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The Audit

by David Heulfryn

My head was glued to the monitor in front of me. I had work to do and the boss wanted the cash flow finalised by lunchtime; but out of the corner of my eye I could see the office door open and Adam make a bee-line straight for me.

Oh shit, I thought, smiled and swivelled my chair to watch the auditor take the last few steps towards me, laden with a very full lever-arch file.

Placing the file on my desk both our eyes studied the page in front of us.

I had spent the last month working long hours to prepare for the audit, trying to ensure their two week stay is as brief, and as painless, as possible. It was now the middle of their second week and these two young men seemed to spend most of their time confused about what they were looking at.

"About these leased assets," he began.

He seemed to be trying to rush through what needed to be done in what little time was left and was getting flustered so he came to me for some help.

Explaining it to him, he went away happy, for now, and with a slow sigh I returned to the cash flow.

They turned up last Monday morning, besuited and carrying their laptops.

Never one for turning up on time, my boss strolled in at nine thirty.

As I looked back at my computer, answering my many emails, the telephone rang. The two auditors were in reception.

They both looked young, mid to late twenties and, assuming with age came seniority, I approached the older looking man, my hand outstretched. They both stood up and I shook their hands.

"Good morning. I'm Dominic Parry. The Assistant Finance Manager."

"Hello, I'm Simon Tucker and this is Adam Sykes." He gestured to the man next to him.

I introduced them to my manager, whom they did not see for very long; there was just a brief introduction and she ushered them into a side office where they would be based for the next fortnight. As she left them to settle and unpack their laptops, she came over to my desk.

"I've asked them to come direct to you with all queries in the first instance. You deal with them, I don't want to get involved unless I have to."

"Ok." I said as she walked away.

This was typical of her, she did not want the hassle of dealing with them but she would always take all the credit when things went well.

I collected up the audit files and took them in.

It started quite well and they left me alone for the morning. Soon, however, the deluge started and had not stopped for the last one and a half weeks.

Today, I was left at my desk pawing through files trying to grab bites from my limp and mangy sandwich when I saw Adam and Simon go out for an hour while they had lunch.

Returning, they headed straight for me. In anticipation I held up a lever-arch file and told them the task they needed completing was done.

"Great." Said Simon and he took the folder and passed it behind him to a waiting Adam. "I was wondering what time the office closes?"

"Someone's usually here till six. I will be today but others on the floor always stay that long."

"Any chance Adam could stay longer? We still have a lot of ground to make up and a few extra hours this evening should put us back on schedule."

I should have told them it was impossible but said I would check. After they left for their office I went in to see my manager and got the answer I dreaded. If they wanted to stay, I had to stay.

Knocking on the office door, I walked in to see the two men hunched over their laptops, the desks strewn with folders and loose papers.

"I just spoke with the boss; I've got some things to finish for tomorrow, usually I'd do them at home but I'll stay here and finish them up." I lied, somewhat convincingly I thought.

"Great." Simon's ears pricked up. "I've got to leave at four but Adam here knows what needs to be done."

Smiling ingratiatingly at Simon, I caught Adam give me a knowing look, saying, bloody typical, the boss buggers off and leaves us poor sods to do the work.

I raised my eyebrows at Adam in acknowledgment.

At four o'clock, Simon left the office without a word to anyone. Taking a break from my screen, I thought I would find out what the plan was for the rest of the day.

"Hi, Adam." I just walked into the office and found him leaning back on his chair with his hands behind his head. "Getting rid of a bit of tension now he's gone?"

"Yeah. Just having a breather."

"Where's he gone anyway and why's he left you with the work?"

Adam explained that there was a conference call back at the hotel which Simon needed to attend and he has gone back early to ensure his figures are one hundred percent correct.

I was just beginning to like Adam. He was soft spoken and always very polite. My team spent the first week of their stay taunting me. They knew I was gay and single and thought Adam was perfect for me. I just let them get on with it but I did protest that he was too young and not my type, not really going for the strawberry blond, blue-eyed looks. They called him strawberry blond just to be kind, he was really ginger. And he was not too young either, mid-twenties is not that many years younger than me; but in an attempt to stop their teasing I claimed to go for the older guy.

Five o'clock came and I lost half my team, at half past five the other half would leave. I hated working late; it was a lonely and quiet place when everyone had gone home.

My belly began to rumble and at a quarter to six I went in to see Adam.

