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Finding Tim

A Fourth Alternate Reality

by Charlie
With editorial assistance from Dix and John


Hello. Andy here. Charlie wants me to tell this part of the story. He wasn't there for most of it, and I was. Hell, it's my story, and Jim's. It's been fun reading Charlie's story this far. He tells a good story, doesn't he? By the way, as far as I can remember it, he's got his facts straight. He toots Tim's horn a little too much, but can you blame him? If I were hooked up with Tim, I'd be so full of it you wouldn't be able to recognize Tim in my story. So you are going to have to remember that as I tell this story about Jim, and me.

I have to go back before "the summer." Before I met Charlie, and Tim, and Jim. I'm the youngest of the original Gang. I turned 14 on August 30-after camp and before 9th grade in school started. This part of my story started toward the end of 7th grade. That's when my friends in school and I discovered sex. Because of my late August birthday, I was the youngest in that group as well. So they were dealing with hormones sooner than I was. Our games started with "squirreling" each other-that meant grabbing at a boy's genitals through his pants. "Pantsing"-I guess correctly its "depantsing"-each other came along soon. We were a horny lot, but things didn't progress much that year because none of us was having orgasms.

The next year some of the boys began to be interested in girls, and we tried to get the girls involved in our "games." Kissing was about as far as the girls were willing to go-at least at first. Spin the bottle became sort of a fixture at boy-girl parties for our group. There were about a dozen of us, paired boys and girls. Then at one of our parties, in the basement of one of our houses, Francie, one of the bolder girls, dared everyone to play spin the bottle with a new twist. She had a set of convoluted rules, but the gist of it was that a boy would spin the bottle in a circle of the girls, and would kiss the girl it pointed to. But before he kissed her, he drew a card from a deck. From the number it was determined where he'd kiss her, and from the suit it was determined how many clothes she and he would have on when he did it. So if I was the spinner and the bottle ended up pointing at Francie, and I drew a seven I would kiss her on her tits. If it was the club seven, it was through her clothes. If the diamond, I would move only as much clothing as it took to kiss her tit-my head would be under her sweater. If the heart, she had to strip to the waist. If the spade, we both striped to the waist. A nine or a ten meant her ass, a face card her pussy, and an ace meant everywhere.

The second time we played it Francie had a new rule. We started the game by drawing a card to pick who spun first. But if it was a red card we kept the boys and girls separate, and if it was a black card we mixed them up. That meant we could have boys kissing boys and girls kissing girls. I'll never forget that night. The game started with John going first, with a black card. He spun and it pointed to Julie, and he was to kiss her lips-no clothes off. Julie then spun and it hit Steve, whom she was to kiss on the ass, with him naked from the waist down.

The first night we had played about seven rounds, but nobody had had to be naked below the waist. The closest we'd come was when a girl had to kiss my dick, but moving only as much clothes as necessary. She had unzipped my fly, pushed my underwear aside, and kissed through the hole-exposing almost nothing. This now, on the second night, was the first time anybody had been expected to strip below the waist. Steve was pretty embarrassed, but was reminded of our first rule: If you agreed to play and then wouldn't do what the rules required you to, the rest of us would make you. He took off his pants, and was clearly embarrassed by a major hard-on. When he didn't keep going, one of the girls said, "Steve either get them off or we're going to tell the rest of the boys to pull them off."

Steve slowly pulled them down and quickly bent over so Julie could kiss his ass. She was embarrassed by that, but did it very quickly-and lightly. She kissed him a second time in response to a chorus of catcalls, and demands for a "real kiss."

Steve put his pants back on and spun, and the bottle aimed at me. The card drawn was the seven of spades, so we both stripped to the waist and he kissed both of my nipples. Then I spun. It ended up aimed at John, who had gone first. Believe it or not, the card drawn was the ace of spades: we both had to strip and I had to kiss his lips, nipples, ass, and dick. We were major embarrassed; very hard, very slow to strip, and very uncertain of where we were going once we were stripped. We stood and faced each other, and I leaned toward him and kissed him. I kissed both nipples, using my tongue to tickle him a little. Then he bent over and I kissed both buns. That I realized that to kiss his dick I either had to bend way down or get on my knees. I elected kneeling, and so settled myself in front of him. Instead of just kissing his dick, I took it in my hand and sort of pulled it toward my mouth. I kissed the tip, and then pushed it up against his body and kissed the underside of it. And I had a great awakening: I liked it!

Why am I telling you all this, and in such detail? Obviously I wanted to tell you when I discovered I liked a sexual experience with boys. But much more I want you to understand the background of my sexual experience. The games just described, which happened maybe four or five times that year-and never again involved me kissing anybody below the waist-were, with one exception-my entire sexual experience before that summer at camp.

The exception was a couple of times when five of us had a Circle Jerk. One of the other boys in the group, Steve I think, challenged us to a Circle Jerk one day, suggesting that we each bet two dollars. I was the youngest, and didn't understand what he was talking about. I was told to pull down my pants and was shown. John used his hand and jacked me off-for the first time in my life. And did it feel good! And I enjoyed having John do it. Then I watched the other boys have a Circle Jerk-which John won. Later I concluded that he had won by being aroused doing me. A couple of other times I joined in the Circle Jerk, but I never won.

Thus the only sex I had experienced before "the summer" was games-teasing-sex for sex sake. There was no love, no romance, and the pleasure was often at the embarrassment of the others. It was never mean spirited. Nobody was ever forced or hurt. It was kept completely private. I would argue pretty strongly that it wasn't sinful or evil-but we sure as Hell weren't going to tell our parents or our teachers!

With that background I went to camp. And here was this sexy little Tim teasing us all the time. He was obviously pursuing Charlie. And Charlie was obviously both interested and being very careful not to be suspected of doing anything inappropriate to or with him. I suspected, correctly it turns out, that Franklin would have liked to be involved with either Tim or Charlie; maybe anybody.

The group tended to pair up. Tom and Tim made a good pair-they were of similar size and both were leaders and both interested in helping Hal. Hal and Franklin became a pair. Franklin sort of shepherded Hal through the ordeal that Tim and Tom were laying on. Ronnie was a true solo act, and seemed very content with it. Jim and I were the remainders, and we became very good friends. He got his parents' permission and invited me along on a family vacation at their cabin on Saginaw Bay. His older sister Phyllis and a friend were along. Charlie has already told you the story of that week.

