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Three Tears

Chapter 4

by David Heulfryn

Martin woke up early the next morning. He looked over at the alarm; it was not due to sound for another hour. He looked over at James, who was still asleep; the sound of his breathing filling the room.

He lay still, thinking.

The encounter with Phil was still at the foremost of his thoughts. It was obvious Phil was gay but Martin had yet to really decide about himself. What he had experienced, he thought was normal for a lad his age. Every boy has a bad experience with one girl or another. But he kept going back to the fact that no experience with a girl had been a particularly pleasant one. He felt like he was going through the motions, doing what was expected of him. Martin liked girls and got on well with them, it was only when things became more intimate, things went wrong. But he never really formed any close friendships with boys and he was very much considered a loner at school. If it were not for his more gregarious brother James, Martin would have gone through school alone. He got on well with James' friends and was accepted by them, he became more confident as he got to know people better. That's why he rarely formed his own relationships, no one ever got close enough to him to allow him to drop his guard and relax. But was he attracted to boys? He was not sure. Each time after P.E. he would take a sly look at the other boys in the shower or as they got changed, that was fun. He also noticed other boys doing the same. It was normal for them to compare and one lad even got a nickname as every boy in the class had seen the size of his dick. But Martin never got hard when he looked and that confused him. Surely if he was attracted to boys then he would get hard.

But he kept returning to the single question of 'Who turns you on?' and all he could think about was what he imagined in his head when he got hard. Then it struck him. The naked boys in the shower would run through his mind as he played with himself. He quickly thought about girls. Had he ever thought about girls when he stroked himself? Martin calmed himself, he was sure he had. Then he thought about Phil. Sitting in front of him, naked, and his dick began to swell. He felt so good when he thought about Phil. If he were going to do this, then it would have to be secret. He could not tell his family until he was really sure, knowing that some people might be uncomfortable.

Martin became determined for a moment. If he were going to find out for sure one way or the other then why not now. He had resolved to ring Phil soon and see where things led and how he felt.

The loud buzzing from the digital alarm brought Martin back from his thoughts. It was time to get up. As usual, James seemed to sleep through the noise so Martin shook him awake as he went to the bathroom for a shower.

After his shower, Martin went back to his room to get changed. James was still in the room; he looked like he had only got himself up a few moments ago as his eyes were still half closed. Martin went over to his side of the room and got his clothes out of the wardrobe. James stood up, took off his stale underwear and put on a clean pair. In seconds he was jumping into some old jeans and a shirt.

Martin looked over at him. "No school today?"

"No, don't you remember. I've got to go to the studios. Prep for this new show."

"Oh, yeah. I remember." It had come back to Martin.

"I'm not surprised you forgot. You looked like you had something on your mind last night."


"'S alright, Martin. What was it anyway?"

"Oh, nothing." He lied.

"Everything alright at college? You're not in any trouble are you?" James smiled at him, as he could not remember the last time he was in any sort of trouble.

Martin smiled with James. "No, I've got to sort a few things out in my head. I'll tell you later. Besides, stop thinking about me. You've got this great holiday to look forward to."

For Martin, the day did not get any better. His mind was so preoccupied about Phil that he couldn't concentrate in any of his lectures. As his sociology lecture ended he looked at the mere half page of notes he had written. Usually he came a way with at least three pages worth. During his lunch break he just sat in the refectory and hardly ate a thing. The clock on the wall now turned to half past one. He was due to go to his English lecture. The other side of the refectory another lad was leaving with a group of others. He looked over at Martin and broke away from his friends and came over to him.

"Hi, Martin." He spoke, but Martin just stared in to the distance.

"Martin, you OK?" He spoke louder, this time placing a hand on his shoulder.

This sudden contact brought Martin round. He looked at the hand that touched him, then at the boy's face.


"You OK?" He asked again.

"Oh, yeah. Just day dreaming."

"Hope she was worth it." The boys let out a laugh. "You looked like you were out of it so I thought I'd make sure you didn't miss English."

"Thanks, Chris."

Chris was just a fellow student who studied English and Sociology like him. They had spoken a few times but it was just pleasantries, mainly.

"Come on, let's go."

Martin left with Chris and they walked to their class together. So far, Martin had assumed he was anonymous in college and just this little conversation with Chris made him feel a whole lot better. They chatted quite a bit until they entered the classroom.

"See ya later." Chris said as he went over to his mates who had saved him his seat.

Martin sat at any available and got his books and notepad out.