"I'm just off to the chippy before they all leave us. I can't stay till eight unless I eat something. How about you? D'ya want anything?"

"Sure. What you having?"

"Just fish, chips and mushy peas. That'll set me up for the rest of the night."

"Just the fish and chips for me please." He offered to pay but I refused.

The last few staff were leaving when I returned with the food. I fetched Adam from the office and we ate in our small break room, huddled round a tiny table sitting on plastic chairs.

"So what do you do with your time when you're not travelling the country annoying the crap out of people like me?"

Smiling, he lowered his head and looked at his dinner. "Just studying. I've only got three more exams before I'm fully qualified."

"Then what?" I mumbled through a mouthful of battered fish.

"I hope they'll soon get me out of doing bloody audit."

Adam had ambition. As he spoke of his plans to set up his own partnership his eyes lit up. For the first time I saw a desire behind them that was absent all the time he was auditing.

"So, what with the audits and the studying, do you find time for a private life? Girlfriend?"

"No. I'm single." He silently chuckled.

"How long?"

"Two years."

"Two years! Bloody hell. Did it end badly?"

"You could say that. Two-timed me with another bloke. Someone more interesting, they said."

We continued to chat while we ate, my eyes watching him, waiting for the occasional flash of his sweet uncertain smile.

After we finished eating, I cleared our empty plates. "Tea?" I asked.

"Coffee, please. I'm going to get back to work, thanks for the dinner."

I went to the kitchen to wash up and put the kettle on.

Struggling to open the office door with my elbow, trying not to spill the drinks I was holding in each hand, I saw Adam sitting at the desk and fiddling on his laptop.

"What you shut the door for? It's just us here."

"Sorry, habit."

I stumbled as I went to put his coffee down on the desk, spilling a few drops on some paperwork which lay on the floor.

"Oh, Christ. Sorry."

Crouching down to rest on my haunches and wipe the drops from the paperwork, our heads collided. I did not see that Adam also went to clear the mess, the collision knocked me back and I pushed my arms behind me to prevent me from lying sprawled on the floor.

After batting the drops of coffee off the paperwork, he stretched out his hand to help me up. Taking it, I felt him pull me until I was back on my feet.

Standing a just few centimetres away from him, I whispered, "Thank you."

Adam cocked his head and placed a brief but gentle kiss on my lips. It seemed more instinctive than calculated.

My heart pounded and my ears felt like they were burst but Adam had that uncertain look again, afraid he had misread me. Grasping his shoulders, I pulled him close and passionately kissed him, my tongue teasing open his lips and tasting the remnants of the salt and vinegar from his chips; any confusion between us dissipated.

Breaking off, we both licked our lips, and Adam tugged at my shirt so that he could run his cool hands over my back. I shivered.

"I'd better warm these up." He said.

As he brought his hands from around my back he unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned my trousers. Slipping his right hand down, the fly creaked lower and I felt his hands cupping my dick and balls through my underwear. His left hand teased its way under my waistband and took a firm handful of my buttock. Startled at his grasp I jumped fractionally and thrust my balls further into the warm crevice his hand had become.

My dick grew firm and pushed harder against his hand as we kissed. I felt his crotch through his woollen suit trousers and found his dick to be already hard, he needed no help to get ready for action. Unbuckling his trousers, I yanked them to his knees and saw his dick tenting his white boxer briefs, a small damp patch growing where his dick leaked. Pulling him round I rested his backside on the edge of the desk and eased his boxer briefs down to meet his trousers.

His dick sprang free, a small drop of pre-cum flew from his dick and splashed on my shirt. The foreskin retracted halfway over his knob which glistened with his flowing juices. I stared at his dick, seven thick inches of what I wanted, protruding from a thick bush of almost bright red hair, his balls hung low sparsely covered with wiry fair hair.

My unbuckled trousers began to slip down my legs as I kicked off my highly polished black leather shoes, scuffing the heals in haste. Keeping on my underwear, I removed my trousers and inched my body close to Adam, kissing his face and neck. His rigid dick pressed into the malleable mound of my pants, its spasms exciting my member to become hard.

Fumbling with the tiny buttons on my shirt and silver cufflinks, he pulled the fabric from my shoulders, my arms released Adam and the delicate fabric floated to the floor. Feeling a chill, my nipples popped out and Adam went to flick and tease them which caused my dick to become fully hard and press into his groin. Feeling the pressure, Adam tugged at my dick through my pants before slipping them over my arse cheeks and down to my ankles.

