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Truths in Departure

Part II - Insatiable Teenagers

by David Heulfryn

A figure stood in the doorway and cast a shadow into the room. I stared intently. It was Perry, the boy whom I saw David mouthing words to in the changing room. His dark hair hung limp against his forehead, his eyes peering through strands at the half naked boy in front of him.

David brought his arms down to his sides and swung his legs off the bed. He smiled in my direction before turning to Perry. "Well come in then."

Perry came over to the bed and stood in front David, who rose to his feet, almost touching nose to nose.

"Let's see how ready you are." David brought his hand down and felt the mound restricted by the blue jeans. "Nice and hard. Just how I take them."

Closing the tiny gap between them, David kissed him full on the lips. His mouth opened and he forced his tongue into Perry and wrapped his arms round his back, slowly caressing him through his shirt, inching closer to the waist band on his jeans.

Hearing Perry groan, my dick went rigid and ached to be touched. Resisting, and not wanting to move too much, I kept my eyes glued on the show.

The kiss was broken off, and David took hold of Perry's hand to wrap it around his hard dick which stood proud, covered with the loose shorts he wore.

The teasing was over, David wanted Perry naked. Unceremoniously ripping his shirt over his head, Perry's hand was yanked away from the dick it held.

Perry kicked his trainers off while David grappled with the unwieldy button on the jeans.

"You should've worn something loose. Then I could have had you in my mouth sooner."

The promise from David energised Perry and he ripped off the rest of his clothes very quickly. Kissing, David turned Perry around to face me before breaking off the kiss to allow me to see.

My dick grew even harder as I looked upon the rigid dick that leaked several metres away. Framed under a thick bush of black pubes, I could see the tip fully exposed from the foreskin, reddened and slick with pre-cum. He looked huge, limp it was big but erect it was bigger than I expected.

David dropped to his knees and swallowed the dick whole, my mouth opening in reflex, wishing it was my lips that could feel the warmth from his knob. Perry closed his eyes and tilted his head, as if praying to the heavens, thanking his god for the pleasure he felt.

He sucked and slurped on Perry's dick for a few minutes, cupping his balls and sliding a finger under him to tease his arsehole. Perry's groans became louder and more urgent so David released him and stood up.

"Now it's your turn." They swapped placing, again giving me full view of David.

Perry cautiously fell to his knees and felt David through his loose shorts. Grasping the waistband, he pulled them down, his dick springing back to full mast and almost connecting with his nose. Startled, his breathing quickened.

David looked beautiful, his dick pointing into the room. His tight, hairless body broken by the mound of mousy pubes begged to be touched, the small nipples protruding hard in anticipation and the faint ripples of muscle beneath the velvet skin ached to be caressed.

As Perry tentatively took the tip of David's dick into his mouth, he looked over at me and smiled. I do not remember smiling back, I was too enthralled in the two boys in front of me, but I suppose he could not see me too well, in the dark recess of his desk.

Backing off, David went over to his bed. Perry followed. "Lie down." He ordered.

Perry lay flat on his back, his hard dick pointing to the ceiling. David slipped between his legs and took the dick into his mouth once more. This time he was more eager and teased his balls before one hand disappeared beneath him. I imagined a finger circling his hole and stabbing it, easing it open. Once or twice, his hand would surface, David spitting onto his fingers. I knew Perry was getting invaded but his face showed no signs, he merely lay still, groaning once in a while.

David manoeuvred himself so that Perry's legs rested on his shoulders and raised himself slightly to tilt his arse for better access. He released the dick from his lips and worked on the tight hole he was intent in ploughing.

Spitting onto his hands he thrust his fingers deep inside Perry, who moaned and squirmed, his head rocking from side to side with the pleasure.

Each time he brought his hand out for more spit, I saw his fingers slowly come together, two and then three. He must surely be ready, I thought, as I resisted the urge to join in and blow Perry while David fingered him.

David reared up onto his knees, holding Perry's ankles, his hard dick angry and wet. He bowed his head and released a string of spit, hitting his dick squarely on the head. Bloody good shot, he must have had plenty of practice. His right hand rubbed his spit along his shaft and guided it to the target.

It rested on his well fingered arsehole and he stopped, Perry gasped, knowing what was to come. Slowly and firmly, David pushed forward. Both boys releasing a well earned groan, Perry staying perfectly still.

As his dick slipped inside Perry, the feeling was too much for me and, without a touch, my dick exploded, creaming my sweatpants. I stifled a groan and, fearing being noticed, my body stiffened. Fortunately my groan coincided with one from Perry and my presence remained undetected.