Jim and I had talked about sex even before we left camp. We had decided that it would be a bad idea to try it at camp-the consequences of getting caught seemed pretty dire. The first morning on the Bay we ran down to the beach very early. We were all alone and we pulled off our suits and experimented with jacking each other off. Jim had never done it. My experience was limited to the time with John and the Circle Jerks. Since I was the "more experienced" I jacked off Jim, and then he did me. We did that every morning. Our naked swimming at night, in the dark, and often with the girls, led to the last night's adventure. On that night's swim the girls grabbed our dicks in the water and really teased us, and then ran off. Later that night we went to their bedroom and tried to continue what they had started in the water, but we were totally rejected. We found solace in each other, and jacked each other off as we went to sleep. Rejection hurts, and we concluded we were gay.

The jacking off games continued as we visited back and forth for a year. We headed back to camp, not really sure we were happy in the arrangement, but unwilling to tell each other. Charlie advised, "Be honest." We were, and decided to stop our games and look for girls.

What an unsuccessful pursuit! I'm really not sure why. But for that year Jim and I had no sex with each other, and no sex with anybody else-boy or girl. The next summer at camp we decided that maybe we were meant for each other. We knew that Tim and Charlie were sort of "engaged," and that put a very positive spin on a gay relationship. We also decided that the woods were large and that we could risk sex deep in the woods. We hadn't counted on Hal and his running all over the place. He ran into us once and just watched us. The next time we grabbed him and pulled off his shorts-finding to our surprise that he had no underwear on. We rightly assumed that was an invitation, and we jacked him off. He cleaned himself up and ran on. Nothing was ever said about it until years later, and he never ran into us in the woods again. We were kind of disappointed in that, but never issued an invitation to him to return.

That summer Jim and I moved the relationship forward in two ways. First, our mouths discovered sex. Second, we realized that there was both love and physical sex in the relationship. We found a little grove with grass, and ferns that we could sort of bury ourselves in. We often hugged for a long time either before or after sucking each other. As the emotional bond grew between us, we worried all the more about finding girls in our lives.

That worry, and several decisions that we would stop having sex, or would start again having sex, got us through high school and into college. While we both realized that if we went to college together, and roomed together, we would find it harder and harder to develop a relationship with a girl, we still couldn't imagine going to college apart. Or not being roommates.

Charlie has already told you the stories of our "coming out" to our parents. I don't think either parents were happy about the college plans, but both knew that prohibiting us from proceeding with our plans would be devastating-we had to make our own decisions, and mistakes.

Then, early in our junior year Jim met Kara. He told me about her right away, and right after Thanksgiving they were dating. We continued to have sex, but I felt guilty about it. Jim refused to abandon me, and I guess I was selfish enough to not insist.

Then one day Amy walked into my life! Literally. We were walking across campus and bumped into each other right in the middle of the main quad-neither of us was watching where we were going. She fell down; I helped her up; I invited her for coffee or a Coke; she declined because she truly was in a hurry to get somewhere; but, yes, coffee later that afternoon would be great. We met at four, walked downtown in Ann Arbor, had dinner instead of Cokes, and told each other our life stories. (Well, a lot of them, sex wasn't discussed.)

I walked home on cloud nine, a phone number and a hard-on in my pants. I told Jim the story and he was delighted for me. He said, "Let's head for bed, have a farewell 69, and wish ourselves well in our hetero sex lives. We did exactly that. And I will have to admit, as eager as I was to pursue my acquaintance with Amy, perhaps leading to something, I felt a tinge of sorrow at the idea of losing Jim. He felt the same, and said so. Our conversation was to the effect that we should see what happened with Amy and Kara, but we should never shut the door on each other. Our kiss was more meaningful than the 69. And, in fact, while we stopped the sex that evening, we continued to kiss each other good night-and still do.

I used the phone number to invite Amy for dinner, and that led to a couple of movies, campus events, walks around Ann Arbor, and more dinners. We became good friends, and spent a lot of time together. Our class schedules were such that we could easily meet on campus, and soon we were regular lunch companions, often eating with Jim and Kara. Some double dates followed.

One evening we were all four eating dinner in a downtown restaurant, enjoying a pleasant meal and conversation about something totally unimportant. Out of the blue Amy asked, "OK, you guys. I want to know what's between you two."

I said, "What? What do you think?"

Jim said, "Have you and Kara been talking?"

That clued me in that Jim had been, at least thus far, more open with Kara than I'd been with Amy. Of course, he and Kara had known each other longer-by a few weeks.

Amy asked, "No, I haven't, but your question certainly suggests that if I had, I'd have learned something."

I said, "Let's get everything out on the table. I don't have anything to hide; neither does Jim. But some stories aren't told on the first date. Evidently Jim and Kara have talked more than you and I have, Amy; but they've been together about a month longer."

Amy said, "Let me guess. You guys are bi."

You could have knocked me over with a feather. "Does that bother you?"

"I'm going to have to think about that," said Amy. "I guess that I have to ask what that means for you and me."

Jim said, "Andy and I have had a sexual relationship for years. But we've always yearned for relationships with girls. When we found you two we had a goodbye fling about a month ago, and haven't had any sexual relationship since."

"That's the truth," I added.

Kara said, "Jim told me a while ago. He said that as far as he was concerned it was just the same as if he'd dated another girl before me, and they had had a sexual relationship that's now over."

Amy turned to Kara and said, "But they are still roommates-that means they sleep together-maybe in the same bed. They are still best friends. Would you want a boyfriend to still be best friends with his former girlfriend?"

Kara said, "I'll have to think about that as well. But I like the idea that you can remain friends with someone after being lovers. It says that every breakup doesn't have to be a fight, with a lot of bitterness."

Amy turned to me and asked, "Honest, Andy. Would you rather go to bed with me tonight, or Jim?"

"You. I have yearned for a girl for a long time. This conversation has moved a lot faster than I expected, but I'd love to go to bed with you tonight."

Somewhere along the line in this conversation the check had come and the bill paid-by Jim. Amy now stood up and said, "OK, lets go. You can take me to the Holiday Inn south of town." I was literally pulled out of the restaurant. She looked back at Jim and Kara and asked, "Coming? Or are you going to walk back?"

