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Truths in Departure

Part III - The Road to Truth

by David Heulfryn

David had been fucking Perry nearly every weekend for the past year. I felt like I had been blind and wondered when they had managed it. I was round nearly every Saturday but left about four. I suppose he could have come round then.

"When did you find the time? I was here nearly all day Saturdays."

"I know. I wished I could have told you and I don't know why I didn't. But it was very rarely on a Saturday. Only when I knew you weren't coming over."

"So when then?" I probed.

"Whenever we could meet up. Sometimes it was after school during the week. Mostly it was on Wednesday round at my house. My Mum would visit my Gran and my Dad always took the opportunity to go for a drink with some workmates after he finished."

"Was it always you fucking him?"

"Yes, he's too unsure to fuck me. But we would always blow each other. And wank each other."

"Until today."

For the first time today David looked unsure of himself and I knew that the little fuck he got in the shower was supposed to be a secret.

"Yeah." He mumbled.

"Today was the first time you've been fucked?" I was more hurt that he wanted to keep this from me and that he felt fine with showing me the rest.

"Yeah, today was the first time Perry fucked me."

I took his reply at face value; it was not until later that I began to see the ambiguity. Had someone else fucked him, I wondered.

David talked me through how it all began with Perry, how he noticed the strange and embarrassed looks he received and how he avoided speaking to him but preferred to watch him from some distance. He hoped he had read the signs right and approached him, asked him round one evening to doss and hang. That first evening he took the first tentative step and kissed his cheek. Perry neither recoiled nor spoke.

As soon as Perry was hooked, David gradually drove the relationship further to mutual masturbation.

"But I wanted more," he continued, "and I knew Perry did. The feel of his cock in my hand was not enough and I blew him. At first he was shocked, but quickly lost himself in it. After a few weeks of him wanking me off and me blowing him, he got braver. Ever since he saw me put his dick in my mouth I knew he wanted to try, but he always held back and I didn't want to rush him and scare him away.

"Then, nearly two weeks since I started sucking his dick he sucked mine, very tentative at first as if trying not to hurt me. But I'd shown him for two weeks how to suck cock and I just told him to remember what I did to him and try and do it to me."

"I never saw you two together at school, you barely talked."

"I know. He thought it better to keep things as they were before, at least at school. That way no-one would know what we were up to."

"Well it worked." I said, angrier than I meant. "Why him? Why not someone else?" Hoping he knew I meant why not me.

"I suppose it was safer. If anything went wrong." He clarified. "If he freaked or it ended badly then we weren't close at school. And if he started any rumours or shouting the odds then I suppose I had reasonable deniability. After all, you and the others know I'm as straight as they come. Talking about pussies and shagging birds is my favourite past-time."

Feeling dejected, I lowered my head. "Right."

"But you now know it was all an act." He placed his finger under my chin and lifted my head. Smiling, he looked deep into my eyes.

I did not know it was all an act and I felt confused, not knowing if he had feelings for me or was just using me to get a new kick. Although he had not said he knew how I felt towards him, all the messages I was getting said he did, the looks, the delicate touches. But the need to explain himself seemed to be crowing at his achievements with the retelling of his great seduction, no matter how easy or fumbling it may have actually been. But today I felt used. Had I just accidentally walked in at the wrong moment? I doubted it. The entire morning smelt like a set-up, designed to reel me in, using my infatuation against me, knowing that I would get something out of it, no matter how used I felt later on. I decided that this morning was just a show, staged for my benefit.

Releasing my chin from his gentle grasp, he continued. "You know what came next. After sucking each other off for a few weeks I finally persuaded him to let me fuck him. He was very reluctant but I promised to be gentle and since the first time it was all he ever wanted. And I loved fucking him."

I flinched when he spoke the word 'loved', anticipating a declaration that was not evident. But it was not Perry he loved, but the act of fucking. In some sense I felt relieved.

"So, what was today about?" I stood up and turned to tower over David, my hands on my hips. I felt angry and wanted him to know.

Instead of stumbling for words, trying to defend himself, or retaliating, he simply began to smile and suppress a laugh.

"What the fuck is so funny!"

"You standing there, angry, with a huge cum stain staring me in the face."

I looked down, staring at the stain. He had me, everything he said and did was his choosing. I tried to force the issue, state my feelings but he managed to control me.

"Just sit down." Grabbing my hand he pulled me back to sit beside him again. "I wanted to tell you. I wanted you to know everything but I was afraid. Not of you knowing but of telling you. I thought it might make you feel like I was a slut or something. I only ever wanted you to like me for who I am."