With the full length of his dick inside, David ground his hips, tickling his insides before pulling back an inch and thrusting back.

His stokes began short and slow, gauging the suppleness of the passage, gradually quickening and was soon forcibly pounding his arse. Perry's entire body rocked forward with each stoke, his head dangerously close to hitting the headboard, groaning and moaning but not objecting to the rough fuck.

I could not believe how long he was pounding away at Perry. I had come at just the thought of being fucked but David seemed able to hold back and enjoyed ploughing the tight arse. Perry's dick stayed hard, bouncing against his stomach with each stroke, his hands grasped the bedclothes, holding on and holding back. His dick left strands of pre-cum as it swayed and slapped, left alone. David looked into Perry's face while he fucked him, but Perry kept his eyes shut, thrashing his head with ecstasy.

Perry opened his mouth and I saw his stomach recede into his body from a great intake of breath, he seemed to hold it. Letting out a deep, slow groan I saw his dick momentarily hold still as it released a long rope of cum, shooting far ahead and catching Perry under his chin. It throbbed and released more cum, this time pooling by his navel. My own dick throbbed but only grew to become half hard. I wanted to tease it harder but felt as if I should not move.

As Perry came, David did not let up on his fuck. He felt his dick being squeezed by the intense orgasm but it did not send him over the edge. I looked at the spent dick, expecting it to shrink, but it never subsided. I could not believe it. I was limp seconds after wanking but Perry stayed hard, I supposed the rigid cock up his arse had something to do with it or the way he was being fucked. Either way I wanted to try it.

Looking at David, I saw the beads of sweat forming on his face and body. His back glistened as it ran down his spine to the cleft of his buttocks, whose rhythmic motion and clenching hypnotised me.

Blinking, my brain noticed a change in their motion. David's thrusts became even more forceful but slower, Perry grunting with each thump against his groin; until he stopped with one mighty thrust, his arse cheeks clenched tight.

Mouth agape, David silently roared, his head tilting upwards reminding me of a lion bellowing loudly to scare off any competitors.

I felt cheated. David had cum inside Perry. I wanted to see his thick cock spew another load but I was deprived of the closure of a cum shot; my half hard, cum soaked dick deflated.

Both boys sighed as David deliberately withdrew his dick, slick with secretions and his cum but still hard. He lay on his side, looking at Perry and kissed his panting mouth, who soon broke off the kiss to come up for some more air. David began playing with the pools of cum in front of him, coating Perry's chest.

Inhaling deeply, he said. "You smell nice. You smell of sex."

Perry did not respond but I saw that his dick was finally shrinking. Instead he lifted his head, grabbed David and pulled him onto him. Wrapping his arms around David's sweaty back he squeezed him as he kissed him, deeply.

Coming back up for air, "That was a great fuck. The best yet. I can't believe it, you keep on getting better."

David's face beamed. "Let's go grab a shower." He said, winking at him.

As they walked out of the bedroom, my muscles relaxed and I moved slightly, getting the circulation back to my numb legs.

Hearing the shower running, I thought I should have enough time to get out and work the cramp out of my muscles.

Easing my way out of the hiding place, I stood and shook all my muscles and silently sighed. It felt great to be out. Looking down at my sweatpants I saw the cum-stain, as large as my palm. Nothing I could do about it now, I thought, and I walked to the window to see the daylight.

The back garden should have been overlooked by the house backing onto it, but a row of Poplar trees which where planted decades ago had grown so tall that they blocked all views from the rear of the houses opposite. Naturally the adjacent neighbours could see into the garden, but there was nothing much to see, just a large rectangle of lawn, bordered with plants and flowers and a small wooden shed at the bottom of the garden. They had obviously tried to camouflage the shed by planting some fern trees but they looked weak and yellow, probably being killed off by the many neighbourhood cats using the soil as their toilet. The lawn was looking slightly unkempt and I supposed that David would be running the mower over this later, as well as the front.

Giggling from the bathroom brought my attention back and I crept to the door. Peering out I saw the bathroom door was wide open. I crept along the hallway and half hid behind the door frame. The bath was surrounded by a shower curtain but the light did not cast any shadows or silhouettes. I just saw the occasion arm, leg or backside as it brushed against the white, nylon curtain. I knew something was going off, it sounded like someone was being blown, but I could not tell whom from the noises. Despite hearing the sex act, I grew bored and began walking back to the bedroom.

I heard David yelp. "Jesus. Be fucking gentle. Ease it in then you can start to ram."

Almost running back to the bathroom door, I watched the white curtain. My dick began to rise as I imagined David bracing himself in the bath, legs apart and Perry's hard dick poking between his buttocks.

