through Iraq, Iran, and perhaps Afghanistan, and then made their way to Pakistan and India through the Khyber Pass. With war and violence in all three intermediate countries, they expected to travel by train to Ankara and from there fly to either Pakistan or India, and from there continue east.

However, they met two Americans in Istanbul who were heading around the world in the opposite direction-east to west. "How did you get around the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?"

"We took a ferry, really a freighter, across the Caspian Sea. We did have to fly from Pakistan to Tajikistan, but otherwise we traveled by train and bus."

Our intrepid travelers were instantly hooked on the idea. After a day in Istanbul, they headed east through Turkey by train, stopping only for a day of sightseeing in Ankara and another in Erzurum. They'd learned that if they were going to move, see things, and keep it cheap, they needed to travel by night, sleeping as they could, and sightsee by day. It could be a killer, but they were young and strong, and found that they could sleep just about anywhere. They crossed into Armenia, with the obligatory day in Yerevan, and then to Azerbaijan and its capital, Baku. There the ferry schedule forced them to spend two nights in a hotel (they needed it). A ferry, really a freighter that more or less followed a schedule, took them to Turkmenbasy in Turkmenistan. There they decided they should slow down a little and it took them about ten days to go by bus through Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan. All of these soon to be former Soviet Socialist Republics were in the throes of the breakup of the Soviet Union and all would be independent before the end of the year-1991. It was an exciting, but difficult, time to travel in Central Asia. One of their favorite descriptions was of several bus rides in the area. Generally, a "bus" was a three- or four-seat van that you would expect would hold two or three persons per seat. It was standard to put four in each seat. This usually included the driver's seat, with a passenger between the driver and the driver's door! Since the front windows were often the only windows that would open all the way, it was common to give Willie one front window and Hardie the other-since they were the guests in the country. They both admitted that driving the mountain roads of central Asia, sitting to the LEFT of the driver was more of a thrill then they would have chosen.

They survived and made it to Dushanbe, Tajikistan. They flew from there to Karachi. Three days in Karachi and they were off through the Punjab to India where they slowed down enough to at least see the Taj Mahal. Well, to be fair, they spent ten days in India ending in Nepal. They only had two days in Nepal before they were back on the plane for Bangkok. The overland trip, bus, shared taxi, jeep, (no elephants), down the Malay Peninsula through Kuala Lumpur (an unbelievably modern city, until you see Singapore which makes it look dilapidated) to Singapore. From there it was back to airplanes to Japan, with short stops in Manilla, Hong Kong, and Taipei.

In Japan they landed in Fukuoka the major city on the island of Kyushu. They took a bus to Shimonoseki, and the southern tip of Honshu. From there they couldn't resist taking the overnight ferry to Pusan, Korea, spending a day and coming back on the next night's ferry. Then it was a train trip to Tokyo by slow train, fast train, and finally from Osaka to Tokyo, the famous bullet train. They had time for a week in Tokyo before they headed home, getting a two day stop in Anchorage before heading to Minneapolis and back to Iron River. There they had exactly one day to pack up and head for Grand Forks and the beginning of their freshman year of college. We all got tired just listening to their stories.

Considering the out of the way places they'd been, we all thought it was a miracle that they hadn't often felt afraid or hadn't been in perhaps serious danger. If they were, they didn't admit it, or didn't have enough sense to realize it. Listening to their stories was both fun and frustrating. Hardie would start, Willie would continue, then Hardie add something. This almost always led to differing memories and long debates about what had happened where, when, and in what order. We all agreed that it was the trip of a lifetime, and we were all secretly, or not so secretly, achingly jealous.

Billy, who'd been fully supportive of letting the boys go on the trip-in the face of some resistance by their mothers-simply said, "I hope you aren't too tired; diving practice starts tomorrow."

Except for classes, Hardie and Willie seemed to be inseparable. They ate together, practiced together, slept together in their new room at Billy and Sara's new house in Grand Forks. Most of us observing them were beginning to doubt that they would ever break up the partnership to find girlfriends or wives.

