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Educating Max

by D'Artagnon

Chapter 6 - Learning to Fly

The constant press of voices, thoughts not his own, greeted Max as he woke up, but for the first time in days it wasn't the harsh cacophonous background that had him at one point doubting his sanity. He rolled his eyes up and remembered the mental discipline that his older brother and fellow telepath, Michael, had taught him. The chorus of background noises faded further to a distant rumble, like listening to a crowd of people in a room far, far away.

The cool of the October morning was brisk with the winds that chase along river valleys in New England, and Max heard the gentle sound of it in the trees outside the tent. Beyond that sound, the pleasant burbling of the river as it ran eastwards to the sea and the tiny sounds of forest creatures preparing themselves for the coming winter were all he heard. The sound of his own breathing was quiet, and reflected not only his state of body and mind, but also the state of his soul. He had found a rare peace and contentment that his 13 years could never before boast, and all so soon after discovering that he was a one of a kind person, gifted as maybe only ten or twenty in a generation might be.

He rolled over in the arms that held him, careful not to disturb his partner. Cam was still asleep, leaning against Max, his face smiling as he dreamed. Max didn't want to wake him, simply enjoying the added warmth of the older boy's body snuggled against his own. They shared a doubled sleeping bag, and had only their socks on inside that. The night had been one of discovery and passion for both boys. Max now knew how much Cam truly cared for him and how well he could express those feelings.

Smells like a gym locker in here, Max thought, rolling his shoulders. Guess we'll definitely have to air out the tent.

Cam rolled over, taking his arm from around Max, and at that point Max felt the insistence of nature in his bladder. He used his still new and developing telekinetic talent to draw his clothing up from the bottom of the bag. Carefully, Max got out of the bag and quickly dressed. He stepped out of the tent and stretched out fully, before turning to go seek a friendly tree to relieve himself on.

*Good morning, little brother. I trust you slept well,* the thought reached him, a directed telepathic send, not just a stray thought that had filtered through his screens somehow.

Max spun around, suddenly, seeing his elder brother sitting on a stone several feet away from the tent. Michael was dressed in sweat pants, a fleece pullover and a Bruin's hockey jersey. He had three Styrofoam cups in a cardboard tray in front of him, one of which was opened and all of them steaming in the early morning coolness. Mist drifted down the sides of the Watching Rocks, a formation of boulders that served as a local playground and tenting out site for some of the neighborhood kids.

*You snuck up on me?!* Max accused, startled.

*Hardly. I just got here.*

*Oh. You startled me.*

*I thought you might like some cocoa before our lesson today. I also brought some for Cam. He's not up yet, but this will keep warm for a while. You can put his inside the tent, if you want.*

"Do we have to have a lesson right now? I was hoping that Cam would wake up soon and we could…talk." Although talking was only one of several things Max wanted to do. He had glimpsed a taste of pleasures only dreamt of before last night, and he was still hungry for more.

*Use your head,* Michael sent, urgently. *He'll be awake before long if you keep talking openly in the quiet like this.*

*Sorry. But can't we save this lesson until after....*

*I know what you want to do, Maxy,* Michael sent. *And while I understand you need some......bonding time...with Cam, you need to work on your control as well.*

*Okay, but can we do something quick today, something we don't have to go up to Rocky Fen for?*

*Sure. Why don't we try flying today?*

"Flying?" Max said, awe in his voice.

*Yeah. It's a lot easier than it probably sounds.* Michael got up and the tray levitated up beside him. One of the cups dislodged itself from the tray and stayed near Michael, and the tray passed over towards Max.

"Flying?" Max said, incredulously, smiling as he took the tray with his hands. Michael plucked his coffee from the air and started sipping as Max tugged his own hot chocolate free of the tray.

"Flying," Michael nodded. Max ducked into the tent quickly, placing the tray with the last cup of cocoa inside, away from where Cameron might knock it over with his feet.

Max stood up and took a long drink from the hot chocolate. It was just warm enough not to burn and had a creamy top like melted marshmallows on the surface. He glanced up at the opening in the forest screen above him, mostly vacant now that the leaves were fully turning and dropping in the shortening days of fall.

Max set down the cocoa and looked over to his brother, only to find that Michael wasn't there anymore. A tap at his shoulder caused Max to turn around and he saw his brother floating on the air, looking as though he belonged there. A spirit of light and shadow.

Max's eyes flew wide at the sight. He stared in wonder as Michael floated higher up, gaining speed. Michael leaned backwards suddenly and turned a simple back flip in mid-air, graceful and confident as a circus aerialist, effortlessly, or so it seemed.