It would've been an easy walk, so that wasn't a threat, just a question. But Kara took Jim's hand and said, "Come on."

At the Holiday Inn Jim and I each registered for a double room. We had driver's licenses from out of town, so the clerk didn't raise any questions. Soon Amy and I were settled in our room. Settled? We hadn't brought anything with us, so there was nothing to settle. I got Cokes and ice and that was it. There were two chairs and soon we were sitting in them looking at each other and wondering, "What next?"

Amy said it, "What next?"

"This was your idea, remember?"

"So it was. Well, we can talk first or take our clothes off first. Which will it be?"

"Talk. I've told you about the Gang, and Charlie, right?"


"Charlie has a very strong rule about sex. 'If you can't talk about it, you shouldn't be doing it. If you can't deal with words like fuck, cunt, dick, and clit, you shouldn't be doing or touching them.'"

"I want to meet this Charlie."

"If our relationship continues, you will. Guaranteed."

"Let's see how well you do at talking about sex. Tell me more about you and Jim. What do you do?"

"We sleep together, have sex, shower together. You know."

"And you call that being able to talk about it?"

"No. But I'm not sure just what you are ready for."

"The truth. If I don't understand what you are telling me, I'll ask."

"We started by jacking each other off. Then we started sucking each other. We like to do 69. I've fucked his ass a few times, and he's fucked me-but we prefer sucking. That's being pretty blunt, but that seems to be what you want."

"Does he come in your mouth?"

"Yes, of course."

"Do you swallow it?"

"Yes, of course."

"Not, of course. A lot of girls won't swallow it. I assume that's true of boys too."

'My experience includes just exactly one boy. You may know more than I do."

"Are you a virgin-with respect to girls?"

"Yes. Are you, with respect to boys?"

"Yes. I'm being very brave and talking a good line. You learn the words and stories from other girls in the dorm. Some talk a good line and are just as inexperienced as I am. Others really are out there screwing every boy they can get their hands on. Others are in between. But we all talk."

"Have you ever had a fling with another girl?"

"In high school some of our sleepovers included a little playing around. But nothing serious, and not very often."

"What do you want to do tonight?"

"I'm not on the pill, and I don't have protection. Do you?"

"No. This wasn't the plan at the beginning of the evening, remember?"

"Then no fucking. But you like being sucked. We'll have fun. Are you ready to take your clothes off?"

"Yes, but let me take yours off and you take mine off."

That was fun! I have described the little stripping game I played in high school. It was nothing like this. First, I was falling in love with Amy, and that changed things completely. Second, I could take the time to feel, touch, caress, look, rub, tickle, and lastly kiss each newly exposed part. Amy did the same to me. Finally we were both naked, sitting on the edges of the beds, opposite each other, looking at each other.

Amy said, "I'd like to start by exploring your whole body, bit by bit, part by part, with your help in telling me how it feels, what it is, everything."

"I think my teeth are just about the same as yours, likewise the nose, mouth, hands...."

"Stop. Let's begin with your tits. I guess you don't call them tits."

"I don't talk about them much, but I call them nipples when I do."

"Are they sensitive? Sexy?"

"Yes, but I don't think like yours are."

"Do they get hard when aroused?"

"Not hard like a penis, but firm, and they stick out a little more."

She tickled them with her tongue and they did indeed behave as promised. It firmed up another part of me as well, and Amy noticed that.

"That's arousing you, isn't it?"

"Of course."

"How about your belly button?"

"Not much."

"Your butt?"

"If you get deep inside and hit the prostate gland, it gets pretty wild. Playing with the anus can be sexy. More so for other guys-at least so I understand. For many gay men, ass fucking is the ultimate experience, like fucking a vagina is for straight men. Jim and I haven't found that to be true. We are more into sucking."

"May I handle your penis?"

"Of course."

"Tell me what it means to be circumcised."

"I'm not really sure. I've never seen an uncircumcised penis-all the boys I've been to camp with, or seen in school locker rooms are circumcised. The skin that folds over the head of the penis has been cut off, but I have no experience with what it would've been like had that not been done when I was a baby."

"Is the head sensitive?"

"Very. But that little knot of skin on the bottom is the most sensitive. When it's moved up and down an orgasm follows. Tickling the head will get you there as well. I might react more, because it's ticklish, but the orgasm would take longer."

"You'd like to play with me before you have an orgasm, wouldn't you?"

"Yes. Men have a real letdown with an orgasm."

"That's sleep time, right?"


We went over her body in the same way. I got my first real understanding of a clitoris. She let me put fingers in her vagina and feel around, finding the cervix. It was a lot better anatomy lesson than I ever had in school.

I said, "Amy, we don't have to go any further. This has been wonderful, but you aren't obligated to go on."

"I want to. Rub my clit and I'll have an orgasm."

"Can I use my tongue?"

"Oh, God, yes. Is that OK with you?"

"I'd love it." And I did. She came very quickly, gripping my arms incredibly tightly as she climaxed. She was on me in a flash, sucking really hard. I came in her mouth very quickly-almost before I could warn her. She ignored the warning, and took it all in. But then she spit it out in a Kleenex. I couldn't blame her; it takes getting used to. She apologized, and I insisted that none was necessary. Then we were kissing. Long and hard.

We fell asleep that way, and even though I'm pretty sure we both went to the bathroom in the middle of the night, we really weren't aware of anything till light in the window woke us in the morning. We both looked at each other-naked-and I think we were both embarrassed. Shy even. We pulled a sheet over us, and lay back on the bed.

Amy said, "Just what does this mean, Andy?"

"I don't think the sex means much. But I know that I'm falling in love with you."

"Me too. With you. Andy, get dressed, go to a drug store, buy condoms, and come back and fuck me."

"Are you sure?"

I was half dressed by the time she answered, "I'm sure."

I'd never bought a condom in my life. They weren't over the counter items like they are now. You had to ask. I screwed up my courage, asked, and received. I had to pay at the front counter, presided over by a middle aged woman, who didn't hesitate to indicate disapproval as she rang up the sale.

Back to Amy, who had showered and was laying on the bed, under a sheet.

"Have you ever used a condom?" she asked.


"Neither have I. Can I put it on you?"

"Sure, but you are going to have to arouse me first."