They became good friends with the Cavers-Janice, the second oldest of the Cavers-being a freshman along with Willie and Hardie. Hardie started dating Connie the twin, and the only unpaired Caver. Willie joined them on double dates, but seemed always to be bringing a different girl. With his winning smile, gorgeous body, loveable personality and Olympic medals, Willie didn't have any trouble assembling a stable of girls eager to date him and dream of catching him.

October 13, 1991, was Willie's eighteenth birthday. Toward the end of September Tim and I sat down with Billy and Sara and talked about the implications of Billie's big day. Billy reminded us, "You know the stunt I pulled on my eighteenth birthday. I think we can expect something similar from Willie."

Tim said, "Well, you didn't have a partner, but Willie has Hardie. I assume that he's not as horny as you were."

Billy continued, "Tim, Willie's as eager for sex with you as I was. I was, and Willie is, like one of the children of Hamelin following the Pied Piper. I am pretty sure that you can expect a visit on the 13th, probably with some drama attached to it."

"Probably so. Should we try to beat him to the punch?"

Sara said, "No, I think we should let Willie be Willie and take the lead. He's probably anticipating your trying to beat him to the punch anyway. Maybe doing nothing is actually a way to beat him at his own game."

I said, "There's another issue. Willie's going to be eighteen, and Hardie already is. Whether they decide to be life partners, they're certainly partners now. It's time to invite them to be official members of the Gang."

Sara said, "Just exactly what will change for them? They are, for all intents and purposes, already Gang members."

Tim said, "Two things: First, it's recognition; a rite of passage. Second, they'll learn about Gangland for the first time."

Sara said, "I'd forgotten that the COGs are completely unaware of Gangland."

Billy said, "Maybe they are, and maybe they aren't. If they are, it's one thing that they might keep secret from their parents. The COGs are smart and observant. I'd bet on at least the possibility of they know all about Gangland. I doubt if any of them have seen it-that would take a deliberate act of assistance from some member of the Gang-that's unlikely."

Tim continued the conversation with, "So, what do we do about the two of them joining the Gang?"

I said, "Well, Willie is the first COG to join. I think that all of the COGs should be involved. We don't want to keep it secret. We want all of the COGs to be looking forward to this as a major event in their lives. And we want them to be thinking about whether such a move is right for them. So let's have a little ceremony in the Hideout, including the mooning and numbering of their buns."

Billy said, "For those two we ought to strip them naked. Let's let Milt and Shel do the numbers-the youngest COGs and the oldest COG."

Tim said, "I hate to think what Shel would do to Willie. He may not be content to limit himself to the Magic Marker."

Billy said, "Good. Whatever he gets, Willie deserves. And after whatever he has in mind for you, probably beginning at midnight of the 12th, you'll probably be ready to give Shel some ideas."

I said, "So when do we introduce Hardie and Willie to Gangland?"

Sara said, "When Sid has their picture ready. Here's my idea. Get Sid to spend the night with you on the 12th. I'm sure that Billy's right that Willie's going to have something planned for that time. Just make sure that Sid's there to get sketches. Sid will turn whatever he sees into great art for Gangland."

We quickly got the word out to the Gang and all of the COGs except Willie to be at the Hideout at 5:00 p.m. on October 13, and not to breathe a word of the plan to Willie or Hardie. We debated whether to invite Hardie's mom and stepdad, June and Coach Harry, to come over. It would be the first time that we allowed an outsider to be part of a Gang event like that, but we thought this might be a time for an exception. As that conversation moved around the Gang by telephone, we got a call from Paul and Amanda-the two in the Gang that knew June and Harry the best. Paul said, "I know that you don't think much of non-resident Gang members, but I think that June and Harry would be open to the idea if you all are. It's kind of a tradition to invite the parents of Gang members to join."

I asked, "Are they ready for the sexual aspects of the Gang? I know that sex isn't a requirement, but there are the pictures in Gangland-for which they would need to pose, and the bun numbering-at the least."

Paul said, "Remember that Tina and Merle are represented by a covered picture. I won't pull any punches when I tell them the story. They can decide what they can live with. And, yes, I know that I can't be very specific about Gangland before they actually become members."