*Okay, show off!* Max sent, but his mind was still ablaze with the wonder of what he saw before him.

*Do you remember about lifting things, like with the rock?* Michael asked.

*Yes,* Max replied, remembering his first lesson in telekinetics. Taming the Beast, Michael had called it, and with good reason. When Max had first manifested his telekinetic power, he had nearly taken a life in a violent and fearful rage. All of his darkest emotions had come forth and fueled a terrible power, capable of doing tremendous harm if not carefully kept in check, carefully controlled.

Even now, a week later, he was still finding out how much force he could employ with his mind alone. And even then, he was still having trouble realizing the control necessary to use that awesome force with control. He had spent many hard hours trying not to crush boulders into granite powder, and his hard work was finally beginning to pay off. He could now grab and control small objects, although not in precise and delicate ways yet. He was like a toddler developing the necessary small motor control necessary to hold a fork or a pencil properly.

But now, Max could see that even with all of the horrible possibilities of his kinetic gift, he could now also visualize the transcendence of it.

*Okay then, instead of sending your focus out at an object, first find your own center. Focus on yourself and get a feel for your own body.*

Max visibly blushed at the thought. He had accidentally done as much to Cameron the night before, using his mental powers unconsciously as they moved together in the darkness. The intensity of feeling every aspect of Cameron's body at once had been almost enough to shatter Max's concentration then. That intimacy reminded him of his sleeping lover in the tent and the need to master his powers so that he wouldn't accidentally hurt Cam. Or himself.

He concentrated, letting his focus remain on himself this time, and found that it was remarkably easy. Other uses of his powers required him to focus his energies on an object or a person, and often required him to be able to see or visualize that target. This time, since he knew his own body so well, it seemed to naturally click in his focus. He discovered that he could feel the entire surface of his skin, his clothing, even the ridges on the bottom of his running shoes. His hair shifted slightly, as if his mental perception of himself were automatically combing out his "pillow head."

*Excellent,* Michael sent down from above. *Now this is the hard part. Send out a second focus, straight down, as deep into the ground as you can.*

*How far do you send it?* Max asked, concentrating on a second focus. This was indeed the harder of the tasks Michael asked of Max, since he had only recently learned how to use multiple focuses. It was a draining discipline, but one that Michael was firmly adamant about him learning. What good is having only one hand, Michael had reasoned, and Max had to admit that the logic was unassailable.

*Usually about a mile or so down underground,* Michael answered. *That way I avoid shifting rocks about. Once you have a firm focus underground, I'll explain what you are going to do with it.*

*Okay,* Max replied. He drove his focus downwards, and was shocked by the feedback sensations he received. The Earth responded like a living thing to his focus. Max felt an energy source he never knew existed, pulsing beneath the skin of the world. *Mike?!* he sent, halting his focus, his eyes desperately looking up to his big brother, who sat perched in a high limb of an ancient elm tree.

*We'll cover THAT at another time, Maxy. For now, just think of it as the flowing strength of the world. It wont hurt you, just bring your focus down as deep as you can. I want you to have a sense of the weight of the planet.*

*The planet?* Max asked meekly?

*You'll see. Send your focus down deeper.*

Max bent back to his task, letting the wash of dormant power slide around his focus as he concentrated and sent it deeper. The sensation of thick, tightly packed loam and shale and sediments and boulders passed through him and he pushed deeper still. He broke through into an aquifer and then plunged from the pocket of ground water into a segment of thick, tough bedrock. Through several changes in strata he pushed down, until he began to think he had gone deep enough to strike oil. He paused and took a shuddering breath, realizing that he had been holding one in. His focus seemed worlds away, deep into the bowels of the Earth.

*Excellent! You went down nearly two miles!* Michael sent.

*Why didn't you stop me at one mile?* Max asked, recovering his breath.

"Because you were doing so well, I wanted to see how far you could go on your first trip down. Okay, you've done well so far, but you can bring it up some. My focus is about right here [image/depth impression],* Michael sent. *Bring yours to that point.*

Max nodded slowly and clenched his fists in concentration. He brought his focus up to the place his brother had shown him, in a pocket of thickly piled sediments. He relaxed his hands as he felt his focus slide over his brother's.

*Okay, do you remember Newton's laws of motion?* Michael asked.


