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Three Tears

Chapter 2

by David Heulfryn

The following day was quite normal. Tony and James went to school and Martin went to college. Of course James took a bit of stick about the video but he shrugged it off and they soon got bored and went on to the next person, school kids are not happy unless they are harassing someone.

That night, as Martin sat up in bed reading his book and James was writing in his diary. Martin brought up his latest Art project.

Martin looked up from his book. "We got a new project the other day."

"Oh yeah, what's that."

"We're doing the human form. Towards the end he said he'd get a live model for us to paint."

"That's great. Hope he does it next year when I do the course." James stopped writing and looked over at Martin.

"I'm sure he will. The thing is I'm not that confidant in flesh and that sort. Sure I can do people in clothes and stuff. I've got those textures down just fine. It's just the flesh, I've never really had any experience with it."

"I'm sure you'll do just fine."

"Well, I was hoping you could help me."

"Yeah." James grew a crooked smile.

Martin just decided to come out with it. "Well, you're not shy about that stuff. So how about you let me draw you."

James thought about it for moment, if only to torment Martin. "Okay," he said, "but on one condition."

"What's that?"

"After you've done me. I want you to model for me."

"Are you sure."

"Of course, I'll be doing the same course next year so what's wrong getting a head start."

Martin reluctantly agreed. He had never done any nude modelling but as it was only his brother he thought he'd be able to cope. After all they shared a bedroom and often saw each other naked either getting dressed in the morning or drying themselves after a shower.

The two boys discussed it more and arranged that tomorrow night would be when they would start. Martin was looking forward to it and James never really turned down an opportunity to show off his body.

James' Diary - 29th June

I feel absolutely brilliant today, Martin told me about a new art project - the nude, and asked if I would help him out. It turns out he wants a practice before the big day at college. I don't know why as he seems to be good at whatever subject he turns his hand to. I was surprised that he asked me. He has always been a bit of a shy lad and it must have taken balls to ask. We get on very well and he knows I don't have any problems in that area. But I don't strip off for nothing, so I did a deal with him. I model for him and then he gets to model for me. I know it's a bit cruel but if anything, I need the practice more than he does, besides I think he needs to come out of shell a bit. Ever since I can remember he has always been shy. I suppose that's why he never really got into modelling. Even around our bedroom he covers himself up. I'm the one hanging around in nothing but underwear and will not think twice about dropping my towel after a shower to get dressed, he always rushes to get dressed.

I got a phone call today from my agent. The local TV station is making a new kids programme and is auditioning. They have sent in my portfolio and they want to see me. If it comes off it should be good. They won't start filming until the summer holidays so there will be a lot more freedom. I don't actually know what the programme is about but I expect I will find out tomorrow. I will have to leave school at lunchtime to make the audition but Mum says she'll take some time off to take me. Her jobs pretty cool like that.

The following lunchtime, James waited outside the school gates for his Mum to pick him up. A few of his mates hung around with him to keep him company but James' Mum was only five minutes late.

It turned out that what James was going to were not open auditions, as he had first thought, but the final stages of selection. The agency had put him forward some months ago and had got this far based on his past roles. The Television Company was impressed and as long as he said the right things and behaved himself the job could be guaranteed.

James and his Mother were led into a big room, the kids were brought into a huddle in the centre of the room by the session leader while the parents were banished to the side lines to sit down and observe. Five other men were in the room. They wore casual clothes, but you got the impression that they only ever wore suits to work; each had a clipboard. From the moment people started entering the room they began making notes.

For the next few hours they were given tasks to do and were split into smaller groups. It was the standard team building exercises to see how the kids interacted with each other.

After a break, the kids were brought back to discuss what they had been doing and how they felt about it. It was all routine stuff to see each kid's personality and how they behaved in different situations.

With the discussions concluded, the men with clipboards left the room. The leader then took everyone, parents included, to a large boardroom. They all sat down and he went on to explain the premise for their new show.

That evening both James and Martin went up to their room after dinner. Tony went into the living room to play computer games. This left their parents alone clearing the dinner table and able to discuss the new show James had just auditioned for.

James stood in the centre of their bedroom, fully clothed. "So, where do you want me."

"Well I've been thinking about that. And I thought to try and keep everything natural."


