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Truths in Departure

Part VI - Our Goodbye

by David Heulfryn

The evening was a strange affair. Both David and I felt this was the last time we could be together, properly. His parents kept giving us odd looks, wondering why we were not outside making a riot or a nuisance of ourselves.

When I left the room, I overheard his mother ask David if we had argued. I could see why she might have thought that, but David told her that we were both sad at him leaving and not being able to see much of each other. She gave him some sympathetic nonsense which he listened to, not really believing it would get easier.

That night David waited until he heard his parents go to bed then crept into bed beside me. The warmth of his body against my back brought a tear to my eye; I wondered when we would be like again.

David whispered into my ear. "I've put the alarm on my phone on. It'll wake me up at seven and I'll get back into the sleeping bag. I want to spend at least one night with you." He slipped the phone under the pillow.

I turned over and kissed him, the bed was small and it was a squeeze for us both to fit in side by side. I shifted so that my back was flat against the side wall and David turned over and pushed his body against mine. We spooned, my arms around him and my light breaths blowing across his ear.

I woke to the muffled sound of the phone beeping and the pillow vibrating. I was now facing the wall with David behind me, holding me. I felt him remove his arm from my chest and delve beneath the pillow. Turning the phone off, he kissed me and slipped out from the bed.

It was a warm morning so David just half heartedly tossed the sleeping bag over him, not bothering to zip himself inside. I turned and looked at him, his back was exposed and my eyes rested on the underwear covered backside which protruded. Smiling, I closed my eyes and drifted back to sleep.

An hour or so later we were both woken by David's mother bursting into his room. She stood in the doorway proclaiming. "Get up! There's a lot to do today and you need to start."

We both just squirmed as sudden noise caused the sleep to ebb from our bodies. His mother left us and David stood up and stretched. I watched as he raised his arms above his head, clasped his hands together and arched his back. His buttocks clenched and he thrust his hips forward, enhancing the bulge his dick and balls made in his sky blue briefs. I would have reached out to feel him but he stood too far away.

Turning to look at me, he saw my eyes sucking in the remaining moments we had together and smiled. "Morning, Sweatheart." He whispered, just in case he was overheard.

Smiling back I just said 'morning' and got out of bed.

David pushed his door to and we kissed, his hands caressing my bare skin and mine his. From downstairs we could hear his parents already packing and then his mother called upstairs, hurrying us up.

As soon as she saw us she thrust some boxes at us with instructions to clear David's room, everything except for what was absolutely necessary for this week was to be packed.

It was not until late afternoon before anyone thought about me getting back home, everyone was too busy but I had probably outstayed my welcome, David's parents were getting a bit tetchy as if I was more a hindrance than help. Upstairs, I collected my bag and said goodbye to David. We kissed and hugged each other, fearing it was our last time alone but I was determined to see him everyday next week after school.

I knew it was not goodbye yet, but as I left I felt tears welling in my eyes; I blinked them back, shouted my farewell to David's parents and began the lonely walk home.

I had a very restful nights sleep and woke up feeling very tired and weary. I quickly showered, dressed in my school uniform and grabbed some breakfast. The sooner I was at school, the sooner I could see David again. But today I arrived earlier than usual and just waited near the gates until David showed up.

The bell was due to sound in five minutes and there was still no sign of him. I was getting anxious. I was leaning against a wall and began to tap the bricks with my knuckles out of frustration, grazing the skin.

One minute before the bell and I saw him stumble through the gates, I had to stop myself from running over to him, but I did walk very quickly.

"Hiya." He said.

"You look shattered, what happened?"

"We were up until gone eleven packing and stuff and then I couldn't get to sleep. I just lay awake most of the night, thinking."

"About what?" We started walking towards the main door in anticipation of the bell.

"You. What it would be like in the new place and how I would cope."

I briefly held his hand and squeezed it.

The day dragged on and we rarely had anytime alone together, but after school, we walked back to my house. David thought it better as his parents would get him doing something to help with the move the moment he walked though the door.

My Mother seemed to be allowing me some latitude, knowing that David was leaving at the end of the week, which meant we could go up to my room on the pretence of playing computer games and would be left undisturbed. Naturally, no console was ever used; we sat and talked, stole kisses from each other and the occasional long snog.