*Then listen up and take notes,* Michael began, taking to the air again, this time in a graceful, spiraling path that lead nearer to the ground. *The most famous of those laws states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This is how when you overshoot the focus through an object you send it flying, because you applied force against it so hard that you over come it's inertia and......*

*Mike? What's the short version?*

Michael sighed. *Your impatience will get the better of you one day, little brother.* Michael landed next to Max, lightly. *Okay, put it this way, you will be applying force to your own body in order to fly, but rather than put the kind of stresses on yourself that you have been inflicting on rocks at the Fen, you will be applying force down, against the planet first. This will get you airborne. Once in the air you can use little pushes to maneuver. When you get really good at it, you will be able to do other flying methods, but for now, considering the raw power you have lets work on using that to your advantage.*

Max smiled. *That's why you wanted me to go so deep. That way I have a larger target to push against.*

*Well, that and the chances of you moving the Earth are very slight compared to its chances of moving you. I will give you this warning, though. As you push against the farther end of the focus, you will feel the energy kick back your way. That will be the force that gets you into the air. Hence why I wanted you to focus on your own body first, to give the feedback some place to safely go, not into your spine.*

Max nodded, realizing what it might mean to have his hardest push reflect back onto himself. Michael was right to teach him things this way. No sense in crippling himself.

*Whenever you are ready, Maxy.*

Max reaffirmed his contacts with his two foci. He took and released a deep breath and opened his eyes. He summoned the Beast and felt its surging strength. The focus in the ground seemed to be feeding his power and the Beast seemed suddenly much larger than ever before. Be the Master! You control it, not the other way around! Max told himself. He clenched his fists in anticipation and pushed with the Beast, pushed down towards his grounded focus.

Almost instantly he realized that he had used too much. The jolt of force that shot up from the ground through him sent him ten feet into the air, uncontrolled. In panic, he let go of both foci and fell. Fortunately, Michael easily caught him in a bubble of mind force and eased Max to the ground.

*Well you have the general idea, I see, but you used too much. Let it out slowly. Control the energy, don't let it run wild. Leash the Beast,* Michael reassured him, letting him out of his telekinetic envelope.

Right, Leash the Beast, Max thought, dismally. Easier said than done.

Max reestablished his ground focus, finding it surprisingly easy to tap into it. He brought his personal focus back up and then pushed down with the Beast, cautiously this time, using small increments of energy. A sweat broke out on his brow as he pumped more and more force in. His body focus began to tingle with feedback energies. Max gasped, trying hard not to let the exhilaration and panic of the sensation overtake him. He drew in a sharp breath and pushed harder, but steadily harder, not just a solid thrust. His eyes slammed shut as he felt the force against his body focus increase. The sounds of nature left him, overcome by the sound of his pulse beat in his ears, the feeling of his lungs heaving with the effort and resistance of his own telekinetic force rebounding off the body focus.

He opened his eyes and stopped pushing. His perspective had changed considerably. He was now holding a steady position high in the canopy of the forest. From his height he could see much of the valley below, the winding paths of the river, the sleepy road on the other side of the river and the shiny glints of sunlight off of houses in the distance. Below his feet he could make out the Watch and the small campsite he and Cameron had spent the night at. The sight of it all made him deliriously happy.

*Mike, I did it!* he sent back. *I'm flying!*

"Well, levitating at least," Michael said from his left side. Max looked over, an expression of pure wonderment on his face. "Flying will take more practice. But for now it seems you have up mastered. Now for down."

"Why do I get the feeling that this is a lot harder than it sounds?"

"Because if you screw this one up, at this height, you'll probably bury yourself halfway to your ground focus," Michael answered.

"Not good," Max said swallowing. A fear aftertaste of bile rose in the back of his throat, but he maintained his focus. "Okay, so let me guess, because I'm exerting just enough force right now to hold my own weight, I am stationary, right?"

"Full marks, little brother," Michael smirked in a quirky half smile that he saved only for his closest friends and family.

"So, easing up on that force will let me go down, but it will be like learning to take stairs. Just enough to go down and then stop and keep going like that."

"I think you've got the idea."

"Okay, so before we try that, can you show me how to move around while I'm up?"

Michael smiled broadly now, clearly proud. "Now that was not only a smart thing to ask, but a good survival instinct," he admitted.

"Survival instinct?"

"Yes. Learning as many skills as you can, so that when a hard skill comes along, like going down safely, you have other skills to call on as needed. You do have good instincts, Maxy," Michael said, ruffling his brother's hair.

"I just don't wanna go splat."

