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by David Lee

Chapter 58

It would be nice to think that Will Dye's entire behavior changed overnight, but such was not the case, and rarely is. While he was civil to Bryce and Aaron, he didn't immediately become one of their buddies. Yet, he was beginning to have a different outlook on life. He was embarrassed that he had cried in their presence, so he avoided them for a while. He'd feared being touched by another boy, but the memory of being hugged by Aaron and Bryce was a pleasant one. He craved the loving touch of another human being, but didn't want to admit it.

One of the things which helped Will was his developing respect for Father Jerry. The man had been there for him when he needed it. He was very appreciative that the priest had stayed on that fateful day even though his father had died as a result. He could only imagine how it would have turned out had Fr. Jerry meekly walked away from the scene. He shuddered every time he thought about it.

When his mother pushed him to go to youth group on a Sunday night in early August, Will didn't put up the fuss she had thought he might. He didn't want to appear too eager to be there, but he really wasn't unhappy at the prospect.

The size of the event surprised Will. Father Jerry and Pastor Liz had combined their groups for a picnic to get things going before school started. Both pastors knew that kids would have many obligations at school that could prevent their doing church-related activities. They also reasoned that kids might set youth group as a priority if it were interesting enough to hold their attention.

Will felt shy because he didn't know very many of the kids. A lot of them seemed to be older than he was. He was about ready to make a break for it and walk home when Aaron and Bryce found him.

The two guys acted like they were his friends. He felt more at ease in their presence, but still kept up his guard to an extent. He had heard some guys say the two were gay, and Aaron had admitted to a sexual encounter with Ted. Will didn't want to be labeled as being queer, especially as he was just entering high school.

Bryce initially took charge of the trio introducing Will to other kids from his church. He didn't use Will's last name, but simply introduced him as: "my neighbor, Will." For that, Will was grateful, since the name "Dye" wasn't held in high esteem in a number of polite circles in Cosgrove.

Aaron took care of the introductions when it came to other kids from Cosgrove High, especially the ones from Liz's church that Bryce didn't know as well. He continued playing the role of host as they approached Bryan, Zeke, and Joey.

If the older boys had any reluctance to welcoming Ted Dye's little brother, they didn't show it. It seemed as though Joey went out of his way to be friendly to the kid. He was impressed by the fact that Aaron and Bryce were being nice to Will. It hadn't been much more than a month since Will and Aaron had exchanged harsh words and a number of blows. It looked as if some sort of understanding had been reached.

Most of their time was spent on games, chatting, and eating. There was a short period of discussion and prayer followed by some details pertaining to organizing meetings in the future. Several interesting activities were offered.

Will Dye found that the time went faster than he had anticipated. He was actually sorry to see the evening come to an end. It had been a good experience. He'd met several kids who were in leadership positions in high school and they had accepted him without hesitation. A couple of girls his age had looked him over with appreciation in their eyes. It made him feel better about starting school at the end of the month. It also made him aware of the kind of boys he had hung around with in middle school. Maybe this would be a good time to cultivate a new circle of friends.

Father Jerry put an arm around Will's shoulder and gave it a squeeze as the meeting was breaking up. Will leaned into the priest to feel the warmth and love that seemed to radiate from the man. Will decided he would try to get up in time to go to church with his mother next Sunday; if for no other reason than the fact it would piss off his dead father. The man he had looked up to for most of his years had turned out to be wrong about a lot of things.

When Sally came to pick up Bryce and Aaron, Noreen was with her. The women thought it was senseless to waste gas by driving two cars when their destination was the same neighborhood. Will was seated in the back with Bryce beside him in the middle. Bryce was obviously sitting closer to Aaron, but that didn't bother Will. The three boys chattered excitedly about some of the things they had done that evening and about upcoming events.

Noreen's offer of something to drink was turned down, but Aaron and Bryce did go in to see Will's new bedroom. With Sally's help, it had been turned into a comfortable boy's room complete with a shelf to display his baseball mementos. Will was obviously proud. The other boys said all of the right things in expressing their approval of it.

After a half hour or so, Aaron and Bryce went across the street to Bryce's house so Mike could drive them to Aaron's place. Bryce was sleeping with Aaron because Lonny would be over early in the morning and the three would be busy doing lawns all day. At least it was the reason they gave the adults.

Noreen was quite aware that Will seemed to be happier than he'd been in several months. She wanted to ask him about his evening, but was afraid to probe too much. She knew boys his age didn't like their mothers to pry.