So it was agreed that Paul and Amanda would visit June and Harry and tell them as much of the story of the Gang as they didn't already know, inviting them to become members when Willie and Hardie did-in two weeks.

That conversation hadn't gone as Paul, Amanda, or any of us expected! Paul had done as planned and told a lot of the story of the Gang, not playing up the sex, but not avoiding it either. Harry had listened and then said, "From what I know of that group, and what I've heard about the Gang from Willie and others, it seems to me that you two are playing down the sexual aspects of the Gang."

June had said, "I am quite sure he is, Harry. You've been wonderfully accepting of Willie and Hardie's relationship, Harry, but everyone knows it's troubled you. You've been pegged as being fairly traditional when it comes to sex, and these folks aren't. Paul doesn't want to upset or offend you. That he's having this conversation despite his perceptions of your sexual mores is a huge compliment, Harry."

Sara put in, "June has it exactly right, Harry."

Harry was quiet for a minute and then said, "OK, I deserve my reputation. But I've learned a lot since Willie, and all of you, came into my life. Every time one of my inhibitions is broken down, my life gets better. I know that Willie and Hardie have become diving miracles, but much more importantly they've become two of the finest young men I've ever known. It's quite clear to me that the Gang, and the attitudes of the Gang, have had a lot to do with that. I'm not about to sit here and argue with success. And I'm not going to condemn in the least the sexual activities of the Gang."

"Wow, Harry," said Paul, "that's just what I wanted to hear, because it's the perfect segue into my next act. Hardie and Willie are going to become Gang members on Sunday, October 13. The Gang thought you might like to come and observe. Then they changed their minds and decided that you might like to come and join the Gang along with your son and his partner."

June said, "My God!"

Harry, a careful listener, asked, "My son and his partner? Have Hardie and Willie moved their relationship forward recently?"

"No, I don't think so. I used the term too casually. There's continual speculation about the future of that relationship, and Willie and Hardie aren't saying anything. I am pretty sure that's because Willie and Hardie simply don't know. I can tell you that they are both dating girls this year.

June said, "They told us, but they also warned us not to draw an conclusions."

"That's because they haven't," replied Paul. "Now, could you two be tempted to join the Gang?"

Harry looked at June who was nodding her head affirmatively, with somewhat of a questioning look on her face. He turned to us and said, "June's signaling, 'Yes,' and I agree with her. We would be most extraordinarily honored to be members of the Gang. The only event in my life that's been more affirming than your invitation to join the Gang was Willie's decision to come to school in Michigan. Oh, yes, and June's saying she would marry me; I dare not leave that out."

Harry turned to June and asked, "Should we invite these folks to spend the night and drive back to Ironwood tomorrow?"

June asked, "Are you suggesting what I think you're suggesting?"

Amanda said, "I hope so."

"Yes, I am, if these two can accept the invitation of two people that're totally inexperienced with what I seem to be suggesting."

"There's always a first time. It's never too late, even if you're in your forties like we are, which I assume is correct."

Amanda said, "Nettie and Perry are staying with friends. I'll have to call both of their hostesses and see if it would be all right for them to spend the night. On a Saturday night I'm sure that it will be."

It was. Then June commented, without thinking, "Oh, but you don't have your cosmetics, clean underwear, or nightgown or pajamas."

They all stared at her, and then everyone broke out in laughter at the same time. Her comment, which she now realized was kind of silly, had broken the ice easier than anything they might've planned. Harry suggested, "Let's go out to dinner, we don't have a dinner for four ready. There isn't much in the way of restaurants in Iron River, but there's a nice café up on Route 2 that I think you'll enjoy."

At dinner, which was very good by the way, Paul asked, "Harry, this evening seems to have been your idea. What did you have in mind?"

"Honest. Nothing hidden?"

"Honest. Nothing hidden."

"I've been thinking a lot about Hardie and Willie; I think I'd like to experience some of what they experience, if that would be all right with you Paul, and you, too, Amanda."

June could hardly contain herself. "Harry, you can't be serious! Not that long ago you had to put your whole energy into containing your condemnation of the relationship between Willie and Hardie."