"Yeah. Well, okay. As you've probably guessed, keeping the ground focus energized isn't that hard. It will only respond when you push against it. Lateral movement is also fairly easy. This time you kind of treat the air as a large, flat target, really close to your body focus. That will give you side to side and forward and back motion. Like this." And Michael slipped sideways, moved in a small circle around Max, and even backed away from him and moved closer again. "The ground focus will follow you, since the angle difference between you and it and the center of mass it is attached to is not much. Even then after a while you will be able to move it around with you."

"How did you do that back flip thing earlier?"

"That's a combination of things actually. Press against the ground focus and then move your body like how you would in gymnastics. Twisting and turning in the air is mostly a matter of turning your body and changing the way you push against the air."

Max concentrated, taking all this information in. "Okay, you'll catch me if I screw up, right?"

"I'm right here, little brother."

"Okay," Max sighed. He lifted his arms out to his sides and felt for the wind. At this altitude, the breezes were very slight, racing lower across the surface of the river. Max concentrated on his body focus, finding it responding easily enough. He felt for the air itself and gently pushed from his center, through his belly and watched as his brother receded from him. Max's eyes shone with delight. He twisted against the ground focus and found that he could easily do acrobatics and tumbling type moves while in flight. He rolled over into the traditional "Superman" flying pose and found he could accelerate with ease. He looped up suddenly and found that he could do so without having to tap into the ground focus. It seemed suddenly so natural to him.

He flew back at Michael, trembling with the joy of flight. He tackled his big brother and actually moved him several feet backwards with the impact.

*Mike! I can fly! I CAN FLY!!*

*Good job, Maxy,* Michael smiled back. *We'll practice this some more later. You are getting better, but I think you had better learn landings before you try anything else. And Cameron wont be asleep forever. He can't see you flying.*

*Not ever?* Max asked, his expression changing to one of worry rather than the joy he had just been rolling in. Here he had a wondrous new ability and his wise brother was counseling him not to share it with the one person in the world he wanted to share everything with.

"Max," Michael began, looking his brother in the eyes. "There are things about our powers that may frighten others, maybe even drive them away. I hope that you haven't shown Cam too much of what you can do."

"I didn't show him anything. I was gonna tell him today, this morning."

Michael motioned to the south, towards a low row of trees that hugged close to the river's edge. Together they flew, slowly descending. "We have to be careful, Max. You've seen the movies. You know enough about human nature by now that you should know that if some people found out about what we could do, they'd want to either figure out how we do it so they can or they'd seek to make us do things for them."

"Yeah I guess you're right," Max admitted.

"So for his safety as much as yours, we must keep things secret, even from Mom and Dad."

"It feels wrong though," Max said, slowing his forward motion as the bank came into view. "Is there no one we can trust, no one we can tell?"

"Sadly, those people are few and far between. If you had known Cam longer, could be fully sure that he would never tell......"

"He wouldn't!" Max shot back, defending his lover. "He would never hurt me like that! You either!"

"Max. Use your head for a moment, not your heart. You've only been with him for a week now. This is your first serious relationship and you learn things in those first few times. Things like where trust is truly placed. Sex is a test for trust at times, but if you both want it, then it's a mutual risk. This is more important than just getting your rocks off. This could get both of us killed if we aren't careful. Even worse, it could get Cameron seriously hurt if someone else found out and they used Cam to make you do things." Michael came in for a two footed landing and Max unconsciously copied his older brother.

"I know.....but I want to share so much with him. I want him to feel everything that I feel. It's so unfair."

"Yeah. That's why I don't see Becky anymore," Michael said, turning away. "When she moved, she begged me to do something rotten, little brother. And god help me, I did it."


"I erased all her memories of me, of us. Of our times together." Max's jaw dropped open at the implications. Becky had basically asked Michael to scatter all of her memories of him when she had moved away, as a way for her to never be able to betray him. That is a sacrifice of love, Max thought. The ultimate sacrifice, to have part of your life removed, for good. No wonder Mike didn't like changing Cam's memories.

"Mike, that's awful.....I…I never knew."

"No one did. How could they?" The sadness in Michael's voice was all the truth that Max needed. He could never tell Cameron about his powers, much less share the joy he was beginning to feel in using his powers with his lover. It was too dangerous. The thought of not sharing everything with Cam hurt Max deeply, but he also saw the practicality of it. If Cam didn't know, he couldn't get hurt for it. He couldn't be a victim.