The week slowly went by, a countdown to when we would be wrenched apart. We never managed any time alone until Thursday when my Mother surprised us by leaving us alone in the house after school while she went out to the shops. I got the impression that it was arranged as she knew Saturday was when they were leaving and Friday David was under strict orders to go straight home after school.

As she left it felt like a great weight had been lifted. I figured we would have at least an hour and as soon as the car pulled down the driveway, I grabbed David and kissed him hard on the lips.

"I never thought we would get an opportunity to be alone before you left."

David smiled, took my hand and led me upstairs to my bedroom.

He sat me on the bed and I watched as he took all his clothes off. Naked, he stood in front of me; his limp dick crowned by his pubes drew my eyes. He leant forward and with a finger under my chin, titled my head so that we were again looking at each other. He smiled as he noticed the tears in my eyes and leant closer to kiss me.

In less than forty eight hours David would leave me and I may never feel his body against me again. I began to pull my top over my head while David fiddled with my belt buckle. Struggling to take my clothes off I stood up and allowed my trousers to fall to the floor. My dick, although not hard, throbbed in anticipation. David carefully undressed me before engulfing my half hard dick in his mouth. The moist warmth of his mouth and tongue aroused me and my knob was soon pushing against the back of his throat.

David worked my cock, smothering it in his spit and teasing my knob. His hands spread my arse cheeks and his fingers feathered my hole, making me want him inside me, fucking me, and it took me closer to cumming. David sensed my balls tighten and released my dick and arse. My dick bobbed in his face, begging to be sucked, begging for release.

Standing, he pushed me to the bed. I lay on my back while he straddled me. Sitting on my chest his hard dick was near my face. I opened my mouth, waiting to feel it on my lips but as I looked it got further away, I tried to crane my head but it was too far. David slid down my body until I felt his back against my rigid dick. Twitching, it slapped against his buttocks and David raised himself up and gripped my dick firmly with his hand. He directed it right into his arsehole and swallowed me in one tentative motion.

Moaning, my hips began to buck and David ground his arse so that my dick impaled him further. As my bucking slowed, I could focus on David, the pale hairless skin and the sweet smile of the boy who I made love to. Slowly he began to rise and fall, pumping my dick in and out of him, his own dick hard and leaking flailed in front of me, smacking my stomach.

His hands caressed me, my stomach, chest and nipples as I lay passive. My eyes closed and all I could feel was his touch on my body and his hole rubbing my dick to orgasm. It felt intense as I struggled hold back; but the struggle made the feeling worse. My balls ached as my breathing became heavy and uneven. He must know that I was close but he kept pumping my dick in and out of his arse. Then I stopped breathing and my dick pumped. David rested on my hips, my throbbing dick deep within him, filling him with cum.

As my orgasm subsided, David began to grind his hips into me again, teasing more cum from my sensitive dick. Opening my eyes, I saw him smiling at me and he leant forward to kiss me on the lips, his tongue playing with mine.

I felt my dick soften and the coolness of the air when it popped from his warm hole. David broke away from our kiss and began to kiss his way back down to my dick, licking up the trails of pre-cum he had left on my stomach. He sucked in my limp dick, tasting the mixture of my cum and his insides as he lifted my legs onto his shoulders.

Tasting my balls on the way, his tongue trailed to my hole and began lick and tease my hole. It twitched with his touch and opened up to allow his tongue to delve deep and lubricate me with his spit. This little tongue tease did not last long as David reared up and levelled his dick with my hole. Feeling his exposed knob against me, my arse opened, eager to feel him inside.

I groaned as he steadily thrust forward, his knob violating me and tunnelling deeper inside me until I could feel his balls against my arse cheeks. Nothing felt better than the initial push to fill me, connecting our two bodies.

His strokes were slow and tender, easing himself in and out and he made love to me. Our eyes only left each others gaze when he breached the gap between us to gently kiss me. My arms and legs wrapped themselves around him, drawing him closer and feeling the sweat from his body.

As he came inside me, I began to cry. I did not want this to be the last time we could feel each others bodies, the last time he would cum inside me. Keeping his hard dick in me, he silently kissed away my tears, knowing what they were for and we hugged each other. I tried to keep him close to me, to never let go. We lay together for some time, entwined and connected, our breathing synchronised.