"That was then, this is now. I'm learning, June. Give me credit. This is part of the learning experience. Would it bother you, or upset you?"

June burst out with, "I can't wait to hear Hardie's reaction to this!"

"I don't think Hardie has to know."

"Oh, yes, Harry. You can't expect Willie to have told you what went on at night when he padded down the hall to Hardie's room, and then keep your own secrets. Tell him, Paul."

Paul laughed and said, "She's right, Harry. We don't keep secrets. Whatever goes on here tonight is an open book in the Gang, including Willie and Hardie."

Harry said, "I'm not sure just what I am getting into. You really share all with your kids?"

June said, "When we get home tomorrow and pick the kids up from their friends houses Nettie, age 13, will probably ask, 'Just what were you two up to last night, gay sex, straight sex, or both?' She'll get her answer. Perry, the little 11 year old imp, will want details. He'll wheedle them out of us. But we'll make him work for them. Before the discussion is over, it'll have turned into a great sex education lesson for both of them-starting with the idea that there's great love among the members of the Gang."

Under his breath Harry commented, "Holy cow."

Despite brave talk, Harry and Paul didn't get beyond fondling each other's dicks that night. In fact, June and Amanda were more comfortable with each other than Harry was with Paul. The night ended with each couple fucking as a couple, as they shared June and Harry's king size bed. By Gang standards it was very tame sex. By Harry's standards, and June's as well, it was a wild orgy. The next morning Harry told Paul, "There's no way I'm going to be comfortable telling Hardie and Willie about last night. But you're right, it's only fair to tell them. Will you be the messenger, when we're all together in Grand Forks?"

"Sure, Harry. But you're really opening yourself up for some kidding from your son and his best friend."

"I'll deal with it. And I notice you used the term best friend."

"Good for you. And I am trying to avoid a term that implies more than it should."

The Gang saw the induction of the first COG into the Gang as a major event. We would now literally encompass three generations, with Willie-the youngest generation, Billy and Sara-the parent generation, and Bill and Martha-the grandparent generation.

But before that big event Willie had to pass his eighteenth birthday. Tim and I wondered what Willie might have in store for us and other members of the Gang, but we were pretty sure that he would focus on Tim. We considered a variety of responses. One evening Tim said, "I'll bet anything that Willie somehow ends up in this house for the arrival of his birthday, i.e. the midnight before. What if we had the original Gang here and we sort of captured him? What could we do with him?"

I said, "Make him give every member of the Gang an orgasm?"

"If the Gang induction ceremony was at 3:00 p.m. the next day, he'd have fifteen hours to give about sixty orgasms. A tough assignment."

"OK, how about this? We grab him and fit him with one of those male chastity belts. It would let him pee, but it wouldn't let him get hard or have an orgasm until it was unlocked. Tell him after the induction that he has to give all of the Gang an orgasm before we unlock him. He can take his time!"

"You're a sadist, Charlie."

"I'm just letting my imagination roam. What do you suppose Willie's inclinations are? Billy assembled the Gang, Felix, and Phil. Then he proved his mouth was as talented at sex as his body was at diving."

"You know, I've slept with Willie. He kept his hands to himself, as he promised he would. I have a feeling that Willie may be very happy just to spend the night loving me. That wouldn't bother you, would it, Charlie?"

"Of course not. I learned long ago that you had to be shared. And you're a more loving lover when you come back. Of course, you never know where I'll be while you're with Willie."

"Someplace interesting, I hope."

"You mean someONE interesting."

"Yeah. Something like that."

A couple of days before the big birthday Willie came by my office in the law school. It looked like Tim was right. His question was simple. Would I let him into the house and into Tim's bedroom? What we finally worked out was that I would let him into the house about 10:30, just after Tim and I had gone to bed. He's sit in the kitchen and wait for 11:55. Then he'd sneak upstairs, tap me on the shoulder to wake me, and I would head to the bathroom. When I came back from the bathroom Willie and I would trade places and he's slip into bed with Tim, spooning around him just like I would. By then it would soon be midnight, and when the clock on the bedside table signaled the exact moment, Willie's hand would slip below Tim's belly button for the first time. As some point Tim would awaken and realize that it wasn't me, and natural instincts would take it from there. I did warn Willie that Sid would be in the corner of the room watching everything. The light on the clock face meant that, once your eyes were used to the dark, you could see fairly well in the room. Sid was going to sketch what he saw.