Will answered some of her unspoken questions. He told her about the kids he'd met and that Father Jerry was going to teach a class on self defense to interested young people. Jerry had stressed the need to have a permission slip signed by a parent in order for kids to participate. Will was hoping Noreen would let him join the group. He offered to go to church with her thinking it might help him get what he wanted. She smiled. He really didn't have to do that to get her permission, but she wasn't going to tell him at this point.

A peaceful and happy Will climbed the narrow stairs to his new room where he stripped for bed. He decided to sleep naked. He locked his door, turned out the light, and slipped between the sheets. His erection was demanding attention, so he stroked it while thinking about a couple of cute girls he had met at youth group. He fantasized about one of them licking his balls. That was all it took to put him over the edge. He reached for the box of tissues that Sally had placed on a stand beside his bed when helping to decorate his room. He wondered if she had put them in a handy spot because of having a teenager of her own and knew what they'd be needed for.

Once Aaron got his boyfriend behind the locked door of his bedroom, he was all over him like a coat of paint. Bryce giggled when he was finally able to come up for air.

"What got into you, you horn-dog?"

"Hey, I'm not any hornier than you," Aaron responded as he gently squeezed the lump in the front of Bryce's shorts.

Bryce followed Aaron's lead as he fondled the pole that was creating a tent in Aaron's shorts. Soon the only sounds were low moans accompanied by gasps and kisses. Obviously, neither was any less horny than the other.

In no time, the two teens to get naked. Aaron fell to his knees to swallow his lover's erection. Bryce pulled him up after a couple of minutes so he could change places. Aaron was so close that he was afraid he would blow before he was ready. The juices were already beginning to rise. So, he got Bryce to lie down on his bed while he licked the insides of the younger boy's legs. Bryce was beginning to shake with anticipation as Aaron closed in upon his target again.

Sensing that Bryce was getting close, Aaron swung around to give Bryce access to his cock again and Bryce didn't hesitate to take advantage of it. Both boys began to bob on each other's tool in the same regular rhythm.

Bryce played with Aaron's ball sac allowing his fingers to stray further south at each pass. Pretty soon, he was lightly running his finger across Aaron's rosebud. That was all the stimulation Aaron could take. He stiffened for a second as he started to pump his load into Bryce's mouth, triggering Bryce's response in kind. Both boys whimpered as the full extent of their orgasms hit.

Slightly sweaty and exhausted, the two lovers fell into a comfortable sleep cuddled together.

The beginning of the school year wasn't far away. Zeke and Bryan wanted to go on some kind of vacation together before their senior year. Camping or canoeing would be fun. Almost anything would be good if they could have some time to relax in each other's company. They had the extra money to travel somewhere, but decided to save it for the following summer before they hit college.

In the end, they settled on camping at a state park. This way, they could work a couple of days longer and still have fun. If they went on a Tuesday, they could be guaranteed having few people around. There would be some families on vacation, but most of the people who frequented the place did so on the weekends.

Backbone State Park was a possibility, but with a slightly longer drive, they could go to Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin. The major appeal was that they would be less likely to run into anyone they knew. It would be a chance to be themselves.

Their foreman on the construction crew was not happy to lose them, but he was reasonable about their request to leave a few days before school started. Their willingness to work on the weekend and on Monday to finish the current house made him glad he'd been understanding. He assured them they would have a job the following year with him if they wanted it.

When Tuesday morning finally arrived, Zeke and Bryan were both a little tired. They had worked non-stop for eight days and had packed the car after dinner on Monday night. None-the-less, they wanted to get an early start so they could have more of the day in the out-of-doors.

They left before breakfast, choosing to stop to eat on the way. This broke up the driving time which proved to be less than they had anticipated. There was a longer stretch of four-lane road than Bryan remembered as a kid. It had no doubt been upgraded in recent years.

As expected, there were few tourists during the week. They had their pick of the primitive campsites. Those sites were far removed from the ones with pads and hookups for trailers and self-contained rigs. The more "modern" area was well screened by trees and bushes making their spot seem more like being alone in the woods.

Of course, there was a concrete shower house and toilet facility nearby, but that too had plantings around it to help it blend with nature. The boys set up camp in a secluded place some distance from those conveniences. They figured they could pee on a tree if necessary in the early morning. They didn't want to be too close to a high-traffic area for many reasons.