The teacher never really gave Martin the opportunity to dwell on his situation as the class took on a very spirited discussion about the book they were studying. She had always encouraged this lively debate as it made the book more real and interesting. It was a refreshing change from the standard 'Q & A' that other teachers preferred.

This was his last lesson of the day. When the class were dismissed, he got up and glanced over at Chris. He glanced back and smiled. As his mates led him away to his next lesson, he looked back at Martin. "See ya tomora."

"Yeah, sure." Martin responded but Chris was already halfway through the door and was unsure if he had heard him.

Instead of taking the bus home, Martin decided to walk. He had the rest of the afternoon to himself and did not like the idea of staying at home alone.

On the walk home, Martin decided that he would ring Phil. He had nothing to lose.

Martin unlocked the front door, picked up the cordless phone from the hall and dashed upstairs. He went into his desk drawer and took out the beer mat with Phil mobile number on. He sat on his bed, took a deep breath and dialled the number.

It rang. But no one answered. The voice mail licked in and Martin put the phone down.

"Shit." He said to himself and put the beer mat back into his desk drawer. He then went downstairs to get a drink and watch television until everyone else came home.

James watched everyone leave this morning. He was not due at the studios until ten o'clock. He sat in the front room, bored. It was not like there was much to watch on television, just the awful chat shows. He thought it would not be worth starting any work and by the time he got into it, they would have to go. So he just made himself another cup of tea and watched a programme about spouses who have cheated.

"You ready, James?" Eventually it was time to go.

"Yep." James shot out of his chair and stuffed his feet into his trainers, without untying the laces, and waited by the door.

His Mother was just putting her coat on and getting her handbag. "Come on then."

They got into the car and drove to the studios. His Mother gave the man at the gate the pass they had been sent and he directed her to a car park.

The receptionist greeted them with her saccharin smile before they reached her desk. They gave their name and she phoned someone to collect them.

A smartly dressed woman came up to them as they waited and introduced herself; they then followed her to an office.

"Please sit down." She motioned to a couple of chairs and sat down herself. She crossed her legs and rested her clipboard on her thigh.

"Right, I'm just going to give you a quick run down of what will happen today."

James and his Mum nodded.

"James," She looked at him, "your medical is scheduled for twelve o'clock."

"What will that entail?" His Mother enquired.

"It's nothing to worry about, just a general health check. Blood pressure, blood sugar levels. They will do an ECG to check his heart and get a general assessment of his fitness level. But you can be with him the whole time. But if you're unhappy with anything they do, just say and they'll explain what they are doing or you can refuse."

"OK." James' Mum said.

"Throughout the day we'll take you between meetings to explain what will happen when they get there and what is expected of them. Which isn't a lot, as we want them to behave normally."

"Any questions? No. Then just follow me and I'll take you through to the first stage."

She led James and his Mum through to another room. Inside were a man and his son.

"This is Mr. Johnson and his son Craig." She turned to James' Mum. "Will you and Mr. Johnson please follow me. James and Craig can get to know each other."

She led them to another room where they would get the lecture about what the Station is trying to achieve with this programme.

James went over and sat next to Craig. "Hi. So what d'ya think about all this?"

"I just wish they'd get on with it. I'm sick of hanging around."

"So, you looking forward to going. I reckon it should be great."

"Well that depends on how much they interfere with what we do. I hope they just leave us alone for the most part, then it'll be fun. If just hope that they don't get us doing stupid tasks every day."

"I know what you mean. I'm looking forward to getting a good tan. I'd love to do a bit of fishing. I hope there's someone there who can cook fish. And just think about the sea. Swimming in clear blue waters."

Craig did not say anything.

"So, Craig. Where you from?"


"Not far from here. I only live about ten minutes away. So how you get involved."

"I go to a weekend theatre school, they put my name forward. I won't be able to go much longer, so I'm hoping to get an agent soon."

"Why's that?"

Craig explained that it was a youth theatre and that they only accepted kids up to the age of sixteen. As he was already sixteen, he would have to move on after the end of the school year. It turned out that Craig had done quite a bit of theatre work and a fair bit of television. The theatre school represented him for now and got their percentage, but when he leaves he would need an agent. James let him have his own Agent's name but he insisted that the school were sorting it all out.

For someone in a theatre school he was not very talkative. James did most of the talking and hoped that a few others were bit more easy going. He could just imagine him on the island letting others make all the decisions and he just criticise. James made a note to pull him down a peg or two if he behaved like that.