We were half asleep when we were disturbed. The front door slammed and my Mother was back.

Quietly, David climbed off me, his soft dick slurping from my hole and we dived into our clothes. My room reeked of sex so I opened my window and we joined my Mother downstairs.

We helped my Mother with dinner, and when we had eaten, went back to my room. It felt cold from the breeze but at least no longer smelled of cum. David would have to leave soon but I wanted to taste him before he left.

As he stood in front of me, I unfastened his trousers and pulled them, with his underwear, to his knees. Breathing in his soft dick, my tongue teased it to its full hardness, tasting the remnants of the dried cum he shot inside me earlier. It was a hasty blow-job, one last touch before he left and his dick was soon pulsating and shooting another load into my mouth.

David then rushed to expose my dick. It was hard and ready, my heart racing and my balls ached waiting for a quick cum. I felt his lips around my dick and I was instantly closer. His sensitive touch brought me to the edge but when I heard her voice, my dick deflated like a burst balloon.

"It's time David was going. It's getting late."

"Ok, Mum. We'll be right down."

I looked forlorn, but David smile at me and took my soft dick back into his mouth. His hand went to my backside and teased my hole. Instantly my dick was hard and he sucked me off. Within seconds I was close and as he thrust his finger inside me, my dick erupted and he swallowed my cum.

Quickly, we adjusted our clothes and went downstairs. I followed David out of the door and he gave me a peck on the cheek. It was nearly nine o'clock and I watched in the twilight as his silhouette walked down the street until it dissolved.

Friday morning. My last few hours with David; even if they were in school. I almost dashed out of the house and ran to school, eager to see him again. But today my wait was excruciating.

The bell rang and I was still alone. I went to my form room for registration and he still failed to show. As my form teacher reeled off the list of names, I noticed she failed to call out David.

"Miss, what about David?"

"His parents rang in, they are leaving a day early."

Without another word I dashed from the classroom, all the others kids faces stared at me, open mouthed, wondering what I was up to. I vaguely recalled hearing my name being called, the teacher calling me back. But I was not about to waste my day in school knowing David was leaving me.

I ran all the way to his house and saw him walking down his driveway carrying a large box to the removal lorry that waited.

Placing the box on the floor, he dashed over to me. We wanted to embrace and hug each other but his parents had poked their head out of the door to see what David was up to. I stood close to David panting.

"Why didn't you call?"

"I did, you'd already left for school. Your Mum said she'd let you know."

"Then what?" I had caught my breath and began to get angry. "Were you just going to leave, no goodbye, no nothing. Just let me come home from school to find you already gone."

"No. I was going to call you. They can't keep me here without a break and at lunchtime I was going to see you at school. Just disappear if necessary."

I desperately wanted some privacy, to hold him, to touch him; to show I still cared.

David looked over his shoulder at his house, no-one was watching him but a couple of removal men were struggling with the sofa, trying to squeeze it through the front door.

"Let's walk." David momentarily took my hand to pull me along with him. We made our way to the nearest park. It was empty but we scanned the area again before we hugged.

Tears welled up in my eyes, it was our goodbye. I felt David's salty tears trickle down his cheek and land on my neck. They felt cold and I began to sob.

David broke away, and I looked at his reddened eyes. He spoke to me but I could not hear him through my sobbing. I supposed he was trying to make me feel better by saying that we could still meet and talk on the phone. I knew the distance would not stop me loving him but things would never be the same again. We both would change and our relationship would change. We knew that we could not hold it together in the long term and for me it made the parting worse.

We walked to the swings and sat down, sitting in silence as I calmed down and my eyes dried up.

No plans were made, just intentions. Phoning each other every day; trying to see each other at weekends. Of course it would be difficult and I was not sure how my parents would feel about paying for my train fare to Manchester on a regular basis and for putting David up when he came to me. I hoped that his Father's new job went badly and they were forced to come back, but I doubted that would happen.

Our silence was broken by David's mobile phone ringing. He tugged it from his pocket. "Hello." He said and listened intently.

"OK, bye."

That was it, I began to cry. David got to his feet, came over to me and kissed me softly on the lips.

"I'll call you tonight." He whispered and slowly walked away, hearing my sobs quieten with the increasing distance between us.

Reproduced with David's permission from Screeve. © David
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