That night turned out to be a three ring circus. I persuaded Tim that he really didn't want to know what was planned; he should just roll with the punches. He was willing, but didn't promise that he could actually fall asleep before midnight approached. Amazingly, he did. At 11:30 Sid slipped into the room and took a seat in the corner-Sid was naked, as he always was when he sketched or painted sexy pictures. He had Hardie with him, and Hardie sat on the floor, hidden by Sid, so that Willie didn't know Hardie was there.

Right on schedule I went to pee and Willie slipped into the bed with Tim. He cuddled up to Tim, waited for the clock to turn, and then slowly moved his hand down toward Tim's pubic hair-and beyond. Tim woke up, realized what was happening, and easily figured out that it was Willie's hand and not mine venturing toward his genitalia. He let Willie get to his balls and then gave his trademark wiggle. Immediately Willie was on top, hugging, kissing, and rubbing dicks excitedly. Hardie turned on the lights so we all could see; Sid continued sketching; I took out a camera and started taking pictures!

This scene continued for a while and then Sid said, "OK, I'd like to do a little posing. Get the blankets and top sheet off the bed, so we have a clear field. Then I want Willie and Tim to spoon together right in the middle of the bed. Hardie, get your clothes off and get on the bed. Lay on your side, facing Tim and Willie. Charlie, you're already naked, get on the bed and lay behind Willie, but look, don't touch. We took our positions and then Sid moved around and adjusted the placement of our hands, feet, genitalia, butts, heads, etc. When he was happy with the scene he took several pictures and then did a series of sketches.

When Sid was done Willie almost shouted, "OK, everybody out except Tim. I am claiming Tim for my birthday and we'd like a little privacy. No more pictures. No more lights. No more sharing the bed. Goodbye."

Tim said, "I'll second all that. But I am going to add that I hope Charlie, Hardie, and Sid have a good time in the guest room."

We did. I asked Hardie what he would be comfortable doing, and he replied, "Anything. To be honest, Willie and I are into fucking. We trade off top and bottom. I know you aren't into that with anybody but Tim, how about 69?"

I agreed, and Sid said that he would be very content to sit and sketch. Hardie insisted that I get on top of him and let my full weight fall on his face, pushing my dick down his throat. That's not my idea of fun-for the guy on the bottom-but he seemed to love it. He used his strong arms to lift my hips up and down to create friction. Meanwhile I was doing my best, considering how much I was being manhandled, to give him a blow job. I don't know how he had the energy to keep it up for about 20 minutes, but he did, and we both came fairly close together. As soon as we had both come, we were on our sides, still in the 69 position, hugging each other tightly and roughly, getting balls as well as softening dicks in each other's mouths. Hardie was in total control, and I just enjoyed letting him lead. Eventually we turned head to head, but the bear hugs continued, and only relaxed as we drifted off to sleep. I woke up the next morning with my dick in Hardie's mouth and his lubed thumb working its way into my ass. Hardie was the total aggressor, and it was fun.

I asked Hardie if he was usually the aggressor with Willie. He said, "No, we both like that role Usually we let the top be the leader, but sometimes we reverse it and let the bottom be totally in control. Our sex gets pretty wild. Nobody's been hurt. Nobody's lost a dick up the other persons ass!"

It's a good thing Tim and I had our rule, or I might've been the first!

Tim and Willie didn't appear until almost 10:00 a.m.-extraordinarily late for Tim. They looked happy and content. Willie came up to me and said, "Thank you, Charlie," and he gave me a big, wonderful kiss. I got one from Tim as well. Tim told me later that there had been only minimal sex. Willie mainly wanted to hug, kiss, and lay next to Tim-with no restrictions on where his hand and lips could go. Crossing the line was his greatest joy.

