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Beach Encounter

by David Heulfryn

I woke up early, the Mediterranean sun shining through the windows and on to my naked body. It felt so nice to be woken by the rising sun gently caressing and warming my flesh. The island was always so warm that I never wore anything to bed and after the first night, when I woke with the bedclothes crumpled in a heap on the floor, I thought it best to drift asleep lying on top of the covers. Each morning I would wake covered with dried sweat from the night. I crawled off my bed and went to the en suite bathroom. The hotel was nothing special but all I ever wanted on holiday was a place to sleep and a bathroom. This place fitted the bill nicely, just the usual antiseptic bathroom and basic double bed, wardrobe and chest of drawers. Of course the tea and coffee facilities were always nice, especially when I could not be bothered to go down to breakfast. I hardly spend any time in my hotel so I don't care too much about the décor or quality of the furniture, as long as the bed is comfortable.

I had a quick shower to freshen up, quickly rubbed a towel over me, threw on a t-shirt and some shorts and went down to breakfast.

I was on holiday and was determined to make the most of it. I was meant to come here with my partner, but since we split up not so long ago, I had a choice of coming alone or losing my money. So I thought ‘what the hell' and came by myself. So far it was good, not as bad as expected and it felt different to be on holiday alone. The time was truly my own and I did not have to compromise. I could do what I wanted to do every day. So today, as yesterday was spent sightseeing, I decided I would just go to the beach.

After breakfasting, I came back up to my room to get ready. I quickly stripped and rummaged through the sterile beige drawers in the room. I grabbed my black Speedo trunks and squeezed my tight backside into the fabric. The bulge at the front looked impressive and I admired myself in the mirror. Who could resist the jet-black hair, emerald green eyes and that taut body? I felt my cock twitch as I looked at myself, I was dressing to trap some unsuspecting fly with my sweet nectar. It's amazing what being celibate even for a short period of time can do to a man. I picked up a bottle of sun cream, squirted some into my hand and began to rub it over my body. With a little contortion I even managed to do my back.

I shuffled my feet into some flip-flops, stuffed a towel, a shirt, the sun cream and a bottle of water into my rucksack. I slung the rucksack over my shoulder, put on my shades, grabbed my door key and left. Once the door was safely closed I stuffed the key in one of the bags many side pockets. In nothing but my slight trunks and a pair of flip-flops I went down to the lobby. As the beach was only a few yards from the hotel door, all the staff were used to this show of near naked bodies coming and going. Besides there was this particularly cute boy on reception and I enjoyed the feeling I got from knowing he watched me walk in and out of the hotel. This time I knew he would be clocking the curves and bumps in my trunks.

On the beach I chose a nice location away from families and couples, spread out my towel and lay on my back. I watched as people walked by and played in the sea. As much as I wanted it, I felt disappointed that I saw no one checking me out. I got a few awkward looks when the men saw me checking out their well-packed baskets so I thought it must be a straight beach. I gave it up and turned over to sun my back for a while. I then gathered up my things and started to walk along the beach.

Walking, I found I got a better response. A few lads checked me out but I did not fancy any of them. Too much beer does nothing to the male figure.

Then I spotted him.

He was a few hundred yards ahead of me and was walking along the beach in my direction. He had silky brown hair that flopped over his forehead and a very handsome face with deep blue eyes that lured my gaze. His chest was completely hairless and his skin was lightly bronzed. You could tell he looked after himself. His body tapered from his wide, strong shoulders to his slender waist. His pecs were well defined and although he didn't have six-pack, his stomach undulated at the prospect of one that was soon to develop. I could just make out the few wisps of dark course hair around his navel that strayed down to the waistband of his aqua-blue Speedo's. His legs were firm and muscular with a sparse covering of dark hair that got thicker as it creeped up the thick thighs to his crotch. It was here that my eyes lingered the longest. The bulge transfixed me. He obviously thought about how to arrange himself inside the trunks as I could clearly make out the curve of his balls and length of his dick as it pointed to the side. As he walked his package would slowly swing from side to side, seductively beckoning me and tempting me to dash up to him and rip off the thin fabric that covered his dick. I felt my own cock twitch at the thought of releasing this man from his confinement and engulfing his shaft in one move.