"Take your clothes off, the rest will come naturally."

It did. A few strokes of her hand and I was very hard. She rolled the condom down over my dick and lay back. I got over her, struggled to aim at the right hole, and was guided in by her hand. We lay there motionless for a long time, and then I started to move. We got into a rhythm fairly easily, and I shot my load into the condom quickly.

"Stay in me, Andy."

I did for a while, but I began to soften and withdrew. She hadn't climaxed, and pulled my head down toward her cunt. My tongue was inside quickly, but she said, "Stick to my clitoris." I did, and her orgasm came quickly. "Thank you, Andy."

"I love you."

"I love you too."

We had breakfast with Jim and Kara a little later. Conversation was pretty silly until Kara asked, "OK, are we going to tell each other what happened last night, or do we wait and have the boys tell each other and the girls tell each other?"

"Right here, right now," said Amy.

"OK by me," said Jim.

"Me too," I said. "Who goes first?"

Kara said, "Jim."

Jim said, "I think I've just been had. How much detail do you want. We talked. We did 69. We slept. We did hand jobs in the morning."

Amy asked, "Are you in love?"

Kara said, "I am. How about you, Jim?"

"Oh, God, yes." Turning to Amy and me, "You know, that's the first time we've said it so clearly. We talked around it in the room."

I said, "We talked a lot, explored each other, traded oral sex, and slept. This morning, after my being sent to a drugstore for a condom, we both lost our virginity. What a night. And, yes, we're in love."

Jim said, "Girls, Andy, we have a pilgrimage to make."

"Grand Forks, right?" I asked.

"Of course."

"Grand Forks?" I'm not sure which girl said it first, but they both had the same question."

"Have you girls heard of Tim and Charlie?"

"Who?" asked Kara.

"Is that the Charlie you were talking about last night?" asked Amy.

"Tim, the world champion diver. Charlie, his lover, and soon to be world champion archer. And the Charlie we talked about last night."

"Wasn't Tim on the cover of Time a while back?"

"He was indeed."

"What about him? And Charlie."

"He and Charlie are our best friends. We are off to introduce our best girls to our best friends. You'll love them both."

"You know that Tim and Charlie?"

"If you'd looked at the Time story carefully, you'd have seen our pictures. Tim and Charlie were the leaders of the Gang at Camp White Elk."

"That's the Gang you've talked about?"

"That's the one."

"I don't believe it."

"Believe it."

We made plans to visit Grand Forks at the Easter break. Ronnie decided to drive up as well. It was too far for the Kansas, Illinois, and Oklahoma contingents. Carl and Carol had plans to be with her family. Five of the original eight would be there-enough to let the girls know what they were getting into.

We had a one week spring break, not exactly at Easter. UND's break was different, so we decided to plan around a weekend-the weekend of Palm Sunday. We had the week before off, and spent a lot of time together that week as a foursome, but we didn't sleep together. Well Jim and I did, but the girls weren't roommates. We made a conscious decision that week that we'd take time to get to know each other outside of the bedroom. We found that we had a lot in common. The girls were athletic, as was I; but, like me, weren't into competitive sports. They ran. Kara liked to swim-in fact we all did, but Kara especially. Amy loved tennis, and she and Jim found a common interest there. We spent a couple of afternoons with Jim and Amy giving Kara and me tennis lessons. We enjoyed playing doubles, as long as we didn't let Jim and Amy be a team.

Kara and I liked to bowl, and we encouraged the others to join us. Jim and I found that the girls were giving us common interests that we hadn't found as a pair-Jim had never thought to teach me tennis, nor had I dragged him off to learn to bowl. Upon reflection we decided that our relationship may have been too much sex and not enough other things.

We had originally planned to set off for Grand Forks on Thursday morning. We had two choices of route: south of Lake Michigan and through Chicago and Minneapolis, or north of the lake and through Duluth. It was slightly shorter to the north, and we avoided Chicago. Jim and I liked crossing the big bridge at Mackinac, and the girls were eager to see it-having spent their lives in lower Michigan and points south. As we planned the trip, we realized that we'd be very near Camp White Elk. Even though it'd be closed, we decided to plan a quick visit. So we set off on Wednesday in the late morning, planning to spend the night in the Mackinac area and cross the bridge in the early morning.

Fairly early in the afternoon Kara asked THE QUESTION: "We are going to spend three nights in motels on this trip, how many rooms are we going to get?"

Amy said, "Are you thinking about saving money or...other things?"


I said, "That'd push us over a threshold. Is that where we want to go? Are we ready?"

Jim said, "As I think about this it gets complicated. One side of me screams that our need for clothing to cover up is silly. That sex is a normal bodily function just like eating. But for the toilet and sex we demand privacy, we eat, kiss, play, in public. Why are we afraid of sex? Why can't we all share a room, save money, and each couple do their own thing in their own bed?"

Amy said, "You can't be serious?"

"Well, yes and no. People ought to be able to do that, but we are conditioned from very early to think it's wrong, evil. There's no way I wouldn't become completely aroused watching you two."

"I get hungry watching other people eat. There's nothing wrong with that. It'd be normal to get aroused watching other people have sex."

I said, "OK, let's agree that we could share a room and keep the sex under control-or under the sheets. Is that what we want?"

Amy said, "You started this, Kara. Is that what we want?"

Kara replied, "I know that Jim and Andy have been lovers. I think they still are, but I believe Jim when he tells me that they aren't having sex now, and haven't since just before our big night in the Holiday Inn. I think maybe I'm ready to explore other pairings in this group. Andy, you are one sexy hunk-just like Jim. And if you and Jim can get it on, maybe Amy and I should try. I just don't know. Let's get one room with two big beds tonight and see what happens. No commitments, no promises. Nobody gets pushed."

The rest of us agreed, a little nervously.

We avoided the subject for the rest of the day. Since it wasn't far from our minds, there were some long awkward silences. We all guessed what the others were thinking, but there seemed to be a tacit agreement not to talk about it.

It's not that long a trip to Mackinac and we arrived about 5:00 p.m. and got an inexpensive motel with two double beds in the room. There were two chairs, a straight chair at a little desk and a not very comfortable easy chair. Clearly we were going to be on the beds if we were together in the room. I opened the conversation. "Does this start before dinner, or wait until after dinner?"