"And was today who you are?"

"No." He hung his head in shame. "Today was stupid and thoughtless. I thought you would enjoy it and thought it would explain everything. But it didn't. It just made you feel worse."

"You can be a stupid and selfish prick sometimes."

We smiled at each other.

"Look," He slapped me on the back again, "why don't you borrow some of my clothes so we can clean yours up. You're beginning to smell rank."


David rummaged through the draws of his dresser and brought out an old t-shirt and shorts. "Here you go. Why not grab a quick shower and I'll shove your sweats in the washer. It can't be that difficult to use."

He went into the bathroom and came back with a towel, throwing it at me he said, "Just chuck your clothes down the stairs when your undressed, I'm going to get myself some breakfast."

I was glad he left me, it gave me time to think and not feel even more threatened or used by his suggestion that I take a shower. I stripped off and wrapped the bath towel around my waist; on my way to the bathroom I dropped them down the stairs.

"Here you go." I shouted, entered the bathroom and turned on the shower.

Stepping into the warm spray, I could not get the image of the two boys standing in the shower out of my mind, David furthest sway from the shower, bracing himself and pushing his cute arse backwards. I imitated the stance and closed my eyes. I felt the water just hit my lower back and run down my crack, relaxing my hole I dreamt of David's dick pushing against me.

I brought my left hand back and slid my index finger down my crack. Resting the pad of my finger on my hole, my dick jumped and I gasped at the strange feeling.

This was new to me and did not want to explore it here and now. I straightened up and went back under the spray.

Picking up the bar of soap, I worked up some lather and soaped up my stiff dick and balls. It felt so much better to be clean down there and rid myself from the stale stickiness. I quickly washed and rinsed the rest of my body and turned off the water.

Now dry and with the towel secured around me, I went back to David's bedroom and picked up the clothes he got out for me. No pants, I thought, and went to his dresser to find a pair. From watching him change before and after our PE lessons I knew he had underwear of all colours and I picked out a subdued grey pair.

Being a slighter build than me, they were tight and pushed my balls against my body. I tried to pull the shorts over but it made me even more uncomfortable. I discarded the pants, tucked them back in his drawer, and just pulled on the shorts. They were still tight, as was the t-shirt, but it was better. I squeezed into them and went downstairs to join David.

In the kitchen, David sat at the breakfast bar devouring a bowl of cereal. Behind him the whir of the washing machine broke the silence as I walked in.

"A bit snug."

"Nice. It shows off your body. You cover yourself up too much, wearing clothes that are too baggy."

David rose from his stool, shovelled in the last spoonful of his breakfast and placed his empty bowl in the sink.

"Tea? Or d'ya want a glass of orange juice?"

"Got any Coke?"

David poured me some coke and himself some juice. He went to the living room and turned on the television; I followed.

Everything seemed back to normal, he talked about the programme on the television, a juvenile Saturday morning programme which just entertained by covering children in gunge. Nothing was mentioned of Perry and for those few hours it lasted, I relaxed.

Bored of the juvenile antics on the television, David slipped his bare feet into his trainers and asked me to help him mow the lawn. He went out back to get the mower while I ran upstairs to slip my own trainers on. Joining him in the back garden, I watched his broad bare back and shoulders flex as he dragged the petrol mower from the shed and pulled the cord. After several attempts to start it, the motor sprang to life. I watched from the small patio, sitting in a plastic chair as he walked the mower over the lawn. Every time the grass box was full he would stop, idle the motor, and call me over to help as he poured the cuttings into a black bag. Without a break, he mowed the back and front lawns while I just watched and occasionally helped with the cuttings.

David was sweating; the cool morning had been broken by the sun which shone down unobstructed from a cloudless sky. He wiped his brow with his forearm and went back inside the kitchen, he poured himself a large glass of coke and drank it all in one go. Then poured himself another and offered me one.

Back in the living room he sat and recovered from his exertion. We sipped our drinks in silence as he did not turn the television back on.

I almost jumped when he spoke, breaking the long silence. "So, how did it make you feel? I know it turned you on."

"Shocked at first. But then excited. I never would have thought that Perry would have enjoyed being fucked like that."

"Neither did he till we first did it."

"How does it feel?"

"Have you ever done anything with anybody before, either sex?" David asked.

"No." I confessed.

"Just wanking, eh." I nodded. "Well I don't want to spoil the surprise when you do. But you know how it feels when you wank, well just imagine it ten times better. And when I knew you were watching me, it gave me an even bigger buzz."

"I've never seen anybody do it before. I just couldn't control myself and today was the first time I came without even touching myself."