Sometime later they were joined by a girl and another boy, who James seemed to get on a lot better with. He chatted with them while Craig just listened and said very little. After a while they swapped mobile numbers, promising to keep in touch during the few weeks left before they went.

James was bored out of his skull. All the conversation had dried up long ago as they were kept waiting for nearly two hours. His Mother broke his boredom and called him out.

"Time for your medical, James."


His Mother led James to a side room and Doctor introduced himself.

After the medical they were told that they could leave and they would receive a pack in the post in the next few days with the final instructions.

Later that evening, James told Martin what had happened during the day while he was posing for the painting. They would not have long left before he would leave. Martin said that he could manage with only a couple more sessions and promised he would wait until he came back before he showed anyone.

"Martin, you ever had a medical?" James enquired.

"No, why?"

"It just felt strange that's all. The worst part was the cough test."

"They did that? With Mum in the room?"

"Perhaps that was it. I knew to expect it, its part of every medical to check for a hernia. But," James paused, "it was just someone touching there and I felt nothing."

"So what did he do?"

"Well, I already had my shirt off for the ECG, then he asked me to stand up and unbutton my jeans. He explained to his mum what he was going to do and then slipped his hand down my jeans and in my underwear. He cupped his hands and told me to cough. I did, and then he pulled his hand out."

"Yeah, so."

"I didn't feel anything. I'm sixteen for god's sake. When someone touches me I expect to feel it. My bloody dick goes up at the drop of a hat. So why nothing when the Doc touched me?"

"Perhaps it was just the situation, what with Mum being there."

"Yeah, I expect so."

What James was not telling his Brother was that the Doctor was a young man, a particularly gorgeous young man. Perhaps if the situation was different then he might have felt that tingle he expected.

"So how are you today?" James asked.

"Fine, why?"

"This thing you needed to think about. You said you tell me about it. Have you figured it out yet?"

"Not yet." Martin then clamed up and they were silent for the next half-hour.

Martin began to feel tired and they finished up. James grabbed his briefs and put them on before going to the bathroom.

A few seconds later, Martin put his ear to the bathroom door. He could just about hear James' breathing and the occasional slap of his skin. He knew what James was up to; he always used the bathroom to get some privacy, and knew he had a few minutes.

Martin crept downstairs and brought the phone back up with him. He dialled Phil's number again. It rang three times before he answered.


"Oh, hi. Is that Phil?" Martin asked.


"It's Martin."

Phil now recognised his voice and his manner became very friendly. "Hi, Martin. How are you?"


"Thanks for calling. I hoped you would."

"I wasn't sure at first but I thought we got on well."

"What you up to tomorrow? How do you fancy going out for a drink?"

Martin had a date. They would meet at seven o'clock at a bar in the city. Although Martin was only seventeen, he never had any problem getting served in pubs. All he had to do now was tell his parents that he was going out that evening.

Martin replaced the phone and went back to his room. He got ready for bed and started to read his book. He waited for James to come back and get to bed; the bulge in his briefs looking larger than when he left.

James' Diary

Today was 'Orienteering Day'. I also had my medical. To be honest it was quite boring. We didn't actually do much and I hardly had any time to get to know the other kids who were going with me. It was all really just a day to ease the worries of the parents and most of the 'meetings' that happened were not for me. I was just left in a room with other kids coming and going. We weren't really introduced and some of the kids were nervous. I spoke to one or two but gave up as we were never in the room long. Sometimes we would speak to the bosses to get a better idea of where we were going, and others would have me take some tests for IQ and personality.

It was shortly before lunch that I was called in for my medical. It was more that I expected. They took my blood pressure and even gave me an ECG. I also had to go through a few fitness tests, I suppose they don't want any of us to drop dead on the island. They were pretty thorough but the bit I was dreading was the hernia test. I was expecting to get very excited when he touched me. Well, this doctor was so damn sexy I was surprised I didn't pop a stiff one when I saw him. He must have only just graduated. The thought of his young hands cupping my dick and balls made me so hard earlier after my session with Martin. I had to go to the bathroom to relieve myself. I spoke to Martin about it and he said it was probably because Mum was with me. I never mentioned how sexy he was and how I just wanted him to rip all my clothes off and start sucking me off. I must have shown some great restraint while he fondled me. I wonder if he'll be coming with us. If so, I'll have to have regular check ups. The last thing he did was to give me a few jabs in my arm and then I was let out with a full bill of health.

Reproduced with David's permission from Screeve. © David
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