Once they were settled in, they put on their hiking boots to get some exercise and commune with nature before eating. However, hunger won out and they ate lunch before heading for the trails. Lunch made them sleepy, the boots came back off, and they took a short nap first.

Out on the trail, it was beautiful; everything was green and lush. The boys ambled along at a leisurely pace. There was no hurry. They stopped from time to time to sit and enjoy the sounds of nature unspoiled by the noise of traffic or industry.

As the afternoon warmed, they shed their shirts. Bryan drank in the beauty of his lover's body framed against the trees. He couldn't resist running his hand over Zeke's naked chest. Zeke responded by nibbling on Bryan's ear. Both grinned as their thoughts turned to the desire that was never far beneath the surface.

They walked off of the main trail into a small clearing where they spotted a fallen log to sit on. The next several minutes were spent in some deep, passionate kissing that left them both hard and breathless. Zeke addressed the problem.

"We have to quit this before I rip your clothes off take care of you right here in the woods."

"And, the problem with that is?" Bryan snickered.

"We don't want to be labeled as sex offenders by some tourist that wouldn't understand."

"Yeah, I guess you're right."

The boys sat holding hands until their cocks softened enough so they could be seen in public again. Then, with their shirts tucked in the back of their shorts, they headed back toward camp.

They hadn't gone thirty yards when they saw an older couple walking toward them, holding hands. Obviously they were in love. The sight brought a smile to the lips of the boys, but also made them sad that they couldn't be as free in showing their affection. Then, turning toward each other, they both wore a grin that meant they were thinking the same thing.

"Do you want to?" Zeke asked.

"Yeah," Bryan said as he touched his lips to Zeke's.

Then, the guys held hands as they continued their walk. The woman raised her eyebrows momentarily and then gave them the "thumbs-up" sign. Her companion hesitated only a moment before doing the same thing. The boys' grins grew even broader knowing that someone of their grandparents' generation was accepting. It warmed their hearts.

The fire in their loins blazed higher as they hurried toward their campsite, Zeke wasted no time in diving into the small tent they shared. He pulled Bryan in after him and began to "molest" him before the latter could get the tent flap completely zipped.

There was no question about what would happen next. Neither thought of letting anything, including a shower, get in the way of enjoying some afternoon delight. A bit of sweat on bodies which had been showered a few hours earlier was not offensive. In fact, it turned the boys on. They gave each other's chest a thorough tongue-bath which elicited appreciative sounds from both.

From the moment Zeke pulled back Bryan's foreskin to run his tongue around the sticky, sensitive cock-head, Bryan knew this was one of those times when he would be unable to hold out for any length of time. His juices were already at the boiling point, so he pushed Zeke onto his back and began to suck on his balls causing Zeke to whimper. Zeke, in turn, pulled Bryan around so his dripping tool was within reach. It seemed to both of them that they were swallowing each other deeper than ever before. Whether it was true or whether it was a trick of the imagination induced by their lust was immaterial. The excitement of doing this in a tent at a public site, knowing some passing stranger might guess what they were up to, shortened their fuses considerably.

Zeke, who was on his back, thought he might drown in the flood of cum that Bryan produced. He nearly choked before he swallowed the bulk of the load. On top, Bryan felt some of Zeke's juices escaping down Zeke's shaft and on to his balls. As soon as he had gulped down most of it, he cleaned up the rest with is tongue. No sense in wasting.

A spoonful of protein was not enough to assuage the hunger of two randy teenagers. Their recent activity had left them starved. So, they threw on their shorts and began to plan for supper.

On this camping trip, they were going to eat like kings. They had purchased several steaks at Fareway on Friday. All but two had them been frozen to keep longer in the cooler. Tonight, they would grill the fresh ones over a charcoal fire.

After eating, they decided to shower even though it wasn't late enough to go to sleep. Of course, going to bed didn't necessarily mean sleeping. By this time of day, the combination of sweat and traces of cum didn't make either one smell exactly like daisies.

The shower was an open, gang-type one like in school locker rooms. It didn't allow for much of the usual fooling around that they liked to do. They did play a little grab-ass, but did not do their shampoo/blow job routine which would have been far too risky.