Once again, Max felt his world grow a little more distant, a little colder. He stepped forward suddenly, and wrapped his arms tightly around Michael's waist, pressing his sweat damp hair against his brother's chest. Michael needed the hug more than Max did, but was at the point where he was trying to be the stronger older brother. The oak, the fortress walls that Max could depend on. Max decided that sooner or later, he'd have to take that post himself. Strong enough to be someone else's rock.

"I'm sorry, Mike. I know it wasn't my fault that you…that Becky and you…I mean, that you had to…."

"I know, little brother," Michael said, his hand clutching at Max's head. "I know."

"It's not fair! You and Becky were in love. Why does love have to cause so much pain?"

"It isn't love that causes pain, kiddo. It's how other people react to love at times that does all that. It's not how you feel for Cam that might make things rough on you two; it's what others think of you together that will."

"I don't see why. I'm happy with him. Maybe it's because other people can't stand to not be happy when someone else is?" Michael stroked through Max's hair several times, calming Max from the point of tears. "I know now, Mike. I do love him. Not other boys, like you said. Just Cam. I don't know how or why, but that's the way it is."

"And you'd do anything to protect him?"

"To protect us. Him, you, me, mom and dad. All of us." Max stepped back from his brother. "That's part of love too, isn't it? Not just being there to hold the ones you love, but to hold back the ones who'd hurt them." Michael nodded, solemnly. Max let his eyes fall, a new resolve forming in his heart. Love is worth protecting, he decided, even from yourself.

"So you see, Maxy, I am dead serious when I say you need to be careful with Cam, for both of you. He might be bigger, stronger and older than you, physically, but you have a power he has no chance to resist, in any of its manifestations. And it's a power that can not only hurt those who might try to hurt you, but those who you love."

Max moved forward again and grabbed Michael's hand, and then leaned against his brother's hip. Michael draped his arm around Max's narrow shoulders and hugged him sideways. "I know, Maxy. I'm scared too."

"So we keep practicing, so I don't hurt myself or others?"

"So you don't hurt them on accident. I want you to promise me this, though: if it comes down to hiding your powers or saving your life, your life comes first. If it's a matter of someone hurting or killing you or you hurting or killing them, then I want you to strike as hard as you can and get away. I'll teach you some tricks to not getting into a situation like that in the first place, but for now, I want you to think about your powers as a loaded gun. It's there if you really need it, life or death. Understand?"

Max thought back to his first attempt at lifting a boulder, and how he accidentally shattered it with too much force. He nodded solemnly.

"Good," Michael said, his half smirk coming back to his face. "Guess what? I think you've got landing mastered."

"Yeah, I didn't even think about it. I just did it!"

"That's a good way to look at a lot of what you'll learn about your powers. Most of it is instinct. Use a little thought and you can figure out how to do almost anything, with some practice."


"Yeah, well, let's start out small for a while. You have time to grow into your powers. You should get back to the camp now. Cameron should be waking up soon, and you two have some 'talking' to do," Michael smiled. Max blushed, but smiled nonetheless.

Michael lifted off, taking a path into the forest staying low over the hilly terrain. *See you at home later.*

*See ya,* Max waved. He gathered his foci again and lifted off the ground, following the bank back towards the fall of rocks that marked the boundary of the Watch and the water. He sent out a wide scan to see if Cam was awake yet and got the same soft, dark sensation that he had come to identify with people in the midst of dreams. No other mind showed up in his scan, which meant that Michael was probably most of the way back home.

Max flew right up to the edge of the tent, near where his first flying lesson had begun and lighted next to his still steaming cup of hot chocolate. He levitated the cup up to his hand and walked over to a small bush. After taking care of the insistent needs of his bladder, Max went back to the tent and ducked inside.

It wasn't long before he was naked again and back next to Cameron, this time his arm going over the older boy's hip as he snuggled in. Cameron rolled over, just beginning to wake from sleep, his semi-erect penis pressing hot against Max's belly. Max let the older boy dominate him leaning over him and putting more pressure against Max's tummy. Max's own penis was beginning to stiffen, sliding hot and slick up against the smooth inside of Cam's thigh.

Cam's eyes fluttered open and he yawned loudly. One hand absently strayed down his body to scratch the dark tufts of curly pubic hair that adorned his cock. He smiled and let his hand drift around to Max's hip, and rested there. "G'morning."

"Hi," Max smiled back, licking his lips.

"You look fairly awake. How long you been up?"

"Not long. I like watching you sleep," Max admitted.

"We'll have to give you more chances to do that then, huh?"

"Want some chocolate?" Max asked, propping his head up against his palm. "Michael came by early this morning to check on us, and he brought some. It's still warm."

