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Truths in Departure

Part V - A Perfect Day

by David Heulfryn

As the door closed behind us, David dropped his bag and kissed me, hard on the lips. I dropped my bag in surprise and wrapped my arms around him. They drifted down and I clasped his buttocks and as I clenched them with my fingers, he thrust his tongue deeper into my mouth.

Breaking off, David said. "I've been waiting to do that all day. Now it's done, I feel better."

Treating me as a guest, he picked up my bag, as well as his own, and took it to his bedroom. I followed.

"Now, Greg. Let's to take a shower. You know you can never get properly clean at school."

I looked confused.

"Don't worry, nothing is going to happen unless you want it to."

David began to take off his school uniform and was standing naked in front of me while I was still fumbling with the buttons on my shirt. I allowed David to continue undressing me and he led me, naked, into the bathroom.

Turning on the shower, he positioned me under the head. As the warm water doused my body, he took the shower gel and began to lather and wash my body. Carefully, he soaped up my buttocks, his fingers running down my crack, reaching beneath me, he soaped between my legs, gently rubbing the lather over my balls and limp dick. He did not linger or caress me with any sexual intent so my dick did not respond.

After rinsing my body, we swapped places and I knew it was my turn. I stood in front a naked boy who was giving me permission to touch and to feel him. I worked the shower gel between my fingers and placed my hands on his shoulders, slowly rubbing the lather over him, I began to wash his chest. Reaching his nipples, I lingered slightly as I felt them harden, and running my fingers down his smooth chest I ran my finger around and inside his navel. A few hairs grew from his navel, which I matted with lather, and I brought my hand down to feel the hairs become dense; I was running my fingers through his thicket of pubes, like one would run their fingers through their own hair.

Turning him round, I soaped up his back and felt the strength of his shoulders. As my hands went lower, his body tapered to his waist and my hands rubbed his round, full, buttocks. My fingers slipped between his cheeks and I felt him shudder as my fingers must have ran over his hole. Pushing my hand underneath him, I felt the weight of his balls. As I let go and brought my hand back, he turned. I soaped up his balls and ran my hand long his limp dick, failing to resist the temptation to give it a little squeeze.

I rinsed his body and he turned off the shower. Stepping out of the shower David grabbed a towel and guided me out and onto the mat, which was slowly becoming sodden as we dripped onto it. He began to dry me with the towel like a parent would dry their child, ensuring all creases were dry, under the arms and under the chin.

After repeating the ritual on David, we went into the bedroom and he kissed me before we dressed. David lay on his bed and I snuggled up next to him, we lay in silence almost drifting off to sleep until I heard the front door open. His Mother had come home.

The rest of the evening was spent making small talk with his mother, and later his father when he came home. We both helped prepare dinner and we watched some television afterwards in the living room. David explained to me that they do not like it when he disappears back into his bedroom, they like to spend some time together as a family and as I was sleeping over, I would be part of that.

At nine o'clock David announced that we were going to his room, we would just talk and play some computer games for a while, but he assured them we would be in bed and lights out by half ten, which I assumed to be his usual bed time.

David grabbed the sleeping bag, which lay on the floor and threw it on his bed. "Why don't you take the bed tonight and I'll sleep in the bag."

"I don't mind."

"Please, I want you to."

With that settled we sat on the floor, crossed legged, and played cards to pass the time while we chatted.

David had been up to Manchester a couple of weeks ago to see the place they were staying in and the school he was going to. The school sounded twice the size as the one we went to but they told him that they had a very good sports department and could carry on with his Rugby, they also excelled at the sciences, something that did please David as he wanted some sort of career in science, he was not sure what but felt sure he would go to University to study Biology, by that time he might have found what he wanted to do. I became sad as he talked about his new life in Manchester, a life I would not be a part of.

As if to pick me up, he leant across and kissed my cheek. "We can always phone each other and Manchester is not really that far away, only a couple of hours by train."

I felt better; he had given me some sort possibilities that we could have a future, even though I doubted that it could work.

It was only just past ten o'clock when we stripped to our underwear and went to bed. David made sure I was settled under his quilt, pecked me on my cheek and climbed into the sleeping bag on the floor next to me. I felt guilty about sleeping in his comfortable while he was on a hard floor, but my guilt did not prevent me from quickly drifting off to sleep.