Amy said, "Can I be completely blunt?"

Jim said, "If we can't talk completely freely, this is going to be a disaster. Say whatever's on your mind."

Amy said, "Look, if we wait till after dinner, you boys are going to be good for one orgasm, right? But if we start now, you are good for one before dinner and one afterwards, right? And you'll enjoy them both, right?"

I said, "Right on all counts."

Kara said, "Then the answer is obvious. Are we all comfortable taking our clothes off?" She started to unbutton her blouse.

Jim said, "I hear a lot of silence. I'm thinking that maybe everyone's not quite ready for nudity."

I said, "I'm going to be completely hard as soon as my clothes are off. That can be embarrassing."

Amy said, "I've been naked in front of a lot of girls, but never with a sexual overtone. But I guess I'm ready."

I said, "It's amazing how we liberal kids find that we have inhibitions that we didn't know about." I took my shirt off as I said it. In fact, we all started undressing then. We all went a little slowly, but nobody turned their back. Jim was the first to be completely nude, and he was, as expected, hard as a rock. The rest of us followed. I was just as hard, and a look at the girls' breasts suggested they were pretty aroused as well.

"What now?" It could've been any of us that said it.

Amy said, "Either we pair up as we always have and let the other couple watch, or we pair up in a new way. Maybe we should start by letting Kara and me watch you two boys have sex."

Kara said, "I vote for that." She moved over to the bed next to Amy, and motioned for Jim to get on the other bed with me. "Just pretend we aren't here."

"Fat chance of that," Jim said. But he pulled me down on the bed, hugged me and kissed me. We lay there for a while, just holding each other. The girls were completely still, obviously willing to let us do our thing-whatever that was going to be.

Jim rolled me on my back and began kissing my body. He started with my lips, worked past my nipples and belly button, to my balls. Then my thighs and back to my balls. Then he kissed the head of my dick and took it in his mouth. He worked up and down slowly and steadily, and soon I was jerking, tossing, and unloading in his mouth. He spit it on my chest, and I pulled his head down and rubbed his face in it. Amy couldn't hold back, "Eeewww."

His face all messy, Jim kissed me hard, turning his head so that my face was messy as well. He rolled on his back and I did to him what he had done to me, except that I swallowed it all. We ended in each others' arms.

"That was beautiful," said Kara.

Jim said, "You girls aren't experienced with each other. Do you want to try, or have the two of us arouse you? Maybe you'd rather be alone when you have your first sexual experience with each other?"

Kara said, "I'm just going to lay back on the bed and let you three have your way with me. Amy can be as involved as she wants to be." She did lay back, put her hands behind her head and spread her legs-her black bush beckoning.

Amy's hands reached her first. Jim moved to the side and kissed her gently, while I massaged her breasts. It wasn't long before this produced the expected result. Amy lay down beside her and they hugged and kissed, making it clear that we boys should get on the other bed and leave them alone. We did, and soon Kara was kissing Amy's cunt-things proceeding nicely from there.

In a short while the girls were finished and announced that it was time for dinner. We showered as couples and headed to one of the few restaurants open at this time of year. Conversation moved from the trivial (How do you pronounce Mackinac? Answer, no matter how it's spelled it's pronounced Mack-in-aw) to the obvious (Just what had we started back in the motel room? Answer, we didn't know).

Back in the room Amy took charge. "OK, we had a good time before dinner. Now it's time to sleep, and I want to sleep with Kara. We started something, and I need to find out where it goes. You guys can sleep together, and as far as I'm concerned you can have sex again if you like. I know that you've avoided it for our sakes, but tonight you can relive old times. We'll talk about tomorrow, tomorrow. Is that OK with you, Kara?"

"Absolutely. Have at it boys."

The room was pretty quiet that night. Jim and I wrapped around each other and just went to sleep. We heard the girls whispering from time to time, but they seemed to be content with just hugging and probably kissing.

Morning brought an attempt at getting up-we had all slept naked-and going about the morning's business without sex intruding. Kara broke first, grabbing my dick and saying, "I'm not going to pretend you aren't exciting me. Come over here."

She pulled me onto the bed and began playing with my dick and balls, soon joined by the others. It became sort of a free-for-all. It isn't important who did what to whom, what is important is that we didn't seem to pair up any specific way, and gay sex was as much a part of it as straight sex. We'd have all showered together, but there wasn't room. It was a tub/shower, and there was really only room for two. The boys went together, but the girls dried us off. Then they showered together and we dried them off. There was a little more playing before we got dressed. My underwear got pulled down several times before I could get my pants on. Neither girl could find her bra and they had to go braless under their blouses. (Jim "found" them after breakfast.)

The drive over to Camp White Elk took about two hours. It gave us time to talk about what was happening among us, but it can be summed up as, "We really don't know."

Stanley was at Camp White Elk, along with Jeff, his assistant. There was maintenance work going on, but that was all. They were glad to see us and let us show the girls all around the camp-but there wasn't much to see without any program going on, or the waterfront set up. It was simply a different place when it wasn't filled with boys. We had lunch with Jeff and Stanley and heard about plans for the coming summer. Above all, we heard about Ronnie and Hal and how much they loved Camp White Elk. Jim and I understood that, but I don't think the girls could.

We pulled out not long after lunch and headed for Brainerd to spend the night. Somehow Jim remembered that this is where Charlie had come to watch Tim in the circus. That led to a lot more questions from the girls about Tim, Charlie and the entire Gang. And that led to talk about how the Gang was thinking that they might all live near each other, and that the place would probably be Grand Forks.

Amy picked right up on that, "You are telling us that if we fall in love with you guys, we are marrying the whole Gang and probably going to live in Grand Forks?"

"We have no commitments. But yes, conversations along that line need to be a part of our thinking if we are really going to talk marriage."

Kara said, "Let's meet Tim, Charlie, and Ronnie-that's his name, right-and see Grand Forks and the university before we talk about that. OK?"

We all agreed. Before long Brainerd was upon us. We again got one room, and Kara announced that she was sleeping with me, but that we were going to have dinner first. It was said as if she wasn't giving anybody a choice, and we all meekly followed. I did say, "You're buying dinner, right?" She agreed.