As I walked closer and he walked closer my eyes checked to see if he knew I was looking. But he looked straight ahead. He was teasing me. My eyes glanced back at bulge that grew as I got closer. I could almost feel his dick in my throat tasting the salty head and hear his voice begging for more. I we got closer my fantasy grew along with my own dick. I felt it strain the fabric but kept it down enough for it not to be too obvious.

Then something happened.

Without taking my eyes off this gorgeous body for a second, I felt my feet hit something solid. I stumbled to the ground and found myself with my face in the sand my arse sticking in the air sprawled over the legs of a man sunbathing on his back. Thankfully the man I was ogling did not see my pratfall, or did not care. But now I had to apologise to the poor bloke I stumbled across.

"Hey!" He exclaimed.

I lifted my face from the sand and looked at him apologetically. A grin began to grow on his face. I got to my feet and brushed the sand from my face. "Sorry, Mate."

The stranger raised himself and leant on his elbows while I brushed the dry sand from the rest of my body. "You alright?" I asked.

"Yeah, fine." He said and looked at the sand I hand kicked over his legs. As he brushed his legs clean he said, "I wouldn't look at him too much. He's not worth it."

"What do you mean?" I feigned ignorance.

"That bloke with the body and cute face you were gawking at before you tripped over me."

I looked like a schoolboy who had been caught behind the bike shed.

"He been walking up and down teasing everyone for a few hours now. He just likes people to drool over him. I've seen a few blokes go up to him, but he quickly tells them where to go."

I crouched down by his side. "How long you been here then?"

"Not long. I moved here from further down the beach. Better views." He raised a cheeky smile.

"Well, I don't feel so bad kicking you now. You were looking just as much as me. I'm Pete by the way."

"Jack. Why don't you join me? We can watch him together. He's actually quite funny. Just walking the beach. If we're lucky he'll stop to adjust himself again." And he chuckled.

I lay out my towel and got beside him. I hadn't had chance to check him out yet but he looked all right. He had a beautiful smile that just drew you in. His body was not as toned as mine was, but he wasn't overweight. He was the sort of man that kept himself in trim but did not care about the bulging muscles and I was warming to him. As he lay I saw some wisps of dark hair straying under his arms and a few wisps on his chest. As I looked below, the hair got thicker and darker and there was a black trail from his navel to the waistband of the navy blue baggy shorts he was wearing.

Jack jabbed me in the ribs. "Look, he's coming back."

I looked over wanting a better view. What's the harm in looking.

"Watch that bloke a few yards behind him. He's been hanging around for half an hour now. I think he might pluck up the courage to speak to him soon."

We watched the young bloke approach the vein stud. They did not look a good match what with him growing a beer belly. We could not hear them but they stood together for a few minutes. The beer belly bloke looked embarrassed while the stud looked pissed off. He looked like he was telling beer belly bloke that he was never going to get a piece of him and he grabbed his own crotch, adjusted himself again and walked off, a content smile on his face, leaving his would be trick feeling foolish.

Jack and I giggled as we watched the would be alpha male throw every little minnow back into the sea. He was far too sure of himself, I wished I could have taken him down a peg or two.

As I laughed I lay back and stared straight into the clear sky.

I felt Jack come closer and he placed a gently kiss on my lips. I was about the respond when he pulled away and looked into my eyes.

"Want to go in the water? I've not been in yet."


"Race ya!"

Jack dashed up and ran to the sea. I followed and dived in after him. I was far the better swimmer and easily caught up with him. I grabbed his waist and dunked him. He grabbed my knees and I soon went under.

We spent the next half-hour messing about in the water and joined a group of lads chucking a ball around. Jack tired first and announced he was going back to the beach. I followed.

As we lay, letting the sun dry us, we talked. I explained everything about the messy break-up with my ex. He was sympathetic and felt bad as he chucked his last boyfriend. After he told me why, I was not surprised. I'm strictly a one at a time fellow and I like my partner to be too. At least we had one thing in common.

Once dry, I wanted a change of scenery. We decided to go further along the beach.