"Yeah, that sounds great. He's really good to you, isn't he?"

"He's my big brother. He's always been there for me," Max agreed, zipping down the bag. "Sometimes in ways I never even knew about," Max muttered under his breath.

"Damn it's cold out there!" Cameron said as the bag split open. Max cheated a little and used his mental powers to bring the two cups of streaming cocoa up to his hands while Cameron reached for the open flap of the bag.

"Here, this will take the sting out of the air," Max said. Presenting Cameron with his cocoa. "Breakfast in bed, what more could you ask for!"

Cameron took the cup, looked at Max for a moment and then drained the whole cup in three smooth gulps.

"Wow! Didn't that burn going down?"

"I might ask you the same question," Cameron said, grinning mischievously. "And as for more than breakfast in bed, how's this for starters?" Cameron dove under the flap of the sleeping bag and began kissing his way down to Max's belly.

"Oh, looking for a little meat with your cocoa?" Max asked, starting to get aroused.

A muffled response was all Max heard before Cameron reached his now fully engorged cock. With fluttering kisses and licks, Cameron began to slide his mouth closer and closer to Max's perineum. Max sighed as his lover began to suck and prod at his young taint. He spread his legs wider, to give Cameron full access to all parts of his lower anatomy.

"Oh god, that's good, Cam. I love it when you do that," Max breathed, his chest starting to heave as he began moaning in pleasure. Cam's hands were playing delicately along the inside of Max's thighs and over his belly and hips, leaving trails of quivering skin and muscle in their wake. Cam's mouth gently enveloped first one, then both of Max's small testicles, applying pressure to his small balls almost to the point of pain.

Max felt the pleasure begin to overtake him completely. He levitated the cocoa cup out of the tent and let his hands slide down to Cameron's body. One hand slipped into Cam's brown locks, twirling and grabbing at him as he slurped on Max's small nuts. Max's other hand found the shape of Cam's hip and he let his small fingers play across the small of Cameron's back. Cameron snaked around in the bag, bringing his lower body down inside and lining his upper body up against Max's thighs.

The sleeping bag split open further along its zipper and Max grabbed the pillow under his head with both hands. Max raised his hips and Cameron's hands slipped around behind his back, holding just above Max's small butt. Cameron let the balls plop out of his mouth and brought his mouth up to Max's cock, at first teasing it with his tongue, then blowing on it and kissing the underside. Max looked down in time to see Cameron staring up at him, his eyes split by Max's small cock. Cameron smiled, winked and positioned himself above Max's quivering boy flesh, impaling his mouth on Max's pole.

Max groaned in ecstasy. His cock was floating in Cameron's hot mouth, and he felt the powerful suction of his lover's lips as Cameron started the deep throat action. Granted, Max's young cock wasn't going to gag Cameron, but the deep sucking was doing wonderful things to Max as he lay back. "Oh, fuck, that's good, Cam! Don't stop!" Max brought his hands down to Cameron's hair and began massaging the older boy's scalp possessively. "Please don't stop!" Max parted his thighs and brought his feet up on Cameron's back, not quite hooking him, but trying to.

Cameron kept his oral assault on Max's young cock continue, but he had other things in mind as well. His right hand reached down and found Max's perineum again and he began to poke and massage it, while his left hand took up it's traditional position of trailing finger nails and finger tips against Max's belly and thighs and hips, tracing his navel and nipples.

Max knew what was on Cameron's mind, and he didn't even need to tap his mental powers to discern his lover's intention. It was what Max himself wanted. He concentrated on his own body focus and began to relax his sphincter muscles. He knew that as soon as Cameron brought him to his first dry orgasm, that the assault on his ass would begin. And after the power of last night's fucking, Max wanted it more than ever.

"Cam, Cam, Cam….." Max groaned, feeling himself getting closer and closer to release. He ground his hips up to meet Cam's face, then down again against Cam's probing fingers, lost between which he wanted more. And then it started, the sweet twitching of muscles that always left him breathless and exhausted. Cam kept up the pressure, both above and below as Max cried out his orgasm, unable and unwilling to keep the joy inside himself.

When his breathing had relaxed, and his anal grip on Cam's fingers fell slack, Max leaned back, feeling Cameron crawling up his body. They kissed, tenderly as Cam's sweaty face neared Max's own. Max let his head drift back as Cameron positioned himself above, trapping Max's wrists above his head.

"Are you done yet?" Cam asked, playfully, his own thick cock rubbing gently under Max's left thigh.