Kara was really pretty aggressive after dinner. She undressed herself and then me. I was pulled under the covers and we hugged, kissed, let our hands roam, and generally loved each other. She produced a condom, slipped it on me and announced that she'd gotten Amy and Jim's permission for me to fuck her. I did. It was grand. I wasn't sure who I was in love with! The next morning we deduced that Jim and Amy had had a similar night and had evidently enjoyed it as much as Kara and I had.

By Friday noon we were in Grand Forks. Tim and Charlie had some obligation on campus when we arrived, so Felix let us in the house. The girls couldn't believe the house Tim and Charlie lived in, but were delighted. They were equally delighted with Felix, who calmly introduced himself as the dirty old man of the household. But he told the girls that if they wanted to have sex they'd have to go somewhere else because he was gay. Could he borrow Jim or me?

Kara got right in the spirit and said, "No, not borrow, but maybe rent, for the right price."

Felix asked, "How much?"

"Oh, they're worth a lot. But I think I could make a good deal for you."

Charlie and Tim arrived before a price could be settled upon. Tim looked at the girls and exclaimed, "Jim, Andy, where did you find these girls? They are wonderful!" With that he picked up Amy, swung her around and kissed her boldly on the mouth. I'm sure that tongue met tongue, but not for long, for he soon moved his attention to Kara and gave her the same treatment. "Amy, Kara, you are Gang members 16 and 17. Welcome, welcome, welcome."

Who could not like the irrepressible Tim?

Charlie was equally welcoming, kissing both girls, and both boys. "I see you've met Felix. Don't believe anything he tells you; he's not a dirty old man, but he's a sexy old man."

Felix grinned and said, "I was about to arrange with these lovely girls to rent their boys for the night, but you came and spoiled it."

Charlie said, "Nonsense, you take the boys and Tim and I can have the girls. Ronnie can join either group he wants-or sleep alone."

"Not likely," said Tim.

Kara said, "I thought you and Tim were gay?"

Tim said, "Sometimes. Sometimes not. With you two beautiful girls available it'd be really stupid to insist on being gay."

Felix said, "Then is it settled? I get the boys and you get the girls?"

Jim got into the spirit of it and said, "Suits me. Tim, is Felix as sexy as he says he is?"

"More so."

I said, "Are you speaking from personal experience?"


Tim sounded like he was telling the truth; that he was serious about having had sex with Felix. Well, I wouldn't put anything past him.

Kara said, "I have an idea. Felix, you take the two boys up to wherever it is that you have sex in this house, and, Tim and Charlie, you take Amy and me to wherever it is in this house that you have sex. We can all see what happens. We'll all have dinner together."

What had started as a good joke was getting serious, and nobody seemed the least inclined to stop it. Felix really was an old man, but he certainly looked like he'd welcome a time with Jim and me. Jim didn't seem to have a problem with going off with Felix. It was obvious that the two girls seemed to be delighted with the idea of heading off with Tim and Charlie. Well, those two, especially Tim, were two of the sexiest hunks around; Jim and I could hardly complete. But we knew Tim and Charlie: we wouldn't be competing with them. It was all out in the open, nobody was doing anything behind anyone's back. And I didn't have the heart to tell the old man that I wasn't attracted to him. And come to think of it, he was so bold and forthright it was hard not to be attracted to him. All that was running through my brain as I heard my mouth say, "Lead on, Felix."

He did. He led us up two flights of stairs to a very neat and attractive apartment, with a double bed in the bedroom. When we got in he sat down in the living room and motioned for us to do the same. "You guys kind of got snookered. I was being funny and all of a sudden it was very serious. You don't want to have sex with an old man, but those girls of yours really seemed interested in those two sexy boys downstairs. By the way, have you two had sex with Tim and Charlie? I'll bet you have."

Jim said, "Yes, and it seems that you have as well."

"Yes, I have. And you guys are the first people that know about it-at least as far as I know."

I said, "Felix, if you are sexy enough for Tim, you are sexy enough for me. Are you going to take off your clothes?"

"You guys are serious, aren't you?"

"You mean you're not?"

"No. Yes. I don't know. This happened so fast. I knew you were part of Tim's Gang and that I could get away with a sexual joke with you, but I never in my wildest dreams thought it'd lead to this. It happened so fast. Well, Hell. Yes, I'm serious now, even if I wasn't before. Let's get our clothes off."

He started to undress, and so did Jim and I. We moved a little slowly, but finally we were all standing in Felix' living room, stark naked, looking at each other. We were all just beginning to stiffen. Jim walked over to Felix and tickled his balls. Felix got down on his knees and took my dick in his mouth. Shortly he stopped and said, "Until I had an evening with Charlie, and later with Charlie and Tim, nothing had ever touched my dick but my hand. I was, and still am, bored with that. I really want to suck you." Then he want back to sucking.

I said, "What about fucking, Felix?"

"It's off limits with Charlie and Tim. Once they made that clear, I have never suggested it."

"It's not off limits with Jim and me."

"Who do you want to fuck, Felix? And who do you want to fuck you?"

"You're serious?"

"We've been over that, Felix. I wouldn't be teasing you about something like that."

"God. Oh." He was crying. He stood up, and hugged Jim tight. Jim led him into the bedroom and onto the bed."

I said, "Felix, do you have any lube?"


I realized that he hadn't had anal sex and had no experience with KY or anything.

"Do you have Vasoline?"


Jim said, "Andy, go downstairs and borrow Charlie's."

I started to put on my clothes, but Jim said, "You don't need to get dressed. They've all seen you, and if you are asking for KY it's perfectly obvious what you are going to do with it. Just go get it."

I knew it was really a kind of dare. But I took him up on it and headed downstairs. If I wasn't completely hard when I started down, I certainly was when I got to Tim and Charlie's room. The door was shut. I knocked. "Come in," came back immediately. I opened the door and walked in. The four of them were lying on the bed, all spooned together. All naked. All now staring at me.

"Can we borrow your KY?"

Tim started laughing, and Charlie joined in. "He's going to get from you what he doesn't get from us. Good for him."

Amy said, "What this all about?"

I decided that honesty was the best policy, and said, "Felix wants to fuck one of our asses and have his fucked. Are you comfortable with that?"

Kara said, "If you are, we are. We are so in over our heads right now, that we are just sort of going with the flow. Get your KY, give Amy and me a kiss, and head back to Felix."