As we walked the people began to get sparse. I started to feel a lot better and more confident. I stopped, put my arm around Jack's shoulder and pulled his face to mine. I began to kiss him and prised his lips apart to feel inside. Jack opened up and turned to me; our bodies now close. My hands went down to grab his hidden buttocks and pressed his crotch to mine. I felt his dick grow and press into me. My own was well restrained in my trunks.

Our lips parted and we carried on strolling along the beach, this time my hand was in his. We soon reached the end, as the sand became a loose sprinkling of rocks leading to small cliff below a gentle grassy slope. The cliff was obviously slowly eroding and we rested in a small overhang.

Without sitting down, I kissed Jack even more passionately. My arms wrapped round his naked torso massaging every inch of his back. I slipped my hands under the elastic of his shorts and felt the warmth of his buttocks in my palms. My fingers teased his crack. As I got bolder, so did Jack. His hands were all over me and our mouths still explored each other.

I broke free, and kissed his neck. I slowly dragged my right hand round from his arse. I felt his hard dick in my fingers, it was burning and the head was already damp with pre-cum. As I gently stroked him he inhaled deeply. My lips found and teased his nipples while I rubbed the head of his uncut cock. I dropped to my knees and licked around his navel while I slowly pulled his shorts down. His eight-inch cock sprung up, pointing to my face begging to be satisfied. I cupped his balls causing his cock to twitch. I noticed a small bead appear at the partially uncovered tip. My mouth went in close and kissed it clean. Jack groaned and placed his hands on the back of my head. My own cock was now painful; it was so hard that it strained my trunks. I pulled the front of my trunks down and hooked them under my balls. My seven inches breathed a sigh of relief as it drank in the fresh air. I gave it a quick tug before reaching back to grab Jack's soon to be satiated dick. I grabbed its base with one hand, the other playing with his low slung balls. My mouth then sucked in the head, my lips pushing back his foreskin. Jack's groans got deeper as I took more and more dick down my throat.

"That is sweet." Jack moaned breathlessly.

Wanting to tease, I released his dick and used my head to spread his legs wide. Now, I had good access to his balls. They looked so perfect. I could see the outline of each testicle, one slightly lower than the other. A few wispy hairs covered his sack and I gently sucked in the lowest testicle. The other one nestled against my nose and I inhaled his scent. My fingers traced the route back and I feathered his pucker. Realising I was too dry, I licked my finger and probed him deeper, pushing down until his ring would give way before pulling back. Licking my finger again, I pressed his pucker. This time pushing all the way through and feeling his sphincter rhythmically contact around my finger.

His dick was leaking pre-cum that ran down my chin. My hand reached up and grabbed his dick. This time my mouth was relentless. I pumped his dick while finger fucking him. His dick began to twitch and I felt the head expand. Soon Jack warned me that he was ready to cum but I kept on pumping. I wanted to taste his spunk; it had been so long. Jack took a last deep breath and released slowly as his dick unloaded its prize into my waiting mouth.

It felt like I had swallowed a gallon before it subsided. Then my mouth slowly pumped him more and my finger massaged his prostate; I wanted to extract everything I could. Jack's hands gradually loosened their grip on my head and they fell to his side.

Jack's dick began to go limp between my lips and I pulled my finger from up his shute. I let his dick flop from my lips and I raised myself to kiss his lips deeply.

"That was great." Jack said between kisses.

"It ain't over yet."

I looked down, told him to step out of his shorts and I kicked them to the side. I grabbed his arse roughly with both hands. His hands scrambled to pull my trunks to the floor but I swung him around and pushed him against the rock. He leant forward and stuck his arse out waiting for me enter. I spat on my hand and began to finger fuck again. This time getting him ready for me. He took three fingers before turning his head telling me fuck him, to fuck him now. I spat on my hand and rubbed it over my dick. Spreading him cheeks I moved my dick until the tip nestled on his hole. His muscle twitched and I pushed the head though. Jack groaned.

"You ready?" I asked.

Jack nodded and I slowly pushed my dick deeper into him. We both groaned in unison. When I felt his arse on my balls I stopped, letting him get use to my dick.

I withdrew slowly and then gently pushed my dick back. I was eager to satisfy myself as I got steadily faster and harder, trying to thrust more and more into Jack. My hands held on to his hips for support.

