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Stories by Cole Parker

The Outcasts

[all chapters complete]

Holiday Themed Short Stories

This is a collection of seven stories all with a common theme: each is written around an American holiday.

The stories are not presented in order by the date of the various holidays involved, but instead in a way that they fit together best for entertainment and dramatic impact.

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Short Stories

First Year

[A Story in 12 chapters]

Going for the Gold

[A Story in 10 chapters]


[A Story in 11 chapters]

Two Boys and the Pervert

[A Story in four chapters]

Young boys live in a different world than older children and adults. They don't understand the world around them with much sophistication and can fill in their misconceptions and alleviate their fears with imagination, creative conceptualization and mendacity. They're survivors in what is to them a mysterious environment and do their best to avoid unwanted consequences.

The following is a tribute to their natures. It is also a farce in that it exaggerates the extent they will go to avoid blame. If you don't enjoy farce or dark humor, please read something else and save yourself some aggravation. You've been warned.