Tim, the smallest and therefore on the front end, reached into the bedside table drawer, took out a tube of KY, and handed it to me. I kissed him, then Kara, Amy, and Charlie. I headed upstairs; listening to their chuckling in the background.

Felix was sucking Jim when I came in. I said, "Felix, I'm going to fuck you first, then you are going to fuck Jim. Then if Jim hasn't had an orgasm when you fuck him we'll do for him anything he wants. Now roll over on your back and put your legs in the air."

He did, and Jim and I lubed him up good. We took turns working our fingers into him, and soon he was loose enough for me to get into him. However, as I glanced at his face I realized that he wasn't comfortable with the situation. I asked, "Felix, this is going a little fast for you, isn't it?"

He hesitated before he answered. "Yeah, I guess it is. I don't think I'm ready for fucking. I guess I'd like to stick to sucking and being sucked. But having those fingers inside me was an interesting experience."

Jim and I took turns sucking Felix. Then he asked, "Could I watch you two fuck each other?"

"Sure," Jim answered. We'd love it. We weren't very experienced at fucking-Jim and I hadn't done it often-but I was able to slip my dick into Jim and started moving in and out. He moaned and said, "Oh, God, that's wonderful. Keep going." I came fairly quickly, and stayed in him until I was soft and it came out on its own. We lay on the bed and hugged and kissed, with Felix joining in. Jim's dick was hard and eager and Felix took it in his mouth and sucked it vigorously, swallowing everything easily. We all lay on the bed until we heard a banging on the door and Tim walked in. He was naked, soft, and looking content. "Dinner," he announced. "Felix, you're the cook. We'll get the table ready and fix a salad." Felix sat on the side of the bed and started to put on his boxers. "No clothes, Felix. We are going to eat naked. We have a lot to talk about and that should keep us focused." It was clear that this wasn't something you argued with Tim about, so Felix headed downstairs, completely naked, and walked toward the kitchen.

Jim, Tim, and I went down to the second floor where Charlie and the girls were. I said, "Are you going to tell us what you did in here?"

"Sure," said Charlie. "The girls said that you've fucked them, and it seemed clear that you were fucking Felix. So Tim and I fucked them-don't worry, we used condoms."

"I wasn't worried. But your wrong about who fucked who upstairs. Felix is still a virgin. So what's there to talk about at dinner? And why are we eating naked?"

"Why not?" That was Tim.

"Don't tell me it was your idea?"

"No, it was Charlie's."

Charlie said, "The joking about sex went so fast it kind of got ahead of us. We need to reflect on where we are. The nudity will keep that issue before us. Besides, it's sexy. And thinking about you three upstairs is keeping me horny. I want to make sure it's a sexy dinner. And keeping Felix naked with girls around should be a hoot."

It was. Just as we were sitting down the doorbell rang, and without waiting for us to go to the door, in walked Ronnie. I'll have to hand it to him, he handled an unusual situation very well. "It looks like I'm overdressed. He stood in the door to the dining room and stripped naked. We hadn't set the table for him because he had been expected after dinner. While he was "changing" for dinner, Tim set an extra place. He sat and calmly said, "Would you like to explain what's going on?"

Charlie said, "Ronnie, I think you'll get the point as the conversation goes forward. Join in when appropriate. He turned to us and led the conversation by saying, "Look, girls, that wasn't the introduction to the Gang that we intended. Things just got started, and you seemed quite willing for them to go where they went. There's a lot more to the Gang than sex. But we've been very frankly sexually involved with each other, but only since the boys were adults. Sex doesn't dominate the relationship, but it has always been an important part of it. And we all understand that sex within the group is different from sex with our partners. That comes first, and everything else is in the context of a healthy sexual relationship with our partner."

Kara said, "I guess I understand. You are saying that sex with me was fun but that sex with Tim is the real thing."

"Not exactly. Sex with you was the real thing. And sex with Tim is fun. It's different because the relationship between us is different. I'm simply unable to relate to you, sexually or otherwise, the way I relate to Tim. I love him deeply. I love Jim and Andy-and their girls-but as friends, not as life partners. It's different, but hard to explain. You just feel it."

Amy said, "I understand, I think. But why are we naked?"

Tim said, "It's fun. And it certainly keeps you focused on the subject. But I think the real reason is simply that it's fun."

Charlie said, "No, it's more than that. It's fun, but it defines our relationship as more than just friends. This is the Gang. We simply relate differently."

Felix, who hadn't said a word at dinner, said, "Does that mean I've been promoted to member of the Gang?"

Tim said, "It sure does, Felix. You're special. And that makes you number 18."

Felix got up, went out of the room and came back with an oversized, permanent Magic Marker. He went over to Ronnie, handed him the marker, turned around and bent over, and said, "Ronnie, put the number 18 on my buns. I don't want to forget that."

Ronnie took the marker and put a big 1 on Felix' left bun and an 8 on his right. Then he closed the marker and goosed Felix with it. Ronnie said, "It seems I missed some excitement. I'll certainly affirm what Charlie and Tim have said about the Gang. Sex within the Gang is special. Since I don't have a partner yet, I can't talk about how it's different with a loving partner. But that will come.

After dinner Tim said, "Let's get dressed and take a walk around the campus."

"Wait a minute," said Ronnie. "Before we go anywhere somebody's going to do what's necessary to make me less horny."

We realized that while we were fairly relaxed, Ronnie was really hard. Before any of the rest of us could react, Felix walked over to him, helped him stand up on his chair, took him in his mouth, and relieved his horniness in the obvious way. Ronnie hugged and thanked him, and we all got dressed.

We enjoyed the campus walk. Back at the house we were all tired and headed for bed. Just for the record, Felix went up to his apartment, Tim and Charlie headed for their room along with Ronnie, and the four of us shared two guest rooms: I slept with Amy and Jim slept with Kara. We were too tired for more sex.

The next day was a whirlwind. We met people, saw the town and campus, met both the diving team and the gymnastics group, and were ushered into the President's office and introduced to "Prexy." Tim was determined to give the girls the red carpet treatment and he succeeded.

At dinner, this time without Felix, Tim announced the evening's activity by saying, "Jim and Andy are our favorite bisexuals and there's no way they are leaving without a little sex. So they are going to suck us tonight, but then we are going to send them up with you for the second course. You can watch if you like."