"Oh, fuck me again, Cam. I need it. You need it. I want you to."

"Okay," Cameron said, reaching down to lick sweat from Max's throat. "But not like last night."

"Why not?" Max protested weakly. It felt like all his strength had left him in the afterglow. He felt hot and gooey and limp, like clay left out in the summer sun for too long. Puddling like a melting popsicle.

"Because this time I'm gonna go slow." Cam positioned himself at Max's hole and eased his cockhead into position. He applied pressure, slowly building, and was almost instantly rewarded by slipping into Max. He watched the contortions on Max's face for a moment and then eased in more when he saw that Max wasn't in pain, but was just concentrating on feeling full of Cameron.

"Yeeeeesssssss!" Max hissed out, straining to get more of Cameron into him. But the older boy held solid, not moving, not following his own insistent need. "Oh, Cam, I'm so full…so full!" Max said, trying to squirm on Cam's cock. But the older boy simply held his place, pinning Cam to the ground.

"Easy, Maxy. You'll like this. Just let me do everything."

"Okay," Max whimpered. Cam was centered right over his prostate, and the constant pressure was almost teasing. Cam slowly withdrew and then equally slow slid back in until his belly was resting on Max's tight scrotum. Cam rocked forward still further, curling Max's back up off the ground. Max shook as a fresh wave of intense feeling flooded his body, stretching through his legs, his belly, his back, all at once, emanating from that one spot in his butt. His nerves were on fire, seeking sweat to cool them and then seeking the heat once again.

"ooooohhh! Max exhaled as Cam began to slide back out, lowering Max's back to the ground again. He felt his own internal muscles gripping Cam from inside, felt the thickness of Cam above him as well as in him. Max's senses started to drift, nearing the point of orgasm again. He tried to lift his arms up to stroke Cam's face, his chest, his shoulders, but found that his wrists were still trapped under the older boy's hands.

"Cam, let me touch you," Max sighed breathlessly as Cam reached the end of his backstroke. "Let me feel you."

"No," Cam said, gently, kissing Max on the nose. "I want you to let me do everything to you this time. I need to be the one who does it all." Again a kiss from Cam, this time to the cheek below Max's left eye. "I need to know that I made you happy without just trying to make me happy too. This is your time."

And with that, Cam began another long, slow, languorous thrust into Max. The slowness was almost too much to take. Max began to feel himself near the edge again, and he thrashed his head back and forth under Cam, unable to move his arms, his legs locked open, his body rolling up under the power of Cam's slow, steady, insistent pace.

"It's too much!" Max cried out. "I'm gonna burst. I'm all exploding! Let me touch you!"

"Not yet," Cam breathed out. His face was dripping in perspiration, small beads breaking out on his forehead, running in rivulets down his nose. Max tried to lean forward and like the perspiration off, but Cam began a long backstroke, punching a wave of intense pleasure pulsing down Max's spine. "Not just yet."

"Oh, god, please, Cam! I want to hold you!" Cameron reached the end of his backstroke and plunged in again, slowly, almost painfully slow. He was drawing deeply a raspy breath as he pushed back into Max's bottom. Max bit his lip and whimpered as his lover stroked deeply into him again, slowly. The waves were getting stronger, and Max felt that they would all break over him soon. "Cam!"

"Not until you say it like you mean it," Cam said, beginning his back stroke. Max felt the passage of time slowing down under Cam's relentlessly slow pull. "Say it, Maxy. Make me end both our tortures," he said through clenched teeth. Max reached out with his telepathy and touched Cam's mind, seeking to revel in the sensations he knew were just moments away. As Cam started his third slow thrust, Max found what he was seeking in Cam's mind, although his own brain was on fire with the assault of pleasure his body was enduring. Cam was holding off his own orgasm, trying desperately to keep from releasing yet.

"I love you, always, Cameron. Always…always," Max said and then he felt himself go over the falls. His small penis, limp now, twisted and surged to half hardness as the feelings in his butt shoved over into the release of orgasm. Above him, Cam grunted and heaved, finally plunging in and out rapidly. It didn't take him long, especially with Max squealing under him, trying to get even more of Cameron inside. Cam's cock sprayed inside Max's cleft, his back locking into a deep arch as he felt his own climax hit like a runaway log truck. Max clamped down on his lover's tool, keeping him inside, pulling at him, holding him close.

Cam collapsed on top of Max, still locked inside Max's body. He shifted his weight a little as he came to a halt, and Max began to lick the sweat from Cam's neck and shoulder. Cam muttered something and Max simply nodded, agreeing to whatever it was.