"So what do you think about you just sitting up in bed. One leg brought up, knee bent to rest your diary on and you pondering what you are going to write next."

"Ok. You just show me while I take my clothes off."

Martin got on to James' bed and mimicked the pose he wanted him to adopt.

"Right, I got it." James was now standing naked looking at Martin on the bed. He moved over to the bed and Martin got up so that he could take his place. James then fidgeted a bit, sat at the head of the bed, which was in a corner of the bedroom; he moved the pillow for his back to rest on, instead of the bare wall. He reached under the mattress and grabbed his diary. He lifted his left leg, the one closest to the wall, and rested his open diary on his knee. He held it with his left hand and lay his right arm on the mattress, his hand clutching the pen.

"Is this alright?"

Martin examined the pose. "Do you mind if I just move you a bit?"

"Go ahead."

Martin then proceeded to lift James' leg a bit further and altered the way the diary rested on his knee. He slightly changed the position of his right hand and the way he held the pen. Then he looked at his crotch. The raising of his leg pushed out James' balls and his dick just lay draped over the sac. "Could you just move your dick to side a bit? So its off your balls."

"I don't want to lose the pose. Would you mind doing it, then you can put it where you want it." James smiled mischievously.

Martin had never touched another dick before but he felt safe with James. With James he had the courage to do things he would never do if he were not around. So, Martin leant forward and gingerly moved James' limp dick to rest on the right thigh. "That's it. That's great."

"Grab my digital camera from the drawer and take a couple of pictures so that I can get back in this position next time."

Martin grabbed the camera and took a couple of long shots. "Do you mind if I take a few close ups. It'll help when I do the final painting."

James agreed and Martin took quite a few closer pictures, his face, the pen in his hand, his right knee and diary and his crotch.

Martin went to the other side of his room and grabbed his sketchpad. He looked over at the figure on the bed. He began to feel differently towards his brother, his stomach began to lighten as he moved his eyes over every exposed inch of his body. The form in front of him did not seem like his brother but a picturesque landscape that held no taboo for his gaze.

His eyes stared at the close cropped dark hair that led to his piecing emerald eyes. His nose was small but slightly pointed, he thought he detected a slight bend to the side but it may have been the shadow. Martin was drawn into his thin lips, slightly parted with the pretence of pondering. But for the first time he could take a long slow look at his body without feeling ashamed. He had always grabbed a sly glance when he thought James was not looking but now it did not matter, he had his permission to look; Martin had always thought James had a beautiful body. There was no overt sign of muscles, just his smooth young skin draped over his thin frame. His nipples were now erect from the chill and the light glinted from the few wisps of blonde hairs that lay between them. Perhaps one day it would bloom but Martin hoped it would not. The same blond hairs trailed down from his navel, disappearing into the small fold of skin created by his posture. It then reappeared and grew thicker and darker until it met the thick pubic hair surrounding his dick. His dick was smooth and hairless; the foreskin showed the contours of his bulbous head before narrowing to a small hole that rested on his thigh. His balls, too, showed the same downy blonde hairs that spread to his thighs before become darker as it reached past his knees.

As he breathed in the body before him, he felt his dick grow. This focussed his mind to the task of drawing and he finally put his pencil to the paper and roughly drew the outline in front of him.

James' Diary

Tonight was the first night I posed for Martin. I really enjoyed it and I think Martin did too. The last time I did any nude work was that video I mentioned the other day. But tonight was different. It felt personal and I was glad to help out Martin. I also really enjoyed the feeling of him looking at me, every part of me. It is kind of like the feeling I get when modelling but I expect being naked made it even more intense. I thought it might be a sexual experience but it really was not. I was a bit nervous about getting hard in front of him but it was never really a problem. It was something more, something deeper. Not wanting to sound too stupid, but it felt totally honest. I was showing myself without the façade of clothes that lie about our feeling or intentions. I was just me. I hope Martin got something out of it too, well I mean more than just using me as a piece of meat for his project. I am really looking forward to our other sessions. I think Martin was really nervous at the start. He sort of just looked at me and froze, but he soon came round and after a few minutes he really seemed to be drawing frantically. He never showed me what he did, I never asked as I hate for people to see my unfinished work, they tend to look so different. He told me that he wanted to paint me in oils and he would make a start after a few sketches. I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished painting.