Tim was making it clear that he was treating the girls as part of the Gang, and they seemed to be accepting it without question. Amy said, "One at a time, and Kara and I'll get you started."

We were off to Tim and Charlie's room. Amy pushed Tim on the bed, said "You first," and began stripping off his clothes. Kara helped, and soon he was naked, being felt up pretty roughly, quite hard, and finding himself with Jim on top of him, well on the way to an orgasm. Soon after, Charlie got the same treatment with me doing the final honors. God it was fun to suck Charlie! Ronnie was next, and all four of us boys took turns sucking him, with Tim getting the prize. He kept it all to himself, saying, "There wasn't enough to share with six other people."

Then I said, "OK, let's see you get spooned together and we'll leave you." They moved to their spoon position with Ronnie behind; we covered them, and headed upstairs.

Amy said, "Two by two, tonight, but I'm with Jim. OK?"

It was. As I lay with Kara, we talked quietly. She voiced for the first time a thought that would creep more and more into our consciousness and then our planning. "Andy, is this a foursome, rather than two pairs?"

I replied, "I know I love Amy; I love Jim; and I'm falling in love with you. I don't love Amy any less because I'm falling in love with you. I guess I'm going to have to think about that, long and hard."

"We all are," she said, and we drifted off to sleep.

By the time the drive home had been completed we had all reached the conclusion that we were a foursome, and not two pairs. But we knew that just saying it wouldn't make it so; that living as a foursome would be difficult in America, even in this day of a rising sexual revolution. So we made three decisions: First, we would, to the extent possible living in the dorms, live and act like a foursome when we could. Second, we'd reflect on this to try to reach a firm and final decision. Third, we'd think and talk about how this could be worked out in real life.

We were now juniors and decided to use our last summer as a time of real testing. We headed for Toledo and all got summer jobs. I had to accept flipping hamburgers at McDonalds-but that wasn't considered as demeaning then as it is now. Jim got a pretty good job as a summer fill-in at the Post Office. Kara and Amy both got decent retail jobs. We found a two-bedroom apartment we could sublet for the summer and we settled in to try a fairly unusual "married life." We had two guidelines: first, if both love and sex weren't roughly equal with all partners, it wouldn't work. Second, we did not want to have some formula or rotation about who spent time with whom. If it didn't work out fairly evenly, then our desires, lusts if you will, were not balanced and it wasn't a real foursome.

Amazingly it worked. Whoever went to bed first choose his or her bed and the next person headed for the same bed. We did keep score of who slept with whom, and who did what with whom in pairs (dinners out, movies, etc.) At the end of the summer we couldn't find a pattern, except a slight tendency to pair more often with our same-sex partner. But we put that down to the fact that there were two heterosexual pairings possible and only one homosexual one.

As to how to live our lives, we did a lot of talking, thinking, tossing out of ideas, both reasonable and silly. We finally ended up with a plan that we thought would work. We wanted children, and the children needed the benefit of married parents. We also knew that we could live together "married" easier in American society. We decided that we had to marry as we were already paired up in the eyes of the world-me with Amy and Jim with Kara. A duplex house seemed the way to go. In our first house we would simply cut a door through on the second floor between the two living spaces. In the future we would build to our own specifications.

We thought children would use first names with us, but would know who their mom and dad were. Much more than that we hadn't thought about at the end of that summer.

Our senior year moved slowly, but we made it. We all graduated, three of us with honors, Jim came up slightly short-but then none of us had his wrestling successes. We had our degrees-Jim and I in business, Kara in elementary education, and Amy in English-and not at all sure what she was going to do with it.

We had to deal with the question of where we wanted to live. Tim and Charlie were leaving Grand Forks for a few years in the East, but we knew they were coming back. Franklin and Phil were talking about heading to Grand Forks when Franklin got a Masters degree in sociology in another year. Carl and Carol were in Bismarck. The migration to eastern North Dakota was definitely on. We decided to lead the pack to Grand Forks, and there we would head. But first we had a double wedding ceremony shortly after graduation.

The world, including Amy and Kara's parents, did not know the true nature of the relationship. All the Gang knew, and were totally supportive. My parents knew, and had their doubts. Jim's were slightly more enthusiastic. His sister, Phyllis of the Lake as she was known to the two of us, thought it was a really neat idea, and we had to threaten her with her life to keep her from blabbing it to everyone. But she did get the message.

Our honeymoon was a quick trip to Niagra Falls (how's that for original?) and then off to Grand Forks to find a duplex house that we could buy or rent.

We found one, and the first big trial of the relationship was who was going to carry whom over which threshold. Believe me, there was no easy answer to that question!

I've gotten ahead of Charlie's story, but he wanted me to tell the whole story of our being a foursome. I'm sure that he'll talk more about it as the story moves forward. For now let me say that it's different, but it's us. We wouldn't have it any other way!

Oh, yes, one more thing. In midsummer of 1968, just two weeks before the Olympic wrestling trials, Jim announced that he thought he'd compete. He had carefully gone over the field that he might expect to meet and realized that there was only one who could beat him, Big Paul. The Olympics used metric weight classes, which were slightly different from the pounds of collegiate wrestling, and Jim and Paul would fall into the same class. After telling the three of us, and then calling Tim and Charlie, Jim got on the phone to Big Paul. "Paul, I've decided to try out for the Olympics. We'll be in the same class. Maybe we'll finally settle the question of who can beat whom in this sport."

Paul responded, "I'm not sure I really want to know the answer to that question, but it'll be wonderful to have you with me in Mexico-assuming we both make it. I'm betting we meet in the finals, sharing a gold and silver. I won't bet on who gets which color. Is a tie possible?"

"I don't know. Better for us to settle it, I suppose. But the most important thing is that we beat everyone else."

"Amen, brother. We'll do it."

Jim's coach had dreamed of having his two best wrestlers in the Olympics together, and had realized that they would fall into the same weight class. He had been certain that the reason Jim never talked about the Olympics was that he didn't want to meet Big Paul. He had talked to Paul about it. Paul had rightly guessed that Jim could not be talked into the Olympics. He might catch the spirit, or he might not. But if it didn't come from inside him, it wouldn't come.

But it came. And of that original gang of eight, four were seeking to be Olympians. In fact, four were shoo-ins to be Olympians!

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