At 3:00 p.m. the entire Gang, and all of the COGs-no one missing-assembled at The Hideout. In case you're counting, the Gang now consisted of numbers 1-64, minus two deaths. There were four inductees and 21 COGs, and that double counts Willie, so subtract one. That made 86 people to crowd in. The house wasn't designed for that many, but we put the inductees in the main hall, and allowed everyone to spill into the dining room, living room, den, and up the circular stairs. It worked.

We weren't going to drag this out too long. Tim said just a few words indicating our pleasure at the decision of the first COG to want to be a part of the Gang. Tim invited all of the younger COGs to follow suit, but went out of his way to tell them that they would be fully supported and loved if they chose a different direction for their lives. He also made it clear that they were welcome in the Gang even if their lives took them elsewhere to live-just as we were now welcoming two new Gang members from Iron River, Michigan.

He then turned the floor over to Milt and Shel, the youngest COGs. Milt got right to the point. "OK, Willie, get your clothes off. All of them."

Shel said, "You, too, Hardie."

Harry asked, "What about us?"

Shel said, "We were told to take it easy on you two. You're Act II."

June said, "I don't think we should be treated any differently than our boys. Come on, Harry, strip."

We very quickly had four naked future Gang members standing before us. Hardie asked, "What now?"

Shel said, "There are 20 COGs here and they are all going to help numbering you. The COGs will come forward, starting with the oldest, tell you who they are and what numbers they are going to put where."

They all did, in turn, and then proceeded to do exactly what they'd said they would.

"I'm William Robert Carson; they call me Bob. Willie's my older brother. I am putting the 6 on his left bun. I'm also going to squeeze his dick."

"I'm Nels, Carl and Carol's son. I'm going to put the 5 on Willie's right bun, telling the world that he's Gang member number 65. Oh, yes, I'm going to pinch his ass, too."

"I'm Junior Bruder, Hal and Sue's older son. I am going to put the 6 on Hardie's left bun. Then I'm going to kiss him."

"I'm Gary, the oldest of Amy, Kara, Andy, and Jim's children. I am going to put the 6 on Hardie's right bun, making him Gang member number 66. Then I'm going to tickle his balls."

"I'm Louise, the second oldest of Amy, Kara, Andy, and Jim's children, and the oldest girl COG. I'm going to put a 6 on June's left bun, and then I'm going to give her a big hug."

"I'm Jude, Jerry and Judy's older daughter. I am going to put a 7 on June's right bun. She then becomes the 67th member of the Gang. Actually, it make's her the 68th member of the Gang, because a wonderful old man named Felix was a member of the Gang, but doesn't have a number. I never met Felix, but those who did know him say I would've loved him. Then I am going to give June a kiss for Felix."

"I'm Kevin, Sharon, Ronnie, and Kyle's oldest. I am going to put a 6 on Harry's left bun, and then I am going to poke a finger in his belly button."

"I'm Noreen, Tom and Nancy's older daughter. I'm going to put the 8 on Harry's right bun, step back and admire my handiwork, and then spank him on his left bun."

It was a very gentle spank.

"I'm Nettie, one of two Michiganders here. I'm going to ask all four of you to turn around. Then I am going to put a 6 just to the left of Willie's belly button. Then I'm going to squeeze his balls."

"I'm Cam, number three child of the foursome. I'm going to put a 5 just to the right of Willie's belly button, so that we'll know his number, coming or going. Then I am going to do whatever it takes to get Willie good and hard."

It didn't take much.

"I'm Bud, Hal and Sue's second boy. I'm going to put a 6 next to Hardie's belly button and then pinch his left nipple.

"I'm Kay, child of the threesome. I'm going to put another 6 on Hardie, to insure that he knows that he's number 66. Youpers can be a little slow, and he needs a crib sheet. I'm not going to let the boys have all the fun here, so I'm going to play with Hardie's dick for a little while. If it doesn't get hard, he's in trouble."

He didn't get in trouble.

"I'm Norbert, but you had better call me Bert. Carl and Carol saddled me with that name-yes, I know it's my great-grandfather's name. I'm going to put a 6 on June, and then kiss her with great affection."