Instinctively I stepped out of them and, completely naked and hard, Adam pushed me away to examine my body.

He liked what he saw and, licking his lips, he began taking off his shirt as if getting ready for bed. I knelt down and licked the pre-cum which smeared his half exposed knob.

Placing my lips around him, I pushed his foreskin back until my lips locked behind the ridge, my tongue flicking his slit and rubbing the underside of his knob.

I heard Adam moan and my eyes flicked upwards, his shirt was now off and his hands grasped the edge of the desk, hard. As he grew more accustomed to my mouth on his dick, his hands held my head. He was eager and gently pushed my head further onto his dick.

In one motion, I swallowed his full seven inches and, holding back my gag reflex, took a deep breath as my nose nestled in his thick ginger bush; I smelt the pungency of his pre-cum that had oozed down his shaft.

Sucking on him for a while, my hands explored his balls and arse. My finger skirted round his hole and I felt his dick twitch in my mouth. As my finger rested on his pucker, it gave way with only the least amount of pressure to engulf my fingertip. Again, his dick twitched and his moaning became louder.

I released his dick from my mouth and allowed him to taste it as I kissed him. When we broke off, he scrambled to remove his shoes, socks and trousers; he wanted to spread his legs nice and wide for me.

Now naked, he firmly grasped my hard dick and wanked it a few times. To ensure I was as hard as I could get, he dropped and started sucking on my dick; not managing to take in all my length but he gave me one hell of a blow job and coated my dick liberally with spittle.

I was losing myself in the moment when it stopped. He turned and braced himself on the desk, pushing his arse out, directly at my dick. I thought I heard him breathlessly say, fuck me, but it could have just been his course breaths.

Clutching my dick at its base, I guided it to meet the soft cleft of his buttocks, poked through and ran my dick along his crack. I knew where his hole was and let my knob rest in its dimple. It twitched, manically, trying to suck me and his hips pushed further out trying to capture me. After two years this young man was desperate.

I put the poor man out of his misery and pushed my dick head through, he gasped and immediately relaxed as if a missing limb had just been returned to him and his body was now whole again. Feeling little resistance to me, I plunged inside him until my pubes tickled his arse. It was not an arse that had been neglected in the two years since he broke up with his boyfriend; it had seen either many one-night stands or he had a not so little friend in a draw beside his bed, perhaps both.

I began to fuck him, not fast but good and firm. His moaning turned to grunts with each thrust and I could hear his dick slapping against his belly as it flailed in front of him.

Beneath me, his body tensed and I felt his arse clamp down on my thrusting dick. He grunted and his head flew back to bay silently at the ceiling at an unnatural angle. He came but I kept my rhythm and continued to fuck him, his hole now tighter as he stayed tense from his orgasm. I liked him like this; it made him a better fuck. My dick quickly became angry as it forced its way deep into Adam, the friction sending a jolt to my balls as they ached and clung tight against my shaft.

Two more firm thrusts and I could take no more. With my dick firmly up his arse, my balls throbbed and I shot violently inside him. As the intensity began to subside, I ground my hips into his arse, teasing my dick and his passage into squeezing my dick until it was dry.

As our breathing normalised, Adam began to raise himself up. My dick was still hard and inside him, so I slid it out, causing him to groan as it popped from his hole.

Turning to face me, I noticed his dick was limp; he embraced and gently kissed me. My hard dick poked at his groin but quickly subsided until out soft dicks nestled next to each other.

Adam released me and said. "Thanks."

"I enjoyed it as much as you."

We both searched the floor for our clothes and began dressing. Adam sat back in his chair and protested that he must get some work done or Simon would not be very happy.

"He could take it out of your arse." I joked.

Laughing he turned to the work in front of him and saw the mug of coffee still not drunk. "I suppose the coffee's cold."

"Well, what I just gave you is better than coffee. Here," I motioned to the mug and he passed it to me, "I make you another one."

As I turned to leave him, I heard him raise his voice. "Oh fuck."

I looked back and saw his arm raised and a large damp patch on his shirt sleeve. Beneath him were papers splattered with pools of his cum.

"Well, I'll never be able to do the fixed assets again without thinking of you." I smiled.

Reproduced with David's permission from Screeve. © David
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