For a moment I was lost in my own pleasure. My balls ached, desperate for a release and soon they would have it.

Jack's limp dick and loose balls swung with each of my thrusts, slapping against his body. I leant forward, rammed my cock in right up to the hilt and held it there. With my body draped over his back, I nibbled his neck and ear; my hands roamed around to his front and my fingers found his erect nipples. I traced a route downwards and ran my fingers through his thick pubes. I pushed further and ran two fingers either side of his limp dick grabbing his balls. I ground my hips, my hard cock massaging his insides and bringing his monster back to life. I felt his thickening shaft press against my fingers and his balls tighten.

I continued humping his arse, nice and slow. I was enjoying the sensations and wanted it to last. Jack began breathing heavy, his dick at full mast and swinging in the light breeze. The breeze feathered his partially uncovered moist head, the sensation overtaking him. I began to thrust harder and deeper, my time was soon to come. Then I felt his dick spasm between my fingers and heard him groan as he shot his load for a second time. His orgasm was more intense this time with the prostate massage I was giving.

Then the inevitable happened. His arse muscles gripped my shaft tightly as he came. I managed a few more deep thrusts before I collapsed on his back, my dick buried in his sweet arse pumping my juice inside him.

Jack turned around, pulling my still hard dick out of him. He came in close and kissed me on the lips. Our bodies touched and I felt the tip of his spent cock on my belly still leaking its salty fluid - I'm sure he too felt mine leaking on his.

He lowered his hands and caressed my cheeks through the trunks I still had on. He broke off the kiss.

"You know, next time. I want this." And he squeezed my cheeks. He brought his hands round the front, pulled the elastic on my trucks and tucked my soft dick and balls back in. "I was always taught to put things away when I'd finished with them."

I chuckled and Jack pecked me on the lips. He then looked around on the sand for his shorts.

"What ya do with my shorts?"

"I kicked them over there." I pointed to my left and towards the sea lapping the shore.

We both went over but could not see them. "Where the fuck are they?" Jack said.

"I don't know."

There was nowhere for them to hide; they had disappeared. I felt guilty. "I'm so sorry. I was just," I paused "well, you know. And I did not look where I kicked them. I must have kicked them too far."

"Shit." Jack was exasperated.

"Got anything else to put on?"

"Do I look like I carry a spare?" He moved his arms to his side.

"My hotel is right by the beach. Why don't you come back with me and I'll give you some of mine. Least I can do."

Jack was about to speak but I interrupted him.

"Wrap my towel around you and no one will notice, people tend to come back in towels anyway after showering off the sand."

"Ok." Jack said and took the towel out of my hands, wrapping it round his waist.

This was not a great end to some great sex and I did not stop apologising all the way back to the hotel. By this time Jack was fed up and had forgiven me. Besides, as my punishment for being so careless, Jack insisted I do what ever he wanted to for the rest of the day.

As we walked through the foyer of the hotel I noticed the same cute boy on reception from when I left. He noticed me as well, and Jack. I thought I could see him raise his eyebrows and knew his eyes would be on my arse as I walked to the lift.

Jack and I were the only two in the lift. My room was a few floors up so I knew it would take a few seconds to get there. In a swift move I grabbed the towel from round his wait and grabbed his crotch.

"Hey! The doors could open any second."

"That's the fun." I released his dick and looked at it. "I think that needs a wash."

"Give us the towel." Jack whined.

I got down to my knees and sucked his limp dick clean. Getting up again I said "That's better."

Then the lift stopped and the doors opened. Jack scrambled to get his towel off me but I saw that no one was around and I refused to yield. "Room 549. Down there." I said and pointed the way.

Jack covered himself with his hands and ran down the corridor. I strolled after him. Of course he reached my room first and stood waiting for me, his eyes continually darting around to see if anybody was coming.

I opened the door and Jack darted inside.

I followed and shut the door behind me.

Jack looked at me and shouted. "You bastard!"

"It's okay, there's never anyone around here at this time." I moved close and kissed him. "Now, what are you waiting for. Take these trunks off me and go run a bath. I need my back scrubbed."

Reproduced with David's permission from Screeve. © David
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