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Three Tears

Chapter 10

by David Heulfryn

Martin's afternoon with Tony soon turned into a nightmare. They dusted off their bikes from the garage, chucked a couple of bottles of water into a rucksack and went out for a ride. They cycled out of the town and into the country. They were to cycle to a nearby nature reserve where there was a lake and a playground. Conservatively, Martin estimated it would take them about half an hour to cycle there. Their mother was grateful when Martin told them he was off out with Tony, and she told him so out of Tony's earshot.

Once they got moving, Tony loved teasing his brother. Martin told him to follow, but he insisted he knew where he was going and would sprint ahead, overtaking Martin and then wait impatiently for him to catch up.

To say Tony never seemed to exercise, he never got out of breath. Whereas Martin was wheezing after climbing any small hill or incline.

Tony rode ahead and disappeared over the brow of a hill Martin was having difficulty climbing. Once out of sight Tony lay on he ground with his bike on top of him. It was a joke his best friend had played on him once and thought he would try it out on Martin.

As Martin reached the top he saw Tony lying still part way down. "Tony, you alright?" He shouted and raced down to where he lay.

His shouting raised no response from Tony, so he jumped off his bike, allowing it to crash on the pavement and bent over him.

"Tony, what happened?" He asked but a huge smile grew on Tony's face and he started laughing.

"You bastard, I though a car had hit you or something."

Laughing at Martin, Tony climbed back on his bike and rode off, calling back. "That'll teach you to lag behind, slow coach."

Although he would never admit it to Tony, he did find it mildly amusing and cycled behind Tony with a slight smile.

At the nature reserve they found a shaded spot, lay their bikes on the ground and sat facing the lake. The ducks and swans milled around by the waters edge anticipating some bread which might come their way, but when they realised there weren't going to be fed the paddled off to find someone else who might. They caught sight of an elderly woman approach the edge of the lake and swam over to her. Delving into her handbag she brought out a plastic bag containing a few slices of stale bread. Now surrounded by the ducks and swans, she threw small pieces to whichever bird was most persistent.

"What are you doing with James up in your room?" Tony just blurted out as Martin watched the old lady struggle to get away having no more bread left.

"What do you mean, nothing, why?"

"It's just that some evenings you both disappear. I can't hear music or anything like usual so I just wondered what you're up to."

"Oh, nothing much. James is just helping me with a piece of my art coursework."

"What, helping you draw it. Isn't that cheating?" Tony naively said.

Martin chuckled. "If he was actually drawing it or painting it then it would be, but he isn't. He's just letting me paint him that's all."

"Oh brilliant, a portrait! Can you do me next? You know I can sit still."

Yes, he could sit for hours just moving his thumbs when he gets stuck into a computer game, Martin thought. "I don't know. We'll see. It depends how much work I have to do for college."

"Mum's always on at me to do something else other than play on my console."

Tony loved the idea and was jealous of the close relationship Martin and James had. It was because he was four years younger than them that he was always seen as the little brother getting under everyone's feet. After badgering to see the painting, Martin agreed that he would show him when he showed James; but only if James agreed.

Martin could have sat and watched the ducks swim by and the water lap at the edge of the lake for hours. But Tony was getting restless. He saw a couple of boys, a few years younger than him, playing on the park and went over to join them. Martin watched how easily he went up to them and they started playing together and sometimes wished he had that ability to become friends with anyone.

After watching Tony mess around on a swing for half an hour, he called him over saying that he thought it time they started heading back.

They had spent only a few minutes cycling when Martin heard his tyre pop and felt the steel rim of his rear wheel scrape along the tarmac. Without a puncture repair kit, he had to walk home. Tony was hysterically laughing until Martin said there was no way he was going to allow him to ride home alone. And so began an hour and a half's walk home, the sun beating down on them and Tony complaining and bored at the slow pace.

The relentless sun and barracking from Tony got Martin into a foul mood. The least little sound from Tony would be met by Martin barking at him to shut up. Under his breath, Tony called him a 'bastard', which he heard. This caused Martin to explode and let out a tirade at Tony calling him useless and a hindrance. It was nothing he had not been called before by his mother, but Martin was very vociferous in his manner and the language he used was not usually heard from Martin. This outburst nearly brought Tony to tears, but he pulled up the strength from within him and spent the rest of the walk back in silence, trailing his bike behind Martin and cursing him with every step.