"Now that is something that has never happened to me. I've only ever cum by either wanking, being blown or fucking. It must feel awesome."

"It does." I do not know if he was lying just to make me feel better, but knowing that I had come without touching myself and he had always needed stimulation made me feel better, like it was not just him experiencing some great pleasures, I had experienced some too and could share them with him.

"As I lay there, watching, my dick just throbbed. It was like my pulse was wanking me from the inside, the flow of blood stretching and teasing my knob until it went so sensitive that just the feel of the fabric from my sweats angered my exposed head. I tried to hold back but it just made the feeling worse until I had no choice and my dick felt like it exploded. I couldn't breathe until it stopped, then the feel of my cum soaking my knob eased the sensation. I tried to stifle a grunted but was afraid you'd heard me."

"Bloody hell. You got all that just from watching."

"Yeah." I felt proud.

"Fuckin' hell. I wish something would do that for me."

As we spoke my dick began to rise and was clearly outline through the tight shorts. I caught David's eyes occasionally glancing down to watch as it grew longer and made a more definite shape. I returned the looks and saw David's bulge become rounder, his shorts fitted better and so his hardening dick was more contained while mine just seemed to be making a bid for freedom down my leg as it grew longer.

"So why show me? And why now?" I took the chance, while he was in the talkative mood to try and find out why he needed to expose me to this side of him.

"You're the only person I want to know who I really am. Perry has no idea, neither does Gary."

"Gary, Gary Johnson, from our class. Why him."

"He was the one I was messing around with before Perry."

"When and for how long?" I was beginning to grill him like a witness testifying in court.

"Only for a few months; just before this thing with Perry started. I think he came on to me. He must have done as he was desperate to blow me. Anyway, after the first time I persuaded him to let me fuck him, he never really spoke to me again. I supposed he was too far out of his depth and wasn't ready for it."

"How many more people have you fucked, or messed around with?" I sounded like a boyfriend who found out he had just been cheated on.

"Boys, none. Just Gary and Perry."

"And girls?"

"Just three."

David was always bragging about his exploits with the girls, but after what I saw today I assumed it was all talk and bravado. He assured me that he was just experimenting, or in the case of one girl, knew she would talk about it and used her to enhance his image and provide a cover should any of his other exploits come to light.

All three girls were older than him, the first happened when he was just thirteen. The girl had just turned sixteen and was about to leave school, she had noticed his mousy hair and crystal blue eyes as soon as he started the school several years previously. Now, hearing the gossip from the boys from changing rooms, she knew puberty had hit and had been very kind to him. She wanted to blow him and told him to meet her at lunchtime at the back of the playing fields. Thinking she just wanted a snog, David met her but they never kissed. She immediately unbuckled his belt and lowered his trousers, after a quick fondle of his dick and balls through his underwear she noticed he was too nervous to get hard. Pulling his pants down to his knees she exposed his groin to the cool breeze.

Fondling his smooth balls with one hand she played with his recent growth of mousy pubes with the other. His dick stayed soft. Dropping to her knees she took the limp four inches into her mouth, David jumped but the sensations were overwhelming and his dick hardened to its full six inches. At thirteen he was big but still had some growing to do and the girl seemed amazed at how long and thick he grew. She slurped on his dick and David quickly came, in her mouth. She did not seem surprised and drank down his cum.

She left him, dick exposed, and walked back to school. Stunned by his first ever blow job, he pulled up his pants and trousers and too walked back to the school playground, his head in the clouds and with a vacant look on his face.

The other two were girlfriends, they allowed him to kiss and fuck them but they would never go down on him. His next blow job was not until he messed around with Gary.

"So what about tomorrow?" David asked.

"What do you mean?"

"My folks are out all day and I'll be stuck here on my own. Why don't you come round, keep me company and try to start again."

I just said that I would have to think about it.

For the rest of the day we just messed around, played on his Playstation and walked round the estate seeing what things we could get up to. When the washing machine had finished its cycle, David hung my clothes on the line to dry. They did not take long to dry in the breeze and strong sun and, around four o'clock, I changed into them and I left to go home.

Nothing else was said about tomorrow, he just left his original invitation in my hands and I left without giving an answer, picking up my dried and crusty briefs which I had hid behind the dustbin earlier. Stuffing them into my pocket so it bulged unnaturally, I strolled home and thought about tomorrow. It was something I would have to give a lot of thought to. Could our friendship stay the same? I doubted it. Our friendship must surely be redefined and now I wondered in which direction it would go.

Reproduced with David's permission from Screeve. © David
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