"I'm Peg, Tom and Nancy's second girl. I get to put the second 7 on June. Then I'm going to wiggle my finger in her genitals, because I don't think the boys should get all the fun, just because their equipment is easier to find."

June really laughed at that, and welcomed Peg's fingers.

"I'm Perry, Paul and Amanda's second Youper. I'm going to put a 6 on Harry, to the left of his belly button. Then I am going to shake his hand and welcome him into the Gang.

"I'm Jenny, Judy and Jerry's younger daughter. I get to put another 8 on Harry, and I'm going to fiddle with his dick and balls, because nobody else has."

"I'm Auggie, a precocious little brat, who claims to be descended from Sid Madison, the famous artist, and Cathy, the wife who puts up with the famous artist-and is an artist in her own right. At this point we're going to change the procedure. I'll let Max explain."

"I'm Max. My claim to fame is that I am Milt's older brother. Oh, yes, Merle the artist is my dad, and Tina the novelist is my mom. I am going to stretch out Willie's balls so that Auggie can put a 65 on them. While we're at it, we'll both tickle them."

"I'm Shel. I need no introduction. Milt and I are going to do unto Hardie what Auggie and Max did unto Willie."

"I"m Milt. Max has already attended to the introduction. I should note that my major claim to fame is that I am the youngest COG. Now Shel and I will proceed to our task."

June said, "Hey, what about Harry and me."

Milt said, "Gee, we're sorry, but we're all out of little boy and girl COGs. Besides, we aren't sure just what the female equivalent of putting a number on a boy's balls would be. Believe me, we talked about it."

Harry put in, "Well what about me? I have balls."

Auggie said, "Come on, guys, Harry doesn't want to be left out." About six of the littlest COGs gathered around Harry. Somebody stretched out his scrotum and Auggie took a magic marker in hand. But he didn't put a number on Harry; rather he autographed Harry's balls with the name, "Auggie."

Harry said, "I guess I asked for that."

The numbering ceremony was over. Willie's grandparents, Bill and Martha, and several others of the grandparent generation carried cases of ice cold Coke into the hall. We all got hold of a bottle and we drank a toast to the Gang and its newest four members.

Then Fred announced that Jerry's was closing for the night at seven, so that he would have room to serve all 86 of us. We should all be there at 7:30. We were, and a wonderful meal was had by all. Fred did ask Milt one question that we had all puzzled over a little. "If you didn't expect June and Harry to be naked, how did you shift gears so easily when they decided to get naked with the two boys?"

"Gee, Uncle Fred, that's easy. We figured it was likely that one of them, or one of the Gang, would say something about all four of them getting naked. So we were ready to go either way. It worked out well like this."

June asked, "What would you have done if we hadn't volunteered?"

"Oh, we'd have had you moon everyone-that's been the tradition. Then you would've gotten numbers on your butt cheeks."

Shel said, "I think the tradition's just changed. I don't expect anybody to join the Gang in the future dressed in anything but a birthday suit."

Willie said, "When it's your turn, Shel, we'll have something really special planned."

"Gee, I hope so," replied Shel, and he was grinning like he really meant it.

Paul said, "There's a little story that I am supposed to tell."

Harry realized what was coming and said, "Paul, you were supposed to tell Hardie and Willie, not the whole world."

Amanda said, "Harry, this isn't the whole world, just the Gang and the COGs."

"Not much difference," grumbled Harry.

Paul continued, "Hardie, I think you ought to know that your stepdad had his first homosexual experience about two weeks ago in Iron River. He survived. I think he now understands you and Willie."

Hardie exclaimed, "My dad? That's wonderful, Dad," and he ran over and kissed Harry. "Did you fuck Paul, Dad?"

June said, "It was far short of that, but he crossed the line."

"Were you watching?" asked Willie.

"Of course, along with Amanda. We had an interesting night as well."

Hardie asked, "Do I really want to hear all of this about my parents?"

Tim said, "Yes, you do, Hardie. Openness and honesty, in the family and in the Gang, are keys to our success as a group. You're following along in a grand tradition."

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