As they were lathering up, a kid came in that appeared to be about 12 or 13. He didn't seem to have any pubic hair, but he seemed big enough to be about that age. The boy was on the pudgy side making his diminutive equipment seem even smaller. It was evident that he was curious to check out how other guys were hung. His eyes strayed to the boys' cocks for a longer time than just a casual checking out. It made the guys feel a bit self-conscious, but they remembered being curious at his age, so they didn't rush or try to hide their assets.

He blushed when he became aware that he'd been caught gawking. Zeke and Bryan were finished by then, so they dried off and got dressed. As they were combing their hair, they could see the kid's reflection in the mirrors. He was working his little piece with his soapy hand. Before long, he gave a gasp and a moan letting them know he'd experienced an orgasm which was probably a dry one. The boys pretended not to be aware of what had happened.

The next morning, the guys were up fairly early. They didn't have to be anywhere, but their internal alarm clocks were programmed for their daily working schedule. And, their bladders reminded them it was time to make a trip to the restroom.

After a quick clean-up of bodies and teeth, they worked on getting breakfast ready. It consisted of bacon, eggs, potatoes, and toast. There was also orange juice to wash it down. Everything tasted especially good in the cool fresh air.

That day, they hiked one of the other trails. This time, it was different for two reasons. They packed a lunch, and they walked most of it holding hands. It felt liberating. They were free to do as they pleased. It got them to thinking again about coming out at school. After Heather's campaign innuendos, it was probably an open secret at best.

As they walked back toward their campsite in the late afternoon, they were met by the kid who had been in the shower.

"Grandma says I should invite you for homemade ice cream after supper. Can you come over about 7:00?" he asked.

Zeke smiled.

"Well, I guess we could, but we don't know who your grandma is."

"Oh, her name is Maude Swartz and my grandpa is Elmer. I'm Skip. Grandma says that she and Grandpa met you on the trail yesterday."

"Okay?" Zeke asked turning to Bryan.

Bryan nodded and then asked: "Which place is yours?"

Skip pointed to a shiny Airstream, barely visible behind the shrubs. Then he ran excitedly toward it leaving the guys grinning at his exuberance.

At the appointed hour, Bryan and Zeke made their way to the camping trailer which Skip had indicated. They were met by his grandmother.

"It's nice of you boys to join us. I didn't know if you would want to spend your evening with an old couple and a young kid." Maude stated with a smile.

"We appreciate your invitation." Zeke responded with his best "company" manners.

"Skip and his grandfather are off to the store to get something to drink. We didn't realize we were running low on beverages. Besides, I wanted to talk to you without Skippy here. We think he may be more interested in boys than he is in girls. Since you two seem to be more than friends, I thought you might be a good influence on him and that I might be able to ask you some questions. I hope I am not speaking out of line here."

Zeke and Bryan both smiled at the older woman's motives for inviting them. Bryan spoke for them this time.

"We're boyfriends and we've been together for a long time. And, we're not embarrassed by being asked. We loved it when you gave us the thumbs-up yesterday. It means a lot to us that you aren't judgmental."

Maude did probe a little. She asked about how and when they knew about their orientation and how they survived at school. It became clear to her that those two had a number of things going for them that her grandson did not. However, she was even more determined that Skip wouldn't suffer bullying at school if she had anything to say about it.

When Skip and Elmer returned, Maude served up generous helpings of her very delicious creation. Zeke and Bryan exclaimed that they had never tasted ice cream equal to this.

After an hour or so, the boys bade their hosts goodnight and went to shower before turning in. Skip quickly announced that he too needed a shower. Maude looked at their guests with a question in her eyes. They just smiled in return to let her know it was okay.

In the shower, Skip again feasted his eyes on the two young studs. His little penis grew to its full extent. It was actually bigger than it first appeared. He was evidently a grower. Obviously, it didn't measure up to what his companions had even though they remained soft. But he WAS several years younger.

The older guys dried off and slipped into gym shorts with no underwear. No need to overdress when they were going to strip in a couple of minutes. As they brushed their teeth at the sinks, they were aware of that Skip was soaping his genitals vigorously. He gave a slight gasp as he experienced another orgasm in their presence.

The boys had no sooner entered into their tent when they began to make out. Zeke turned on a little light so they could enjoy each other visually as well as tactilely. It was an unhurried, pleasurable experience.

Nibbling and licking gave way to sucking and teasing. There was lots of moaning and whimpering. When the final moment came, it was like a small earthquake. They finished up by lots of deep kissing and cuddling.

Little did they know that their activities had been observed through the screen at the back of the tent.

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