The following morning I woke to the sounds of David talking to his Mother, who stood in the doorway.

"We'll be alright, we always are." David said. I stayed still so that they did not realise I was awake.

"Just make sure. And you have my number just in case."

"Oh, Mum." David sighed.

"I'll see you tonight then."

"See ya."

His mother left the bedroom door wide open and left, I heard the front door close and a car starting up. Seconds later David got out of the sleeping bag and I could feel him creep under the quilt and snuggle up to me. I groaned as I felt his arms wrap around me.

"That's better, I've been waiting hours for her to leave so that I could do this."

I could feel his groin against my buttocks and pushed back to increased the contact. David's hands went to feel me and he grasped my hard dick through my underwear while he kissed my neck and nibbled my earlobes.

Releasing my dick, I felt his hand slip under the elastic. He tousled by pubes a while before he gripped the shaft of by rigid dick. I moaned as he slowly began to wank me, my hips bucking slightly and I could feel his groin become harder and poked at my arse.

He moved, flipped me from my side to rest on my back, and straddled my chest, the quilt sliding down his back. He grabbed what part of the quilt he could find and ripped it from the bed.

He rubbed his hands over my chest before grasping and twisting my nipples causing me to gasp and my dick to throb. Replacing his fingers with his lips, I felt his teeth nip my hard buds.

Looking up at me he said, "Are you OK with this?" asking permission to continue.

"Yes." Is all I said and he slid down my body and pulled my underwear down and past my feet. My dick sprang free and slapped against my belly, its head exposed from the foreskin and leaking its clear fluid.

David removed his own underwear and started to massage my feet. It felt great and I relaxed.

Feeling a coldness move up my leg from my ankle I peered down and watched as David licked his way up my leg, he reached my balls and licked them to the base of my dick. I shuddered as his tongue traced the length of the underside of my dick and tickled my slit as it oozed pre-cum. His mouth engulfed my knob and he brought his hand up to fondle my balls. Flicking his tongue over my knob his hand travelled beneath my balls and feathered behind them, finally reaching my hole. Without invading me he ran his finger over my hole occasionally prodding to feel my natural resistance; his mouth gradually swallowing my dick.

My balls began to ache as his mouth and tongue moved up and down my dick. I tried to hold back but this was the first time I had been touched by anyone else except me and I felt overwhelmed. I had never felt my balls ache this much before and I hoped I would come soon just to relieve the pain. Thankfully David kept teasing my dick with his tongue and I felt the dull ache in my balls become acute, my dick throbbed and seemed to harden even more as I felt my cum force its way along my dick and squirt down David's throat.

He stopped sucking me and let my dick drain into his mouth, as it subsided I felt his throat contract and swallow my load. With an empty mouth he began suck me again, slowly, encouraging the final few drops out and onto his tongue.

I lay with my eyes closed, my muscles limp and my breathing deep and heavy. I felt my limp dick slip out of David's mouth and his body slide up mine. He covered my open mouth and kissed me, allowing me to taste the saltiness of my cum, the remnants of which coated his tongue.

My breathing stopped while our lips connected and I could feel the stab of his hard cock into my hip. Slipping my hand down I grasped it. It felt hard and warm, different to my own, thicker. I slowly wanked him until he broke off the kiss.

I had never tasted a dick before, but I had thought about it. Now with a hard dick in my hand it just seemed right for me to go down and lick the moist head, it invited me and I accepted without any thought. David was surprised, not expecting me blow him the first time.

Wrapping my fingers around the shaft, I pulled his foreskin down to completely uncover his knob. I licked his slit and around his ridge which caused him to take a sharp intake of breath. Retracting my teeth, I placed my lips over the head and sucked out his pre-cum. He tasted sweet.

Lowering my mouth down his dick, I felt his slick knob rub against the roof of my mouth and my tongue, his thick cock filling me. Only when I pulled off him could I use my tongue to tease him.

I sucked him off for about ten minutes, I fully intended to let him cum in my mouth, but I felt my arse twitch and I wanted to feel him inside.

Coming off his dick, I said, "I want you inside me."

"Are you sure?" David looked concerned; frightened I was pushing myself too far, too fast.

"Yes." I lay on my back on the bed.

David opened my legs and knelt between them; he rubbed my limp dick and balls which tried to harden but had not quite recovered.