When they got home, Tony slung his bike on the front garden and stormed upstairs into his room. He flew himself onto his bed and buried his head into his pillow. Now alone, he felt the tears flow and he gradually soaked his pillow.

This outburst and stomping from Tony meant it was up to Martin to explain to his parents what had happened. He felt guilty and ashamed enough without having to repeat what had happened to his parents.

It was unnecessary for his mother to tell him, as Martin realised he had to go up and apologise to Tony the moment he had finished the tale. But tell him she did and he lightly went up the stairs and knocked on Tony's bedroom door. He heard no noise from inside and no invitation to enter.

As he opened the door and peered into the room he saw Tony lying face down on his bed.

"Tony." He called softly.

"Piss off. Get out." He shouted back; Martin could hear the anger through the tears.

He tried to apologise but only got as far as saying, "I'm...", before Tony cut his off with another volley of anger.

He stood at the doorway for a few moments, wondering if he should persist, but thought better of it. Leaving him, Martin went back downstairs and put their bikes away; it was the least he could do. He would try again later.

Not wanting to be in the living room with his mother and the scowl she had on her face, Martin went up to his room and waited until people's anger and disappointment had died down.

After mulling over the chain of events in his mind for a third time, Martin was disturbed. His mobile was ringing. For a few seconds he thought about ignoring it as he didn't feel like speaking to anybody tight now. But thinking it might be Phil; he jumped off his bed and raced to his phone before whoever it was would ring off.

Picking up the phone, the luminous front panel announced it was Phil causing him to feel giddy.

Martin scrambled to press the green button to answer. "Hi, Phil."


"It's good to hear a friendly voice." Martin said.

This comment led Phil to ask about what had happened, forcing Martin to recite his outburst and how ashamed he felt, adding that he would try and apologise again to Tony later.

"Well, who knew you could be so naughty." Phil playfully suggested but Martin was still too upset with himself to laugh at the incident yet; he also had to make up with Tony first.

Phil was very talkative on the phone and apologised if there last call, he had seemed a little dismissive. Martin mentioned he was a little confusion as they had just had a wonderful day together, but he really thought little of it in the end and was just waiting and anticipating his call.

Martin again apologised for cumming so unexpectedly yesterday. "I didn't mean to, Phil. It just happened. I wanted to stop it but couldn't."

"It's alright. I think if you'd touched me I might have done the same. You're very sexy you know."

"It's just that it was the first time some-else has made me do that. I wanted it to last a bit longer; and wanted you to keep kissing me after it had happened."

"We'll have to get you to overcome some of this shyness. If you ever want to kiss me, then just do it, I will never stop you."

There was a pause before Phil went on to explain how he thought he'd gone too far too fast. As soon as he felt Martin cum he became frightened that Martin would just turn and run, if not physically then emotionally. He was still worried about frightening Martin by becoming too physical too soon and stopped himself from telling Martin about his desires to strip him naked and take him into his mouth, to straddle him and feel him slide inside his arse. These desires were kept unsaid as he would wait until Martin was ready, every time they met he would take his cue from Martin but would gently push his boundaries, taking him one step beyond and hoping to show him how good they could make each other feel.

"I want to kiss you now." Martin said. "I want to feel your hands on me again."

"Soon, my dear, soon."

In order to make up for his uncertainty yesterday, Phil arranged the next two dates with Martin; Wednesday night and then next Saturday. It would be back to the pub on Wednesday, but on the Saturday he would have the house to himself and invited Martin over. Nothing specific was planned but they would just see what they wanted to do when Martin arrived.

Martin regretted that they couldn't meet up everyday next week but settled for the two dates, realising that Phil was not free every evening. As they said goodbye and he ended the call, Martin began to wonder what exactly Phil did do in the evenings.

Contemplating lying back down on his bed, Martin imagined that Tony should have calmed down by now and thought it best to try and apologise again.

This time when he knocked, entered and called out his name, Martin was not shouted at but was met with silence. Tony was still lying face down on his bed as if he hadn't moved. Sitting on the edge of the bed, Martin placed a hand on Tony's shoulder and apologised.

Merely saying sorry did not garner any response, so he carried on and explained how he felt and how he shouldn't have lashed out and taken out his frustrations on him. Then he heard Tony start to sob again.

Tony had always looked up to his older brothers, Martin especially. He would always look to Martin for reassurance and help; he thought that Martin would always be there if ever he needed him. Rarely would they argue and fall out, Tony not being the typical little brother and always being a pest. For much of the time he left them alone and would either play his computer games or would be with his own friends.