"That was mad awesome!" Max said when his breath returned. "Oh, god was that fantastic!"

"Glad you liked it," Cam mumbled, smiling, Max could tell. "Been wanting to try that for a long time. I had to…."

"Wait until I said I loved you before you could cum?" Max asked. "Oh, Cameron, you don't have to torture yourself to please me. I do love you. Now and forever."

"You aren't just saying that because I fucked you into submission, are you?" He said, pushing himself up onto his arms. He had gone limp in Max's bowels, but they were still connected. The ghost of a smile still betrayed itself on his face as he looked down at Max.

"You know better than that," Max said, close to tears. "I was worried about whether or not I really loved you before, or whether it was just that you made me feel things I've never felt before. But I decided, last night, actually. I love you because of who you are, not what you do to me. I mean, that's part of it too, I think, but…"

"Butt?" Cam said, shaking himself above Max, wiggling his manhood around in Max's bottom. It slowly was beginning to regain its hardness.

"But, I think I love you for you. Not what you do for me, but how I feel when I do things for you."

"So you understand why I had to do what I just did for you then," he said, kissing and licking at Max's ear.

"Yeah, I think so. I really think so. Hey!"

"Hey, what?" Cam asked back, going back to licking Max's neck.

"Hey, I love you, you twit! Now roll over and let me breathe a little. You weight a ton!"

"Half of that ton seems to be stuck somewhere," Cam joked. He scooped his arms under Max's shoulders and rolled the two of them over, taking the bottom position. Max sat up and let the remaining sleeping bag edge drop off his shoulders. The escaping heat and the cool morning air mixed in front of them, cleansing against their sweaty chests. Max felt the tension still in his backside from Cameron's thickening cock and sat back, stretching.

And almost shot himself through the roof of the tent. The feeling was suddenly so intense that he couldn't contain it. Somehow all the other touches to his prostate had been nothing compared with this and he felt his whole body shiver. Below him, Cameron sat up, looking suddenly worried.

It was wonderful, and Max decided to let Cam feel it as well. Barely in control of his body, Max reached out and let his own feelings, his internal twitchings and his powerful, body rocking orgasm flow into Cameron as well. For nearly ten seconds, the two of them shook against each other, unable to speak, barely able to breathe, only communicating with grunts of animal delight, and skin on skin.

As they came down from the sudden, unexpected high, Max leaned forward and collapsed on Cam's chest, both of them still shaking.. Cam's cock was still embedded in Max's hole, little aftershocks from Max gripping at Cam and giving him gentle bumps.

"Okay, now that was wicked awesome!" Max breathed against Cam's shoulder. "Why don't they teach us about this stuff in hygine?"

"Because we'd all be in the bathrooms practicing what we learned," Cam said, setting off a fresh set of laughter between them both. With a sudden slurping sound, Cam fell out of Max. The silence after that was suddenly punctuated by still more laughter.

"Well I guess that answers the next question."

"What question was that?" Cam asked.

"What to do next. Oww!"

"Are you alright?" Cam said, holding Max close, rubbing his shoulder.

"Yeah, just a little sore. I think I could do with a shower too."

"The river's just right over there," Cam said, grinning. "Race you?"

"Um, no!" Max said, with emphasis. "Shower good, frigid river bad."

"Spoil sport!"

"I just need to rest up a bit. And to get some food. I think I lost about three pounds in sweat between last night and just now."

"At least you won't get fat," Cam joked.

"Besides," Max said, lying like a throw rug against Cam's chest, "I don't think I can move right now. Body feels good, just feels weak. And all glowy."

"You are all glowy," Cameron said, kissing the side of Max's face. "And I like you that way."

"You make me glowy. Even without having to touch me."

"Although when we do touch, it's really glowy!" Cam said back. "Did you really think I'm too much Eeyore?" he asked, lying limp beneath Max.

"Hey, Glowy and Eeyore. Could be worse."

"At least everyone likes Eeyore," Cam teased.


"Yes, oh glowing one?"

"Can we just lay like this for a while. I feel like I'm about to fall asleep."

"If that's what you need, my love. If that's what you want."

"Oh good, 'cause I want to wake up in your arms."

Cam stroked the back of Max's neck, feeling the sweat streams of his plaited hair, the even rise and fall of Max's chest, even the subtle hardening and gentle pressure of Max's young cock pressing against his own body as Max fell into a very exhausted sleep.

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