Lifting my legs onto his shoulders, he exposed my arse to him and his face went down. Feeling his wet tongue on my hole made my hips buck but I tried to steady myself and I felt his tongue stabbing at my hole waiting for me to relax and open up for him. I tried but his tongue could not enter.

Licking his finger, David told me to brace myself and I felt him force his small digit into me.

"Oh, Christ." It hurt but he kept his finger inside, my entire abdomen pressing down trying to expel the digit.

"Just relax." He told me which was easier said than done.

I tried to relax and started to control my breathing. It worked and I felt my arse muscles accept David's finger, which he started to wriggle.

Pulling his finger out, my arse clammed shut but I felt strange. His finger prodded me again and this time slipped in easier, but I still seemed to put up a fight.

As he knew I had never been fucked before, he was patient in loosening me up, waiting until his finger slid easily inside me before he stretched me further by using two. I was glad because each time I felt the sharp pain of my arse being stretched which, as he continued, subsided into some strange pleasure I had never experienced.

My heart skipped a beat when I looked down and saw David push his hard cock between my buttocks, holding it against my hole.

He pushed his knob through and I let out a load groan, almost yelping at the pain. He waited and I felt my muscles twitch; I was unsure whether I was trying to push him out or suck him in. When my muscles stopped twitching, he pushed further, stopping with only half his dick inside me.

I willed myself to accept him, the discomfort soon disappearing, and he slowly pushed the rest of his dick inside me. I could feel his pubes against my cheeks, tickling me, distracting me from the discomfort I felt from his dick.

David leaned forward. Smiling, he kissed me and began slowly withdrawing his dick and pushing it back. I felt this was a whole new sensation for David as well; his eyes looked alive seemingly swallowing me with each gaze.

I very quickly began to enjoy the feeling of his dick inside me and the long slow strokes he used to fuck me. My dick hardened and, glistening with the remains of my orgasm, began to leak.

Keeping his body close to mine, I wrapped my arms around David, and drew him closer. He kissed my cheek and neck, I, in between groans, kissed his shoulders, sometimes baring my teeth and biting him, leaving a red mark. My hands caressed his taut back and clutched his buttocks, pushing them into me with each stroke.

David made love to me, his hips pressing into me as his dick eased its way in and out of my arse. My own dick was hard and trapped between our stomachs, being caressed by our motion.

My orgasm crept up on me, the slow movement teasing me to cum, my thighs clung tight to David as my hips bucked and I felt my dick spew cum between David and me; my arse clamping down hard on David's dick causing him to groan.

Feeling his orgasm nearing, my legs wrapped themselves tighter around him and David gave two last short and sharp thrusts into me. He groaned and I felt his pumping dick against my hole, he came inside me and fell against my chest, his breathing laboured.

We lay still and silent, our bodies as close as they could be and David's softening dick still inside me. As it deflated my arse relaxed and I felt that I had lost something, I could not feel it slip out when it became too soft and small to remain.

We must have fallen asleep as I do not remember anything for the next hour. Both David and I opened our eyes and looked at each other, a noise from the garden waking us; I supposed it was just a cat scavenging or a dog barking.

David smiled at me. "Suppose we should get up."

Feeling our skin rip apart where my cum had congealed and cemented us together, David lifted himself from my body to stand next to the bed.

We quickly showered and dressed before going downstairs to breakfast.

For the rest of the day we did normal things, chat, play computer games, eat anything we wanted from the fridge. In the afternoon we went out on our first date.

I had never been on a date before and David took me to the cinema. I cannot remember much about the film except watching some young stud trying to rescue someone, punching and kicking his way past all the thugs using his martial arts. For me the best part was when the lights went down and David and I reached across the armrest to spend the entire film holding hands. My eyes were firmly on the screen, only occasionally looking at David when grabbing a handful of his popcorn. It felt normal and I wanted to make out with him like some other couple not too far from us, but we could not and I felt content merely holding his hand.

As the house lights came up, our hands shot apart and we stood up to leave. Instead of catching the bus we walked back to David's house. It was a long walk but there were moments where we could not be seen and we walked hand in hand.

The house was still empty when we returned; his Mother would not be back for another few hours. We sat on the sofa only half watching the television. I sat with my head on David's chest, his arm around my shoulders. We talked softly to each other.

Reproduced with David's permission from Screeve. © David
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