"We really should've got you into practice much earlier unless you intend to stay a bottom all your life."

My hand rubbed the damp cloth against my dick.

"I thought the soap might make it easier." Perry said, his voice echoing around the bathroom.

"So did I. Now soap it up good and ease it in."

I wished that it was me in that shower, easing my dick into him. My hand went inside my sweatpants and felt the warm flesh. Curling my fingers around the shaft, I slowly began to wank.

"Oh, yes." David exasperated as his arse was slowly filled with dick.

After two very quick orgasms without any stimulation, I wanted to touch myself for as long as possible, so my wank was slow and light, building up the feelings inside my balls.

I wanted to peak behind the curtain and watch David being fucked. Why had he denied me this sight, I wondered, and did he think that I would not know and just stay hidden under his desk?

But the fuck was short. Perry almost squealed when he came with barely anything audible from David.

"Rinse yourself and I'll grab us some towels."

My hand shot out of my sweatpants when I heard David speak. I had to get back but David's bedroom was down the hall. His parents' room was nearer, and their door was open. As I heard the curtain rings clang against the metal rail, I bolted for his parents' bedroom.

"Now you smell clean." David said.

"Yes but at least I can go home without my Mum thinking I've spent the morning wanking my dick red raw."

Watching through the crack in the door, I saw them walk back to David's bedroom, towels wrapped around their waist.

I could only hear muffled voices now and no matter how hard I strained no words began to form. I resigned myself and sat on the edge of the large double bed.

As the minutes passed, I flopped down, lay on the bed where I sat, just my legs dangling off the end. The wet cum stained showed no signs of drying and the damp was beginning to irritate my skin. I pushed my hand into my sweatpants and cupped my moist dick and balls in my hand, preventing the damp cloth from irritating further.

The warmth from my palm began to dry my groin but the touch on my dick started to arouse it. My half hard was soon pushing against my palm wanting more space. I lost track of where I was and pushed my sweatpants down to above my knees. The smell of stale cum filled my nostrils while my arse felt the coolness of the bedsheets. With the first blast of cool fresh air my dick went rigid and my fingers began to tease my foreskin over the head. Closing my eyes, I thought of myself lying on his bed, feet in the air and David ramming his smooth, thick dick inside me.

I forgot about the two boys in the next room, I just lay and enjoyed the fantasy of being fucked. I wanted to push my other hand underneath me to play with my arsehole but I grew tense and scared. Fearing the pain David experienced in the shower, my other hand rubbed my balls and the arseplay was confined to my fantasy. A finger did slip underneath my balls, which felt awesome, but my hole stayed out of bounds and untouched.

As the fantasy of David shooting his load into my bowels neared, the ridge around my dickhead became too sensitive and I felt a fresh surge of blood engorge my dick. With one final stroke my balls ached like I had just been kicked. My dick twitched and except for a very tiny drop of cum, my orgasm was dry. For the second time that morning I felt cheated and unsatisfied. I supposed after coming three times already I had just dried up or I had not worked my dick long enough to have a proper orgasm.

My tiny drop of cum pooled in my foreskin as my dick retracted. Squeezing my shaft I forced a little more out and it dribbled out and down over my hand. It felt watery and looked almost clear.

Wiping my hand on my bare thigh, I sat up and pulled my sweatpants back up. David and Perry were still talking in his room but as before I could not make out anything. Suddenly they became clearer. Realising they were coming out of the bedroom, I stood up and shielded myself further behind the partially open door.

I heard them kiss, just a quick but noisy peck on the lips and Perry bounded downstairs. I heard David breathing on the landing and then the sound of the back door closing. Perry had gone.

David went back to his room.

"Greg." He said. "Greg, where are you!"

I made my way out into the hall as I heard David say, "Oh shit, I hope I've not freaked him out." And we almost collided as he dashed out of his room and I turned to enter.

When he saw me he rested and began panting. Standing with his knees bent and his hands supporting his body, he looked like he had just run the mile.

Relieved that I was still there, he caught his breath as I sat on his bed. He had not dressed yet but wore the old shorts he had put on when I first arrived.

Sitting next to me he placed his hand on my thigh. He looked over and saw the damp patch on my sweatpants.

"I hope that means you enjoyed yourself."

I found myself lost for words and simply repeated the word, I.

"It's alright." He consoled me. "It's time you knew and time you woke up and saw the clues that were all around you for years."

"What d'ya mean?" I sounded a little too defensive and wished I could say it again, softer.

"Don't worry. I understand what its like."

"How long have you and he been..." I trailed off.

Reproduced with David's permission from Screeve. © David
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