My audition went really well and I think they liked me. It is also a show I would love to do, but I will have to be away from home during the long summer holidays. Mum was a bit nervous about letting me do, if I get the chance, but they said that chaperones would be with us all the time and no harm could come to us.

The programme itself looks interesting. It a kids take on the whole 'Big Brother' thing but mixed in with a bit of 'Lord of the Flies'. I suppose the idea is to see what we get up to and how we get on without adult supervision. They have already picked a great island. I know its somewhere hot but don't know exactly where. They have split the island in two, we will get one side while the crew and editing facilities will be on the other. I suppose they will have to have people on hand just in case anything gets out of hand. We will be there for a month; then it will be back home to get ready for starting college. Twenty of us will go, ten boys and ten girls, with ages ranging from ten to sixteen. It'll be great. I hope they get back soon and say I can go. I know Mum and Dad won't need much working on to say I can.

Over the next few evenings the two brothers chatted as Martin did sketch after sketch of James. Martin explained why he asked for help but James already understood his brother's lack of confidence and did not need telling. James described this new television programme and how excited he was and that he hoped he would be chosen.

During lulls in their conversation Martin would retract back to his safe world of the canvas. He found it strange chatting normally to his brother, who was posing naked in front him.

Looking at his smooth body was turning out to be a narcotic for Martin; he was becoming engrossed in the portrait and he could not wait to start each evening. He felt it was his best. It was quite surprising how they kept it a secret from the rest of the family. There was a close shave when little Tony burst in but James quickly threw the corner of his quilt over his crotch and pretended to write in his diary. It was not that they felt they were doing something wrong but they did not want everyone to know, while it was just the two of them it was something special. Of course the finished portrait would get its usual family viewing but until then they wanted it to be a surprise.

It was during one of their evening sessions that they began chatting about girlfriends. It was not the standard boys bravado talk but they were honest with each other. Each declaring that they had never had sex with a women. James was careful not to say virgin as he was unsure whether or not his experiences that summer constituted sex or not. At the time he thought it did but now he was not sure. Do you call giving a blowjob as having sex?

"Well, you remember my first girlfriends, Karen?" Martin declared.

"Yeah, curly brown hair right?"

"Well, she slobbered so much when we kissed I almost drowned. It was like I was just someone she could practice on, but she never got any better."

"What about, Amy? Her hands were all over you." James remembered.

"That may have been so, but she didn't have the gentle touch." Martin lowered his voice, but there was no one who was likely to over hear. "Her hands would roam into my trousers and she would grab me. She was so bleeding rough I could never get up, not even half up. I swear she broke up with me because she thought I was impotent."

James laughed.

"But I never had any problems when she wasn't around." He smiled. "So, that's me done. Two very unsuccessful girlfriends and three more that never lasted more that the first kiss or week, whichever was longer." He looked over at James. "What about you?"

"Well you know all my girlfriends, just Louise. And she never stayed around long. Just time in enough for a few snogs before she decided she didn't want it and chucked me. I think it was really because I wasn't that interested in her. You know, always doing something so I never really had any time to date. No great loss though. I'd've much rather have done what I've done than waste my time being slobbered over by a girl."

"So you've never got further than kissing."

"Not with a girl." James said absent-mindedly.

"Well, you can't mention it, to anybody," he stressed. "But it was when I did that Sex Ed video."

James went on to explain a somewhat censored version of what happened that summer. It the version he told Martin it was just a bit of mutual masturbation initiated by the older lad in the film. He thought that was all he should say, or else he might shock him.

Martin was quite surprised, he had never even seen another dick hard, never mind touched one. He put the thought out of his mind and changed the subject.

When Martin had finished for the evening and was putting away his things, James asked how he felt about their earlier conversation. He thought he was a bit shocked or embarrassed but Martin put his mind at rest and explained that he was jealous. He was the older brother so he always thought, or hoped he would be the first.

"I aint popped my cherry yet," James joked. "So there's still time to get in there first."

Martin smiled and left James to put some clothes on.

Reproduced with David's permission from Screeve. © David
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