Not knowing what else to say or do; Martin sat quiet, his hand still on Tony's shoulder trying to reassure him. Tony turned to look at his with his eyes red and bulging.

"I'm so sorry." Martin said to him and they hugged each other.

Although the hug meant everything would be alright between them, Martin still felt angry with himself for losing control, something he rarely did and always tried not to let his emotions get the better of him. As they hugged each other tighter, Martin pondered whether it was Phil that had caused him to feel this way. Not that Phil made him angry, but whether his relationship with Phil allowed him to express his emotions more honestly, and anger was being expressed as well as love and passion.

Martin and Tony went downstairs together, if only to show everyone that everything was back to normal again and they had made up. James was sitting in the front room with his parents. His hair was still slightly damp from his swim and he smelled slightly of fruit, not the real stuff but the scent that is only ever smelled in a shampoo bottle or shower gel. He looked at Martin with an expression telling him that he knew that he'd been a naughty boy.

Still early, Martin thought he would get himself out the way and have a try at mending his puncture. With their temporary closeness from the apology and hug, Tony jumped to his feet and wanted to help him. As Martin dragged his bike back out of the garage, Tony rummaged round for some tools and the puncture repair kit.

It may have taken them over an hour to mend a simple puncture, but they were together, laughing and helping each other. The scene was quite touching and made their mother smile as she stood at the kitchen window for longer than necessary to check they were still ok.

James' Diary

Tom is such a blatant exhibitionist! Today we went swimming and he helped me get back into the swing of things. I'd not been in a pool for years and was surprised at how well I was doing. Tom, on the other hand is a brilliant swimmer. I was amazed at how fast he could swim and how he could almost swim a length without coming up for air. I did get the impression he was showing off a bit though. When they opened the diving pool he executed the most graceful dive into the water I had ever seen, virtually the whole pool congratulated him. He was good though and I must say I was a tad jealous.

Although nothing happened when we got changed to go into the pool, when we got out, he stripped off completely in the showers. Most people I noticed kept their trunks on and just rinsed themselves of the chlorinated water. But not Tom, he even went over to his locker and got some shower gel. I felt a bit like a prude, standing next to him still in my swimming shorts. I mean, me feeling like a prude, ridiculous isn't it. Not to be outdone, I stripped off my shorts and asked to borrow some of his gel. We've only gone out together twice and both times he's shown me his dick, if only all the people I met were like Tom. Hehe.

A couple of young boys, must have only been about ten or eleven, came into the showers after us and saw us both stark naked, they quickly rinsed themselves off and then scurried over to get dried and changed. It was quite funny, the looks on their faces; one of the boys seemed to gawp at Tom for quite a few seconds. I wasn't too bothered, as Tom has a bit more to gawp at than I do, besides I distinctly noticed that since he soaped himself up his dick had thickened out a bit.

I think we must have started something, as we were joined in the showers by a couple of young men who saw us naked and stripped off their own trunks; it's quite surprising how it just seemed to snowball. From my previous, very few trips, to the swimming pool, I didn't think anybody much got naked in the showers and just settled for a quick self conscious rinse before hiding beneath their towel trying desperately to pull up their underwear. But these two men were gorgeous. One was blond and I couldn't help myself from looking at him, covertly, I hope. His skin was so pale and smooth and virtually hairless. His pubes were blond too and were only slightly darker than the blond hair on his head. Glimpse at him and you would have thought he was bald down there, but I didn't glimpse and I quite liked the look of his blond pubes.

I got out the showers first; I didn't want to push my luck ogling the two men any longer. But Tom stayed for a few minutes longer. He eventually walked over to me, towel slung over his shoulder parading his dick to the room. But the room was virtually empty, just me and the two young boys from the showers in a corner, huddled together and whispering. I got the impression that it was for my benefit. After I had dressed, I found myself hanging around waiting for Tom. I didn't mind as it meant I got another chance to eye up the blond guy as he dried himself.

Martin and Tony had some kind of spat this afternoon. I found it quite funny and nearly laughed when Mum told me about it. It so unlike Martin to get angry, I wonder what's up with him at the moment. He'd been feeling so guilty about it that he's being exceptionally nice to Tony.

Don't know when I'm meeting Tom again but we've both got each other's number. It is less than two weeks before we are both off, then we'll be together for four weeks, 24 hours a day.

Reproduced with David's permission from Screeve. © David
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